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All the claim guys in today’s video I’m going to show you how you can take a Clickbank product and drive congestion to it on it exerting Craigslist All liberty if you are interested in seeing this video and how you can make a bunch of fund by driving traffic from Craigslist to your ClickBank commodities you want to stay turn around and see this video ok we’ll get it started here now without squandering any more time in the first place the word is kevin lanner with liberty catalyst direct that you see here on your screen and if it’s your first time here in my country or you’ve been here before and still not agreed In the channel we’ll get there now while you’re thinking about it punched that subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the notification buzzer so don’t miss any new videos Upload I’m doing somewhat regularly here on this direct ok chaps with that out of the way let’s go Go ahead and get started with this video here today this is a very easy way and what you are going to want to do you are going to go around because later in a video now I will show you how to settle everything this on autopilot so you don’t get it on approximately do n’t you don’t even need to do half the task now m I merely do half of it and the other half I’m not so stay about it Coming here last-minute in this video ok let’s get started on this first of all what you want to do is you want to come here you can see it here in the address disallow right there clickbank. com come here for this website if you don’t have an history it’ s easy to create one at just click create account register fill in their use sound check box to accept terms and privacy and simply click create account they will send you a verification email Make sure you check it out then get your account supported on clickbank and then formerly you do that you want to come after login you want to come here and click market like what you see here it makes you to the market page you see here especially here at start with this particular method You can do any commodity you miss It doesn’t matter which Clickbank product you miss or if you demand Clickbank can’t be accessed because you don’t live in the US or a country that doesn’t allow access You can also go to digistore2 4. com and use their makes because that sister locate to c lickbank okay all right so what we’re going to do is I’m going to click I’m going to buy a concoction here for this example now and prove you how this I’m going to get it on so I’m going to sound the magnifying glass now and it exclusively shows the most popular makes on clickbank right now and you can see here As proved you can achieve 146.29 now with that and there is a lot below these are all great heavines loss because weight loss is the biggest market now more beings are looking for weight loss concoctions than anything else so we are just for me for example I will use this now I exactly “re saying” You also that again just like any affiliate market it’s a numbers game the more you affix, the more opportunity “youve had” of making money Well, it’s just the affiliate marketing method all right the more content you positioned the more risk “youve had” of it you’ re back to make money so don’t post And expect to make a lot of fund from that it’s not is gonna work you need to post and post and post and post and post a few epoch to get results merely adhere now I’m going to show you how we’re going to do this now uh again we’ll take any of the products it doesn’t matter now what we’re going to do is Take this looking for the product Now you are reaching 107 and 66 of that so what do you want to do is click promote and that impels your relate here you can make sure your account moniker you got when you signed up clickbank is right make sure you set that now and you can use a tracking id if you like it won’t I do it in this particular course but you can if you want then time clink originate jumping connects and that gives you the horrifying aged clickbank ok chaps you know what we are going to do next liberty we’ll do this thing now to right a little bit and we’ll shorten it now make it look nice ok so what i want to do is scroll up here i will paste my connect there and then we will click freedom shortcut here and that gives us this nice little long or short good see biddly the link here is much better than that nice click ugly click bank Long and as I always tell you guys a good plan to test your connect is biddly with it that we’ll paste it in and go and make us here to the product we see here this is the landing page it’s a sales video pitch for this product uh it’s called hunting ok so we’ll cause our billy tie-in sit here A Now now what we want to do is we’ve got the product uh we know we’re going to do “were having” our little association ready to go we have the affiliate relation and we’re going to come here for craigslist now the first thing here is craigslist do you see that craigslist is available to everyone around the world so it should be This is able to be done whether you use digistore2 4 because you can’t access clickbank or you don’t matter you use clickbank you can post from this anywhere in the world you can use craigslist click here ok so what i’m doing is i’m in the US of course i’m under us You can do this in any country you require and all you want to do is whatever you want Choose a city with a large area of population in which there is a lot of traffic Well, for my instance as you can see here I have all the cities or countries with cities listed in them now and remember more than You do I mean you can’t saturate that no no matter how many parties do that you can’t be saturated there are a lot of municipalities to do that all right now so what I’m going to do is take a good popular municipality like New York City as an example because there’s what I recall uh last era I listen It has 10 or 11 million people living in that municipal so I’m going to go ahead and sound NYC here and you see that it leads us to the brand-new NYC Craigslist once you get to a city on