Become a Super Affiliate without Selling – Case Study with Russell Brunson, Anthony Morrison, DanLok

– How to become asuper-affiliate in your grocery, in your niche, in your manufacture by working with the big names even if right now you’re starting out, even if you’re relatively unknown, even if you’re not a notoriety, and in this video, I’mgonna be testify you what I did in the recent monthsworking with experts, big names, parties with huge registers and what it is that you cando to model these results. By the end of this video, if you were to utilizethese strategies that I did, you’ll be able to build a huge list, start becoming connections with big names, as well as make a lot of coin through affiliate marketingby being a super-affiliate.( upbeat music) So real quick, here’s whathappened in recent months.In the month of April, ifyou have been following me, you’ll notice that I did awebinar with Russell Brunson promoting his produce, and then in May, I did a another webinar with Dan Lok, and really earlier this month, I did a webinar with Anthony Morrison. Now let me walk you throughhow merely these three webinars did well over half amillion dollars in auctions, and what it is that youcan be doing even if you don’t know anyone right now how you can model andreplicate these results. To understand this, wefirst got to understand that there’s a process for this.If “youre watching” till the end of the video, you will discover why most people fail in being a good seam project spouse’ cause most people’sjoint venture strategy is sending a DM to someone saying, hey bro, I’ve got a great productwould you like to promote me? And if you send a DMlike that to any columnists, fame, professional, anyonewith a huge following, guess what’s gonna happen to your send? They’re not even looking at it. So the question really is, if you want to become a super-affiliate and get it on in a big way where you could potentiallyget six representations, and I know that thatsounds like crazy money, crazy talk to some people, but let’s say you start with four digits, five people highly scalable. So step number one iscoming from the angle of who do I wanna work withthat is in my Dream 100? Right now understand thatthere is an author, an expert, a fame in your grocery that has got a following, that opportunities are because of that followingif you could work with them and make appraise to them, andthat’s the key word here, possibilities are they wouldwanna to work with you.The question is, whatvalue can you provide to this Dream 100? And when I say Dream 100, this lexicon originated from Chet Holmes who talks about how inevery single market, there is your Dream 100, this could be an expert, a fame, a foresee president, an writer. So who are these parties that they are able to yield evaluate to, that youwould like to work with them, where they have an affiliate program? So in the three differentexamples that I gave you, Russell Brunson, AnthonyMorrison, Dan Locke, they all had an affiliate program, where if you referred parties to buy stuff, their products, their programs, their software and services, they’ll fee you the regional commissions. And so, start identifying and getting clarity on who itis you wanna work with.For me, I’m very clearon who are the people that I would like to work with and the person or persons that I can give significance to that I believe in themas well as their concoction. And once you identifywho these people are, then the next question is coming from the angle of delivering price. So the majority of cases, thereason why people fail in JV partnerships is because they’re not starting therelationship with affording. Most parties start a relationship by thinking about what can I take, so that’s why most people whenever they send a Instagram DM message, it’s always coming from the angle of, I’ve got this great thing, promote me and what can you do for me? But what if you swapped it around and came from the angleof this is something that I do and I would love to be able to deliver these results for you. Now what the hell is this result be? This is when you gonna tell them, I would love to be able topromote you to my audience.Now listen, I’m literallygiving you the pitching right here so that I can assist you sellmore of your make reputation, more of your softwarename, more of your service. So what you’re going to do is, once you’ve identifiedwho these persons are, and you’re coming from anangle of deliver quality, you gonna move to them but now coming from the angleof helping them see auctions. For example , now thinkabout that person that you wanna work with, andwhat you’re gonna say is, I know that you have aproduct name, busines specify, software honour, and Iwould love to help you generate potentially hundreds of sales by promoting you to my audience.Now even if you’re just starting out, hang in on for a second, lemmeshow you how that’s done. Then the next thing, once you mark that is you’ve got to think about multitude four, how can you overrule engineerand understand the numbers? So it’s really important thatyou understand your numerals even before you do anything. Now this is to protect and safeguard you. So what does this mean? Now, when you pitch to them on how you gonna spawn them coin, what you