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let me ask you something, are you looking for a guaranteed way to make money absolutely free online without having to pay for any kind of traffic will be on this video today if you follow the steps I am going to show you on this video are you make sure you get pull clinks and sales with this strategy I have experimented it and it cultivates and I’m going to give you all the pranks there is a requirement to on this video to is starting, so make sure you watch this entire video step by step tread and if you do everything I can to show you in this video start paying as much as 7,000 a few months and even more, about$ 230 every day make sure you do not mount forward because we are going to start now and as I said if you follow this strategy you can start making money online, let’s go into it today guys, I want to walk you through and testify you a working approach actually very good for me use different types of affiliate areas, for example places like and places as hostgator.c to there are many places like this there are chaps I’m going to show you on this video you can use to make money online and it’s so simple it’s one of the easiest ways to get started as a fledgling to make money make online and for example if you are on a site like people host scaffolds that all individuals needs one day and they are looking for and I goes to show you exactly where you can find it if you affiliate bluehost what you want to do for example you want to come here and you want to click on affiliates firstly do it, it will bring you to a site like this and look at this guys, everyone who records on to bluehost you get paid up to 65 for every login I am right and I am I goes to show you how to get it for free traffic and if you scroll down here watch it, it’s completely free to join, what’s going to be the case with all the various websites I’m going to show you in this video reliable tracking, it has a dedicated support team if you need support, etc.Once you have logged in and you start promoting as I just goes to show you it is 65 for every characterized login the same applies to host ov if you come tohostgator and you click on affiliates here it will make you to a sheet that looks like this now look at this if you come here guys, you can be paid as much as one hundred and twenty five dollars per clue higher if you contact the threshold of 21 plus contact every month, ok a magnificent income river where you can do it to make money online and when you guys come here, guys, check it out sign on for our affiliate platform chaps again very easy to sign up, click here to sign up, share your link and you deserve commissioning like I said, it’s one of the easiest ways to make money with affiliate market as long as you know where to get free and free congestion generator, I’m going to show you today is worldwide and works for everyone so how are you going to use these two websites as two examples to make money online pay with this strategy if you switch to google now, people, and you type in for example hostgator versus bluehost or even though they are you typesomething like hostgator as two examples and you type in opposite it will give you all these options hostgator versus bluehost spirit father-god hosting receptacle aws wix dreamhost appoint inexpensive etc so these are all different opportunities you have to make money online with this strategy and when you come here if you click on it bluehost like I am here come here you have all these different locates now from people who do exactly the same strategy but I’m going to show you how to do it without a website and without having to post it on Google and try to compete with everyone it’s here, I’ll prove you an easier mode to make love to do is what you want to do you want to come here and you want to open all these different sites because you want to see examples of what beings are doing here, because what they have done is that they have created acomparison ing and they have their affiliate relates when someone clicks on the affiliate associates and continues with the purchase they earn money online this affiliate marketing strategy because they promote it different types of services bluehost hostgator identify call, etc ., once you open this and you come here guys you are going to find all these different locates now with people who kept all this information on this sites these sites are good and I’m going to show you exactly how you can do the exact same thing but then I’m going to show you where you are going to promote it absolutely free okay and so you are eligible to absolutely crush it and make money now the first thing you crave you want to find some examples of this so I’ll help you and present you what other locates you can use well so if we come here google docs with which you can do it too these other programmes you can do it with convertkit versus mailchimp you can do it with clickers versus group moves now all you need do it, go to google and exactly kind in convertkit versus and it’s going to give you all the various equations you can click on it give you all the different comparings you can do it host as I exactly established you kartra You can do it too with vid iq versus tubebuddy for people who want to grow now their youtube canals from here people, what you want to do is you want to come to a site announced this is a incredible site where you can come here to create articles completely free whatever number one you can also rank on google but i am going to show you where you can post sections so you can get a lot of traffic it is absolutely free plus you can have the links about this different commodities you are going to create and i’m going to show you where you get all the information so it’s not going to make you much day you probably need about 20 to 30 minutes a day to create it, and you can get thousands of views hundreds