Building out an awesome Affiliate page using GroovePages

hello welcome to today’s video my name is DavidLemon you must probably know me already by now I’m the community manager for a GrooveDigital andI am the one who manages the Facebook group and also does video trainings and live streams foryou guys to learn to be able to build out your sites to be able to to know how to navigate thesoftware it is a pretty complex software we are trying to always make it as easy as possible touse however sometimes sometimes you would like to do something that is not intended or thereis no training done yet on it so this is where I help out to people so I already get a coupleof people joining in please in case you came in please say hi say that you’re here maybe where areyou joining you from so I can see and greet you personally by your name so I have Gallup Fergusonsaying this is right on time I have Barry here hey David excited to be here hey Barry it’s goodto have you here so yeah in case you joining in please let us know where you are from so I cangreet you and personally welcome you here so I have Maria joining us here from Denmark I haveJan from Dallas hi Jen good to have you here I have a Facebook user from the UK it’s good to haveyou here I have baldie Lake from Florida I have mark wise from Delaware I have a Facebook userFlint Michigan I have Mike Michael from PA I have Kimberly from Memphis Tennessee Lynn from LondonSeattle Facebook user okay so we have a good crew here I have Brian coming in perfect welcome Brianit’s good to have you here Mario from Montreal awesome so we have a good team he already joinedus here as always Christine is here from Missouri hello great morning it’s good to have you hereChristine okay so Jeff is here Jeff and Ricky from Northern Ontario Canada perfect so we havea good good viewing today yes as you can see on the screen building out an awesome affiliatepage using GroovePages so this is something that you will probably want to do and there is areason for that I mean a couple of reasons let me just explain one when you joined either the freeaccount or the paid account in GrooveFunnels you automatically became an affiliate for this awesomeproduct so you as an affiliate that means that you can go out there promote this product and earnreferral commissions on basically promoting it so this is an awesome thing that you can do andyou can get you can get quite a good money because of that so it is something that a lot of peoplewant to get into maybe to try pay after the full platinum version of their account I’ve seen manypeople do that actually they they joined as a free member and then they promoted the program andthen they got enough recurring revenue so that they could have purchased the Platinum account thepaid account with this grooc funnel software that we are working with so as christine already saidin case you are new here in case you just join us here for the first time please head over to streamyard comm forward slash facebook this will allow me to see your name in case you’re joining us fromfacebook so for example let me show you an example i have lynn from london she already approvedstream yards so I can see her profile image and her name but as somebody from Seattle didn’tdo this one and unfortunately I cannot see and personally respond so I would really appreciate itif you could go over to stream yard comm forward slash Facebook Christine Kay she already pasted itin the link you would need you click on and then basically you will be able to to appear on my endof the screen as with your name and your profile image so I have a couple of a couple of otherusers I have Linda here from Iowa USA I have Alex saying hi I have David here Heather Heather fromthe UK first time catching you live perfect good to have you here Heather I have here Christinewith this email with this post I have Yasha from Saskatchewan I have sue I have somebody fromDublin Ireland I love Dublin I lived in Ireland for two and a half years in Dublin and yeah Ilove I love people from Dublin they’re so so cool I have a Facebook user the saying do you seemy name unfortunately I cannot see your name at this moment so in case you would head over here tothis side stream yard com forward slash Facebook this would let me see your name okay I have Callanand ever and or Eva and I have another Facebook user from New York City perfect so I think we areready to start with our our presentation today I just want to mention one thing there will bepeople asking me questions so for this one I created this rule that in case you have a questionfor me please type in question and then – and then ask your question how to do this how to do that orat least just a cue – and then your question this will let me know that the question was meant forme so in case you you are chatting with somebody in the facebook comments then I will not read youryour notes or your comments I will read only the ones that have question in it sometimes peopleanswer each other’s questions and the comments so then I will be jumping over those I willbe answering only the questions or only the comments that have questioning it sometimes thereis like a couple hundred of questions in there so this this rule makes it easy for me to to trackand then see which one I answered and which one I didn’t okay so I have a couple of other peoplejoining in I will just read them read through I have Mohamed saying hello I have a Jerome I haveSam here harsh Mackenzie’s here guy Greene hello my name may I may have to dip but I’m hoping areplay will be available yeah so everybody there replay is available immediately after the streamis done after this live stream immediately it will stay on Facebook and on YouTube so whereveryou are just look for the title of this of this video which is building out an awesome affiliatepage using GroovePages or just affiliate page GroovePages just search for it in the Facebookgroup or on YouTube you will be able to find it easily there okay so I have a Praveen munkar fromIndia it is already very late there so good to have you here anyway I have already some questionscoming in I will be answering them later on let me just start my presentation so we can so we can Ican teach you something first okay so we did this one if you’re new on and watching us from Facebookplease head over to streaming accom forward slash Facebook in case you are watching us on YouTubeyou don’t have to do anything so I mentioned these rules so if you have a question just pleasemention that this is a question and then – and then ask away then this fine I will know thatthis is for me so I want to explain what this Affiliate thing is what is affiliate marketing forsome people they may not know this so when you go out and then share your affiliate link and thenthere’s a lot of people doing the same thing okay let me just move Praveen here this could get veryvery complicated and very complex and for some people may look very spammy and it is actually acompetition so there is just a certain amount of people that you think would be would be interestedin this type of software so you as a as a person you want to go out there and promote this softwareand then you already have in mind a certain type of people that would be interested in clicking onyour link once they click on it and register then they are signed up it is a hard coded link sohard coded a referral so they are yours if they decide to upgrade let’s say three months afterthen it will still be your commission because you invited them over however as we have now Idon’t know forty thousand people in the Facebook group we have I think around eighty somethingthousand people already signed up for an account GrooveFunnels if they are actually sharing theirown link let’s say at least fifty percent of these people this is forty thousand people promotinga link which can get really really spammy so how to get the people to actually be happy and signup through your link not the neighbors like not the other guys link who is very active why wouldsomebody join your link this is what you need to figure out every one of us has something thatwe are special about even if you don’t think that you’re special you have something that otherpeople will listen to that other people would like to hear your story or hear your experience youwere working something that they want to be they want to know about or things like this you youmay know things that somebody else cannot know and then this is where you are special in this type ofthing so sometimes it is enough for for us to just explain our story and then this way once somebodyhears our story they would they would get enough trust so that they click on the link that youare actually sharing so let me just show you and basically let me just switch / so when you want toactually increase trust and get people to to sign up through your link you can maybe offer thembonuses you can offer them better bonuses than somebody else you can offer them something thatnobody else is let’s just say you create a site and then you write out your experience with usingthis software just you mentioned how it helped you what were the benefits that you saw how your lifeimproved this everything is is sales copy this is sales text and then sales speech when you’reexplaining something to somebody that that is looking for something that you have to offer thisis basically sales you are not hard selling them yeah you should buy this because that dun-dun-dunbut you are passively selling them on an idea you are telling them your story they will have anepiphany later on okay so this happened to John this happened to Christine maybe this will happento me as well and this way you can sell so you if you just go out there and Facebook groups and justblast your links over there people will block you Facebook closet doesn’t like that people willnot trust you at all even though you put pretty pictures of cats and all kinds of things it willnot work do the honest way do it the non salesy way you give them help help them as much asyou can if they have questions you know who to turn to you have the support team you have theFacebook group you have thousands of people there every day somebody is even there the whole dayand yeah we can actually help you in case you don’t know something but go out there and helplearn from experience so basically how did you join this one did you join through somebody’saffiliate link go out there search for it how did they actually sell sell this benefit sell howdid you join in did you did you see a video did you see a sales page did you see just rememberback and then learn from the experience that you already and model what others are doing forexample I in a couple of videos already I showed you what others are doing there are a numberone affiliate and what is doing and the next couple of affiliates and how they are actuallyearning their sales go out there have a look at those videos and you can learn from those a lot1 another thing that you could do is niche down so or niche down somebody saying each somebodysaying each anyway what I mean by this you as a as a person in case you want to go out there andpromote this software this is an amazing deal everybody will everybody should jump on it