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In this video, what I will do is I goes to show you exactly how to replica the millionaire referred traders and I will share with you three important mysteries that exclusively 3% top affiliate say hello. This is Mark Daniells a factory worker turned digital inventor over 10 year ago. My life now is absolutely ordained, but it was not ever so. I was muddled and infuriated. And overloaded with all the information I look online on how to start a business. I have attended countless routes. I desire webinars summits. You call it? I did it, but good-for-nothing genuinely wields until I congregate my instructor. I remember the first time what I said in front of my mentor after repeated requests for it to accept me to work with him and learn lessons from him. Of track free of charge. He appeared me in the eye and told me that I am no smarter than you.I do not want you to think that I am smarter than you. I have a higher intelligence than you. The only thing is that I know more things than you. thus I want you to understand that if you are in that situation, it is not because you probably are not smart fairly. You do not work hard enough because I have worked too hard-handed. Nothing really happened. But it is only information that we do not know that information is the most important merchandise so I created this direct to share information I know with people who are hungry to succeed whether in the side business of Online Business. It is not matter much because many things are just what you know, it is not how you studied what the hell are you studied online or what you studied in college. There really was nothing or not much to do with it. So if you are hungry to succeed and demand message Insider Information, all all you have to do is sign up to remove a consent and make sure you reached that notification bar to get the latest information before I get into the deep things. What I like to do is want to give you some information. You probably do not know that one of them is according to Business Insider. Online affiliate marketing is a$ 14 billion industry now$ 14 billion. I demand you to remember that number, but amazingly simply 3% in the membership of societies worldwide develop$ 14 billion now, you probably ask the question how much fund do they make? Well, I can prove it and I can tell you it moves between$ 15,000 up to$ 1 million a few months and I have worked with someone who is currently spawning$ 1 million a few months. Am I not telling you that you should win 1 million 10 million or$ 5? I simply do not know, I’m giving you some illustrations now. It is up to you to decide how much you have managed to do. It depends on how you get the information I am giving you here in this video and how you will process it and make it work for you. now You are probably questioning well, what about the rest of the members? who the hell is 97% of them. They average about $ 100 a month. Hundreds of dollars a few months, but many of them do not make money now, you have to understand certainly 3% make$ 14 billion and the rest just make any money at all. So 97% is not do what three percent are doing three percent. The reasonablenes they are successful is because they are doing something different and you I have to understand it and that is what I will share with you now. I will share with you three confidentials and if you take them and if you understand them them very well. You will be on your mode to being a secret number of successful affiliate marketers one, which is Product Tracker Syndrome. Unsuccessful affiliate. This is what they really focus on. They focus on finding the title commodity as they judge the claim produce is the key for their success. So if I find the liberty produce, I will go ahead and succeeded. This is not what top affiliates do 3 percent. I’m talking about 3% of the best benefactors in the world. They is not. Makes go ahead and think about McDonalds McDonalds impels better burgers with smacking in the world? certainly Theyre not sure youve perceived the hamburger better, but that pleads the issues to, why they are the best or the very best or sell more burgers in the world than anyone why do they make love. They do not have a good produce. The product is maybe the indignation was or maybe is rather above median, but they sell they are the number one marketers of that product. The reasonablenes is because they have a foundation and within the foundation. There are three things. The most important thing to focus on is systematization and automation. This is the biggest thing that concludes them score and this is their number one key success and is no different. What are you selling even if you selling online? Offline does not matter. What systems and automation do you have in the process than your success is much better than somebody else and this is what focuses on the top 3% on how to succeed as a secret secret number two, which is weak meditated. What I am talking about here is not that you are poor, just as your opinion is limited for a certain faith. The reason why I “re talking” this is because it is vital and almost all 3% the best of traitors. They is not have it or they have had it and they do not have it. So there is some good news that I will share with you on how to overcome it at “if youre having”, but to elaborate a little more on this something simple usually in our past something happens, you know, it depends on our environment and that it starts when you are young or it could be a trauma that has happened to you during your times. I know a lot of people in that Dividend environment, which is toxic to their success. They have been told that you are not worthy. You can not do it. No interest how hard you try. You will always be a failure, all of these things, especially at a younger age affect you particularly much when you grow up, so it determines as an invisible ceiling how far you can go what I am talking about is how far from your success or how much coin you can reach in order to overcome what I will do. In case you suffer from that issue? I have a video you can watch. I will show you in this video. What I would recommend to you is to go ahead and see it because this is the secret of how to overcome it and at the same time how to set your goal. How to Succeed as a secret number entrepreneur secret, do not reinvent the motor. All you have to do is copy what the first three percent of members are doing. You should sit there trying to figure things out because it will probably take you maybe 10 years or longer. Now, what I will do now is that I will share with you appropriate tools that are used by key writers. Gives go ahead and talk about the first email automation scaffold talking about is autoresponder not all automatic answers are the same what I signify by this is many of these about 97% of all autoresponders. They