Cách kiếm 1 triệu đầu tiên cùng affiliate marketing

Hello brother like me, today I will show you how we have to earn 1 million first, the first thing because that job is the affiliate marketing to make money with exceed market and the mode is invaluable. It’s simple, you don’t need to have a permission system or is everything terrifying, I’ll reveal you the most effective way to get your first million commissionings Ok then here’s my pa we’re going to make it a playground, in the last beer we went together to find out how to create an account balance, brothers who don’t know how to create this account to rethink this After that announce the link to create a free history, I’ll kept it under the Description and position OK, then after I cause the accounting, it’s still there, so satisfy do the steps like this this is the game are the ones you can campaign as self-registration and self-govern themselves registered Ie what education campaigns and I do this grafted onto it like that a privilege region sir we do right with this set is you can earn 1 million nh pate Yeah the OCB is please click here or is registered notes and step 3 is able to share with friends me to receive more fees especially movies and special customers plus another 13,000 when it arises whatever it is, displace coin, spend, save money, this I think is very good, I will open an account the bank and then let me be careful if the shadow like this is right this is Trinh’ s require when you lose your order, you have to die here click here, when you get the first thing wrong inside this is but the whole campaign hey chaps look for the right one this is OCB so I typed it as OCB in Yes, then you choose Android and iOS It’s fine for me, what phone are you applying, add that for example me install I use the IOS I have and the iOS that I live in Click register this will get 51,000 and then as long as you agree to say that you will register, after successful registration, you will come in Hey chaps compose Linh Agree to create a link I will shorten to the station Now I will facsimile this join and I will mail my phone so I can install this app and I will get 53,000 Now it’s fashionable I want to see it Sorry, it’s been a long time, it’s only 5 positions now, or maybe it’s because Android has to be paid more money to check it again let’s check the channel you can eat Android will get more coin so I will try the Android car, I will pulp the search box for CB Android for Android, it’s the same.It’s the same for Android. Because it must have been 3,000 years ago, but now it’s lessening. ok then when you rapidly register this, there will be a step, you will receive 51 thousand as the first one and then click on the right link that I thank you for, it is correct with my spiritual track at the Association like this create the right connection, it’s the right type of Linh, and it’s right for Le, then go and send the date via my phone The way up there is also fun to install and follow the instructions below, it is not true that I visualize the information that Yesterday I gifted 100,000 km to open an accounting, I’m sure you two will Let the post office show you how to recognize it.Next, after that, I will install an app that is MP Bank, do exactly the same thing as the person who is popped in now to find you to stay with me. Next is the name of this frog is what I said many times but I can’t and directly in now get another 75,000 This is what I am quite a lot of my campaigns are quite a lot of fund from this always show you guys I will not 58 convert now 75200 told you a cluster of A see next VPBank 59,000 that’s all 56,000 of these Smart e- apps you will receive 45,000 dong Linh please create a link Yes I predict the steps to create this link pole I signed my tone after this, I don’t need this , now it’s gone and you can earn it after doing this today And Is the committee is also announced difficult? First of all, you are able to do some more things like be a hazardous emperor, buy yourself and give 300 this is very good, you can send the links to customers and friends my relatives and relationships register this, it simply needs to register, call and fill in the information, I will receive a commission if this quantity is one We can buy makes by ourselves Huynh You buy a journal near any notebook something, delight buy through my attach on the flooring Hanh click shopee yourself Then you register for campaigns on shopee Tiki then why do you buy it yourself as usual? If the candy has to be a few million, then I buy it myself through my force, then I deserve a few cases hundred thousand more, about seventy-eighty percent, that’s a few hundred thousand, so that means saving a little money Well, when I do it All these things can’t make a million.The first thing that I can do by myself is the link I’ll lean it under the description. If you want to take a closer look, ok, the way to see it again and make the first committee, delight meet the registration relate and the registration view, I will too throw it under the description of the statistician. you call me at a partisan.

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