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in this video I am going to learn you today how to use Google to make money online and get returning committees abusing a brand new site that no one is talking about and you can use it absolutely free to create many simple affiliate locates and I going to show you how simple it is a matter of this video and using this strategy you can be paid hundreds of dollars but I am going to show you a bonus programme where you can quadruple and position up more money online than that everything you need “re going to have to” do is make sure you watch this whole video because it’s one of my best prevent mysteries and you’re going to cherish it let’s let’s go in it hey everyone in today’s video I want to show you how to use Google to make money online make and get paid repeat boards with a brand new website that is not much of what people talk about and it was possible to done in 10 hours you can do it with any affiliate niche you can do it with hosting you can do it with email do sell you can do it with so many different scaffolds and i’m going to show you how to do it with recurring income to make a lot of money online and we are going to go straight into this away, let’s say for example that you wanted to go out and other promote types of email marketing software well it’s big in the industry a lot of people need it and i want to show you how you can create this very much fast exercising google okay so what you want to do here is you want to come here and category e email in commerce software and then you want to browse and you want to find a whole range of different types of email marketing software that you can promote the reason why I like email marketing is because many of them compensate committees repeatedly, so let’s say you come over here and you click on this about your 7 best small business email marketing assistances formerly you click on it it will take “youre going to” a sheet that looks like this and basically this sheet as you can see here are the seven best email job marketing assistances vi r small business and when you come here it is going to be seven different email address list marketing platforms you can promote as well as an affiliate that is exactly what we want to do, we are able to make money online, I am going to show you how to create this very simple affiliate site, so the first thing you want to do when you findthese seven or ten you can do 20 you can do 30 so much better of this as you crave want to come here and you want to start all this open well and when “youre starting” opening all this what is going to happen is it is going to take you over to their website and when you are on their website like this one above or convertkit for example what you want to do is that you want to beaffiliated with everyone of these different types of scaffolds because we are going to promote it on the one sheet completely free, well so when you are on these pages what you want to do is to sign up as an affiliate now majority of these areas when you browse to below is going to have an affiliate link or they are going to have work with us if you do not see it all you have to do is come over to google and character in constant contact affiliate platform you will find everything they click on it and it will transpose you to their affiliate program where you can utterly sign up for free and you have to do it for everyone some of them are good as you can see with many of these different scaffolds guys just for sign up you can be paid five dollars so every time someone sign up you are going to be paid five dollars and then if the committee continues after the tribulation you will be one hundred and earnfive dollars when they are good for a new paidaccount so you can make a lot of money with many of these different types of email market platforms the others one here is also convertkit for example guys what you want to do when you are on this scaffold, scroll down all the way to the bottom now and find their affiliate program once you find it and you click on it you will brings you to a page that looks like this again when you browse below, that’s what I’m talking about when you come here look at this they remuneration you every 30 percentage month for every single sign up you have it on a paid scheme, that is fantastic which means you can make a lot of money online guys and a lot of these email marketing stages when you have a look at their plans range anything from twenty dollars to five six seven hundred dollars every single month so formerly you get here and you’ has written for each of these on this sheet, what you want to do from there you want to go to Google over here and you want to google type sheets and when you google type pages from there what’s going to happen it’s going to go “youre going to”‘ a page that looks like this now if you guys enjoy this content guys i want you to do for me is smash that like button in familiarity and merely criticism I love your content because we’re about to get into the good come on and “theres going” an perfectly like it so once you guys are here you want to click on to go to Google sheets that are going to make you to a sheet that looks like that and from there you want to pick a blank sheet now once you have selected that blank expanse it’s going to take “youre going to” a page it looks like this and here we are going to create four separate categories and those four separate categories go like this the product looks like the starting price description and affiliate url thought it or not by recruit it we are going to use this information to be able to positioned it on another platform and it’s going to create for us a website that we can then share and I’m going to show you how to get free traffic to make money with this strategy that google operations ok so from here what you want to do chaps are you want to come back to this site for example and the produce here if you can see for this one here is constant contact so you want to copy that it is also when you browse here.going to show you what their minimum rate is for this product i think so you can copy it and the other thing you want to do is that you just want to copy the first paragraph now and when you copy that what you want to do is you want it everything in the first wire paste here and you want to repeat it for all seven these different email marketing software and when you do it once you get now and you paste it all in now what is what it is going to look like at the end is going to go so look like you’re going to have the produce it’s all seven products there