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With the ongoing pandemic. All the businesses have shiftedthe working culture to Virtual environments. This has definitelymade digital marketing and important part of the organizationsto leverage their businesses and reach out to their potentialcustomers now globally. Speaking, the digital marketing industry is worth ahundred ninety billion dollars. This proves that if you are someone looking forwardto building your career in this domain, then it is definitelythe golden time for you. All I welcome you to this fullcourse session by Edureka.And today, we are goingto talk about one of the most in-demand skills, digital marketing andwhat follows is hopefully, everything you needto know to get started with digital marketing. But before we begin, let’s look at ouragenda for today. First of all,we’re going to start out by introducing youto digital marketing here. We will discuss about. Why do you requiredigital marketing? The emergence of Trendsin digital marketing. The various channels of digital marketingpocketing so on and so forth. Next we will move onto search engine optimization where we shall discussabout what is SEO and why do we require it? How does it workon page and off page SEO and the differencebetween them followed by this, we will talk about paidmarketing with Google ads. And here we shall talk abouthow to execute an end-to-end, paid ad campaign, and the metrics to beconsidered in Google ads. Next up, who we will learn about Mentalsof social media marketing, where you will learnabout tips and tools, used to master social media, marketing in the fifth module, we shall talkabout affiliate marketing.And in this section,we shall discuss. How does affiliate marketingwork and how to set up, affiliate marketing asa merchant and as an affiliate moving on, we are going to talk about digital marketingstrategy and planning where we shall learnabout how to make an effective marketing plangoing Further in this session, we will learnabout how to create an integrated digitalmarketing campaign and finally, we will end our session with theavailable career opportunities and future scopein digital marketing. We shall cover the roadmapto become a digital marketer. And the most askedinterview questions in additional marketinginterview with this, I come to the endof my agenda, kinda, take up this time to go aheadand subscribe to us. And don’t forget to hit that Bell icon tonever miss an update from the Eddie Rekha, you too. Channel. Also, to learn moreabout digital marketing. Do not forget to check outour certification training, the link to, which is givenin the description box below. So without Much Ado, let’s get startedover 117 million people across the globe, use the internet and morethan half a million people prefer using digital marketingfor promotions, advertisements, and finally sales.So hi guys, this is vaishnava from Ada Rekhaand we bring this to you, this amazing crash courseon digital marketing. So this video will beyour One-Stop solution for digital marketing. But before we get any furtherwith this session, let’s take a look at the agenda. So, firstly, I’ll give youa proper introduction to what is digital marketingmoving on, we’ll see. What are the differentchannels or components, which build the pillarsof digital marketing, which are namely search engine. SEO pay-per-click or PPC, content marketing, social media,marketing and email marketing. Moving ahead with the discussion but also take a look at whatexactly Google analytics does. And we’ll take a look at the conversion rateoptimization as well, and how exactly, you can startyour quest to become a perfect digital marketer. So, let’s get startedwith the session guys. So the term marketing isnot just about promoting and advertising your products. It’s a complex conceptwhere you send cross, the right, message to the right personvia the right medium.Not talking aboutdigital marketing. It is basicallypromoting your business through digital channelslike the internet website email and so on. So digital marketing has been around ussince the very beginning guys, it all started in the year 1970. Where a Pioneer programmerRay Tomlinson implemented, the first email programon Artnet system ever since. Then there was a drastic change or the DraStic growth inthe field of digital marketing. Now, digital marketing is becoming very popular dueto increase in the number of Internet usersmobile phone users and digital content consumption. You can also put thisacross like this guy’s digital marketing and Compasshas all marketing efforts that promote your product orbrand using electronic devices or majorly the internet.It also leverages averagesonline marketing tactics such as search marketing, email, marketing,content, marketing, social media, marketing, and mobile marketing, to connect with currentand prospective customers. The major goal isto reach your customers. So from small scale to largescale industry, operators, use digital marketingto promote create awareness about the product generatepossible leads and also get your product sword. Do note this, Guys, the ultimate aim is to benefitboth the provider as well as the customer, okay? So this was abouta brief introduction to what is digital marketing. Now, talking about the currentdigital marketing Trends.Statistics also indicate that the Indian marketingtraffic is expected to grow, 291 times biggerthan what it was in 2005. Now, talking about the digitalmarketing channels are like SEO contentmarketing, Marketing, email marketing and soon twenty-two percent of the entire worldspopulation is on Facebook and close to 50% of Instagramusers or on it every day. Now, you can imagine the scale at which digital marketingis growing right now, talking about the actual trendsof digital marketing industry. The first thing we have isthe artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is considered as the biggestcommercial opportunity for companies Industries and countries and willRuiz the global GDP by up to 14 percent by 2030. This means that a I latecomerswill find serious competition within the next few years. So, start getting up, guys, and have a look athow official intelligence works, and how digital marketingplays a vital role in this now, artificial intelligenceis actually considered as a cutting-edgetechnology and has numerous potential applications and marketing.It is also deployedfor Content marketing. Advertising andcustomer service. So this is also considered as one of the hottest jobTrend in the market right now. And the next current trendfor digital marketing is a chat. Bots chatbots will powerup to 85 percent by 2020. This AI based technology uses Instant Messaging to chatin real time with your website, visitors or customers. I think most of you know how chatbots work so nowadaysalmost 30% of the tasks of fulfilled bythe Chatbots company used chart boardsto provide services, like customer support,generating information and many more with exampleslike Siri Alexa, it becomes clear.How chatbot canmake a difference in our lives every day. And also this chat bot is alsoknown as a chatter bot, bought, artificial agent and so on. And this is basically a software program drivenby artificial intelligence which serves the purposeof making a conversation with the user in the formof text or Speech. So many people across the globeprefer using chat pod as they’re responsive platformfor 24/7 support like, I mention, it is mainlyfor building a conversation with the user and respondingto their queries. It mainly helps in answeringand it also helps in very accurately recallingyour entire buying history. But most often, these are used toanswer simple questions or help a user accomplish,a simple task. So, this is also one of the latest trendsin the market right now. Now, talking aboutvideo marketing video, marketing is oneof the most famous, and most importantmarket trends today, and is likely to continuefor the next 5 to 10 years.I think most of the viewers outthere know the value of a video. Also, a notable factors that seventy percentof the consumers say that they have known a brandby watching their brand, promotional video ondifferent marketing channels. The marketing channels will definitely includesocial media marketing, which has a very wide platform. Also, in addition tothis 52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos, make them moreconfident in online, purchase decisions. So video playsan important role guys. Here, I can reada lot about anything that is happeningthroughout the world, but watching a video is equivalent toreadings and books. No, when I sayin video marketing, YouTube is not the only wayto achieve traffic. So, when you’re talkingabout video Marketing, in terms of digital marketing, YouTube is not the only wayyou can achieve traffic type that plenty of ways to drive higher engagement ratioin terms of video marketing.As you have all the chancesof making a small video post or started live broadcast on, either any socialmedia platforms, like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, or so on. So this is also oneof the latest trends Friends of digital marketingright now and the next counts, the biggest hit of the Year, augmented and virtualreality marketing, augmented reality, advertisements ranked among the top applicationsused by the marketers throughout the glue using this. You can bring staticor unreal environment. Something that wouldintegrate the offer with the reality of the buyer. What do I mean by offerand the reality of the Bayou? It means to say that you can experience a A lotof things right in front of your eyes but just that there’s a little difference between what isbeing offered to you. And reality reality is goingto be completely different with the offer. Now this trend is oneof the top highlights of the Year 2019. And according tostatistics are AR and VR worldwide Market sizeis expected to reach around two hundred and ninepoint two billion dollars in only five years. This is definitelya very huge amount guys.So augmented and virtual realityis going to be the future of digital marketing. Now, the next one that I have on the listis voice search. I think mostof you use smartphones and also everybody knowwhat our voice assistants. And when I say voice,search voice, search, or Google voice, search is a Google product that allows your user to useGoogle search by speaking on your smartphoneor your computer.That is half the device sir. For data upon enteringinformation on what to search into the device by speaking. So we have a lot of Technologiesintertwined for this. Also, there is something called,as Alexa and city, right? These make our lives very easy, you can just find anyof your restaurant or any of your queries,any of your doubts, regarding any of the topic. You can just sayhello Google or OK, Google. And just say, Alexa find me a best restaurantor find me something to wear. Find me a place which is very cozy and allof these, right? So this is how easyour lives are right now. So talking about this, that’s of voice searchin the field of digital marketing hundredand eleven point. Eight million people in the US are usingvoice assistant in a week and also around 31 percentof smartphone users across the world will be usinga voice-activated search like CD Alexa. And so on businesses must always Because on their marketingOutreach efforts for using voice engine optimization. This helps in letting you know,about your target audience, who might use your keywordin their voice queries.And so on, also do focuson long, tail keywords, this is because the searches aremore likely to be more specific when it comesto asking questions. You can just ask what is digital marketingby just calling up Alexa, just tell mewhat is digital marketing? It will give you the top. Search engine results. So, this is how easyit is become guys. And also, you can make use of this to promoteyour product, as well. Now, talking about theimportance of digital marketing. Why exactly do weneed digital marketing? Why is it so important in our day-to-daylife basis, technology? Well, again continues to drivebusiness in the 21st century, and Mastery ofdigital marketing. Techniques is a mustknown pretty cool site. Well, I guess you guys are awareof the term too. The marketing as a medium to promote your productand your business. That’s absolutely right guys. But why do we needdigital marketing? What’s so important? Or why do you think you need digital marketing foryour business strategy and also how do you think digitalmarketing is important? So let me just put outa few pointers to you guys.These are the major reason why you should actuallyhave two digital marketing. So today’s marketing strategy completely dependson digital marketing. During so when you are strategizing your businessneeds digital marketing plays, an important role here. So how do you create a strategyin digital marketing? Each company hasits specific set of goals but the majority of themare only concentrating on driving sales to their organizations andfinding new gateways to success. This is where themarketing strategy comes into the picture to takeyour company’s work, more effective. You have to take advantage of all the mostvaluable marketing resources and Technologies. When I say digitalmarketing strategy, it is basically a plan of action to achieveyour marketing quotes. The next important thingwhich will lead to great success of your organization would bethe increase number of sales.So digital marketing helps in driving more salesto your organization which in turnincreases the revenue and also the pay scale. Now, the next one is it helpsyou run your company branding. Your company is a must guys. So, you should be very confident about what your companyis dealing with. And also, you should knowhow to promote your product, promoting your product and branding, a productis a little different. So please note guys branding, your product ismaking people know that your product is worth buying and also gainingthe customers trust. Now, the next one is it is easy to get familiarwith the marketing channels. So there are close to six or seven or seven to eightmarketing channels available and Sing along with thesemarketing channels is very easy.Well, you guys know about seo seo issearch engine optimization which is basically usedfor blogs or articles that you write and email marketing isfor prospective customers. Send out a professional email tothem and get a proper response, social media marketing, mainly deals with promoting a product on the socialmedia platform and so on. So getting along with thesemarketing channels is Very easy and also digital marketing helps build a better relationship withyour customers or prospects. So this is actually whywe take up digital marketing. Getting people’s trust building. A good relationship with themeventually leads to the growth of your organization. Digital marketing isone such platform which helps you builda better relationship with your customers.Now, the next one is better Roi return of investmentis also an important. In factor that influences,the profit of your company. So the amount which you investin the marketing channel or marketing medium is goingto be really very high, but by using digital marketing, you’re going to begetting a lot back. The money, which youare going to be investing on a digital campaign or a digital marketing campaignis definitely going to be coming back with better interest. And also digital marketinghas a wider and dynamic career opportunities. You can be Be hiredas a digital marketer. As for the roleof SEO manager, content manager, sem specialist and so on. Okay, so these arethe hottest job roles in the market right now guys, so grab the opportunityand seize the day, and also, the important factor, which influences, your company’s growthwould be appearing on the search engine result pages that ison the front page of Google. So making a company appear on the search engine resultpages is A tedious task in hand, but by using digital marketing and the techniques you will beable to make this task easy.So, these aresome notable benefits or I would say importance ofhaving a digital marketing team in your organization. So now that you’ve understood what are the latest trendsin the market and also the importance of havinga digital marketing team or importance of havinga digital marketing campaign in your company. Let’s move ahead and take a lookat the top reasons. Why? Why you should learndigital marketing. It has a varietyof career opportunities. Digital marketing givesyou a huge scope and a multitude of job optionsright in front of you, a recent report. Also states that there areover 75,000 job listings on the very famous job boardin that is, do not guys. This field is in high demand as many digital marketers startwith the salary range of 45 thousand US dollars. Unlike other fields digitalmarketing has a lot of opportunities for freshers aswell as experienced candidates, not only in terms of jobs, but also you can earnas a freelancer, digital marketer, and make some awesomeamount out of it. This field is actually evolving and hence it creates a lotof opportunities for freshers and experienced professionals. If you’re out there lookingfor a job in the field of digital marketing, now is the right timeto start preparing yourself. And also, the mostimportant part is, it is easy to starta new creative business project. You can easily createyour own project by making use of very, commonly used platformssuch as YouTube, blog creation, and affiliate marketing.These are actually a partof digital marketing guys. So, once you understandhow this works, you know, where to put in more effort, which marketing channelyou should refer to reach your target audience and so on. And also, in addition to this, you’ll also haveenough knowledge about about optimizing your blog and the marketing channelof your choice. So your audience can find you. So this is like you dosomething for recognition but in return youget a lot of trust. So this is likea chain reaction. Now once people knowabout your project and also have a varietyof career opportunities, it is easy to generate result and the digital sales funnelsocial media platforms, like Facebook,Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more are responsiblefor driving good traffic. Your website, these applications even involveadvertising your product. When a user lands on your website manytend to browse more than just the webpagethat you land them on. Once they click out the webpagethat you land them on, you probably lostthe potential customer lead that you could have to follow up on generating leadsfrom the sales.Funnel is actuallya very difficult task, keep a hold of how your customeris going through your videos or blogs or your Content that you create and alsodo answer all the queries that they have about any of the problemthat they’re facing. It is easy to drive, traffic to your websitefrom digital markets. Once you shift your focusto digital marketing, there is no turning back guys. The reason behind thisis having a website and letting the audience knowabout your product, or service isa very difficult task. And with digital marketing, this is definitely made easyas this plays a major role in, Generating good trafficto your website. You will have allthe opportunities to convert them into sales. Now, the next isdigital skills Gap. There’s an enormousdemand for people with digital skills especiallythe soft skills for those under the income bracket sosticking with ongoing scope in this area.Even if you’renot a complete tacky, you’ll have to lookat the foreseeable future of digital marketing. The skills Gap actuallyrefers to the difference between the skills required. For a particular job. And this kills the person actually possessthe skill Gap is responsible for not being ableto perform a complete job. So using digital marketingyou can upscale your learning or knowledge aboutthe trending technology. Now the next major reasonis the versatility. Once you master the topskills for the role of a digital marketer, you’ll have a lot of exposureto the broad set of skills. This makes it easy to changeyour focus and later if You decide to switchto a different specialization? The actual fact is, if you choose a career path, a specialization in the fieldof digital marketing and then decideto provide later, you’re likely to need a little training in orderto make the switch also, you could work underany specific domain of digital marketing.This can keep your skillssharp and your work. Very interesting in this sense. You can upgrade existing skillswhile still learning new ones, but also staying the same I’mfield in digital marketing. There are plenty of choices andongoing learning opportunities where different skills fittogether in different ways. And the next factor, which influences the needfor digital marketing is this field is evolving. This is an evergreen fieldwhich is always evolving. Digital marketing isone such field where you’ll findsomething new to learn and follow you’llfind it interesting and gives you freedom to bemore creative in terms of Of creating a master plan. That is a masterdigital marketing plan. It is going to help whether you’re taking the leadon the initiatives or not. Since there are varietyof Specialists working on a given agency. You’ll also be workingalongside professionals with the variety of backgroundsand new strategies. So, get your hands dirty with this amazing digitalmarketing field right now.One major factor whichalways people look for, is how to stay Updatedwith the current trends and how to stay aheadof our competitors adapting, digital marketing to yourorganization is a must guys, by doing this,it lets, you know, your own company and alsoyour prospects interest even though you make good contentand beautifully design. Your website, you might stillend up not getting enough leads. This is possible. This is like the reality, right? This might also be because you don’t knowabout the current market trends. So unless you’re Up to datewith the current market trends and also try to adaptthem in your company.You’ll have a rough timeplanning your strategy. So digital marketing is one such way through which youcan always be one step ahead of your competitors. Now, the next major factor, which eventually increasesthe growth rate and also the job opportunitywould be having a good certification course, having a digital marketingcertificate is definitely going to help you getbetter job opportunities. Opportunities in this domain. Also, 60% of the professionals, feel that online certificationshave helped them a lot in. Mastering this amazingtechnology, let’s move ahead and take a lookat the components or sometimes, which is referredto as the channels or types of digital marketing. But before you can actuallystart your selection process to identify the bestdigital marketing tools, you must always be familiarwith the various channels that are available. So Convention that aremainly five to six channels of digital marketing. So the first one on the listthat we are going to be discussing would be searchengine optimization or say SEO. So almost all people usingthe internet are familiar and are making use of search enginesto look for anything that is promisingand worth searching for, in fact, up to 93 percent of online experienceshappening to people, usually Begin by usingthe simple search engine.People use search enginesto look for information regarding a productor brand or service, it is also statedthat 60 percent of search engine users. Find a local businessto satisfy the particular need. So SEO is basically the process of optimizingcontent technical setup and the reach of your website. So that your pagesappear on the top of the search engine resultPages for any specific keyword. The major goal isto attract visitors. Your website when theysearch for products or Services relatedto your business, this is going to profit the visitor as wellas the business because the number of views that you get isdirectly proportional to the number of Revenue or the number of sales thatyour company deals with. Also, a fun fact to note hereis WordPress users alone. Published over 2 million posts.Every day this comesout to approximately 32 blocks every second. So this means that the user these arepublishing over 216 blog post, while you’re stillwatching this video. Also, even on this blockcreation sector I would say we spend around two to three hours and also it might goup to maximum fires when you’re writing a Blog. This is because we arewell aware of the fact that I should makea Content appropriate. And very appealing,it takes time to make it good, make it promisingand also give a sales pitch. So now that you’ve understoodwhat exactly is search engine.Optimization. Let’s take a lookat a few key points to note while you’reoptimizing your content. So firstly that I have on thelist is optimizing your content. So try to Targetbusiness analysis here, you need to be sureabout whom to Target and how to Target you might findpeople with relevant taste and thirst but they wouldn’t beconvinced with the type of content you create. So try to Targetthe Right audience. The keyword alsoplays a major role in better content creation guys. This is basically Ali. The development of a prioritizedlist of Target search items that is relatedto your customer base and market segments. So, do note that guy’s keyword. Also is importantfor search engine optimization. Now, the next thingis web analysis, web analysis helpsin analyzing visible text and code to determine how well you’re positionedfor search engine. Alright? Now, the next way to optimizeyour content is p word.Is that as I mentioned, keywords, play a major rolein better content. Creations keywords arethe targeted list of topics that are related to your customer basedo review competitive lists and other pertinent industrysources to get a hold of, what are the keywordswhich are ranking? Also check for how manywebsites are competing for each keywordprioritize keywords and phrases plurals singularsand misspellings, okay? So keep a note of these Guysand also long keywords, will help you rankmore and do check for search volume, guys. This helps, if you want to knowhow many people are looking for the content basedon your business.Now, once you know this, you should knowhow to rank your keyword. So, Google ranking playsa major role in creating traffic and generating possible leads. So check for your contentevery month to see where exactly it is positioned. So this wasabout keyword research. Now, the To way to optimize your SEO isby optimizing your content, create a proper lens title. Also, it should be keyword-basedas these established page team and direction for your keywords, use meta, descriptions or meta tags that helpin providing the user. The gist of what isthe article about. So, these are the ways you canoptimize your content using SEO. So now that you’ve understood the different waysto increase traffic. Traffic. Let’s take a lookat the different types of a CO in use. So we mainly havethree types of SEO in use. So the first oneon the list is white hat. SEO. White hat is the mostpopular SEO technique that utilizes methodsand techniques to improve. Search engine. Rankings of a website, it carries less riskand tends to deliver lasting and compounding value.Over time, it adheresto That Master guidelines, guys. So this promising Lee followsthe guidelines of Google, whereas we have somethingcalled as black hat SEO, which exploits, the various weaknessesin the search engine algorithms to get higher rankings, it is also not in accordancewith the SEO guidelines set, by the Google search engines. And using these techniques, you can expectan unpredictable quick but short lasting growth in results. So this is going to helpyou guys in a A way, but it is not goingto be there permanently. This is a temporary sixes, which are goingto be achieving. So, white hat,SEO is legal, and proper way to promoteor create content. But black hat SEO is somethingwhich is illegal, and also it gives you resultswhich does not last long. The next oneon the list is gray hat, SEO grey hat, SEO is neither theblack nor white, but it rather combinesboth it is a transformation from Black hat,SEO to white hat, and vice versa.So this was aboutto brief introduction to, what is SEO optimization? Now, moving on, let’s take a lookat pay-per-click pay per click, which is alsocalled PPC for shot. Refers to the sponsored results on the search engineresult Pages or strp. PPC ads are visible flexible and effective for manydifferent types of organizations with paid search. You only? Pay when your ad is clicked. So these are basically the ads that are present on topwhenever you search for a particular keyword. So, essentially, this isthe way of buying visits to your website rather thanattempting to earn those visits. Organically SEO is organicmarketing and pay-per-click is your spending moneyon that ad to get a click or to get peopleto buy your product. Search engine advertising is one of the mostpopular forms of PPC. Now you So, I’ve had this thoughtwhen I see as what kind of adds am I going to be seeing? These are nothing but Google adsor formerly called, as Google AdWords.PPC is, commonly associated withthe first Tire search engines, like, Google AdWords. So let me show you guyshow exactly this adds look like. So, if I search a dude,a cow over here, you can see I’m gettingan eye over here. It says add a new recordor co-ed you take a course. So this is A paid ad or PPC. So this is exactlyhow Google ads looks like. It is going to beon the top ranked when you searchfor a particular keyword. So the key wordhere is a Eureka. If I’m going to be searchingfor Eddie Rekha, this thing pops up which has PPC you’ll normallyfind shopping ads and text ads. Now, why do you need PPC? How does it help your business? It’s just spending somuch money on something.People would not preferinvesting on So firstly you need PPC to generatemore traffic to your website and as the link standson the first position, the possibility of people landing on your websiteactually increases. And another major reasonwhy you should opt for PPC. In your business isthe speed precision and the agility speed. As in the advertiserscan quickly drive a significant amountof traffic to their website. Precision is for creatinga highly targeted audience, too. Show your adsand it is straightforward. Agility refers tothe performance measurement data which is availablepretty quickly. So for all these reasons, you should go for PPCfor your business. Now there must be some downfall if there are somany noted Advantage for a business strategy, right? So, what are the drawbacksof using PPC and how you should be awareof the malfunction? So the major drawbacksof BBC would be the cost and the volume. Cost is one major Pitfallof using PPC marketing because the amountof money you spend, on each ad is very high. So depending on your competition and the business requirement PPCwill benefit your organization but you’ll have to spend moreon it and the volume.If the users aren’t searchingfor products or services that you offer searchand shopping ads, won’t generate much trafficdoes leading to the downfall of your business, okay? So what sort of PPC, AD should you gofor other any types or so on? So the types of PPC ads completely depend on yourmarketing strategy and codes. So, you should alwaysbe aware of the ads that you want to promote grass, the interest of the viewerby making it more appealing.Desire to promote your product. This is the masked guys, because until andunless you like the product that you’re promoting, nobody would actually gofor it, right? And always be ready. Need to take actionon any of the activities that might leadto revenue generation. So you should be well,aware of what you’re doing. So, what are the notable things that you should knowbefore going for? PPC, you should knowabout digital ad strategy, digital advertisement design, add landing page at targetingand pricing add strategy or the digital ad strategyis the important part of PPC, you know, how to develop the foundationof your Business with the step, by step process to create goals and Persona segmentsfor your campaigns. Also, the cross-channel methods for acquisitionnurturing building. Customer loyalty and brandingare very important in this face. Now, the next one isdigital ad design.If you break down,the differences between PPC, display and socialads, you know, that the benefitsand the best practices for each, find out how to writerelevant ad copy, headlines lead generationforms and Dax that is called to actions. Also, learn aboutrelevant, imagery content, including cinematography video, flash, banner, ads,pop-ups, and so on. Okay, now talkingabout the ad landing page, no matter how muchtime or money, you spend on digitaladvertising campaign, it will all go in vain. If your landing page, doesn’t resonatewith your audience, optimize your firm’s adsand landing page design by platform andset lead generation. And Social media goalsto ensure a seamless and personalized experiencefor every visitor. And how does AD targeting work? You need to discovervarious ways to reach a Target customers, includingadd content, geographic, location, behavioral, and buying patternsaudience, behaviors, specific demographics,and many more.And at the end pricing, you can developa comprehensive understanding of what the models meanfor your business. 2G and also do cover the manualand automatic bidding and many more Sothis was everything that you need to knowabout PPC marketing. So let’s move ahead and take a lookat content marketing. So, this is actuallyconsidered as the key to success of your organization. So, there is a famoussaying content is anything that adds valueto the readers life, and also, there is another saying, which says content is the king, this saying had createda lot of Buzz, amongst the online marketers and this is a differentarea of marketing. England, social media,and SEO marketing guys. So content is the heart ofwhat we do as marketers, you talk to the customersclients and the viewers and whomever you wantregardless of what form, it takes of the contentcontent marketing is the use of that content.Any of it to helpmeet a marketing goal of your organization that could be the acquisitionof potential customers retention of existing ones, reach more peoplewith With your brand, or your product and really,anything else guys. So, what do you understandby the word content? Content, actually means something that hasvaluable information. In terms of business, it is related to data and strategy of how to deliveryour product to the audience and the standard definition of content marketinggoes something like this.It is a strategicmarketing approach that is focused on creating and distributing valuablerelevant and consistent. Content in order to attract and retain a clearlydefined audience. It ultimately helps Driveprofitable customer action. So, what are the major reasons? Do you think would helpyou consider content marketing as a career opportunity or foryour business aspect as well? So, content marketing headits increase the sales which in turn increases the revenue. You’ll be saving yourselffrom spending more guys. The amount youspend on content, creating and marketing. Marketing is less compared towhat all the other people do. The major reason, to shift your focusto content is that you will gain a lotof loyal and good customers.Now, what exactly is the history behind the growthof content marketing? Now, you’ll wonder why the word content marketingcomes into picture. Was it there since the beginningor was it named recently, the answer to this is, it was used in the year17:32 by a man called Benjamin. In Franklin who publishedthe first version of his annual? Poor Richard’s Almanache did this because he wanted to advertisethe new printing business that he had created. So this very event laid, a proper foundationfor what we are today. So, why content marketing,why not any other feet? No doubt that content marketing. These days is very popular, man, many short scaleIndustries are using content marketing for the growthof their business organization. But you can’t do something just because it workedfor early adopters and just because massive B2B and b2cbusinesses are using it today. Doesn’t mean thatyou it is, right? Even for you choose a domain that you are comfortablewith working and then strive to reach your Target and also categorize your agenda as to what part you haveto put in more effort, this will eventuallystart giving you convenient results, okay? You will find a lotof people using social media.Yeah. Applications like Tick-TockInstagram, Facebook, and all these applicationsare actually considered as a platform forDistributing the content that you create a henceresulting in a lot of traffic on to your website. So let’s take a lookat the sales funnel. Guys, the main reason whythe actual reason for you to work on content marketing isto sell your product. So the Outlook of content,Marketing sales funnel, look something like this here, you can see that the numberof viewers Is are high.This is the doublenumber of people who are actually purchasingyour product, guys. So, say close to 75 percent of people are looking forinformation about the content that you already have. And the next phase is the one where the users showsome interest in your website, or your content and has thought about goingfurther with it here. He or she has to decide if he wants to invest moneyon your product or not. This is closeto 23 percent guys. So, these many peopleare actually looking forward to taking a Your productin this face, he or she actually wants to lookinto more further information, regarding a productand has related queries regarding the same. So this is also a crucial phase for customers as wellas the organization’s because there is a chancethat the customer might end up, not buying or Demandsa lot of discounts.So this is the most importantphase of content marketing. Okay, so here you can add anor you can talk about your blogs or your videos orOr your guest blogging, and all the achievementsof your company, as well. The last phase is where the customer endsup enrolling or paying for your product. The density is very lesscompared to the number of visitors on your website. So this is what content marketing strivesthat you’re going to be striving hard to getthe conversion rate to be equal. Because the numberof viewers are very high and the number of people were actually ending up buyingyour product is very less.So we are trying to make it very So that the revenue or eventhe ROI is going to be equal. So this wasabout content marketing. So let’s move ahead and take a look atwhat exactly happens in social media marketing. Social media, marketing is a powerful wayfor businesses of all sizes, to reach yourprospects and customers. Great marketing on. Social media can bringremarkable success to your business, creatingdevoted brand Advocates and even driving leads and sales. It is also defined as a formof digital marketing that involves creating and sharing content in orderto achieve your marketing and branding goats. But before you consider, Work social mediafor your business, you need to knowthe strategy behind it. So, starting offwith social media marketing, campaign without a strategyin mind is like wandering around Forest without a map. It will be fun, but you will get lostin the process guys. So have a look at how exactly you can buildyour career or know about social media marketing, how can social media, help meeting your business goalsis this even possible? Because when you log into any of your social media, Pages or accounts, all you can find isTick-Tock videos any of the animal picturesor videos or so? Is there anything that can helpyou promote your product? There is socialmedia marketing increases, the website, traffic helps, build formal conversationwith the clients and also helps in raisingbrand awareness among the people on the social media platform because more than half of the entire world’spopulation is on internet.And also most of themare on Should media. So creating a brand identity and a positive outlookfor your organization is done using socialmedia marketing, the bigger, and the more engagedyour audience are on social media networks, the easier it will be for you to achieveyour marketing goals that is there on your list. So to start offwith social media, marketing campaign, I’ll help youwith some tips. So here are a few tips that you should follow or you should try to incorporatea new Your business sector as well content planning. So this is the first oneon the list, guys. We have content planningbuilding a social media. Marketing plan isvery essential. Always consider keyword, research competitive researchto help brainstorm content ideas that will interestyour target audience under the next one, is create great content. Always be consistent with other areas of onlinemarketing as the content Reigns Supreme when itThis to social media, marketing. Do make sure you post regularly and offer extremelyvaluable information that your ideal.Customers will find it. Helpful and interesting, create a consistentbrand image using social media for marketing. Enables your businessto Showcase your brand image across a variety of differentsocial media platforms. So, do you use social mediafor promoting your product? Now, the next oneis a promotion, like I mentioned Socialmedia is for promoting a product social media. Marketing is a perfect channelfor sharing your best work with the readersby writing blogs. Once he gained a loyal fan,following on social media, you’ll be able to postall your new content and make sure your customeror your prospects can find it. Easily, sharing appropriate, link social media as a platform where you