Create These Ads and Earn $1,000+ Weekly (Affiliate Marketing Tutorial) This Works Every time!

what’s going on with you in this video today want to show you how to originate your first thousand dollars to affiliate commerce commissionings that these very simple use ads you can see every time search for something on google but on top of that I want to show you where you are can find all these different types ofproducts certainly very quickly with the Click of a button you can see here when when you come here you can find everything these different types of products are I am going to show you how to sign up as affiliated but more importantly from there i will show you how to go Google ads and develop these very simple safaruss from there i want to show you how to do all the research to help you make money with affiliate commerce so you can start earning hundreds if not thousands of dollars every day it’s going to be a ended step-by-step tutorial you have to watch it because it’s very simple and you can start today let us go in what’s going to come out of you again the smart money tactics channel as i evidenced you in the intro today i want to show you how to make money with affiliate sell with these very simple ads now you can see when you scour something on google you are going to see it people have these ads here and they are very simple to set up and i want to show you exactly how you can do the same and where to find all the products you need now the first time you come to my channel do not forget to lower the bottom hit with the entering button I have some more stunning material came to see you and if you be brought to an end enjoying this video: like button to appreciate, so for example if you go to google people and you are going to type video creation as an example you are going to find all these different type ads there is people now come here and they register ads on these different types of software the time where you find it all different type of software chaps one of the best locates to do this is with a nw ebwerf announced if you come here to capterra you can see that you have lists tab now as soon as you click on this categories tab if we do it over here you will find whole list of different types of categories whatever it is you’ a series can getdifferent types of commodities when you browse here, you can see that you have affiliate software aml software you have software for animal protection got each software and you can think of an affiliate marketing platform if you scroll it down in alphabetical degree ranked to show you just a few people now you can see that I sounded on affiliate software and if you scroll down now you have sheets of this stuff if you can see that card trap seems now you have another one here called flourish surf is still a great one you have reference rock-and-roll and as you scroll down you are going to find a whole roll of this another one here are guys video revising software as an example of you if you can browse, you will find a whole series like in videos the working day arvan you have a vemma, you have obs studio and then is what you want to find out if they are an affiliate or not program another one now “youre seeing” chaps is email sell application, this is one I’ve been doing and I made a lot of good coin and progress with this and I want to show you exactly how you can do something very similar so you can start making money with affiliate marketing as you can see aweber etc, so one produce guys I am here on e mail market ascertained software that you can find here and find exactly the same one is convertkit okay, I have been a partner of convertkit for some time as you can see it also appears on captera and then what you want to do is find a product that you may want to promote what you want to do is what you want to get to google now and kind convertkit in okay, and if you scroll down, you currently consider there is only one ad for convertkit if you type convertkit hopefully if you go there go and you find a produce that sometimes no one goes to run an ad for it er, what does it mean for someone to come here and click on it? a very good chance to make a lot of money online chaps, so what do you want to do if you type convertkit here you see how many ads are shown but number two you want to then click on this concoction it brings you here from there is what you want to do want to scroll down to the bottom completely and see if they are a the affiliate program well, so what you want to do from there is click on it and once you have done that it will take you to the affiliate page and if you look here is how you are looking for a lot of fund you can earn with this look at this make product now pays 30 boards this is the best income share about recurring passive income income people are you going to spend money for this ad what you are going to do this one meters but you continue to pick the fruit and get paid every single month and I’ll show you how much coin you are eligible to move with this it’s astronomical if you scroll down now, you can see they have a bar calculator now also now what you want to do here you too want to see how much it costs to have this concoction so if you come here to proselytize kit you can see that they have a price invoice as soon as you click on the rate and if you click here scroll down, you can see that once you start with this it’s up to 59, it depends on how many email customers the government has, but if you start pulling this barroom guys like you can see someone with 20,000 up to 25,000 email announce readers can be paid anything up to 279 and then there are people they have hundreds of thousands of readers and you can see that you can earn 30 percentage of this every month at the moment I compensate roughly five hundred dollars a month, which intends by whom I signed up, get about two hundred dollars every month simply from myself okay, so this is di e capability that has there one commodity you can do it with several makes when you find the commodity and you like to benefit something like this is where you can deserve so much better money affiliate sales from