Clickbank Tutorial for Beginners – How to Make Affiliate Marketing Sales NOW (Using Free Tools Only)

Clickbank affiliate marketingtutorial for rookies. By the end of this videoyou’re gonna discover how can you actuallymake affiliate marketings now when you understand thesesteps, these strategies as well as these tricks. Hey this is Peng Joon now andtoday we are going tactical into pretty much my first love online and my first love onlinewas for this mart in the online nature announced Clickbank. Now some of you might know Clickbank is the world’s largestaffiliate marketplace for digital concoctions. And over a decade ago, this was where I sold My World of Warcraft product. If you know my story, literally this is what gave me the notion that promoting products, selling concoctions and making money online was possible. And today I wanna beable to share with you what it is that you can do right now. Things that I choose somebodytold me a decade ago. All freedom, so right nowI am going into Clickbank and inside this platformyou will be able to see that there’s a lot of different categories.And Clickbank is like theAmazon for digital produces. Now inside this marketplace, you’ll see that there’smany different categories. There’s like arts andentertainment, as heard on Tv, gambling, business, computers, cooking. So let’s say I’m lookingthrough this list, and let’s say I have interest in let’s say the weight loss market. And let’s say I’m an ultimate none, I’m just starting out thinkingabout how can monetize. So right now I’m in the marketplaceunder health and fitness and on this sheet, you’ll be able to see all of the different furnishes, the products that’s being sold on Clickbank and you’ll see that the numbersare very self explanatory.It says average dollarper sale which makes every time you make a sale on average you’ll must pay $114 for this product, $68 for this product. So now I’m looking atall these new makes. Now, the question is, what type of productshould you be promoting? If “youre watching” my other videos, I always say you got to startoff with a market, a niche, a category that genuinely interest you. The same space how I started off in the World of Warcraft market, because if you can pick something that genuinely entails something to you, then each time you reached aroadblock, a certain struggle, you’ll keep going becausemost sane ordinary people would cease if they’re doing something that is not meaningful to them.So as I’m looking at allthese different produces, so let’s say I wanna promotethis keto commodities, okay, so let’s just take this for example. So this I must pay $ 44 and 91 cents per marketing, which is okay. However, if you take alook at this one here, it says average rebill, which is $ 42 and five cents. Now I was taking a look atthis, because this is truly how you can make passive income online. If you’re promotingsomebody else’s commodity, a huge plus top is yes, it needs to generatevalue for your public. It needs to be great, a great product, but it needs to pay well. And a big factor isdoes this pay over era, is there a due, orsome sort of recurring to this? So average rebill tells me that there’s some sort of subscription, then the next thing isI wanna take a look at whether this custom-built ketodiet is a great product.So I’m too opening a new tab right now to see what it looks like. And you can see that ittakes me to this auctions video, a video sales symbol that shows me a regular nutrition versus a keto diet. And let’s take a look atthe checkout page together. And you can see that it looks like I gonna fill up a little canvas here to see what type of offer is gonna be customized to me, okay? So let’s say I wanna promote this, another implement that I wanna share with you to start showing you differentideas is a third party site. So this is called And what I cherish doing isutilizing this marketplace to show me either new produces, makes that has been gaining friction. And the course I like to take a look at this is a few different metrics, okay? Number one is utilizingthis thing announced seriousnes. Now seriousnes really thought about it as like, the numbers that you see here is basically how many affiliates unique affiliates has been promoting this successfully and making a sale in the last 90 days. So the higher this quantity is tells me how well the affiliate hasbeen successfully promoting it.There’s pros and cons to this. If a number is high, it justmeans that people sell my shares well. Yes, but at the same time, there’s a lot of challenger for it. So what I like to do is, I like to number one, promote something that isa gravity of at least 50. 