howeverif everybody is targeting the same group let’s say I want to promote to clickfunnels group becausethey are already in the same thing and they will click on it for sure this is not always the casebecause the people that are in these clickfunnels group or other like page builder groups they arethey already know about this most of them are already here what you can do is niche down forexample let’s say that you are a dentist I use this example previously so I’ll just continuedlet’s say you are a dentist and then you know other dentists in your area and then you maybetalked with a couple of them and you know that they would need a website so what do you have youhave a link for a free offer that they can create a website for themselves imagine if you would givethem this link okay go go out there sign up and then this is it but you could do something elseas well you can create already a dentist website copy over this the code that you got from creatingthe website and offer this code as a bonus so you you’re not only signed people up to have thebest marketing software in the world but also your template that you created specifically fortheir niche specifically to help them get more business as a dental service as a dental companylet’s say you are in selling flowers and a flower shop and you know other flower shops are you knowwhere to find the other flower shops you create the bonus and then let’s say create a picturepack of different flowers that they could use or something just offer something else as a bonusyou will stand out from the crowd there’s other thousands of people that are just promotingand blasting people with their email link and then also getting them on the email lists andthen sending them again the same link without offering them any help any bonuses any anythingwhatsoever just their link be different niche down and it doesn’t have these bonuses don’t haveto be something very hard that you work hours and I will show you in the end of this video and theend of the presentation I created three bonuses for you completely these three bonuses took me Ithink seven or five five to seven seven minutes to create them and then I can guarantee that I couldget hundred people like this sign up through my link if I offer them these bonuses I’ll show youhow I actually created them and what are these bonuses they don’t have to be very very complexand then be creative have a look it is not only this software that has an affiliate program othersoftware’s have affiliate programs other services have affiliate programs have a look at what howpeople are promoting let’s say a hosting service or how people are promoting anything else fromfrom Amazon or something they do reviews they do video reviews they they publish on Twitterthey publish on this and the it’s it’s a it’s a complete business but in case you just take yourlink and just throw it out and and hope somebody catches on it this is not a good strategy andthis is my intro this is what I wanted to tell you that you need to be targeted you need to have aspecific target you need to have a targeted group of people who you want to promote my opinion isthe best thing that you could do now is niche down get a specific targeted a group of people let’ssay they are in the modeling industry or they are in a restaurant business or something likethis somebody that needs website somebody that needs to sell something online and this is who youshould target create pages around those topics and then they create bonuses around those topics sothis is I have a guy saying can hardly wait to see them I think he is talking about those bonusesI will tell you I will give you those bonuses you can use them if you prefer I don’t suggest you touse them because there will be thousands of people using them and this is what I’m saying be creativedon’t just use already done stuff I will buy a PLR book and then I will give it away as a bonus thisis not something people want people want your help people want specific help specific answers tospecific questions you have where you can ask those questions in case you don’t know the answersto them just join the group message me do whatever you’d like but just don’t do what all the otherthousands of people will be doing think about something else that you will be specific for youthat will make you special and then we will make your offer special so this was my intro rant I’msorry if it was not satisfactory but yeah in case you don’t succeed it is only on you you cannotcome back who David you didn’t help me those bonuses of yours were not good enough everybody’susing this is what I’m telling you guys you cannot blame anybody else except you if you didn’t do thebonuses other did others basically people signed up through their link they didn’t sign up throughyour link this is on you they created the bonuses you didn’t in case you just go out there and thenjust throw your links around on Facebook Facebook or venue then you will come and complain into theour Facebook group this is this is bad this is this this is that of course we don’t want negativethinking in our group so we will Bend you as well so don’t do that get out there work a bit harderit we’ll pay out I am Telling You just just do do a bit of work on the beginning and then later onit will everything will be easier so yeah I have a guy saying yes I am no I I just want to seeyour ideas definitely create my own I have sped I have a specific niche perfect this is what I amtalking about okay so let me just go on and then tell everything I’m creating this video becauseof the Groovion I’m not quite sure if you saw the Groovionin case you saw the Groovion video pleasetype in the number 5 I want to see those number 5 in case you saw the Groovion in case you didn’t Iwill I will share this presentation later on with you you’ll be able to click on this link over hereit will transfer you over to the to the video I’m talking about and then this there will be a markI hope for you as well if not I wrote it down here this is what you need to watch this is basicallywhat I’m talking about so please let me see those fives in case you saw the state of Groovion thiswas a webinar on Friday it was presented by by the co-founder of this software it is Mike Filsaime Ihope you were there okay so I see Barry was there he ever was there Jeff was their wiki was thereI love that they are on separate computers gallon was their Cara Lee or Cara Lee I I don’t know ifyou saw the the the video I created on Friday I think I mentioned your website you did a good jobMaria was there Jenn was there Michael was there Robert was not there okay Robert so you will beable to join in I will share this video later on i media marketing solutions were not was notthere a Groovion number five awesome Jerome was their Facebook user 5 Facebook user 5 RobertoOh actually Robert was there ok so Joe and PA hater awesome Kristine was absolutely there andanother Facebook user perfect so I don’t know if you heard heard what Mike said around this thistime over here I highly suggest you to go and watch everything that he said but around thistime he said something that really caught my my attention and and I think that this is thetime you need to jump on this affiliate thing I highly suggest you go and watch it how he saidit and then exactly the details he said but what he said that he and basically the company willhold an official launch that will be somewhere in August once all are these new platforms are outlike GrooveVideo GrooveMember and and all these feature like import websites and things like thiswe will be holding a special we will be holding a special launch where our affiliates will be ableto shine so they this will be a launch using big affiliates that are in Clickbank and jvzoo andall kinds of these huge huge game players in this game but you can you can win as well we willhave prizes like cars and and PCs and whatnot big big price prizes like high ticket prices so incase you didn’t watch it I highly suggest you to to click in here or just go and watch the Groovionwebinar and around this time so 2 hours 11 minutes and 41 seconds in he starts talking about this andthis is why I want you to get on board now like build out everything you need to possibly possiblythat you possibly can to actually go out there and then join the leaderboard on the top 5 top 10 youwill win big not only the Commission’s but you can also win prizes from the GrooveDigital company wewant you to be our EPIK customer and then the one that actually goes out there and creates morehappy customers there is no better marketing than happy customers believe me guys and from thisone you will be able to learn when you create your affiliate program for your products let’s sayas I said you’re a dentist and then you create a website with your product as a I don’t know adental package or something and then you get on affiliates to actually sell this product for youand you can follow this procedure model it how we will be doing this launch and this competitionand then do something on your own so please eyes wide and and go into this affiliate thing thisis not only oh I will make a couple of sales and signups and then I will make 500 bucks this isso so so much bigger guys if you really go out there and and watch what is happening they takea closer look later on in the group who who are doing these affiliate offers and then how how arethey doing it just model those that you like that you think have a potential to win and actuallyyou will be joining us on the leader board I am certain I will be joining in giving my my bestthat I am up there I want to lead by an example to you guys and and to everybody else that willbe joining in to the people that you will be bringing in so let’s work this together and let’sjump in and then create something awesome okay so I wanted to show you something that I mentioneda couple of times so I will not talk about that I wanted to mention the the number one affiliateslanding page this is team Berdoo I think he’s the number one I in my opinion he is I will justquickly show you his page it is nothing like what I will be showing you today he is buildinghis own for his own products but he’s doing an awesome awesome job so in case you are looking fora good example this is where you should definitely start so team Verdoux calm /guru funnels – reviewokay you will be able to click on this link from my presentation I will be sharing at the end sohe basically created an awesome video he explains what his GrooveFunnels and what’s included goesinto depth on what are the options to upgrade and he gives away these bonuses so these bonuses makebig big difference guys in case you don’t have courses or you did don’t have a huge affiliate oror email list you can give out bonuses which will really really increase your chance of gettingloads of more signups that somebody that is not doing bonuses again he’s giving more and more andmore he’s helping people with specific solutions to specific problems and I mean this is an awesomeside just go out there have a look at this side I don’t suggest you copy it please don’t copy it isis the last thing I want to see everybody has a has a site like Tim is doing but this is a goodstarting point in case you