what you want to do come here and sign up to become a connected as soon as you click on that it is going to happen to bring you to a page that looks like this you must first log in sign up, it will make you to this page and as you can see, say it again here where you will earn 30 commissions on each person that you sign on and it’s going to be your affiliate connection and as you can see some of my recent results are now clear these recent invokes are boards that I’ll be making later on the job I’ve been doing this for a while and on at the moment I’m arrange precisely over a thousand dollars for this particular week which is absolutely insane now if you procured the produce you now want to promote you want to do is that you want to transcended and subscribe to Google ads, because this is it where are you going to run these ads but before you create ads one pro tip i need to give you and something you need to check is you want to get here where it says tools and locateds click on it and exit now and click on keyword planner as soon as you click on that it isI will take “youre going to” a sheet that looks like this and this is where you can see how many parties are looking for a specific keyword related to convertkit or email commerce, so go you click here and you click on to discover new keyword as soon as you click on it type your convertkit in once you have done that you want to press enter click on to get results, one thing to be aware of depending on where you are all over the world you want to come here and realize where it says in Australia want to click on it and the addcountries you want to export these ads now, I’m coming here again and I’m going to the United District territories because I really want to checkvolume I’m going to leave Australia there and I will kl i to save now as you can see convertkit kaverkey is listed in google about almost anything from 10,000 to one hundred thousand times every month in google rummage so the capacity is astronomical and if you leave an ad at the top of page you will see this will get traffic and you will get sign ups and you are going to make money with affiliate marketing the best thing about it guys too if you scroll down here give you extra keywords that I am going to show you where are you going to leant it in a second so you also have a got a couple of can getthis other traffic as good as possible see convertkit and then some of this is anything from 100 to 1000 which isalso good because everyone’s looking for something like convertkit property sheet convertkit rate etc looking for possible sign up and you demand the issue of trafficking, what you want to do from here, you want to come back to Google ads now and you want to click on the new campaign we’re going to create a campaign so we can start indicating these ads so you can come here, click on brand-new campaign and it’s true you have to choose the goal that would make it campaign successful, so what you want we want a website to get traffic well, so the first thing you want is you click on website traffic which you then just wanted to do as you can see that it is a campaign nature select and we look forward to rummage transaction then you want to come here and click to continue once you have clickedto continue, this is where you can easily create a campaign name so we can just call it convertkit one as two examples then we is not require a presentation structure, we just want search traffic you are going to unleash it then you are going to doing in there you can choose “the two countries ” whatever it is you I want to show this ad that strikes you strongly suggested that these ads to t1 countries for example the United Government United Kingdom Canada Australia brand-new there are some European countries also possible that you can choose and do so just come here to location options and then you can select these different countries as you can see, recruit another in place here is where you would come here and accomplish d it in it all in about you, leave it just like that for the purposes of this tutorial I’m just going to leave it on all estates and areas then, as you can see here now with the language people I am I will leave it in English stand, I’m not then I’m going to touch on something else it’s coming to the campaign plan everyone. are you going to split research all kinds of campaigns and i goes to show you what it rekindles I entail it within a second but you can start very easily with ten dollars and ten dollars is enough to start preparing marketings and reproduced relationship committees every month from there you who are willing do you want to very simply scroll down it all you do not have to do anything now and then now and click on to save and continue as soon as you click to save and continue it we go to this page accompanies here where we are going to set up our a ad group now you can just leave it on this and leave it precisely ad group one that’s good, this is where we’re going to enter the keywords where it’s going to tell Google type of people who researched for it or are looking for this they are our addition to now what we know, will show that it was one of them clear convertkit now and you can very easily come here and sort it in here I’m sorry I typed it wrong region so come here convertkit, character it now there as “youre seeing” I want display you it’s something extremely important if you guys come here guys and set it in these inverted commas it’s going to look for a utterance or a pass well, so I like to do it always come here and settled it in these inverted commas and here you have these brackets that p races scour fit so if you type with convertkit expenditures it will simply picture it to someone who has exactly the same phrase, but if you were to gave it in these different commas here for example if you had to place a changeover make prices, it is necessary to everyone register forms in your know the lowest price for email sell something in the direction it has convertkit costs but it is not instantly fit rummage well, so what you want to do from here, as you remember, we have arrived at Google ads now