can leverage your ownunique content to gain a lot of followers and fans.It is also the best Like Forumto share Links of your content that is relevant. If that correspondingcontent provides great and valuable information, your target audiencewill definitely enjoy. So don’t forgetto link them guys. Always keep a trackof your competitors. This is a must guys, it is always important to keepan eye on your competitors. If your competitors are usingany certain social media tactics or any social media channel, that seems to be working for them to considerimplementing the same. Mmmmm, but do itin a better way. Okay, now, how should you choose the right social media platformfor your business? There are so many mediums through which you can distributeyour content, right? So a few of themprefer using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,Twitter LinkedIn, and many more.So let’s see what suits the bestfor your organization. First on the list is Facebook,Facebook is a user-friendly, casual and easy to use platform and you can Easily promoteyour product as well. Do require anactive social media, marketing strategy for this. You will want to paycareful attention to the layout of your UI as the visual componentis a key aspect of your Facebook experience. So there are many groups that are already in use and youcan either join these groups or you can create a own group of your own and letpeople add on to it.So if you wantto join the groups that are already existing,you just have to send them. I’m request postyour content and get a number of people to knowabout your organization. It’s a simple way to promoteyour brand as well as your product or your content that you’re creating Facebookis just another medium through which youcan communicate with people all around the globe and also Eddie Rekhahas a Facebook page where we keep sharingupdates regarding any of the recent technologiesthat we are working on. Now, Instagram is also another medium through whichyou can promote your product. So Instagram is alsoa growing social media Form and the users use Instagrams for promotingtheir business and product. It is a photo and video sharing social networking servicecreated by Facebook. So sharing your content on Instagram is also goingto benefit your organization and also make youa socially active person’s. I see most of the people tryusing Instagram for showing off their social life, but Instagram is also used forpromoting the products as well.There are groups or there are websites whichI have the Instagram account to the tiki posting updatesregarding any of the new change which is theirin their organization, okay? So you can add storiesabout the quiz competition and the offers that are goingto offer your customers, you even have somethingcalled paid ads on Instagram. So when you open Instagram, you get ads which youdon’t want to view, but it is already present there. So you just haveto scroll through it and even in the story is youget a sponsored promotion, guys. So you Look into itand also yeah, you can get paidon Instagram as well. It is just like PPC, guys, okay? So let’s moveahead and understand how you can promoteyour product using LinkedIn. So LinkedIn is a businessand employment oriented service that operates via websitesand mobile applications.It is mainly used for professional networkingby using LinkedIn. You can Target your prospects and customers andpost relevant content. You can join relevant groups on LinkedIn as welland share your content. Rent, or you can either buildyour connection by posting it on your timelineitself to let people know about the work you do. Okay. So LinkedIn is a professionalway of promoting a product guys. So encourage customersor clients to give your business a recommendationon your LinkedIn profile and these recommendationsmake your business appear. More creditable and morereliable for new prospects for the next one is YouTube. YouTube is the numberone place for creating and sharing videos. Content. And it can also be incredibly powerful socialmedia marketing tool. It is now operating as oneof the Google subsidiary. So what is sofascinating about YouTube? YouTube allows users to uploadview rate, share report, or comment on videos and subscribe to channelsto get more views and likes focus on creatinguseful instructive videos, guys.This will help gaina lot of subscribers and also increase the chances of getting your video to rankon the first page on Google. So you can see either a castposts coming up every now and then, right? So you can either check for anyof the possible keywords by Eddie Rekha, it will be rankingon the first page. So this is how youcan create your content, create more importantinstructive and easy content so that people are the viewers will understandwhat you’re trying to tell. And also it is a platformwhere you can earn a lot guy. So YouTube marketing islike a boon to us. Now, the next one is Twitter. Twitter is one of the most widely used socialmedia marketing tools that let you broadcastyour updates across the web. It is a micro blogging and social networking serviceon which users post and interact with messages known as tweets. Follow tweeters in your industry or related fields and youWill gain a steady stream of followers in return.Always be active on Twitterand be sure to retweet when a customer has somethingnice to say about your work and don’t forget to reply, I think I’ve comeacross a lot of people who just post somethingon the social media and just forgetabout its existence that shouldn’t happen. If you’re working constantly or the focusing more on socialmedia marketing do reply to their queries do askfor suggestions do ask what they want from their end. All So doing thiswill make them feel that you are actually a person and not the bot using Twitter for social media marketingrevolves around dialogue and communication. So always be confident and interact as muchas possible to nurture and build your following. So these are some major socialmedia marketing platform, which will definitelybenefit your business guys. So, moving on, let’s take a look athow email marketing works. Email marketing is oneof the oldest and the most professional way to communicatewith your clients and Prospects.It is the most directand effective way of connecting with your lead, nurturing them and turningthem into customers. Consistently winning out overall other marketing channels. How did email marketing comeinto the bigger picture? The first email was sent byRay Tomlinson in the year 1971 according to a few sources whathe And was nothing really special but it was just a seriesof numbers and letters, that looked morelike a password, the email was sent from onecomputer to another traveling through a network of machines. Unlike the internet, we know today, this guy alsointroduced the symbol art in the email, addressesto the entire word and Wala.We are here using emailson a daily basis in terms of work or promotional purposes. So email Marketing actuallyhelps you to connect with your audienceand promote your brand. So why do you need email marketing when youhave social media, marketing, and other platforms where you can promoteyour business for sure? Even this will haveits own reasons, right? So let’s understandwhat those are apart from being a primarysource of communication. There are a few more reasonswhy you should go for email marketing. The major reasonsare listed here so the first reason would be it gives you a better Roi or high Roi emailmarketing returns close to forty four dollarsfor every one dollar that you’re goingto be spending. Also, it is an effective channelto reach your customers or prospects email marketingis close to 40 times, more effective thanFacebook Twitter to gain a lot of new customers.And also, it is easy tointegrate with other In channels and also you can check this chance to enlargeyour audience through emails. And by blending these emailswith your profiles on the social media Platforms. In fact, the recent study showsthat 72% of people prefer receiving promotionalcontent through email, compared to 17% people who prefer getting notificationsfrom social media. So this graph here shows, the number of peoplewho prefer using email over other medians, so, Yeah, he madealso helps Drive conversions. Most of the marketersare focused on driving more customers to their product, but regardless of whether they do so in the formof bleed sales membership, the ultimate goal for marketersis to turn potential customers into paying customers. This is the right platform because when you talkabout conversions there isn’t a more powerful Channelrather than email. In fact, the averageclick-through rate of an email campaign isAround three percent. And if you compareit with Twitter, the average click-throughrate from a tweet as around point five percent. So what are the best practicesfor email marketing? If you startwith email marketing, you would definitely know the best tactics and some waysto improve your skills.So a few notable ones among themare build your own list. Buying email list is actuallya waste of time, guys. You’ll be turning off most of the people whomyou’re hoping to turn. Them into customers and runthe risk of being a labeled spammer. So do not buy email lists, okay? And also do not sendout ads all the time. Use your emails to buildrapport with customers, by sharing, your expertise,giving them tips and insights, they can value alsoestablish your goals, clearly check what you want to focus on and deliverit to the customers as it is required. And also select a typeof campaign that you You want to send upthis lays a foundation of what kind of campaign youwant to create on your own.So, this was aboutemail marketing, guys. Now moving ahead. Let’s take a lookat Google analytics. Google analytics is basically a web analytics serviceoffered by Google. That helps in trackingand Reporting website traffic. It is also one of the most powerfuldigital analytics software. This software providesvaluable insights that help. And shaping yourbusiness strategy. So, what does it mean? What valuable inside? Do, I need to build my business? All companies have an onlineappearance and therefore, it becomes very important for you to learn the innerstructure of your website to see whether it is accomplishing. Its goals are not irrespectiveof the type of website. You should understandthe study of the behavior of their visitors. So why do you needGoogle analytics? Google analytics isFree of cost. Google does not charge youfor using Google analytics and you don’t haveto pay anything to use.This product data collection is also automaticin Google analytics. As this has special feature, that reduces the work that is required to putGoogle analytics data into Google Docs sites or spreadsheets and also you caneasily customize your results. You can create your own reportsin Google analytics. You can either choose onefrom all the reports that Google creates or evenbuild your own customized report using drag-and-drop mechanism. It also helpsmeasure internal site, search internal site basicallyreveals what potential customers are looking for. After landing, on your website you can trackthem using Google analytics. Also this helps youa lot with targeting the right platform social Why platforms are a great wayto drive a lot of traffic and engage potential customersand using Google analytics, you have access to view what catches the attentionof the users and then place the ad accordingly. So this is a part,Google analytics moving ahead. Let’s take a look at cro orwhat we say is conversion rate. Optimization conversion, rate optimization isa systematic process of increasing the percentageof Site visitors, who perform desired actions,like, filling out a form, becoming customers.And so, on the cro process, involves understanding howusers move through your site, what actions they performand what’s the barrier that is stopping themto complete the task. For example, let’s say you’re purchasinga product online. Sure. You first performcertain actions on the web page and then ask for suggestionsfrom your friends or relatives and so on. And finally, when you want to decide to goahead and buy this product, you’ll have your own setof queries, right? And you want some assistancefor it and you’ll go across and call the customer care asto how you can do it. Why should youwant this product? And all of it and then finally, you decide to buythis product online. So this exact process is calledconversion rate optimization. So how to calculate a conversion treat your site’sconversion rate is the number of times a customer The usercompletes the task /, your site’s trafficif a user can convert in each visit such asbuying a product divided, the number of conversions, by the number of session that is the numberof different times, the user came to your site.If you sell a subscription, divide the number of conversionsby the number of users. So the conversion rateoptimization takes place. After the visitors makesit to your website. This is differentfrom conversion. Ation for SEO or paid adsthat focuses on, who clicks through your site,from the organic search results. How many clicks you get and which keywordsare driving traffic? Okay, so what arethe different ways in? Which cro canbenefit your business while not necessarily directly related to attractingOrganic website traffic or ranking on a search engineresult Pages conversion rate, optimization has distinctbenefits for SEO or your company business. They majorly includeimproved, customer, insights cro can help youwith a better understanding of your key audience and findwhat language or messaging. Best opens up to their needs cro looksat finding the right customers for your business better Roihigher conversion rate means making more of the resourcesyou have by studying how you can get the mostout of your acquisition efforts. You’ll get in more conversions without having to bringin more More potential. Customers, it alsoincreases the scalability, while your audience size, may not scaleas your business grows cro.Lets you grow without running out of resources andprospective customers audience. Aren’t in finite. You can turn morebrowsers into buyers and you’ll be able to growyour business without running out of potential customers. Better user experienceis also established. When users feel sophisticatedon your website, they To stick around cro studies what works on your siteby taking what works and expanding on it. You’ll make a betteruser experience and the last and most importantbenefit is the trust. So for a user to sharetheir credit card email and any sort of personal informationthey have to genuinely. Trust the site your website isyour number-one salesperson, just like aninternal sales team, your site needs to beprofessional courageous.And ready to answer allyour customers questions. Okay. So this was about a cro but this let’s hop ontothe next topic of this video on digital marketing tutorial. So, let’s understand how to becomea digital marketer. So, well, in order to becomea successful digital marketer, you need to possesssome desired skill sets, some of the top skills that you need to havein order to bag a role of digital marketerare specific marketing, channel, expertise, Should have walkedon a marketing campaign I believe T to executeand analyze marketing.Campaign should have the basicknowledge of WordPress, the working of it and also should be ableto sell the product. And the most important thing is, you should alwaysbe updated with the latest technology Trends. Okay. So this is exactly how you can startyour quest to become a successful digital marketer. Welcome to edu rakers sessionson SEO tutorial. So the agenda for today’s session is basically why do youneed search engine optimization? What exactly is search engineoptimization types of SEO? How does search engineswork tactics and methods? How to optimize keywords aswell as titles some tools that most digitalmarketers use and Lines.So let’s get started. My name is deposited. Even I’m a marketingprofessional with more than 20 years in differentaspects of marketing, including brandand communication, marketing analytics, product marketingand digital marketing. But digital marketing and digital media experienceparents more than 13 years. And I have workedacross SEO sem content, marketing, campaign operations, analytics, monetizationand social media. Now To startwith technically speaking, digital marketing isany marketing activity using electronic devices. However, today digital marketing is synonymous withthe online internet marketing. Let me talk to you a bit aboutthe current Global scenario. There is a significantdevelopment that’s happening right now, covid-19is changing consumer behavior and therefore marketing. Build. Our consumer Behaviorhas shifted marketing spends or marketing effortsHave adjusted in response as confinement measures were introduced aroundthe world out of home. What we normally call asooooh and Cinema advertising, have shrank almostinstantly print, advertising has also Fallen. When you’re few would havenoticed that meanwhile in home, media usage has gone up.TV viewership has client, but digital consumptionhas increased even more. Use of social media platforms and streaming serviceshave risen almost Most everywhere gaminghas also grown dramatically now, marketers have adaptedby following consumers, which means prioritizingdigital marketing. So digital marketing is expectedto grow in the future as well. And SEO or search. Engine optimization is oneof the most important aspects of digital marketing, almost all brandsirrespective of the domain or category needSEO as a marketer or Digital marketing specialist, what is expectedto know understand and Implement SEO.So let’s get started. With why do we need SEO? A huge percentageof content product and brand Discoveryoriginates in search. If you are a brand owner regardless of whatyour business offers, your target audience is likelysearching for products or Services similarto yours on search. Engines. If you want to attract themto your site you need search engine optimizationso having good SEO, a improves the user experience and eventually the websitetraffic SEO is a critical source of traffic for websites. Let us searchfor something today. Let’s search for furnitures. Okay, so you see the resultspage on the left side, you see maps. You also see local results. Somehow, the search enginehas figured out that I am probably looking at buying Furnituresclose to my house and hence, it has shown me local results. Now, on the right side,You would see.Images titles as well as pricesand where you can find them. These are ads, these are Google’s shopping adsand they are part of Google Google ads program. You come down further, this is where the search resultactually starts the sco or the searchoptimized Pages start. Now, Google’s algorithmhas been constantly evolving. Now it captures your locationand also at times your intent. So why is SEO important one? Good. SEO helps in getting your pages. Ranked high on a searchengine result page, just like what? We see here. Hometown dot in, right? An SEO is organic in nature. Now, the biggestadvantage of SEO is that it does not involvepaying for the listing on the search resultpage the ultimate purpose of achieving High rankingsis simple to attract more traffic to your own site. And ideally to convertthat traffic into leads and finally intopaying customers. When you lookat your site statistics or web analytics on a tool, like Google analytics, you can see how and whereyour traffic is coming from.You’d have heardthe term organic search. Now SEO is aimed at increasingyour organic search. Now the other searchwould at times hear about is paid searchlike the shopping ads. You just so the otheradvantage of SEO is that it offersa good user experience. Many of the search algorithmupdates focus on making sure that users are directed to sites that not only providerelevant content but also a great user experience. This include technical factors like mobile-friendlinessusability site, speed Etc. Today, these play a particularlyimportant role in rankings than ever before. User experience has a veryhigh impact on conversions and hence can significantlyinfluence your sale as well as Revenue in the long run? The third interesting pointabout SEO or search is that it’s easy to measure.One of the biggest Advantage isthat you can measure virtually. Every aspect of your result, you can use Google analyticsto monitor your traffic, you are referralreference sources, your conversions, and any othermetric that matters, Do your business. Now, let me just giveyou an overview of how your search data lookson Google analytics. So I’m taking youto Google analytics, and let us look at the traffic, and let us, lookat the channels. Okay, so what we see here, let me take youto your page. But does traffic. Okay. So when you look for your traffic sources youwould get a data something which looks like this. So there isdirect traffic traffic which comes directlyto your side. They type in the URLand they just land up. Then there is somethingcalled organic search. So this is what weare discussing today. Let’s go and look at the breakup of this organic searchso it can be Google, it can be Bing.Now, Google analytics alsogives you interesting statistics in terms of the number of users that came in with how manyof them were new and some of their behavior on the sitelike the bounce rate, the time, spent numberof pages they consumed Etc. So what exactly is Issearch engine optimization? We see results. We saw the result page. We see that. We know that wesearched every day. So what exactly is search engineoptimization search engine? Optimization or SEO isa strategy for improving your site’s rankingsin the search engine results. Google Bing Etc. Are called search enginespage you just.So now that is known as the search engine resultpage researched for colleges and this awesome results. The search results pageon an average, about 10 percent of the clicks happen on the adsand 10% on the next page link that you see at the bottomof the Google page. Now a good wholesome, 30% happens on the first resultthat pops up. That is why Brands and websites are constantlytrying to optimize their pages to be amongst the topthree search results for more Most Publishers 70% of their traffic actuallycomes from search. Now, you will keep hearingof Google quite a lot when we talk about search that’s because about 90 percentof all searches happen on Google addition to this, you would also be using Bingwhich comes from Microsoft. Bing is the default defaultSearch tool for most MS, Office desktops and laptops.This also Yahoo certthere is This Dogpile Etc. No, approximately about15 to 20 percentage of users use Bing and Yahoo. Now, this numbers add upto more than a hundred, that’s because many usersuse multiple search engines for their such requirements. Now, as a marketer, we focus on thebasics of marketing, that is to be therewhere the consumer is. Hence, it’s important for businesses to be presenton search engine results page. When a new brand comes up,their first task is to have their Pages listedon search have their pages, but we call as indexed. Then their objective becomeshow to get onto page number one. Then they try to get on to beamongst the top three results and then their effortis concentrated on remaining amongst the top three pageresults to just show you how big search.He’s let me takeyou to this site. Internet lifestyle. That’s so, this isthe stats for the day. This about, 4.3 billioninternet users as on date today. And this is about 4.5 billion. Google searches happened today. That’s how big search really is and how criticalit is for Brands. There are some mythsassociated with search. Let’s look at some of them. One is that optimizingGoogle is sufficient. No agreed. Google does have the majorityof such Happening today. But there is alsobeing there is also Yahoo search normally, as a, as an SEO analyst, one tends to optimizedfor Google first and then the others, it makes sense to lookat your website, traffic, understand the current numbers, the volume of search,as well as the growth Trends. Look at where they’re comingfrom and then decide on which search engineto optimize first. Also many people feel that you can payand get traffic. So as to a Time attain SEO, if your site isoptimized for search, in terms of on-page of page and Technical parameters, youdon’t really have to pay for it.There’s something calledblack hat, SEO, which we will be coveringa little later there. Many people try to pay and tryto get backlinks, Etc. Now, this is not reallythe recommended practice. It might help youin the short term, but it does not. Help you in the long term. The other myth is that once you doyour optimization, you don’t have to doanything after that. You’re good to go. You don’t have to do anything. You just stay back and you just enjoythe fruits of your work. That’s for the case. Because sco algorithmsare constantly evolving now.Five years back you didn’t seelocal search results first. For example if youare trying to buy perfumes, Google didn’t tell youwhere to buy performs. Hence you need to keep yourself updated withthe changing logic and ensure that your website’s stay updated to the changesthat’s happening. In the search engines. Let’s start with the fascinatinghistory of search. Now, the historyof search is incomplete, if I don’t touch a toucha little upon the history of world wide web. So sir, Tim berners-lee, many of you would alreadybe annoying invented, the World Wide,Web in 1999. Null mr. Bernard Lee camefrom Oxford University and he was a softwareengineer at CERN crn. The largest particlephysics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland. Scientists came from allover the world to use.It’s a acceleratorsbut then certain noticed that they were havingdifficulty sharing information. So by October 90 Tim had returned the threefundamental technologies that remain the foundationof today’s web. One HTML or hypertext, markup language to URIuniform resource identifier. It’s a kind of address that is unique and usedto identify each resource on the web today. We know it us URL third is HTTPor hypertext transfer protocol. This allows for retrieval oflinked resources from the web. Now 1990 is when the first search enginecalled Archie came up. It’s kept an index of file listof all public FTP servers. It could find excite camefrom the project Archie text which was startedsometime in Feb, 19, 3 by a bunchof Stanford undergrad students. Now, they had the ideaof using statistical analysis of word relationships to makesearching more efficient. So the web’s first robotcame in, June, 93, Matthew Gray, introduced, the World Wide WebWanderer, December 93. There were three, full-fledged board fed searchengines on the web jump station, the World Wide Web warm, and the repositoryof based software, engineering are BSE spiderjump station gathered info about the title and header, from the web pagesand the www worm index, the titles, and the URLs and the RSB spiderdid Implement a ranking system.Now, the reason why I’m talkingabout All this is that today what search engines do? Learnt a lot from allthese early developments that happened in the 90s and in 94 the veryfamous Jerry Yang and David fellow createdthe Yahoo directory and this was a collectionof their favorite web pages and also number of links grew, they had to reorganize itand make it searchable. Like costs was the nextmajor search development. Having been designed at Carnegie Mellon UniversityNo City around July of 94 like was went from a catalog of 54 thousanddocuments in July 94, to about 60 millionin Number 96, and this was much more than any other web search engineof those days infoseek.Also started out in 94, they really did not bringmuch Innovation to the table, but they tied up with Escape. If you remember, let’s keep was oneof the biggest browsers of boost days late 90s. Early 2000s Etc. Since Netscape wasso popular in 4C, got a lot of exposure 95. I also saw look smartand AltaVista Altavista. Brought many important featuresto the web seen that they were the first to use natural language queriesAdvanced searching techniques and they allowed users to addor delete their own URL. They even allowed inbound link. Checking then camein Tommy and Google. They became popular in Tommywas a leading search engine and it was even poweringMSN search those days. However they lost of to Googleon account of user experience and relevancy as wellas speed of result.Google’s history began in 95. When Larry Page med-surg a brain in 96 the pair beganwork on a search engine called backrub oneof the interesting things that backrub utilizedwas that links? It runt Just using citation, notation that isif another website be mentioned the website, a itwould be a vote for website. A the name back, rub comes from the algorithmgenerated ranking for how many backlinks a pagehas this engine worked on a Stanford servicefor more than a year before. It eventually cloggedup the bandwidth and was forced to was registered on September 1997 A little bitabout Ms in such now. MSN relied on something calledOverture look smart as well as inktomi until Googleproved their battles mode.Em isn’t search was replaced with Windows Live searchand later life search, got rebranded as being in 2009. So, let’s lookat the types of SEO. Now, SEO can be white hat, SEO black hat,SEO or Good to see you. White heart is your refersto the most legitimate practices a day to by marketersto gain higher rankings. In the search engines. Results page the birth SEOpractices strictly abide by guidelines for SEO. Published by search engineslike Google the practices listed under the white hat.SEO techniques may be slowinggiving you results but the results lastfor a longer duration by Ted is your activitiesinclude having a secure. PS site, keepinga simple URL structure. Tag in your sight for child-directedtreatment making sure your site is compatible withdifferent types of browsers. Making sure you havea good clean HTML code and avoiding creationof duplicate content. I’m also making sure that your links are crawlableby search engines. Black hat SEO, includes practices that aim at finding weaknesses and loopholes in Google’salgorithm in order to rank higher in the searchengine results Pages. These practices are against the guidelinesproposed by Google and overall, Google’s algorithms. Now, the most common black hat, SEO, techniques includespam links keyword Laughing. Cloaking hidden textand links these practices.Aim at misleading, the users and redirectingto the site. They don’t need, let me briefly, explainthese techniques further. Spam links arelinks between pages that are present for reasons, other than relevant contentor relevant action. Keyword stuffing refersto the practice of loading a web pagewith key words or numbers. Now, let me give youa Google example. Okay, Google says keywordstuffing is ready You think the same words or phrases so that it oftensounds unnatural it. For example, we sell custom, cigar humidor has our customcigar humidor tsar and made if you’re thinking of buyinga custom cigar humidor, please contact our customcigar humidor specialist at custom dot cigar dothumidors at, now the the phrasecustom cigar humidor has is used repetitivelyand it sounds quite an Natural. And in fact, funny, let’s look at cloaking clockingis basically displaying different versionsof the same page to humans and search engine Bots, hidden text and hiddenlink examples would be something like using white texton a white background. Locating text behindan image City, font sizes to 0 Etc. Now, some of the other practices that one should be carefulwith are automatically generated content, for example. That makes no sense to the reader butwhich may contain Search keywords somethingcalled doorway Pages. Doorway pages are basicallyPages which bit users with a well optimizedhigh ranking page. But then quickly and automatically itwill redirect you to unrelated pages. Though, there may besome short-term Success Through increased trafficto your site. Google algorithms are gettingmore and more sophisticated, and can penalizeyour search result. Being in devastating effectson your rankings and traffic. Your website can get demotedOD indexed from Google and other search engines. Now, with hundreds of millions of users searchingon Google every day? Do you really think your websitecan afford to be D indexed? Absolutely, we sawthat about 70% of traffic for many Publisherscome from search.In many cases,it’s even higher than that. It 90% of times people discovercontent through search. All right, let’s look at gray. Hsu apart from black hat, SEO and white hat SEO thereexists gray hat SEO. Now, these include practiceof tactics or techniques, which remain ill defined by published materialcoming from Google. Now, they might not contravenethe guideline in letter, but definitely in spiritsome examples exercise. Of internal links placingmore internal leaks onto a page that needed in orderto increase the likelihood of users visiting them, link exchange, aggressive link. Building between two differentsides for the sake of building backlinks. You also need to be carefulwith affiliate programs. Many of us. If we choosea career in marketing, might be doingaffiliate marketing. You need to be careful with it since pageswith product affiliate, links on which the productdescriptions and reviews.Copied directly fromoriginal Merchant, without you’re addingany content or value. It’s not rated very well by SEO. You need to add value or original contentonto those pages. Spam in social media,that’s again a kind of gray. Hat is your that many peopledo fabricating news. Since many news sites,are eager for Content, creating fake news and trying to share themto get traffic to your site. That’s again,a gray-haired practice. There’s also Nothinglike buying positive reviews, buying positive customer reviewsin exchange for reward, it could be money, it could be productsor even services and then there is somethingcalled domain grabbing where one buys expired, High Authority, domains and tries to buildbacklinks from them. Many times youwould have experienced what we call as cybersquatting, which is registeringa domain under the name of a known brand withoutbelonging to that Branch, for the purpose of eitherstealing their Or reselling, the domain to them at a premiumlater on the other way of classifying SEO is on page.SEO off page SEO, and Technical SEO on page SEOconsists of activities that are carriedout on the page. That is to be published. Simply put the tasks that help optimizea given page such that it appears higheron a search engine result page. The on-page, SEO, activities, primarily include Infusingkeywords in the right quantity and in the order of priorityinserting internal links.Meta tags, meta description, building a customizedURL structure, taking care of images. You like inserting alt tags, and most importantly,providing the users with good quality content. Let me take youto a search result. Okay, and let me show youwhat each of this result. Constituents mean,so what you see here, right? This is basically the title now, your title is the firstand many a times, the only partof your search results, that people great titles need to be simple and theyneed to be shocked what you see above. It basically is the URL. You might want to apply the sameprinciples for your url, as you did for your title tag. Make sure your URLs are relevant and short but stillprovide enough information to educate Lee displaywhen the page is what? It is about sometimesyou will often find timestamps under this,maybe four blocks Etc, blogs news articles. This reflect thefreshness of content. Let me just showyou another search where we can getsome blog results, how to assemble or table, maybe.Yep. Right here. You see the date stamp. So this basically tells how recent the articleis Make sure you refresh your content regularlyto avoid people. Mistaking, your content s old. Okay. Now what do you see here? But I have highlighted isbasically what we call as this snippet. Now, this snippet isthe description of the page and is usually limitedto about 150 six characters. While the snippet,maybe the meta description that you wrotesometimes Google sources. The snippet fromcontextual information which is available on your page. This allows Googleto tailor this snippet, to each unique, search query, and provide relevant informationpertaining to that search.One thing you needto keep in mind. That they don’t reallymake up words or sentences, they pull out whatever isthere on your page. So, it’s not onlyimportant to write an effective method description, but also incorporateeasy to digest, chunks of informationthroughout your page. So that Google, or any other search enginecan identify source and display it. Then there is somethingcalled Rich Snippets, Rich, Snippets normallyprovide additional information like a photograph. Half roll star rating, Rich Snippets aremore visually pleasing and offer a betterjumping off point.And hence, they often havea higher click-through rates, you can increase your chances of, getting a richsnippet by adding, what we call as the structureddata onto your site. Let me try searchingfor the do here. Let do recipes. Okay. Now let’s look at this recipe from let’s look at this recipeor no not that the one below it may be yes. Indeed. So if you look at this recipeyou will see the image.You will also see the rating. You also see the time taken to make it as wellas nutritional information. Calorie information, Etc. Now this is what is knownas a rich snippet. You can also getrich Snippets at the top of your page like this. Like what you see here. Now these are knownas featured Snippets the other interesting thing. On a search result pagewhich you might have noticed, the times is searchesrelated to this. Section is greatplace to Source, other keywords to includein your content. Now, the tip is to usethese keywords sparingly and sprinkle themacross your content and consider incorporatinga few of them in your The headings coming backto the furniture result that we saw.You see something here. These are called site. Links, the links shownbelow the result and these are meant to helpusers to navigate your site. Google analyzes, the link structureof your site to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly findthe information they are looking for coming to off page SEO. Off Pages. You refers to activitiesthat are performed on a page. After it goes live on the web, these activities includesharing the pulsed commenting on the post to buildengagement lacking. The post answering queriesoff page SEO techniques, help to strengthenthe influence and relationship. Your website haswith other websites.This techniques build, a website isreputation and Authority, these factors helpsearch engines, see that. The website isan ideal search result because it is from a reputablereliable trusted source, which is coated,or linked by other. Good quality. Trusted sources. Typical Su the SEO activitiesincluded in this category relate to site speed like optimizingyour Java scripts, your images, how your ad,loads in case you are, right, publisher site like Times of India or it also includesthings like mobile friendliness. East the layout of your page suitable for mobileor handheld devices.As well as things like indexing,crawl ability, site, architecture structureddata and security. So how exactly doessearch engines work? Search engines exist, to discover understandand organize, the internet’s content in order to offerthe most relevant results to the questions such asare asking to show up in search. Search results. Your content needsto be first visible to the search engine. It’s arguably the mostimportant piece of SEO puzzle.If your sitecan’t be found this, no way you will everdrop in the Ser piece or search engine results page. Now, search engines have threeprimary functions crawling. This is basically scouringthe internet for Content looking over the codeand the content for each URL, they find indexingstore and organize. As the content foundduring The Crawling process. Once the page is in the index, it’s in the runningto be displayed as a result to any relevant queries.Third is ranking ranking, basically providesthe pieces of content that will best answerit Searchers query, which means that resultsare ordered by the most relevant ones firstto the least relevant ones last. Let’s explore eachof these a little further. So what is crawling crawling? Is the Discovery processin which search engines. Send out a team of robots, also known as crawlersor spiders to find out new and updated content. Now let me talk to youa bit about robots or as we call them both andinternet boat is nothing but a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet thus runby boats are typically simple and they are performedat a much higher rate compared to Human internet activity. So googlebot is onlya computer program which is written by Google that. Crawls the web and adds pages to its index googlebotcrawls web pages via links or hyperlinks. It finds and reads,new and updated content, and suggest what shouldbe added to the index.Googlebot also usesthe sitemaps and databases of links discovered during previous crawlsto determine where to go. Go next. Whenever the crawlerfinds new links on a site, it adds them to the listof pages to visit next. If googlebot finds changesin the links or broken links, it will take a note and thenit will update the index. Accordingly, the programdetermines how often it will crawl pages to make. Sure googlebot can correctlyindex your site. You need to check your site. Scroll ability. If your site isavailable to crawlers, they come around oftenand they Find out what’s new.The next step is indexing. So how exactly this indexingwork after finding a page, the