never did something like this before okay I have a couple of of peoplechatting on here but yeah I will just continue on with my thing so just have a look at what Tim isdoing and then you will be probably having success as he is don’t copy it model it okay so um okay Ithink this is where I need to stop I will be going into my bonuses that I created and then sharingthose with you later on but I want to jump into and show you what I want we will be building outagain okay this is already a half an hour video I didn’t intend to do it this long but anyway sotoday I will be doing something that I didn’t do yet I will be using a template guys I’m not bigon using templates and I’ll show you a couple of reasons why but this is what we will be working onso this is a templated templated website this is not the best website that you can do I just tooka template because this is the simplest thing and everybody can start this way i pasted it in thethe promotional video that is on our GrooveDigital facebook page this is a number one thing I wantto say don’t use this one this is a GrooveFunnels promotional video everybody is using this onelisten to what it says listen to to the content of the video and record your own people want tosee you people want to see your experience and they want to join your list they are not joiningin whoever this I think Simon created it it says hi my name is Simon and I have something awesomefor you just do something is similar to this one this is working very very well don’t copy it modelit create something of your own putting your own personality into the video and just record okay Ihaven’t awesome offer for you if you join through this link you get this and dance it didn’t denyyou can do this because when I was there Anna and tell your story and then keep putting yourpersonality and then I mean you have no chance of not succeeding in case you give it all ifyou play like everybody else is playing it is not going to work okay so this is the video justput in a couple of features and benefits over here I’m not big on writing copy as you will be able tosee from here but mention that it is free without need of entering a credit card let’s get yougrooving you on you don’t only get the software you get awesome trainings live Q&A is full buildMonday’s awesome support and things like this you need to mention what are the benefits you don’tonly get the most as I said here once you join Groove you will not only have an awesome platformto create your sites and pages but following as well so everything that the people will need oncethey have a software once you create your product you create more problems so let’s say you signup for GroovePages then you have another problem first the problem was I didn’t have a software touse now that the second problem I have a software to use but I don’t know how to use it then athird problem ok now I know how to use it but how do I attract traffic okay now I have trafficthen how do I keep the traffic then everything you do there will be another problem and anotherproblem is trying to think ahead what your customers problems will be the next step in thenext step once they join you through this link and try to solve these problems with your bonusesso everybody can have different bonuses okay so in case you’re in the flower market niche what willthose customers problems be okay so they they join now your affiliate link and what will be the nextstep what will be the next problem they will have okay so I join now but I don’t have a templateto work with so this is where you create your bonus you create a nice flower shop template andyou give them okay so now the next problem what is the next problem then you solve this then yousolve this and this is how you go out and create your bonuses and then this is where I I go intomy bonuses note these pictures and these images I just googled course mock-up I’ll explain you in amoment how you can create those but I just I just copied a couple of images here into my websiteinto this build so that I don’t need to create my own just for this training okay so you’ll notonly get the access to the most powerful internet marketing software free but this is well and thatBam Bam Bam Bam but there is more bonus to bonus 3 bonus 4 and a couple of testimonials on Jay oMGthis is absolutely bonkers says Jane Jane Doe and then your your links will need to go on a veryvery targeted like out eye catching buttons so this is what I want to share you have one onelink but you will need to put it on different places on the page because you want you will catchthe attention of different people on different parts of your page somebody may already join overhere okay show me somebody can join in sure I mean but I want it now and then I don’t know I’m soldgive me everything and then basically sometimes people join immediately sometimes people needto meet more information sometimes people will read through everything and then go back and thendecide so you need to give them you need to make it easy them to sign up wherever they are on theirjourney okay so now they learned about this maybe they want to join okay Des Moines main maybe needmore information so maybe not they need to join now they want to join now so things like this yeahso this this is what we will be building out today it is pretty simple because we have already atemplate that you can use so I will start stop talking and then let’s just jump in I will createthis page as the as another page on the same site so when you go into the templates the the templatethat I was using is this one over here you can you can play with the other templates this is just Ifound it nice so I I used this one okay so once we select this is the the template how it looks likeso as you can see I didn’t change a lot on my page over here I just filled in the blanks changed acouple of colors pasted in my pictures and images and then I’m good to go so this is what you cando as well you don’t have to recreate everything you can start with templates as well most of myvideos are on creating everything from scratch in this video I really wanted to jump in and thenshow everybody what you can do with your templates that you have already inside your platformso let’s just start working on it so I want to achieve this look so as you can see we don’thave a navigation bar with a logo over here so I will delete this what I have is this part okayand I will paste in the video that I want to use as I said I suggest you to create your own videoeven though you’re shy on camera nobody will care about that what they care is what you have to saysometimes I’m here in and just like sweatpants and it ends like the camera is sometimes not good andmy hair is all kinds of messy but what I have to say is the most important so yeah just just startand then get better later on and yeah so I want to paste in the the video from here I will just clickon the share and then copy over this one you can just go over to YouTube and get it from there butI don’t suggest it please create your own okay and here we can go in and then actually paste in theyoutube link we need to delete the first part and just leave everything that is after the – okay sothis is how it looks like and just click update now it’s updated perfect let me actually jumpin and answer a couple of questions here tell me these guys did you think that my presentationon the intro was good did you learn something did you did you see something on here something thatyou will be implementing please just type in the in the comments if you learn something that youwill actually be able to work with I want to see you in the comments answering that you will not beas everybody else’s just just tell me if you saw anything or heard anything that you will be ableto use okay I have barry already saying yes great ideas awesome I hope Eric to see you and messagingme a David thank you very much because of you because of your advice I managed to do somethinggood okay I have Linda saying helpful love the niche concept exactly niche down and providerelative bonuses exactly Brian Facebook user yes good idea specifically the launch date andexactly Carolee saying most definitely Christine yes always Robert saying very good awesome Jeromesaying yes I will be unapologetically me this is what I want here be you guys don’t be Simon don’tbe Mike Filsaime don’t be anybody else people want to see you people want to hear from you whydid Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins become Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins because people like thempeople people like the personality because they got on camera they got out and then show theirpersonality you don’t have to stand on the stage in front of millions to show your personalityyou can start small record a video create a page putting your personality in the bonusespeople love this believe me people will jump on your email list and wait for the email whenyou are sending out your offer next time believe me in case you did good then this is what peoplewill want okay how to integrate into Facebook ad this is something I will be showing later on I’lldefinitely be inching down exactly sorry where did you start group which is GrooveAffiliate just jumpin a mr.Where you are anyway you’ll be able to see the replay later on yes every time at end yougive nuggets awesome that’s my goal I’m learning a lot from you Donald says exactly I’m tryingto teach a lot and I’m trying to teach like the core of the some people like say that theory andthen you may be doing this then you may be doing I’m telling you exactly what you need to do showyour personality give out bonuses create awesome pages and then don’t do what everybody elseis doing will definitely add bonuses exactly really appreciate God awesome idea okay asI add yes I will be able to do it yesterday creating Groove software sweet calm I will updatethat with what I learned today exactly so you’re teaching us to make problems you’re a pal I amyou need to go out there and make problems and then give solutions to problems every businessin the world is solving a problem coca-cola is solving a problem of thirst McDonald’s is solvinga problem of getting getting getting meals quickly and good meals that even kids will love I don’tknow even the pet rock had a purpose make people laugh or or give it as a gift so that you seeyour friends happy every every product in the world is solving a problem if you actually giveout a product if you solve the problem for them and then you give out a product and you you cansolve the next couple of problems you think ahead you can solve those problems people will love youfor that one believe me they do this is something I learned from from the teachings of people thatare in funnel business in funnel building and designing funnels they actually do these upgradesand upsells on the problems that they that the first the core offer sorry the core softwareor the core product will will solve so you sell your product it solves a problem but it createsanother problem so you can create an upgrade or an upsell on that one this product will solve theprevious problem but your upgrade and upsell will create another problem and this you can sella loads of stuff okay mmmmmm have you