need to do isunderstand and broadcast and forecast very, these numerals beforehand. So what multitudes do you need to know? So let’s say, let’s takethe Russell Brunson pattern, my goal for the webinar with Russell is I crave 10,000 parties registered.Now all in all I think we have slightly over1 1,000 beings cross-file, but let’s say you wanna start smaller, let’s say 10% of that, so let’s say you wanna have 1000 beings registered for this webinar. If you wanna have 1000 parties registered, you gotta ask yourself well, how much is this going to costme on Facebook, on YouTube? In most cases, if youwatch my other videos, the cost per webinar registrantis approximately five bucks.Now this will run and differ depending on which countries you target. Sometimes if it’s extremely cold public, it could be more depending onwhat niche you’re in as well, on average, it’s about five bucks. So that symbolizes it’s gonnacost you $5,000 If you wanna have 1000 parties registered. Now 1000 beings registered, you need to start understandingbased on let’s say, the webinar page that youcreate for such person or persons, what would be a standard show up rate? Now a standard show up ratetoday is approximately 20%. So that planneds if youhave a 20% show up rate, you would have 200 beings show up live. Then the next questionyou gotta ask yourself is, the person that I wanna promote, how much is this personselling the product for? $500, $1,000, $200? So in fact, these three expenditure levels were the same price qualities that everything three of them utilized.So these are very commonprice pitches, right? $500, $1,000, $2,000. So let’s say this person sellshis or her product at $1,000. So let’s say $997, which is also a very common price point, then you gotta understand, at this toll moment, what is this person’s close pace? So this is when you wannabe really clear about, is this person good atmarketing, selling and closing? And there’s a lot of beings out there who could be great oncamera in terms of content, but when it comes to selling, posing and closing, they’re atrocious at it, okay? So you need to have a rough gauge to how or whether this personis good at selling, okay? So let’s say, you can find a person with say a 5% close proportion, which isn’t deplorable, isn’t that enormous either, right? So I wanna be conservative here. So that aims, if there was2 00 people that evidenced up, 5% changeover is how many marketings? If it’s 10 people, it would be 10 marketings proliferated by 997, and that would be approximately1 0k, practically 10,000. So what does this signify? It means that if you couldspend $ 5,000 and get back 10 k, understand that it is very, very common that the personthat you’re promoting, so it’s a 50/50 split, and that’s the terms. So what does this want? It means that you wouldhave about 5k slightly, and a duet dollars less, so you would have virtually depleted five, lemme time kinda move thisa little bit, okay, oops. So far, looking at this what has happened? We’ve established thatwe spent $5,000 in ads, we have established that wegot back $ 10,000 in auctions at a 5% close rate , now this would be higher ifthe close charge is better, this will be higher if theshow up rate is better, this would be higher if let’s say your cost perwebinar registration was lower, depending on what these numbers are the metrics and the KPI set here, you have virtually spent $5,000 and got back an affiliatecommission of 5000. So it looks at first glancelike nothing happened, and we just broke-even and itwas a ended waste of time. Well , not consequently, two things that happens ifyou exactly break-even, okay? What are two things that happens? Why is it a prevail? Well, number one is youjust constructed a register for free, you just got 1000 peoplethat cross-file on a webinar and they “ve given you” their list and email, and if you continue tobuild this relationship and encourage this relationshipand add value to these parties, real people, guess what happens? Eventually in future whenyou promote something else, or when you come up with your own product, they would buy if you treat them well.And you’ve heard me saythis in my previous videos, that the money is in the relationship that you have with your directory, and 1000 parties in your register, real people is approximately worth $1,000 a few months. So now you have a list of real parties who really registersand attends webinars, and by the way, this is just on the front end, this doesn’t include the fact that you can have a follow up email sequence, you can have the replay. And frequently the replay will usually have and give you approximately2 5 to 50% extra sales in your follow up process. Usually in your follow up process, you can get another 25 to 50% more marketings. So this could be eventually $7,500 to you. Now this the first thing that happens, you’re building on this for free. Now what is the second thingthat is taking place right now? Number two is, you’re actuallybuilding its relations with the JV partner , nowthis is extremely powerful. You assure, for me when I ranthese different webinars and how I choose to workwith different parties, I’m not thinking about the money.Well, of course, the money is great, but I’m also thinking about how can I add value to these