Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study – Month 1 – The Affiliate Site Build

Hey Miles here, This is monthone of my affiliate marketing case study. I’m going to document the process of buildinga brand new affiliate marketing website from scratch. The objective automatically generates $ 3,000 permonth positive cash flow in one year. I’m choosing a niche that I’m not an expert in.I kind of arbitrarily chose it, which you’ll hear that story in a minute. And in thesevideos, which I plan to bring out formerly every month, I’m going to document what I’m workingon, what I’ve done in that month, how much it has cost me, and certainly how much incomeI’m making from that. So in this firstly one, at the end, you’re gonna find out exactlyhow much money I’ve spent on this project so far because I’m now one month in and I’mgoing to detail the process, the move that I’m following.If you get wise started, thereal objective for you here is to understand that whether you’re a super hectic administration, you’vegot hundreds of dollars in income and you want to build a business on the sideby outsourcing. A mint of the exertion. You’re going to learn howthat’s possible through this video succession, but also if you’re new, if you don’t havea lot of extra money, if you’re on a budget and you’re bootstrapping this from kind ofnothing, right? You’re spending as negligible money as is practicable. You wishing to the workto build out an affiliate place. You can also execute these action plans. You realise, I’m clear withmy multiple firebrands online of a millions of dollars online. My cash flow is extremelysolid right now, my epoch, I don’t have much time, so I’m paying other people to do thework, but you can just as easily do the design that on your and of for yourself, right? Youcould just do the piece yourself.That’s how my spouse and I constructed our first symbol. That’show I constructed this miles Beckler brand that you’re watching here. This is just a brand-new case study. Again, provingthat anyone can build a successful affiliate marketing website on any niche, and I’m goingto talk about how I opt the niche, so the overall programme, right? Choose a niche of productsthat people are searching for and that search volume is going up over time.You look atGoogle veers to see that it’s a thing that’s tending right and beings would seek to figureout which one is the right one for them because I can meet these beings with a piece of contentand we’re putting up two types of content. Number one is informative content. The informativecontent is what we’re going to use for backlink construct. This does not promote specific products.Normally it might here and there it time talks about the different things you need to knowabout in the world countries of what I’m working with right within this niche. Then the second one are specific reviews.The best cheap, this, the best that the best for under a hundred dollars, the best forunder $500. All of those keyword phrases that parties scour when they’re ready to purchasethose. A revaluation located material and I’m not going to really build links to that causepeople don’t like associate out to those types of posts, but those uprights are going to rankon Google and essentially beings will predict the posts, they’ll click through, they’llgo to Amazon or whatever, whatever vendor I connect them to that has the best deal they’llpurchase.I will give a commission for connecting that individual with what the fuck is missed by apiece of the information contained. So that’s the overall hope and if you demand a very, very specific guideon how to go through this, I recommend the t a s s program. The relation will pop up above, you’ll attend a connect in the specific characteristics. This is the exact training serial that arehanded to my crew when I’m like, I need you to understand how this works. I need you tounderstand what to do. Go watch these videos. It’s that accurate qualify that I purchasedand paid for myself that I’ve got over to my team for that.So if you want to followexact train a develop on that, the t a s s curriculum, we’ll get you there. Now again, I don’t have much time, so I “re looking for” a fast start answer. The number one challengemost people have in getting started is choosing a niche. The t a s s program has a very detailedprocess on how to choose a niche and it’ll walk you through the process of coming upwith ideas and then analyzing the different ideas. But I didn’t have time. In point, Iwas sitting in the back of an Uber driving on four oh five in La to a speaking engagementthat I had earlier. I guess it was late last month. So I’m onmy route to speaking engagement.I knew I was doing this, I commits to doing thisand I gone on a particular website where they build affiliate websites and I literally lookthrough their stock-take and I said, hmm, you know, I know something about that. That’sclose enough. I’ll buy it. And within about five minutes of period, I’m pulling out my creditcard and I’m literally purchasing the website right then and there from the back of an Uber.Why did I proceed this road? Well, number one, I don’t have is necessary to do the basic build upor the basic niche research. I wanted to