actually fixed affiliate program issues I’m not quite surewhat issues I have Robert Rodriguez typing in his own page I will have to go and have a look atit later on missed a lot of step by step how to do it okay well there are step by step guides oryou can watch the replay after I’m finished but let me just get into and then actually make thispage I will be copying over this text because it will take ages for me to type it out okay and forcopy for the text that you write on your page this is also where you need to type in basically I putyour personality in case you’re saying oh my god or or any of these phrases very frequently use itin your copying of your emails use it in your copy of your of your of your page people want to seeyour personality even if you’re sometimes like a bit too much P is there some people who willlike you there is some people who will not like you this is the same with everybody you need toyou don’t need to appeal for everybody you need to appeal for the people that actually like youokay um so yeah I want this bold I want to make this okay so I got into this talking now and I’mdoing the website I’m still thinking what I said and what I need to say so yeah I want to makeall the text on my page poppins and I want to make the the colors a bit brighter it is not notfull black because it’s a bit too hard I want to make it a bit a bit brighter brighter black okaymake this one okay free and then I don’t know if if you use it this a lot I use it sometimeswhen I’m when I’m building a part of a text and then the next part I want to also make it standout I use the underline okay then it looks like this they immediately focus on the free and thenthey see this one without the need of entering a credit card so when I’m actually building a pageswith I’m not doing that a lot but in this case sometimes there is some things that are broken forexample I want to click on this text over here and start editing the text however if it it is notactually showing up this is something I already reported to our developers they are actually goingin and redoing the templates but for this case I can just pull in another of these icon lists itemsso this is an icon list item it says it even on here but I will use my own okay so I deletethis one and now when I click on the text I can double click it and edit the text so I’ll justcopy over this text build three awesome websites okay paste this in and then over the iconthe icon when you click on it here in the upper right hand corner there is a configure tabonce you click inside where the text is you can select everything and you can just type in whatyou’re looking for for example I’m looking for a check mark so I have in check and then I canchoose this one it needs a bit of time to load but then you need to play around with this Ithink Excel is the size I want and I will just use this this type of color yep perfect andnow I want to make my font Poppins and make it a bit slide over from the from the icon soI will just choose the padding and then slide a bit like that 0.5 REM okay okay so I chooseI chose now the text over here I want to choose the list icon which will be choosing the checkmark the icon and then the text altogether you can see now this green outline selecting bothof these and now using the spacing I can move it away from the from the upper text from theenter your credit card part this way so I I just moved it away I just separated it apart so thatit is a bit more obvious what we are speaking about okay so these three were the ones that wecouldn’t edit even though we I click on it it I cannot edit it this is a bug in the templates soI will delete these and I will just click over here on the text go up one so that my list icon ischosen and then I will duplicate these over here okay actually just one at the moment I will deletethe spacing like that and then I will duplicate it I have Muhammad saying actually I know that allthe strategy but actually you are motivating me to start promoting as soon as possible andthe course mock-up is a good idea to design a stunning photos from the products exactly so incase you are for example targeting photographers or targeting people that sell courses this kindof course mock-ups are very good too to give as bonuses what I wanted to actually say thatI forgot when you are creating or making my hacking I mentioned it later on but when you arecreating bonuses or products or something like this you need to present it in a physical or or away that the person can actually see it and then maybe even feel it for example this is a coursethis is an image for a course that the this Janet Soriano created or had created she’s presentingher website or a course or something and then she is presenting it in a in these different mediumsin these different devices it immediately looks something that you can purchase it mmediatelylooks physical or something that you can actually get once you’re saying oh yeah I’m selling acourse it doesn’t mean a lot for somebody but when you send somebody an image I’m selling acourse then this means something to somebody that actually they can get their hands on and theyactually want this one I don’t even know what this is as towards moneymaker past ultimate passiveincome blueprint it is probably old and I don’t even care what is inside but it looks cool andI want it so this is what you need to actually achieve with your own products as well in caseyou’re selling a service you can also maybe not a box but you can you can create like a differenttype of box a different type of something that they can access to for example a voucher orsomething like this one an image on a tablet I don’t know a free router for a dental cleaningI don’t even know what what you sell but you can present it in a presentable way like this and onceyou want you put it on a site on your side it an image that looks like this looks professional itwill attract more eyeballs on that one so if you are creating or selling a product please listento me create get created these these mock-ups it is selling your products like crazy you can alsosell your products without it but this is a visual representation of what you are selling and somepeople are visual people for some you you tell a story and there they hop on the opportunity butfor some you actually need to visualize what you are selling and then this will be helping you alot okay I have Cara Lee I will just answer this question quickly when I created an icon list likethe one you showed the text alignment following the icon was off I adjusted it using the paddingand spacing however I had to do that on each device phone tablet etc so that it was properlyaligned on each device is this the only way to do this or is it something in the layout that willenable uniform layout so Cara Lee if you were doing this very recently the the responsivenessat this moment is our having some bugs and this is because we are implementing the the new spacingwith your mouse so it will be basically easy later on to space out the items for example I want tomove this one away from the this one so it will be very easy I just click and drag and I have movedit apart at this moment you need to play still with these spacing options and then Ari hymns andpixels and padding’s and margins later on it will be all with your mouse so this is what we aretrying to implement for for the whole website in the editor and we are building this from scratchthere is a couple of other sites and and builders that do this but we are doing our own coding ourown so this may take bit of time and then also to make it responsive so this is at the moment thisis why we are having a couple of difficulties with the responsiveness because new features are beingadded on which will make it easier later on so if we wait out this this couple of days or weeksuntil this is fixed it will be much much much simpler to do anything later on these patternsand spacings I actually don’t like them over here I really am waiting for for this scrolling andbasically we’ll just click and then pull it apart okay so you know how to put in the text in herejust double click and then you just type in the text what I want to show you is how I get the samestyle of the buttons on all my buttons so I want to make the background this type of yellow overhere and I want to type in okay show me this of course I need to change it to Poppins Poppins andmaybe a bit bigger no that’s fine like this okay so now I have designed my button let’s say maybeplay with a hover I want to add on the background maybe a bit darker yellow so when I hover over itand it it saves okay and now I go in I’m still on my button and going to the global styles andI can save the the button to yellow button so later on when I come over here I will just clickon it I will click on the global style and I will just paste it in okay my background color removethe bit doesn’t matter let me just just edit it it in at the hover so let’s just take off thehover effect okay I will take off the hover effect I don’t want it because it seems that itis doing a bit of challenges so let’s just leave it at at the yellow button so I will save it onemore time edit styles okay delete can I promote myself as a grouchy guru I don’t know what thatmeans but if you want to be called a grouchy guru I me personally in case somebody says oh I’m aguru I just disregard that person immediately I don’t want to be learning from gurus becausethey think very highly of themselves I want to learn from down-to-earth people so this is justme somebody can be like Oh gurus I’m not like that I’m like okay I want to learn from David orI want to learn from Cara Lee and Gary but if you want to call yourself a guru you can go ahead youcan do that I’ll just type in button okay so click on this one here global Styles button perfect herewe go so I just go and configure sure I’m in and then I will be copying over the the other partsof the text so in here as you can see there is this icon list items and then below that I pulledin a heading heading tree like that I paste in my text and then change the font to Poppins here wego so the first Bart is is I think almost exactly the same the background image we need to changeso I will click on the block in the background you need to see here it says block and also in themenu on the bottom it says block we click on the background section I want to delete this imageand then choose a one that I like I just pulled in an image from the free stock photos I willbe using that one I think I typed in business or something like that and then I found this andthen I want to add on the background so it looks something like this okay I’m I love this oneso I will continue with the next section here as you saw this button is in the middle of thecontainer and then it moved also in the middle of this container but I want to I want to moveit on the side so everything starts from here so I click on the button and I can see when you seethis green green dot next to one of these elements then it means that something there was changed soI go here into the spacing and then I want to move this one over like this to be zero now you cansee that we aligned everything on the left-hand side ok in here I will just paste in my