of clicks every day on different affiliate networks so you are eligible to make money online and a good deal of this happens regularly guys, which means you can be paid over and over in passive income with locates like convertkit for example, what you want to do is that you want toblog and wishes to’ a originate look after yourself once you are on blogger now what you want to do you want to click here and you want to click on the new blog once you have done it here guys you demand a createnow summon this entitlement here For lesson, you can do something like createhost against bluehost okay, then from there what you want you to do, do you want to come here let me only fix it, and you want to click on 10 x now now you go to create a domain for you, and you can just type in something like bluehost versus hostgator review as an example and it will show you here this blog address is available and it is from here guys you want to do you simply want to click save now as soon as you click on it to save it saves it for you and what is going to happen then is that it comes here and you can you established legion against bluehost then it’s you what you want to do click on the new post so under this subtitle you can come here and establish so many of these different you know posts are good under hostgator versus bluehost if you want to create more than one ok and then from here here you are eligible to simply category in multitude data versus bluehost as an example okay and then here, people, what you want you want to create a very simple article now to create this article can just come back to all these things different locates you witnessed and you can get inspired by using all the information these people have already posted on their areas, do not do it now recommend you time follow and paste it wants to rewrite it a bit well, but all the info is online, let me show you one that I appointed well just before the video is shown you exactly how it manipulates, so here is one I made now hostgator versus bluehost I came here and I typed in which one die be st offers ethic for fund, so if I do research and I wrote it well in my own words and if you come here, this is what I did, you can do it very easily all the options are here including the links you want to post now and then bluehost or hostgator what is better to post these portraits now you just mimic and paste the mini, it’s very simple well, you can drag them now simple to drag but after that it passes us the opportunity to give this appraise to all persons who looks for this information plus we’re going to have our connections now and I’m going to show you exactly where you’re heading now so it’s like you can see it previously you come here and someone starts when they predict, are they going to see it they come here it now so bluehost can be a good gift and all this substance then here I have if you want to check out the free trial period that bluehost has clink uh check out check out here well, and it is where are you going the link now if you are on off-color ehost here, guys, and you’re going now to sign up as an affiliate, it’s going to bring you to a page that looks like you want to be here and you come want to sign up and when you sign on you get your affiliate link and you go do the same when you’re in hostgator when you go toaffiliates it’s going to do you over here you want to unroll and you want to sign up for free once you sign in ok it’s going to ask you to get your affiliate link account once you’ve done that’s all where are you going to paste these relates now well if you promote it with the free traffic root i am going to show that people are going to read it and if they want to research it they can now easily click on it I will go now and I will provide much more value okay, I will talk a lot about this and I will get it all information from these different websites well so you can browse here and then if you have all the information, I will do here I say let’s talk a little more about the potential benefits of bluehost so I write everything the information w aaroor i want bluehost and then i type here click here to get access to bluehost then i say let’s talk about hostgator scroll down here guys and then i will click on excavation now click here to get access to hostgator is good, so I become have left my beings here four times to come here and click on it and then finally I said about what I believe is the best and what I found out is the best, but I tell them that both of these platforms are great’ s okay, one volunteers a lot more value than the other, but the one is a little cheaper so it’s up to the person and you have all your ties now, from here you guys want to do, you can get over it now you are eligible to’ pick a preview so let’s see an example of this here, so let’s click on the preview and appreciate exactly what it looks like, so now this is going to laden and it will show your preview now, it looks great guys, it appears very professional place ok it does not look like anything like it does if it is a rough designed well so you can see that it’ samazing and people can come here and they can comment and sometimes these things can be indexed by Google and a lot more traffic will come here other uprights than you could ever do think well, what do you want to do now guys, you want to get back to now, let’s go back, what you want to do from here, you want to get to now and you want to click on publish well, so if you first click onpublish this will publishthe upright on your blog, so you want to come here guys and you want to click on to confirm formerly you click onconfirm here it was now published so you want to go here you want to click on ok so this is now the published affix people now I want to show you precisely the two ways you can get your call for this number one you can simply click on it here, which will open theedited sketched preview where you