and what i did was I vanished and copied the expenditure the starting price the monthly starting rate good so monthly starting expenditure description now and the affiliate url good so this is my url my id for everyone these different affiliate my email market services now I have simulated some of these a few cases goes merely to save us some time but as you can all see here what you need to do is get your affiliate in to settle url in this it is where the occult happens now guys and i have to pay you given attention so it’s probably going to see make you a long time it took me about 10 instants to finish now from there is what you want to do, you want to come over to this brand new site about here guys it’s called it’s a great new locate chaps you can use to use Google Spreadsheets to create these magnificent locates and realize what these different templates look like as you come here to templates and you browse you can see here they have a variety of different types of locates here and I’ll register you exactly how you can do it and the most part is guys it’s absolutely free for what you need you do not have to pay for the pro version are you able make love 100 free of charge it does not cost you a single thing thing so from here all you have to do is come here and click to getstarted once you have created an account for yourself that literally makes less than 30 seconds you are unable sign in with your own gmail note as soon as you click to start, it’s going to make you to a page that looks like this and when you first sign in I simply signed off for a brand new account because I just wanted to are benefiting from the pro pieces it necessitates is when you sign on for the first seven days you can get you the pro pieces even if someone does not pay for anything after the pro facets fall off and you do not need them and it was better costs you zero dollars so here you need to pay close attention so what is required to do people is what you need to get back to this page here and you want to copy this url now then you want to come back here sheet and you want to click on this plus button here if you do it it’s going to take “youre going to” a sheet it now looks a lot like from here what you want to do is you want to paste it google spreadsheet url here and click to continue as soon as you click to continue what is going to happen, this site is now going to b this locate egin manufacture for us and i’m going to show you exactly how to employ it all together then get the free transaction to promote it to see reappearing commissions and make money with this affiliate marketing site and it’s super easy chaps i mean we got it this stage and we probably did not even pass 10 minutes well as you can see here people these are the seven different we are going to promote now about here is the center of where you have to create it all well as you can see thefirst thing we here is the product is now if you come here to subtitle here, you can just click on this plummet chest and you can choose the monthly starting cost you can choose description if it wishes to you you can overcome, let’s say you click on this it is going to show 20 25 49 it is the cost of this product well but if you come here I want to show you likewise have these specifications also here and when you overcome here you can choose all these different well so the specification s going to give this site a little more info well so let’s say you came here and you sounded on monthly starting price as you can see here it’s going to show monthly starting toll as to report to really that 20, so it’s up to you how you want it to look okay so as you can see i like what it looks like i’m both okay and the other leave thing you can do as you can see if you click on product it’s going to show it’s ok again so you can play around with this and find exactly what you want it to look like when you enter the importdescription again it’s going to show that description again so i’m going to leave pit so the next thing you want to do is you want to come here and you have this buy button now, this is where you are going to put your affiliate ids in so when someone comes here see this site which we are going to fix in a second right and they look so good, they can buy it so you can make money, so you need here is a call to action so you want on this buy button sound over here and as you can see here, you have this tie-up for direct good so if you click on this drop box it will see affiliate url tab it is all the different affiliate URLs we have selected in our Google spreadsheet so if you click on it and what you want you want to come here and you might want to change this color, let’s say we want to do red for example, so let’s just choose red stuff and then here instead of buying, you can overcome here and you can do something like typingclick here for access well and then only click on to apply there and as you can see here it starts to take shape so anyone who comes in look at this can click here and it’s going to make them straight over to that commodity now do “youve had” some adepts here that you can choose you can play around with here if you want to look like if you wanted to watch you know anything else well, it’s up to you guys I quite like this style here and I’m going to leave it so here chaps you guys have some other options as well for example if you wanted to activate filters that you could click on and then over here you can come here and you can choose if someone wanted to search for example because you know the minimum price you require click on this stuff and what is going to happen if you scroll back above you can see that someone can come here and opt how much they are willing to pay it is going to help you switch it is good so if someone just wants to pay as little as 19 who click on it if that is what their budget was, they are going to see that aweber budget fits them when they come here and they like to pay a little more or proceed from cheapest to highest for example and they click on 49 they are going to see that drip fits of course that plan is good if they deactivate everything everything vanishes pop up so you can come here and you can choose it more so I’m going to leave it there now the next thing we want to do with this site over here guys is we want to come here and we want to improve this section about you miss this a bit laa t seems we can change the picture better alter clearly what it says here as good as you can see say it brings your ideas to life and we what we want to do is we want to change it and in order to better to do it must you get to now