text thatI wrote earlier make sure that the font is the one I want you can do better design than me I’m not inlove with using templates I usually create my own as you know I love saying model what works andthen create your own this is something that you have that everybody has access to and I wantedto to solve the problem of oh I don’t know how to design that site this is something that youcan just click change over the the fonts change over the colors put in your images and then youare good to go so this is why I’m creating this from template there is no other reason I don’tlove using templates I love creating templates as you will see very shortly I will be I will becreating a couple and giving it giving them away so yeah I love creating my own and then and thenhear from the people if they like it if they’re not because this is how I love learning I lovecreating something and then asking people for their feedback okay so I want to put in an iconinstead of these images so once you click on this one it says that this is an image but I want toput icons like on over here so I just went into the elements into the did a media tab and thereis an icon element I can pull it over here and then click on the image and delete the image soI don’t need the image anymore okay I can Oh or come over to the icon click on it configure andthen choose what I want so in the first section I will be talking about trainings so mention abook represents training and then I will put it in a yellow color okay now you see you click theupdate but the color didn’t update it will once you click on the icon itself okay so now I clickedon it and it updated the color so over here I want it to say awesome trainings I have a side sayingI’m feeling motivated love this video this was exactly my point I’m so happy that I managed todo that one once I see people motivated after I said something there’s no better feeling than thatand this is how your customers will be happy you will be feeling in case you say something youhelp them and then they say oh my god thank you very much for helping me you will feel so goodthere is no better feeling than feeling good after you help somebody okay training’sI’ll just leave it as it is mmm live Q&A okay so I’ve seen a lot of a lot of people’s sitesand I have to say you can create pretty awesome stuff some of the some of the things that I I sawfrom other people for example Carolis website is just amazing she she simplified it so much I don’twant to show it to you guys because then you will go in and copy her site I don’t want to open itin front of you but yeah I mean you should see it is amazing and it’s not only her site likea lot of people in the in the Facebook group created something that I I would never imaginethat that is possible with this software it it is not hardcore or takes a lot of time it’s justthat this software is so complex you can create so so many awesome and different things that Idon’t even know what I’m doing anymore so I want to delete this one delete this one that is justbasically up to your creativity it is you can you can use this software for so much more than whatI’m showing you here this is what I want to get to full build Monday’s okay who build Mondays thisis what we are doing at this moment we are doing a full build of an affiliate page and I want to dohere a hammer David we appreciate your training please keep up the great work you are doing Iwant to show you something else later on this is not everything I’m working on I’m working onsomething that I’ve been promising in a couple of previous videos I I think a lot of people willbe happy with that one will be starting to ask me over new video coming soon I will show you in asecond what I created some of the people in the comments they already know about it and they werehelping me create this actually I need to show you now why am I talking about it around I wantto show you do this is this is something that I wanted to create for a long time now I am startingto create the course it will be a mini course on creating a full website this will be availablefor everybody that joins this will be I will try to do it as non-branded as possible so you cangive it out as a bonus as well I don’t suggest you to do that because everybody will be doing itbut if you want to do it you can okay so I will create full website build using GroovePages andI don’t mean the one-page website like I created a couple of weeks ago I do mean a full websitelike home page contact page about Us page terms and services power privacy policy all the legalstuff this will be a site on drops so I will choose a niche or a niche and then I will createa local website I will do a local business website so this will be a business that has a physicallocation in Google Maps or an owner real street that you can drive to open doors get in there andthen buy something ok so this is what I mean by a physical physical business we’ll discuss thisintro I’m recording this week so this is what my goal is to record it this week and then we willbe brainstorming on products I will show you how I brainstorm the products what is what is everythingthat I just told you what is the core offer and then what is the upsell what could be the downsell what problems can I solve and then we will be jumping in creating the products Roussel willset up a PayPal we will set up our stripe will connect our other payments to the product so we’lljust take the the the the widgets from GrooveSell connected to GroovePages I showed this in previousvideos but most of this stuff was broken down and not connected and I want to do a full courseif somebody jumps on it at the end they will actually have a site where they where they reallygo and and make money ok and I will be giving out bonuses as well I will not tell you everythingI just want to show you the first part you can probably rewatch the replay and pause this videowhere I show the rest but anyway so there will be a product set up and then we will build outthe website and I will go into the basic SEO and then tracking and analytics and and really reallyin-depth for everything you need to be you need to have a successful everything you need to have ona successful business so the first part is coming this week the next part is coming later don’tknow when don’t know the exact date when this will be finished but yeah I see I can’t wait to dothis course Christine says oh my god David you’re freaking rock this sounds amazing and this is whatI want to do guys do you as Mike Mike Filsaime Mike feels amazed we are a software company and wewant to give you an awesome software and then make you succeed there is companies outside that wouldcreate a course like this and then sell it for thousands of dollars I could actually go out thereand sell it for thousands of dollars but this is not my point I don’t want to make money off ofyou I think you would you would appreciate more and and and trust us more once we give somethinglike this dude this is a very high value this will probably take me a couple of weeks to do why Ididn’t want to show you this but yeah I I want to give you a full chance of success I don’t wantto like do these short videos and then go away and then duct tape it together what I want to do isgive you real-life examples of how good or I don’t know what I use hands ok sure I’m saying I can’twait very kind David things I’m not sure come on with it if this is with the build or with the newcourse but anyway let’s just go on yes we have this part now we are building out this part whereI actually put in and I found this image from here so this is one of these images I just don’t knowwhich one but you can go out there and create your own images if you want there is a servicecalled you just type in course mock-ups or smoke up then you can for example hire thisguy he has built loads of these mock-ups there is this guy as well some of them are like 10 euros orapproximately $10 and so and then there is loads more in case you are selling a book you can findpeople that do books in case you’re doing some other products like t-shirts or something elsefor example look at this one this is a digital product mock-up you can go out there and purchasealready from five five euros five dollars or up to I don’t know 32 euros $32 or 20 I think I thinkit is like about approximately $35 or so you can create already DS which is awesome and then itdoesn’t take your time they do it for you and then it it looks good it looks really professionalon a website if you want you can do that yourself as well and then this will be my bonus over herelearn how to create awesome mock-ups I will give you this presentation you will be able to learnhow to do this yourself I just went through one mock-up but you can create multiple ones and thenput them together on the same image and then this you will get today at the end of the presentationokay let me just jump in back and then upload this image okay so Holly Barnes I love it Davidthe course set one so yeah it is coming it is coming Cara Lee asked when the developers makeany changes updates will it impact any pages that were built prior to the changes it shouldn’tbut I cannot say it definitely will not it it shouldn’t affect any changes however sometimesin case it is a big update or something Cara Lee it could affect but we are going to try tominimize any damages of course we know somebody is already running successful businesses using theGroovePages a website so we don’t want to do any of this it could be that the decides go down likeit was last week a couple of times the the server went down and then you could not access the theBuilder but but we are trying to minimize every damage it is it is on us if something fails thatbecause having a lot of customer is a good thing and a bad thing if something bad happens wewill be hearing from a lot of you so we are trying to do everything in our possibility thatdoes that that doesn’t happen so as you can see over here the image is on the top of the pageof this container but I want to make it in the middle so I will click on the container itselfyou can click on the image and then choose the container below the image when you click on thelayout you can choose the horizontal sorry the vertical and then this one over here then itwill pop it in the middle so this is aligning it vertically but in the middle so now this iswhat we did over here and then we can also make sure that it is in the middle but it is touchingthe edges so it will stay in the middle and then over here I want is it okay if we over deliverbecause if you offer bonuses on something that it is free you are over delivering okay actually wantpoppins and then over here I just want to copy all over this next question what is the ETA of beingable to import other websites Barry I suggest you to watch the state of Groovion you will be ableto click on the one of the links that Christine shared earlier mmm I cannot find it anyway it willbe also in the presentation over here it’s your time to shine now once you click on this linkover here it it will load in the state of the Groovion video where they actually where Miketalked about this specific question so as you remember the icon list item we cannot edit soI will just copy it from