Affiliate Marketing with a WIX Website [Step-by-Step]

Hi everyone. My name is Greg, and today, I’m going tobe walking you through, how to make an affiliatemarketing website with Wix. Typically, I would recommendWordPress for affiliate marketing, and that’s because the SEO orSearch Engine Optimization allows you to rank on Google easier. However, this has changed. Wix is now getting really goodat Search Engine Optimization, so, you can start ranking on the firstpage of Google with a Wix website. This changes a lot. In this tutorial,I’m going to walk you through every single step on screen recording,so, you can follow along, and by the end of the tutorial, you’ll have your ownaffiliate marketing website. Now, the beauty of Wix is, you can actually get startedcompletely for free, and then, once you decide you wantto go forward with the website, you can either keep it free,or you can upgrade to a premium plan. I’ll walk you through all of this, but by the end of it, you’ll be able to connectyour own domain name, and you have a fullaffiliate marketing website.So, without further ado,let’s get right in the computer. Alright. So, now, thatwe’re in the computer, the very first thing weneed to do is go to, or if you want to support me, and if this video turnsout to really help you, you can use my Wix referral code.It cost you nothing extra, but it help support me, and it allowsme to make more tutorials like this. So, if you want to usethat referral code, it’s just, and the Wix is capital.Now, if you use this link, it’ll be the sameas going to, except Wix will give mecredit down the road. now I don’t get paidto make these videos. So, this referral link is whatsupports future tutorials. So, if you want to use that,thank you in advance, and I’m just going to go throughas if we were to use this. So, once we either come to Wix,or we use this link here. We can either just hit’start now,’ or get started. Either of them just bringsus to the next step. So, we’ll hit one of these,and it’ll just ask you to login. So, if you are brand new to Wix,all you have to do is hit ‘sign up,’ and it’s super easy. You basically just put in anemail and create a password. If you already have a Wix account,all we have to do is hit login, and it’ll bring usto our Wix dashboard.If you are brand new to Wix,you’ll be prompted with no sites here, and it’ll be a big button that says,create your first site. So, that’s what we’re going to hit. If you already have a Wix account, we’re just going tocome to the top right and do create a new site. And now, from here, it’s going to ask,what kind of template we want to use. So, we’re going to go straight forwardblog which is in the top right corner, and then, it’ll ask us ifwe want to use the Wix ADI which is artificial intelligence, or if we want to choosea template over here.Now, I highly recommend that wechoose a template over here, because that allowsus to customize it. Now, if we go with the Wix ADI,we answer a few questions, and then, it puts together asite how it thinks would be best. Now, the issue with that is if youwant to start taking things away or changing it, it can turn out to bemore difficult than if you were to juststart with a template.So, just hit’choose template’ over here. Now, you can choosefrom these templates, and this is what’s greatabout Wix is that you can actuallychoose these templates and easily customizethem with drag-and-drop. you don’t need any real techor computer experience here. With WordPress, it’s typicallya little bit more difficult, and there is a bitof a learning curve, because you have to learn how tocustomize and build that site. With Wix, it is soeasy to make a site. Now, you can come in here, and you can pick what kind of blogtemplate you want to go off of, and my recommendation is to hoverover them and make sure they say free, and not something likethis that says ecommerce. The e-commerce is going tohave an online store on it, so, you will have topay for that monthly.What I recommend isusing a free template, and this Is actually myfavorite one over here, especially for affiliatemarketing sites and I’ll explain why aswe start to build it. So, I would recommendthe traveler blog, but you can scroll through here, and you can choose whichone you want to use. Now, you have two options whenyou’re hovering over here. you can either edit or view. So, if we were to view them, it gives you a preview ofwhat it would look like. So, if we were to viewthis one right over here, it’ll show you what thissite will look like, and remember, you cancustomize all of this, and that’s what we’re going to do. So, this is the base templatethat we’re going to build off of, and again, if you want to choosea different template feel free, but this is the onethat I highly recommend, and this is the one I’mgonna use for this video.So, if you decide thatyou’re viewing a template, and you don’t want to use that one,you can just X out of that tab, and it brings you right backto exactly where we were. So, if we are viewingit and we decide that this is the one thatwe want to go with, all we have to do is hit ‘editthis site’ right in the top corner, and that’s what we’re going to do, and this only takes asecond here to load, but it’s just puttingthis template together and throwing us into the editor, so, we can start to customize it. And remember, this is allcompletely free to do. So, you don’t have topay for any of this. So, this is our template right here, and now, we can getstarted customizing it. So, moving right along, now, we’regoing to start customizing the site and building it out to the templatewe need for affiliate marketing. Now, what’s great about this isonce we’ve made this base template, we can actually duplicate it.So, for future affiliatemarketing sites down the road, it’s as easy as one button toduplicate it, change the topic, and change the articles. So, before we do that, we’re going to create the affiliatemarketing base template here. So, I’m just going to gothrough this, step-by-step, and you can follow along with me. So, the very first thing we’re gonnado is click right to the social bar, and we’re gonna hit thebackspace or delete. We don’t need social here. It’s not going to be relevant forour affiliate marketing site. So, we’ll delete that rightoff of there, easy as that. Now, the next thing we’re gonna do isclick on this horizontal menu up top. We’ll click it once, and then,we’ll go to layout right here. This little button down hereis how are the tabs aligned. we’ll put them in the center,and then, we’ll X out of that, and we’ll drag this until it’ssnapped into the center of the site.Now, you’ll notice that if the linedoesn’t go all the way to the top, it’s not in a full center of the site. It’s aligned to a different element. So, make sure that pink line goes allthe way to the top, just like that, all the way, almost up to help. And it will make surethat it’s snapped in the center of theother way as well. And now, we have acentered menu on our site. So, the next thing we’re gonnado is come right up to the home and hit the down arrow. Now, we have all of ourpages on the site, but we really don’t need all of these. So, I’m going to hitand manage pages, and then, the about page,we’re going to hit the three lines, and we’re actually goingto delete this page, and I’ll explain why in a minute here. And then, videos,we’re going to delete as well. And then, just confirm that, and now, we’re back to our home, andwe have three pages of blog articles. This is exactly what we want, and our blog page, which is going to be the sourceof all these articles is hidden.So, we can leave thisexactly how it is. So, we just have home,travel, eat, and relax. Now, we’re going todouble click on travel, and we’re going to change that nameto reviews, and then, we can hit done. Now, eat, we’re gonnadouble click there, and we’ll changethat to ‘top lists,’ done, and then, relax,we’re gonna double click, and we’ll change that to education.I’m going to explain whyI’m doing all these, but first, we have to createthe template for this, just so our site is readyto be built out properly. So, this is all done. We’ve named all of our pages,and we’ve aligned our menu. So, we can just hit X right here. Now, at this point, we’re actually going to beleft on the education page.Since we were working on that last, this is where it’sgoing to drop us into. As you can see,we’re on the education page, no longer the homepage. Now, this used to becalled the relax page. So, we’re just going todouble click the header and change that to education, and then, click off of that,will change the page again. We’ll go to the top lists. We’ll do the same here.Double click it. Top lists, Click off, and again, we’regoing to do this reviews. Double click. Reviews Okay, we’re off to a great start now. So, we’re going to comeback to the home page, and from here, we’rejust going to hit save, just to keep our progress. So, in