boat Fitch’s, or renders the page in the way your browser isthat means the board sees what you see, including images videos,other Dynamic page content, Etc. The board. Then organizes thiscontent into categories, including images, CSS HTML. I’ll text and keyboards Etc. Now, this process actuallyallows the crawler to what we call understandwhat’s on the page. And this is a necessaryprecursor to deciding for which keyword searchesthe page is relevant. Now, the search engines, then store this informationin an index. An index is a giant databasewith a catalog entry for every word seenon every web page, indexed, Google’s indexis called the caffeine index. To give you an ideaof how big it is. It takes up aroundhundred million gigabytes and fills server Farms, which is basicallythousands of computers that never get turned off and they are locatedacross the globe. Let’s explore cranking inthe final step search engines, sort through indexed informationand return the right results for each query.They do that withsearch algorithms, algorithms are rulesor mathematical Models that analyze World researcheris looking for and which results best answer the query. Algorithms used numerous factorsto define the quality of the pages in their index. When you of the ranking factors, used in this algorithms,use popularity of a piece of content and evenqualitative experiences, that users would haveon the page. Other factors would includesomething like backlink quality, mobile friendliness, how recent or how, Rest, your content is engagementthat’s happening on the page, as well as page speed. So what really happenswhen search is performed. Now that we have understood, there are, there are three stepsin the process of process that search engines use, let us just walk through how search engines answerqueries from the moment.You type a termin the search bar, Step One is search enginesparse intent to return. Results. Search engines haveto understand the search intent behind the term. They use sophisticatedlanguage models to do that breaking down your queryinto chunks of keywords and parsing, for example, if Google’s synonyms systemallows the search engine to recognize when groupsof words mean the same thing. Let us just searchfor floral parasols. Okay. Now you see lot of results, which have gotumbrella, etc, etc. So the search enginehas figured out that umbrella is a synonymfor parasol search engines. Also use keywords to understandbroad categories of such intent.Now, if I were totype parasols online, it will start throwingwhere I can buy because it has kind offigured out my intent behind The phrase floralparasols online search engines also use freshness, algorithms to understandsearch intent, the algorithms identify trending keywords, and return your pages. You would have noticedthat during elections, the results of radicallydifferent from what you see during non-election times. Step two is where search enginesmatch pages to query intent, once the search engineunderstands the kind of results. You want to see,it needs to match, the pages factors, which help inmatching this Pages, include the title of the page, the content that is the typeof content, as well, as well as the quality.The quality ofthis site freshness, the popularity, as wellas language of the query. Now, step 3 is where the search enginesupplied localized factors. So that could mean location. You know, some searcheslike restaurants near me are obviously location dependent, but you would have noticedthat at times. If you look, if you search for paneer,tikka masala from Bombay, the results would bevery different from what your friend gets for sir. Paneer, tikka masala in Delhi. The localized factorsalso include things like search settings. Whether you have a preferredlanguage told you have opted for something called SafeSearchwhich filters out content. It also includes factorslike search history. Now if you searchfor Mumbai Hotel, You will see results for hotels in Bombay and if you clickon something like Hotel, Mumbai the movieand then you come back and search again, you will start seeing moreof the movie results. All right, moving on. Let us look at someof the tactics and methods. All right, step 1,ensure good user experience.That would mean,clear, navigation, and ease of use simple steps. Keep fewer number of clicks, so that users can reachtheir destinations faster. Layout should be intuitive, the flow or transition of pagesshould be intuitive and visual design should be appealing. Action buttons should be located in the right places aswell as it should be easy. To work with particularly in the case of mobilesides content, Creation. In sure there is propercontent strategy in place, there should bea Content, calendar, and schedule in placewith the agility to meet topical as well as otherand planned events convention, be relevant and usefulto the visitor. And it should add value to him or her contentcan be in the form of text articles infographics.Images and photos videos, podcasts webinars,white papers PDFs, Etc. Keyword research is a criticalcomponent of SEO content, marketing content, marketing involvescreation as well as dissemination of information, which is valuable and relevant. So as to acquire new customersengage with existing customers and prevent John, the ultimate aim is to increase the proportion ofengaged customers and thereby. By help in increasingyour revenues create backlinks. Backlinks get created when youhave a good quality content. For example, if you have an amazing sighton cricket history and been BBC or Timesof India writes, an article on Cricket and they link itback to your site. These are backlinks backlinksare also created. When your page is linked up or coated in social mediaby social media users, make sure youdisseminate your stories or content out there. Let me give you an exampleof what I recently came across, I came across an articleabout a dog. This dog is peculiar and cute, because every time his owner,drop something on the floor, the dog sitter or thingslike paper towel books, Etc.The dog picks it up and hehands it back to the owner. Now, I saw thison a new site but eventually, then I clickedon the link and ended up on the Instagram pageand started following. Blowing the dogs handle. Now, look at the processthat has happened. One there wasa very good content. This case the video of the dogto those dissemination of the content which was byposting on Instagram and three was optimizingthe Instagram content.Maybe he might have used good,hash tags Etc. So that it got discoveredby probably by a journalist who works for a new site. And once thejournal is published, The Story on Website moreand more people discovered it, and came backto the original Instagram story. So that’s how backlinksthat credibility and bring traffic to your site. It can be a site,it can be your instapage. It can also beyour Twitter handle. Let’s talk a bit more abouthow to optimize or keywords, select your domain, and Target the mostpopular keywords. For example, if you have a businessof Home Decor products, Ideally, you should choosea domain name users can easily relate to andwhat reflects your business.Let me take the exampleof Home Center. Homesteader is a home furnishingretailer the brand, reflects it, as well as the domain. If you see the domain, it’s his home center dotin the domain. Also reflects the productthat it sells Now, let us look at a particularcategory within Home Center. Furniture. Now, check out the URL. Now the URL, reflects,what the product is there, on that particular page, right? Effective content basedon keyword research. Now there are tools like Google, Keyword Planner, which helpsto identify keywords, based on actual search stats. Let’s assume that I’m writingan article for. I’m writing an articleon home decor Probably for users and I’m going to writeabout living room Decker. So I’m a bit confused as to whatare the words I need to use. So they use somethinglike more lat or should I use paintings? So what I’m goingto do now is let’s use Google’s Keyword Plannerand decide on what to use.So here are the wordsthat I am looking for. I am looking for wall art. Out. Paintings. Art, probably maybewall hangings. And let us see. What the results are. Now, as you can see, I have got allthese keywords here. Okay, I also have the averagemonthly search that happens. And it also tells mehow the competition fairs. Okay. So these were our keywords and we see the thatme just show you. We see the monthly searchesand we also see competition. So So ideally I should belooking at high volume. and, I should be lookingat high volume and low competition. So these are the key wordsthat I will Target first. I hope you got an ideaof how to use keywords and how to optimize your page.So I can also useGoogle search results. The way we saw it last time,we’re at the bottom of the page. I get to see the relatedsearch queries that people use. I can also use somethingcalled Google Trends. In addition to this, we can also usethe search console that webmasters havein Google webmasters. Mal keywords can be of three types theycan be generate or they can be broad matchor they can be long-tailed. Now generate keywords are just like what their name saysthey are generic in nature.Now the advantage isthere high on volume but at times they’realso high on competition. They are a times high on costand if you are a new entrant, the Rob ability to rank on page. One is fairly low. Now, there’s somethingcalled broad match keywords. The broad match, keywords are muchmore detailed and specific than generic keywords. So, we know that a user who makesthe search kind of knows, where or what she’s looking for, this keywords arerelatively easier to rank.Long tail keywords are the mostspecific set of keywords that leave absolutelylittle scope for guesswork. One thing the marketercan be sure of while using long tail keywords. Is that the user isalready aware of what he or she searching and is lookingfor some specific results. This also means that the probabilityof making a sale is much higher. Now, long tail keywords, the search volumes are lowbut Conversion probabilities are much higher. Also competition is much lower. Let me show you some exampleusing the same Decker example that we used. I’m taking you to Google Trends. So basically, Google Trends will help youto search for terms words and love you to compareacross periods of time. Let me search for Decoras in home decor. Okay, we can checkfor different geographies. Let me check for India. And you can alsochange the time period that you want to check. So let us look at the results. So, this is basicallythe result for decor. Now, let us lookat at something, which is a littlebit more specific.Let us look at curtains. Maybe even something still morespecific like window, curtains. And let’s see howthe results look like. So what you see in blue is Decor which is basicallya generic keyword but you see in red is curtain which is a broad match keywordand window curtain which is very specificand hence a long tail keyword. Now the volumes as you can see is much lowerfor window curtains. You can also use Google Trends to look at whereyour traffic is coming from. So you can lookat for each word. So the blue map is actually for you are take or the red onefor you are pink curtain and the yellow onefor your window curtain.You can also use Google Trendsto look at the rising keywords, as well as the toprelated keywords. So this is how you can use Google trendsfor your keyword research. So when you do keyword research, you need tostart with questions. Like, what is my product, but the mainand the supporting topics, should we target multiplekeywords on a single page, or should I split theminto separate pages? What kind of contentdo users expect when they are searchingfor each phrase and great does each phrase fallinto my visitors journey? Is it about creating awareness? This or interest or desire,or to initiate an action. Now, this is yourtypical a idea model that we see in marketing. Also, add title tags,links URL and meta description. Make sure your page hasproper and relevant. Title tags, suitable,better description links. So let’s talk about title,optimization ability, take title holdsthe power to capture the attention of the user.Make him or her clickand visit your website. Title optimization is a critical part of what we callas the on-page optimization. Now let’s go backand look at the wall, art result that wewere trying to check. Let’s search for fall or not. so you see a couple of ads here, which are shopping ads, then you see some image resultsand then here is where your SEOoptimized or search. Engine optimize resultsstart coming from So let us look at the title. Look at this title out here. All right, also lookat the slip it out here.All right, so this is what you seeon a search result page. Let me actually take youto the page and clicking on it and taking youto the result page. This is the pagewhich got indexed and displayed by Google. I’m going and checkingthe page source of this particular page. Okay, here we are. Now, look at this. What you see on the page Source. Now, this is exactly what you sawon the Google results page. All right, checkthis out description. You know, this is exactlywhat you saw here. Let me also showyou the keywords. Look at the keyword that the SEO manageror the SEO Analyst at pepper fry used for all art.All right. We also show you an image. Okay, so this is an image, let’s click and seewhat that images. All right, and lookat the alt tag of that image. Ball metal wall art, right? So this is how searchengines capture information that is there on your page anduse it to display the results. So how do weoptimize the titles? Keep an eye on the lengthof your title.Keep it short and relevant while still providingenough information to give to the reader and tell himwhat the page is all about. Keep in mind that the maximum lengthfor a title tire, is about 70 characters. What happens whenthe title length is more than 70 characters. So let’s explore. What happens when Title tagis more than 70 characters. Do you see this result? So your title gets truncatedand the remaining part of your title getsreplaced by three dots. So that’s what happens when your title tag ismore than 70 characters. Always have unique titles. Do not copy from competition. It doesn’t give you any leverage and you know your competitionwill be above you in terms of placement. Plan your keywords, use the critical keywordsthat you’re focusing on it. Helps in SEO. If your title has a strong indication of whatyour page is about branding, try to include your brand namein the title. It’s a good idea to havethe name of your brand on the title as any searchabout your brand.Will result in this pagegetting displayed. Look at this title again, there’s the brandthere is the URL which shows what it is. Boat. And there is a belldescribed title as well as it is within the character limit. Now let us exploresome of the SEO tools that marketers likebeing keep using. So there is KW finder, there is Moore’srank tracker, search console, spider SEO, Google ads. So we just used Google ads, Keyword Planner to seehow to do, keyword research and thisis Google Trends. Now many of these toolslike Moore’s screaming frog or the Who ranked ahrefs semrushwith CEO rank tracker, Etc. These are used for one SEOas well as SEO audit of your own website.So that means it helpsyou to monitor backlinks broken links as well asfor zero errors Etc. I did find duplicate contentanalyzing page titles and meta description, keyword research and also to getinsights on page optimization. And these tools also help youto understand competition. What are the backlinksthat’s coming to their side? How are they performingon side on search? What are the keywords? That’s leading trafficto these competition sites. Now these tools help to identifythe issues as well as they come with recommendationson how to fix it. While many of theseare paid tools, they also comewith a free version or a free trial, period. Just as we saw with goo,Ads Keyword Planner.You can use KW finder, ubersuggest Google webmasters,search console, Google Trends, basically to understand keywords volume andcompetitiveness keyword groups, even look for related keywords, and even negative keywords that brings usto the last section which is the guidelines. Let us look at some of these suggestedguidelines for good. S, SEO, implementation content, and keyword pay close attentionto your content strategy. Topics areas ofInterest related, topics future topics Etc,plan your publishing activities. Have a Content calendar. Be ready to manage. Eventualities do a thoroughresearch on keywords. Understand what arethe generic broad match and long tailed keywords. Have a Content plant content. Then around them,make sure your article, or your page is relevant, to a specific topic,it can be a product, it can be a single subject Etc and include keywordsin your title tag, your url, your image alt text. And within your entire content,the content body, make sure you provide uniquecontent about the given subject. Make sure thereare no duplicates of your own page and constantly.Lee. Keep reviewing your contentperformance spend time on creating suitable description, which is usefulto the user, right? An introduction tothe topic many at times. This introductions becomepart of this depends that Google picks up for a CRP. Make use of header tags. Head attacks, give moreinformation to search boards, in terms of the contentof the page, and the keywords. You will have header tagsfrom H1 to H6, which you canuse for describing, what your page is about, add images and optimizeyour image for SEO. Remember to include alt tags, your images can appearon Google image, search results, and can lead a userto your website, create internal links showthe search engine Bots, how deep your content repository is direct the boat to visitall the pages you have.As part of your website, if it’s a product link back tothe category page or even ding, back to the sub category page. If it’s applicable,dick back to your home page, normally you have a logo. At the top of your preachmight be on the left side. May be on the right sidewhich is used for linking back to your homepagebreathability and navigation, should be good phones. Visual design ofthe page usability parameters. Call to action buttons, fewer. Click to destination grammarand syntax fact, and stats should be correct,use, propriate keywords, Etc. Now, in addition to this and should Technical andperformance parameters are met, which would include page,tweet, low, LCP, or the largestcontent full print.Make sure your siteis mobile-friendly. Identify crawl errors. A crawl error means that Google has troubleviewing a page on your site. Fix broken links, find out how Googleviews your page and secure your site with https. The way you optimize yourcontent plays a major impact on the page abilityto rhyme this suggests that on page SEOis very important. And is also one of the notableSEO techniques used to generate possible leads and sales.For, we get any furtherwith this session, let’s take a look at the agenda. So firstly I’ll start off with talking aboutwhat is on page SEO and its importance. And also will takea look at a water, the on-page SEO ranking factors and give you some properinsights about the working of on-page SEO. And we’ll wrap up this session by talking about the besttricks and practices which help ingenerating possible leads using on-page SEO. So these are the topics that we’ll be coveringin this session, guys. Also don’t forget To subscribe to a Eureka YouTube channeland hit the Bell icon to never miss any notifications from us ontrending Technologies. Also, if you’re someone who’s looking for an onlinecertification training in digital marketing, check out the linkin the description box below. Also, don’t forget to like, share and subscribethis video and put your views acrossin the comment section below. So, let’s get startedwith this session, guys. So what is on page, SEO? On page SEO, is basically a practiceof optimizing end Visual web pages to rank higher onthe search engine result Pages.This signifies that youwill be optimizing both content and the correspondingHTML source code. And the best part about this isit generates effective traffic onto your website. Now talking about this taxrelated to on-page SEO in 2019. Google accounted for close to 75percent of all search traffic, 67 of all clicks. Go to the top five, Search results, 93% of Googletraffic is based on HTTP side, 36% professional list. Think title tags aremore important and 42% of SEO practices are carried out by internaland external links now. So why exactly do youneed off-page SEO? What is the major importancefor having on-page? SEO? Internet marketing has grownto its peaks in recent days and most of them have shiftedtheir focus from social media. Email marketingto SEO practices. Having an SEO team in. Your organization has become a necessary ratherthan a requirement. Some people think SEO is dead but the realityis completely different. Guys, SEO is more active and also is helpingout a lot lately until you optimize your contentpresent on the page, you cannot push it to appear onthe search engine result Pages, the more yourwebsite ranks higher, the more is the trafficand also the sales.Also, with an estimateof 46 billion reaches across the globe, digital marketing is slidingtowards programmatic advertising and more than 85%of ads would be automated. This means time management ofsorted and also less Workforce. So, in order to makeyour website look, appealing and wonderfulon page SEO, is required. What are the onpage ranking factors? No matter how goodyour content is. It wouldn’t rank higher if you don’t includethe SEO techniques, Ranking your website higher on the Ser piece isa task in hand guys.So let’s dive in furtherto understand the factors that influence theon page ranking. So firstly, we havea title tags, title tags. Contribute a lot to your rankingon the Ser piece. A title tag. Is basically an HTML element that simply specifiesthe title of your website. It is always the textdisplayed on the Ser piece which is applicable header. So what’s the pointof having a Title tag. Why is it used title tags? Are the first impressionof your organization. It is a VA, a viewerlooks at your website. Majorly title tags, are used in Ser piece,this is because the audience can view your contenton the search engines. Also it is used in web browsersto save your content from getting more resultsrelated to the keyword that you’re usingand also social media Network, it gives youa proper recognition in The Social Network. So I’ll show you guys howexactly title tags look like. So I’m going to searchfor a Eureka. Yeah, so this isa title tag guys this thing. Yeah over here.This is the title tag. Even this isa title tag, all right. You can see that how the title tag isvisible to the viewers, you can add your correspondingkey word in the title and include this samein your page content as well. So always make sure you havethe title tags length. Check, don’t over addthe keywords in the SEO title. I’d always have unique title, guys, do not try to copyanybody’s title or do not try to implement the same, which is workedfor your competitors, ad important keywordsat the beginning of the title and branding, your business is verymuch important and always add your company’s name or your organization’s nameat the end of the title. Okay? So let me show you, why exactly does requiredif I see a Eureka blog. Yeah, you can see that reviewsthis goes along with the name of the company, it is at Eurekaand five check or if I click on any of the blogs, okay, let’s saydigital marketing itself.What if I search for? Digital marketing tutorial. okay, if I go in search of this, and if I try to find Sothis is the title tag guys. But as a title,is a little too lengthy. You cannot find the nameof the company over here. So let me show you another log. I’ll go for seerhenium actions class. Yeah, you can see that thisis popping up over here and also you can see the nameof the company over here. So this is how youcan brand yourself and also the second important factor, which influences the pageranking Factor are Using headers headers are used to drivemore attention to the topic that you will be discussing.So, these are basically usedto highlight a particular topic. Like, say, if I open this blogand if I scroll down, these are called The Anchor,text or anchor tags. I come here. Yeah. So these try to getmore attention or grass, more attention ofyour viewers thinking that this is The Hider. So the topic startsfrom here right now, Now, the page content. Now, the third perspective or the third important majorfactor is the page content, creating a veryimpressive content and adding out of the box.Ideas to improvise, your website is definitelygoing to help the audience know about your businessand the quality of content. You create linking. Another article or website is going to benefit you aswell as the external post. So even backlinks drive acquireda lot of traffic on your website and internal and external. The length, also helpyour page to rank higher so you can see here. I’ve linked seleniumWebdriver over here.So if I click it is goingto navigate to another webpage, which is of the same company. Okay? So this is an internal link eyes so it is necessaryto create content that has your keyword included and also try to includethem wherever you can but do not overdo and stuff. Your keyword add relevant imagesto include the keyword in the alt text. Okay, so here you can see that there areamazing Ages over here. Like, say if I opendigital marketing itself, you can see I’ve addedrelated videos and images and also internaland external links.See this is exactly how you can includeor regenerate possible attention of your customers. Also, do note,this guy’s a sample template, or any of your articles that your writingshould contain a minimum of 300 to 1200 wordsin the article, also try to use more imagesin the And a minimum of three to ten imagescan be added highlighting. The subheadings is amust try to make it more attentive and graspingand crisp linking is a must. So add correspondinginternal and external links to your content, sort out your content, and try to make a tableout of it as it dries, more attention of your viewers. So this was aboutthree important factors that influences theon page ranking factors. Now moving on, let’s take a lookat the insides about on page. Page SEO. So the first major factor wouldbe research before building your content try to analyze and build a storyline ofwhat you want to convey, then categorize themin a genuine Manner and elaborate them. Look at how other websites that are ranking on a, CRPhave pitched in their content, and try to implementthem in a better way, add relevant images and know what images to add andwear proper usage of keywords.Is also pretty important guys. So don’t Try tostuff your keyword until you want to use shortcutslike black hat SEO for making your website rank. So research a lotabout the stats that justify whatever you’re working onanother important factor or a proper Insightwould be keyword analysis, keywords are the building blocksof your content. So so the more youfocus on your keyword, the more content you can add and more involving the websitewould be so search on Google for search synonyms. So as you can concentrate on the The synonymsof your keyword also and do ad suggested keywords, the more you can get allkeywords under a single roof, the more you can rankon these keywords. So on the whole havingon-page SEO can help you promote your productas well as be socially, active on platforms, like Facebook Instagram,Twitter LinkedIn, and so on. So, moving on to the next partof the session. Let’s take a lookat the best tricks and practices of on-page, SEO.Okay, so On page SEOis a bit tricky and requires a lot of attention. So having some idea about a few easy wayswill definitely be your savior, so the first trick would bebread crumbs bread. Crumbs are the links that help you in trackingthe path from the page that the useris currently viewing. These are the onesthat appear near the top of the page and reflectthe structure of your website. So why do you need bread? Crumbs. Why is it important? And how do these affect SEO? Let’s understand how Let’s talkabout the usability first, so breadcrumbs helps users, not only Trace their path but also help themgiving similar Pages these help in minimizingthe negative factors that decrease the bounce rateof your website.It helps the users to understandthe layout enables them to scan through your website and helps provide betterunderstanding of your content. So how to use bread crumbsto improve on page SEO, make use of breadcrumbs onlywhen they are necessary. Place them at the topof your web page and always startfrom the home page and proceed further. With the consecutive Pages, try not to linkto the current page and style them to make them look appealing butnot the center of Attraction. Your breadcrumbs areyour secondary navigation, guys, so they should never be placed in the primary navigationand do include full navigation, path in your bread. Crumbs, keeping a levelcan confuse the user. So don’t try to do that. Do not try to usebread crumb in the title.Well, as itdrives more attention, and people can get confused. So the next one wouldbe meta description. A meta descriptionis an HTML tag. This holds an overview ofwhat you want to convey to your customers or prospects meta descriptionof any article or any blog, which you write looksomething like this, okay? Let me show you guys. Yeah, this is a meta descriptionof any website or any article. Guys optimizing thiswith the target keyword is Dusk and also should be of a lengthsranging up to 255 characters so you can see the charactersare more so it is not showing the entire thing over here. Alright now the next oneis majors and all text as far as your contentmatters corresponding images, also tend to drive more traffic to your website morespecifically add keywords in the alt tags. This will help your imagesranked on the search engines and ALT tag is very essentialin the name of an image. All images shoulduse appropriate, alt tags for the images. Not only are all tags goodfor search engines, but they are also goodfor accessibility. And also use – between the words that you’re going to be addingonto your all tagged, try to reduce the usageof an underscore guys.All right, so let me showthe images for this as well. If I go search for images here. Yeah you can seethat this is ranking over here. So this also hasA Judaica and it. So yeah. This is exactlyhow you can make your images. Also ranked onthe search engines, knock talking about the bestpractices of using on-page SEO, add your focus, keyword, always in the beginningand always have a unique title and description do not tryto copy the title or the descriptionof the blog or the article that you’re writing, try to includethe keyword in the URL.Always do. This guy’s and optimizeyour Sheikh loading page. Try to make it short. Try to make it less and alwayshave corresponding inbound. And outbound links, like I mentioned links,play a major role in shaping your website. So do link post long content. Make sure that your content isaround 1500 to 2500 words and always add imageswith all tags. So, these are some best notablepractices for using on-page SEO. Search engines likeGoogle using complex, algorithms to determinethe ranking of your website on the search engine result. Pages. One way to increase traffic isby optimizing your website, which is majorly based onthe content present on the page and the contentpresent off the page. So this video will mainly focuson off page SEO off page, SEO deals with the actions that are performedoutside your website to improve your rankingon the Ser piece.A recent study, also states that offpage SEO makes up to 75% of a good digital strategy. It has everything to do with your social presencelink building and many more that doesn’t really have to be present on the pageputting it across in. Layman terms, Iwould say of page, I see you simply tells Google or search engines aboutwhat the audience, think about your website. Off-page optimization isthis link building, but there’s definitelymore Wings to it guys. It has to Digit control overthe way of making you famous or where the internet. So do not guys off page SEO isvery important for your ranking and generating more trafficto your website. So most widelyused off-page SEO, elements are backlinks follow, and non follow links, anchortext link juice and relevancy.So this was aboutwhat is off-page SEO. Now, let’s understand why isit so important, search engine, algorithms ranking, Juror and the tacticsare constantly changing and parallelly, the general Concord, is that the trustworthinessrelevance and Authority that an effective off page. SEO, can afford stillplays a drastic role in the page ability to runlinks are very important to make your website rankon the Ser piece. So having links which are namely inbound andoutbound links in your website, could just increase your chanceof ranking on the first page, on Google to make surethat your content rank. Should be proper visibilityto your website. Often websites, don’t rankbecause of off-page SEO. Guys, this is due to the absence of Link buildingsocial media videos and blogs. So this is exactly whyyou need off-page SEO. Now, moving ahead, let’s take a look at the linkand on link related, off-page factors. So backlinks are the heartof off page SEO guys. Search engines like Google and many more make use ofbacklinks as certain indicators. As for good quality content, backlink are also the mostcritical part of off-page SEO.So for this purpose, you can make use of SEO toolslike a ahrefs sem rush and so on. So ahrefs is one such toolthat has a backlink checker, which will helpyou in understanding how to create backlinksand to handle them. Now, when I say link, I’m talking about the linksthat are present on the beach, connecting it tothe other website.So I will, mainly be talkingabout the Three Links. Actual links manually buildlinks and self-created links. As the name suggestsnatural link is something, which is creatednaturally and manually. Build Link are the oneswhich you want to rank our, you want to link itto and self-created links are anchor tags. The major factors,which influence has these links? Are the linkingsites popularity, the freshness of the link, the proper usage of anchor,text or anchor tags, authority of linking domain, and the web site. Right now. How exactly link buildingis done one of the most effective and mostpopular ways of dealing, with off page SEOis link building. Here we have the conceptof boards which help in gathering the rankingposition of your competitors and your company. So there are many ways through which youcan include a link skies and a few notable onesare in your blocks. You can always have articlespointing to your website getting traffic from othermedium like as blogging. And so on is a very Often and also just going to helpyou get recognized in the field of digital marketing and also helped have exposureto the current market trends.Another way is comment linkone way to achieve more customer engagement isby solving their problems and guiding them, right? So always have the chanceof linking your content. In the comment sectionarticle distribution is also another factorwhich influences link building. This is another wayof getting more traffic to your website content. Marketing deals with Jing videosand writing blogs, these business articlesare not just composed of fancy words, but also contain the thirst forgetting more traffic and goodly. So you should be ableto distribute your content right to the right peoplevia the right medium. Now, talking about anchor text, which is also usedfor creating links or four-page. Anchor, text is a visible. And clickable textwhen a hyperlink, these are the linksthat you can find in any article when they’re linkingto another webpage. It is often blueand is underlined text guys.So anchor tags. Look something like this. So these anchor text is usedby the search engines to show how the reflection of how your audienceview your website. The anchor was used in theprevious HTML specifications, and now it is usedas a and Ament. And also, you can seethis anchor text in our blocks guys. If you closely,observe the blocks, you will be able to find a fewtopics put up in the beginning and will be linkingthose to the position where the topic Stars. So, these are calledThe Anchor tags on the page, and also, you have links, right? Those links are goingto help you to navigate to another webpageor another site, right? So these are calledanchor tags or anchor text. Now, moving on, we’ll take a look at it,the non link related off page SEO. These factors have a lotmore influence on your traffic compared to the onesyou’ve got without a CEO or social marketing, the few notable one.Among the non linksrelated off page SEO, our social media marketing, guest blogging, linkedand unlinked brand, mentions influencer marketing. And so on,also do note this guy’s that the net resultof each of the activities on your website isto somehow create a reference to your site from Elsewhereon the web reference, your refers to the linkand mention of your brand or your websiteover the internet.Now, focusing onthe lack links part. Let’s understand whatexactly backlinks. Our backlinks are alsocalled as inbound links or incoming links. These are createdwhen one website is linked to. Another the link to an external website is oftencalled as a backlink Google and other major search engines. Consider backlinks as wartsfor a specific web page. It means that the pagewith the higher number of votes will rank higher onthe search engine result Pages. Like say, for example, if I have like to postfrom X on Instagram, I That correspondingpost on my profile and my followers will clickon the post that I share.This is actually going to createa back link to the post from X. It means here, alot only be includingthe post from X, but I’ll also be gettingmore views and clicks because I shared oneof the top posts from X. It’s a win-winsituation here, guys. So why exactly doyou need, backlinks? Backlinks are importantto make sure that the audience knowabout your business. Also look out for people to findmore sources of information on the same or related topics. So how do you createback link right? A lot of guest post, build a good public rapper alsohelps in reducing broken links. Now moving on, to the next partof this session. Let’s take a look at the difference betweenon-page and off-page SEO. Comparing the two mostwidely used SEO techniques. I’ve noted on a fewmajor differences between them on page SEO. Involves optimizingyour content. It detects description title and every other elementpresent on the website.Whereas off page SEOinvolves the activities that drive moresignificant traffic, helps create awarenessabout your website and also linking on-page SEO often dealswith content marketing. Keyword optimization,paid speed and so on, whereas off page SEO dealswith linking social media, backlinks and guest blogging. So these aretwo important differences. Differences between the twoSEO techniques, okay? So moving on to the next partor the last part of the session, let’s understand the benefitsof using off page SEO. Off page, SEO helpsincrease ranking. It helps your website rank higher on the searchengine result Pages. Hence, resulting in early. Good traffic, it helpsyour company get wonderful, exposure higher. The ranking.More will be the trafficbecause of the number of links, social media mentions,and so on, And also this helpsin increasing your pagerank, getting your websiteto rank on the first page on Google is quite challengingbut making use of off-page SEO. You’ll be able to learnabout ranking factors, what influences theranking and so on. So the page rank number is between 0 to10 thats important, according to Google and is placed first onthe search engine result pages. Okay, so using off page SEO,you can achieve this. So these are some notablebenefits of using off-page SEO.Guys, this is the agenda for today except a paidsearch production to Google ads and important metricsand terminologies of Google ads. Let’s understand firstreceptive advertisements. I’m sure Bluff. You must have seenvarious forms of advertisement in several platforms. It may take a minutehere and explain you how advertisements used to work in the pre-internetera back before. 