Affiliate Marketing – Was ist das eigentlich? Schnell und einfach erklärt!

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing You can discover affiliate market everywhere affiliate commerce what actually is affiliate marketing This video is about affiliate commerce and I want to give you a entire give a brief outline of what it actually is By the channel, affiliate sell symbolizes recommendation sell es hat in German good-for-nothing to do with network marketing it is actually not dubious business suggestion well say because it partly got that touch though we get into the topic immediately after the intro my honour is Gwendolin and you have come to the right place if you want tips-off and implements want to get to know is to run your business online and the whole thing without going bogged down with the technology in this case it’s about affiliate marketing, which can also be interesting for you because pretty much everyone business fits affiliate selling the referral marketing this Recommendation marketing was born I visualize amazon in was the precursor In this case, even today, the most basic curriculum is the amazon marriage platform as the word advocates, recommendation commerce means you recommends something to his customers to your prospective readers depending on how you work on the internet, you always have a product prescribe the via your link this tie-in contains a cookie, for example with the amazon partner program the whole thing goes to amazon and when the people order it If you receive the regional commissions for the customer, the whole thing is not more costly for you it is, so to speak, the wage for recommending the make now I say right away if it says wow good impression then I’ll do it, yes, it’s a good idea and no, you’re not the same So it is enough that percentages per are actually quite low Commissions that you get from amazon, nonetheless, are also there Do you have a large community, do “youve had” particular concoctions that have more than 20 euro expense I say if you have such concoctions around 150 euros you get 7% for each product, for example something is likely to be done come together it’s a nice side effect a delightful added income but the whole thing is basically so that it is, for example, different business practices is exploited that means you can create a homepage you can recognize quite a few of these affiliate homepages by the fact that they are have strange titles, for example, it says produce assessment something or Now let’s go smoothie make likenes or smothie producer best smoothie creator likenes and then maybe a year after it or smoothie manufacturer research sometimes also with year number sometimes without so all these orbits die you think you have such designations because you can almost assume that they are almost everything a good deal of affiliate areas I want to start with start dubious portion to be able to take the instantly out and the serious persona to show it’s realise it a bit fashionable it came a few years ago that you just various kinds of considered affiliate market the enormous new business model has determined it has held up to this day totality is much more complex than amazon but it was a little bit this touch everyone has created a website somewhere has basically carried out research So mostly, of course , none of the whole thing has but that is what the customer was called that a little kidding about it, I say very carefully that he is on it It fell into the trap that there were experiment causes that weren’t And so the image of affiliate marketing has slipped a bit because affiliate marketing as referral sell if you have a product you are convinced of what you are part of with your community actually a great thing but if it is like that you are practically about earning to realize you what this produce contemplates up chiefly do not even know You are not fervent regardles and then tinker with such a construction rhythm which, so to speak, gulls your purchasers because actually do you know just as little about the make as your purchaser does you merely demand it sell because the commission is worth it then the whole thing will got to get quite a negative touch because we all want it as a customer don’t kind of like to be so upset and that is also not aims of affiliate market i just go on so let’s make the positive you have a product what you like what you can recommend with a clear conscience, what you even like recommends this is a bit like recommending to your friends when you ask your or when you ask someone the best camera and you are the same if someone knows their behavior around cameras, then you will listen to the tip why not, and affiliate market works in a similar way Even now it is of course still so you have to turn the whole thing around Affiliate marketing of course too operates wonderfully for you if you are a illustration you have a product, for example amazon FBA have physical products and you are now looking for a lot of affiliates who have, for example, sizable blogs where exactly Your product fits thematically and you ask if you would like to test it if you don’t want to try it out and if you demand an honest one Write a review not only on amazon but including information on your blog and yes, the whole thing can then provide a link as an affiliate, so oh it then again amazon you would only prepare the commodity available for free If “youve had” information products now, digital makes would convey one, for example track a course on smoothie shaping let’s stick with smoothies so a track about clearing green smoothies, for example, and with health vistums and similar why should be used suck what is in there what can coriander do what is blood purging what is detox and what do i