Black Friday Affiliate Marketing: Make $10,000 within a Week

In the last video, We talked about How we can perform more auctions from Affiliate Marketing. In today’s video, we’re going to talk about How you can use’ Black Friday’ and’ Cyber Monday’ week to get more sales from your blog. We have been running black friday and CyberMonday agreements from the last 4 years. If I tell you, How’s journeying still further. In the first time, We were able to originate only $500 from our products during this week in 2017. In 2nd year, we were able to attain $2500 USD. In the 3rd time, we can really reach $13000 USD within a week and in the 4th year, we were able to acquire $17000 from the whole week that includes the black friday week as well. So our passage has been improving. If you look at the first year, we just made $ 500 merely and after 4 years, we are able to stimulate $10000 from our produce during this week.If you want to get more sales for the products that you’re promoting so this is the best time to setup – “Black Friday Sales” on your blog. If you start working on colors friday sheets now, so you have around 5 months to create those sheets and then optimize them. So that they start ranking on Google for their targeted terms around the black friday event. Now the biggest question which comes is who should go for black friday agreements So whichever industry you’re in So you exactly need to check the products that you’re promoting on your blog do they volunteer any special lot? or a rebate during pitch-black friday or cyber monday. You can also use Google to see the kind of contents being pushed forward inquiries, like, If you have a website or a blog around watches.So, you are eligible to simply exploration on Google. Best watches – Black Friday distributes You can also try specific commodities as well on Google and then black friday. **** black friday or any other watch on pitch-black friday. So, you should need to check if there was any deal around the products you were promoting on a blog earlier year. If there was a deal last year; there is a chance the same deal or maybe the better deal will be coming this year as well. So, the only criteria for creating these deal sheets is just to make sure The commodities that you’re promoting, If they will be coming with some great deal during this year as well. So, in today’s video, we are going to talk about 3 things.One Creation of the black friday and the Cyber Monday pages. That is the first part, Second part .. will be – How should you be promoting those pages? and third part will be – What should you be doing with those sheets around the Black Friday and CyberMonday week. Friends, in case you’re liking our videos. Don’t forgotten to like, share and subscribe to my youtube path and don’t forget to press the bell icon as well. Okay. Now comes the first part which is about creation of Black Friday and CyberMonday Sheet. You should do some keyword study around the products and then append black friday keywords with that. and do some keyword study expending any keyword search tool. You can use Google keyword planner or any paid tool including SEMRush or Ahrefs.For doing keyword research. You can go for those keywords for which there may be a monthly examines of 50 or 100 as well. So how to do keyword research. You can simply type in the produce identify and then Black Friday. It’s like – BlueHost Black Friday Hostgator Black Friday or SEMRush Black Friday You can only use your make and then append black friday term after that and then Search that thing in any of the keyword research tool. So from there you’ll get a idea – What kind of explorations will be happening for that keyword around the event. So creation of pages around a particular product. That was the first part. Then you should do Aggregation and procreate pages like best black friday slews for webhosting. Best black friday agreements around SEO Tools Best black friday lots around wordpress themes or plugins or or maybe best black friday transactions around laptops So you should need to create Aggregator pages around the blog So if you look at – We are also starting exactly 2 types of contents on our product.First, around a specific product and then those Aggregator sheets. So, you should create all of these sheets on your blog now in the next few periods so that you have enough time to promote them So creation of contents exercising your target keyword was the first part. Now, let’s talk about the 2nd component which is about – Promotion of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sheet So how you should promote those sheets ?. First, You should like to the black friday sheets from your existing material. You should link to them from High Traffic sheets where it impels impression You can also link to them from the product’s pages that you have created on your blog.Suppose Your promoting BlueHost on your blog. Suppose, you’re promoting LongTailPro Product on your blog. So you would have created some sheets around your blog. That could be that could be Comparisions, evaluates, Aggregators or may be How-tos. So you can really relation your administer pages from all of them So, internal relate was one area by which you can promote your black friday sheets and you’ll likewise be able to send some targeted traffic around those pages Then you can also write some guest poles on the top blogs in your industry and then link back to the deal sheets from there What else are you able do is you can also attain top blogs in your industry and Start leaving notes on those blogs with your consider pages.You are also welcome to appoint discuss on those blog You can also give them videos and upload them on youtube white associate back to your consider pages So there are lots of programmes. You can also link to deal sheets from your interrogations or maybe from Quora kind of Question websites where it make sense to add a link to themmaybe from Quora kind of Question websites where it make sense to add a link to them so there are lots of ways by which you can link back to your transaction pages. So this was the 2nd persona. Now third part which is what you should be doing around the black friday or you can say when the actual event will be happening? First of all, you should update all of your lot sheets as and when the deal in this year will be live.Then you can push all of the deal sheets to your Home page as the transaction will be going live. When the transaction will be live or may be for a few weeks You are also welcome to link to the deal sheets from the highest traffic sheets from your blog so that You’re able to send maximum freight to your cope pages during that week. If you have some budget. You can try to send more targeted traffic to your administer pages. So this was the whole process that you can use to get more marketings for the targeted concoctions during black friday and cyber monday week. Let me exactly rework it again. First, you need to create those bargain pages on your blog. Second, you need to promote them, and third, you need to update them and transmit maximum freight the course you can send during the black friday. Friends, we have been working on black friday for the last 4 years and for us, It has not been the case that we started attaining big bucks from Black Friday week for the first time only.It took us some time. We have been keep on improving every year. So, if you don’t get the best results or the desired outcomes in the first year you should keep on working on your black friday pages every year so that they get better. and don’t forget to keep a check on all of your teaches and mistakes in the first year and try to work on them before the following financial year. So, I hope all of these gratuities will help you to get more auctions for your targeted makes during pitch-black friday and cyber monday this year. Friends, in case you’re aiming at attain more marketings from your blog. I think this is the best time to setup these pages on your blog. Because, 5 months is a good time to create those sheets and improve some backlinks and promote them so that they are able to do well around the actual event ..


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