are not friendly to co-workers. Maybe you can get away with it maybe for a month or two and then what they do is they close your history all the tools i would suggest all free of charge start the second thing about autoresponder corporations. What they do is that for example, if you have a domain name, what they do is they upload you for another domain word. If “youve had” two domain names what do they accuse you with X, so if you have three they charge you three times. I exactly want to remind you that all the tools I’m talking about in the description country down. now For the other one I will talk about it is very essential if you want to succeed is a sales move basically in case you do not know what sales pour is so important for your success because your perspective makes you. Whoever is your prospect and does them through a series of steps to get them back from Prospect to a purchaser. now The other one I will talk about is also important, which is an A belief scaffold or a domain name now. I have heard a lot on the internet that yes, you can start you can sell the product as an affiliate makes without a website. Yes, you are eligible to but if you want to model the top 3% Affiliate of the first representatives who are attaining tens of thousands of dollars. I only do exactly what they do. I’m not going to get any shortcuts. Now, we have tried for 10 years. We have tried every single Platform that have hitherto existed and at the best we can ever have find is a Bluehost tracking system we need from every single major marriage. And it’s a must for parties I instruct should use that if not, I’m not going to work with you because you only will not really attained because if you can not you calibrate it, there is no possibility to improve it. If you can not improve it, then you have lost and the last you need a rule that you superseded and that is also part of your footing. You need traffic and if you are new to the world of traffic, you need to trade if do not mark it. Mostly, this is a death sentence the hour you stop selling you stop growing up. This is a rule you should understand as a collaborator and I am not saying you have taken it to go invest thousands of dollars. So the one I would suggest for beginners, will also be in the description area. The reason why I am taking this more than anything else at the moment, perhaps alters in the future is because a lot of beings are using that platform. They are truly increase those individuals who commits them the service. Its a lot like five or for example, you are dealing with one person and if as a service, you can appreciate them. So if you have someone with bad rating, for example, you want to stay away and if you have people who are with a good rating, you want to go ahead and use them. Do not try just one person. Try two or three. People this is best for novices based on feedback. I decided to give you a bonus now on the basis of the information I get from beings because you need to know what the best affiliate marketing programs are on the contrary. It will be very difficult for you to succeed in affiliate marketing. What are the best affiliate marketing planned affiliate curricula, that is same thing as Networks. Enjoy if you are an affiliate, what you want to do is sell a commodity and sometimes the produce is in the Affiliate Network or in Member planneds. So were going to go ahead and talk about that. And the reason this is so personal to me is very simple because years ago when I first I started I like you, you know, I went online I love YouTube and I got a lot of information. I was perplexed ruffled and overwhelmed. Overloaded and I is not crave you to spend the same. So this is somewhat personal to me. I have rated but 25 YouTube videos reviewed on this topic alone. So I will go ahead and not just give you the details. I will tell you what these people are talking about why they are talking about it. And then I will go ahead and give you pros and cons for everything. now The first thing is Amazon Associate a lot of parties. YouTube they sit there and they tell you about the Amazon affiliate how good it is since sliced dough may be, but I would sometimes tell you how much money they made from Amazon Collaborators depict you there on-screen video on screen because the last one I ascertained he said that this is the best. So I’m going to go ahead and just go to Amazon Accompanied and then we’ll talk about it Okay, let’s talk about the pros and cons is that it will work. Work for you If you have extensive technological experience or expertise most of these guys I have noticed that I have seen them doing. They are actually one of them. I can retain is that it was the same as meeting cameras and he was making good money and he indicated his screenshots. He is making good money. Yes, but you need to have the expertise not only what you generally need to have is one Electronics not everything will do you much, because I can not sit there. Talk about a bed how good a bed is for example now and then you should have an existing one commodity evaluation programme. The best is as you know, is YouTube there go to YouTube and they talk about it and then they prove their links with Amazon Associate. One of them becomes high-end headphones. The other one does something about music predominantly cameras and things like that are currently, you know Cameras are expensive and sometimes actual lenses overhead around$ 1,000 or so in the bad. Is this the maximum reward precisely because if you do not know it is only ten percent. This is the maximum and then the cookie is valid for 24 hours another term if the person who sounded on your tie, maybe you have a video on YouTube and they clicked on your connection. It’s only good for 24 hours another statement if that person comes back and you bought something after 24 hours a straight to Amazon that you will not get that sale or credit for it Now that you are aware of Amazon Associate, that might be fine. But just for some people the people I have basically revalued for almost almost all those. They don’t do it anymore. Wow, what a co-occurrence they just do not do it anymore simply because it is saturated. There are so many people talking about cameras and electronics in its own way. Saturated road so they are not doing it anymore. They do not want something different. So time an FYI here now. Let go ahead and talk about Commission Junction, which is CJ. It’s a high end. It’s for GoPro and Overstock and things like that. We will go ahead and go to CJ. com. It really is a good one. We are part of it. Ill show you the pros and cons here in a bit, but they have a hundred Maybe. The concoction expires in case you are not familiar with this and this publisher means donors. Okay, a lot of parties they just tell you about it, but they just dont know what the difference is between these two but they just