here I will copy the middle one but I will make sure that the list iconthe whole one was chosen I will duplicate it and then using this I will just drag it over pop it onthe top it is black it is not visible but once we double-click it we actually know where it is wecan pop put it on white and then using the text U which we chose the icon as you can see here FA- icon we can also edit it using the text editor so here and now we made it white okay and now wedon’t need the rest so we can delete so these are these are some tips and tricks that you can youcan do icons can be edited using the text text panel over here on the right and the right handside a side bar okay and then this one is already in Poppins but just to fit I will make it thisokay obviously four of these the button I will rename over here I want now and the applied stylewhich is button okay we have that done it looks good and then we can do these ones so over hereI mentioned some of the other bonuses but there is more and then bones bones – bonus 3 bonus 4 andthen testimonials call-to-action footer and then we are good to go so here as you can see thereis no place to pull in another element so what I want to do is actually pull in a containeron the top and then here pull in the text okay I actually didn’t do it correctly here soHeather – here we go okay now I have it so I want to choose the container I want to choose thelayout and space it in the middle and so vertical middle and then I can play with the text so I wantit to be Poppins I want it to be big and I want it to say but wait there’s more okay and then whenI choose the container I can push the rest down using the margin so I chose the container overhere and then I’m pushing down the margin the lower part using this bottom margin option okayso now here I’m just popping in the other images these are the images I downloaded from GoogleI will not be using it for any other purpose except to show you this build so these will notbe going out to the public and then over here I’ll just type in bonus – okay Poppins and here aswell Poppins okay so what I can do as well I can just copy over the style so create a new style forthis paragraph text I’ll call it next I will call it’s heading so I will not need to go in andchange the every time the font and everything over here I’ll just choose the heading style thingokay so I click on this text I go to global styles and choose heading and I click over here I don’tneed to change the text I just come over here and then choose text I just type in bonus 3 hereconfigure choose image select this one come over here select this one over here bonus 4 soyou do realize that everything I’m doing is is doable by you that is not something the heartyou can go out there and then you can create your page it is pretty simple so just take oneof these pre-made templates you change over your phone’s change over your colors and images andthen you are on your way to conquer the world just as I mentioned already make it specificto you in case you make it as as I’m doing it now okay there’s another bug as I’m doing itnow it is not something that you will be able to continue for example there is a new productthat comes out you will you will need to create another page another landing page for the newoffer if in case you want to promote it in case in case you create your own website in yourstyle you will be able to recreate it very easily for the new offer as well so it will itwill be yours this is what I’m trying to get at so don’t try to copy over I know that thereis this feature of of GroovePages where you can actually copy over other people’s work don’t dothat this is stealing it is not ethical and it is not fair imagine you create you create yoursites for a couple of hours and then you you go out there and Google something similar to whatyou are doing and then you see your site how would you feel it’s not nice so just go out thereand really create your own nobody can steal your personality this is your own okay I discovereda new blog I don’t know if you saw it but once I click on this testimonial the backgrounddisappears this is good look at like figure this out because then I can go ahead and reportit and this is fine so I go in there I need to choose the container select the background colorand then using the border I make it rounded over here okay and then I come into the text and justpress a couple of spaces or a couple of yeah and I press ENTER a couple of times so that it goesbelow and then all of the boxes now are the same size this one is a bit this one is black but youcan make it this other color okay awesome so now we have already the style for our button save soI will just click on the button I will rename it okay I’m sold give me everything as you can seethe the text doesn’t fit the button so we would need to go into the sizing and then increasethe width these are the size of the sides so that you can see the sides are increasing andnow I think I can leave it at 700 pixels it looks good call to action I will not be changing thisone I just want to edit the button very thing okay and design as you remember we saved thestyle and then I just apply it here and increase the sizing and then I’m good to go let me jumpover here hmm I saw that it is disappearing but will be offered for a little longer but the timewill stop it’s unknown that should be create that should create urgency I mean side if you’retalking about these backgrounds this can be fixed so this is not a big issue I will reportit anyway because it is a bug but there is a way around it so once you click on it basicallyyou choose the container you pop it you pop the background color to white and then you just makethe borders round and that’s it erm I don’t know if this was sort of for me but anyway can we usethis with Clickbank affiliate link and how do we use how how can we do it or use it I mean you getyour link from the thing you want to promote from Clickbank you create a site for it and then juston the buttons you click on it configure and then it says here link to you just click the URL andthen you paste your URL over here you can also open it in new tab this will make the the guestthat the visitor have your site still open in a new tab or in them in another tab while he doesthe things on Clickbank he will still have this your site open for a bit longer this this is goodbecause Google recognizes that your site is open on somebody’s somebody’s browser so this is goodfor for Google to know that somebody’s actually on your site or somebody has your site opened ourmembrane boom boom boom okay I have a couple of off-topic questions but I will just continue withthis one over here so on the footer this part can be edited and I will just type in here 2020 DavidLemon okay but these links these links once you click on it you cannot really edit it there isno configure button over here but this is not a problem we can come to the elements tab scrolldown choose text link and then pull it over here let’s say we leave it here we click on the overhere where it is but where it is dark and then we can change the text color to white um it showedup so now as we have our text link we can actually delete these these bugs happen guys I’m not sureif I told you this already we in GrooveDigital have two platforms one is the this is not goingto be published for for you guys but this is something that our designers are working withthey have are their own platform used to build out templates it is called a template builderand when an update is published to GroovePages it sometimes breaks the template builder so thisis why these changes a couple of these elements are buggy in the template but don’t worry this isfixed this is being fixed as we speak so we don’t have to worry about anything like that but now wepulled in the link element I just type in privacy policy okay and then you can link it up later onover here a link to but I just want to to copy it over and if I click out you can see that they arevery very close together so I will click on the second privacy policy and then do some margins Ithink one REM margin is fine and then I can copy this one over and do also one rem margin here somy second link will be called flamer and over here here will be the terms service okay this is veryimportant guys in case you are this didn’t change in case you are going out and doing promotion withpaid advertising once you go out there and then publish this site you give Facebook ads this sideand they don’t see that you have anywhere on your page privacy policy disclaimer Terms of ServiceI think ninety-eight percent chance that Facebook will just decline you immediately in case youput these on Facebook actually has its robots that are searching your sites that are you yougive your site to Facebook to be to be crawled and Facebook is crawling in case you have allthese things in place because the websites that don’t have this in place or most of the times theone that were created very quickly very in rush so a most of the times are very spammy and thevisitors or the customers that go and actually purchase something through those sites reportthese kinds of sites to Facebook so Facebook made these crawling BOTS very very aware of these linkson the in the footer or anywhere actually on the page privacy policy Terms of Service disclaimersdifferent type of gdpr things are very important for facebook because if you don’t have those itit is highly probable high probability that your site will be just declined and never even thatokay so I think we have everything done at this moment let’s just save it I will not be givingyou this site because this is available in the templates so once you open this one over here youcan just choose a template I was working with this one but you can choose any of any other templatesthere will be more templates coming soon but yeah you can just work with anything that you thatyou saw there this fit the cause that I wanted to show you and I wanted to talk about this iswhy I use this template you don’t have to but you can so now once we have this site build outI will go into the Groove partner program move affiliate partner program this is where you getyour link click on the GrooveAffiliate partner program and then this page will load up if youare new if you didn’t see this before watch this video this is Mike Filsaime the co-founder and heexplains everything you need to know about this affiliate partner program so once you scroll evenlower then here you can see this affiliate program video explaining you what you can find here butwhat we are interested in in is our links so once you click on the links you just need to copy overthis first one just click here to copy or click on the text write right click and then copy andthen we jump in back to our editor and then all of the buttons that we have here we need to clickon it configure link to URL and then we just click paste and then open in a new tab sometimes whenyou click on the way sometimes when you click it the Update button will not appear but you clickinside over here and just press any button on your keyboard this this is very important because thethe this field where we placed where we pasted our link it didn’t actually recognize that somethingwas