1990 is well, internet was not existingproperly but eyes is mostly used television ads. Billboards is paperads, radio ads. Ads, direct mails Etc. The first three options hadvery high entry barriers. That is very high cost involvedand it was difficult for advertisers to know. The are we exactly,for example, Hindustan Unilever, which has amazing brand Lux. So, when in the Diwali, time actually used to come upwith the ads newspaper ads. Several radio ads,boards Etc, though. The end of the grantof the valley, they would regulatetheir popping sale tails. And then they would liketo understand like which which method workedfor them better. Fortunately, there wasno direct ways know which, which was betterlike newspaper ads did better or the tv ads did better.There was no way to understandwho is consuming the ads. So for example, let’s say your momis watching Mahabharat. Back in 1990 s and tseeing a cigarette ad. So it should relate to it. Probably know. Your dad is reading a newspaper, and he seeinga full page looks sad. Today. Relate to it correctly. No, to summarize, as we’re mostly a game ofcompanies with pockets higher, you pay more Prime slotsor front Place sort slots. You get in the newspapersand process was That’s what I says paid moneyto TV or newspapers books a prime time slotto neck to at this point of time is not here, there is no check-in qualityof the ads Premier, it would depend onhow Prime the slot is.Let me quickly move to the erawhen internet started. So the first search enginewas found out found by a Yahoo in 1994 and it cameas a directory search. And within a year, we got I’m goingto search engines 12, pleading for user retentionincluded again on site. Before sick, Tommy, Altavista to namea few basically end. Users could browsethe directory also and do a lot of keyword search. Also, Google cameinto existence in 1998, using the technology you have. Some of you might have heard,this called is rank. The point I’m tryingto make here is Google came point the search engineresult race at late. It Rose in prominence, in Leaps and Bounds because the highquality search results, it provided similarlyfor paid advertisements. Also whole was not a forced manyto start a paid advertisement in search mastered, the game by providinga amazing interface.Better quality ads. Great also You’re doinga Level Playing Field for small and mediumcompanies as well, just understand at how advertising experiencechanged over the years. Let me give an exampleof Josh furniture shop. Seriously what used towhat we used to do is to not with newspapers. Pamphlets the usedto the database of people, they used to callthem and ask them to come to their furniture shop. Okay so if they tried they couldhave never update for flying. I’m in TV or radioor newspaper, what changed? After internet came, Josh furniture createdthe website take conductive care of some basic stuff andstarted search advertisements. So whenever peoplewere searching for some kind of Furnitures online, astrologer came to camein the search results, they came in the paid adsin the game completely, change your Josh furniture, I’m not rupees in thatthe month of June and we got 400 legit and queries which resulted in six hundredthousand rupees of sales.So Roi also isclearly known here. Please also understandthat here, the payment will dependon the prime slot as well as how good your ads are. It is somethingcalled ad quality, basically search engineprovided right information at the exact moment when people needed themalong with highly related. It’s also createda Level Playing Field, which I will explainwith this Basics. Let’s move to some facts. We all have seenGoogle Search, right? You know how many searcheswill process per second is 70 thousand searches which translates to5.8 billion searches per day. But of the like, Google is notonly search engine, 76% of the search engine Market. Belongs to Google. There are other searchengines like Bing, Yahoo and differentother search engines around the world to for paid it searchlike paid advertisement. The corresponding numberis 73% for Google so never people searchsomething in Google a page which is calledCRP search engine result. Page Trend data is that46% of the clicks, go to the top three adsin the search result and 63% of the people agree that they haveclicked on, Glads.And lastly, we’ll delivers 8 isto 1 return on investment that. Is it dollar for every $1 spent? So isn’t it amazing? So no doubt because ofall these things, Google has aversion in Eminence. Let’s move to the next slide. Let’s try and understand what happens when isa search going on. First and foremost,let’s try and understand. So why are search enginesFor so basically, search engines are there who returned excellent qualityand relevant organic, search results tothe users search engines. What they do isbehind the scenes, they call millionsand millions of sides, millions of web pages through all the data and variousfactors into account, and a decide that for each and every turnto search from Google, kind of pages are supposedto be written. Turn to they provide an amazingorganic search results and above and belowthe organic search results. They also provide it search.Oh, let’s understand. Clearly here, every timeyou’re searching for something, there is asearch option happens. It’s a fraction of time. So let’s take the exampleof Dosh, furniture shop. Once again, They saidwhat step this is like, advertisers around the world, and in the five, the keyrelevant terms to research. So, Google has providedsome amazing tools like, keyword tool, Etc,to the digital marketing person, who is settingthe Josh furniture shop e, researchers a lot of Searchterms and he decides, okay. These are the terms which would getsome relevant buyers for me so that Terms arelike dining chairs online. It didn’t Furniture,rubber wood coffee table. I Home Furniture onlinein Bangalore so they decide that they decide that these four termsthey are going to bid for Simplicity of explaining. Let’s say that bithundred rupees in Google and they create landing pagesfor each other. Each of this terms. So basically M an enduser searches for that term. A similar term. What Google doesis Google reviews. All the ads with at keywordor similar keywords and Google does a quick justlike quality check and Google Narrows downthere at that, okay.Apart from the organic searchesare three quality advertisers who had before this term. So Google Science, a drank allthese three advertisers. So I drank as decided by Actors,such as equality, bit quantity, bid amount,and quality ad, rank threshold, and text Etc. So Google quickly decides that ranks at based on the adranks then throws the surf page and just understand here. The whole thing isa fraction of seconds, maybe point two five secondsor even less. So basically Google what it does is like partfrom the organic search results. Provides a couple of paid search results themwith the organic like above or below foldof the organic search results.And taking the example of by dining chairsonline keyword here. Online option happens,Google calculates. All the payment ison short time quality and a drank. This is a difficultslightly difficult concept. So basically let’s saycompetitor number one, based on the calculationprovided by Google competitor. Number one is supposedto pay 60 rupees for the suction and remember that Josh Furniturehas For an amount of hundred rupees now, according to Google’s, algorithms Josh furniturewill pay, just 1 rupee extra above the competitor. Number one, who beon the top slot. So is understand herethat Josh would Google. The hundred Rupeesis the maximum amount that I want to prefer. This keyword just pay creature. Is 61 rupees,and that’s the number one slot. And an important thingto understand here is the just Furnitureis not paying anything. If the ions are not clickorganic results are clicked. They are not paying anything. So we’ll onlycharges the advertisers when when a lad is actuallya few understand here correctly. There is clearlya quality factor involved, so an easier wayfor Google would have been who offer the maximum bidder.Google could have said that onewho pays be the maximum. Whoo. Lift coming down but up the search resultearly Google does never does that and probably this isthe differentiating factor here. Google takes care of the quality that three-step let’s quicklymove to the concept of a drank. We quickly understandgetting a high ping. A good ad rank isvery important for advertisers. Otherwise they will not be ableto come up in the search results for front of their target. Customers higher. That a drank there is the chanceof doing in the results and hence better is the chanceof a getting clicks. So, let’s understandwhat are the parameters, which Google did it takes careof the ranked first in, of course, a beautifulthe amount of bit set by the advertisers apart from that. This is not the only thingGoogle is looking at. So, I’ll just quickly quickly, Don’t explain onething to you all, when two peoplewho real people work for banks, they asked for and Home Loan.In the bank ridethe home loan to these two. People at thesame interest rate. Answer is no banks will. Look at somethinglike credit score. You might have some of you might have heardabout the bill scores and Transunion scores Etc. So depending on the payment, three Etc is a score tiedto each and every person basis of which banksand financial institutions, provide loans toindividual users. So this is something like that. So apart from the payment partwill look at the ad and landing page quality. So let’s quickly understandhow this works. Remember the search term is /which are online in Bangalore. Ads and the landing page, both of all the three key word,the ad and the landing page of them should beon the same pitch. Should all have the same kindof messaging landing page, should be clear, it should havea clear ui/ux, it should have a good load speed and it should havea clearly stating advantages that you have spoken on the ad.For example, if you on the ad,you have I’ve mentioned 24×7 support or free shipping forall other orders landing page. Should also speakthe same language. So this is added landing page. Quality comes to impact of ADD extensionat this point of time, please understand that ad extensions areextra bit of information which advertisers addcomplement 3D provided details in the landing pageor add messages. Then, of course, the third factor iscompetitiveness of option. It is very clear rightnow, higher higher, the number of advertisers arethere more Picard option becomes here comes the mostimportant to factors first, the context of search to understand whythese terms have come. So these things have comerecently in the last few years because because of the Advent of areas devicesby Sanibel devices. Search has completely changed. So Google will say, I engines, are trying to understandnot only the pumps that sun has provided.But also, the nextperson is in context, is something beyondthe keywords benefits of contact will searchinclude helping the users faster and more accurate resultsbased on their queries. For example, if youare searching for Batman, if you’re searching for the termBatman in the month of October. Most likely you will be shownsite selling Halloween costumes because it is the timeof fellow Will. Oh, let me give youa better example, which you all can relate. So let’s say, we’re already. You have already gone to Goaand you are searching for up. Go restaurants fromyour mobile phone, your 4G connection process, but sitting in your home, good gown Ariana and Youare using your home Wi-Fi laptop and searchingfor Goa restaurants restored, completely different context and in all probabilitysearch page and the ads, plus them would bevery different here.The last, there isa track threshold. So clear languagea drunk threshold. The reserve is for your ad. In the previous slide, I had explainedthat Google will charge. You – one rupee extrain comparison to your yes, competitor, right. That is a verybasic explanation. I give you actual calculationis a bit different. Let’s understand here. Like maybe there is a situation where only onethat iser is there and that advisor, Advertiser not have a good party score alsoand time quality. Score. Because of the absenceof the details, either that Advertiser is ableto show the ads in front of you.So Google would not like to dothat if you are lower than the thresholdyour ads will not show if your bid is lowerthan the a drunk threshold. So let’s say the if the ad rank thresholdis 60 rupees, if you have bid 450 rupeesfor that particular keyword, your ad will never show and it’snone of your competitors. A little bit to show threshold. Ice is the reserveprice is the price, you pay for the click. So, let me moveto the next slide. This is in continuous shot withthe previous slides, Advertiser, which gets the higher ad rank.They are in thenumber one position, competitor 1 has got a scoreof five point six. Two red number two andcompetitor to is number three. So let’s move to Quality score which is one of the mostimportant Concepts, Google ads. Before movinginto quality score, let me explain you. One thing very tightlyGoogle has always been very tight-lipped. Wow, how is how it usesits auction method? Google never givesout the details. So for the first time in 2008, so Google Google ad systemstarted back in 2001, 2004 the first time in 2008, Google officially toldthat it is core plays.An important factor is a maleas an important factor. Actor for showing Google adsto let us understand what is qualityscore quality score. Is an aggregate estimate ofhow well keyword has performed over all the reductions. So let me give you a real,a real life example here, when that Polly comes to back, you might have seenon the TV screen will be like lot of data given. Like how many matchesBrad Coley has played how Centuries have made. What is the average score? What is the strikerate is the know? What are the number of catches? So quality score is similartreasure aggregate estimate.So whenever keywordcomes into play, Google would first lookat its quality score. Each keyword is a quality scoreon a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest scoreand 10 is the highest score. So needless to say, advertisers around the world Ryto get higher quality score. So everyone is trying to teach the quality score of 10which is the Pinnacle null, quality score. So generally, when you put a word first, like when you startan account or start an ad, quality score wouldall probability will start at null quality score.So it will take some time for that quality scoreto other enough info. Now Impressions or clicks accurately determinethe quality score. So Google will take Pain. And then generate casesthe quality score starts at number 5 is the midimiddle number between 1 to 10. And let’s understand the mostimportant Point here. Quality score isnot the same as option. Time at quality is not used at auction tileto determine a drank em. Quality score. Depends on exactmatch impressions. For now, you have to understandthat it is curved score. Keyword is I chairs online. Quality scores would dependon exact matching pressure, and if it does not get a lot of exact match impressionmight learn to null. Let’s quickly. Understand, what arethe factors to? Determine quality score? Again, Google hasrevealed this data, so this is on black and white now, it’s expertsare supposed to be believed.There are more than 50200 factors on which quality score depends. Try to Google first,the expected through rate. So let’s understandwhat is expected, click-through rate sector. Click-through rateis a prediction and it is different fromthe actual click-through rate or the CTR column youwill find in your account. To unlike the actual City,our column status easy, TR will tell how the keyword will performboth within your account and across all other website,advertisers account. And so, Google will takeaggregate understanding about how this keyword has performedacross all the advertisers and why it is core to that. And this status will also be adjusted to eliminateinfluence of adpositions and other factors that affect the prominenceand visibility of ads which has an extension. And again this will againdepend on exact match. So expected To read are given as coverageaverage and below average. So if you have a click that click through rateof above average, or average detectors would meanthat there is no major problem if your keywords and but if you are gettinga below-average status, that means that you named, you definitely should considerchanging your ad text and other things who improve.Second point is ADD relevanceand relevance is how closely your adis related to your keyword. So this is kind of a selfish,no matter anything. If you are biddingon Red Sox for men, if you’re so your adshould be doing about it sucks for men only you cannot tellthat my socks online. So if you if you put a text like thatyour relevant should be lower. If you get proper groupsand create proper at saw them directlyor add relevance will be, I relevance will haveabove average average and below average. And again, if there isa below-average status at the Rings door, a door, keyword may not be specificenough for ad group May cover too many topics, so to get andrelevance below average. To might have to revisityour Google ads structure and you might have to get moreearly themed a groups okay the card is landingpage experience in.I have planned itfor keyword your ad relieve add a landing pageshould be the same page. They would talkabout same messaging. Landing page shouldhave good ui/ux. Your landing pageshould have good. Navigability should not have a lot of pop ups Etcand it should have good. Speed score. This is how it lookslike a quality score. So depending on quality score, will you get some numberlike six out of ten or seven out of ten and whenever yousee a below-average the quality scoreis definitely a need for you to take action.So let me give you all a pro tiphere from my experience. To Google AdWords isa game of Google ads. The game ofcontinuous Improvement, so you cannot createa perfect landing page, and you cannot createa perfect ad sit down on your laurels will leadto come always re-evaluate. Its you’ll need to always re-evaluate your ads,your landing page. Please look at optionsto make it better, okay? So let’s understandwhat are the types of search queries here. So that’s queries. Can be navigational, queries can be informationaland transactional let’s try and understand things are. Navigational query isa search query entered with the intent of findinga particular website or webpage.For example, I do Rica, but I do know that Ido recognize directing too many good quality winners, so you do not rememberwhere do they come website? With exactly what you’ll do,is you go to Google, you will search a to Rica you will most probablyfind recovered site on the top. Similarly, this personhas searched for Best Buy to. He is in u.s. you search for Best Buy and he got a clinic searchresult at the top by, is there the pointhere to be noted is why as a company has bidfor the term, Best Buy doesnot like competitors. So am I add on top of the page? The best. I would not for this termbest by a competitor like Walmart or competitor. Like Amazon can turn the term and come at the forthat particular search results. This is this typeof search queries would have decent amountof interest from notices.Let’s quickly move to the nexttype of search queries. That is informationalsearch queries. Information search queriesare cover broad topics such as digital marketing or Bangalore. So thousands and millionsof sites are reserved turned. And these are generallynot created by paid Market. Here’s Vicki becausethe topics are so broad. It would be very difficult to something out ofhere as marketers.We should notleave it completely. So what strategies we can do forInformational search queries is, I can writea push-pull of tips in create how-to videos. We can write Del stepby step guide. For example, if I write a step-by-step guideon little marketing, so probably I’ll comemy page will come on the top of the search results. When we design an amazing imageor infographic thought type, and the most important typefor Equity has is transactional. Search queries sectional search. Where is a query that indicates an intentcomplete, a transaction, which is making a purchaseto here to recently. I’m facing a lot of problems in my laptop so I am tryingto get a good laptop deal here.So what I did is I went and I searched in Googlefor by Lenovo laptop online try and understandfor keeping the search queries. I could have done a lot of informational searchqueries as well. When I searchedfor a Lenovo laptop online. I can see is like, Lenovo is alreadyat the top of. So here you can seethat Lenovo is already in the searchof organic search results. They wanted to make surethat ads are also coming. They want, do not wantto leave the top slots and also the right side of the search result, youcan see the Google shopping ads.So also made sure that That there are adsare coming here as well. So, I’ve got a usersacross the world, trying to get the top results and top slots in frontof the Target customers, bring back to thetransactional search queries. So to reiterate advertisers what they do is they dotext ads to above-the-fold. Visibility go for shopping adswhich gives them an extra Edge because there are images and other informationcan be provided important.Nokia is like, big cannot neglect the SEOand content marketing part. So we saw lower in number oneof the organic search results. Also, so to summarizeadvertisers should be unique and paid efforts both to getresults in search results. So, let’s quickly moveto Google ads, to Google ads. You get access to a broad rangeof advertising products, designed to help you reachyour Target customers. Remember, this isthe important Point, each, your Target customers inthe moment that matter. So, I have already explained how the momentsat a let’s say you are in could you are searchingfor a restaurant in cool. These are very important momentthat matters for you. So what you do is that you doa quick Google search, you find a good restaurantin Google Maps or Google ads and you will visit that place. You get some amazing foodand you are wowed, so you become a fan of Google and that restaurantfor the rest of your life. So what Google does is basedon your fitness goals, Google does a lotof habilis heavy lifting providing wonderful technology, And quite you White’s, you a list of rules for youand list of Pinstripes for your goals.So, let me quicklymove to Gold’s. So, the main business goalsthat some most of us. Clearly understand. First is Drive salesand get leads. I don’t think you needto explain anything you guys because youalready understand this. Let me quickly move. Who does Point whatever – so I will given I am givena real life example, here is a friendof mine called ratnam, he has a companyInnovative Products. LLC Torrid name has come upwith a product called Garuda. Garuda is augmented realitysunglass for driving assistance.But what it does is likewhen you wear this sunglass and is obviouslyconnected through 4G and probably 5G etc etc. Yeah, and it will provide youto by turn navigation. Details will give you information about what arethe restaurants on the road? What are, what is the trafficcondition will tell you, okay, to let you product. Right? The purpose behindbuild awareness, objective is to increasethe amount of people that see your ad. For business, might not bea well-known brand now, but with the buildawareness objective, you are able to spreadyour brand across the web.And in front of the So now, once you start these kind of adds the people will startrecognizing your brand, your logo and your product. Quickly tell you aboutthe theory of 16 Impressions, who might haveprobably heard it. A brand needs at least 13to 16 Impressions, the registered ina perspective customers. And we do not, it is all happeningin subconscious, right? So we will think about laptops,we think about Apple, Well, we think about Lenovo, how do these brandshave done this how their parents have done? This is true,continuous Impressions. It leads to say,these types of campaigns, like build awareness, type of campaigns will emphasizethe number of Impressions over the number of clicks.Let’s understand quicklyhow it works. Imagine you are a new business and you have just inventeda new new product example, Garuda because this producthas Being seen or heard before the no oneis searching about it. No one is searching for avirtual reality sunglass, right? Your advertisementgoals for this. New product, should be like, bring it in frontof a lot of people, so that people understand okay,such kind of product, also, exist to learnabout your Innovation also. So the build awareness objectiveis a good marketing. Objective pure, starting a new businessor have a new product, which is not widely known.To the people. So it is a good example. You are expandingyour business to a new area. Introducing customer to to offeris a new business code for you. Another example for itcan be accepted as a popular South Indian restaurantcalled chutneys in Hyderabad and it is expandingto the city of Amritsar which is popularlythe city of parity and show Lake wheelchairso they are going. To City of Amritsar need to create an awarenessin front of the people that such kind of food habitscan also be there. Let me quickly move the next. Our next topicthat is influence consideration. So consider influenceconsideration as the next step to build awareness. Now that the build Awareness on the Innovative productGaruda is the next step, so it is called his leg moving.Step Ahead, Edin the area of decision, making funnel member ideas. I will not getinto details of ideas. Now basically how itworks influence consideration, objective includes somethingcalled in Market audience targeting and engagement ads. So in marketer audience,are consumers, who are actively, researching comparing products acrossthe Google Display Network. Let me give youan example of my case, but as I told you my laptop andstarted giving problems, okay. I’m started searchingto buy a new laptop. Do a lot of searchon digital marketing. I’m a tech Enthusiast. I check out whatever newproducts are coming in Google regular basis. I love driving,I do online shopping a lot. I love driving to new placesstaying in hotels, etc, etc.So I invest in stock,markets and mutual funds. So without me knowingGoogle has predicted. All this data about me and Google has put meinto 10 different sets. Well, in Market audienceor not getting too technical but typically you just needto understand the term audience. Does that mean that Google has givenmy name widget Panda to these people advertisersacross the world know. So Google hasunanimously created. This of audiences are kindof people are there imaginary. I’m Lenovo K4. I need to Do my laptop adsto people how never knows that I am the in Market audienceof buying a laptop, probably to Lenovo will start showing me adsin the Google Display Network.So, these kind of Engagement adsgives customers more information about your business. So basically, through these kind of ads, you can displayyour product information in front of And so people who are a good customersinfluence cost consideration, objective is for businesses who have to differentiatefrom similar products, they are competition. Switcher allows youto educate your customers about your specific productor service in order for them to understand whythey should be buying from you. So you are creatinga differentiating factor for yourself to this. V business goalis promote your app. We are talking about the Google, the types of Google ads here,search ads for Chad’s. I don’t have anythingmuch to explain anymore because move a lot of ithas already been covered in the few slides. Google search ads appearon Google search Network. So, Google search network is notonly the Google side is a group of search related websites.So your ads can shownear the search results when someone searches with terms relatedto one of your keywords and what are the typesof ads in the search Network? So they are text ads,Dynamic, search ads. All only adds shopping ads,image and video ads. So, let me quickly move downto the next slide. Google search Network,Google search network, comprises of notonly Google search. Also Google Play Store. Google shopping. So it is likeif you do not know, it is slash shopping is. Then there is Google imagesand Google Maps. Also Google app, Google Maps. App is also thereand let’s understand about on Google sites as well. So there are a lotof non Google sites. Also in Google search networks who have a search functionalityin embedded in their website. So for text ads search Partners would include hundredsof non-google website. As well as little video and other Google sitesor product shopping ads. Third partner sites that display and linkedproducts for sale. So, this is the Googleads account structure. To we have an account which is a unique combination of emailand password inside account, we have thread campaigns, each account, each campaign would havefriends sets of AD groups, besides ad groups, then he addsAnd keyword specified.So this is very important wheneverwe are planning something, you need account structure, perfectly okay and M3 accountwill have Adam budget specified. So last Point here isthe keywords for text ads, keywords are very important. These are thekeyword match types. That Google providesfirst is Broad match the exact match broad matchmodifier Our prints match and negative keywords. So, let me quicklyexplain with example, what are they? So, let’s say, I am a telegraph’s Red Soxfor men and women. So, if I am writingRed Sox like this, this is calledan exact match, and my ads will only show. When someone searchesfor Red Sox, pick someone searchesfor Red Sox, four men in the first case. One, it will not show so Zach. Red to Red Sox. Exact match will showsecond case, the red sub, some men to again, exact match will show when someone searchesfor Red Sox on men, the, why is it will not showfor any other thing.Let’s come quickly to phrasematch by put Red Sox like this. So, if someone searchesfor Red Sox for sale, it’s shops to buyit sucks for me. All these Search terms, Since when is therethe exact phrase match these ads will show? And fourth type islike a broad match, so it is like takinga broad match. So it will attract all kindsof Earth’s terms like Red Sox for newborn babies are Red Sox. Cute, can Red Sox, match with blackleather shoes, Red Sox, which is a team etc. Etc. So the point here isPaid marketeers we cannot afford to show ads per Ruiz, non-trivial Us Red Soxcute so we’ll have to do a lot of hard work will haveto do analyze the Search terms on a daily basis.And we’ll have to put a new worm negative Search termslike, newborn babies, cute shoes can y, etc, etc. This is how the Google adsinterface will look like twins. Show your different formsof ads in the left side or clicks Impressionsand all the details. Let’s quickly moveto display ads. Let’s first understandwhat is display. Ad Network. So, previously, wetried reaching at, as Market as advertisers, we tried reachingour Target customers, only Google Search right now. Google will display ad. Network is a repositoryof There are two million sites and apps reaches, 90% of the peopleon the internet and basically, your ad, either gets matched with the content relatedto your business, like your keywords, or customers interest to quickly understanding aboutwith the Google Display Network, it is much bigger.It provides much bigger reach ascompared to search Network. As a flip side hereto do not do proper targeting. There is a high chanceof Blowing away your budget without achievinganything quickly, understanding about display ads. So in case of search, there were differentparties but was first, was advertisers secondwas the Target customer and interface wasthe search Network, right? It was either the Googlesearch website, or Google, search Network website,in case of misplaced ads. Expertise us who are tryingto reach their Target, customers across the world and there are Publishers to letme, explain quickly. What is thepublisher to publish? As our new website or app? Who have a good website or app.For example, I havea fashion website where I write regularly aboutfashion and give give a lot of information about what is in. In swat are ending etc, etc file, I am spending a lot ofmoney in keeping the website up, keeping the blog’s,keeping the images, etc. Etc. So for Publishersthis ad networks provide way or some money by placingads in their website. So how does this work? Advertiser is the one who pays money gethis advertisement show. And advertisements are shownthe publisher websites or apps with the helpof this ad Networks. And Advertiser is moneyand he makes money. I return on investmentby selling targeted, advertisements. Products of and services Advertiser owns or controlsthe product or services.That is being advertisedbecause advertisers, he is the in the command, similarly, Publishers onor money by giving away slots in their existing website, or existing appsand Advertiser Advertiser, advertisers actual products or services and drivesthe users to malicious page, fill out the form, or make a purchase. It’s Quickly understand that other display adstargeting options. First, one is topic targeting. Picks are essentiallythe category of the page user is searching on. So actually, topics can be very usefulfor display advertisements. For example, taking the advert, taking the exampleof just Furniture. Let’s say just one teacherwrites matrices for beds. So good topic for Josh, Furniture can behome and garden, Clash bedroom plusby bedding and linen. So these are topics which are alreadyprovided by Google CDN like Google interface andif I’m trying to sell mattress, I can quickly select this topic and I can quickly movewith my advertisement.Second is interest categories. So, there is something calledin Market audience, in Market audience, our users were activelyresearching or comparing products or Servicesacross the Google Play Network. So, Google is collectingall this information through cookies. Google is ableto understand that. Okay, this personEternal Bridget, the actively looking for laptops or mr. X is activelylooking to buy a car. This audience is very valuable. As guys already have movedfurther down in the funnel. So they have already likethey have a need lll need and they’re looking for the realproduct to buy food example, can be if I’m a Kia car dealer.So, all of you might know that KIA is a newbrand which is, which is come to India market inprobably last one or two years, a Kia car, dealer can target folks whohave been shopping for Monday. Or maruti it becomesvery easy for em Target. These people to these audiencessecond is Affinity audience. Affinity audience takesa broader view in allowing advertisers Target usersbased on their interests. So unlike in-market audiencesin the previous example, I have slit in Market audience, Affinity audience arenot necessarily in the market to purchase a productat that very moment. They are actively searching. So, in my casewill knows that I am. I such a lot ondisplay marketing.I searched a lot about studentstells I travel a lot, I searched about cars. So, probably, I amin the Affinity Market list for all these topicsand the best part I love about. Will that give standard options? Plus it allows you to extend match things to then thereare placement targeting. So, for example,I am the key, our car dealer, okay? So I have a list of a hundred websitesand read top websites, which car lover, sit well. So, what I do is,instead of going for topic, advertisements or interestcategories is just put I ads in this tophundred websites, please. Anywhere’s, anyone who isbut going to research about cars is goingto be stop lights. And here are an idea,can be like, you can do a lot of research. You can make a listof a hundred, two hundred, three hundred websites. Did you start? Or you can choose to glow go.Slow here, can make a listof 20 30 websites first. Keep on adding fourth,one is contextual targeting, which is atargeting by keywords. It work Lat, I Google text ads,so we pick up keywords, and we’ll searches for thiskeywords per in the websites. And Google, this is our adsin the responding websites. Fifth one is demographic targeting the demographictargeting would include H tender and parental status. The quickly example exam, explain this with the exampleof marketing guy at friends adult. Diaper. So if I’m selling adult diaper, two men, so I don’t haveto do any hard work, I’ll just tickage category 65-plus and I’ll pickthe gender as men, Bingo and Surround it is as simple as that. That’s point is,like exclusions. So, depending onvarious reasons, advertisers would not like to show their ads in differentcategory of websites. For example, a lot of Guys are do not like to puttheir ads on gaming sites or Casino sites or sites where content issexually explicit.So you can select these categories youcan include or exclude. You can mix and match things. For example, if I am working for a companywhich is not falling under any standard ofsurrendered degrees or topics, or interests, can createmy own categories, or I can createMy own Market audience, I think are of Topicsby adding interest adding contextual targetingincluding my competitors. So it is Tina guys,it is absolutely amazing. So video ads again, it is the complete signsand there are different forms of add. A skippable in-streamads are ones, which are, and we skippedafter 5 seconds and a appear on YouTube watch page hasand across websites and apps which are inGoogle video Partners.So please note that there isa Google search partner network with the Googledisplay partner Network. And there is a Google videopartner Network as well. Unskipable All in stream ads areones which are non skippable. So here you getmaximum 15 seconds to provide your message ads. Cannot be skipped and the ads appearacross YouTube videos and across websites and appsrunning on Google Geo partners.And the third category is video, discovery adds only appearon YouTube and Reach people in places where theyare discovering content. So, for example,when you go to YouTube, And you saw you’re searchingfor something to these kind of ads will come. They will help other usersto discover your content and they will also appearalongside related YouTube videos and on YouTube mobilehome page as well. There are bumper ads, so you can use bumper adswhen you want to reach viewers, broadly, the short memorablemessage bumper ads are six, second slots. And here you can reachpeople with a very Very quick messaging, very quick,powerful messaging consumers, as a name.Suggest it only appears on will partner sitesdoes not appear in YouTube. These are ads areavailable in Mobile and tablets are designedto give a better experience in Mobile to help you reach. A lot of peoplewho are outside YouTube. Okay guys, solet’s move to a pads. Clear understanding a pads,pads are It campaign types, you don’t have to createany campaigns here, that designed to helpadvertisers to drive app installs and app, convergence across allof Googles inventory. So, basically, weneed to understand that there’s a lotof app churn goes on, and then, if you come up with your app, is very important for the right,users to discover your app, so Google provides will app.And for this purpose, Us so that you can putyour ads directly in front of the Target customers. You have the twodifferent methods. One is cost per install toas the name suggests here, The Advertiser is willingto pay a certain amount for each install example. If I have a budgetof $100, the I say that I’m willing to pay $2for each app install a day. Like, and my budgetis $100 per day. Probably, I am targeting 50 ad,free app installs to app. Similarly cost per action islike promoting users to specific actionsinside the apps. Probably some Revenuegenerating action or who for gamers are goingto the next level is like that tapping ADSworks amazing for you. If you are a physicalor online, litter retailer, who using shopping ads, you can promote your onlineand local inventory. You can boost trafficto your website, you can get footfallto your local store. And you can findQualified leads timidly, that’s idea, right? Rip to get leads. So let’s quickly understandhow shopping at works. It is very important. First, we’ll have to create create a Googlemerchant center account.So it is a free account usingmerchant center account, we can uploadour inventory data, physical infant inventory datain Google merchant center, the will up to Google adsand it will The data, for example, in caseof just Furniture first Furniture can providethe data of like bedroom, Furnitures will just upload. It will have to upload the data and Google will automaticallyshow the right ads with images and other detailsin front of customers. So, let’s quicklyunderstand, like, what is the differentiatingfactor for for it, for this kind of ads. Google text tags arecompletely text ads. There is no displayelements there, okay? But in contrast,to text ads shopping ads, provide users witha photograph provides, a lot of information about title. Your price store nameand a lot more. Okay. And it also gives you detailslike free delivery.As we can see. In this example. So this ishow shopping at works. So let me quickly move to a tricks forsearch engine marketing. It is very importantto understand the Matrix and we are talkingabout Google ads. These are the tricksthat I am looking at their Impressions impressionshare or just clicks, cost-per-click convergence click-through rate or spurconversion quality score. At position view-through,conversions, etc, etc. So let’s quickly understandImpressions when impression is counted each time, your ad is shownon the search result page or other sitesin Google search Network.So it is pretty straightforward. So this isthe Google ad interface, where we can see how manyimpressions are there to. The next pointis impression share, so it is a competitive Matrix. So impression share is great uswith a Parisian like, is the number of impression that an ad receives Guided byestimate number of impression that were available to, let’s take an exampleof Josh Furnitures here. So let’s say my daily budget islike just thousand rupees, okay, and / costly case. Like click-through rate is like hundred rupeescurse cost-per-click. Like within very soon I amexhausting my number of clicks and number of Asians so if I would haveincreased by budget, probably about the whole day, I would have gotthousand Impressions because of various reasons, I only got a hundred Impressionsand 10 clicks.So my impression shareis 10% prescient share. It shows the opportunity,an Advertiser has, in terms of reachingout to the audience, it also reflects the performanceof your ads and it also gives you performanceof the competitors our lives. So you know,like Adjust Furniture. I know that I’m just gettingan impression share of 10%, but other competitor share. Other competitors are