the top right over here,we can hit save once. And it’s going to ask what we wantto name the site as of right now.So, what I’m gonna callis affiliate marketing, and then, we can justhit save and continue. Now, no one’s going to see this,because at the end of this, we’re actually going to connectit to our custom domain. So, this is just forus to keep track of. So, we’ll hit save and continue, and then, we can watch untilwe get a checkmark up top, and that means that our site is saved. And then, it comes up with a popup saying that your site was saved. So, all I’m gonna do is hit’do not show this again,’ and hit ‘done’ right here.Because when we save it in the future, it’ll give us a checkmark right in a corner, so, we don’t need the pop-up to tell us a second time thatit’s saved successfully. So, it’s really good practiceto get me habit of saving whenever you do some big changes. Now, autosave is turned on, so, it should save everycouple of minutes, but sometimes,you’ll lose internet connection, or your computer will crash, and ifyou’ve been doing a lot of changes and not saving, noneof that will be saved and you have to do it over again. So, just get in the habit of savingit as often as you can remember. All right. So, moving rightdown the home page, we’re gonna leave this as is for now, and then, we’re going tochange these three buttons.So, remember, they used to becalled travel, eat, and relax. well, now, they’re calledreviews, top lists, and education. So, I’m just going toclick on the button once, and then, do change text, and thisone’s going to be called reviews, and you can double check,because it says it links to reviews. So, just make sure that thesetwo say the same thing. Ok, we can close out of that.We’ll click this one, change text, and we’llchange this to top lists. X, and then, the same down here. Education. And then, we can X out of that. Now, when people click on these, it’ll actually bringthem to those pages. Alright, scrolling right down here, we’re just gonna clickon the strip right here, and we’re actuallygoing to delete this. We don’t need this. So, I’m just gonna hit backspace. So, just click on the background once.It’ll highlight the strip, and you can hit backspace ordelete, and it’ll get rid of it.Now, what I’m going to do to makeup for this space right here is, I’m actually gonna hit the ‘zoom out,’ and then, it allows usto drag this up here, and then, just drag this allthe way up as high as it goes, and it should max out about there, because it’s hitting the bottomof this element, so, that’s perfect. We can just X back out here,and it’ll bring us back to our site. So, now, we’re going to scrollall the way to the bottom here, and it’ll scroll past some of theblog posts that we’re going to make. And now, we have thisfooter here to customize. So, this is actuallyan Instagram feed, and again, we don’t have that.So, I’m just going to click on this, so, it selects.Make Sure that it’s selectingonly the Instagram feed, and hit backspace or delete. And then, I’m gonna dothe same with this, because we don’t need this. We’re not connectingFacebook, Instagram, Pinterest. So, I’m going to delete that as well, and then, this is the ‘about section.’ So, remember, we deleted thewhole page that was about me. It’s because we don’tneed all of that. It’s going to be on thefooter of all of our pages. It gives credibility.People can relate, and it allows a little bitmore trust on the site. So, the first thing we’re gonna do is actually click onthis text right here, and do ‘edit text’ andjust click off of it. Select this ‘read more,’and just delete that, because that ‘read more’ was linkingto the full ‘about me’ page that we don’t have anymore.So, for now, that’s good.We can X back out of here and just click on this background,and actually select all of this. So, just click over here, and drag,and cover everything that’s down here. Once we’ve done that,we can scroll up a little bit, and we want to drag all ofthese elements up to the top, and make sure that they’resnapped in the center, and somewhere around here will work. If you’re too far up,it’s going to kind of cut it off. So, make sure you’re not too far up. Just about right here iswhere I would put that, and then, we’ll just let go. And if you remember before,we don’t have any social. So, we can backspaceor delete that as well, and then, we can leave that as is.So, now, we scroll to the bottom. Click down here,and it’ll give us this stretch. So, now, we can makethis footer smaller. So, I’m just gonna stretchit all the way to here, and then, I’m gonna selectthis element and hold shift, and select this arrowback up to the top. Select both of those, and then, just hit theup key a couple of times, just to bring that, so, it’s notcompletely at the bottom of the page So, now, if we hit preview, you can see our footerlooks nice and clean. This will be at thebottom of every page. So, no matter where we are,people will be able to see this, be able to relate, and what I love is, they can actually join a mailing list.So, right here,they can input their email. Wix keeps track of that. So, now, you can start emailingthese people as they opt-in. You don’t have to add anything extra. It’s already put on thistemplate completely for free. So, we’ll come back to editor, and we really don’t needthis quick button here. It’s live chat with acouple other options. So, I’m just gonna click onthat once and hit delete, and we’ll get rid of that, becausewe don’t need to mess with that. We don’t need live chat oranything on our affiliate site. So, that’s good to go. we’re gonna hit ‘save’ justto keep track of our progress, and we’ll get that checkmark saying,everything was saved. Alright. So, our basetemplate is built. It’s ready to go now. We don’t know what niche we’regoing to be using this for. So, we don’t know what we’regoing to be putting in for the ‘about us’ section and what we’re going to betailoring the site towards.But this is the base templatethat we’re going to use for all of our affiliate marketingsites going forward. So, remember, I said youcould duplicate this easily. Well, this is the time to do it. So, we’ll just come right up to site,and then, we’ll hit ‘duplicate site,’ and it’ll create a secondone back in our dashboard. So, whenever we log back into our Wix, and we’re ready to build anotheraffiliate marketing site, we can just make aduplicate of this template. So, I’m going to call this,affiliate marketing template, and then, whenever we come in,and we make a new one, we’ll just duplicate this siteand start building off of there. Super easy, and that’s abig perk of using Wix. So, we’ll just hit ‘duplicate,’ and then, when we go to ‘my sites,’or whenever you login to Wix, you’ll have this template right here, and all you’ll have todo is duplicate site, and then, start buildingoff of that new one.This will be the templatethat you don’t change, but you just duplicate off of, and then, you can create all of yourfuture sites off of this template. So, with that being said,I’m just going to X back out of here and come back to our editor here. So, the template’sready to be customized. Now, it’s time to find outwhat niche we want to go into. To really be successfulin affiliate marketing, you need a combination ofthree important things. The first one is a good website. We just built that,and we have the template. So, we can duplicate it andhave good sites going forward. The second is a good niche.It would be nice to beable to just make a site about whatever we want,ranked on Google, get traffic, and be successful,but it really doesn’t work like that. You have to go in andlook at the niches, see which ones are saturated, and seewhat kind of keywords we can use. and where there’s room to rank onsearch engines, get organic traffic, and actually have thisaffiliate marketing work. And then, the third thing isgood content on your site. so we’re going to moveinto that in a bit, but right now, let’stackle the niche part. So, in order to find a good niche, what I like to do is go to awebsite called, and I bookmark this,because I use it quite often. So, you can do the same,but it’s just It’s completely free to use. I think they give you two tofive free searches per day, but then, if they cut you off, all you have to do iscreate a free account, and you can use anyemail address for this, and then, it gives you anothertwo to five searches for the day.It’s important to know that each search yields 15 to 30 differentresults completely for free, so, you shouldn’t have to payfor a premium membership here. Now, what’s important to know is, small niches do a lotbetter than general topics. So, instead of typingin something like yoga which is very general,you could type in yoga mats, and then, this will tell us everythingwe need to know about that industry, that niche, and if we can rank in it. Now, for another example,instead of typing in shoes, you would type in basketball shoes,or baseball shoes, soccer shoes, even rock climbing shoes.See how specific youcan get with this. So, we’re gonna type inrock climbing shoes here, and then, we’ll leave’anywhere’ set how that is, and we’re gonna changethis to whatever language we are going to bemaking our posts in. Whatever language your site is in,that’s what you want to put in here, because it doesn’t make sense ifsomeone can’t speak the language, or understand your site at all. It won’t be ranking for them. So, once we put in thefirst niche to test, and we have our language set,we’ll hit ‘find keywords.’ And then, once this loads, you’ll see that you havequite a bit to work with before it starts to blurit out for a paid plan. So, you should be able to usea free plan with no problem. So, what we’re going to look forhere is not all of this information, but a couple of things in particular.So, the very first thing we’relooking for is to make sure that the keywords that we’re going totry to rank for are in the results, and we’re not readingthings that aren’t relevant So, rock climbing shoes isexactly what we typed in. That should be your first result. That one’s going to be relevant.Climbing shoes is relevant. Bouldering shoes is adifferent keyword. Bouldering versus climbing. So, that’s going to be different,so, we’ll disregard that. Rock shoes, probably alittle bit too far. So, just make sure you’re gettingas close to the three keywords or all the keywords you typed in, and you’re only looking atthe metrics for those ones and not ones that don’t relate. So, that’s the firstthing we’re looking for. The second thing is how manysearches it gets per month.So, this column gives us thesearch volume on a monthly basis and it’s actually an averageof the last 12 months, broken down on a monthly basis, so, it gives you a good idea. We want to make sure that it has atleast over 500 searches per month, ideally, over a thousand. That’ll give youenough organic traffic to actually bring it to your site, and make money, knowing that not everyonewho comes to your site is going to use the affiliatelink and buy something. So, rock climbing shoes has14,000 searches per month.That’s a really good number. When we come down, climbing shoes, 26,000, and then,rock climbing shoes sale, 589. We could still work with that. Cheap climbing shoes, 818. So, we can see that justkind of generally overall, the search volume for the keywords that are relevant arewell over a thousand. So, we’re going to be set on traffic. So, the next thing we need to look at, which is the most important is ifwe’re going to be able to rank there.So, that’s actuallythis column right here, and what I love about Kwfinderis it gives you a color too, So, you don’t even reallyhave to look at the numbers. You can just look at the colors. Ideally, you want to be 39 or below. That means that you’ll likely be ableto rank on the first page of Google. Now, you can see thatthis one is a 42. So, it’s still possible,but it’s not exactly easy. When you start going overthe ones that are green, those ones are easy to rank for. So, you should be able to rankon the first page, no problem. So, generally, what Ilook for is 39 or below.So, when you look at your keywords,find the ones that are relevant. Make sure that they have enoughsearch volume every month, and that they are 39 or below. If it’s something that’s inthe red or in a dark orange, you probably don’twant to go with that. You want to keep searching over here until you find a niche that isgenerally green or below 39. Now, that’s how we’re goingto be finding our niche. There’s really not that much to this. It’s just important notto skip this first step. A lot of people just go intoany niche that they want to without checking to make surethat people are searching for it, and you can actually rank in.It’s not too competitive. So, once you come on here,just test a few niches. Make sure enough people aresearching for it every month, and that’s below a 39 generally.It’s not crucial, and just know that you can makemultiple affiliate marketing sites. So, if you find one in aweek or a month from now, you don’t have todelete this whole site. You can keep it andcreate a second one and start ranking inthat niche as well.So, just make sure thatyou’re checking this before you jump into a niche. But that’s all we’re gonna do here. For this example, we’ll go withrock climbing shoes for the niche. So, now, that we figured that out, we’ll come back to ourtemplate on the Wix editor, and we’ll start to customizeit for this niche.Alright. So, now, it’s time tocustomize this site for rock climbing. So, the first thing we’re going to dois change this background image. So, just click on thebackground strip. Make sure you’re notclicking an element here just in the background strip, and then, changebackground strip Image. And then, what I love about Wix is, you can actually use freestock photos from Wix. So, it’s super easyto customize sites. All you do is hit ‘free from Wix,’and type in what you’re looking for.So, we’ll type in ‘rock climbing,’ and as you can see, we havequite a few results right here. So, super easy to do this,and we can really pick any of these. I’m gonna pick this one,because it’s someone rock climbing, and they have shoes on. So, that’s kind of a perfect fit, and then, we just hit’change background.’ I’ll give that a second to load, and just like that,we have our background. Sometimes, you run intothe common problem of, you have white text anda white background, or something that’s lighter, so, it’s harder to read this. So, in order to fix that, allyou have to do is hit ‘settings,’ and then, we can actuallychoose the background color to be something that’s dark. I’ll go with this black over here, and then, you just bring theopacity down to something like 60.And now, you can see that you canread that white text very easily, and you still havethat background image. So, leave that how that is, and I’m just going to changethis to rock climbing. Now, you can set this headertext to whatever you want. So, if you have a name thatyou want for your site, like if it’s rock climbing shoesnow or rock climbing now, whatever it is,you can set that here, but honestly, you just wantto make this header text, something that’s relevantto the keyword or the niche. So, when someone comesto it from google, they see that they’velanded on something that is exactly what they werelooking for, which is rock climbing.I might even add shoes here.So, rock climbing shoes, and then, everythingyou need in one place. Now, just something simple like that,just so when someone lands here, they know that it is congruentwith what they were searching for. So, that’s all we’re gonna do here. I know that sounds very simple,but that’s really all you Have to do. You don’t have to over complicate it. You just want to make sure that when someone comes from Googlesearching for rock climbing shoes, and they land on your website, it’s congruent with whatthey were searching for. And then we’ll scroll down here, andwe’ll edit this paragraph right here. So, these are the 3 different types ofposts we’re going to have on the site. So, in this paragraph, we’re goingto explain what these three are.So, I’m gonna put in ‘choose a categoryand learn everything you need to know aboutrock climbing shoes.’ And now, when people readthis really quickly, they know that these are 3categories they can click right into. If they end up scrolling past it, they’ll just bring themto all of our blog posts. So, it’s still a win-win. So, now, we need to adjustthese 3 buttons here. So, I’m going to click onthe image, change image, and I’m going to go ahead andtype in ‘rock climbing’ again. And This one is reviews, so,I’m just going to pick this one here, which has another shoe in it,and we’ll hit ‘choose image’, and now, we have a backgroundimage of something that’s related to rock climbingwith the reviews on it, and we’ll do the same thing overhere for top lists and education, image, change image, free from Wix,rock climbing, and I’ll pick another one that hassomeone climbing in it with shoes on.That’s perfect, and then, education. So, we’ll change image here.Same process. And as you notice,when you start doing this, you’ll get pretty quick at this. So, when you come out with a newaffiliate marketing site in the future for a different niche, you’ll be able to go off thisbase template we created and make the whole sitewithin 10-15 minutes. So, we’re just gonna scroll downand see if I can find one more that has to go with kindof an education theme. Maybe, I’ll go withthis one right here, and we’ll choose image,and just like that, now, all the imagesrelate to rock climbing.So, I really don’t like this blue.I don’t think it goes with the theme. So, I’m going to hit design,and I’m going to customize the design, and go to text, and then, I’m going tochange that blue to black. and I’m gonna make sure thatwhen you hover