ClickBank For Beginners: How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing | 2021 ClickBank Tutorial

– Hey, come closer, check this out. We are here live at theClickBank headquarters and I’ve got a question. Have you ever thought aboutwanting to maybe get started making an income online? Get started with affiliate marketing? Good, I need you to payvery close attention because in the next 15 hours, I’m gonna evidence you step-by-step how to get started makingmoney online today.( upbeat music) So you wanna get startedwith affiliate marketing and there’s a good chancethat if reviewing this video, you might be asking yourself, what is affiliate marketing? And before we really sink our teeth into how to is starting, what to do, I’m gonna render a wide-reaching outline of what affiliate sell is.And affiliate sell, it is just promoting and selling someone else’sproduct over the internet. So it’s pretty simple and fees array allover the place, right? From 1 %, the whole way 90 plus, but let’s just say you’reselling a concoction that’s $100, you wanna promote thatproduct, you get your own join, your own special associate, and you can put that on the internet. If someone clicks and buys from your tie-up, you get a commission off that $100. So let’s just say simple mathagain, your commission is 70 %. If I buy through your link, you’re gonna determine $70 off of that sale and you can do that asmany times as you miss. And it’s pretty simple and you may be again asking yourself, okay, that concludes smell. Now, where does ClickBankcome into the picture? A great question. So ClickBank is an affiliatemarketing retailer. We are a marketplace. So “youve been” lookingfor things to promote, to get that committee. We actually have dozens of thousands of makes on our website that you can come find to promote yourself whether located of thecommission are you gonna procreate or a category you want to sell in.So it might be a bigworld, which it really is, but in terms of getting started, you can break it down intothese bite sized chunks and make it very simple and you can get started today. So now that you understandwhat affiliate marketing is and what ClickBank is, come with me, let’s take a peek under the hood and I’ll walk you through what the inside of ClickBank looks like. So as you can see my screen right here, we are on Now, if you’ve never been here before, I’m gonna need you to go to the top right and click sign up, and you’ll be inspired tojust do a couple of things and you can get an account created and started time in a few minutes. And if you do need any help with that, I’m going to go ahead and employed a join here in the description, go ahead and click that and we have someone on our support team that’ll gladly amble youthrough step-by-step on how to get started.Now for me, I’m gonna go ahead and going to be home now and log into one of my accounts. And formerly you go in, you’re gonna see your ClickBank dashboard. And this is where you’llsee all of your earnings and you can toggle from day to day and there’s all kinds of peculiarities now, but what I’m really gonna highlight and appearance you is right downhere, our affiliate marketplace. This is where we house thosetens of thousands of offers that I precisely talked about earlier and we have them all unearthed right here. And once we’re in now, this is where you can locate any offer that’s currently inside ClickBank that you can start promotingas soon as you want.So there are a couple ofdifferent ways to find makes, and I’m gonna go over mytwo favourites right now. Now you can see down the left-hand side, there are tons of different categories that you can get into, “were having” offers inside eachone of these categories. So let’s just say, kind ofin the state and fitness, e-business, checke-business and e-marketing.Now, as “youre seeing”, these results are sorted by rank. So that makes the highest proselytizing ones are in here right now, they’re updated on a dailybasis and you can see, let’s see the fast track. See this is an affiliate marketing course. There’s one click opulence plan, some of these in any of these, and you can see here, this gravitation tally, we just got to call itour popularity score. So it’s gonna let you know how trending the furnish is and how many parties arewanting to promote that. And it’s something thatto keep a close eye on, as you’re looking forwhich one to promote, and you can see here, youraverage committee per sale, what we talked aboutearlier in this video. And if you want to startpromoting this offer, all “youve got to” do, is just click this orangebutton right here, promote, and that’ll give you that special tie-up that I talked about, that you can go and place anywhere. Whether that be an email, onyour social media profile, on a website, blog, anything like that, wherever you can post a relation, you are welcome to do that.And if someone clicks that and ends a obtain, that’s where you getyour commission, okay? Now let me show you my second favorite mode to find something to promote. So if you see