to where it says pattern you want to click on design here and you can see this is the homepage introduction if you click on that drop-down box you are going to find now bring your plans life very easily guys all “youre supposed to” do is to come back right after this website browsing to exceed copy it well because it’s a very cute claim come back here and change it over here assure v okay it’s going to change it’s up to you if you crave a page subtitle, you do not need it you can get rid of it as you can see it looks pretty good then now you can change this picture and I envisioned a really cool picture here on this page if you scroll down now, it’s a very cute image make sure you use any likeness “youre using” a copyright co m over here guys save this illustration as or simulate this representation to your computer then what you want to do when you get back to this page you demand over please click here on this upload button and then you can come here and upload from your computer i go on sound it we’ll open it ok we’re going to upload this illustrate now take a look now good, from here it’s what it’s going to look like, I think it looks pretty cool and then from here you can literally start promoting it’s the other thing you can do here guys is you can change it domain name so i’m going to show you exactly what it looks like over here you can change these multitudes now well so witness these multitudes we want to get rid of so you can come here and you can just type for example best do not do it in capital letter, okay best email sell well and then come up now simply to save as you can see it is available to us as soon as you click onopen here what is going to happen is it going to open it is on s page now guys so what you can start doing is you can start promoting this best email to a entire series of different places for people who are looking for the most wonderful small business email marketing service and what happens when they come here about this let’s say they click here link here it’s going to make them to this page here if they ratify you’re going to make money online as an affiliate if they come here and click to convertkit for example it’s going to them take over here, do you understand how powerful it is and why not many people learn you these good guys and you know I go out of my behavior to find all these good guys so if you appreciate it, press that like button in sympathy and was down and let me know that you love me quenched so from here we need to be able to market it, we need to get traffic for this and there are a few different ways you can do it that way the first thing you require do is you want to come here and you want to copy it now so this is our url you are going to reduce that you can come here and you can publish it is now the best part of these people it is with this particular site “hes going” also indexed on Google and it will sit there on Google people can find it possible but the most appropriate way to make money online with this is to promote it yourself and there are some routes you can do it and social media is your friends the first way you can do this guys awfully very easy is to come to Facebook as an example type in email marketing and then you guys can come here guys and you can see there are hundreds of different types of email marketing radicals for which you can utterly attach free of charge some of them are public some of them are private, you can join all these different groups and then you can start sharing this locate with everyone it is here the second place where you can do it o agree with Cora there are a lot parties query every single single question every day about the best email marketing assistances so all you have to do is come here and type in what are the best email marketing services for example and you can overcome and you can find a whole series of different questions you can come here and leave a detailed answer chaps and provide this amazing search site now where people can see it they have a description and they can buy it but most important, they have all the information at their fingertips they do not have to go looking for it, okay thats why korra is super powerful and if i show you my stats on quora ov because i answer questions all the time simply to show you how possible it has been so in the last 30 epoches I almost had3, 000 deems chaps when I come here seven days you can see 438 okay it toils utterly and if you post everything the time you will utterly get positions click and parties will buy it cora are awesome chaps the next arrange you go it can do is with a pinterest expiration pinterest is a awesome target to make love and when you form it is so beautiful confines i have just been concluded various videos on pinterest where you can go search on my path that haspinterest in the designation where i will coach you how to establish these quite simple writes and how you can link that site here to here as this person has over here and compose these stunning ogling pins so people can come here find your pencils click on your ties-in and they will buy one of the 7 10 12 15 produces you advertise recollect you can do it with email commerce you can do it with hosting you can do it with affiliate marketing commodity weight loss makes the world is your oyster when it comes to doing this strategy and it is super simple for yourself to now to begin the next one you can do of course chaps are on twitter simply come over to gab and search for anyone all “youre supposed to” do is come down here and email type sell as an example well and you can Share it very easily with anyone who islooking for someone to explain to them what email marketing is all about or what the best email marketing application is guys and all you have to do is to scroll down and respond very easily back to anyone so it’s a awfully very powerful strategy people and to summarize all you need to do is get to Google’s google sheets procreate one of these pages just like me now very simple have spreadsheet and then come to this site here paste those google pages and you can create one of these amazing search locates in less than 10 instants now if you want to make money use this strategy and pinterest you should watch this video now as I “re going through” and shows you exactly how to create the pens and residence the link within the confine in order to be allowed to make money online so if you want to include this strategy, click on this video now here for a full tutorial I’ll see you there until dan take care of yourself and goodbye

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