over it, it doesn’t turn blue anymore. So, I’m gonna make thatjust a lighter gray. So, when you hover over,it goes from black to lighter gray, so, you know that it is a button. So, that’s all we have to do there, and what I love about Wix is whenI come to this one and do design, they’ll give me that sameoption of what I just created. So, I can just select that, X out, and then, I can do it onemore time over here. And Just like that,if we were to preview it, you can see when you hover over it.It turns into a lighter gray,so, you know that that is a button. So, we’re moving right along here. So, the whole top of oursite is already done, and now, we just have all ofour blog posts right here, and the photo right here. So, I’m going to jump into the footer, because the blog post isgoing to be the last thing that we’re going to tackle. So, I’ll go back to editor, and I’m going to change’about me’ to ‘about us,’ and here, you can type in a generalsentence or two at the maximum about what this site does.So, what the purpose of this site is, and really, any affiliatemarketing niche site is, is to recommend the bestproducts in a space. So, we are here to find and recommendthe best rock climbing shoes. And I just like to in theheader and the footer, and things on our homepageto just capitalize whenever you’re using your keywords, because that tells Google andSearch Engine Optimization that’s a little bit more importantthan the rest of the words that are around it. So, rock climbing shoes. We are here to find, recommend the best rockclimbing shoes on the market, all in one easy-to-use website. So, just like that. It’s something simple. It tells people what you do andwhat the site is all about, and then, we can just setthis image right here. So, I’m just gonna clickon this, change image, and do the same thing as before,and free from Wix, rock climbing, and I’m gonna use this onebecause it shows that someone’s helping someone else out, and that’s exactly whatwe’re trying to do here.We are trying to recommend thebest one to help someone else out, so, they can make a good decision,and we’ll just hit ‘choose image,’ and I’m just going tochange the crop on this, just to get this alittle bit more centered. So, I’m just going to clickthat little crop button, and then, we can drag it, and we can put thatmore in the center and just hit ‘apply,’ and thatlooks a little bit better. Okay. So, just below it isthis little copyright section and probably created by Wix. I don’t want the’ proudlycreated by Wix’ on there. So, I’m going to delete that, and then, once youhave your domain name, then, you can fill this out. So, in a bit, we’re goingto connect a domain. You can actually pick out what thename of that domain is going to be. Now, that’s going to go in here. So, this is going to endup being the domain name, and then, just period, that’s it. So, you don’t have toactually have an LLC for this.You don’t have to havea separate entity. you just put in whateverthe website domain is, and then, you put the yearthat the website was created. So, 2019. People get confused by this. They think that it hasto be the current year. So, every year, you have to come back and change this towhatever the year is. You actually do it wheneverthe website was made, and then, it’s a retroactive. So, it says that, we areprotected by the copyright, all the way back to here, when we made the website, and you don’t have toregister a copyright here. Actually, by creatingthe original work, you’re granted an informal copyrightwithout having to do anything else, and we’re creating the site ourselves.So, just by going throughhere and changing everything, it is our original work. So, just know that, that’s how youcan use this copyright down here, and once we have our domain ready, we can come back, and we can putin the domain name right here. And then, one more thing I want todo while we’re down here is change this color. I don’t like that teal there again. So, I’m gonna hit ‘settings,’ and then, I’m gonna hit’design’ and ‘button,’ and then, I’m gonna changethat color to a black, and then, the border, I’m justgonna get rid of the border there. And now, in my opinion,that looks a little bit better. So, that’s that.We don’t have that blue there anymore. And then, I’m gonna changethis button as well. I’m gonna go to design, and I’m gonna change thatcolor to a black as well, that’ll work.And that way,people can come to the bottom, and instead of having that lightblue that was there before, now, everything’s black. It all looks good andour footer looks good, and it’ll look good on every page. So, when we go to different pages, you can see that the footerstill looks exactly the same. So, as you saw up top here, we still have to change thecolor of these buttons. So, I’ll go back to editor,and just remember, save your progress as muchas you can remember to. So I’ll hit this menu,we’ll hit ‘design.’ and then, we can changethe color of the menu. So, I’m just gonna hit’customize design,’ and we’ll do text, and I’m gonna leave them on greyfor when they’re not selected, and then, when someone hovers over it, I want it to turn black, and then, when it is clicked,I want it to be black as well. Just like that. Okay, that should be good. So, if we go back to preview,now, it’s gray. when you hover over it,it turns black.When you select it,it turns black as well. That looks pretty good. Alright. So, as you can tell, the site’s comingalong pretty quickly. We just have a couple ofmore things to do here. So, back to editor.Let’s jump into these other pages, and we’ll change theparagraph that’s at the top. So, for reviews, I’m justgonna double click this and write just one sentenceabout what this page is for. So, I’m going to put, ‘find the reviews on the mostpopular rock climbing shoes to help you make the best decision,’ and we’ll just put anexclamation point there. So, just something that’s nice andsimple, and tells people what you do. Now, this is a little bit toobig of a gap for me personally. So, I’m going to hit ‘zoom out,’and I’m just going to drag this up.Just so, it’s about even. There’s an even space herewith an even space here. likes out of that.It looks a bit better. Alright. Now, we’ll justcome on to the next page and do the same thing. So, top lists. Double click, and we’lljust change this to, why the top lists are important,and how they’re going to help people.So, we’ve found the bestrock climbing shoes, and put together our top lists tohelp you find the best ones for you. Something again.Just as simple as that, and we’re going to zoom out again, and we’ll just drag this up.So, it’s about even, and that’s good. Only one more page to go. And now, this is the cool one. So, this is actually education. So, this is a really importanttool for affiliate marketing, to get organic traffic to your site.This is where we’re goingto answer common questions that people are askingabout rock climbing shoes. This gets people on to our site, and then, they’re likely to click ontop lists or reviews or the homepage, and then, find all ofour affiliate posts and likely hit one of the links there. So, here, we’re going to say, ‘find the answers to themost common questions about rock climbing androck climbing shoes,’ and we’ll put an exclamation pointat the end there, and we’ll zoom out.And we’ll just makeit look pretty again. So, we’ll just closethis gap a little bit. And that’s good to go. And remember,save as often as you can, and you’ll see that it justauto saved for me there. So, that’s perfect. But just always double check thatyou are saving as you’re going. Okay, we’re looking really good, but now, an important thingthat we can’t skip is, we need to make sure thateverything looks good on mobile. So, we’re just going tocome back to our home page and select the mobile right here. What I really like about Wix is, you can customize your siteindependently how it looks on desktop, and then, how it looks on mobile,and that’s completely independent. So, if you changesomething on desktop, it will not affectmobile and vice versa. So, you can make sure that it looksreally good on someone’s phone, because so many people areusing phones nowadays. So, I’m just going to click mobile, and if you get a pop up,you can just skip this.I’m gonna walk you through it here, and now, it comes withthis custom header, but I’m actually goingto delete this header. So, I’m going to delete this menu. We don’t need it, becausewe don’t have a logo. We don’t have anythingwe’re really using. So, make that as high up as it can go. It won’t go away fully. So, then, we’re gonna click down, and we’re actually gonna drag thisto the top, and just like that, we got rid of the header, and I’m gonna drag this down a bit. I think that nice landingpage will look good. a big image forsomeone to land on, and then, I’m just gonna click this,and I’m gonna hold shift, and click the one right below it, and now, I can movethese