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what’s up what’s up what’s up this is joseph benjamin from the currency barrel affiliate com and today i want to show you three extremely confirmed affiliate commerce policies guarantee to drive traffic and do you coin starting today now don’t be disbanded by how simple making money with affiliate produces is likely to be if you use these simple marketing policies that i’m going to be sharing with you to promote your affiliate planneds you will be an affiliate marketing superstar in no time the first market programme that i recommend for all amateurs and it’s one that i still personally use today is for marketing basically for sell is like a discussion board and it’s just basically you connecting with people who have same interests and the affiliate makes or commodities that you are interested in selling yourself so that can be you know like a diet platform or a game muscle program or a dating niche planned you would target these uses by going on google and putting and say for example dating dating sorts and then you only look for dating gatherings and the goal is to find the most popular structures that gets the most traffic which is pretty easy to find because it’ll be on the first sheet and really start participating in asking questions on the forum and only various kinds of get the whole community involved and you can also create topics if you are well informed about the niche that you’re targeting in your affiliate marketing business you can create topics and you know and time start like a like a helpful how-to guide within a topic itself let on free message okay this is you can also put your website at the bottom of the post which is called a signature file the you don’t want to spam you don’t want to spam the post time to get your your signature relation appreciated because i don’t want you to go to any forms start exactly putting on putting up a cluster of useless posts and and you are familiar with parties they might ban you from the mutilate itself permanently so you kind of want to be discreet about it you’re there to help people and to give people advice and tips on the topic that they’re interested in which happens to be the products that you are promoting so of course i recommend you you know if you want to before you put your signature link and i certainly recommend you build your roll before you send them over to your affiliate sheet or create a landing page or a review page of the product that you’re interested in selling and only various kinds of direct people and educate your pilgrims on what they’re looking at before they click on your link to buy from you okay from your affiliate tie-in okay so go ahead and just go to article marketing article marketing is really cool because it generates a lot of passive income I know you’ve heard that you know there’s parties out there who make like tons of coin from essay commerce the stunt is to send out quite a few of them you know you can’t get the kind of results that most of these parties get from transmitting one or two essays “youve been” have to be consistent with producing articles whether you do them yourself or you outsource it to someone else for three or four dollars an article and have them do it for you so you can take the articles that they send you after you’ve paid them and you are eligible to situated it send it directly to easing articles which is something that I highly recommend ezinearticles com for submission of all your commodities and I recommend for all amateurs now I’m going to tell you up front that deferring essays to naturalness sections the government has I want to say strict policies but they are the classic article market submission index like you can’t get away with trying to promote affiliate produces in an commodity because the way you’re going to promote your concoctions or your website instead is through the link at the bottom your resource chest of what they call it at the bottom of the section but you can’t do any kind of promotion within article itself unless you’re doing a honest review of the product that you’re looking to promote but you can also you cannot immediately you can’t directly mail parties to your affiliate sheet you know if you’re selling a weight loss how to lose weight kind of ebook you can’t transmit people instantly to their because they’re not going to even improve your commodities a lot of people get a little confused this and they don’t know what’s going on they give up but they don’t know that it’s just because you know they don’t allow affiliate tie-ups directly in your website you can promote affiliate concoctions but you got to send them to either a disembark sheet or a wring page to capture conducts and construct your roster and then you can send it to the the your affiliate produce of choice it does like I say it requires a little bit of work up front but it continues to drive free traffic to your website for several months so a couple of years sometimes even a lifetime if your articles are really good now don’t be intimidated by writing articles it’s very easy to do if you are it’s especially easy to do if you have some kind of knowledge about the niche that you’re targeting so clearly consider either writing them yourself or hiring someone else to do it and just simply get some rehearse in because formerly you start writing your first section you have experience now and then you’ll be you have confidence to write your second clause your grunge section your fourth clause and often what I do is I right to three commodities a epoch and I send them to easing essays and I do other things with the articles to get even more exposure but you’re going to get tons of traffic time from moving em two to three sections a era if you do that for a month you have almost 100 300 commodities and the easing article directory and you’re going to get tons of free traffic and tons of free extends from precisely this article marketing method next we’re going to go to a paying market procedure called paperclip pay-per-click advertising it generates super fast commerce and it can be very extremely targeted okay very specific pay-per-click some of you already know you encounter every day when you go to google com those ads at the top before you put in search on the sides that’s pay-per-click ads and those people are paying a certain amount of money per sound typically between depending on what kind of nice you’re getting into what kind of keywords your assertion between ten cents to even up to twenty dollars per click which is pretty insane but it can be worth it if you are targeting a certain niche and you know that it’s going to produce results for you so in that way in that respect it is risky and it can be very expensive if you don’t do it right because like I say it can be very expensive you can actually set up a campaign and be pointed out that you set up a campaign and then you know you come back later 10 minutes later and you really squandered three hundred dollars and you don’t know where that thing’s others extended because you wasn’t watching your campaign so if you have more workers than time to grow your business online this could be a really good option for you I don’t recommend it for apprentices but i have watched apprentices who have used the method used pay-per-click advertising and has now become big success with it but they were very careful so if you’re going to use pay-per-click advertising be very very careful so if you haven’t guessed previously this is a video that has been unscripted and I only kind of wind it I certainly want to get this information out there to you and hopefully you know you take one of these methods either the forum marketing article marketing or pay-per-click advertising and look into one of these or two of these or all three of them and genuinely focus your intensity on mastering these section I symbolize these are these publicizing programmes so that’s it for now is hitting an eight instant brand and I will talk to you later


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