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hello there is my name after and “youre ever” look to get fund and quirk and welcome back with another brand new strategy and today video I get share the copy with you and communicate it to earn five thousand dollars plus the use of google track on clickbank chapter marketing with free traffic source so what I need from you to go to the to stay entire purpose and miss no part of the not video because we are compiling some website and then maximize the result from it so this method I’m going to share with you as just requested by a customer actually our friend music for relaxation, they actually are regrettably the real name does not exist or is not shown on the channel it is actually through the honour of music for loosening so he surely queried the issues to simply how can i pressure links to this site actually if i use it we just find the answer so that you the can definitely watch video on the variant and you will be do you have to understand what it’s like the method used actually manipulates it is therefore will be a free tropical resource as 10 million plus free humid reserve will be it so we can simply use for our advantage to maximize the result from that and promote our affiliate produces for utterly free, whether you use digi store now 24 state and fitness, for example as clink bank account “if youre using” a video class visually whatever affiliate produce or network that you are employ so you can use, but basically us can be utilized simply in our video in our seminars for lesson the utility storage 24 or sound bank frequently whatever you have, you are unable simply log in with your system as soon as you signed off then you can log in to your note by go to the login button only now and then you can just go to world markets right here so we are here and the clickbank we are therefore can the clickbank product in actually promote this video so we can use health and fitness list so whatever the category is is interested in it so you can easily apply “that were going” simply depict as two examples you what is the best way to promote and how to really promote especially on this area actually that this person music for relaxation would like to request that how I can actually promote so then you can simply use any other procedure or any other product you are is like if you intend to it so you can use the same strategy and you can promote it produce absolutely free, so here can see that there are different state and fitness products and whatever commodity “youre using” so you can use it readily but the road is that we can use it and how we can actually promote it so the website we are talking about as actually you can simply pick the make precisely now, for example it is the make I promote so what will be the locate i can promote this commodity on the website and then it can take effect my auctions or something for example so the website we are talking about is just for example royal uh imperial artery dot com is a weak side actually that it is available worldwide if you just go to the tropical spring actually in agreement with the similar tissue so simply merely calculate the traffic source for lesson the monthly tour to this site is 10.9 million symbolizes almost 11 million traffic sources that means that every month the actually call website so this is basically the website we can be used to promote the product and it’s uh, which line-up represents numerous people around the world only berth different commodities and other parties are there, for example they is not decipher different sections and different legends on the site actually here you can see the see for example you are eligible to spoke in different categories and different parts from this website if you are writer or do you want to write so simply please click here so here you can see the bottom you will see find out different molds and now you can find out the members orbit for example etc.If you need if you need payment means if you is not want demo the ads on which feature and you detest it so you can only improve to premium and you will not identify the pop-up ads or something like that so we do not need freemium or not to have something like that for which we can use utterly the street so the heck is that this is how we can use and how we can mix google it and then exactly take advantage of it, so that the first and important thing is that you precisely is not have to log in to the website click on the right button right here so you can easily click on write as soon as you right-click the first expression so you will be redirected now this sheet your royal move for example indicate in or you can just create a new accounting actually if you use google and precisely want to login to google so you can easily only log in with the google or facebook or Microsoft for example if you demand signed off you can do or “if youre using” email address so you can add your email address address and you can basically exactly signed with that then you can choose your username and um you us or profile photo you can add and that’s all and it’s said once you’re done with it then you can merely accompany sheet like this your dashboard and you are already logged in with that so here you can see the predict option that you can read differently articles if you crave, but if you demand write in your scribes so you can easily exactly click on the freedom button right here okay and one thing is really important if you do you want to see the member states range here can see the members that they are categorized according to the captions and first for example the offstage as the person or username actually the seymour howards are good he was active and he his illustrate is actually one announced 430 upright on this area and he is level 20 17 so the more you on the forward get website the more you will be level go down so the more you level, the more you articles will be visible to others people and they can benefit from this and you will have greater involvement more sounds and more sales, i.e. the basic policy behind the site actually so what we need to do, we can simply sounds the claim button here, but as soon as you right-click here you can click include the button simply click on it as soon as you sounds the compute button here they are able to ask you the issues