Craigslist what you want to do is come from here down and see here on my left where it says resume now and you want to click that’s why you have to remember that sound craigslist doesn’t allow affiliate attaches well we won’t glue any type of affiliate link or any type of pole although you can create a affix on craigslist but you can’t Affiliate products on Craigslist they do don’t allow it the way we’re going to do this is every different way now so stick around See what I’m doing here now you want to click resumes here you click on resumes and that brings you here and what I’m going to do is determine their search engine now I’ll write Now labour and you see it comes up Suggestions there which I recommend you do a lot of different keywords I use occupation from dwelling as you realize these other keywords written by people I wrote now and you can also use them because these are the For the kinfolks who wrote this before looking at what we’re going to offer now right now you actually don’t know what I’m going back to Craigslist and I’m not going to use this commodity because it’s not me I’m not recollecting here I’m going to actually use the affiliate product so we’re going to pick one of those instead so uh um i don’t know what i was thinking we are not going to lose weight now we are looking for an affiliate we are going to use a 12 instant affiliate plan here so just scratch what i said but you can do it with any product except word for word you can do this with any niche because this what you write on craigslist so yes it can be used for weight loss extremely but for me a specific purpose i am going for it today use the make money online so yes but you can use weight loss if you require just make sure you write the ones out there interested in losing weight under your resume or something like that do this way so we’ll click here and we’ll get our Billy link from here and our craigslist connect or not craigslist but I’m tied together here and we’re going go our commodity tie-in from clickbank for back the 12 hour affiliate ordering now and we’ll update die this and then I’m going to paste this here and get the link a little link so ok we’re going to leave this here uh we can test it now last-minute we’re just going to come back with a better leg now later for this so I’ll be back again now I’m squandering employ from home niche now sorry about that mixing up guys but you can still do it you can write weight loss now and find parties looking to lose weight so i use work from dwelling and i sounds exploration and come up with parties now looking to work from residence okay but you can do it in any niche it’s all right uh now This party says here searching for work from home so what do I click on that and the person or persons you ensure proves his article or resume here and this person is looking for work from home here you say he would be a good candidate for this now you already came with this right here this is what I would use “if youre using” a product for weight loss or you use a relationship product uh, let’s say you can do it in this field extremely you want to write your sort something like what you see here you wrote and “you know youre going” exploit the method used we will sell this we will do indirect marketing here now so what I want to do is click on reply when you come here you’re not going to send them a repo Reply instantly to them you’ll click on the right layer now and it shown in and wants to use this private email here you don’t want to click on any of the others here anything like that you only want to copy it This is here so we’re going to copy that there now what we’re going to do is this happen to ask you to at least have a gmail account you can get yahoo or hotmail or whatever if you don’t time get one it’s free to get one email account with gmail or yahoo or hotmail or msn or wherever they can use the email account file I now use one of my gmail details ok here and what I will do is click form here I come back here to the inbox and sounds constitute and this appears here and I don’t think I can attract it out but ah now let me what I’ m on it I’m composing a send here and I’m going to send a message to that person who asks for it directly to work from dwelling do the same anywhere else you’re doing you’ll do this same way now so I’m going to open up here now I wrote this like I told you guys you are able to implement this If you use a labor from residence or you are familiar with an affiliate marketing make you can use this or you can use your own and write your own in notepad so what I’m going to do is copy my address I’ll use this here Craigslist back right facsimile back here and glue it in the hole I’m wrong again I want to come back here to craigslist i have to get this email address first there we go then we will come back here we will paste the craigslist email address file which emails immediately to that person this ad was now on our topic here this is where we will positioned this here re craigslist resume right and we will come now for that and I’m going to paste that into the weave here and then I’m going to paste my send text file that you guys can use that’s let me move back out of the way here you guys can use this send if you want oh or you can write your own Recommended write what you want Totally honest With that is the best way to make love so I’m going to keep this here and all it says is we’re looking for a few domestic workers from the arena here I’ll position it New York from New York you are eligible to framed anything the city you’re in that has four to ten An additional mantra The title to extra hours a week to do business online I think you would be a perfect fit for this This is not for everyone We have prepared a exhibition for you Determine the income opportunity uh Please view it in full before contacting us Some requirements for individuals Interested in applying this business A structure that includes a desktop computer or Fixed laptop internet connection No talk saying this will only be available for a limited time so be sure to sign up and watch a instruct