under the keyword planner here and we’ve seen everything this other now, so what we’re going to do, we’re going to copy it one here is also convertkit land sheet that we’re going to copy what we’re going to get here, we’ll paste it in now, so I’m going to go into it again we’re going to made it in these commas now because we want it to be a phrase that accords here again, so convertkit affiliate program is probably not something we want to pay money for convertkit email is it emphatically so come here we can it particularly m aklik put in it then you are eligible to search for your own uh terms you feel good is okay, for example, if you would type convertkit review is again so convertkit free program absolutely we want the one and you get the idea people i used just come here and use it, but I strongly recommend that you use as much of ittype it( possibly ), kind in as much as you can come here convertkit free download chaps and find all the others say convertkit scrutinizes okay convertkit cost etc.Convertkit revenue and then what you want you choose it all convertkit services and post it now once you have done what you want to do from there people come here and click to save and now go on once you have done that it will bring you now to this page, this is where you need to enter your final url and I am I goes to show you how you are eligible to gave it all together here to complete everything these origins are now good for many of you who have not yet previously should not have the most effective way to get inspiration is from skin any existing ads, so the first thing we need to do is urlen in the final it’s something you are going to get once you sign on now as an affiliate so you can come here we’ll copy it we’ll come back to this page and we are going to paste it Look now the best thing about this once you have entered it final url, the presentation path is going to come up as you do not have to enter everything now and then you want to scroll down as you can see is going to show you now exactly what your ad is going to look like and you have some headlines here now with these headlines that Google is going to do it is going to test for you ok so the first one we can put in here is people a convertkit, so come here we can in convertkit importation come here and type email in marketing stirred easy you can come here and start typing free of charge now you can create importsimple land pages, then here, guys can send something like import from incessant programme as an example, so what’s going on now happens, go google play with this yes, it had recently been organized simple land pages that are sent endless broadcast conversion then for example can test something like start for free convertkit email marketing built easy as you can see go play with this and it is vanish it vary and I strongly recommend that you come here and fill this in as you can see now add power becomes much stronger here then what you crave here You can scroll down now and this is where you are going to add the bottom description of the leader and what is it if you go to google say here and as you can see someone displaying this ad now stands convertkit for architects so you can get inspiration if you type convertkit or you type convertkit in premiums or convertkit affiliate, etc you can come and get inspiration strongly recommend that you write it yourself or not rewrite it yourself now imitate someone else’s as you can see it is that this is what emerges here, what you can do is that you can come here, guys, and you can look at this as you it as wouldcopy an example and come to your ad here is what you would position now as an example like I said, do not copy this, establish your own and if you can see it come up now this is why we simply so our email marketing streamlined by blend potent automations with an easy-to-use interface , now you need more than that, because if you no longer sit what is going to happen, your ads are not going to work, it will not know you that there is not enough what you want to do is that you want to copy come here for example and pack it in rewrite it well, and as you can see if you go over it, it will tell you that you have gone over with the specific characteristics so you can just come copy it here as an example, let’s say we come here, we are going to copy that we can remove it click here to add the description and we can paste it here in order and if you can see it lead we show exactly what that ad gone on from there all you have to do is examine simple dig down now and click on save and continue as soon as you click onsave and continue to this page where it is reviewed now, now you have the option to publish this very simple ad so simply what the hell are you do comes from there you here and click on to publish and then from there what you do people, you come here as you can see add group one on which you can click which then scroll down now, click on ads and extension as you can see it is the ad now it’s the nicest thing about this as you can see it says nothing but it is now pending and being reviewed and it may need anything from a few cases requiredhours 24 to 48 hours to be approved and as soon as it is done is, you will be able to see all these evidences and comments coming in and you are going to start seeing this income coming out to everyone these people who subscribe, but like I said, you can very easily get here to this site now, guys called and find all these other different types of programs and different types of software where you can possibly even start originating boards right away, so you all need to come here, find it and gave it up and you are well on your highway to making money with affiliate commerce just like you with this policy experienced requires a budget of at least 10 per period but if you want to know how to do it absolutely free click here video here to make money affiliate marketing it is not going to cost you anything I will guide you the whole tutorial step by step i will see you till next time on the video you take care of yourselves and goodbye

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