typed inside so this is why the Update button doesn’t appear but once you click left or rightor anything there it will actually recognize it as there is text inside and then we can just clickto update okay so now we clicked update we can go over here configure this one so URL paste in opena new tab update let’s go on I’ll just do it this quickly so URL open a new tab this okay and thenwe have two more here okay and then here as well what is also very very important that you needto have a goal in mind so when I was designing this site the first time my goal was signups thisis the basic step that the person can take this is the first step that the person can take oncethey click on your link so let’s say okay now I publish this side this is my side on on internetand I want I’m a visitor now I go over here and I click this one and then I’m actually goingto the sales page when I’m in the sales page I should sign up if I don’t sign up then thiswas another successful referral however if you if you’re talking on your website about yeah buythis buy that before you have any trust from the people that visit your page it will be a very veryhard task so what I suggest is to focus on signups don’t get into immediately pushing the sale getinto signups get people to know you first get introduced introduce yourself then maybe once theysign up then made him email them a couple of times before actually asking the sale once you havesign ups what is good about this one is that we are not even pushing out emails from our side yetwe will be starting very soon so in case let’s say you manage to get I don’t know a couple hundredof signups and you only had two sales don’t worry about that this will this this should make youvery very happy because once we start pushing out our emails like guys there is only three daysto go to purchase the lifetime offer you need to get act you need to act on it now you will stillget the referral because as you remember this is a hard coded referral program so the first link thefirst sign up gets the gets the link gets to guess the sale so even if you have the signups even ifyou focus on signups on your on your landing pages this is a good thing because once we start sendingout emails you don’t have to do much because people will like to offer people will feel theurgency okay there’s three more days okay I need to go and buy now so yeah just focus on signupsfirst don’t push the sale it is not as important as you may think it is more important for thepeople to get to know you maybe to to give you their email address or something like this everypage should have only one action it’s one call to action so this call to action is we are sendingthem to sign up to our link okay on our previous bill that I created lemon media online all of thepage was to give us their name and their email address so this was the same thing once they giveus their name and email address they press submit they go over to our affiliate link but this inthis build what we created is not the case in this case the goal of the page is to get a sign uponce we start sending out the emails those sales will be popping in from left and right just focuson the signups this is my recommendation okay let me just get a couple of questions answered okay soaside I was answering to somebody else okay this one I answered this one answered if you have anyquestions now you can pop it in I will be replying to some answers to some questions now and then Iwill be giving you your bonuses because you earned it I see we lost quite a few people from fromthis from the start of this video but you the ones that that stayed you will get those bonusesokay Oh from Cara Lee Devine I crazy I can list okay you think I answered this one already letme see there was a question at the beginning okay from Jeff wells can you please show howto adjust spacing using three by three by three layout blocked accommodate with it with changesfrom desktop to mobile specifically I have three buttons one in each of these containers across thefull width of the layout when I select the mobile with only one of the buttons is visible okay let’splay with this now I do have to tell you guys that even there is a feedback gravanos calm if you seein progress mobile responsiveness was working then broke in GroovePages bugs so this is what I’mtalking about it was working but now it is broke it is in progress so this is work being workedon at this moment so just come in here vote on it so that it gets done much quicker but I willtry to demonstrate it Jeff for you now what you are trying to achieve I’ll start on a new page sowhat you are asking if I understand correctly that you have something like this this is basically ablock with a three by three containers on it you have a button on each of these so I’ll just pullin this button over here and then once I choose the container over on the bottom here and going tolayout I can align it vertically in the middle I will just apply the style of the the button overhere and then just delete any spacing on the top that time I have here now I have a button in themiddle so I’ll just duplicate it three times pop it over here and pop it over here this is what Ithink Jeff is asking me what I will still do is Center it in each of these containers verticaland then middle just delete the spacing so if this if this experiment fails then this is due tothe bug so um I want to apologize already that if it doesn’t work then this is because it is out ofour reach it is in the developers hands so what he is asking on how to actually do this layout hesaid that it is full width so the container we will do sizing on ful like that and then once hemmm three buttons one in each container of three containers across the full width of the layoutokay that we got when I select a mobile with only one of the buttons is visible okay let’sjust see so on my part it shows up it shows all three of the buttons I don’t know why on yours itdoesn’t but on mine it doesn’t show the styling even though we have the button selected so thisis you see it is on yellow it’s only on mobile so I don’t know Jeff I don’t think that you didit as I did it maybe you can try to redo it the way I did over here it shows up all three buttonsbut as you can see because of the responsiveness bug it is not applying all the styles as asit is on these so this was an experiment that successfully failed so that’s it is there anynew questions let me just have a look I came in I came in late is the YouTube video you embeddedin the page something we have access to yes chip once you go into the youtube-dot-com forward-slashGrooveDigital go this is our YouTube channel and then this GrooveFunnels promotional video thefirst one that you will see here it says start here this is the one that I just embedded as Isaid at the beginning of the video I suggest you to create your own in case you go out and promotecreate your own video it will make you much bigger in the eyes of the customers that that click onyour website it will look like you are the link between them and the software and then you willfeel they will they will see you as the expert and then they will trust you when clickingon your link so this is much more important than a sale that you do once people see you asan expert once they believe in you you can not only sell them this one software you can actuallygo out there and actually help them solve other problems as well so once you help somebody solvetheir problems this is where the money comes in and then the money is just a side product ofyou helping this is what you need to focus on Chad saying I missed this can I rewind to watchlater absolutely Jeff or sorry Chad sorry Chad question of topic about I have a question aboutthe lifetime deal I know that the price of the lifetime deal is increasing but will the lifetimesthey’ll disappear altogether when the official launch I’m just wondering how to create urgency ifthe lifetime deal price is not disappearing yes so Carolee this is a good question as as you mayhave seen in the in the state of Groovion video that you will be able to do just easily click onfrom my presentation over here Mike explains that maybe the lifetime deal is not disappearingat all it will be a one-time offer what that means is now you have the option to just clickthe Upgrade button from your dashboard anywhere once you once you are not a paid member you canclick upgrade and then you can upgrade anytime what the one-time offer means is that if you signup for a free account you will only see the offer once for upgrading to the to the lifetime if youdon’t take it you will be able to still opt in for the one at for the lifetime offer but it willbe much more expensive it will be much you will get much basically less of the the benefits yourcontact list will be much smaller your basically everything that you will get will be reduced tobare minimums so this is where you can actually do a fear of missing out act now because if you don’tthen this and this and this will happen there will be more information to come on that part lateron so once we once we decide okay from tomorrow from the day after tomorrow we will no longer havethis this price or prices are going way up then we will give you all the information you may needon continuing to promote we of course want our affiliates to have all the informations to beable to answer questions so we will be taking care of you guys will give all the informationsand all the information and also time to prepare in case any changes arise okay pom pom pom Ihave Jay Michael Sealy saying when I tried to placate in the bottom links privacy policy theystacked on top of each other how did you get that to duplicate side-by-side this is actually a goodquestion let me just show you how to do this one I had another person asking me this today and Ihad to go and show that okay so I have a blank page this I will show you not with the footerbut I will show you with a different element but this is the same thing that you need to do okay Iwill show you with an alert bar so I had a I had a person I was helping today this was somebodythat wanted to put here a logo and a countdown timer so watch what they did is actually pull inan image over here and then it’s tucked up on on each other and she wanted to have here it on hereon the side and then the countdown timer the first time it did the same but the next time it stackedup next to it so what’s the story and then I went in and then I explained that this is because ofthe container once the container is just display you need to put it on inline flex then you can seenow the image is over here and the text is next to it because the text and the image is too big noweverything below was pushed down so let me just choose an image and this will be our logo overhere just type in lemon okay it is too big the logo is too big but I will resize it using thesizing width in pixels then I can play with it like that okay I will resize this text as wellmake it smaller click on this container layout horizontal and then in the middle okay now this isnext to each other but I want to delete the button I don’t need this one so now I have somethingthat is aligned next to each other so you saw what I did I chose the container here