two together. And I just kind of want tocenter them up to this image, and then, I mightdo one more thing and that’s to makethis a little bit wider, just kind of to the edges, and then, I’m actually goingto click on it and hit ‘smaller,’ and see if I can getit to fit on one line, and I’m going to keep a little bit,so, it’s not too far to the edges.Something just like that.That looks good. And then, I’ll drag this one out.So, it’s on one line as well, and center them both up, and make sure they’re nottoo close and touching, so, it’s hard to read. And then, I’m just gonnaclick on both again and center this on that image again,just like that. So, that’s what someone’sgoing to land on. It’s a nice clean look on your phone, and then, we can start to customizewhat we have down here. So, again, you justwant to go through here, and just kind of stretch these out to make sure that you don’t havelike lingering drop down words.You want to make sure thatthey look nice and clean. So, just by doing that,make sure that it’s centered, and that’s it for the first two here. We’ll come down, make sureeverything’s looking good. We have our first post here. I think there should be a bigger gap between these 3 categoriesand the first post. So, I’m going to clickon this and drag it down. Just a bit here, just so,you can tell that these are categories,and then, these are posts. But as you can see,the mobile site looks really good, and that’s a huge benefit of Wix as they make the mobilesite look just excellent. So, as we keep scrolling down here, we come to the footer. We just make surethat this looks good, and as you can see,there’s a pretty big gap, because remember, we deletedquite a bit off of here. So, just scroll all the wayto the bottom and click on it, and you have thislittle tab right here, and we’ll just click and drag ituntil it comes all the way up.And again, we just want to formatall this to make sure it looks good. So, I’m just going todrag this down a bit. ‘About us’ is too far up,so, that makes sense now. And I’m actually gonna fit thisright over on the right side. So, we can do this, and thatlooks much better there. I’m just going to click this,and then, hold shift and click the other elements,so, I can move them altogether. and then, drag this up,just about there. Make sure it’s all centered, and the last thing is, we canput this right underneath and our back to the top button,we can put here as well. Now, there aren’t specific placesthat you have to put all these. You can customize it untilit looks good to you, and that’s what we’re going to use. And again, rememberjust to drag this down. Don’t put this all theway at the bottom, because it’ll make it hard to click.So, just drag it downa little bit more. So, you have enough space for someoneto click that with their thumb. So, that’s all we have to do here. This all looks good,and now, just save it. Remember, save as often as you can,and we’ll go to our other pages and make sure they look good as well. So, this all looks good. All I’m going to do is, maybe,bring that up a little bit. That was ten clicks. So, just ten clicks to keep inmind when we do the other ones, we can bring them upten clicks as well, and everything will be even.This won’t change, because weset that on the other page. So, we’re already set on the footer. We don’t have to messwith that anymore, and we’ll go to top lists. We’ll click on thisand go up ten clicks. Easy enough, and then, education, 10 clicks, and that’s it for the formatting. Everything looks good, and then, these blog posts willautomatically format and look good as we start to make them.So, let’s save that, and the site is technically done now. All we have to do is startputting content on here. So, what I want to do iscome back to desktop and go over how weactually make this content. There is a specific way to do this. So, I want to make sure that we’rewalking through this together, and go through it step-by-step, so, you know how todo this going forward. What I’m gonna do is walk through, making one of these postsfrom start to finish, and then, after youwatch this tutorial, you can go back, and youcan start to make more. Ideally, you want to have30 posts on the site. So, you can split that up into tenreviews, ten top lists, ten education.You can do twenty education,and then, five and five. Split this up any way you like,but once you reach 30 posts on a site, Google sees your site as a fullsite and no longer a new site. So, when you start torelease new content, it’ll start to be populated intoGoogle search engine a lot faster, because you are a full site,no longer a new site. Now, if you do only make 10posts on the site, that’s fine. And you’ll probablystill get traffic to it. But I like to set thirty as that goal, and then, once I reach 30, I considerthat site more of a done site, and then, I move itto the back burner.If I come up with ideasfor posts in the future, I always come back, andmaybe, add a post here, but once I’ve reached 30, I no longer touch the site typically. So, set that as your goal. If you don’t reach 30,that’s no problem. But just know that that’s areally good number to aim for. So, now, let’s get into thatlast really important thing. Number three, and that’sgreat content on your site. So, this shouldn’t takelong from here on out, but the things that I’m going tocover now are extremely important. We made the site look good.Everything’s ready to go, But creating the content and the affiliate offersare extremely important. So, anything that I say here,just take notes. Feel free to pause. Go back or ask me any questionsif you get a little bit confused.So, the first thing we need todo is go to Amazon Associates. So, I’m going to open anew tab and go there. You can just type this into Google, and it will bring youto their site here, and Amazon Associates is the nameof Amazon’s affiliate program. A lot of times, you’regoing to hear people say, to use Clickbank and promotethose affiliate offers, because they pay commissionsas like 100, 200, 300 dollars, but trust me when I say,start with Amazon Associates. Even if you are getting fiftythousand people to your site, using Amazon Associatescan be a lot better than using something like Clickbank. Now, not to get toomuch into detail here, but my reasoning is, on Clickbank, a lot of the times,they have high commissions, but the product is not that good.So, once someone comes to yoursite and they use your link, and they purchase it,you get $100, it feels awesome, but when the product is not good,which is most of the time, one of two things is going to happen, either they’re going to get a refund, and then, you lose that hundreddollars in affiliate commission, or they’re never gonnacome to your site again, and you ruin your reputationwith that website visitor. Now, if you use Amazon’sassociate program, when someone uses yourlink, they go to Amazon. Amazon has a reputation to uphold, and they’re known forhaving good products. So, with that being said, using Amazon for the affiliateprogram is an excellent decision over using something like Clickbank, where the product mightnot be that good. Now, another added bonus is, if someone clicks your Amazonaffiliate link and goes to Amazon, they don’t purchase the shoes,they X out of it, they go out to dinner, then, they come back on,anytime within 24 hours, and they purchase anything on Amazon, you get an affiliatecommission on that.Although, when you createthe link on Amazon and put it in these blog articles,that link is good forever. But when someone clicks on it,it sets a cookie on the computer, so, anything they purchasein the next 24 hours after clicking that link on Amazon,you will get a commission on. So, if they click your link,and they don’t buy anything, and then, they comeback the next day, and they purchase avacuum cleaner for $300, you’re going to get commissionon that $300 vacuum cleaner. So, a lot of people using theAmazon Associates program have what I like tocall accidental success, where people click their links,they don’t purchase the product, but they purchase something else, and as the affiliate marketer, you’re going to getpaid on that anyways.So, that’s why I really recommendusing Amazon Associates program as opposed to Clickbank. So, all we have to do here is loginif you already have an account, which would be awesome. If not, you can just hit’join now’ for free, and then, it’ll ask you tolog into your Amazon account. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can create one.It’s super simple, and then, you’ll go throughkind of a short application for Amazon Associates. Now, Something that’svery important is, it’s going to ask for your website. So, if you already have a personalwebsite with a following, whether that’s on YouTube,wherever that is, you can use that website.However, what I recommenddoing is using that website that we’re building right now,because it looks good, and Amazon is going to know thisis going to be for affiliate links. That’s perfect for Amazon. They’re going to get trafficstraight to their Amazon site for these kinds of products. So, right now, we really don’t havea link that we can put in here. So, now, what we need todo is purchase the domain.And again, all of thisis extremely important. So, make sure you stay with me here. So, purchasing the domainis the website name. That’s what you see up top. Now, if you go to your Wixwebsite that we’re creating, Right now, it’s on a free website. So, they don’t give us a domainthat we would want to use. When you publish this,and I’m just going to do this. You can do this any time.It doesn’t really matter. It’s not consequential. This is the site name. So, it’s this long usernamefollowed by affiliate marketing. That’s not what Amazon wants to see. That doesn’t look very good. So, what we need to do isactually purchase a domain. You can hit ‘upgradenow’ on your Wix site, and it’ll bring you tothe different plans. Every single paid plan allowsyou to connect a domain, and it even gives you thefirst year for free. So, any of these that you choose is going to allow you to havethat custom website name. Now, briefly, to go over this. It doesn’t matter whichone you go with.You’re not going to need abusiness or e-commerce plan. So, any of the websiteones is going to be fine. The combo and the unlimited are thetwo that I would recommend for you, especially if you’rejust getting started. 99% of my sites are on the unlimited, and then, some of them are on thebusiness or e-commerce plan, but I never go with the combo,and that’s for one reason. It only gives you twogigabytes of bandwidth.Bandwidth is how many peoplecan be on your site at once and how fast that’sgoing to load for them. You only get two gigabytesof it on the combo plan. For an extra coupleof dollars per month, you get unlimited bandwidth. It’s going to load very quickly forhowever many people are on the site. That’s a huge upgrade.The storage doesn’t really matter. We’re not putting a tonof photos on the site. So, we don’t have to worry about that. Comes down to the bandwidth. The faster your site loads, the higher up search enginesare going to rank you, and we want to be on the first page. So, I recommend the unlimited plan. The price varies, depending on whatkind of deal they have going on, but $17 is a great price. Anything under $20 is a greatprice for the unlimited, and it gives you the first year ofyour domain completely for free. After that, it’s about 15bucks for the domain name. So, I know a lot of peoplewill get to this point and be like, oh! Well,I have to pay monthly.I’m not gonna do it well. That’s the reason that thepeople who do it succeed, because people get this far, and they realize there’sactually an expense, and they won’t go through with it. So, all I have to say is, if you’reactually competing in this space, you’re going to do well. So, I encourage you to go with a plan. You can start with acombo if you want, or you can go with the unlimited, but I highly recommend you to do it, and then, it’ll giveyou the free domain, and remember, you always havea 14-day money back guarantee.They’ll give you all your money back,no questions asked. But once you select one of these,you’ll be able to pick your domain, and then, once you havethat domain from Wix, then, you can put it in theapplication on Amazon, whether you’ve put contenton this site or not. So, even if you don’t have anypost ready on this site, that shows Amazon that you’re serious. It shows them that you’renot just messing around, and you want to make an accountand not really do anything with it. It shows them that you’re serious.You’ve purchased the domain. You have the real website. It’s customized. It looks good. Whether you have contenton it yet or not, they’re going to assume that you’regoing to be filling out that content if you’ve already put inthe money to make the site, and you’re applyingfor Amazon Associates.So, that’s what I wouldrecommend you do, and that will increase your chances ofbeing accepted by Amazon Associates. So, that’s the first step, is you haveto get accepted to Amazon Associates. Now, it should take a couple ofdays until they get back to you and say that you’re accepted,but once you’re accepted, this is where everythingbecomes amazing. So, now, when you goback on to Amazon, you will have this little banner atthe top that’s called a site strike. So, no matter what product you’re on, all you have to do ishit ‘get a text’ link, and it’ll give you an affiliatelink to that product. So, now, you can easilycreate Amazon affiliate links to send someone to Amazon. And remember, when they click on that,even if they don’t buy the product and they buy something else,you will get paid a commission. Now, it’s time to findsome products in our niche. So, we’re gonna typein ‘rock climbing shoes,’ and to see what we have available.So, my biggest pieceof advice here is, you do not have to buy these. Actually, get them inyour hand and wear them, and use them to review them. What I like to do is go offof other people’s reviews. You don’t want to judge it on what thecompany is saying about the products, because they’re goingto say it’s amazing, it does all this, it does all that. You want to know in thereviews on Amazon, what people are saying once they’vereceived it, and they’ve tried it, and hundreds of reviews,and then, you get a general consensus. When was the last timethat a hundred people who reviewed a product were wrong. It doesn’t typically happen. So, that’s the beauty of this,is you can go through here, you can find differentproducts and read the reviews. So, just basing on this, there’s onlyfour reviews, four reviews, none, and these are all sponsored anyways.So, when we come down here, we can start to see the realproducts that we might be promoting. So, 249 reviews, and it lookslike it’s a 4.5 out of 5. That’s going to be an excellentproduct to put on our site somewhere. And then, when you keepscrolling through, you can find other ones. 26, 161, these are allgoing to be good products. So, we’ll come back to our site here. We need to look at what kind ofcategories of products we have. So, we have reviews,we have top lists, and then, education, which isn’t really going tohave affiliate links in it. It’s gonna have more of justgetting people to our site. So, reviews and top lists. So, first and foremost,we’ll make review posts. So, we’ll come over here, andwe’ll go through the products. I like to go with the ones that havethe most reviews and the best reviews, and then, we’ll click on those, and first things first is,we’re going to get a text link and get a short link.The short links and full linksfull links are just way longer. So, we’re going to go with shortlinks for everything here, and then, we’ll just make surethat we can copy all of that, and now, we have that saved. So, we’re going to use this link inthe post that we’re about to create, and when someone clicks on that,it’ll bring them right here, on our affiliate link. So, now that we’ve got that copied, we’re going to come backto our Wix website editor. So, if you come up to home and we goto blog, which is the hidden page, but what’s going to be thesource of all of our articles spread out throughreviews and top lists? And we click in here,and we do ‘manage posts.’ This is where we’re gonnastart creating our posts. So, the first thing we’re gonnado is change the author name.So, you want this, ideally, to bethe domain name of your website. So, if that’s, for example,rock climbing shoes. Now, if that was thedomain that we bought, then that’s what we’llput as the author, but for this, I’m just gonnaput rock climbing shoe expert, because I haven’t boughta domain in this example. So, that’s good. So, when it starts to show up asthe author of who wrote the post, it’s going to show up as that, but ideally, you want it toshow up as your website domain. And now, we have the articles that already come pre-madeas examples for this site. So, what we’re going todo is just delete these, because we really don’t need these.So, just go through hereand just delete all these. Okay. once these are all deleted, we have a clean slateto work off of here. So, now, we’re going tocome down to categories, and we’re going to edit these. So, remember, we hadeat, travel, and relax. We want to edit these andchange them to reviews, and category title is reviews, and then, we’ll save that, and then,we’ll change this one to top lists, and I’m just gonna copy that,paste it down here. We’ll save that and thelast one is education. So, now, when we create posts, we canset the category of what that post is, and then, it’ll go into that page. So, when someone clicks on the reviewpage, it’ll show all the review posts, and when someone clickson the education page, it’ll show all the educationposts answering questions, the same with top lists.So, the categories