getting50% of patients here. So they are in frontof the Target, customers five timesmore than me. This is definitely a pointto ponder, right tool. Again, it will dependon target settings, approval, status and quality score. If the quality score goes down a as a Advertiser can loseon Freshen shares as well. A matrix second. This one is prettystraightforward cost cost is shown across various levels.It is shown or keywordsfor ad groups for campaigns and at account level. First need to look at costs at every single pointof time to know how we are doing ideally. The cost would have beenon the lower side but actually it is a functionof how big a pain reaches. Probably the better datato look for is picks and cost per clicks. What is clicks? We all know, like will be allyou have clicked ads in Google ads, right? So clicks,signifies user interests. When users is seesomething on, let’s say, Google text ads or display adsor wherever whenever so that they look skimthrough all the data.They look at theorganic search results, to look at the paidsearch results, The one, which applies to them. Most the one that connectswith them more click that. So if a user isclicking on the add, it means user has found the ad relevant and wantedto know more about the product, or service can takedata is available at all levels, at keyword level adgroup level, Campaign, level and account level. And it helps advertisersin deciding the ads are creating required engagementand Only the higher, the click is the better. It is TTR next metric to lookfor is to rate or CTR.So, click through rateis the ratio that loads number of users who click the ad versus numberof users who saw that. So simple terms it is the number of clicks divided bynumber of impression. And if City are, is a veryimportant metric to look forward to because it is the CTR, which direct impacton quality score. So the higher,the city are is Google. Will know that your adis very relevant.People are clicking it, so it will probablystart providing a higher quality score your ads. Symmetric cost per click, the important metric,it is calculated by dividing, the total cost of campaign. The code total numberof clicks it received or if you are lookingfor a key word at keyword level is like total numberof total dicks. It has rich. And total amount it has which has been spenton that particular keyword. We should understand thatper click should as marketers, we should always tryto optimize the cost per click the cost for Cliff.Could gradually go down to a lot of factorssuch as ads landing pages. Geographic targeting etc, etc, is used for optimizingand reduce city are the next factor is Convergence, is predefined actionfor example. People if is an e-commerce site and you are your put upmail Gateway and finally, you want the user to payat the end of the transaction at is considered his conversionin case of e-commerce. Probably it caseof normal lecture product or service website, it can be as smallas a phone call. Also, it can beas small as a form. Philip also needto Define convergence properly and will Look at conversion datafor upper optimization.Next data is cost per conversionis the total cost incurred. The campaign by the total numberof conversion generated, for example, in a campaign chairran for a week. If I got total hundred fiftyleads spending 10,000 rupees, then cost per conversion wouldbe and 60 divided by 10,000 which is sixty six pointsix, six piece. So cost per conversionis very important because I believe it will give me the ROV of the campaignover the cost per conversion. The better arrowis quality score. I have already explainedquality score it is a aggregate score comeson a scale of 1 to 10, and advertisers arealways on the lookout, optimize quality score. It depends on expected,click-through rate, add relevance andlanding page experience. Add position toward dependingon your ad rank. Your ad position is calculated, position is availablethe keyword level. Now Google has gradually started not giving that positionsolution cost per mile. It is a display ad metric is like when Advertiseris only charged when ads appear in front of 30user thousand number of times, two thousand Impressions. So CPM method of buildingis mostly used by an Advertiser.When detective is brandawareness, which I had already explained the publisher arms, Revenue to Superiormethods as well. And the visibility hereis to improve the ability. Let’s start with Google AdSense. Google AdSense isan ad Network term by Google to which side Publishersin the Google ad network of content sides, third different kinds of adslike text ads image ads, video ads, interactive, media eggs, targetedto the target audience of the advertisers, the advertisementsare administered dotted and maintained by Google, so They can read can generaterevenue on the paper. Click paper impression. Just basically Google AdSenseis the ad Network which provides monetization way.For millions of sites in the world to AdSenseis a participant in the ad choices program, AdSense ads, would typicallyinclude triangle-shaped at choices eigen. So, this is how you turn. She ate like a display ad or a text adsin Display Network. It would have a trianglewith the eye. And a choices will be writtenthere and sends requires, an Advertiser to submita sealed beat. So, basically,a sealed bid is a bid, which is not observableby the competitors. Additionally or anygiven click received. Advertisers only pay for one bid incrementabove the second highest bid.So Google has made,it made it system. So transparent, if you say that max amountthat you are willing to pay a hundred rupees will not payyou a hundred of these. So, based ona complex calculation, Google will calculate a kindof competitors are there, which is applicablefor both for search ads and AdSense as well. And Google will Justone increment bit above. Second is bit Google. Currently shares 68 percent of the revenue generatedby AdSense with content, Network partners and 51 percent of the revenuegenerated by AdSense.With first Partners willunderstand the details of it. Before moving to the next slide, you have to understandthat Google AdSense is not the only ad Network. The world Essence is the biggestad Network in the world. With over over11 million websites, using AdSense them. There are multiple number of websites or ad networksavailable or the monetization of your websites. Some of the notable names arefour links or her Avenue hits. Lydia why Our Thrive mediadotnet new metric, Como ads killer. So basically there are a lotof them and every grid here, new ones, keep popping up.So let’s understandwhat are the types of ads which Google AdSense. Provide first one is content, second is search or is videoand forth is link units. So let’s proceedto the details, okay? First, let’s understandwhat is content for AdSense. So content-based, advertisements can be targeted for users with curtain impressedor context of these ads which are shownin the Google Display Network. It is basedon Julie, two things. There are what content isthere in your website based on the keywordsof your website, which is called context? And this is calledcontextual targeting.The candy is the users interestmight have seemed that when you Thatwas the websites. You see a lot of ads in various web sites dependingon your interest areas. The targeting can beeither cost-per-click or cost per thousand Impressionswhich is called CPM. See, pc-based targeting is most, common is applicablefor Google search ads as well. And this is applicablefor the AdSense Network as well. Add can be simple, text ads, the image ads,it can be Animated images. It can be flashed videosand the videos.It can be rich media ads. And we’ll to the numberof ads for page previously. Google AdSense ad,put a restriction. We can only putp @m a single page, but for the time Google has realized thatthe competition is increasing. So the mentioned, there are a lotof competitor websites and they provide a lotmore percentage of the revenue. Also, And they’re not putany restrictions fencing. That competition, Google remove this previousrestrictions of P acts per page. Also will allows Publishersto receive sixty eight percent of the revenuerecognized by Google. Okay guys, let’ssee the example. So, Economic Times, I always browseeconomic insights, on a daily basis and laptopis giving me problem, and I was posing for a lab.Top in Google search and bingo. Welcome to economics,economic time sides. I am seeing ads from Lenovo and it is prompting meto buy a laptop recently. There was a saleconducted by Amazon, I’m sure lot of a lot of youpeople put up robots from it. So you can see a Geo. She’s a competitor,they picked up. I have browsed Amazon side tapon for the Amazon sale, so they are showing me an ad. and that you can seein this example, Next, let’s move to search. This one is pretty easy. This this is like similarto Google search. This kind of searchis happening inside a website.So basically AdSense for search,allows Publishers display ads, click ting to search termson their websites. So, let’s, let’s take an exampleof a side for example, Economic Times. Okay, so Economic Times, says, thousands and thousandsof pages Right, so let’s say, let’s say, you want to see, you want to search for a newson done, Gujarat slot, or something. So when you search, there is a probability thatif they have opted for this, kind of adds the site, the search resultsyou’ll see some ads.Just remember heresearch results, will provide the linksfrom your own website. Only it won’t won’t giveyou a third third party. Link. So you basically, your users will beinside your website, not going anywhere. They will see adsto Publishers receive 51 percent of the revenuerecognized by Google. So this is like you’renot doing anything. You have to decide, you have builtyour hard work, your created a lot of quality content image and allput our search function in your when your website and Startgetting an extra income. Oh, if the site has alreadybuilt-in search functionality, but a site have that right? They already havea built-in search functionality to Google AdSense providesus a custom search ads, which can be addedto show search ads, next to your searchresults tentatively, if you do not havea custom search engine, but if you do not havea search engine embedded, Google AdSense give use gives you a custom search. Can be added to your site where readers can searchthe side and see targeted ads.Okay, let’s moveto the next slides. So here here it’s an examplefrom a good site, called to one perspective. Parent, or when current parentof source for baby bottles to he or she has got some organicsearch result at this place. Below and ads by Googleis displayed in a box and it is highlighted properly. Okay, let’s moveto the next address. That is video ads. AdSense for video allowsPublishers with video content, generate Revenue using ad placement from Google’sextensive advertisement network. If the rememberone point here of the vid like you are showing a video ad. Displayed, it has to be tonight, Li hosted inGoogle YouTube channel. Okay? So let’s understandwhat are the types of ads which are displayedalongside your video content so it can be video content. It can be overlay ads,it can be full slot sets. So let’s understand what kind of video ads can appearbeside your video content, a video ad can appear for In between or aftera video content. So like when it comes before,it is called three roll, and it comes in the middle, in the middle columns,it is called mid-roll.And when it comesat the end of your video, it is called post roll. Okay? If you are, we can see the standardnon skippable videos and the day will come in theformat’s pre-roll mid-roll ad, post, roll it. Then there are prove you Videos, which can be skippedafter 5 seconds. So these kind of videos and be shown alongsideour existing video content. The can is overlay ads. Overlay ad is a test image or a rich media creative atusually Afters over the bottom. Third of the. Can you see the image? It is pretty clear light. I am sure you would have linkedthese ads on a daily basis. Port 20 is a bit tricky. This is called Full slot. So full slot ads are ads, image, ads or rich media creativesat appear for on pause. After the content, the trick here isusers need to toast. This ad for continuingto the, your content, or next video, which is there isa difference here. So let’s let’s proceedto the next step of ads that is linked units.Units are closely targetedto the interest of your users because users directlyinteract with the ad unit. May be more interestedin the ads. They were eventually. See. Let me quickly show you whata link unit looks like sure. You would have seen is Too Tall, so we seethat there is AD choices. Come here. To differentiate an adfrom a generic website content, coming back to the link units. Access Publishers are paidfor clicks on the ads and ads on the linked page arepay-per-click will ads similar. To those shownin regular actions ad units. So basically this is like a text ad individualtext ads created into a unit and as Point link and Areresponsive by default. Allow you to supporta wide range of devices and now it is ADS. Can come in any devices, it can come from computersand laptops phones, tablets and there aremultiple screen sizes.There are multiple resolutionsto by default. Google has madeads are responsive and will have to rememberone thing here, that Google Now Not disclosehow much it is for a link units. Let’s understand how,how does Google AdSense work? So it’s actually pretty simple. I’m sure you would have, I’m a few would havedied installing issue, like initially, like installingGoogle analytics code to basically it isa JavaScript code, which has to be putto the website. So, webmaster, orpublisher time is the side, which is willing to participatein AdSense program, research, the AdSense,JavaScript code to the website. And bingo, it works start workingfrom that point each time, the page is visitedby an end user device, script code firedand it fetches content, like switches right adsbased on either text of your website or interest of the usersand start showing ads. It is as simple as that.Contextual advertising system, scans the website for keywords and returns advertisementsto the web page based on these keywords advertisement. May be displayed on the webpage or we also played asa pop-up ad For example, the user is viewing websitepertaining to sports. Like I am sure you must be usinga lot of cricket websites. So when you areusing this website, you must be seeing a lotof advertisement related to sports Innovative company. For example, our Sports good sellers orother sports websites, etc, etc. Actual advertisement also called advertisements are in contextI personally take here. Extra lines are less irritating. Traditional advertisements iswhy it influences users, more effectively shows users. The area of expertise of areaof Interest or expertise of their eldest increases thechance of receiving a response. Let’s understand like,how do we get paid? How do Publishersget reducing Essence? So, AdSense payment cycleis monthly Publishers act through accumulated earningsover the course of someone and then at the beginning of the following one thereare names are finalized and posted as balanceon the payments page.The balance exceedspayment threshold and there is no paymentholds positions will be true. The payment between the 51stand 26 of the month. So let me example,let me give you an example. Let’s say Josh Furniture startdisplayers using Google AdSense, they accrue limited earningsthroughout the month of July. Okay, let’s saythe payment threshold for their account isa hundred dollars which is of default for a lot of for the monthof July will all be calculated. It will be accruedin August 3rd will see there. Bly month, finalizedtotal earnings irritate to their AdSense payments page. So, it is not creditedto the account. It will be creditedto their payment stage, if that amount,as on more than $100. So it has, if it has increased above theirthreshold amount and therefore, will get Josh furniturewill get a payment for their July earningsand any other credits, the lump sum Payment evenaround August 21st.Also, accents would need information aboutyour tax information, your personal identification. Do this and address to alsoneed to select a payment method. So these are the differentpayment methods that sense has been very lenient heredepending on different countries and rules ofthe different countries. Are they have? They use various methods like peppermint TheChronic fund transfer? Wire transfer, StanUnion, Quick Cash, Kappa de and f t. So also we need to remember that depending on what methodyou select and depending on what method is availablein various countries, will it might again, take some timein getting this payment. So let’s understandthe do’s and don’ts. What should we do to maximize our AdSense incomeWest Point produce, good quality content Attracts in gauges users to providegood user experience, it and maintain a Contentcalendar around a theme.If your site is into fashion,blogging eating the theme, not add random newtopics for the sake of such profitable keywords, or engaged for etc, etc. The stick to your theme. Definitely it will stillget good results over time. So let me moveto the next Point. Follow. A Google webmasterand AdSense guidelines. So this point is actually applicablefor all the website owner. If it is not for AdSense usersto Google webmaster guidelines, clearly asked you to creategood content for people, the people notfor search engines. So ask webmasters covered things like Using automaticallygenerated content participating in link schemes creating justwith link little or no, original content.Also methods like cloakingMickey think sneaky redirects in the website thing hidden text or links in the websiteusing doorway Pages, script content. And the list goes onbasically website owners. We should always stickto these guidelines. We should never use. Any unnatural ways to getsome traffic access guidelines. Also, essentially tellall the same thing, also tell not occurwith AdSense codes if our SEO checklist ready. So, this is again, this is importantfor all the website owners. I like, I becauseI have mentioned that I have a coupleof websites on my own. So I have always keptyour checklist, ready? Some of which pointsare directly on top of my mind, Like setting upGoogle search console. Installing Google analyticssetting up Bing webmaster. Tools thing here, never forget. Bing remember, Google isonly seventy six percent of the search press 24% belongsto different search engine. So we’re ignore Google coming back to SEO checklistsetting up in webmaster, tools submitting,similar height map.To search engines, Superior robot.txt file useRichie Rich Snippets if the URL SEO friendly type. Long-form contentinclude Emily keywords in the first paragraph focus on, maintaining your densityand the list goes on. I don’t really need to tellall the list to you here, you can easily createone for yourself or search for a good one. A lot of tights are availablein the internet which gives which Give you a free onebut Point keep an eye on a Spur. Click alarm, I thinka keyword research so it is commonly believed thateffect is directly proportional to money in blogging. This is not accurate. In terms of AdSenseadvertisement reason for this is so many factors which can affectyour AdSense incomes, some of them arefor ad placement, which is very important butI’ll just go traffic sources. Has and most importantly,the AdSense cost per click. So if you are using keywordresearch for your website, keep an eye onthe cost-per-click factor, I use sem Rush as a tool and I would highly recommendusing the brush tool by choosing some key words, which have high CPC.I’m not saying that. Just go around goand choose only high-paying, if we see keywordsfor people a keyword. First thing, accordingto the first one, it should be as per your impfor your site Keem. Secondly you should select someof the profitable keywords. Okay next Point recentmatch print formats. This is also very importantPoint too many site owners that I have interactedwith simply used images because they believe and this is also oneof the myths of AdSense ad major It’s work betterfrom my experience. Give me is not like that. I advised, the siteowners use all types, like we have coveredthe different type of Hearts II at else, right, since for search,then links based ads and videos.Videos are generallyout of purview for us but then we can easilyuse AdSense for search and I am Signof ourselves for salt because not only helpsyou monetize your content. It also helpswith user navigation so user can find the rightcontent in your website. If you put a searchfunctionality website, there’s some Pro tipsfor WordPress website owners, so I’ll quicklybrowse through it.It is protein and it was written recently sitting downwith one of my friends who is a site owner Ria’s, very good trafficin his website, we found these points outwill Commence using 720 x 7, 28 into 90, that is leaderboard imageat unit above the fold homepage and below themain navigation bar. So depending on the page length of these are for the homepagepending on your page. Like if the page length is good, use a vertical ad unit of samesize as different ad units like the 160 crosssix hundred or 200, 250 medium rectanglein your sidebar. Oh, your blog page again. Press, you website owners aredeciding on their blog. So it’s very importantfor them is E36 crossed 2LT.Large rectangle ad unitthe top of the article who’s a similar ad unit at the end of postfor the comment section. Similar to the homepage, is a skyscraperor a medium rectangular and unit and the sidebar. So these are prototypesa very important for you. Is important to understanddon’ts rather than dues. So now that we know that do you need to understandthe don’ts first ever, ever try to compensate users or third-party playersfor viewing ads, performing searchesGoogle will do know that you’re doing it and there is a high probability that your site and your accountis banned in Courage, never ever encouraged users,click Google ads using phrases.Like if the ads or support us, never try todraw user attention. The ads using arrows aresome graphical gimmicks. Never tried to place. Miss lady images,alongside individual ads, Basically I had unitsshould be very clear that you do unit. Should Clearly saythese are ads. So this anything nearbyblue not gonna like it. Never Place ads in a floatingbox grip will does not like it. This has to be avoidedat all costs. Never try to format your ad so that theybecome indistinguishable from other content on that page your site and addto have some gaps like Google. Sometimes sale, is that it is should beat least 15 pixels. So never try to mix things. Never try to makean ending in distinction. It will try to format side content so that itis difficult to distinguish. Shit from ads. So it is the reverseway to be any, which way you do it.Google will not liking it, never try to place misleadinglabels above Google ad units like ad units can only saythey are considered ads or are paid ads. Units cannot be labeled as favorite sitesor today’s top of hours, something like that, won’t work, clickon your own, Google AdSense, not of to go to AdSense. Them will see a lot of siteowners complaining about this that I am bannedfrom Google AdSense and and one of the major reasons is the that do not get any Revenueto get frustrated, The Click their own ads and you’re gone believe me guys. Google is very, very serious about its policiesonce you get banned, very difficult to reinstateyour account then if you recreate the account, It will havea very high probability that it is going to be banned and the same appliesfor Google ads as well.So never try to foolaround with Google ads, or Google AdSense, not use automated, clickimpression, generating tools, like reports aredeceptive software. Give me guys. There are a lot of black hatthings available in the market. Not try to use that. Google knows and you know, Google is the Big Daddy,they will definitely know that you are using someof Dr. Method success, and you will be and forever. Okay, let’s move to matrices. Now, first metric is at requestand request is counted whenever your siterequests and displayed. It is a number of AD units that requested adsfor Content ads, for search queriesfor search ads. Ad reports will addrequest ourselves, Reports, an ad request each time. A request was sent evenif no words were returned. Let me quicklyexplain your this. So, let’s say you have a page, you have a Blog Page and youhave put e ad units there. So p is the number of AD requests based on spendsome different criteria, like, based on your content. Based on the data, Google has about visitor willwill return you number of ads.So, it will dependon a lot of things. So if some pure, if the user is browsing, your website at 2 the night, some people might haveput any restrictions, also some advertisers. So, depending on a lotof things might be able to show three ads can be 0 or 1 as well aspoint is AD request. Coverage of rangeis the percentage of AD request that returned. At least one at the mespeaking average can help you identify side. But our sense is not ableto provide targeted ads.Formula for average isand request that return ads. So in the previous example, if one of the three slots,only one slot, displayed an ad. So this is whyI’m divided by 3 200. So if two ads are shownon that page out of three slots, it is 66.67% If you have a search boxor edge of 80% would mean, an average of one query, out of the five showout of the file not show any. I hope I’m clear about it. Poor coverage this. I’m at Google was not ableto provide ad suitable for your page and returnswith did not return any.As at request it, ER, to lock clicksCTR is click-through rate to add request. Click through rate isthe number of add x divided by the numberof and requests a simple. If you received seven klicksout of thousand, ad requests to Ctrl+ 7 percent I could request RPM. It is revenue perthousand Impressions so ad request Revenueper thousand Impressions, calculated by dividing, your estimated earnings, I number of AD request you havemade multiplying it by thousand. For example, if you earnedan estimated $60, from 15,000 ad request, for ad request RPM would be like sixteen sixty dollarsdivided by And in 2000 which is total four dollars. It’s pretty simplenumber of times, a user clicked on a standardcontent tag cost per click in this simple and important. Matrix amount, youearn each time, a user clicks on your ad. You can see is calculated bydividing the estimated Revenue by the number of X received.I mean, again, Rick forward number estimatedearnings for a Publisher’s, put that very recent numbers. Can be a little problematic. You can in your dashboard, you can see your recent earningsup to yesterday Preston’s. So this is it lookslike a simple one but this is an important one. Impression is counted for each ad requests areat least one ad had bigger. One to download the user’sdevice is a number of AD units for Content adsor search queries, for search ads, and loaded adds a veryimportant Point here to note is if there are told you right, there are a lot of AD networks, they are availablewho maintain a standard are.There are standard bodies like the interactiveentertainment view, you choose IAB of the mediarating, Council MRC. Do a lot of researchon this trip. They do a lot of periodicreviews update industry, standards forimpression measurement. They also recommended by guidelines over timethe standard for counting and AD impression on the webhas evolved from counting and impression to the adis served counting an impression when and starts to downloadon the user’s device. So there is somethingcalled a served impression there is Thing calledit downloaded information, compression, CPR ratio ofimpression that resulted in the clear straightforward.Okay, let’s moveto managing Google ads. So these are the steps forsetting up a search campaign. So this is generally first stepfor each campaign, not only for paidcampaigns many campaigns. First step is generallyto identify measurable goals. Once we identify mirror. Will goals, we moveforward and in case of SEO and PPC campaigns, we move forward for the keywordsin case of a paid campaigns. The second step islike identifying key words, structuring them into propercampaigns and AD groups is very important. M8, perfect ads for your Target. Customer, important Point here, is he, the Target customer andand you are while you’re measuring your goals. You need tounderstand your target. MERS perfectly. So kind of searches. They are doingwhat kind of sites, they’re browsing come. See you crack all these details. You are good. In will add both pointto view the results and make changes if required. Okay, let’s move on to identifyingthe measurable goals. These are someof the common Bulls at I identify pulse can be much moretricky are complexes.Let’s keep it simplefor the discussion. This can be like to numberof business leads required from a paid search campaign, can be a number of revenues to be generatedfrom a paid search campaign, for e-commerce campaignsor visibility campaign, this can be total amountof traffic to be generated forth for app campaigns goals. Can be total, number of app downloadsor in-app actions. Let me quickly moveto the first first point as we discussedis identifying the keywords. So Google has give him a wonderful toolfor free is called word planner, the Keyword Planner, once you identify the goals, you start searching,Google gives you the stool.You can as many searchesin these tools. Just have to search terms. You can find a dog ruffy. So if you aretargeting United States, you can put usfor targeting India. You can India if I’m creating a campaignspecific for Bangalore, I can put Bangalore. So once you do thisyou’ll be able to see the keyword searchvolumes estimated cost per click and so on and you will be ableto get an idea like how much approximately youare going to spend ad manager.At just Furnitureis searching for terms like by Office Furniture online. I Garden Furniture online by garden furniture,by Furniture online, and Report data. Google is giving. He has put location as India. Could have been narrowed down. It could have been ignoredor Chennai, or, or narrow roads. So that once theyare putting this data, they are getting averagemonthly searches competition. It can see. Clearly see the competition isvery high and because they’re they’ve already not started, the ads that impressionShares are not shown and can also see the topof the page bid in the low range and higher range beforeby this furniture online course, Furniture knows that they haveto spend something like Rupees to be rupees 10, what all detailsit will depend on. It will probably dependon their desk or and address. Let me move tocampaigns important is the first structure, okay? Like I generally takethis approach to Champions according Networkto Graffiti, right? Segmentation ductileand probably many other details.So I’ll give an example asFurniture telling chairs and tables in Bangalore and Chennai to lookat the data point, it’s a Furniture Company. It can get sell chairs,it can sell tables, it can sell a Dentures, it cancelled garden furniture,it can sell bedroom furniture. Different set of keywordsdifferent locations Bangalore. And Chennai, also have likecan select standards of display adsdepending on that. You can select first firstapproached wish to, he attacked goodcampaign structure for the search ad campaignfor garden furniture for Bangalore to choose one. Keyword theme choose onelocation and choose one network. Search Network, keyword theme which isgarden furniture and location. Bangalore ETA of createa campaign first fit, a million fullname, start working, start optimizing similarly, create a display of discrete onefor his players as well. Once you master the structurefor the next campaigns, you just need to loadup in settings, I have highlighted here. No need to add the campaignsetting free time. You can just load your campaign settings comesad groups very important point.That groups are partof like the ad campaign and yeah they are partof that campaign they help in recognizing the adsby common theme so if you to select garden furniture youcan again go granular. So it can be likegarden chairs it. Regarded tables can be somethingelse to my advice here. Go as granular as possible. Select very tightlythemed ad groups. Whose two, three? Four.Words. Max. Do not go beyond levelcreate a gifted ads. For those keywords. At the ad group level bidding is done to controlthe ads display. Let’s move to the next curve. Next Point ad copy Creationin probably the most important. I mean, for dads and similarly,for this players. So for time, constraints, I have taken exampleof text ads. As you can, as you can seea text ad ad copy, there is a final URLis a headline one, which is 30 characters,headline to 30 characters. Had line 3 is 30 charactersto be noted here. Line 3 has been recentlyintroduced may or may not show who line one and had nineto will definitely show. Depending on thedevices depending on various other points. These actors will showthere is a distillate path, which is likeyour website name /, @ 1 / path to. So for example, in case of Josh Furniture,it can be tossed, Furniture,,last garden furniture. And there is description one, which is 90 characters anddescription to be 90 characters. And when you type things here will show you reviewsAnd for desktop, second four miles, effectively, reach your potentialcustomers straps should be very specific leventare active and empowering.Some of the good practices that you canfollow can highlight the differentiating factorfirst You can you include at least one keyword? So remember aside your ad group, there are three,four, five, six, keywords, you can chooseto go very Broad and even put Tiki words, do you know II thinkthey should yet? Uh, NAD. A 22 words. Do you be able to Judebut Justice know, right? So that is why I told you.If the things tight them,you theme maximum 2. Three, four, keywords,five keywords for ad group. Include your call to action,like by Mao or call us. Now, visit our store. Good point glued prices. Promotions, exclusiveelse, excellent. If Point, make sure the ad text matcheswith the landing page, push a button,point be covered this point. Whatever is your add a legwhatever is the term which is creating your adto the keyword text and the landing pageto the all be on the same page. They should speakthe same language. Make sure your ad, extensions complimentyour ad copy.Wow. Seeing them explain to addextension of additional pieces of information suchas additional links from your website before numbers Stellarreviews becomes a part of your advertisementon Google search ads. What do they do? They actually havemore real estate but adding an ad extension, the size of your ad increasesand you know, size does matter, right? So in the side, aisles of the ad increases userswould most likely to notice. It more click on these ads, but there are some examplesshown you here point, you can use extensions storeon your business goals.Very important point, if your goal is to getcustomers to buy from your business location. If you want people to get, if you want to directyour direct your Customers to your store or restaurantor any other place, you can use location extension,the important point. So apart, fromlocation extension, there is somethingcalled affiliate location and potential. For example, our PR Company and I’m creating my adsfor my individual dealers. Okay? So I’m just tryingto facilitate them it. So instead, like Icannot give Kia Motors. Address there. So I create affiliate location. I’ll give the addressof noisy motors which is a Kia Motors Christ dealer and Ican give the question example. second point is allowedextension and additional text to your ads. Free delivery, 24x7customer support etc. Etc. I can type of goal. If you want your customersto contact you by four people use call extension for Google. So had a text message optionbut there is not there anymore.But goal customersto convert to your website. Basically, if you want peopleto visit your website, you can use cyclingextension cycling case like, you can pick two or four site links to that peoplecan come to your website. Directly example, you can giveyour hours or order. Now direct link can be given 10. Callout extension, add additional textto your ads, like free delivery 24x7Much support have subtracted, then there’s an advanced conceptcalled structured Snippets.The structure separate will alsobe extra information on your productor service category. Also, there are price extensions and not availablein all the countries. If your goal is to get people, download your appand pretty simple use app, extension becomes ad scheduling at scheduling allows you to setsome themes throughout the a day when you want your ads to runspecific hours for each day. For example, you can usethe ad scheduling for specifying certain numberof hours or days of the week when you want to show your ads. For example, I am a restaurant and I want to givedon’t attract people near. I want to attractoffice errors Fisk or smear my restaurant. My restaurant. I will do is like I quitemuch more importance during the lunchtime or the afternoon time whenpeople go and meet other people.So I’ll put myin location extension. I’ll put my attentionto the details the right time. Surely you can also go a stepfurther and set adjustments, increase or decreaseYour bids for specific days and it’s amazing, right? So by default will ad campaignsare set to show ads all day till you do not touch. Your scheduling part is setto all day version tracking. Probably one of the mostimportant points. It is again a free toolprovided by Google ads to you and specify the actions which are importantfor you example whether they’re buyinga product or Signing up for your newsletter that they arecalling your business or downloading your apppending on finding your, on your business goal.You can set it up. Oh, when a customer completes an action as of definedas a converging at the, you can seethe details of convergence. I suggested methodhere used Google analytics, conversion tracking methods. And for that you needto link your Google ads with Google analytics. Let’s quickly understandhow we do that. You can Google adsto Google analytics, the important Point probablyis the first step you should take in order to viewGoogle ads data inside, Google analytics account. And vice versa, basicallytwo different accounts. One is Google ads,and there is Google. Takes account, we need to eatthem before linking them.First step is to enable autotagging in Google ads device. The data may not put correctlybetween two forms. And remember, the, the platform’s havetwo different ways to collect this data to, we need to be very carefulhere and analytics. As for the screenshot, I think you can seethe screenshot go to, to your eye. Admin view to propertiesand do your Google, add links. And next steps arepretty self-explanatory. I’m sure you’ll beable to do it. Once you link your Googleanalytics account with your Google AdWords account, and you can viewads data inside analytics.So you once it is linked,you go to Google Analytics. Go to the overall view, you go to the acquisition part,go to browse to the Glad fat, then you see, go to the campaign’s,you will be see, you will be ableto see the clicks data, the cost data as per click data, how many users, how many sessions whizzingpart pulse rate is per session. These are all Googleanalytics a direct. You cannot see this datain Google AdWords once you link Boththe properties will be able to see the of the datainside in one window. Similarly, you can seeyour shopping data are displayed getting data.I have not shown it here, you can see it evenanalytics data in Google ads. It is the reverse one. Now that you haveyour able to see the AdWords data in analytics, will want you to know that you can alsothe reverse thing Apart from the usual AdWords data. Like append data, budget,status clicks impression tpr. That is true rate average, CPC can also see analyticsdetails inside your AdWords. These are arrangedwith its Pages for with it. Sent a new visits etc etc. Bounce rate is very important. It your full attention here, multi-channel funnelreport is very Very important in analytics. Conversions, and e-commerce. Transactions are creditedto the last campaign. So it is a default attributionanalytics is set to last step that you user did while converting attribution toby default is revisions is set to The Last Action. So probably it is the Search. Last did I add by default? It will be shown likethat what role did are website referrals purchase or a display in that convergencewe need to understand that how much time passed between theusers initial interest and his or her purchasewe need to understand in order to understand the userfunnel out the user move booths from Top of the funnelto bottom of the funnel.It is very important tounderstand that we need to see. Okay, first time the user cameto my site using a paid ad. Probably he or she came directlyand converted or probably, they came my websiteor using paid search and do some displaycampaign reconverted. So, in this report went to allto check this report are UPS given That two losers. Come first, they have come via paid search like text adsand all they have come by a display ads to users who have come via paid search. Then they have directlyto the website and convert it and to our e-commerce site and if you haveinstalled e-commerce, a properly, will be able to seethat how much version value. It got normal users,the values will be 0. So let’s come to the lastLast step of our discussion is optimization very importantGoogle Google AdWords, most important point islike in