to instance if you demand affix any essay or regions here for example it is essential that we your own district or essay if you are not about the article mostly you will time ask for it for example from the originally scribe or copyright owner for example you can add his original email address and you are eligible to got a right link to that site actually that is posted on it so then they can review it and then after that they can approve it but of course we are not a novelist actually novelists and we do not know how to prescribe pattern and mostly what is necessary do with this policy so for this reason i just found out the two different ways actually that we give them the first and can do important thing is that we are able keep us clickbank uh actually link or affiliate ties the practice it is not change banned from the site, it really is important for the above reasons I merely found out two ways the first one is that you can only create a link-free account and formerly you make it then you can include affiliate links to the link tree chronicle that I have already realise it it’s my own one, i just set it else uh links within the spreadsheet account and it often does not affect banned on the places and it’s really a great method to promote affiliate commodities this practice, so it’s one mode for really deflect from the weave place actually the second way is that and “hes also” the coolest nature and good way and I recommend this room and it is better than as far away as you can easily go the blogger actually and originate one accounting if you do not know how to create just um you are eligible to simply go to and you can participate completely free so as soon as you sign up with this, you will “il be seeing” the alternative if you are new now you will see the option for example like generate a new blog, okay now it’s here because I appointed various blogs but if you are new to signing up if you are new to blogger, you are able to will he see here the option okay what the originate brand-new block something like that once you have created it, you can add it your refer and it is set and that’s all so that it’s really simple, once you initiate it, you will can click on a brand-new announce and you can only create a same post to this one For illustration, I really appoint this announce from designing essay you can easily go to design item irrespective of the section you are willing to with it you are eligible to simply reproduce essay or now on the blogger and you can post it and you can add your affiliate link in that so I formerly in something like created this one so you can do the same and you can precisely sign on for blogger for absolute free of charge formerly you sign on for Blogger you are able to follow that from that ezine clause firstly, you can add the deed you can add the description here and you can use the subsidiary connects you several times is it you people want so can easily add if you require formerly or a a hundred times it is not meters, it is you own blog actually no one can bend you over this and you is to be able to only create a very good bet and beautiful clause actually completely free and then can uu lent relates multiple times you are eligible to consume right here at the bottom the last tie, for example, is you attempt more information regarding call natural food answer today for more information when people are just on one of actually click these ties-in they will redirect to my affiliate sheet actually okay so formerly you have created it, it will be so be your blog first and you can move here tropically actually post so you can move traffic afterlife actually pole it is very simple and easy what you need to go to, you are eligible to simply go to google google restate the spoof is here that you can get it then you can only removed from is censored on the site so you can easily go to google move and you can type the keyword for example the wonderful keyword about uh something like how to lose weight uh overnight how to lose weight fast what is the best road to lose weight the very best tip-off to lose something so that it all differs keywords you are eligible to simply use it as soon as you use it and write the uh the clause here so it can be English language it are likely to be natural English language that you write accordingly, that is to say how to lose weight overnight, for example and the left side of sorry on the right side back you can choose its own language that you move it that way whatever its own language you are interested in it or you like it so you can easily select it and then you can move in it so I choose Spanish now the Spanish usage so here it is conversion the keyword to Spanish or the title changed to Spanish then you can do it, you are eligible to simply mimic it once you imitate it, you can easily adhesive in google and you will see the commodity by Spanish expression the whole clause actually that it related to how to lose weight overnight so mostly you can choose one of these anyone you require, you can for example merely click on it and this will be the whole article by the spanish lingo right here, so this is the essay by the Spanish speech so what to do we do not know the Spanish communication or if you use this article we will do it is boycotted “because hes not” us own conversation what is necessary do, we can use the simple google spoof or track actually by precisely computing your chrome stretch actually the Google Translate extension so formerly you get there you will see here let me show you here you are eligible to here for example the chrome discover google restate expansion you are eligible to exactly click on it and then you can click to alter it page, as soon as you click on it, translate it sheet automatically the whole sheet will be reform in English from Spanish, so here is the claim here is the description or something like that okay here is the whole article by english so what you need to do first and important thing is that we can go back to main site this is the hand side and we are able to pick uh the picture put-on is actually real important to use the cover-up so that “youve had” the can actually elect hue you can simply click here so formerly you click here, you can select the image you just want to post like any coloring actually whatever the image is, it is actually you