are how we decidewhere that post is going to show up. If it’s a review post,if it’s a top list post, but this hidden blogpage that we’re on here that no one’s going to be ableto see is like the database where all of these blog postsare going to be pulled from. Okay. So, now, we go, intoactually making the post. So, go to ‘manage posts,’ and then, we’ll go to’create new post,’ and this is where allthe magic happens. So, we’re going to be usingthis as our post here. So, I’m going to copy this link, come back over here, and I’mgonna paste it down here, just so we don’t lose it. This is going to be theAmazon affiliate link that goes to this product, and the first thing I always dois just paste it in this article, just so, I know that I always haveit as reference if I need it again.So, since this is going tobe the first review post, we need to start collecting someinformation about these shoes. So, what I like to do is goto 250 customer reviews. Now, we’re going to find out whatthese shoes are really about. So, what we want to dois scroll through here and spend a good 5-10 minutes, collecting kind of thegeneral consensus of people, and you’ll find that peopleare saying the same things about the same feature. So, for this example, it couldbe that they grip really well. They’re good forpeople with wide feet. They’re really comfortable.They don’t wear out easily. Things like that, and that’swhat we’re going to look for, and also look for thenegatives as well. You don’t want all of these reviewposts to be only good things.People like to see that thereare negatives to products, but it could be a verysmall negative like, I’ve had these for 3 years,and they just started to wear out. like that’s a good thing,people will like that, but you putting that honesty in yourreview post says a lot about you and builds that trust and credibilitywhen someone’s reading it. So, what I always dois come through here and start to scroll through andsee what people are saying. So, it’s going totake 5 to 10 minutes, but you’re gonna collect information about what people really think aboutthese shoes after they’ve gotten them, and they’re leaving a review.Something to keep in mind is if thereview seems way too good to be true. It could be a fake review. That is something thathappens on Amazon. So, you can’t believeeverything you read, but that’s why we spend5 to 10 minutes here looking at a lot of reviews, so, you don’t get a skewedbias based on fake reviews. So, this is where we’re going toget the content for our post, and another good spot is writingthese questions right here, so, you can see, are thesegood for tree climbing? You can just add these kindof things into your post.So, I’m going to spend the next fiveto ten minutes going through here and collecting good Informationand putting together a post, and then, I’ll check backin with you in a second and show you what I wrote about. All right guys, I’m back. It’s been a few minutes now, and I just finished creating thefirst review post for that product that we found on Amazon over here. Just taking what people were sayingabout it, reading all of that, and I took a screenshotof the photo here, or you can find a photo somewhere, and I took a screenshot of thisphoto here to use in the post, and that’s what you seeright up top here, and a couple of importantthings to talk about, the first thing is this photo,before I get too far is, you want to link it to your Amazonaffiliate link to that product and make sure that itopens in a new tab.So, if someone just clicks this photo, it’ll take them to Amazon,to the product in a new tab, so, they won’t be thrownoff your website. Your website will stillbe in another tab, and it’ll be on yourAmazon affiliate link. So, you got to click,you’re good to go. So, that’s if they just clickthe image which is great. So, we want to makesure we have that set. This one, to add a caption,that goes away once you publish it. And then, the first thing I alwaysdo is get your pair on Amazon here, and then, put the affiliate link, and make sure that whenyou put the link in, you highlight it all, and then, you make sure thatit is, in fact, linked up, and open in a new tab.So, make sure that, that’s set, and then, you basicallyjust write about the shoe. So, you can screenshot this. You can pause this video, and youcan use this post as a template, but it’s just a short posttalking about the main features and things that peoplewere saying about the shoe. That’s about it, and then, at the end,get your pair on Amazon here again. I put that at the top and the bottom. So, there are two calls to action,and then, I highlight. I always do this.I highlight the name of the shoe, and then, I link it to theAmazon affiliate link, and again, open in a new tab, and then, since this product had4.5 stars and hundreds of reviews, that was one of the most outof all the climbing shoes.I put best climbing shoes, and then, I linked that to theAmazon affiliate link as well, but this is really allyou have to do here. Don’t overthink it. Just write outwhat people are saying about it. You are providing value, becauseyou’re going through all the reviews, finding out what peopleactually say about it, and putting it intoone easy to read post. This is saving people time. Instead of someone havingto go onto Amazon, look through all the different shoes, and then, read all of thereviews like you do. You’re spending five to tenminutes on each one of these, and then, putting down, basically,the summary of what people are saying. That saves people time. That’s enough for people to comeon here, stay on your site, read reviews of products,and then, click on it, and then, it coststhem nothing extra. They go purchase it asthey normally would, and then, you get the commission, or if they buy that$300 vacuum cleaner, you’re gonna get commission as well. But that’s it for the post,and then, I put the title of the shoe.This is what camestraight from Amazon, and I just put that title right there,and then, for the image, all you have to do is just click, and then, decide whereyou want the image to be. So, I just did this. So, it was above,it was the first thing, and then, all you haveto do is click an image. You can add it right there. You’re not going to want touse the ‘free from Wix.’ You’re gonna want to makesure you do a screenshot, or save that image or something, so, someone knows that it’s thesame one as the one over on Amazon. But once this is ready to go, just hit’post settings’ and hit ‘categories’ and drop that in the reviews category,and then, make sure you hit ‘save,’ and then, we’ll scroll downto the bottom and publish it.Now, we have our first post.It’s in the reviews category, and now, if we go to our blog,and we go to the home page, and we scroll down, we can seeour first post is right there. This image, I’m probablygoing to recrop, so, it’s not cutting it off like that.That’s not the best look for it. But then, when we goto our reviews page, and we click down here on ourcustom feed, we go to settings, and we choose our category. We can go from all posts to reviews. There it is right here on our reviewsand make sure everything’s saved. When we come over to top lists, all we have to do here is changethis settings, choose category. This one will be the top lists. See, we haven’t made a top list one,so, there’s nothing there yet. Come over to education. We’ll switch this oneover to education, and that way, whatever categorywe’re putting that post into, it shows up on that page. And what I love about this is thehome page is set on all posts.So, it’ll just have everythingright on the home page, but then, if people wantsomething specific, they can click onthe tabs up top. Switch that to education, and they can go to the page to findout the information that they want. Okay guys. So, that’show you make the posts. There’s really not that much to it. Just make sure that you’resetting the category, and it’s going into the right page, and then, something that’s reallyimportant is to know the time frame. So, on average,it takes about 35 weeks for a new post to getabout peak traffic level. So, the full amount of traffic that it’s going to bereceiving going forward. And technically, it’s about90 percent of peak traffic. So, within 35 weeks,you’ll be at, basically, the full amount of traffic thatpost is going to be getting. So, if you make all 30 ofyour posts in the first week, then, 34 Weeks from then, your sitewill be at basically full traffic. So, it’ll take about 35 weeks for your site to be out,basically, maximum traffic.If you release a post every week, it’s about 35 weeks from afteryou publish that new post, until it starts to getabout that peak traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, all over. So, just know that it’s goingto take about 35 weeks from after you publish the postuntil it’s getting peak traffic. Now, you can still get traffic andaffiliate sales before that 35 