continuous stimulation and how do we do competecontinue assorted Dimension. First point is for keywords. We need tocheck keywords status. Always other keywords are are all of them eligibleare all of them. Performing properly isa performing properly.Are above all of them,getting good through rate. CTR is high or not, the bids other underbidlike the the top field bid is higher impressions are counted. It is not getting X so weneed to check all of this. Mmm. Need to go to search termreports on a regular basis. Whenever we whenever we need toanalyze the search term reports, we will see a lot of negative keywords coming sowe need to keep adding the negative keywords but ourotherwise becomes better. Click to reviewour Max cost per click. This is very important. Cost per click, the corresponding quality scoreand gradually improved for idea should be decreasedthe cost for be gradually.Basically if our monkeyscores will improve our mascot will go down. And of nuclear words in that you do need to comecontinuously use tools like keyword tools. So from the search report wewill see a lot of new keywords which we’ll use as Point, stout branded keywordsand it keywords are keywords, which used your brand name. For example, Walmart, and America, peoplewill Not remember, it will make our website,we’ll just type A, do they occur and theywill come to your, they will see our page. We need to bid on these as well. Let’s move to the next pointand turn up campaign structure. The important point, a group will betightly structured, it should have maximum two,three, four keywords, so that we can do a Justice to these keywordsand stretch properly, caters to all these keywords. So tell me what happenswhen we start our campaigns, we are not particular to createa slightly broader groups. So yes, we had done that, nothing to worry about isalways room for restructuring, keep reviewing the campaigns.And so one point here, most of the time advertisers areunder pressure, Okay, we need to give Eric ad campaign then one day or two daysso initially we do not, we might not get timefor a good ad structuring. I would recommend to dothat them any time in the future can always go back to the same campaignsto restructuring. Split up, ad groups again. If you are ads, you need to addyour grip reduced. You Return to Those ads unit,continuously new ads, the first thingfor any AD group, you should at leastcreate 3 ad groups, at least for each ad groupminimum three ads. You need to check outthese ads are performing after getting enough clicks. Are they gettingenough convergence? Are they gettingenough Impressions? If some of them are not gettingany Impressions, pause them.And add new ones, said, matching set matching is veryimportant split again and again, your keyword a textand your landing page should all add a dynamic. Keyword insertion tookGoogle provides us an ugly tree or a group has four words, you can or five keywordsor whatever, number of keywords, you can do curly brackets, and you can useUse Dynamic keyword insertion.So basically for allthese keywords Brands will be triggeredto your headline will show or your Google show. Never, There Isinsert Dynamic insertion, good practice, I always do. That would also recommendyour program that never do that if you use a lotof broad keywords, if that can clear your adults, sure to Delightthe display URL. Low-lying, fruit lot ofadvertisers for get Display URL. So you can use your keyword and you can use the importantpoint in the display URL. Remember, it isstill your people, your website is there aretwo are different fields of 15 characters eachwhose call to action. I’ve already cleaned this pointfor stand out from the crowd to have to do thatby continuous experimenting. And the most AP testing, I like your USP is againexplained it before and attention withan amazing headline. Headlines are like,literally bolded to. You need to write an amazingpiece of headline and practice which I generally follows. I am I to include a keywordin the headline.I would also recommend youto that next Point, optimizing your websiteand landing page here. Instantly Test new, landing pages veryimportant Point here. We’ll put some dot hasimportance on speed. Google always improves,quality of pagespeed, the like will also giveus a lot of important for mobile page speed as well. You need to do that. Even if importance onpage speed limit to constantly Test new landing page, you need to take careof to our ux issues. Make sure there areno bioethics issues. Bill does not like that. Our Language and Culturalexperts that aspects in mind. Time what happens is we do a lotof Charity writing. Like I have also done thisin the past I have done the mistake createda campaign for us and UK.So I created a like same. I used the samelanding page and Lee. I use the sametext blindly treat. No, no. But the countryhear people speak English but way the December. We have bighearts are different. We need to take careof these small aspects in mind. Most important point, the on-page fixingof adding pages. Do the SEO fixingof your landing pages properly. Like tiling, proper lying tag. Title tag for meta descriptionssigning proper image. Alt tags, etc! Etc! Demise, your ad extensions,add extensions, very example, I explained in detail, who’s a Daxton extensions asper your goals choose, whenever appropriate, consider scheduling at extensions as failureof fish timing, or s for your tour, timing, or as foryour customers convenience, Commision or ADDextension for performance, to do need to do that.Periodically, find your searcha reviewer location settings. Important sometimeslike you will create an ad campaign for u.s. So remember that us has50 states and do is east coast. Has a lot of surf volumesto the West Coast as a lot of such volumes central part of the u.s. does not have a lotof alcohol in my experience. I’m telling this unitwho further go down further, good, more detailed. You can breakdown your location. It’s from overall us to New Yorkfrom the New York state, New York City and formulaicelectricity’s of California. And you can also tryout specific location. Targeted landing page,believe me. They work busy save moneyby scheduling schedule. Your ad only to appearduring business hours. Explain this increaseor decrease your bids, depending on the results. Increase quality score, but the score isthe most important factor and it depends a lot on to rate, click through rate of your adscan only be increased value experimental not on the a text.So, we need to writekeywords, you know, to do a lot of experimentation or to write textto mising landing pages. Optimizing addtext Pages explained before Stout Skaggs veryImportant concept cakzis like, single keyword ad group. So, recently, a lotof AdWords, experts, the advising this. I have also tried myself. Give me it works wonders. You take a single keyword inthe search volumes are probably, which is the one, which is most importantfor your Target customers yet. Story around it who tippedoff that single keyword, you create Landing. You create that ad group,that keep optimizing.I’m sure at quality score willincrease like anything it right? This my quality score increasefrom 5 to 8, reach 10, you’ll understand how much impact itwill have on the cost. So probably you will haveto pay less than half of what you used to pay beforeor even lesser important Point. Keep optimization as a process. You need to implementit as a process. You need to be doing it. For your CPC and maintain value for money in for a highquality scores will Skaggs. Use tightly themed ad groups. And so asked question, like, by need to aimfor first position because lot of time first position that the costper click is very high. It can lower your cost per, you can slee beon 2nd and 3rd position. So you’re still on how to foldup in much lesser do you need? Thing about things like that and be allocating budgetfrom underperforming, campaigns removedunderperforming campaign, or us them relocate.That same budgetto such term reports as Point review, competitors, buildon the competitors names. So, if I am all mad, it would probably be downmy competitor best by his name. So you can also do that and ideasfrom your competitors. How do you do that? You can usesome Innovative tools. I have used a tool calledspyfu is an amazing tool. Will give you a will. In a few clicks will give you all the data aboutwhat your competitors are doing. You can pick out someof the best practices that we remember be different. As the world is evolvingtowards the digital era, it is quite importantto maintain a good social profile and havean excellent social presence. One way to promote your productor service is by making use of one of the most prominentdigital marketing channels that is social media marketing. Today, we are goingto be discussing about one of the Hot Topics in the fieldof digital marketing, that is how social media marketingbenefits your business.But before we get any furtherwith this session, let’s take a look at the agenda. Ow. So firstly, I’ll start off with talking about what exactlyis social media marketing. Followed by which will takea look at the major pillars of this field and moving aheadbelow to take a look at the different types of tools which are availablein the market, which are mainly focusingon social media marketing.And then we’ll takea look at a few tips and which platformyou should choose in order to gain more traffic and engagement bysocial media marketing. So, these are the topicsthat we will be discussing guys. And also on this note, Go ahead and subscribeto a Eureka YouTube channel and hit the Bell iconto never miss any notifications from us ontraining Technologies. Also, if you’resomeone out there who’s looking for an onlinecertification training, in digital marketing, check out the linkin the description box below. Don’t forget to like, shareand subscribe this video, guys. So, let’s begin this session. So, what according to youis social media marketing, there are nearly 3 billion, active social media usersacross the globe and this constitutes up to 40% ofof the entire worlds population and around 90% of social media usersacross the globe, access social networks, through mobile alsothe sector is way faster in terms of reachingyour customers, irrespective of their location status, it mainly refersto the process of obtaining, more traffic throughsocial media sites.So this is the major agendaof using social media marketing. Guys, it is a vast field where you can findEvergreen job opportunities for freshers as well. Experienced professionals somemajor social media platforms include Facebook Twitter,Instagram LinkedIn, and so on. So now that you guyshave got a clear idea about what is social media marketing, let’s understand its benefit how exactly social mediais going to benefit you or your business. Let’s have a look. Social media can help you outin a lot of ways, guys, it helps you increaseyour website traffic also helps you raisingyour Brand’s awareness, helps you in creatingyour brand identity and also help.You in improvisingyour communication with customers or prospects. So, this is exactly how social mediais helping you out and delivering your contentto your customers or prospects. So, moving on, let’s understand what keepssocial media intact and so much more life. So let’s understand how. So, will mainly discuss aboutthe five pillars in the field of social media marketing? So, let’s see. What are they? So there are five pillarslike I mentioned, which helps in keepingsocial media, marketing alive. So, the five major pillars of Your marketing are is thestrategy planning engagement, analytics and advertising. So let’s understand how they helpsocial media marketing.First, we will discussabout the strategy. So this phase is consideredas the major part, that drives the growthof your company. It lets you analyzeset relevant goals and also helps youin planning your business. The more effective your strategyis the more I our chances to being successful. So talking about the strategy,it encompasses everything. Related to planningsetting goals how to meet the desired goals, analyzing how to engagewith your audience and so on. And also, another majorfeature I would say about strategizing your socialmedia campaign would be it, lets you know, what kind of conversation youshould have with what kind of intellectual person or so on,something like that. So this is exactly how strategy helpsin social media marketing. Now, talking about planning, a large part of yoursuccess in business, depends on how well you play.Your social media campaigns. Also, before you startposting on social media, you need to havean amazing plan guys. Research about yourcurrent market trends and Define your target audience, and identify Which socialplatform is suitable for your business, okay? In order to create a good plan,having an objective, is more likely tohelp you with that. As long as you stick to your planand work on improvising, it you’ll be in safe. And guys, now, moving on to thenext important pillar of social media marketing, we have the engagement Factor As your businessgrows the reach.Also eventually increases, you’ll have a lotof things to take care starting with maintaininga good social profile to interacting withcustomers on any of the social media platforms. You’ll be on the edgeof your marketing campaign. So having good engagement ratiois going to help you with that. Now, the best part is youcan track your engagement ratio by using engagement toolslike buffer slack. And so on it Aggregates,all your social media mentions, Also, the post thatdidn’t tag your business, social media profile, including a few messages. Now, this was about engagement. Now, talking about analytics. Social media isa very vast platform where you can promote any ofyour product analyzing its roots can give you enough kick, start your business group. So analyzing your leadsfrom social media, tracking them, and converting themis very important.You can make useof a few Analytics tool, like Google Analytics. Kiss metrics and many more,which helps you analyze, your website’s performanceon the Ser piece. The talking about the fifthand the most important pillar of social media marketing. We have the advertising Factor,have you ever seen some ads, which pop up every now. And then while you’rewatching a video, These are nothingbut the advertisements that are up for promotions. Social media isso damn powerful. That you can managethe status of who can view your advertisement. You can always makeuse of Like phones, like Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram,sponsored ads, and so on. So this is exactly how you can promoteyour product by pushing it. So advertising is, one of the major factorsor the major reason for you to even create contentin the first place. As long as youpromote your content or promote your work, it will be useful for youas well as the customer or whoever it ison the receiver end.So these werethe five major pillars of social media marketing. Now move. Being ahead. Let’s take a lookat the different tools which are used. So, in this video, I’m going to be talkingabout only two major social media marketing tools. So let’s understandthem and GTA. So I’m going to be focusingmainly on two tools that are namelypuffer and HootSuite. So let’s understandthem in detail. Firstly, we’ll talkabout buffer. So buffer isa software application, which is mainly designedfor web and mobile. It can manageyour social accounts by helping you schedule. It’s on Facebook,Instagram and so on.And also the best part about this is it letsyou analyze your results and provide means to communicateand engage with your customers. This is an extension guys. And also this browser, extension is oneof the latest productive hacks. I’ve tried to list outa few notable features of this, so let’s have a look. It is easy to shareyour post faster. Using buffersbrowser extensions. It is free of cost guys and you can share your tweetsat the right time.I’m if you get any tweets or retweets youcan just Tweet back or you can just read tweetat the right time now and also it is easy to tracktop-performing contents. If you’re going to be workingon a keyword like say digital marketing, for example, if you’re going to be workingon digital marketing you want to know the topperforming content, right? So this tool helpsyou give you the insight about the top performingcontent and also, you can easily customizeyour scheduling process for each platform.You can also make useof the Chrome extension. I can mention to add articles and contents from webto your buffer queue or share the content on the go. Now, moving on to the next toolthat is HootSuite. HootSuite is one among the mostwidely used social media, marketing platforms, and it was createdby Ryan Homes. In 2008, this socialmedia marketing platform, lets you build, smarter workflows scalesacross your organization and delivers demonstrable RoiThis amazing tool allows you to collaboratewith your team member, announcer the major benefitof seeing your comments and mentions in one place. You can also assign tasks,Plata social media, calendar and scheduleyour updates over there. So this was aboutthe two major tools which are usedfor social media management. Now, moving on to the next partof the session, let’s take a lookat the different tips that I’m going to begiving you related to social media marketing. A few tips,from my end to help you out.Social media marketing guys. So the first thing youshould do is identify your market goats set up. Proper goal and tryto work towards it and create uniqueand specific strategy for each social media platforms. If you’re working on Facebook, you need to havea different strategy. If you’re working on Instagram,you need to be very unique and different alwaysbe consistent, guys. And always choosethe right platform. That is right. Social media platform,for promotion. See you need to knowhow to Has your website guys? Once you know thatyou’re getting traffic from one of the marketing channels, you should focus on thatand if you’re not getting more traffic from oneof the channels, you should try focusing on a different Channeland try to, you know, elaborate or tryto be more interactive with your customers and tryto create more good content. So this is exactlyhow you can get more traffic.Also focus onyour messaging part because it has a greater impact on your website aswell as your Business always be up to date withthe latest technology Trends. This is a must guys. If you’re workingon social media platforms, you need to be very up-to-datewith the technology Trends. Also know how to analyze yourresults and focus on the part, which needs more attention. So this ishow any company grows. This is exactly how anybody comes to the firstposition in the srp’s. So know how toanalyze your results. Okay. So these were a few tipsfrom my and guys. Now coming to the last part of the final partof this session. Let’s understand how to choosethe best social media platform, knowing what to Market, and how to Market playsa vital role in choosing the right social media platform. So here are a few pointsthat you should consider before, selecting any socialmedia platform, seek out your target audience, guys.Focus on what your customersare looking for and try to deliver accurate results. Also, Define a good set of goals and build a goodbusiness strategy. Always concentrate onwhat your customers want. And delivering good content, requires a lotof research and also, you should be good at socialmedia management tools. And also Distributingyour content is a must, guys. If you’re workingin an e-commerce side, you should knowhow to handle post. You should knowhow to analyze your results. You should knowhow to track them and so on, right? So these are a few factorswhich you should consider before selecting anysocial media platform. These are the topics which we will be coveringin this particular module. First of all, you need to understandwhat is affiliate marketing.Secondly, you’re goingto be learning about some key terminologiesof affiliate marketing, or how affiliate marketing works. And number for settingup affiliate marketing, as a merchant, we’re going to talkabout more in detail about merchants and affiliate and then setting up affiliatemarketing as an athlete person. Now going ahead, our objectives willbe do First of all, understand affiliate marketingand how does it work? And we will get to knowthe major players in affiliate marketingand how it works. Learn how to setup and run affiliate marketing asemotion and understand how to monetizeyour website or a blog or even a social media channelusing affiliate marketing. Now let’s get intothe first topic of the day which is understanding affiliate marketing andhow we going to do that is we’re going to dothat by an example.Well, we all knowabout card Eco now, we are an imaginary character. In this particular caseis planning to buy a new car. Now, she is confusedbetween two different models and what she doesis she goes to guard, they could not calm, maybe compare it andget some guidance. That is how usual consumer goes and researches about a productnow, moving ahead, she made check allthe details and reviewed. All The detailsof the two or three options, whichever she was lookingfor on gardening Co and she made her choice. Now she checks all the offers which are availableselects our nearest dealer and fills out a formwith her contact info. What is the businessmodel for car? They go there. I mean they just simplytook the lead and pass it on to the next company, which was in thisparticular case maruti.Now during the entire process, Carl Decker didnot charge Priya. Anything for the service. He was able to check reviews, she was able tocheck the features, she was able to compareall the cars. All of this was free of cost. So what iscarnico actually doing? Why are they doingthis for free? And, and thebiggest question is, how do they maketheir money now? The answer liesin the next slide, which is the earn their moneythrough affiliate marketers. Now let’s go step by step. Step into this and seethat how it works. Now, the first of allthe seller strikes, a deal with car, they Now about this Dean, we’re going to talkabout second car, they could not calm places, the sellers offeron the website now, Prius C’s these offers and thenshe pulls out a particular form.Now car the echo, what it does iseither automatically or manually since the leadto the nearest seller. Now it could be a showroomas Well now seller receives the lead and makes a contact with Priya and let’s assumethe purchase is made. And even if the purchaseis not made earns a commission for a lead, the seller gives the carthey cook commission for a lead or for a sale.Now that is how car makes its money. Now, that brings us to the definitionof affiliate marketing. In simple terms,a fleet marketing, is promoting a product in returnfor a commission on the sale. Now, think of Affiliatesas commission agents or just think about athletesas one of your Brokers and just like any real estate brokerget some money whenever there’s a sale donefor a particular house. The same way athletes alsoget their commissions. Now after it Mouse marketingis an extension of Performance MarketingPerformance Marketing happens within a particular company and affiliate marketingis dependent upon the people who are outsideof your company moving ahead. Let’s look at someof the key terminologies which I used in affiliatemarketing number one, it is a merchant. Now, Merchant alsoknown as Advertiser or a seller is the product ownerThis product is being promoted and who sells the product. Now, in case of, let’s say Amazondownward, for example, is not a product owner. The product owner atthis particular point of time, because it isdisplayed on Amazon.Amazon is the merchant or an Advertiseror SMS moving ahead. Now, while Merchantneeds affiliate marketing, large e-commerce players, lack of critical pieceof or Organic traffic or engaging content. Let’s take a verysimple example of camera. And let’s take it as a product which has been displayedon a large e-commerce company. For example,an Amazon gift card. Now the Amazonsand the flip cards, have a difficultyin targeting the non-commercial, early-stage search traffic. Now the reason whyI am telling you that is let’s say you search for best camerasof with everyone and in that particular Caseassuming Amazon’s search result do not come up at the top but an affiliate website or a YouTube videoor anything of that.Sort comes up there and then you findthe links and that is how they get more trafficon their own website. Now, fda’s will highquality relevant SEO. Friendly content can actuallyfill in the Gap, exactly how it happened or inthe case of the camera now, small Merchants like, Lack the resourcesand the market reach. And when you are talkingabout the sources, it could be a or it could bethe lack of marketing budget. Now, Affiliates, provide the marketaxis that we teach and The Branding as well. Now, in this particular case, Affiliates are an extensionof a marketing team and they start keepingthe marketing cost in check.Now, the merchants because they do not havean unlimited amount of money, like how large e-commerce ishave They can always make sure that their marketingcost is in check. Moving ahead. How affiliatemarketing benefits? The merchant. Number one, they get extra setof traffic without spending any money because trafficis not monetized. Secondly, there isno risk advertising. That means you have to pay only. When someone buysthe product number three, build the brand, especiallyfor the new businesses. Assuming I’m a small-time,T-shirt maker, and somebody who’s veryfamous a fashion model or somebody just post about that and postthrough our affiliate link. Then in that particular case youwill be able to get the business from us and theycan build the bad for me. Now again, oneof the great things about affiliate marketing is that you get a lotof bad feelings without doing any effortand the only thing which you will have to do Is that you have to payonce the sale is done, which is pretty much okaywith almost any entrepreneur.Moving ahead. Now, let’s talkabout the affiliate affiliate or a publisher is either a siteor a company or an individual. That is promoting the product and gets a commissionfor each sale. They usually havea niche audience as I told you aboutthe example of camera, is the best example here. Now, let’s say there’sa assuming there’s a, and then they tell youabout the best cameras for 2020 or 2030 one, they have a very Niche audienceof just those photographers.And that is what is the best partabout being a publisher, or an affiliate. Now, why athletesneed affiliate marketing because of that. Actually, there aremillions of side that receive heavy traffic. But they do not haveany product to sell now. Soul in the same scenario. Some of them might not havelarge enough traffic, but have greatlyreally loyal visitors. Now ads is an effectivemonetization option when the page isviews in millions.Now, any blog lets you startany block tomorrow, and if you have 200 peopleof 500 people coming onto your websiteon a daily basis, and if you try to put in ads, there it is not Goingto give you a lot of income. But again let’s assume that you whole and again 500 people onlyare coming through it but one of them decided to buya product from your website. Now in that particular case, you’re going to get a verydecent cut out of the sale which eventually is going tohelp you monetize your visitors. And also this gives you a source that your informationon the website, whatever you are. Tank is actually making sense. Moving ahead how affiliate marketingbenefits the Affiliates. First of all youcan monetize your project because if a person comes over to your website clickson that camera, link goes ahead andbuy that camera. In that particular case, I’m going to bemonetizing yourself. Secondly, it is more profitablethan running ads. Now the reason whyit is more profitable than running adsis first of all we know that That there are adblockerpop-ups ad blocking browsers, which are available now.So ads actually on, third-party websitesare going down as we can already see it, then apply it becomesa better option in order to start makingmoney on your website. Now, third thing is that you should havea better control of what visitors see. And by whenever we are talkingabout better control over, what visitors see. And by that means Youare putting the direct links of the products, you have givinga proper photo shoot, and you’re doing allof those efforts and you have a better controlof it because in cases of ads, you do not havea very good control that who will be advertisingon your life.That is where a fleetmakes more sense. Now, number 4 is that ability to offer custom dealsto promote sales. That is also onebenefit which athletes. Get moving on. There are a lotof affiliate websites which are available now, if you want to seea review comparison website, we have already talked about,they could not calm, but if you are in to mobilize, you must have alwaysheard about GSM Marie. Secondly, now thereare some loyalty and reward websites aswell because it just doesn’t make sense for them. So they want a moreloyal customers coming onto their website. So every Time somebody buysanything from their website. They provide some sortof a loyalty points as well to those that they keep on visitingtheir websites by again from their affiliate linksand so forth and so on. Now number 3 IO couponwebsite skupin Dunya. Now what they do is that they provide youwith a coupon code which might be availablesomewhere else as well. But once they give youthat Google account, the a redirect you to themerchant website, number four, Or large media websites.It could be him assigned times. It could beWall Street Journal, or anybody of those sort. They are also doingthe same thing because again, you have more controland you get a lot of money coming out of by doingthe affiliate marketing and the last and not leastour like blocks again as I told you about, let’s assume yourown and you’re making those blogsand forums moving ahead. We’re going to talkabout the customer. Now, this is The end pointof the cycle. Now, customers are drivers ofany affiliate marketing program. Basically, when a consumerbuys a product or service, why an affiliate? The affiliate also gets a cut and the merchantshares the prophets and he gets the same.Now, this is how the affiliate Networkor a platform works. And a flea Network, or platform isa third party platform that actually Acts asan intermediate lie between the merchants and the F. Use the charge of feefor being a middle man. Now, think of it asone more layer in the graphs, which we saw before. And these are the people whoactually manage your Affiliates. So there is a merchantis apnea Network and they will bemultiple affiliate, which should be therewithin affiliate Network. Now, here are someof the examples of affiliate Quite a platform. Now, first of all is commission. Then we also have calmly, we have shared a sale and wehave two looks now, let’s talk about athlete program. Affiliate programs are a typeof athlete Network.These are the programs which are saidby large companies who want to gettheir Affiliates on board and to get more trafficto the website by reaching non-commercialor early stage search traffic. Now, just to giveyou an example, a fleet The program is somethingwhich has the fee structure. That how much areyou is an affiliate, going to get? If he sells a particular product or a particular typeof product or a product in a certain category, it could also includethe basic operating procedure. That, how do you go ahead and make your own custom linksand share it on your log or a website? And it does include the payouts When the payoutsare going to happen now, how it works? Is that athlete program? Generates the trafficfor the website and in turn givesthe commission on the same. Moving along some of the affiliate programexamples are as follows.Now, Amazon Associates isprobably one of the most popular athlete program, evil pattern networkis also there, Shopify and Flipkart alsoowns a affiliate program. There are some otherkey The terminologies which you should be knowingabout the fp8 market. Number one is free a percentageof sale or fixed amount which is paid to an affiliate. Now p as I told youpreviously could be different for each and every company and could be differentfor each of the categories within a particular companyor even to a certain level, you a product as well. Now, linked views is that how many timesthe product link was viewed on an affiliate? Site or a network. For example, assumingyou are an associate and you put up a linkfor Amazon on your website. Now, how many times a personis clicked on that link and went over to the website? That is what is considered aslinked views moving on clicks.How many people wentto the mergence side by clicking the affiliate link, and the for isour average order value. Now, size of theaverage order in INR, or Or any applicantcurrency earnings per click, which is your total commission. How much you have gotwithin a time frame and total number of clicksgenerated by an affiliate in a given B be moving along. We’re going to talkabout how it works, how affiliate marketing works. Now, first of all, in the first step,a fleet obtains, a Merchants product detailsand creatives sometimes. Directly from the merchantor from the affiliate Network. Number do affiliate uploads, the products or creativeswith special length. It is also known asparameterised link that contains your affiliate ID so that the consumer visitsand affiliate side and clicks on Merchants productor a creative or link anything. Now the cookie or a code is senton consumers browser, which identifies themerge Urgent affiliate, which is you in this particularcase and the link moving on consumer is redirectedto the merchants website.Now, whenever he goesto the website, then a fleet, identity is capturedby the merchant URL. Moving on the consumer purchasesfrom the merchant website. And cookie informationis sent to an affiliate or affiliate Network. Now, Merchants Auto transmits, the sales informationto the Athlete Network, which includes the affiliateID affiliate Network tracks, the sales and the transactions with matching tothat affiliate ID, affiliate and Merchantreconcile the transaction and Merchant paysthe affiliate directly. Now, if you are a company who wants to set uptheir own affiliate marketing, how are you going to do that? We’re going to be talkingabout the same thing now. What are the basic requirementsof a merchant? If you want to set upyour affiliate Network, number one is that you should havea product to sell then. Secondly, you needa fleet platform number 3, you need to have an offer of fee that you will payto the Affiliates number for you should have a very compellingproduct description number five.If you have the creativesuch as banners, or images, or something of that sort, or a video anyway, To make sure thatwhenever you sending it out to an affiliate Network, it actually gets clickedand last is a sales pitch, that why should an athletework for you? Because assuming, if you pitching outto load of Affiliates, then you need to endure themwith something to be a high fee, or it could bea instant pay out, or it could be anythingof that sort. Now, moving onthe second thing, which you have to do, if you want to set up,your affiliate network is That you needto find your right.Affiliates. As a merchant, it is very criticalto find the Affiliates that are in linewith your right now. What f is to have audiencesthat need your product, but this always should not be the same asyour current set of customers. Why is that the reasonbehind that is that you’re going to be givingthe same free to those people. Who would have anyway, come over to your website andbought it from You number three, you want the Affiliates to havean in-depth understanding of your industry? However, they should alsonot be your direct competitor. Affiliates should get you salesbut they should not be pushy. Now, the third thingwhich you need to do is that you have to decide the fee. First of all, Affiliates, take a share of your profitsjust proved therefore, it is importantto determine the amount of Revenue you want to sharewith the affiliate. It depends upon if you already havea certain amount of Affiliates or if you just tryingto set up an app here that is how it’s goingto work out. It should be substantialenough to motivate an affiliate and leave you withyour decent margins as well.Number four, the pricing model can be chosen dependingupon your business goals. Now you might pay out a lotof money in the very start if you’re a very small company because they’re saving youon your marketing budget. Let’s see what a big company andyou have the upper hand then, in that particular caseyour pricing model could be a little cheaper, you could be a little lesson fee and you can pay itand after a couple of months, so you have to decide onthose particular fee processes. Now, there aremultiple pricing models. Now, the firstof them is paper same, which is the percentage ofthe sale price of the product, which you pass itonto an affiliate. Then the second oneis pay per click. This is not very much use now, but based on the clicks and traffic generatedon the merchants website, number three, you have paper, leave, remember the first examplewhich you saw are, they That could actuallywork out as a paper.Eat. Number four, ispay per performance which is based on yourpre-decided consumer action. Now it could be a download, it could be a referral or itcould be anything else now. It’s talk about the affiliateplatform demo whenever you have a website of your own and you want to set upyour own applet program, you can easily goto Sheriff’s and follow the steps to setup your merchant account. Now, in this particular step, what you can do islike set up the rules, set of the processes, set up, the fees setof the payout mechanism, and all of those detailsto start your own affiliate.Program and share a sale isa platform just for that. Now, moving ahead, setting up, affiliate marketingas an affiliate, that is what we are goingto start to learn what Affiliates actually need their first of all, needa website with good content. Now, in some cases, this could be also good accountof a social media, which has a lot of following youneed a large loyal audience. Now this again, could be a social mediaaudience or could be a website audience as well. Number Three the most importantstep which you need to pass is the merchant approval in orderto become their affiliate.Now, these approvals are based on multiple things that could beon your social media following. It could be aboutwhat type of a website. Do you have? Is it secure or isit mobile-optimized? Yes, no. So all of these things Merchantsmakes and keeps the guidelines of in order to give you anapproval to become an affiliate. Now, moving a head, let us Us assumethat you have gotten the approval from the affiliatefrom the merchant. Then in that particular case, your first big thingwould be getting visitors on your website. First of all, you needto think very carefully. That where can you compete? Now, this could be an issue might be goodat or this could be a niche, which is a market Gap.Now, once you do that research,you make a website on that. You start puttingcontent into that and then you startdoing those FBI. No, moving ahead. You need to leveragesocial media to promote and build a community. Number three, you needto use your referral links which are thereon the related blogs and the website. Now, how that happens is thatonce you become an affiliate, you are given an axis and then you can createyour own special links and you need to usethose special referral links on your blocks. Number four, you need to join forums and startpromoting your products. Their number five, you need to generatethe Traffic to this website, but do not randomly push. The affiliate links,it will be considered as a Spam. It’s always a good idea. In terms of content marketing, you have alreadylearned about it that it’s always betterto help the person rather than starting to push a personto do a certain action. You will 6 use ads if it is allowedor for your own brand but only aftertesting the conversions, Number seven, catch people earlyin them buying stage before they have decidedto buy using your SEO again.This brings me backto the topic of If you have a Blog that says the bestcameras of 2020, there are chances that you’re goingto be ranking on the SEO and once you’re lacking on the SEO, you will be gettinga lot of traffic. And in turn, a lot of sale and interns a lotof fee coming to you. Moving ahead. SEO and engagements are the key. Consider your blog again. As I say, you need to Targetthe informational searches. Now, when I talk aboutinformational searches is again, bringing back tothe same example, then you need to focuson the long tail keywords. This is again, which you alreadylearned in a CEO, but this is a snapshot of how you should be doing itfor an affiliate marketer. Number three is that you createuseful in-depth content. Like Tips, reviews, and resources and number 4,you need to use lead magnets such as free trials, or samples or something of that.Sort. Number five me tocreate email list, using forms and social media sothat you can Target them later. Again, whenever you write a new blog with your appcreate links in boats, moving on, you needto start promoting the right products again, which is going to keep one. I’m good as I’ve already talkedabout it, multiple times. You need to searchand find the products that fits your Niche. Your photographer, you could be a videographer,you could be fashionista, you could be anybodyjust focus on your Niche so that it does notsound like spamming. Assuming your makeup artistand