outsource that and I wanted to kick this into motion.You know, there’s a truth about this world, race of implementation, right? The universeloves rushed. So when you only jump in and start and start moving towards your goals, miraculously your goals start moving towards you.That is the way of the world. That is howit works. So I “re looking for” the absolute fastest route to knock this into motion. Nowthe website build penalties me just under $1,300 and again, you don’t have to pay to have itbuilt, but if you have the funds and you don’t have duration or you don’t have skills, it isa possibility. The unit I use for this is HPD. Their link will be down below in thedescription. What it came with was essentially the research all upfront and they are aware, theykind of assume and did the research that this should be able to bring in about $3,000 permonth residual cash flow. Then it comes with the firstly posts.It’s got a couple of reviewposts. It’s got a couple of info uprights. They install the theme. They’re utilize thrive themes, which is the theme that I use. If you don’t have a license for it and youbuy from them, they’ll actually install it. The permission will work for you. With that said, if you’re doing this on your own and you don’t have money to invest in a topic, then youcan just go use the wordpress default theme. The 2015 and the 2016 2017 theme. They’reall great themes. They’re free. They labor. They’d get the security patches revised inthem.Infinitely customizable, perfect locate begins with these. Then from there, I haveto essentially hire research projects manager who’s going to do the SEO because there needs tobe someone on point to keep this on track. The second team I’m going to be hiring isa writing squad. Now I don’t know exactly which writing team I’m going to end with longterm.I’m going to be testing a few cases of them, so I will share who I use formerly I realise that decisionon who’s best. I’m not going to tell you who I’m employing onthis first month because it turns out they suck. I don’t want to tell you someone whosucks, so I was also necessary do a little bit of testing on my boundary to find the claim writing team tomake sure I could make a uh, an honest recommendation with stability on that.They’re going to bewriting two types of uprights. Again, there’s going to be recall material and then there’sgoing to be informative content. Probably about 20% is going to be informative stuff. 80% is going to the viewer, the look, the review content. My project manager’s goingto oversee the backlink building that’s going to be done. This is following the course.It’s the same team that runs ta s. S they put under our backlink house route thatI bought and I precisely side it over to my campaign administrator and they’re just implementing it becausethat’s how their contents is organized, right? Those prepares are structured so I can justgive it to my outsourcers and compile them run with it and certainly that’s it ongoing. Thiswebsite is going to need two things. Number one, it’s going to need fresh content focusedon specific keywords. Number two, it’s going to need joins, tie-ups back to it to build myauthority rapidly. It’s going to be white hat back. Link building is my approach tothis through doing outreach, manual outreach to build those joins that are going to buildmy relevance and over go we’re going to get more higher-rankings when someone goes to searchfor what the best this is, they’re going to find my posts, they’re going to read it, they’regoing to see the detail of which ones the best are going to click through.They’re goingto buy and I will give a commission in that moment. Now I’m not going to be sharing what the niches, I’m not going to be sharing what the URL is on this because there’s too many people whoare swiping and plagiarizing my material. It’s already happened from my thumbnails, my entitlements, my precise videos. Literally, you’d be surprised the number of members of beings simply blatantly plagiarizingmy nonsense is massive. So I can’t share with you what this is. Maybe after a year or twoI will, but it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. So let’s get into the costs. Right.So what do I have ongoing? Well first there was the website structure, then I had to buy hosting.Now for hosting, I use the same exact network hosting that I’ve recommended here before, which is a two hosting. They’re great. I bought their turbo statu, which was an upgrade andI bought the faster CPU and the faster Ram.My destination is to make sure my entanglement hosting isas fast as possible. Total out of pocket for me was $141 and six pennies for 12 months.So that’s just under 12 horses a month is my cost. You could get it for about$ 5 a monthcheaper. If you don’t get the turbo and you don’t get the the faster ram and the fasterCPU, you can always lent those on later. I proceeded with the free, let’s encrypt s s liter onthat, so I got my hosting. The domain name was included.The website build was $1,298 that got done in about two and a half weeks, so that’s all over back onto us. Then my, my project overseer and I kind of did a big brainstorm. We depleted an afternoon, we wentall in on what are we going to talk about on this