can edit here is all you have to do here where it permalink Click on the drop-down list and you can copy the link is right, it’s going to take you dire k to the published copy the other thing you can do when you’ reon this sheet here you are eligible to simply click here to see what it’s going to do is that it’s going to make you to this page and that’s the link we’re going to use it to promote it well so we are going to imitation it and if you come across this it is going to look like you are going to have your links now we need to get the free traffic but I want you to remember this is something you are eligible to do get it on, these are just two commodities like i told you you can come here and there are more of these there are so many different comparings you are eligible to make money online with this strategy we are currently get free traffic, where are we going now target the best way to make love chaps and i’m going to give you evidence of my stats is to meet cora okay and i’m going to show you exactly why and how many answers you can answer this to give value the link here to this review so that people can find it and make you and money online so what you want to be do simple if you are on quora do you want to look for things like what is better bluehost or hostgator and you are going to find it all different questions about this guys extremely quite simple things and then what you want you require simply come here and click on this question now for example, what is going to give bring you to a sheet that looks like this and all you have to do is guys come here and click on to answer as soon as you click on it to enter, it’s going to make you to a sheet that looks like now I’ve prepared an answer to show you exactly what you need to do and where you’re going to post your relate so you can drive traffic to it and I’m going to prove to you that it work and then I’ll show you exactly how much traffic I’re getting good, so you come here and all together should be done simply is a terribly generic antenna ov, so what I did here I’m gone again and examined it and I only typed something like good both of these network hosting providers are considered one of the best online stuff, you come over here and you simply put a lot of people out of all the reviews i have read say that bluehost just comes out multitude with narrow margin here is the latest review i find for you now this is where you sticklink from blogger, people , now gaze how it’s going to look, hostgator says to bluehost, can you come here you can grab those guys and you are eligible to stress that people are going to come here they are going to click this and as soon as they click on this it is are going to take them right away about this seek how professional it ogles and they are going to click on your links and they are going to sign up as affiliates well, they are taking a look here because they are looking for these reactions it is good , now you come over here and you entreat a little more info but you can also come here people and you can again to the at the end of it the link to the review then you should come back here and click to submit, let me show you a proof of how it is with I went through it this past week and how I did it my opinion doubled well so if I come to quora and if I click on my last seven day discuss you can see here I have had over 1,000 their opinions and was let me answer about one day do you do my last-place 30 periods as I look at my last 30 dates you can see here that I had 2 000 panoramas which necessitates it is that in the last week I have double-dealing the quantities and I will continue to do so until I get about 10 000 sentiments can uu every week the suggestionaffiliate marketings that i’m going to be once i get it i get 10,000 opinions a few weeks perhaps 15 and 20 because i’m not is gonna stop and you can see it is all the answers i was posting here and it perfectly do beings manipulate first? the link there that they are going to read then they click on the affiliate offers and they will possibly log in and cora is not going to ban these tie-ups because they are direct links to an internet site , not an affiliate present good, and as you can see here can be found in likewise want to provide value so beings have a reason to come here read this voice the different rebuttals you attract here and “you know youre going” drive the issue of trafficking now that you are eligible to make money online is a very powerful strategy chaps but you do not have to stop there, you can come here and you can do things like what is better mailchimp or convertkit you can also do what is better moves or groups of moves all patterns I have given you this time again here is another here what is better vidiq or tubebuddy see how much You can get different rebuts now you can also do individual discuss to earn even more money online guys and really keep going with these different questions you can come here and you are eligible to have a gap in this procreate battlefield, call it the rating study whatever it is you evaluated it different makes to which you can drive even more traffic to make even more money online, I make, just imagine one of these products here( like 7-5-1-2) hostgator can offer you as much as two thousand six hundred for example and it’s$ 25 in one month one concoction people where you can make alot of coin online all you have to do is come to create the people a keep account with yourself and start announcing and you can earn serious money online with this strategy so this was my video for today people and how are you going to earn as much as$ 230 every day and magnitude it to equal more with this simple money online earning prank expressed appreciation for very much that you watched another of my videos from which I come smart money tricks, you take care of yourselves and goodbye

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