lose weight from and so on all the range for dark-green smoothies in one course and you say it now yes i have a community there i sell that too but it would be a lot it would be nice if a lot more people would learn about such courses then could you for example look for these so-called micro influencers again So speak people who, for example, have strong blogs in the area of health health care sector or people who have a blog, for example, extremely smooth can perform or merely a health one state conscious bloggers nonetheless there are so many or menu blogs and so on where this topic can be classified well thematically and “youre telling” last-places wouldnt also be something for their own communities I have here the course x look at it tells me if you like it if you concur is that this is right for your community and then you look for yourself such person or persons as an affiliate, so to speak, and then you do this with this person as well affiliate percentage itself off that represents in many cases if you contact directly is addressed even up to 50 percent so half a half if that parties then sell this course, both parties get half-half, ie 50 percentage for the micro influencer 50 percent for you but you acquire of course, greater awareness and a greater reach as I said the percentage is not fixed but it goes up to 50 percentage and so you can also use affiliate marketing for your own produces, yes for yours Use your own advancement for your own range so there are both places and both sides also operate wonderfully affiliate marketing 2020 still operates if you have selected different affiliate curricula from the looking at usa they are on the road a little differently than we can not simply with now the amazon partner program that is of course likewise accessible there, but especially in the area des of the digital info products of the internet marketplace, so to speak, subscribe each other the blogger or the content creator as they are called in that case These tracks are very different from one another, so they are completely different curricula there are high-priced trends there are of course affiliates Commission negotiates, however, it is often the example, for example, that one one genuinely appreciates this high-priced track, extremely, i would give you for example present now you get my route what do you give me for that we then do half-half conveys you still pack some digital info products or services on top of that this is how the customer drudgeries if he now buys through the affiliate, of course, receiving a one Course at the regular premium so as expected the customer has no loss and gets on top of the person who is just an affiliate in the case maybe sold another two coaching discussions or a small course the committee is also fits thematically and so on so an add-on if you like wants and because of this, affiliate marketing is certainly completely different much higher caliber and has nothing at all with a dubious touching to do because I promise the people something , no, they too render something of their own knowledge on top of it so to speak so I may be presumed that I buy a good concoction okay that’s it roughly perhaps you are eligible to so first what to start you have a little overview there are tons of different affiliate platforms if you want to start is amazon spouse program I’ll show that again briefly on the amazon locate collaborator cyberspace this is the partner net place tie-up and you are eligible to connect log in or log in here if you don’t have a log in hitherto, that’s that affiliate program from amazon what i said at the beginning i believe so is the best known and “its also” founders – they have this one, so to speak Getting the Affiliate Market rolling here is explained again in three points the present working register recommend make you can read through everything and you can recommend any amazon concoction, of course it ought to have yours somehow gathering fit but theoretically you can recommend anything and get depending on classifies, so to speak, for example kitchen and household or electronics or equipment collect and so on they have different formations different boards maybe you can see it right here you receive what I am said, for example, you can see what you don’t get for what exactly look at it in detail, but that’s how it makes as soon as you have registered you can generate ties that you can use on your homepage in your videos or anywhere else where your gathering is around to recommend your products that you like too and otherwise just take a look at what world markets is about The Digistore 24 is well known for courses and so on my own personal belief is it seems a bit weird it is Somehow still felt a little 1990 but the functionalities are all because the can be controlled Digistore sell very well so there too do you have affiliate programs and if you time pay attention to it maybe do you already do something maybe you have a tech blog software blog and so on almost every provider has an affiliate planned and that gone on from software to physical commodity, everything is included maybe something fits thematically to your blog to your video to yours instagram canal whatever you do and yes then of course you could “ve been thinking about” whatever it is you like to recommend to their own communities, something best whatever it is you I too like myself, I hope I could give you a good one give an overview if you liked the video don’t forget to like it and and don’t forget to press the subscription button so you don’t miss another video because there will be a few more tutorials follow now we’ll see you in the next video I’m happy and see you then make good Tschhs

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