you suddenly see that there’s a lot of intereston the photography. Then in that particular case,it’s ideal that you should not. Put your photography camerason your neck up website.Now, number to keepthe product portfolio, small enough to stayon top of the updates, and the changes. Now, when I sayproduct portfolio, that means again the products, which are fittingin your Niche, and you need to keep them there, so that you cankeep on regularly, make changes on it until, as you have a reallylarge T. Now, number three, never give all of your eggsin one basket, Skip. Now, when I say that that means don’t just Joinone affiliate program. Don’t mean allyour money on the table with one table itself, joinmultiple affiliate programs. Number four, you needto research the merchant before signing up someof those, you know, might be extremely new. They might not pay you outor something of that sort. And on the other hand, you can always gowith the most popular ones. Something like,Amazon number five, right there ishigh selling products. It is scripts and programscan be used for it. Now, when you sayBrandeis High selling products, it could be high sellingin a certain time. Assuming you arein a situation of Kovac.And you think that selling these maskswould be a good idea. At this particularpoint of time, you can go ahead and start doing that because there arehigh setting course right now. Or hand sanitizer isor anything of that sort. So what you can do is createShareasale affiliate account. Now, we’ve already talked about the merchantaccount on shareasale. You can also createa FB account on share a same. Now for that, you need to visit shareasale.comand Creator affiliate account, then you will needa live website to create an account here. Sale usually takes one businessday to review your application and then they’re going to comeback to you telling you that if your website is goodenough to be a part of, share a say, Affiliate come. So whenever you do that,you will see a dashboard View. And those dashboard previewswill have all of your details of all the merchantsyou’re working for, what are you earning from? Where are you are earning, and you will geta sample reports, which are there herein this particular Slide. The other one, which is extremely popularis Amazon Associates because Amazon being the largeste-commerce in the world.You could always Is go aheadto affiliate program dot Amazon, not in, and loginto your Amazon ID. Now, what do you need to do is like follow these stepsto create your account and your applicationwill be reviewed after your websitedrives a minimum of three valid sales withinthe 180 days of registering. Now, what you needto do is to make sure that you are not using any sortof bad IDs, your website is properly secured. It has the SSLcertificate on it. It should haveenough content on it and it should not beas any website. That is when you geta green signal from Amazon. Now, once you do that, you’re going to see a dashboardfrom where you could actually create the links and also lookat your earning review. Now, in order to create a linkon Amazon affiliate, you need to find somethingwhich is known as the ASI and number of a product. Now, once you do that, you need to copy pasteinto the bar and click on go.Then after that, you could get multiple setof structures of your link so it could be shortly. It could be a previewalong with the image without the image etc, etc. So you can go ahead and customize that literallycopy paste that code or the link onto your websiteand you’re good to go. On the other hand, you also get to seeyour fees bounties and clicks. Now phase is something iswhat you earned bounties is what you get when you sign up some Buddyfor let’s say Amazon Prime and clicks arethe number of clicks which you actuallygot onto the website for the Amazon moving on after it marketing since itcomes with a lot of upside. It also comes with a lotof downside as well. Now, athlete marketing hasa lot of frauds as well. So the first Rod which is thereis fake conversions, that means that you’re deploying boards or using click Farmto generate a fake conversion.Number two is the contentduplication which means that copying contentfrom genuine afraid websites to create a shadowwebsite of your own. Number three is Cookie stuffing. That means generating malicious cookies that providea fake tracking code, which trigger a fake sales. Number four is, you know, time Freud loading destinationpage in the background to fudge the clerics and time spenton the website number A five is your type of frauds, buying a domain that is almostas same as the official website. Driving is very important factor in digital marketingwithout a proper strategy. It’s good not to havea business venture at all. Welcome you all tothis interesting session on digital marketing plan which will be your guide onplanning your business strategy. But before we getstarted, The session. Let’s take a quick lookat the agenda for today’s topic.So firstly, we will talk about why digital marketingplanning is necessary. Followed by which will takea look at the structure of a marketing plan. And then move ahead and take a look at how to makean effective marketing plan work and best practices to improveyour digital marketing plan. So these are the topics that we’ll be discussingin this session guys and also don’tforget to subscribe to Ed Eureka YouTube channeland hit the Bell icon to Vermissa notification from USon trending Technologies. And also, if you’re someonewho’s looking for an online certification trainingin digital marketing, check out the linkin the description box below.So let’s get startedwith this session, guys. So, the first topic is why digital marketingplan is necessary. A digital marketing planis a document that mainly includes the details ofyour marketing campaigns short, and long-term businessgoals and so on, it is also sometimescalled a digital marketing. Now, when I saydigital marketing strategy, what do I referredto or what do I mean, a digital marketing strategy is a plan of action to achieveyour marketing goals.So when I say strategy,I think most of you know, that strategy means planningin advance, right? So it is a plan of action, which is achievedby a particular goal and you can achieve thisby using channels, like paid on socialmedia and all of it, which come underthe strategy and also, depending on your job scale. The strategy mightinvolve planning each with a different agendaand the end result. So, in this session, we’re going to be focusingon the planning aspect and strategy mainly involvesmore creative thinking and also it is difficultto create one. So, let’s see how to get startedwith prioritizing your strategy or you’re planningfor your business operation.And also planning is basically for maximizingyour business benefits and the goalsassociated with it. So why do? I think lying is required. What does it mean agenda or the main goal of havinga plan undoubtedly? Digital marketing is becomingan integral part of our lives and also our business as well. So, without this,added to your plan structure, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to connectwith your customer base. So the main goal isto connect your customers and then move forward tohow you can improvise yourself or you improvise your methodof dealing with your customers. However, you can actuallymake your strategy. A work, but you should havesome clarity in it. This Clarity can be caughtby proper planning. So some major reasonsthat you should consider having a perfect digitalmarketing plan will be. You will be easily ableto attract viewers to your website. And also you’ll be converting. So if you get viewersonto your website who are actually lookingout for something, which they needand you’re giving out something which they want.So it is going to be becominga proper conversion rate there. You can actually geta sale out of it. And also, They will becomeyour loyal customers and create a marketing strategy that helps in planning all the actions onhow to reach your Target. Customer Target customeris something, which you should analyzeor research about guys Target. Customers are those who actually wantsomething from you and you’re givingsomething to them and they might have some issues or they might havesome queries related to what they’re goingto be paying for. So this is how you should make a strategyto reach them in a way that they will find it easier. ER, to interact with youand also have trust in you. You’ll also gain a lotof in-depth knowledge of the marketand your target audience.So when you doa proper research, proper homework on how youcan analyze your viewers, how you can work your wayaround the target audience, yet. Good to go guys and this letsyou use all the resources that are availablein an effective and an organized way. So when I see planning it ispretty sure or pretty obvious, that it should bean effective plan where you can you Lies allyour resources and also you should do it in a perfect way. So these are some major reasons why you should take updigital marketing planning. And also if you talk about the scalein which marketing or digital marketing is growing, you should start planningyour business strategy in a way that you shouldn’t try to copy other business strategiesand try to implement your business plans accordingly.So you should beunique in that way. Okay, now, moving onto the next topic. So, what is the structureof Of a good marketing plan. Have you guys ever wondered isthere can be a structure to a marketing plan? Well, there isa good marketing plan or a good digital marketing. Plan is a keyto all your strategies that will give you a foundation for all key onlinemarketing activities. So we have praise to the rescue.What is a brace? What am I talking about? When I say, praise praiseis nothing but plan reach at conversion engagement. So these You put together will make your gooddigital marketing plan. Now planning, consider usingthe data driven approach. To review your currentdigital marketing. Effectiveness custom analysis kpi that iskey performance indicator, dashboards, smart objectives, and helps you create a strategyof prioritized Improvement on how you can deployyour digital marketing media, technology and everything.All these comeunder the plant part of digital marketing planning. So planning isvery Very important. It will eventually helpyou guys in conversion. Also, and talking about reach, you should be ableto build awareness using online marketing channelsor mediums like social media. Marketing SEO, that is search, engine optimization contentmarketing and so on, and this will drivemore visits to your website and talking about act. The next followingstep would be app. You should know how to actwhen you get a lead, or when you get a feedback,regarding whatever you’ve done, or Whatever planthat you’ve been taking part in, always encourage interactionson your website or sometimes social media, which will help yougenerate more leads. You should actually involvein more and more interactions with your customersand talking about conversion. The superlative goalis to generate Revenue by retargeting nurturing and conversion rateoptimization or cro.This is used in order to remindand persuade your audience or customers to buy any of your product via oneof the marketing channels. He’s so this ishow the conversion takes place. Guys, you have a vieweron your website, he tries to reach you. He tries to go throughthe website, what you provide, what services you provide, what your productsare up to and so on. So this involves planning here, you should knowhow to Target your customers. You should knowhow exactly they will stay. If you’re going to be,giving them discounts on any of the course, or any of the product that you’re goingto be interested in, and the next oneis engagement increase. The number of He’sfrom existing customers by improvising personalized, communication, using web, emailand social media marketing. I think most of you getemails regarding any of the new product launchon Amazon or Flipkart, right? This is how you buildcustomer engagement. So, this is how you havepraise to the rescue.And once, you know,your way around this, let’s give you a breakdownof a step-by-step structure of a digital marketing plan. First thing youshould know is list. Your business goes, you should knowwhat your business. Business goals are you should know how to defineyour business goals? So the very first thing to do when you are developingyour digital marketing plan is to carry out an internal andexternal analysis of your form. They need to be so importantto Brand your business but it’ll definitely help on your finalmarketing plan document that sets the stagefor everything to come. Also to do this. We have some useful frameworkcalled SWOT analysis. So this is going to be helpingyou in looking into matters. Like Strength,weakness opportunities, and the market. So what is a SWOT analysis? Something familiar,something new. All right, so let me justnot beat around the bush, and let me give youa proper definition to what a SWOT analysis.SWOT analysis isa strategic planning. Technique used to helpan organization identified, its strengths weaknessesopportunities threats, and everything relatedto business competition or project planning. Once you have everything in place strive hardto put up some goals. Is related to your domain. Also, the wonderful part isyou can work on developing your digital marketing planwith smart goals. Now, the question iswhat a smart stand for.Is it a full form? Is it an abbreviation? Is it just sayingsmart goals in general? Let me help you guys smart goalsare nothing but the abbreviation for specific measurableattainable relevant and timely smart goals helps inanalyzing your business venture. Now when I say specific, it deals with lead The numberof visits that you get on your website and so on, measurable helps in providinga specific number of those leads and visits. Attainable deals, with analyzing the benchmarksthat you’ve set and relevant helps in relating. Back to the overallend goal and last but not the least timely. So you should know how to finish everythingwithin the time frame.So this is how smart comes into picture and smartgoals are very essential if you’re going to be startinga business venture. Enter of your own. Now, the next is a research,your target audience. This is important for focusingon trying to get the traffic and reaching the Right audience. If you don’t research your audience beforecreating your content, you might end up creatingsomething really useless. So, which is definitelynot recommended or which is not appreciated. So, you shouldn’tactually do it. You need to First analyze, their interests andplan accordingly. There are so many wayswhere you can collect prospects informationto create a good person. Such as we have the adverb analytics dataweb-based surveys, focus groups andblog post comments.So these are some mediumsthrough which you can get some informationregarding your prospects and also their interests. The next on the listis the design Persona. You should designyour persona in such a way that people cannot finda single fault in your product. If you have the requiredcustomer data in hand, you’re good to createa good buyer Persona, guys. You can’t createan effective digital marketing plan without knowing who you want to reacha buyer Persona is important. In this case, generally a buyer Persona isa fictional thing is it is people that representsthe trait of people. You’re trying to Target to buyyour products or services. So it’s like a robotin between a you and the customer. So, how does this buyer Personahelp in digital marketing? What does it haveto do with anything that is relatedto marketing field? So buyer, personas help, you know, To Target whenyou’re running your campaign, in many cases, there might be a chancethat you might have more than one buyer Persona whomyou would be targeting.So creating these personas helpyou Market to different types of buyers basedon their interests and needs. So by a Persona is importantin digital marketing planning. Now the next is Defineyour marketing strategy once a turn with definingyour business goals. Personalizing your strategyand help in planning. The major things that thesewould be the strategy, the entire strategy on how you’re goingto be building up your plan. So the first thingwould be the audience. You should know what to focus on whom to focuson and how to focus on. So what gives you the answer to, what kind of contentyou should create whom gives you the answerto who to Target? That is the prospects that you should considerfocusing on and how to Target are the mediums. The channels are the marketingchannels which you can go for to reach the audience. Making this plays a major role, guys, you need to knowhow you’re going to be communicatingwith unique value proposition, and how to do so appropriately.In terms of channels, so ranking plays a vital role because you willbe having your page or your website rank on Google and which will eventually drivemore traffic to your website. And the next iscontent strategy, know how to create informationof content, keyword research, social posting, and so on. On. So now that you know, how to define your goals,how to create your strategy, how to create a buyer Persona. Let’s take a lookat the last thing that you should do aftercreating an effective strategy that is choosethe right marketing platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to digitalmarketing or have enough experience in this field but what matters isyour idea about marketing? It via the right channels.There are a few marketingchannels or medium through which you can letpeople know about your product. So utilizing Is knowledgeand marketed in the right way. So, the first thing is, you cannot stick toone digital marketing channel. You need to be well,versed in all channels, starting from SEO, with over 2.7 million blog post, getting publishedevery other day and more than 500million tweets per day. You have no choice but to enhance your knowledge ina particular marketing channel.So, choose the right marketingplatform for your business and your planningis done, right? And it will eventually leadto more New Generation as well. Now, moving onto the next topic we have how to make an effectivedigital marketing plan. So follow these instructions to have an effectivedigital marketing plan. So the first thing youshould do is brand yourself, the very first thingleading to success of your digital marketing planis defining your brand, it is important to analyzeyour company’s growth, your ins and outs of your brand so that you can easilysell your product. In addition to this createunique selling Points or USPS in general to give properinsights about your drawn, to the audience. Also, even here,focus on the smart goals which is named the specificmeasurable, achievable, realistic, And Timely. So focus on these goals will be branding yourselfas a trustworthy company.So in order to tryto increase your audience, based follow these instructions, the first thingis launch your product. So this is more important guys. Launching a product which is error-freebug free and so on. So you should focuson creating a Look first and reach out to New Markets. If you’re very confidentabout your product, just reach out to New Markets and it can vary dependingon your location or the type of audience and also try to promoteyour product promotion, is a must even if it’s a very minor thingthat you’ve done, you’ve achieved something, you’ve created somethingon your own, try to promote it and also,you can improve your Roi.That is written on investments. Usually, when I say marketing itcause you a lot of money guys. Eyes. But using a digital marketing, the cost that you’re going to bespending on marketing campaigns or soon will be less. Even if it’s more, you’re going to be gettingmore back in return. That is the Improvementin the ROI. And next analyze,the market grew, and expand your market sharewith respect to the competition. Try to optimizeyour conversion funnel. So, when I say conversion,funnel conversion, funnel is something where you will know the exact ratio ofhow many people are landing on to your website andhow many people are actually. The buying your product. So the number of peoplelanding on your page and the number of people who are actuallygoing to be buying, your product is very less because the numberof viewers would be very more, they’ll be interested to seehow your product will work.What you guys are intoand so on, but eventually when the process takes place, they will not be much interestedin your product. They’ll try to say that. I found another onewhich is more interesting, which is more nice or very better comparedto whatever you’re selling. So I’m going to be goingto that and now I do I want this. So these are a few ways where you can try to optimizeyour marketing funnel and try to attract new customers andincrease the number of sales. So attracting new customerswouldn’t be easy. If your productis performing well, so make surethat your product is, right? So these area few important points. You should note for having aperfect digital marketing plan. Now, moving on to creatingan effective marketing plan, we have to choosethe right marketing platform. If you Creating an effectivedigital marketing plan. You need to choosethe right marketing platform. There are several marketingchannels through which you can easily promote your contentand get good leads from it.Some major channels include search engineoptimization content marketing, social media, marketingpay-per-click, email marketing, and so on, so choose the right onefor your business. Now, measure, the businessonce everything is in place, you need to knowhow to measure goals. Not just createa plan in such a way that It will help users. It will help yougain more profit. It is not like that. You should knowhow to measure your goals. You should know how to analyzewhere you’re losing traffic or barrier gaininginterest of people.So a strategy or a planwill always eel results and you should always have astrategy to measure the results. So this is a crucial phaseof digital marketing guys, it determines whetheryour business was successful with the effort thatyou put in or not, you will be donewith your Think plan. Only if you will be ableto analyze and measure the corresponding results and you can measure your marketing strategyresults using kpis. Like I mentioned the,our key performance indicators, these help in determiningyour campaign success. And also, it helpsin showing you if you’ve got an expected Roior not, also, in addition to this, you should have a real-timedata visualization system, why do you needa data visualized system? This is becausethe world is evolving.It’s digitalization, and there is much moreto explore in this field, so be up to datewith the current market trends, identify opportunities and roomfor improvement in an instant. So, these are the ways you can actually improveyour marketing campaign or these are the effective ways, which you can designyour marketing plan. Now, moving onto the next topic, we have the best practicesfor a better, digital marketing plan. So in order to increase orimprove your digital marketing, And you should follow some guidelines orsome practices, right? So the first one would beprioritize your customers need and plan accordingly. So when you are into marketing, you should always prioritizeyour customers needs first. This is because you’ll be giving more and more timeto your customers. You should know whattheir thought process is about. Your product is, you should knowhow to analyze the situation. Give them proper guidelines, provide help when theyneed it and so on. And also a Audit your SEOon a regular basis. SEO is mainly intoblogs and articles. Like I mentioned so audityour SEO in such a way that it will helpyour website rank first on the search engine result Pagesconduct webinars and Live Events webinars actuallyhelp in improving your knowledge about the subject.And also this will eventuallyhelp the customers who are looking for an answer. So wondered webinarsand Live Events Live Events, basically deals with youbeing there in person. And Explainingabout the product. Now, next is prioritize blog asa primary lead generation media. This is because organic traffic drives more trafficto your website guys. So focus on creating more blogs or more videos regarding anyof your product generation, any of your marketing plan, makeorganic traffic your priority. Like I mentioned blogging, video making all of it comeunder organic traffic generation so give more importanceto organic traffic. This A beauty of contenton the marketing channels. We have so many social media, marketing, mediumsor marketing channels through which youcan promote your product. We have social media, which is like a boon to usand which is helping us in all ways that we need.So these are some best practicesthat you should consider while taking up or while creating a properdigital marketing plan. So what is digital marketing, strategy, digital marketingstrategy is basically the plan that you have. When you have to executeyour online strategy, right? Rather than go in an ad hoc way, we make detailed plan of how we’re going to achieveour goal in the online space as we go along the presentation. I’ll give you some case studies and how you could build yourdigital marketing strategies. So, why do we needa digital marketing strategy? Whenever you come online,you have a goal. So it could be either branding or performance whenwe say performance, it could be sales,it could be leads. So imagine you havea clear sales Target in place for your website. So then the question comes,right, I need to be digital. I need to spendmoney online but then what should be my strategy? How should I spendit online, right? So what are the various elementsin digital marketing? That’s where thismarketing strategy takes an important place.So what is the digitalmarketing strategy? Any strategy is the plan. So similarly, digital marketing strategyis a plan to achieve your digital marketing goals. So when you doing branding, you your goal would beto reach the maximum number of people that probablythe lowest cost, right? And reach themat a higher frequency so that could be in termsof running when you’re looking at performance, right? So when you, if you lookingat lead generation campaign, whether it’s inthe education side, Healthcare or financial services or even training online trainingany one of those, the board could be leads andleads at a lower cost, right? And then when youlook at eCommerce, it could last Vida, sales sales that has low costper sale as possible.You also have metrics like cost per acquisition cost peracquisition of a new customer. So how to get started? So the seven stepsas we Define how to get started with your digitalmarketing strategy, right. The first thingis obviously branding, you clearly Define your product. You need to think of, how do you wantto position your brand? What is the messagethat you want to convey to the end-userabout your brand? Right? Then go aheadand create smart goals. We want sales. Do you want leaves? Or do you want? Do you wantto increase awareness? So, that’s how you defineyour goals will buy a Persona. Now, Who should we Target now? I have built the brandhave identified the qualities of the brand, defined the qualitiesof the brand, but then I cannot showthe ad to everyone and predefined by a Persona.So, how does myprobable customer react? How does myprobably customer act, who should bemy probably customer. So, for example, if you are selling a bike,so, bizarre bike, right? Imagine they wantto sell it online, they probably wouldnot Target someone who is above 50 years. Did target age groupwould be someone who is from 16 to 2516 to 35, right? And Mary largely, right? So if you’re selling a bike youconsidering scooter or a scooty, you may Target movement,it’s not stereotypes. Let’s be very, very clear,it’s not stereotypes, but then it’s all basedon buyer Persona, right? So, a large partof my users of this bike, or of this categoryof this age group, this gender, and this from location.So, you alsoDefine Which democracy, which location they are from, So a particular bike or a particular thingcould sell more in in the South particular thing, could sell more in the north,you have your own data. So based on that,you build your buyer Persona. Now the next thing is to choosethe right marketing strategy. What should be a strategy that we’re trying to createawareness for you? Trying to create sales? Are you tryingto generate leads? So Define yourstrategy very well. So a large partof this fmcg Brands, like, you know, all these soaps or any of those when theytry to leverage digital, they try to do branding. So, increase awarenessabout the features of the productto the customers, right? Increase awarenessabout the features of the product to the customer.That’s the mostimportant thing for them. So you would always see themon YouTube video ads, right? You would always seethem in Facebook, you’d also see themin Instagram and sometimes, you know, it Snapchator any of these channels, they would do in large volume. Either main objectiveto reach maximum number of people at a lower cost. So, Define your marketingstrategy, what is it? Is it branding? Is it saves or isit lead generation? Now, the next thing isonce you have defined it how we allocatemarketing budgets, the next thingis Define marketing, budgets and then allocatethe marketing budgets to the right channels.So today there aremultiple channels, which are available And eachchannel has its own properties. So, for example,there is a Google search. You have all intact. So people already havethe intent to take an action to a purchase. So, when you want to drive salesor drive leads, right? So you do searchon the other hand, if you lookat Facebook or Instagram, or any of those Snapchat,any of these channels, right? So, there’s not much of intent. So you do a push, but then that’s also Drive salesin some cases that say that also drives engagement. So, you have different metrics,So based on those metrics, you define your marketing budgetacross various channels.If it’s a financial servicesproduct, you would go ahead and do on money control, you go ahead and doin an economic Times. And the next thing is launchyour marketing campaigns. So you’ve done the plan,you allocated all your budgets, go ahead and launchit and keep track. And then there isa circular move, right? So once you keep track, you evaluate whatthe performance of each of these channels which had a better impactin terms of what your goals were and then you usethat as a feedback. and then for the next monthor next quarter, you realign your marketingbudgets in the same direction in the same line as you know, based on you goes Sokey points to note. Always second objective. Yes. Analyze your past efforts. They should all be,is should always be feedback? So that you constantly improve and then make this channel asa very effective channel, right? Because the thing is, the biggest limitationor the good thing, or the bad thing, with digital marketingis everything is tracked. So everything is fact, it’s just goodbecause now, you know, how much of yourbudget got wasted because there is a theory,which says, 50% of a marketing.Budget has gone waste. The only limitation is, I don’t know which onein digital mapping. You can clearly know which partof your budget has gone waste to a large extent. Now, that’s also a problem, how are you usingthat information to improve your campaigns in the future? So that’s where this is a constantrequirement for feedback. Use pass data, Data and try to improvefuture campaigns, right? So communicate the entiredigital marketing space is very new to lot of advertisers, most of our senior staff in the industry have experiencedoffline advertising to the core.Right? And the good thingabout offline advertising is if you do a OD UC the holdingat that particular place. If you do a print ad, you see printedat that particular, place unlike digital advertising until and unless youtake a roadblock, add on some of these top. Persuader is economic Times, our money controlor any of those, the senior managerwould not see it. How do you thenhelp him understand? So if you do a Googlesearch ad, right? If you’re runninga Google search ad for someone, if you run out of budget, when the person’s actuallylive in your book. When the boss sees the add, you add doesn’t show upwhich also brings to the point. You have toconstantly communicate, educate them, right? The advantages ofthe digital marketing, the limitations ofdigital marketing.The more importantthing is the limitations of digital marketing, right? So then last week, I’ll make an effective planas you have a detailed feedback loop inputfrom multiple sources. You know, planbecomes more effective as you go alonghow to structure your plan. So first is havedetailed plan, right? So, Define your reach. Whom do you want to reach? Who is your target audience and then how do youwant to reach them? Which are the channelsyou want to advertise so that you reachyour target audience. So to give you a simple example, Snapchat, take exampleof Snapchat Snapchat, In India that’s probablyaround 40 million users. But if you look at it, see Cricket the audience orusers into various categories, 95% of them arein the age group of 16 to 23. You have thisparticular data point. So now if I am tryingto reach people where both boys and girls or men or womenin that particular age group, I added, I know Snapchat isthe best tool based channel. So when we say reachso you identify who you Want to reach.And the second thing ishow you want to reach once you identifywho you want to reach, you also know their buyer,Persona, their age, their demographics, their gender their location,then you identify the channel, the channel whichhelps you to reach this particular set of audience. Now, the next thingis go and act like this. Go ahead and executeyour campaigns and then obviously you trackyour conversions. So then engagement. So there is a research it saysin the online space before any Takesaction on a website, he has to interactwith that particular brand either on their websiteor on multiple websites, which are not under the controlfor at least 80. Thanks, so engagement isthe most important thing here. So, the more youengage the customer across multiple channels, either just with your presence or through your paidadvertising the higher, the chances that the customerwill come and do a purchase or take an actionon your website.So, engagement isvery important, right? So that’s how you build your entire digitalmarketing strategy. So, take an example, most of you haveexperienced this, right? You go to Mantra or you goto Amazon to do 10. You check out some products yousee some 3/4 product, did not do any transaction. Now, you go to any other websitewhere you’re reading content, so you will see an ad Wilsonartwhich has six products, you’ll see a bannerand physics products.So what are wetrying to do there? One, we call that as remark. But then we are also tryingto engage with the customer when you go to the website, you only have seenone or two products, but when you see the ad,you see, six products, or sometimes more than those. So what I have is on is tryingor any e-commerce, retail is trying to showto the End customer. See, I have more productsthan what you have seen. Forget sales. As a first point, the first thing you’re stayingbecause I have more products than you have actuallyseen on my website, which might be very usefulto you very relevant to you. Some part of this budget,gets allocated to branding, some part of this budgetis allocated to Performance. Ideally, it should be, but a large partof it gets allocated to Performance or sales. So engagement isa very important metric. So how many timesdid the customer interact with our brandbefore taking any action? But how do you increaseengagement for new customer? So he lands up on the page. If it’s a lead generation,you cannot do anything largely.You have just the form before. The customer can do anything. But if when you doing SEO,he comes onto your side. So you have to structurethe page in such a way that the user visitsmore than two pages or more than three pages, when he’s actuallyvisiting your side. So how do you do it? So the contentthat is built the content that is developed would havea lot of internal links, right? So very very relevant topicsto that particular product, the main product that he see the main contentthat is reading rights and then you send himto the next page. So he reads more information. So, look at it this way,take an example, if you want to opena d-mat account in the financial services d-mator take loans, for example, if you want to take a loan,you come to a particular page, you read about how to take, how to get a loan, you know,days alone from is bi, there’s a loan from Citibankis known from any of these bags, right? But you have another question,what is the interest rate? So now another page is talksabout interest rates, you will go visit the page on interest rates, getthat information there, right? So now, okay, you’re defining Interest ratesknow what are the payments? How do you pay? Do you pay at the beginningof the month? We pay rent of them are.So these are alla fake use several questions which people have, right? So there are how, what, why? Let’s see if you’reactually answering them. Interlinking, allof them were engaging, the customer mode, the more you engagethe customer the higher, the chances that he will takean action on the side and higher the chancesthat our digital marketing plan, execution, become successfultactics to tackle the challenges that you face in digital marketing whenyou’re executing the planet. So what are the problemsthat you face? When you, whatare the challenges that you face, right? So are you doing branding? You might have a goal. I want to reacha million people at this cost, but then you havethrough the campaign. Your cost is almost double. So, which meansif you are elevated a lakh Rupees to reacha million people, you will reach probably 1/4.And you spend half what that means isto reach a million people. You need to to X of the amount. So you need to relax, right? But you don’t haveany proof or for it. How to tacklethese challenges So identify Simple Solution, right? Simpler solution. Is identifier another Channelwhich is not expensive, which is not completely. That means G is relevantbut not completely relevant. End of the day, one of the goals for Brandingis to reach more people. One of the goals for Branding isto reach more people, you would always redo your planand probably reach the status. So I’ve already mentioned feedback feedback is oneof the important things, right? So to tackle all the challenges that You have as far as thesetwo marketing is considered.So make feedbackwork exceptionally. Well, you also needto track all your Matrix. So first Define Matrix, well track those properlyand then use those metrics that you have trackedto Define and to improve your performance, right? So that’s one second is,you know, so each channel one could lookat it in a deeper way. So let’s look at SEO,search engine optimization.Good thing is take an example. I’m Well, for the keywords,I’m getting a good CTR. I’m getting peopleonto the side, but then, the next problemstarts up, comes up. I have a very high bounce rate. People are justcoming to the page. Probably not readingthrough the entire page. But then this exhibit,how do you solve that? So when you havea high bounce rate, you also don’t getmuch leads, right? So people are not engagingwith your site, right? So n engaging islike reading more content or giving you the lead details, so that, you know, you could follow themup and try to do a sale.How do you do that? How do you solve this? Right? So two things, one ensure that your organic content isin line with what people are searching for so rework, on your content on the page. So can’t doa Content optimization. The second mostimportant thing is look at the layout of the page. So if one of yourgoals is engagement, how many able to drivethe user from one page to another page, right? So that he needs more content.So, take an exampleof a newspaper. Take an example of a newspaper. If you look at times of India, the you read one articleYou will see links to 20 other articleson the side and half of them. Few of them then probably threeor four are linked relevant or similar to the one articlethat you’re in. It’s what is Times of India? Trying to do timesof India is trying to do engage you more spendmore time on the website, read more content, right? So, the more you read contenton Times of India, the more he makes money, right? So through advertising.Now if you’re a goal isactually to generate leads, you get the layout of the page,does the page have a lead form? Let’s question. If it doesn’t have a lead form,get a lead form in place. Second question,where is the lead form? Is it at the right place? Is it at the top insteadof the bottom of the page? Do I need to lead forms? We need one on the top,one at the bottom Define it. So that the woman hereads the content, the next step for him isonly to show interest. Now, how should delete from be? Do you want to collectthe mobile number OTP verified, or do you want to just collectbasic details today’s world when you know,mobile OTP Works seamlessly? When I say seamlessly, you get the OTPwithin few seconds few could be two or three.It’s better to have OTP verifiedread rather than nah. No TP verify didbecause now, you know, the mobile numberis valid, right? You can reach him reachin to actually do a sale Define the problem. Well, and based on that changethe structure of your page. Now, yes, what happens is, if you just have a lead formon