50 is a good indicationthat this product sells well and that this marketer knows how to sell. And they’ve got a decent closing charge, because there’s no pointpromoting a produce where the marketers haveno idea how to sell, okay? So let’s say now, I wannamonetize off this sub niche, which is the keto diet, right? I can tell that sellswell, 380 seriousnes, okay, my initial dollar per auction is about $30. Over now, even though theinitial dollar per marketing isn’t that high-pitched, but remember, there’s still that recurring, so probably they’ve gotsome sort of upsell, some sort of subscription, then the issues to I wanna ask myself is, so how can I strategicallypromote this and make money now? Okay, so if let’s say I wanted to promote this keto diet that compensates me reappearing with a nice $30 upfront, thenthe next thing I wanna do is I wanna exercise a website like Quora which is basically a site toshow you how can you understand what are the questionsthat people are asking.Right now “youve had” the mixture. So is anticipated that the productis a solution and the make, the answer is the keto diet. Question now is, how do youbridge that to the solution? It is about envisaging, who arethe people that saying yes, and then create the connect, because they’re gonna buy it anyway. When I was in the worldof Warcraft market, and back then, when Facebook didn’t exist, the number one socialmedia platform was MySpace. And my understanding was, rather than trying to sellpeople a World of Warcraft, I expected myself, where arethese parties hanging out? And that’s a questionyou got to ask yourself, where are they hanging out? And that’s what slam me. Where they hang out at thattime when Facebook didn’t exist was on MySpace and how doI find them in MySpace? So MySpace is like theFacebook of, I don’t know, 13, 15 several years ago, 13 several years ago, yeah. So back then what I would do is, I would look at the peoplewho like and is friends with World of Warcraft on MySpace, so World of Warcraft wouldhave their own page in MySpace, so that was my target market.Now, if you are able to takethat same analogy here, Quora is like YouTubeanswers back in the working day. Can you imagine right now ifthe keto diet is the solution, what am I doing right now? I am literally gonnatype in the keto diet. And now I am taking a lookat all of the questions that’s being asked about the keto diet. So all these notice thatthere are hundreds of people, 487 people, people whoare following that strand because they’re interested in the answer. So can you imagine ifyou went on Clickbank where you made a free accounting, and you’ve got this affiliate link, where every time you refer tosale, they’ll pay you for it? But now you do it bygenuinely helping people by answering their question, and preceding them to your link, to your affiliate link.But now notice what’s happening? I am beginning with the end in subconsciou. So what we’re doing so far iswe have the affiliate concoction, which is the keto productand this keto produce spends us approximately $35 a sale. So how do we find peoplewho is an easy sell? Understand something we’renot trying to think about, how can we persuade somebodythat is not aware about keto and interpose to them whatthe keto make nutrition is, and then try to persuadethem from a no to a yes? That’s a much harder sell.But what if we could target thepeople that’s already aware? They’re aware that this keto thing exists, but perhaps they have some questions. Maybe that they’re equivocal. Maybe they don’t know whattype of product to buy, okay? But at least now they’re aware. So how do you find thesepeople , notice what I’m doing? So over here, the first reserve that I’m showing you is Quora. I’m going on Quora and I’masking, who are the people that is doing a probe on keto, so that I can send themto the affiliate link that I’m getting from Clickbank.Now this is the free approach of doing it. The next reserve, if youwanna take things further, there is a free tribulation andthis is called Ahrefs. Now this is a little bit more advanced, and you’re somebody who’sstarting out with limited plan, you can go for this freetrial for seven days, do all the research you need. But noting that what I’mdoing here on Ahrefs is, I am doing a quick research whereI’m typing in the keyword, the keto diet under So right now what I’m telling Ahrefs is, help me do a scour of all of the people searching for keto diet in Quora. So right now I can be found in all of the links of what people “re looking for”. And too I can see the publication, so it gives you these results. Now, what does these results tell you? It is an indication that if youwanna be able to look at for example, this one says, How many eggs a epoch on aketo diet should I feed? You can see that it’s gota moderately nice work, but most of all, it’s giving you an idea of what are the answerspeople are looking for, in respect to this.So notice that this questionhere that’s followed by not a whole lot of parties, 20 parties, How numerous eggs per daytime can aperson eat on keto diet, okay? So now this answer here, that’snumber one out of 16 refutes has seven upvotes. Now what this Quora lookat in order to determine whether it appears on number one? Well, two things quality ofthe answer is number one.And number two, it wouldbe how many upvotes. Notice that this is a pretty well written thought out answer at a glance, there is images