Can You Still Make a Living Off Affiliate Marketing? The TRUTH About Affiliate Marketing

– You receive all thosepeople working from home in their underwear making a killing. Don’t you want to be one of’ em? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to share with you if affiliate marketingstill has worked in 2019, and the best-kept secret.( gentle music) Before we is starting, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That method, when I releasemore tips like this and more videos, you’ll get apprise. Quick question for you, how many of you have triedout affiliate marketing? If “youve had”, leave acomment below with Yes.If you haven’t, leave acomment below with No. Now here’s the best-kept secret. It get to work. Affiliate marketing doesn’twork as well as it used to, but it still does work. You really have to change the road, and here’s what I convey. Affiliates used to make an arm and a leg by only throwing off Facebookads, or Google AdWords, driving traffic to landingpage and humiliating it. Now, it doesn’t mean youcan’t construct more money.It was just easier back then, but there’s a new way to make money that most affiliates take for granted. It’s through SEO, and if you optimize your place and rank really well organically, you can dominate, and you can maintain getting more and more revenue coming in. And here’s the most part, you don’t have to pay traffic. Sure, it takes longer toget results than it be applicable to, but your boundaries, yourprofit is way higher. So, let’s go over how you can do really well as an affiliate in 2019. Step 1, I miss you to go toall the affiliate networks within the horizontals you’re thinking of. Here’s what I convey, verticalsthat you’re thinking of, if you’re being a marketerto only make money, you’re going to find ahard time making money.If you’re doing somethingyou’re passionate about, you’re going to be much better off because you’ll put in the time and act that’s needed to succeed. So go and think about what you love, and go to any of those affiliate locates, like a, and you can see what arethe most popular makes, what are their payouts in my room? This will give you ideas of what parties are selling to make money. If you’re iffy andyou land on these websites, you can also call their support people, and they’ll even move youthrough and give you advice on what commodities orservices you should promote. The next thing I miss you to do is just do some Google examines relatedto those products or services. You’ll identify all the other people who are ranking for those terms.Now, I demand you to createa list of all those URLs. The next thing I want you to do is head on over to Ubersuggest andput in each of those URLs. This goes to show you where all of those websites are getting traffic from. That report that you merely property on when you put in that URLis an overview report. It’ll substantiate you someone’straffic, their top pages, all the keywords that they’re higher-ranking for. The next thing I miss you to do is click on over to Top Pages. This page will show you their more popular fragments of the information contained, even their most popular pages, the ones that are ranking on Google, the ones that aregetting the most traffic. When you look at that sheet, it’ll show you social shares, and it’ll show you thought traffic and the number of back-links. Click the View All buttonunder reckoned traffic. This will show you all the keywords that that sheet is getting traffic for, support you how many visitorsfrom each keyword, the standing prestiges, and how competitive it is for that keyword to grade organically.They keywords you wantto grade for and look for are the ones that have high-pitched traffic, the ones that are expensivein cost-per-click, and have an easy or a lowsearch hurdle digit. The easier it is, the quickeryou’re going to get rank, and when a keyword is expensive, higher-cost-per-click, that implies it tends to convert more from a guest into a client. Now that you’ve got that out of the way, the next thing you want to do is look to all the people that havelinked to that article. This will give you dataon how many back-links these articles are getting. Now that you’ve done all of that, the next step in the process is to do this with the remainder of the contestants. Once you’ve done that, you’ll figure out what each type of pieces of content you should create to get the most traffic’ case not all sitescreate the same content.Even though they’re playing, they all have differentspins and deviations on it. This will give you the frameworkof what you should do last. The last-place thing you needto do is go out there and form the content and promote it. You already have ideas on theway your competition is doing. You once know what’sdriving them traffic. It’s time for you to one-up them and start betterversions of their content. They have a 2,000 -word post. Go construct yours four or 5,000 names. Put video in there, positioned paints, time one-up and make’ em so many of them, everyone’s like, “I don’t needa check out any other site. “Neil’s done such an amazing job, “or John’s done such an amazing responsibility, “or Jill’s done such a great job.” You need to go above andbeyond so parties care about what you have to say, and they don’t want to care about any other site within that space.When you initiate this content, you also need to promote it. The space you promote it is youemail all the other people who linked to yourcompetition and is just like, Hey John, I noticed you linkedout to XY and Z article. I have a similar one that just came out but mine plastered 1, 2, and 3 that theirs didn’t. Cheers, Neil. You move 100, two, 300 of those emails, you’ll start getting back-links. You can do the samething with all the people who shared that article fromyour competitor as well. I settled that clause, and I watch who’s shared that commodity. I’ll even reach out to those people. When “youre starting” doingthat, what you’ll find is you’ll get traffic to your sections, and just like any otheraffiliate marketer, you can’t forget promoting other offerings. Remember how step 1 isgoing to the networks, seeing the other products and services in your infinite that paid under well. Well, you’re drivingtraffic to your content now by promoting some of these patches, you’ll then start gettingmore traffic, more auctions, and that’s how you doaffiliate marketing in 2019. If you need assistance gettingmore traffic to your locate, check out my ad enterprise, Neil Patel Digital. If you experienced watching this video, like it, share it, subscribe to the channel. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. Thank you for watching ..

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