weeks, because people will be You’re just gonna be atabout your Peak traffic. The most that you’regoing to be getting, going forward at that 35 weeks. Now, a way that you can startto get traffic to your site before you’re on thefirst page of Google, and during that 35-week wait time is to be posting these articlesin niche groups on Facebook.So, if you type in ‘rock climbing,’ and join a bunch of thoserock climbing groups, you can post yourarticle or your review, or your education onesare typically the best. You post your education postjust as a link in that group. Those people will appreciate it.They might have the same question. They can read your article. You’re not trying tosell them anything, and then, they come to your site.They find your site.Maybe, they go to thereviews, top lists, and then, they’reclicking affiliate links. So, you can get your owntraffic in the beginning before you’re rankedat that 35 week-time, when you’re going to begetting the organic traffic without doing anything. Now, once Google seesyou as a full site, you have 30 posts ormore on your site. It’s about 20 to 25 weeks from when you make a new postto when it’s at peak traffic.So, the more posts youput on your site, the lower that time framegets from when you post it to when it’s getting peak traffic. But remember, you can always postyour articles into Facebook groups and forums, and otherplaces on the internet to get your own traffic there. Just make sure you’renot being spammy, and you’re just sending itout there to help people out and not try to get them toclick on your affiliate links.So, that’s all we need to dohere for the review style posts. For the top list posts, you, typically, want to do thetop 5 rock climbing shoes, or the top 5 rockclimbing shoes under $50, or the top 5 affordablerock climbing shoes. You can make multiple posts like that, and you’re going to make it thesame way as the review post except it’s going to be just a veryshort blurb about what the shoe is, and then, a list of 1 through 5. Now, you can get the linksdirectly from Amazon, and you can even get those topfive from Amazon based on reviews, or you can type into Google,top 5 rock climbing shoes, and find other people’s lists, and then, find thoseproducts on Amazon, and link them that way. So, that’s how youmake the top lists, and feel free to get creative with it. Top 5 is typically a good number. You don’t have to do 10,that’s just a long list, but you need top 5 under $50. You can do top 5 cheap.You can do five best rated, then, find the ones on Amazonthat have the best rating.So, you can sort it by best reviews, and make sure that they don’tonly have a couple of reviews, but they have a substantialamount and the best reviews. You can do top five rockclimbing shoes under $200. See how you can getcreative with that. You only need about five differenttop lists, and then, five reviews, and then, maybe twenty education, or split it up however you want. If you only want to do one top list. So, you need top fiverock climbing shoes, just do one, and then, do therest in reviews and education. There are no specific rulesthat you have to follow on this, but that’s the formatthat you will do for this, and then, education, you’re not goingto have Amazon affiliate links in. We’re not going for the sale here. We’re going to get organictraffic to our site. Once they’re on our site, chances arethey will hit reviews, top lists, home, and it will find posts thathave affiliate links in them.So, what kind of questions do youanswer in the education section? Well, I like to use a websitecalled, answer the public. So, let’s go over there right now, and this is a really cool site. So, you type in what your niche is,so, it’s rock climbing shoes, and they load up all the questionsthat people are asking on Google, on the Internet in generalabout rock climbing shoes. So, you can find the big ones on here, and then, you can look upwhat those answers really are and write a post about it. It’s literally that simple, but this is the way to find outwhat people are really asking, and then, you want to make thepost that poses the question and gives the answer, andremember, no affiliate links here. We’re just trying to getpeople to our website. So, the ones that have thedarker green have more searches. So, can rock climbing shoes get wet? That’s like a perfect question, and all you have to dois look up the answer, find someone else’s articleand paraphrase it.Do not plagiarize, because you canget into a lot of trouble from that. But find someone elseanswering the question. Maybe, find a few different answers and combine it into your summary,the best answer. That’s all we have to do here, and then, we will startshowing up in Google when someone types in ‘canrock climbing shoes get wet?’ They land on our page. Chances are they’re goingto go to another tab and click an affiliate link togo buy some rock climbing shoes, or even to look at them, and maybe,buy that $300 vacuum cleaner. I’m telling you, there’s a lotof commission to be made here, and typically, whenyou hover over them, it’ll tell you thesearch volume on it, but right now, it’s notworking for some reason. All these are just saying zero,so, disregard it, but if you do come throughhere and hover over it, it might be working for you, and you can actuallysee the search volume of how many people aresearching that per month. Now, you could always just copythis and paste it into Kwfinder and find out the stats on it.But just go off of the onesthat are the dark green, and there’s a bunch of differentcharts you can use here. So, they all start withwhatever the word is, So, can, with, and then, it gives you the mostsearched questions with our keyword. So, this is going to be anexcellent place for you to find education post questions, and then just find the answer,write a post. It should take you no more than ahalf an hour to do any of these posts. Okay, so that’s how we makethe content on our site, and there’s going tobe one more section is how we get this optimizedfor search engines and get it to show up inGoogle, Yahoo, and Bing. So, that’s coming up next and thatis going to be extremely important. So, make sure you stickaround for this. Okay guys. You made it this far. Now, we need to talk aboutSearch Engine Optimization, how to show up in search resultsto get you the organic traffic, to make this all work.So, you know how tomake the blog post. You have the template.Everything is ready to go. Now, it’s just going to be a matter ofyou doing what I’m about to explain, and then, making more blogposts to fill this site. That’s all it takes So, if you can do that,you’re all set. So, remember, beforeI was saying that WordPress was typically recommendedfor affiliate marketing, because their SEO is better, and they can get you torank better than Wix could. Well, Wix is getting really goodat Search Engine Optimization, and they’ve actually made it alittle bit easier than WordPress. All we have to do here is,from anywhere on your site, you just go to settings ,and then, get found on Google. Like they’re literallymaking it too easy for us, and I have multiple sites rankedon the first page of Google, so, trust me when I saythis really does work.Now, this is the Wix SEO Wiz,it’s what they call it, and it’s basically a survey,and it walks you through step-by-step of how to optimize your sitefor Search Engine Optimization. It takes me about 15 minutesto go through this fully, and then, my site is ready to go so. All you have to do is hit ‘start now,’ and it allows you toanswer the questions, input all the informationfor your niche for what you want to show up for it, and that’s rock climbing shoes,or whatever niche you’re in and then, it just walksyou through step by step, fill this in, copy this,paste it over there, and it just basically builds yoursite for you, to be SEO optimized.And then, the last thing itdoes in this survey is Index as you write to Google, and then, Google sends you an email and confirms that they receivedyour site and they are indexing it, and all as well. It’s literally so easy. They didn’t used to havethis on Wix, but now, they do, and it really does work. So, if you’ve stayedthis far in the tutorial, you now have everything you needto succeed in affiliate marketing. My best advice is to getstarted as soon as possible. The sooner you get started, the soonerthat 35 weeks comes into action. So, with that being said, you guysshould have everything you need. Feel free to referencethose previous videos and use anything as a templatethat you might need on the site.If you guys have any questionsat all about any of this, feel free to reach out anytime. I’m always checking andresponding to questions. So, I’m here to help you. Alright guys. So, Ihope you enjoyed this. I hope it’s been helpful. If you have any questions,let me know, and I’ll see you all in the next one..

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