can use let me construe so here is the picture you can fix simple click on open it will be open, so one thing is important here is written that you are, please use the image what is at least 400 pixels wide and 600 pixels long or bigger so you can time make it accurate this one uh by really click and adjust so we can resize it the basic lane ought to have several uh software for that but the coolest room is that you can simply go to your computer that you can easily go to dye or something and you can precisely adopt the picture open likenes prefer the picture this is for example the idol then please click here length and then select pixels and delete this check mark and now you are eligible to 400 write and then you can here 600 and write click on ok so the length is now 400 by 60 by 600 and then click on file and then click on save as as soon as you sounds Save, then sounds can be utilized your locating and here you can use revised or something you can understand that this is the size of which we are resizing it so now it’s done, you can close it and then you can go back to the prime website here you can just go there and you can click on adopt file click on stop mode to browse backwards and choose your idol ok let me see here is the image okay modernized simply click on open and it’s supposed to do now, the persona here is the designation you can use for example how to lose weight overnight lose weight fast overnight and easy okay and then you can, for example, choose scene of ocean actually signifies a short summary of you article you can use so mostly you are eligible to simply get here to the prime website here is a short road or a summing-up you can simply duplicate it and then you can paste it here okay there is some mistake you can stir remedy then you can roll down and the read genlstel for example what it is related to it’s science simple, you can pick anything at random like woo short story and others you can choose and then you can use the verse for speciman which labels you want to promote now you can choose whatever keywords you use uh wishing or what is similar to you example you lieu so naturally related to athletics that we can choose it and you can simply move and then see here if there is anything for instance sex material is there for you to choose but if it is not, you is not “re going to have to” espouse so we do not choose for it because we are not related to it and here is the first shifter now is to be able to merely included the assembly here and the period means that you only have a can add subtitle or something similar so you can mostly use whatever that for example the assembly so here is the chapter okay so simple i can replica the section and adhesive it here and now I can my employ uh, for example, I can simply imitation the section can use one by one so let me just make it a little immediately if you want to add the images or something you can basically add it so that it is important to add and then it will stand out from other persons and it will gaze a little wonderful and beautiful uh so striking when you use the images inside your clause so here the fourth gradation is actually so let me just add five steps for this article it will be great so this is a section okay here the chapter is now finished let me just remove it so your essay is now ready for publish here what is necessary do is therefore the most important thing and the main question that it human would like to know how can i implement it for example the affiliate attaches in this section here if you can see it is easier to lose extra phones actually uh to lose good, merely you are unable uh revise it so you can not implementation send relation now right okay, simple they give you the notice for example please is not include dissension to practice or PayPal connects here, you get onto submission rebuffed okay so one you have to do, you are eligible to go to the link here option and then you can choose uh go to your blog upright now what the hell are you posted it this is your blog okay, as simple as you are eligible to simply facsimile the blog upright because it is not a direct connect or something like that a blog connect actually so what you need to do you can simply become here and test the link here right and then click on save so this is not an affiliate associate or any other root actually joins so it’s another chart or the other for example section join what people can be proselytized for more information and basically it can exertion and it may be used important utilized to the blogger for example another essay or something so and you can use the one is it then the image is ready uh the entitle description and summing-ups as likewise done and use the right keyword and stuff then you can finally click on the steering wheel button As soon as you sounds the cast button it will be submitted here but it will just wait submission and it will be paid pending okay so it’s hanging see here it hangs well so it “il be waiting” just last up to 48 hours after that they can review your commodity and then they can go but “if youre using” direct tie-up here okay your section will be bent from website and you account will be closed, so this is the right course to use a deception or trim, for example the one that you are eligible to decode the clause from one word in other languages, because it will be a brand new article and the second way is that you can implement a ground sheet now like a tie-in tree or you can actually use to thrust an article and then bring for lesson uh topic in your tie so it would be the coolest method so thank you hope the issues to for music for loosening is answered here and it can really work and then he can make uh benefit from it so anyone can are benefiting from it so hope you like the video if you like the video pulps the like button observation if you have any questions I can respond to it as soon as possible if you have not yet subscribed to the path delight press the agree button and turn on the history notification when we upload brand-new video “youve been” advised if you support we satisfy share on social media what we can get through it all take advantage of it and it will be the great rig method to make money online so until the next brand video witness you with pleasant instants you

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