people that I wanna working in collaboration with? Because can you imagine ifyou did this once every week, which rackets insane, but this is a great way to build a list. But following the adjournment of 52 weeks do you know what would have happened? Even if you exactly brokeeven, at the end of everything there is, you would have built a relationshipwith 52 different parties where you added value to them, and after a year, if you cameup with your own webinar, your own product, your own offer, and now you sloped it to these 52 beings that you started the relationship off with by supplementing quality first, whatdo you think is gonna happen? What is the likelihoodnow of them, number one, replying to your messages, your emails, and number two, promoting your produce? Now of course , not all 52 might return but a good percentage would at leastentertain that notion, why? Because you started the relationship off by applying appraise first.So you gotta reverse engineer your multitudes and begin with the end in head. Now, you don’t have to do what I did. In Russell’s example, we had about 11,000 plus people cross-file, about 30% of beings indicated up and Russell humbled it. Now, in order to startsmall, remember this, if you’re starting small-time, there’s a 1000 people. If this is too big, you can scale down, is the beginning with 100 people, 200 beings, 500 beings. You don’t start with the top tier.If let’s say, if therewas like a hierarchy of different leaders and administrations and right at the topis the Pope and Batman, you don’t start at that height, you start with beings thatis just one level above you. And by the way, this is not theory, this is literally what Idid in the last few months. Before I move on to number five, hey guys, if you like thesetype of like case study videos, let me know in the commentsbelow what your takeaway is, what your feedback is, because if you like these type of videos, I could definitely domore of these wording videos with more subject studiesand what it is that I did, and make sure you smash the like button, if you’ve gotten quality so far, it does help the channel out a little and make sure you subscribe. You’ll likewise notice thatin this entire playlist of affiliate marketing, wehave literally been opening out $100 to explains, to people who are either the first to comment or have been givingquality observations in here.So I would adore what your takeaway is, and if you get adopted you must pay $ 100 straight to your PayPaljust by watching our videos. Back to this example, so what it is that I did? Same thing here, I wasn’tjust communicating it to my listing, I was moving ads, I wasrunning ads to the funnel, we’ve built up thewebinar enrollment page, passed ads to the funnel. And what if you couldliterally only example this? By the way if you wantto have the webinar, auctions process and move, the same thing that weare exploiting right now, check out the description box below, we’re literally just gonna give you this, share a funnel so that you can model and implement it withpotential JV partners that you wanna work with. That raises us to count five. Now formerly you have clarity on what it is that you is necessary to do, your KPI set, formerly you do that, once youunderstand your lists, that is when you actuallyroll out these pages.Understand something, whatyou’re really doing as well, is you’re building out aportfolio so if anything at all, in fact, I could probably addin count three over here, list three, why would you wanna do this even if you are just breaking-even? Remember we’re building onthis to establish relationship but you are building a portfolio of beings that you have worked with. Can you imagine howmuch easier it would be after , now that you’vegotten a nice width schedule, but now you can actually say in the past, these are the people thatwe have extended webinars for and these were their numbers. So you can turn their case study that includes into your portfolio. And ultimately, list five, this is when number five, is thinking about how we canmake it a win-win, reciprocate. Now, this is an eventuality, it’s not about like quid pro quo, like, because I’m doing this webinar, you gotta do this thing for me. But the way to think about it is now that you have done this with them and you’ve added them appraise, then now it becomes a whole lot easier if you wanna call back kindness, if you have a launch thatyou would desired for them to support, it becomes a whole lot easier.And that’s what you wanna be able to do, when it comes to JVmarketing, the right way. It is not about going outthere and hustling and closing, the way to win at this activity is to start off by making it a win-win. And when I say win-win, it’sabout impelling them prevail firstly, come an direction ofutilizing this five-step process by extradite ethic to them first, so that eventually when you have a list, when you have a product, when you do a start, that is how you get these big names to work together with you. Hey, this Peng Joon here, I hope that members can enjoyed this video, let me know what your thoughtsare in the comments below. I hope you’ve experienced thisaffiliate market case study, And I will see you in the next video ..

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