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This YouTube channel was created really a few monthsago and once went 154 thousand readers. You see that they have got 11 million viewsin the last 30 eras. If you look at their most popular videos. This video has 91 millionviews, this one has 67 million views. And gaze, they are promoting amazon affiliatelinks on these YouTube videos. Now let’s do some simple mathsto see how much they deserve. Let’s say that out of these 91 millionjust 1% of parties goes on to buy one of these items. Let’s say that the ownerof this youtube channel built exactly 2 dollars of board from the Amazon product. Then theywould have earned over 1.8 billion dollars with only this one video.Of course not everyvideo is going to get that countless notions, but it is still possible to promote amazon affiliate linksusing youtube shorts and actually make money. In this video I share with you free websitesyou can use to find trending amazon products that people are actually very interested in buyingThen I goes to show you how to find related produce videos to use for YouTube videos. So you don’tneed to movie anything or show your face on video. Next, I will give you some cool spoofs you cando when uploading the video to get more ends, which is the most important part, so that you canalso make money with amazon affiliate sell. Are you ready to make money with Amazon? then give this video a like and let me share the firstly website to find trending amazon makes The first step is to do research so thatyou can find the best trending amazon productsthat appeal to a lot of people.Here isthe firstly free website for you to get theories from. You see that this website has many amazonaffiliate commerce product you can use which are grouped around a topic. So write down acouple of ideas and the names of the products, then you can get the amazonproduct affiliate link, which I will show you next. But before thatlet’s me establish you a few more ways to do research.Another great home to find amazon affiliatemarketing produces to promote is the amazon best sellers list. Select a category and youwill see which produces are selling well. Here is another website to find amazonaffiliate commerce meanings. You might think that this website has weird amazon productsbut look at the interest from various beings. Let’s take this commodity for example, it hasover 2700 saves and if you click on this button, it goes to the amazon product pagewhere you can buy the product. Likewise you can find various products and alsoknow how many parties are interested in it. Now here is a bonus tip to maximize youramazon earnings.When you start out with amazon affiliate commerce, you need toexperiment with different type of commodities from the best sellers list to the weird amazonproducts. This makes one video could be about the best sellers and another videocould be a weird amazon product. Once you have identified theamazon product you want to promote with YouTube shorts, getyour amazon affiliate associate. If you don’t have an amazon affiliateaccount, create an amazon associate account. then its is simple to createone. Just fill in a few details, and you don’t need a website, you can use oneof your social media accounts to register.Then the easiest way to create an amazon affiliatelink is to go to the amazon product and when your ratified in to your amazon affiliate account, on the top you will see an amazon affiliates site stripe. Now you can getthe short amazon affiliate relate. Next, I will show you how topromote amazon affiliate ties-in. first, you need to find arelated videos which you can use. For example, let’s say you wantto promote this amazon product exercising YouTube shorts. The best strategy is tofind the official advertisement for the commodity. Often they promote these as videos on varioussocial media platforms. For example, now you assure the video on this amazon product. It hasgot over 100 thousand attitudes. Now imagine this. If you can get at least 5000 scenes to yourvideo and out of that just 1% of the people buy this produce, how much are you able shape? Let’sdo the maths. The premium of such products is 194.20 and your commission is 3 %, you will make5. 8 dollars with merely one sale.If you get 5000 their opinions and really 1% of the peoplebuy this, you are able to offset 290 dollars. Tell me, what the hell is you do with the2 90 dollars stimulate with this approach? Next, download the official video. Inthis case because it a tiktok video, mimic the video like and you can use awebsite like this to download this video. Now we come to the most important step. Goto YouTube and upload.But there are some special tricks you need to do to getviews with YouTube shorts.First off, when you write the deed, you need to write a eyecatching title, so that people will want clink and watch the youtube shorts video.Importantly remember to add the hash tag as short-changes so that YouTube will recognize this as aYouTube short and show it in the short video expanse. In the description, paste the amazonaffiliate link of the product. When done, clink publishand your video is uploaded. Now, simply one video will notbring you a lot of marketings. You need to experiment with differenttype of videos to see which video gets the highest views.So repeat this processuntil you find a video that vanishes viral. 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