as soon as possible If you are interested really email me at kevin.laner1 This is the email account now for the link to watch the Watch the usage If you have any other training Questions I’d be happy to answer for you too What I’m going to do What you have to do is copy this here and settled mirths and then my name I’m going to imitation that I’m going to paste that now ok then what will happen is now once we do With this we will send this to them and if they are interested they will send me an email because my email address will be attached to this like yours it will be as well then all we do at this point is we just success send here and you will see right here Well you can’t see it because of me right there you attend the sense was transported okay so let me pull myself out of the way now and then the send was mailed now to you how do you do it that’s how you do you can do it in weight loss you can do it in relationships and you can get it on in make money online niche like i just show you now right now this is how we are going to framed this all on autopilot now so you don’t have to reply to every forward that is sent freedom all right or people who have come back and and or move mail email don’t have to come manually and reply to us to frame this on autopilot so what we want to do is we want to come here in gmail at least and you go to you can do it on others sounds fixes here and now we want to click insure all settings that open this here you are under the command of the general here in gmail all you have to do is scroll all the way down down here and you see here at the bottom where the respondent says leave now if you are in a different country and you are using gmail it might say something different about you but it is the same thing you would do You see it’s closed? Right now here we’re going to distinguish this little circle now to convert the vacation the transponder is working you don’t have to mess with any of this here this is the thing google change that every day precisely don’t leave this alone here I’ll place it in this thread thank you for your ask I talked about the right of your inquest “were working” from dwelling occasion ok, that’s what working from residence would be like opportunity every now and then uh we have our address there or rather our topic about this then now we’re just going to character here in the body of the textbook i mean you can do all sorts of things use and so on and so on now but not from Necessary just leave it now I’ll say thank you uh for questioning about this let’s go here I’ll be ok about this and you can access your civilize from here and then we’ll introduced a little space here at the bottom and that’s what we’re going to put our teammates a little link now we’ll is coming to that’s our tie-up now And I’m going to test it just to make sure it’s working properly and he does that returns them now to the affiliate thing for 12 minutes and they can watch this instructable here this instructable video and then if they log we’ ll spawn um now 120 and 7 cents but so we’ve got the referral link to r us there too so now what we want to do is in the autoresponder this is going to be the same as the autoresponder you’ll are now in now we’re going to glue that little tie-in right there like that actually I’m going to put that here this bigger link there framed a little space in there so all of them What you have to do is click on that funny attach because it will live in their email and then when they do that wreaks them to the product and if they see that little course video they buy you will make a hundred and what was $ 120 all you have to do is leave everything else alone you hear now and simply clink save changes down here at the bottom all right and those varies are now saved every time someone sends an email inquiring about the produce right to work from home google will route this answer however my billy fix them up automatically for me i don’t have to worry Go back and check my emails and manually send this to everyone who comes back and asked me to inquire about it now or the same thing will work for you the same thing will work for you whatever niche you use this in you can use craigslist for this then what you want to do is go back to it craigslist smacked your back arrow wah if you are in the niche of making money as i am showing it you are here now you can just scroll down and in fact we will write it back also use remote to work from residence scroll down and find the next like this person here says looking for work At residence I click on it and it’s uh uh the emails exclusively the emails are excellent and then I press reply that opens this I go back down do it the same process over and over and over and over again and like I told you guys the more you do it the higher your possibility of earning fund so do it in countless high metropoli spheres inhabited municipality areas that you can no matter where you live in the world with the privilege guys craigslist you can use craigslist to get it on just make sure click bios and email that person and do it that way And you should also be able to drive some traffic to your ClickBank offerings and you can do this with as many ClickBank makes you crave in either any niches you want to sell. for doing that in it ok chaps this is the video i had yours today if you like this video don’t forget to leave any comment or questions below too gives people a thumbs up if you like this video and don’t forget to hit the agree button and clink the notification buzzer there below and also if you Want to start Affiliate Marketing profile Make high business Sell tickets Want to click there where there says mentor with at the priorities in my description Come scroll and check what I have available for you there and see my first mode to make money online and see if it is right for you Likewise all the good guys I’ll tell them become though I hope to see you again here in a pair daytimes or so the next day Interesting video guys and I’ll see you later Bye now[ music][ music] you

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