this magnifying glass now, on the top of the screen, you can click that and spurt, this shows you our top converting presents that are happening rightnow inside ClickBank. And you can search them by rank, you can search them by theaverage amount of committee. As you can see here, 3000 per marketing, it’s a pretty good pay day, and you can scroll, then again, check outthese gravity compositions, see how popular they are, but for this, I’m gonna go back to rank.And this is where I lookfor produces to promote when I’m looking to getstarted acquire a brand-new furnish, and you can see hereagain in the two categories, health and fitness, health and fitness, there’s one in spirituality, but most of these are in the health space. So when you’re lookingto been through these, you’re gonna want to look at two things, the average commission, the gravity score, and then again, if you’dlike to get started in a certain category, you can do that there. So if you follow one of these two ways, you’re on your way to getting started. So let’s go ahead andselect a product to promote and make that linkwhat I’m talking about. And let’s just pick the topconverting one right here. This is Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. So I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna clink promote.Now you can see a hobble generator. That’s what we at ClickBank called this special link, a move tie-in, and to be frank, I actually don’t know why, but it’s something thatstuck around since the 90 s and let’s just roll with it. And we can see here that the7 5% commission payout per auction, which is a great, greatcommission percentage with an average payout of about 130, $140. Now to generate a hop link, there is a requirement to an account moniker. So let’s go ahead andcreate one real quick, I had to do it from scratch because it’s very, very easy. And we’re gonna go back tothis ClickBank dashboard and I’m sure you rememberwhen we just logged in and we encountered it here, and we went down and weclicked the marketplace. We’re gonna go to accounts, and I have one here, but let’s just go ahead and procreate one.Now we want to be an affiliate because we are promotingproducts for board. Let’s just name it YouTube, nickname has existed, 2021, let’s do 3400, okay. Let’s just do, there we go, YouTube with two Es and 12 will do that. This appoint is available. So let’s go ahead and sign on. And that will appear righthere on our dashboard. Now what I’m gonna do, is I’m going to emulate that and come over here, accounting nickname. I’ll time paste it rightthere, generate hotlinks and vuala there we have it.I now have a link now that I can click if I’d like to emulate it and now I’m able to pastethat wherever I’d like, and I can start deserving commissioning. So now you’ve got your connection and you just have one more thing to do, and that’s get traffic. And that’s the million dollar question because everybody ever asksus how to like come traffic. And we’ve got two ways that we’ll dive into, we’ve gotthe freeway or the paid space. And when I was first gettingstarted in affiliate marketing, it was described to me as this, you’re on your nature toyour end, right? Everybody’s got a goalthat they’re after, okay? And there are basically two types of cars you can use to get to that goal.You can drive a Toyota Corolla, okay? That’s a great gondola, it’s reliable and it’s gonna get youto where you wanna lead, but it’s at an affordable expenditure and it might be a little bitslower than some other cars. And if you want to go the other way, you can use a Ferrari and that’s going to bevery, very costly. And it’s gonna get youthere a whole lot faster to your same destination. That’s really the difference between free congestion and paidtraffic, because guess what? They attain the same thing, okay? We’re all looking to provide value and to get auctions, and that can be done principally two ways, free freight or paid traffic, okay? First we’ll dive into free traffic.What is free traffic? How do you get it? So free traffic is reallygonna be based around material. Think about posting your tie-up in a blog, in your own website, writing a blog. Maybe if you like hang out on Reddit or inside Facebook radicals, or different things that you can do to get clinks onto yourlink and to get auctions. Now remember, if somebodyclicks your hop relate and makes a purchase, that’s our 75% commissionwith Flat Belly Tonic that we just made, okay? And if you really wantto learn a whole lot more about free traffic, clickthe link in the description, because we’ve got a wholeseries on how to dive in and plenty of various types of tricks that you can use to generatetraffic to your move association that’s not gonna cost you a dime. Now, if you want to go the pay roadway, it is gonna cost a little bit more, but like I mentioned, it can get you there a little bit faster.This is mainly through pushing and you can advertise on asearch engine like Google or Bing or on a social medianetwork, like Facebook, like YouTube, TikTok, anything like that to where