in here. But can you imagine if youdid your due diligence, and you started helping these people, and let’s say you’re starting out, you want to get a little bit of edge. What if you are able to ask seven friends to go and upvote your answer, and if you don’t have seven friends who would help you do that, “youre supposed to” have other youknow, bigger troubles in life. But that being said, sowhat can you do as well , notice usage of personas, perhapsyou could utilize formatting chunking it down section, so that’s easier to digest. Because of this, youare now creating content around these threads.What you’re essentially doing as well, it is giving you ideasand clarity based on the keywords that peopleare searching for. So now that you have the keywords, you can even double down from this and utilize this tohelp you create content on other platforms as well, okay? Let me demonstrate you what they are. The first one would bePinterest , now Pinterest. So can you imagine nowthat you have clarity on the different keywordspeople are searching for. So what can you do? You can go to Pinterest, and character in the keto diet. This is literally a bajillionlist of available resources, idols that you are well aware converts. Why do you know it alters? Because it’s listed on thefirst page on Pinterest. And on Pinterest, you can seethis infographic over here could be potentially a great infographic that you could utilizein terms of your answers to fill either as a written reply on Quora. Okay, that’s number oneto answer a question of “whats being” I eat on a keto diet? Okay, so what if you couldcreate your own version of this? I’m not asking you to copyI’m asking you to model.Copying is unethical it’simmoral, it’s not right. I’m asking you to modelby understanding it because this is something that alters, what if you could utilize these resources for your answer on Quora? So let’s say if somebody askeda question on Quora saying, I’m a apprentice in keto, what can I feed? This will be it again, if you wanna take it one step further.But let me show you one more before we go back to thewhiteboard, is Answer The Public. And now because I cansee all of the issues to where to buy keto lozenges from, where to begin the keto diet? When did it start? Why is keto diet bad why is it good? Why it doesn’t work? Why is it helpful, why is it dangerous? Why are you interestedin all these keywords because this tells you the type of content that you could be creating forplatforms like YouTube, okay? So what is YouTube? Think of it more of a search engine? So can you imagine that right now utilize these strategiesthat I’m showing you here, from the question in here, what are these doing? These are showing youthe different resources that you could be creating.So from Pinterest, what areyou doing from Pinterest? Utilizing and getting minds on what images are proven to work as well as proselytize? You’re utilize YouTube? So with YouTube, this iswhen you are getting thoughts based on all the keywordsthat you’ve gotten from Quora, Answer The Public. This is how you can startcreating content if you choose to, or you could go direct.straight up replying on Quora. Telling them the answersand now out of all three, if this is the end result thenwhat we’re really doing is we are sending parties overto our affiliate link. Now there are many different ways to send parties to your affiliate connect, it could be straight up replying on Quora. But if you watched my othervideos on this playlist, I ever said, if you’renot structure a roll, you’re not building a business. So the somewhat longer superhighway to do when it comes to building areal business on Clickbank is you still wanna capturetheir details first. So what I would recommendis creating content, whether it’s on Pinterest, whether it’s on YouTube, and then send beings to apage that fell within you, that captures the reputation and email where you give out something for free in exchange for thename and email address.So this could be like five exceptional nutrients in the keto diet foraccelerated weight loss, right? Enter your figure and email to discover what these five nutrients are. Now, you can have a followup process via email because now this belongs to you. This is an asset that you canpromote over and over again, either keto diets, either dieting means, weight loss concoctions, whatever it might be, to help them get that answer. That is when in your emails, you could promoting this affiliate offer. And that is literally the big picture of how you can utilize these resources, promote Clickbank produces at the same time genuinely help people. By the acces, I would love to know what is your number one struggle in the online world-wide right now, so that I can create futurevideos just like this one in order to help youget to that next level.And as always, make sure yousmash the agree button so that you’ll be notifiedthe moment we form videos and exhaust them. We’ll “ve seen you” in the next video ..

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