area? We been put forward with exactly what we ourinformative posts going to be and then what are our specific inspect posts going to belooking through keyword data, searching through tools like rebuttal the public, which is a toolthat allows you to see a lot of questions that are asked when you put in a specifickeyword and we really knew those announces that beings were looking for. They’re clearly looking to buy one of thesethings and they’re looking for the best one that are appropriate their place, the best cheap, the best one under a hundred dollars, very good one under $500, et Cetera, et cetera.We detailed out all of those posts and we chose 12 to get started.So my first scamper ofcontent is 12 posts that should be done within a week or two and almost all, if not all ofthose will be published here in month two. Cause as I’m recording this, I’m in the firstday of month two at this extent. And then once those are getting published, we’re going tobe putting out another seek for more content. I’m either going to do eight uprights a monthor 12 poles a month. I’m not exactly sure yet. The 12 th affix payment me $1,706 and again, you are eligible to merely write this stuff yourself, right? The TSS program coachs you how to write theright kind of content that’s going to rank well.I mean you really write it, right? I’vetalked a lot about how to write SEO content that grades fast. I got a video on that onmy channel. It’s a moderately gangster video that goes to show the shortcut to writing great contentthat grades well for SEO super fast, so that’s it. Then the actual cost for my team in thefirst month was $750 for his time to really organize this and I believe that we are goingto be front laded on the amount of duration because the brainstorming, there’s just more to do.Getting it started when we thumped month three and four it’s literally going to be what areour eight berths or exactly what we our 12 posts this month? Send it over the content team, paythem, and then they’ll work on the back tie house trash. So the amount of period and vigour it requiresto build with this method goes down for me, but the costs are going to just move overto the content and the back attach team.If you’re doing all of the project yourself, it’sjust an even steady. How much go do “youve had”? Can you applied 20 hours a week towardsit? You know, that would be what, six hours on Saturday, six hours on a Sunday and maybetwo hours a nighttime for four other darkness throughout the week. There’s your 20 hours per week rightthere. You could vanquish it with a business from your lights and weekends, but you’reprobably going to have to replace Netflix time, happy hour time barbecues with friendsand family with doing the employment, which is exactly what Melanie and I did to get our first businessoff the floor through what I’ve been doing to get the second largest one off the ground.So basically our project that’s developed multiplemillions of dollars online that I’m yet again duplicating out over, you know, my competitionfor this investment, right? I’m looking that I’m going to be willing to lay in $50,000 into this website. That’s kind of my goal. In order to get the $ 3,000 a month cashflow, the rival for that seed income of excavation, that that speculation is actually real estateinvesting. And I did a video on this recently where with about $50,000 in, I could generatemaybe $400 per month positive cash flow from a rental asset. Okay? This is potentiallygoing to bring me $ 3,000 per month from that same $50,000 financing. From an investmentstandpoint, this is a stupendous return on investment, but hitherto it’s a little of arisk.I don’t actually know that this is going to work. The presumption is sound. I know I’vegot the skills to build this. I’ve got a crew of people who are going tohelp me with this and you get to journey along for this entire process, but I encourage you, don’t just watch participate. You have to start at some point. You have to actuallystart the process of structure your area. You have to choose a niche. You just have to startwriting material. You got to get get hosting up. You have to go forward. You’re going to pivot.I’m going to pivot. We’re going to adapt. It’s just the part of the game, but it’s notuntil you get momentum becoming that you can start to adapt and pivot. I like to say thatyou can’t steer a parked gondola. So I asked you, are you a parked auto right now? If you are, and you need to get started, watch the t a s s Webinar to understand what it takes toget started.If you’ve got the funds for it, you go buya website, hurl your hat over the barricade, get onto started. I’ll be exposing who I’mgetting content through very soon so you can start to get your own content, but ultimatelyyou got to get started in this life. If you really do want to create a successful businessonline, the total investment from me month one is $ 3,895 and 94 pennies so right about $4,000 claim? About the 115 horses, little than $4,000 so do the math with me. $4,000 a monthfor 12 months is $48,000 asset. That’s two splendid under my 50 k speculation number.And again, my expectation is a $ 3,000 per month, positive cash flow. At the end of that1 2 months, we’re gonna track