you can pay to get your ad in front of somebody. Now, the reason it costsyou a little bit more money, is because one, you have topay for the clinks undoubtedly, but it’s going to costyou a little bit money as you start to learn this audience and what gets their attention. Because extremely when you’readvertising on the internet, you are competing and you werepaying for that courtesy. And the eyeballs are gonna go to your ad and you need those peopleto click on your ad so they come to your link and if they end the acquisition, you get the commission, the dealer gets the sale.So if you want to learn a littlebit more about paid traffic again, we’ve actually got a free succession on our YouTube channel. So go ahead and click the link below and we’ll have all ofour experts certainly go into how our top vendorsare doing that today. So I hope you’re really excited and eager to start promotingproducts on ClickBank and start making moneywith affiliate marketing. And today we’ve done everything from creating a click bank account, navigating the ClickBank marketplace, feeling a top converting present, and then going throughways to get traffic, to start promoting that connect that you made to start get committee on sales. And if you really, really wannasink your teeth into this, I got a couple of things, I want to share withyou from my own experience, is that we’ve position thisprocess out, right? It’s pretty simple in theory, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.And I need to let you know that you have to be willing to in a way, practise and failto do great at something. I think that there should bea lot more beings out there making a ton more money, but they’re not willing tobe bad at it long enough in order to be great. We have thousands of affiliates that are drawing seven toeight chassis per year that are living dream life-styles and it’s been a pleasure to watch because they genuinely wentthrough that plateau and push body-builds diamonds, right? And I wanted to let you know that as long as you’renot willing to give up, that you’re almost in a wayguaranteeing your success if you just don’t quit. And you would be very surprised of what you can accomplishover a year of simply practicing.And if this is somethingthat is resonating with you, just like it resonated with me and a great deal of others thathave watched this video, then I wanna show you somethingthat we have at ClickBank and that’s called Spark. It’s our full comprehensiveeducation stage because we are invested intothe success of our affiliates. So come check this out, we’re in our Spark dashboard and we’ve really came education courses from our certification course, I’ll click on this real quick. And we really dive into so many things, even from your mindset and a cluster of things, a seven day challenge, where actually, I got myfirst sale in seven days if you wanna come check it out, but so many different justaspects of affiliate marketing from basic vocabulary, the whole way up to scalingpaid traffic expeditions. And then with Facebook ads, we’ve got Spark Campfire, that’s a weekly Q& A session to ensure that you never get stuck, that you can come ask mentors for admonition, people that have sold hundredsof millions of dollars merit of products on the internet.And we’ve got so manydifferent types of trainings. You can really “re coming back”, and guess what? I’ve got to attach, So if youwant to try it for free, I wanted to extend that offer to you. You get seven days to comein here, sink your teeth, check it out, come into the community and a rising tide lifts all carries, right? And that’s something that we really wanted to bring together, was just a flock of people who are all after the same objective and that’s the life of their dreams. What’s so many people havecome through ClickBank, they’ve been able to do, and we’ve been able tohelp thousands of beings only this year, generatetheir first sale on ClickBank with our Spark communityand our Spark education. So like I’d mentioned, if you love to capsize your teeth into this and check it out, we’vegot a seven period free contest, risk-free, go ahead and check it out.But if you’d like toconsume all of our content on our YouTube channel, we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of hours that we’ve got relations in the bio and a cluster of videos on our canal that you’re gonna geta ton of value out of. And you can really get started by learning that as well, if you’d like. If you got value out of this video, go ahead and render us a thumbs up, let us know you’re ready toget started in specific comments. We love ensure them from you. We enjoy responding to them and it’s gonna be something that really helps us very, because as an affiliate, your success truly determinesour success as a company.So we definitely want to make sure that we’re helping you on track and helping you get asmuch success as possible. So thanks for watching this today and good luck on your affiliatemarketing the outing.( upbeat music ).

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