and thenI went to lay out and then flex once you click in line flex that is mean flexing in the lineof both elements so Michael this is the this is the answer for your question um just checkingcan we change the copyright at the bottom of the page if we use one of the templates I’m not quitesure what you mean do you mean copyright the the the one where I wrote David Lemonhere yeah of course this is this is just text this is the text icon you can you can edit this one without any problems soif this is what you are asking then yes okay I have emailed the pines do yousee my post emailed I have um have loads of questions here let me try and find it okay hello David good morning mail from in TucsonArizona I was on the Groovion perfect there was another question can you link can you post linkagain please on the chat so people can click it on it and review please I don’t know what linkare you talking about please Amanda email email de are if you can actually explain that oneDavid can see can we see the light blending page in Groove Academy what landing page the onethat I’m creating I will not be sharing it this is just an educational video you have it in thein the templates library over here I use this one so I think this is a time where I give youyour gift I really want to appreciate and thank you for staying so long so I want to give yousome bonuses so as I was talking on on bonuses and how easy it is to create I went out and thenfound some niches or niches that are pretty easy to to start with these are 43 untapped nicheslook at my bonus guys I went in there and then typed in or or pasted in the niches I found thatare super easy to start with for example let’s say I want to promote GrooveFunnels in some ofthese niches so I find solar panel installation or solar panel companies and then maybe reachout to them or or I found a girl find a group on Facebook where I they are there are differentsolar panel companies and then I actually share my link there with or link to the website that Icreated with different bonuses that solar panel companies could be using and then actually wintheir business over using this one they would see you as an expert they would see you and addand come to you with questions so actually you would win over not only their there click on thelink but maybe their business later on so in case you decide ok I want to stay and design templatesand then I will focus on solar panel templates or so no partner company templates or maybe getone of these these companies to sign up to my marketing agency which I’m starting now becauseit is so good everybody sees me as an expert so just go in their home swimming pool laser hairremoval tattoo companies office rental real estate dentists divorce lawyers super car rentallandscapers kitchen remodeling wedding venue life insurance there’s so many in this 43 which you canuse which are not not very used so people don’t go into these these niches because sometimes theyare boring but these some of these they pay big time so divorce lawyers I mean these guys pay bigtime for their websites if you do this I mean I told you I’m creating a website course on thisimagine you you just take divorce lawyers and then you have my course in mind and then youdo step by step everything for for example a divorce lawyer company and then you go out thereand sell the sell the template not to sell but you actually offer the this affiliate link forthese divorce lawyers and then give a bonus of the template that you created using my course andthen actually you win over their business that is 100% guaranteed jet charters Roofing Contractorshome security and this bonus was created very very quickly guys just type in untapped niches boomit is it this cannot be copyrighted this is just out there okay so the second bonus is a playlistof affiliate training videos so let me just show you I collected these from YouTube we createdthese walkthroughs so GrooveFunnels walkthroughs of affiliate marketing using GroovePages thenthere is my video that I created last week on using bonuses I’m telling you something aboutbonuses here but I’m giving more information in this video a complete guide on connectingdomain to GroovePages this was another video that I created this is very important once youhave your own domain and you want to publish your site on this domain then how to make moneyusing GroovePages there I also explain affiliate marketing and also other types of for businessesyou can get into already today using GroovePages and then there is a Groove partner programmingwalkthrough and the Groove partner program is the one that you need to use so this is the Groovepartner program over here and this is where they this videos go through everything step-by-stepexplaining you what there are you can also see inside social media and and what it actuallydoes so this is another bonus that I created for you guys I collected all these videos in caseyou are into into affiliate marketing watch this one this one first and this one then this onethen this one then this one and then you have no questions left unanswered everything is answeredand then of course as I said the third bonus is on how to create awesome mock-ups as I said beforemock-ups are very important when you are promoting something that is not touchable something thatcannot be holding in your hands then you need to create a mock-up for the people that – – torepresent your product and visually because this is how they actually imagined it and it actuallymakes them want to buy the product not only that guys I collected some awesome resources to checkand then also Gary Lynn Baker he is in there answering the questions he did one of the thingsthat I really liked so I included his guide door keys to success post from Facebook I just wantto click in there quickly and then show you I highly suggest you to read this through I did itI read it through and it gives out a very very good information so these are Carolyn’s keys tokeys to success and he went in there and wrote a very lengthy post method 1 method to method 3method for that you can actually go out there and use and I highly suggest you go out thereand read this through because it is very very awesome information that you need to you need toknow again the state of Groovion video is here how to create converting affiliate landing pagesand then how to create landing pages that convert these are two different companies that wrote onsame same topic so go out there read it through in case you have any questions use the bonusesuse the things that you learned in this video and I don’t I don’t see how actually you wouldn’t beable to to succeed in the affiliate business this is the link to the presentation CU TT dot ly socutley forward slash lemon – affiliate – page so HT peow basically just typing cutley forwardslash lemon – affiliate – page you will be able to download this presentation with all thelinks with all the links to the bonuses and then that is it I will just jump in quickly to see ifthere are any questions there will this training be available later at work so something aboutbonuses yes I just mentioned everything about bonuses this is the link where you need to go todownload the presentation and when Yuri watch the video you will be able to hear everything thatI said about the about everything that I said okay Michael is asking questions so context howmany email subscribers we can have in GrooveMail before we pay additional fee Michael I think thisis 25,000 contacts with the platinum deal that you can purchase now in case you didn’t purchaseit now you will have you will not have 25,000 you will have much much less I don’t know if muchless is a word but yeah you will not have 25,000 okay damn how do we access these bonuses you canjust come over here and then click on these links everyone drop an emoji to let David know youappreciate him doing these bills and for all the bonuses thank you very much Christine if youcould I would appreciate all the [ __ ] that you could give me and this is good bragging rightsas well when I’m a man I’m showing a snippet of the the comments section to Mike and Johnand Donna and everybody yes in case you could post in some some hearts and some yeah thankyou very much very something like this I would really appreciate it yeah let me just see ifthere are any other questions how do we access the bonuses your bonuses look awesome chip has agood question how do you add pixel tracking chip I created a video on that one once you are in theGrooveDigital Facebook group search for Facebook so you will find a video from me how to connectFacebook pixel to GroovePages it is also available in the on YouTube and this is just a link fromYouTube click on it connecting Facebook pixel to blue pages this I created quite a long timeago so you can see it it still applies okay so I’m getting the hearts thank you very muchKimberly you rock David Lemon now Gary thank you very much for the awesome post I reallylove it okay Jerome is here Joella bower I media marketing solutions Heather thanks for yourhelp and time no worries everybody so I want to wrap this up this was a video lesson on buildingout an awesome affiliate page using GroovePages I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learned somethingI really really do hope you will message me very soon as soon as possible David here is my link ofthe site and I managed to get so much in so many signups this is what I want to see I really wantto see each and every one of you succeed in this business it is really simple to do I actuallyshowed you step by step what you need to do I told you how to create the bonuses you saw mybonuses these are just white pages with some text on it but it really could help others in caseyou do something like this for your own niche in case you help your people your customers yourtargeted audience they would not only be happy you they would find you as an expert they wouldprobably give you their email so that you can email them again and again in case you have someother offers so this is the most important don’t run for the sale run for the signups and run forthe for the fame and the trust not the fame the trust if people believe you and I see you as anexpert this is much more valuable than then any money can give you so that was David Lemon I’msigning off I hope you learned something useful and then yeah see you in the group if you have anyquestions please let me know then if you want to see some other trainings done please head overto ask Groove but net this is something that I am supposed to use some of the things I cannot doyet because most of the stuff is up being updated at this moment but just type in here the thingsthat you want to see I’m not quite sure how to do this I’m I want to see a video on this I willactually go in there and then do a loom video for you and actually post it out there so otherscan search in that and find it as well so if you if you’re struggling with something just comeover here to and then request it here but yeah I am wrapping this up it has beena 2-hour video already and yeah I really do hope you succeed with this one so thank you very muchfor watching and this is you in the group bye-bye

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