say, oh, yes, this is a CJ go ahead and merely sign up for it Not if you are young. This is the worst thing you can do and I will show you why it is so now we will go ahead and talk about Commission Junction or CJ the pros and cons so far as the goodies are that they sell make with good name and i heard one of the people was doing it ranges Well, that’s what you know, they sell some really gone products while mention. Yes, it is true. But I will tell you what is the issue with which several hundreds of products perhaps thousands of concoctions. They have a great marketing tool for you to track your bad stuff about it. Is this a good thing for apprentices not friendly for amateurs or Is it good because it has there was still two qualification handles one of them is for you to qualify. You must first qualify from Commission Junction, then when you participate in what happens each period, you want to promote one of these products you need to apply for assent to promote them. For example, GoDaddy countless beings think they are also surpassing Commission Junction. Many people feel GoDaddy will be easy, but “theyre not” when you go on a Mission Crossing, if you try to apply for them, is gonna be a laborious process. They will ask you for lots of information that has a large email list on the records website. It’s a bit ponderous. You need to explain to them your marketing strategy too and not everyone will be very difficult. But some of them is anticipated do so when someone said you are going to CJ and go ahead and time lay in your information and that’s what happened to a lot of young people they do not know much about it, but they do hear it. Hey, this guy has a lot of likes on YouTube and beings cherish them and he has a good one haircut and he talked about it. So I will go ahead and do the same. When you go there and find yourself consuming your time, “youre ever” aggravated and baffled We use it but it is for someone who has been around or a company has been available while they truly have a proven record. OK. The next thing we will talk about is separation. A sale which mainly a physical commodity. Lets go ahead and go to their website. If you go to ShareAsale. com, primarily people, they like the physical way make. They do not just have a physical concoction. They have interesting thing, but they mainly have them. Tells go ahead and talk about the pros and cons about ShareAsale. com. Chiefly pro is like fashion commodities in case you are one of the people you like to do too promote fury household products. They have excellent market. The implements and they have the best customer service out there that you still have to do the same sendi. Is it good for novices? No, it is not after you decide for yourself. This is good for you because you still have to pass both qualifications. Another is that you need to have a proven ACK record tr and you need to explain your own Marketing approach. Lets go ahead and talk about number four, which is, “whos also” a firebrand epithet like Adidas and Airbnb. It is probably one of the most difficult ones to approve. Now the pros and cons of significance do not misunderstand me impact is a very good platform but it is not easy and it is not good for someone who has started or even maybe has a year or two under their belt. They sell a really good labelled produce. They have excellent marketing and sophisticated implements. Now for how bad they are not. And lie because simply they have a difficult qualification process, you have to go through in order to better for you to qualify. Then you also need to have a proven track record and interpret your marketing approach. Now, the next thing I would like to speak about is system commerce corporations. Numerous people muddle structure commerce dares with affiliate marketing Joint marketing is completely different from network marketing. Proper network marketing can be good on the crooked feature sometimes well, the majority of members of occasion is I “ve never” dealt with this and I will never deal with it.Now The next one I will talk about is Jvzoo Market. It’s a good programme. Tells go ahead and talk about that. It is friendly for beginners. Now if you start, it is friendly for beginners, the second thing that is easy to qualify. They have thousands of produces. They too have something unique that is the early proclamation of their produce exhausts so you can get ready for it and start commerce. And so this is something special for them. The other thing is their flaws is that there is still a qualification process not by Jvzoo, but from the dealer, let’s say you want to sell a product or software that you need to fix move something sense to the seller for basic datum. Tell them a little about you and sometimes they may qualify you sometimes not 75% 80% you qualify if one of these is that there is a close Niche another word it is simply software. Well, the last platform I will talk about will be ClickBank and a a lot of people know ClickBank but there is something they do not know ClickBank and I’m going to swap pros and cons to this as well. As for the pros. It is very friendly for novices. And the second thing is that it’s so easy to qualify almost anyone can start selling commodities and they have thousands of concoctions. The other thing is that they have a route dedicated to how to use the stage which it is ClickBank and too have multiple niches and under niche another command that Jvzoo does not like. They are both software oriented. For example, they have different levels in health wealth and relationships. As for the bad ones. You need to know how to choose a winning produce because there are thousands of makes there not everyone is good not everyone is very good. So it’s very good to have a good exercise before you start doing it on ClickBank. The downsides also are that you need to know how to steer your pulpit properly and I do have some videos on how to choose the freedom commodity for your ClickBank product with with the click of a button you can do it and you can watch one of my videos picturing you how to get it on properly and too some ruses you can do on ClickBank to get the title concoction and start sell. This commodity as quickly as possible, check the description for free stuff. I have some free substance out there that can help you a lot. If you are in the internet market business and again the best way to start online business internet commerce business is like an affiliate now, later, you can create your own own product. I know for sure that the best thing to do is to start as a co-worker and then work on your own from there if you want more information about obliging more Online Sales. You should probably watch my video here in terms of getting the best commodities on ClickBank with the clink of a button and we will see chaps at that time ..

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