this month by month. I invite you to subscribe. If you haven’tsubscribed to the channel, agree. If you crave notifications when these new videos comeout, affected the bell so you get apprise when they come out.I’ve got a full blog upright that details everythingwe covered with all the specifics and more on my website. If you go look in the description, you can see the link to that there. Ultimately, I time want to encourage you, try start, getmomentum on your slope. This is the third time my wife and I, we’ll be building out a successfulwebsite and I have every expectation that this is going to eventually create an entiredivision of websites, right? The a portfolio that I cope, it’s going to generate yetanother thirty thousand forty thousand dollars per month kicking me up to that 2 million ,$ 3 million per year income mark.That’s a path and direction I’m on and it all startedwith good-for-nothing. We were so broke when we started. I couldn’t even render hosting. I had to moveback in with my parents after selling both my partner and my cars because I was funnelingthat coin into a victimize and MLM, and it was from that low-pitched notes that we decided, you knowwhat? I’m construct it right this time I’m buildingit focused on giving value to others. Through content sell, we learned how to installwordpress. We learned how to do keyword study. We didn’t have college grades. We learnedhow to design websites through wordpress.We learned how to build email rolls and howto install themes all by doing, because we had a burning desire to create a brand-new realityfor ourselves, and within 10 times we’ve produced various millions of dollars from precisely movingforward and I want to show you again, I exactly haphazardly arbitrarily pick a niche from awall of options. It was like ambling into a restaurant, visualizing a menu and be like, Eh, no. Okay, that one’s close enough. I’ll go with that one. Right? There’s no anger goingon here. I exactly choice something that I’m going to move forward with and at some station youneed to make a decision that you’re absolutely commitment to your success and that you’rewilling to do everything that you have to do to get there or turn it off.Go enjoy some wine-colored. Go enjoy Netflix and giveup on it, right? If you’re not going to do the production, stop kidding yourself and go enjoyyour time. But if you’re one of the very, very few, and I signify very few, 99 out of ahundred are gonna watch the videos and never take action. If you’re that 1% who’s goingto got something, perpetrate right now in the comments. Say in specific comments, miles, I’m that 1% who’sgoing to make it miles.I’m doing the fricking toil. Go Watch the TSS Webinar. Go by yourwebsite. If that’s your approaching, choose your niche and start, get the hosting. The linksare all on the bottom now below. The links are on the locate. I don’t know what else Ican do other than show you again and what’s going to happen in 12 months. I’m going tohave yet another cash flow machine feeing my business is going to grow probably to anothermillion dollars a year income.Where are you going to be? If you don’t takeaction, you won’t create a new reality for yourself. That’s just the simple truth ofit and I’m doing this to show you the path is tried, the footpath is measured, the footpath isproven and you can follow along with this path takes a lot of hard work, takes a lotof energy, take sacrifice, big time relinquishes. It ain’t shaking in hammocks on the beachby any means, but I’m creating a brand-new business world that allows me to have places likethis pool, figurehead dimension with 20 acres. I got another place. I’m looking at a placein the tropics. I’m all over the world, right? Because I’ve created this reality by designthrough a willingness to do the work in evenings and weekends. Now it’s all day, every day, right? 60 hour weeks plus to really proved give cost to other beings for you on provingand throwing ethic to you that this is possible through my other niche sites.I’m giving importance to those specific audiencesthrough the contents that we make. It’s a establish pattern. I can’t stress it enough. Letme know in the comments if you’re actually in and if you’re not cool, that’s okay. Ourworld needs works. Our world needs people at Walmart, checking parties out. Our worldneeds people at McDonald’s, checking beings out. We need beings on call centres on theother row of the phone. We need warehouse workers. Great. If that’s you, awesome. Butif you’re committed to being an industrialist, shout it out to the world right now in thecomments. And I’m going to keep these videos moving justification I want to show you how simpleit is.It ain’t easy, but it’s a simple course. Plenties of content focused on affording cost, helpingpeople detect what they already want. It’s not trickery, it’s logic. It wreaks every time. Andit’s gonna work again. So I invite you to join me on this expedition. Thank you very muchfor your time. Thanks for your patients through that little ranting. If you’ve made it the adHashtag Badass to you. I appreciate you and I are waiting to connecting with you on thenext video. Told me again, FEMA ..

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