the top person, the user has read the entire content on the pageis come to the bottom. There’s no needfor his just exited. The purpose has beenJust so the way people do it is, you know, you could have another lead format the bottom or you could have a sign up now button which again send some backto the top of the page.So this is strategy is you onecan use to change the layout of the page and then get leads. But then achieveyour goal understand, paid advertising paidadvertising is probably much more tough in some cases compared to evenorganic content or SEO. Why? So, there are multiple formsof keywords, right? So, two, are you doing? Broad match, are you doing exactmatch are doing phrase match? Understanding this itself willtake you out of time. Good amount of time now. Yes, you doingthree broad match. You will that lot of keywordsfor researches are happening? So you go back towhat is called as a search.Keyword report,Search terms report. So exact Search terms for which, your ad startedshowing based on that, you have to Definewhat are your negative keywords. So, for example, you should never be presentfor negative keywords. Take an example, you know,so online, tutions, right? Online training online, too. So, if you educatea car, for example, offers only online to studentsonline online training online. Certifications, if someone searchesfor a training course near me, so that’s another big key word, you know, keyword with lot of search volumetraining courses near me. Should I comein the search results? Are not the question. Ideally since you don’t have any centernearby and you’re really offering online tutions, we Onlyoffering online tuitions, we don’t want to rankfor the keyword because the person the intentof the person is to find Training Center somethingwhich is near to his home.So since I don’t havea solution for it, I would not want to but it’sagain depends on the budget. You could also changethe mindset of the person that even if we searching,I will still want to show my ad. So that, you know,on a call, I could convince himto actually take up the online course, right? Shift your focusto content marketing, like stage of theproduct life stage. Product defines the content,The Branding, the positioning, the content related to the product and youcould leverage that to do. Your promotions will be covering integrated digitalmarketing campaign.The top is for the day are, what is the need for integrateddigital marketing campaigns? What are the challengesfaced in that? And what are the strategies used and a few real lifeexamples of Integrated. Digital marketing campaignsin this module, you will understand the need ofan integrated digital marketer. You understand the challenges which are faced in an integrateddigital marketing scenario. We will be gate the challengesthrough an integrated, digital marketingstrategy and explore, some of the best integrateddigital marketing campaigns. Now, as we all know that, we always move aheadwith an example and these marketers are worried. Why are these marketers? Letter because marketing numberone has a different problem.He says that we spent a lotof money and resources to create an SEO friendlyand user-friendly website with great content, we received a good numberof visitors after a few weeks of that website update but now the website traffichas become stagnant. What are we missing out on this? Talk about marketer. Number two, is that we have a presence on allmajor social media platforms. We recently launcheda campaign to promote a new New product using organic and paid advertisingon social media generated, a lot of traffic on our website.But the problem is that the conversion rates werevery low for what could be the reason for that. Moving on, let’s talk aboutone more Market of negative. Number three, who has a good websiteand a social media presence. The sale numbershave been good too, but they have a very hugeproblem of the number of return. Customers is not as highas They would like, so, what should they be doingin this particular case.Now, wherever weare talking about, these three exampleswill be solving these examples, from integrated digitalmarketing, campaign view. Now, digital marketing isactually a like, a machine. Different parts must work in tandem to ensurePeak Performance, be created digitalmarketing campaigns combines several marketing channelswhich we have already learned about to promote a consistentmessage to the target audience. So these channels could be SEO, these can be sem,this could be email marketing, affiliate marketing, or even social media, marketing, or as per as whateveris required for your business. Moving on the definitionsof integrated digital marketing. The first definitioncomes from the data in marketing Association. They say that a methodof engaging consumers with your company or brand that combines allparts of marketing Communications work together. And The customeralong their journey of awareness to loyaltyand advocacy second, which is given by HubSpot. It says thatintegrated marketing is a process of arranging, your different marketingchannels work in tandem to promote your productsor Services typically through a strategic campaign. So these arethe definitions of ID.Now, what is the need of idea? The first need is that customers needvarious touch points before they decide to purchase. He’s think about it,on your side, you went over to Amazon, you looked at a product and thenyou probably forgot about it. Oh, you got busy with something. So your entry intoAmazon was organic but after that youmade the purchase. Once you saw the remarketingads on Instagram, that is how various touch points are used in orderto make a purchase. Now customers also, continuously lookout for freshcontent in some of the cases where you have a product, which is very Gated, which cannot beby without a consultancy or something of that sort. Then they’re lookingfor different sort of content as well. Every time. Now, number three is online. Traffic comesfrom diverse sources. Now, obviously isn’t taking Amazon into thispicture here again, as you’ve alreadylearned about it, they have affiliate marketers have done their SEO, they aredoing their Google ads as well.They’re doing theremarketing ads as well and multiple things like that,even email marketing. There are certain strategieswhich brings Visitors who are website ideal campaigns generatehigher conversion rates, the reason behind thatis very, very simple. First of all, you do not have to getthe same target audience again and again over to your website, you can get justa few percentage of those target audienceand you can take it up with them and go ahead and provide themwith the better conversion rate. Number five, the customerengaged through IDM. Actually spends more, the reason behindthat is Blinding. So if you have just one sourceof traffic on the website but they don’t seeyou about any on. Maybe, let’s sayall social media channels on WE any sort of a partnershipwith other brands, then the brandin itself becomes weak.So you don’t buyfrom a new e-commerce website, but you know that you can buy the productfrom Amazon and even if the product qualityis not good, but you trust Amazon now, digital marketing channelis continuously evolve this It was a very good example. When this happened in 2016, if I’m not wrong that the SEOalgorithms actually changed. A lot of rankings went down, but nothing changedin the social media space. So it’s all about keeping all of your eggs in differentdifferent baskets, going ahead, the worried marketers,the three, marketers, which we hada conversation about, what would it be? The advice, which wewould be giving it to them. So, the three marketersis to quickly recap one. Traffic has become stagnant. The second marketerhas a problem which was conversion rate wasvery low and the third one was that the return customerswere not enough. So this is a very basic exercise when it comes to aboutintegrated digital marketing.Let’s say, if your traffichas become stagnant using SEO, you need to go aheadand start putting in more channels intothe picture could be social. Media could be email marketing,could be anything else. Number two, if the conversion ratewas very low, then Then you have to, again integrate multiplechannels so that you’re all of the channels combined providea better conversion rate to you. And whenever you’retalking about Britain, customers are not enough. Then, in that particular case, I believe they are not doing theemail marketing properly because if somebody is buyingfrom your website, I’m assuming that theyare giving you their email ID and if they’re not giving and if they’re not runningpromotions on the emails and in that particular case, I think that return customersare not coming because of that. Now What are the challenges in an integrateddigital marketing campaign? The first challenge is that how to selectthe right Channel and the tactics for eachof these Channel.Now, this is based upon the differenttype of businesses. Let’s again, assume youare running an e-commerce again which is selling camerasand high-end camera stuff for you know, that these people are goingto be there on Instagram. First being the pictorialplatform that is Something, which a lot of people use, a lotof photographers use Instagram. So finding these channels understanding aboutthese channels in tandem with your businessis a big problem. Number 2, What will be the flowof launching a campaign? Let’s say you foundsomebody for your website for your photographyor videography website.Why Instagram, then after that,what are you going to do? Let’s say a person showed an interest in buyinga certain camera, then what? So after thatit Remarketing ads. It could be email marketingor anything of that sort. Number three, how to ensure thatthe communication is consistent? And then I’m sayingcommunication is consistent. That means it’s not overpoweringat several places that no peace. Bye bye, bye, bye. Bye. And the communication. If you’re going via, helping people of the contentmarketing side of the things, then that is how youmake your communication, very consistent. Number four, how to tailor the communicationfor Each medium. Now, this comes downto either copywriting or content writing again because if one of the medium is Instagram then youcould use stickers on it, you could use other typeof stuff on it, use it on the Instagram wheels or maybe on a storyor anything of that, sort the same way,it’s very hard.And these arethe four challenges which are major challenge when it comes to launching an integrated digitalmarketing campaign moving on. We’re going to talkabout the Sample, which was like by Nike theywere making a breaking to campus so let’s see whatchannel’s did they use when they were makinga breaking to campaign? Now the first of all justto give you a little bit of background Nike obviouslyyou should be knowing that Nike is in the businessof athletic wear any equipment.Okay, uses marketingstrategies very efficiently to promote their productsto the Target demographics, which we Nike promotedtheir shoe line. The zoom Vapor fly lied. By live streaming athleteswearing those shoes while attempting to completea marathon in under two hours, making that they will breakthe world record. Now, the channels, which I use first wasrelevant and Niche influences. They found out that there arethree long distance, marathon runners, who are going to bea influence of for them. And secondly, itwas a live event which was livestreamed on Facebook and Twitter as an event. So you could New watch it. So get more excitedabout the product or cheer the athletes on whilethey’re wearing those shoes. Then there was obviouslysocial media marketing, which leverage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,to promote the event, using the hashtag they can to. Now number four wasa well produced content, which is like they teamed upwith National Geography, document, this particular race. Now, here are the results, the campaign’smessage of unlocking, the human potential tab into a A very broad audiencewith the campaign Nike garnered, 87% of positive comments, which is used in Eraof Twitter five.Eighty four thousand mentionson social media. Hashtag was used more than 400,000 times2 billion Impressions and 5.2 x of the digitalcontent engagement. Now, even do congratulations from Nikes rivalwhich was on the left, you could see that. Adidas running actually gave a congratulation to oneof the marathon runners. Again let’s gointo another example which is of Microsoftintegrated marketing, communication approach. Now Microsoft and Carlsberg what you do a partnershipMicrosoft has been continuously taking up various artificialintelligence based projects and space a I high up its in its product portfolio nowto promote its AI offerings. Teamed up with Carlsberg to use AI to speed upthe process of Brewing, new flavors of the beer now. Moving on what they didwas Microsoft marketed this project using theintegrated marketing approach, using a multitude of challenges. As you can see, on this screen there,microblogs on Twitter, a lot of press releasesin financial time and then there was alsovideo promotions across Facebook and YouTube as well. Now how do we To create an integrated digitalmarketing strategy.Now, Step One is knowingyour target audience, which has been a step always nowfor sub step of that. Is that who areyour Target customers? What are their motivations? How do they like to get in touch with whichPublishers do they lead? Which websites dothe visit regularly? And which channelsare the using? What are they talkingabout right now? Step number two isto design, clear, and consistent content that can Easily adapted or usedon different Media or channels. So using both visual logosand slogans and brand cues which was voiceovers and music consistentlyall across channels.So, communication, such as messagingand offers must be clear and not be filled withconfusing words and phrases. You don’t have to do fancywhenever you’re writing a line, that’s what it means. The messages and offers mustbe compelling to the receiver. Obviously, if you’reproviding Say something. If you’re spending a lotof money on something, then you need to make surethat it’s actually needed. And we learnedthat in this step one as well. Number three is, your messageshould be consistent across channels website, it will be phone,it could be in store, or it could be mobile. Just so that you createthat brand for you.Step number three is investonly in those channels that have a clear rolein the campaign understand what each channel can deliverin terms of reach. And cost as attitudetowards as vary by Channel and format different mediahave innate strengths in different regionsto give you an example. If somebody is coming into Indiato start his own business, the first thing they do is gowith Facebook ads, why, and why not retire axed? Facebook ads hasa very defined targeting of digital marketing. Whereas total adds a little beon that front and Twitter. Quitter, cause a lot morecompared to Facebook. So, coming back to the slide, which channels domy customers use the most, whatever channels you are using,that is what you have to do. Number two is, what are the channels isstrength and gaps. So, according toyour target, audience, let’s say you’re not ableto reach that, very definite, pinpoint audience, but could reachto a relevant on. You do we want to goahead with that or not.That is their decisionwhich you have to make, how will these These channelsare going to help me attain my business goals. Now, you could use Googlefor lead generation and you could use Facebookand YouTube for brand awareness, just to give you a example. Moving on step, number four, tailor your contentfor each Channel while communicatingthe same message, understand the nuances of eachof the selected channels and develop creatives, that matters who the userson that particular Channel. Make sure each channel of your Marketing campaignis set up to drive traffic. Your ultimate goal, for example, social networks, such as Twitteror Facebook could be used for engagement websitesfor email newsletter, subscriptions purchasesand reservation, give you a URL and usernames uniform. That’s a basic hygiene practiceand use the same key words and phrases throughout yourintegrated marketing campaigns. The step number five, you have to Clanthe flow of law. Launching the campaign. Now, the factorsinfluencing the launch flow, our first of all, the campaign objective so it would be differentfor different companies.It could be differentfor a different product as well. We need to know that what will be the planto actually launch a campaign user behavior on the channels used in thecampaign needs to be checked. For example, thereis a peak time, there’s usually a peak timeon Facebook at around 7 p.m. or ATM Indian time. And so you know that, okay, if you want to go aheadand Start off with a blast, then you need to run yourcampaign at like 7:00 or 8:00. Now, the third factor is the final stage awarenessconsideration and conversion. It’s an integrated approach, the content and creativesare created for each of these stages. Each stage isplanned differently, but Interlink finally,to convert a user. So it has a tail to payyour social blog post, calendar in advance, good campaign featuresmultiple ads to pay the NAD and schedule it.Moving on step. Number 6, make sure your marketing team agenciesare working in sync. Now this is obviously communication which needsto be happening within the team if working with severalagencies and sure that there’s an in-houseteam member to Monitor and coordinate with them. Facilitate team meeting with members workingon different projects within the same integratedmarketing campaign to keep all the members on the same page, even message of the campaignconsistent and maintain. The brand is standardacross the campaign.Since I’ve workedwith a lot of agencies, have had an agency of my own. I can tell you that, this is the realreal big problem where agencies are not workingin sing assume. There’s an agencywhich creates our images, but there’s an agencywhich is creating your video, they both needto be in the sink. In order to providea consistent brand message, step number seven, you need to track your campaigns and then integratedmarketing campaign, it is white. Able to utilizethe proper analytics and retribution methods thathelp understand how conversions and results are achieved. Now, you need the analyticsfor your website for your social mediafor email for search ads, and for your display ads. And anything elsewhich ever you are doing now, here are someof the key metrics, which you should be tracking.So, website, site visits may betraffic by Source or channels, number of new visitorsversus the number of return. Visitors bounce rate. Exit rate,interactions per visit. All of these you can find inGoogle analytics, social media. Marketing need to figure outthe likes comments shares, clicks Impressions,reach conversions. Or maybe you could just Bunchit up into an engagement, which is for the likes and the comments and the sharesare all engagements, you can punch that up. Also email marketing, you need to figure outthe sends opened it, the CTR the conversionrate from there. The bounce rate, the number of peoplewho unsubscribe and the revenue per email which you Sendnumber for the search and display ads Impressions, reach cost obviouslyengagement rate, CTR CPC and conversion rate.All of these we have already learnedin search engine marketing. That what do they mean? And now you haveto start tracking them when you’re makingyour integrated digital marketing campaign moving onwith an example of linkedin’s In It Together campaign. So this was a campaign, which was run duringthe Golden Globes Award for most people View. Indian platform as platform,only for White Collar, professionals withthis campaign LinkedIn, wanted to break a stereotype andconnect with a global audience while highlighting the power ofthe community in finding a job. Now the channels used obviously, it was LinkedIn,then we had videos as well and there was a lotof digital display as well. Now in it together, it featured people fromprofessions such as musician. Martial arts,culinary, arts Bank. Workers teachers entrepreneursand more campaign featured. The real stories of real membersacross career stages and how they are adaptinginnovating and learning on the Network’sto push forward.In this new world of work, the black-and-whitedocumentary-style videos, made them stand outfrom the commercial ones, showcasing their authenticity. Now, let’s moveon to another example, which was of a device. It’s your vote campaign now,Levi’s launch the campaign, it Award before the voterregistration Day in the US. The main goal was to encourageits user base to register for voting and casttheir votes on Election Day. Now, the challenge usedwere several videos Parts. Alongside in-storeregistration boots for votes. So you can watch social mediato share images of celebrities and vote branded apparel. Number three was a microsite, which was used to furtherpromote the campaign. Now, the results were that 60% of Of users whodiscovered Parts on Instagram. Got involved in the campaign. 75 percent of users, took action after seeingthe Instagram post.Now, videospot was alsoshared on Facebook. Sixty-four percentof consumers is stated that after watching the video, consumers were motivatedto buy the products. Now, another example, what if I 2018 grabbed campaignSpotify launched a personalized, 2018 wrapped campaign to sellGreat each subscribers, listening habits, what they did wasthat once the 18 year was over, they said that this year, you listen to six thousandtwo hundred and seven different songs on Spotify.So they actuallygive you a stack, which is not required, but it just opens up the eyesin front of the consumers saying that this is how much actually, I used my Spotify membershipor the free trial, whatever. So, channels use wasa personalized, music playlist. For what they did. Because they already knewabout the browsing habits on Spotify engage with subscribers andgain their interest. Through data of thepersonal listening habits. Number two was there, they were customizedemails, so subscribers, received a personalized emailwith listening data from 2018 and CDA to access. The spotify’sdata-driven microsite. Now, the data-driven micrositegave a story like overview of the subscribers. Listening habits in a similarfashion to a billboard. Advertising campaign. Now fans were promptedto share their musical snapshot which made it Twitter’stop Global trending topic on launch day. Moving on, here are the results for these 45 campaignover thirty four million fan, visits over 400,000 artist, Wizards, over 5 million, social shares andover 3 billion streams which were driven. Now, as you can seethat even for one tweet Of 45.They got 172 retweetswith 724 comments and 3.1 K likes. It was for thewrapped 2018 campaign. Now let’s gointo another example where we are talking about Uber’s Beyondfive-star campaign. Now, Uber launched, the promotional Beyondfive stars campaign to Spotlight some other tremendous Works. Its drivers are doing Uberpresents each feature driver with a short vacation trip asan Into of their hard work. Now, the channel, which I use the campaign servesas an extension of the Brand’s in-app complimentingfeature the microsite which was speakingabout the Caps drivers and customers experiences. The video ads, video featuring several drivers who are bombarded with in-appcompliments and the images which are sharedon social media platforms. Now, talking about the results, the campaign images were alsoshared by a Facebook, whereas they haveaccounted for sir. 85% to 90% of advertising Effectivenessthrough this campaign, Uber not onlyattracted more customers, but it also attractedand extra number of drivers who the platform. So you can see the tweeton the left side where over reads, when your drivergoes beyond 5 Star. Share a complement,share some love it.Only takes a few secondsbut you can go further than you think. Now let’s move intoanother example of Taco, Bell’s, integrated marketing approach, which Taco Bell is youalready probably know about it is a Mexican Cuisineinspired fast food chain after a recession in 2011. Taco Bell experiencedAslam now draft FCB Taco, Bell’s advertising agency, designed an integratedmarketing campaign to position Taco Bell asa multicultural food experience. Now they launchedthe campaign name. He lived mass massis Spanish for more. So that makes it livemore to make the brand. Appealing to youth orientedand cross-cultural consumers. The rolled out new products and an upscale menuto penetrate the market of health-conscious customers. They also co-branded with Doritos to launchthe famous BLTs which was Doritos, Locos Tacos. Now, the channels usually usewas you too bad of a customer who drove 900 milesto try the dlts and a montage of Instagram post of customers wastrying out the These for the first time now, influences among fans, cried the deal diesand spread the word about through theirsocial media channels.Now, the short video ad on the left Mass themefeaturing a bunch of senior citizens sneaking out of their retirement hometo a party among by ordering, and payment appwas also launched and Periscope to live stream, the launch of new productsto catch Generations, these attention. Now, the results were theintegrated marketing efforts. Created a huge buzz and contributed to nearlya quarter of the taco sales short video adfeaturing senior citizens.Grabbed a lot of attentionon social media and drove a lot of traffictowards the brand. They reported an 8percent increase in sales. How exactly you can enhanceyour cardio in the field of digital marketing. So, I’ll start offwith this session, by talking about, who exactly isa digital marketer. And then see, why should you choosea career in the field of digital marketing and how tobecome a digital marketer in? This will seethe road map to success. And also, what are the skillsthat you need to master in order to becomea good digital marketer and don’t forget to subscribe to a Eureka you YouTube channeland hit the Bell icon to never miss any notifications from us on thetrending Technologies.And also, if you’re someone who’s out there looking for anonline certification training, in digital marketing, check out the link in thedescription box below, right? So let’s get startedwith this session with half of the world’s population who can easilyaccess the internet. It’s easier to promoteyour business online with so many people preferusing online shopping for groceries food, clothing. And so many other things, it’s no wonder that ithas moved to the Forefront of the digital marketing domain. So this video will guideyour way to flourish as a triumphant. Digital marketer. So, who exactly isa digital marketer, according to you,let me help you guys with it. A digital marketer. Is basically a person who’s responsiblefor developing implementing and managing marketing campaigns that promote your company and its productsor its services. These digital marketersidentify and evaluate new digital Technologies and make use of web analyticstools such as Google analytics, keyword analyzer and somany other things to measure the site traffic to better optimize marketingcampaigns email marketing, social, media marketing, and search advertising.So, what is the scopeof being a digital marketer in India or abroad? So, in recent days, the most sought-afterKorea or Kennedy is digital marketing, guys. Statistics also show that digital marketing industryis booming worldwide, which is offering closeto 8 lakh jobs in the very first quarter of 2009 team. And also, the USAitself has generated close to forty nine thousand, qualitative, digitalmarketing jobs in the year, 2019, our were followedby which 91% of top, employers consider certificationas key hiring criteria, while another Another 48 percent are willing to offera high salary, to get a certified candidates. So this is like a balanced case. You get yourselffor certification on digital marketingand then boom, you’re there up in the sky. So the internetmarketing training proves highly rewarding for youduring this hiring process. So please take updigital marketing up because the job opportunitiesis very vast and you’ll be given chance to explore a lotof things on your own.So being reliable, eco-friendlyreachable influential. And also measurabledigital marketing is the magic tool for Brands and businesses as moreand more entities. Join the online bandwagonfor a wider Market. Reach the job opportunities inthe field of digital marketing is ever growing unlikeother sectors of employment. This arena is All Season. Filled, it is way too. Inviting to turn a blind eye. Die. Like, I mentioned, people actually preferhaving a certification course if they’re actually goingfor a career in the field of digital marketing, right? So, 60% of professionalsconsider that certification LED them to get a new job. Hence, it ideal to have adigital marketing certification, and also have a graspover the marketing tools and techniques of the expert.So this helps you getin touch with the industry. Experts also get recognized inthe field of digital marketing. So as a result,The market do, you’ll be having a lotof responsibilities on your shoulders, right? So what are the responsibilitiesthat you need to be taking up? So why exactly do youneed a cardio in the field of digital marketing? Why not other field? Why not – why not big data,why not data science? So all these fields arein the Practical aspect, whereas digital marketing issomething which you can handle digital marketing is something which will helpyou manage your work. Now, why do youneed digital marketing? Is something so specialabout digital marketing. So let’s take a look. Digital marketing is well knownfor its low cost investment and also gives you the powerto Brand your company’s name. So this is like the mostimportant part of having a career in the fieldof digital marketing.So you can brand your companyjust by knowing the basics or just by knowing the workingof digital marketing. It is that field which has plentyof room for Tech and creative thinkingcreative thinking as And you need to be more opento the resources available, how you can handle stuff aroundit and how you can be more, you know, energetic in terms of customizingyour strategy, right? So here are a few reasonswhy you should shift your focus towards digitalmarketing right now.So firstly, I would say digitalmarketing is more cost-effective because you need not spendso much money on this stool or the factors influencing it. So you can actually not worried about the money atall in this aspect. T’ and also you can increase theinteraction with the audience. So this is a key reason whydigital marketing is still alive in the market right now because audience play a vitalrole in shaping your business. So having a good interaction or having a friendly interactionwith your customers, or audience will definitelyhelp your company’s success.Now, digital marketingalso provides a better Roi for your marketing investment. What is this Roi? Why is it used? So, Roi is basicallyreturn on investment. This is something that is relatedto your investment on a marketing plan or strategy. So, you’ll be investingquite a lot of money on strategizing your business. So most of thebusiness Investments, don’t get a better Roi, but when you talkabout digital marketing, you’ll be getting a better Roi which in turn increasesthe productivity of your company and also gets you a lotof money, right? So digital marketingplays an important, Oughtn’t roll over hereas well and it helps generating better revenues. So this is likea chain reaction, guys. Once you know what your targetis you should focus on it, create a strategy based on itand then implement the plan, which will in turnincrease the sales, which will in turn increasesrevenue for your company.Right? And also as a digital marketer, you’ll be paid quitea lot of money. So these people actuallymake a lot of money out of, you know, creating a strategy which will Helpbenefit the organization. So yeah, you’ll bepaid really well. And also getting people’strust is very important and this can be done usingthe digital marketing. Makes your job really. Very, very, very easy. So these are some intrinsicreasons why you should definitely go for a careerin digital marketing, right? I would also like to say that these are not the onlyreasons why you should shift your focus to digital marketing.Also talking about the historyof digital marketing. We first had thingcalled traditional marketing previous tradition, set of marketing was limitedjust to door-to-door and mouth publicity, right? Previously. We even had marketers who used to physically promotetheir products, right? But now, withthe Changing Times, people want everythingat their fingertips, and fulfilling the needsof the customer, is the highest priorityof any business. So, the trend of digital marketing tookoff a few years back and now the smallest thingcan be found on the internet. So people And the marketers are really going bonkers overthis digital marketing Trend. I would also liketo put up this point, garments digital marketinginitiative is actually helping a lot in this in order to transformthe entire ecosystem of Public Services, through the useof Information Technology, the government of Indiahas also launched this program called digital India, which focuses on transforming India into a digitallyempowered society and knowledge economy.So, now the job These or any of basic requirement are notonly available in Metro cities, but also in verysmall towns in India. And also, the government hascome up with this application for employment programs which will help themin a better way. And everything is goingto be digital these days. So, if we talk about digitalmarketing career in India, it’s going to be a hit. And also another factor, which influences the growthof digital marketing is an increased numberof Internet users. So the more numberof Internet users This is the more you can promoteyour product online and also the people who try to promote their productor given more importance here. So, this graph,clearly shows everything in detail people using internetbetween 2015 to 2020 to, which is an estimate, okay? So in the year 2015,it was around 259 million, which goes upto 331 million in 2017.And also, it is predictedthat the internet users across the globewould be doubled by 22. This is because it ratein which the country is growing in terms of everything and people are being heavilydependent on the internet in the coming years. And also accordingto a recent report it is said that the digital economyis growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy. And the firm’s that engage in the online trading aretwice as likely to be. Creating a jobs asfirms that they aren’t. This is exactly why you need to cope up withthe current technology Trends. And also, Digital marketingto have a better future in this field, how to becomea digital marketer. Firstly, you shouldhave desired skill set and the right guidance to becomea good digital marketer, so mastering the skills, you’ll definitelybe able to become a successful digital marketer.So, let’s see,what are those skills? So, I have made a note of top five skillsthat you should master. So the first one would beyou should be good with marketing channels. So the marketing channelsand I’m Lee SEO, email, marketing, social media,marketing content, marketing, and many more. So you should be pretty good with handlingthese marketing channels if you’re given an opportunityto work on email marketing and you’ve been shifted to workon social media marketing, you shouldn’t say that I’ve been workingon email marketing, so I can’t focuson social media, marketing. It is just marketing a product. So you should knowwhat ways would help to increase the numberof traffic via email or social media. So you should be pretty goodwith The marketing channels and data analytics as an enormous amountof data gets generated. The need to extract useful. Insights is a mustfor a business Enterprise. This is where data analyticcomes into picture as it plays an important rolein improving your business, this data analytics refers tothe techniques to analyze data, which in turn enhancesthe productivity.And also increases the businessprofit data can be extracted. Acted from varioussources and is clean and categorize to analyzedifferent behavioral patterns. Next you should havea hands-on experience working with WordPress. So knowledge ofWordpress is a must. So if you’re writing a Blog for your organization youshould know which tool to use or which tool you can gofor to make it look very appealing to makeit ranked on the first page and so many other factorsattached to it. So knowledge ofWordpress is a must with you’re going to have a career in the fieldof digital marketing. So you can have a look at allour blogs on at Eureka web page. So all of these blogsare written on WordPress. And yeah. Now the next one is youshould be pretty good with Google analytics. So Google analyticsis one such tool which helped you in a givingyou a proper insight about your website, it will help you understandwhere you’re gaining traffic, or where people are landing, and where exactly you’re losingyour customers or your viewers.So it will help you understandwhere you’re gaining. In more traffic and also where youare losing more traffic. So you should be pretty goodwith Google Analytics tool. And next one would bethe basic design skills, so you should knowhow to develop your own website. And also, you should knowhow exactly you can design or a basic knowledge of design. All right, somastering these skills, you should be able to makeup a good digital marketer. Moving on to the next topic,we have the road map to success. So, let’s see how our roadmapto success looks like. So the first thingwould be the basic skills. So the basic skills that you need to becomea good digital marketer. Are you should be goodwith marketing channels. Like I mentioned. Yep, totally. And then Google analytics, which is also a promising toolto get a proper inside about your website.So the basic skillsare these moving on to the advanced skill setsthat are required? You should know how to createyour own marketing campaigns. So it is not that easyas it is said. Here, creatingyour own marketing. Campaign is a painin the ass so you should know how to work your way around it. So yeah, you shouldhave the skill set. If you’re going to be havinga proper career in the field of digital marketing and assistformulation of strategies. So you should be helpingyour company in terms of strategies as well. If you’re going to beincluded as a team, you need to be a part of it. You should know how to giveyour own points to the team and also a proper idea of how exactly youcan improve your business.Now, the next onewould be Hands-On, so you should be knowing how to plan and monitorthe business process and also analyze the growth using Google analyticsin the basic skill set. We saw that you should knowthe basics of Google analytics, whereas in thehands-on experience, you should actually knowthe in-depth working of Google analytics which will helpyour organization. So, this is the roadmap to become a successfuldigital marketer in the end. You would be a master in the the fieldof digital marketing. So with this information on how to becomea digital marketer, you’ll certainly be ableto pull up the stand of having a great future. In this domain, digital marketing is oneof the growing areas of online business and it is expected to dominatein the coming years.Hence, it will generate a lot ofgreat opportunities in the field of digital marketing. So, in order to help youguys boost your confidence, Entitled help you prepare well to Ace an interviewat Eureka has come up with this list of top digitalmarketing interview questions which will be suitablefor both freshers as well as experienced candidates. But before we get startedwith this session, let’s take a lookat the agenda first.We’ll start off with understanding what arethe beginner level questions that will be asked and then move aheadand understand the water. The executive levelinterview questions that would be askedin an interview followed by which will also seewhat are the Manager, level interview questionsare to be asked. So, this video is dividedinto three parts, guys. So, let’s get startedwith the session. So the first questionthat I have for you is what is digital marketingand explain it in. Simple terms, digital marketingis all about the tactics for brand marketingvia online channels.It includes various techniques like SEO that issearch engine optimization, sem search engine marketinglink building, email marketing. PPC that is A book,click affiliate marketing, and so many others. Now, when I saydigital marketing, what comes to your mind. So this digital marketing, it encompasses all marketingefforts that help you in promoting your product or brand using electronicdevices or the internet. It leverages onlinemarketing tactics, like search engine, email, marketing, social media,marketing, mobile marketing, and so on, in order to connect with currentand prospective customers.So this was about Whatis digital marketing now? Moving on, let’s take a lookat the next question. So the next questionthat I have for you is what are the different typesof digital marketing serve mainly listedout a few of them. So there are sixof them in total. First one issearch engine optimization or seo seo is usedfor blogs or any articles that you want to writeregarding your company or your product. So this basically helpsa lot in link building or organic traffic. Generation. The next one is search,engine marketing SEO. Um, is used a lot in termsof optimizing or marketing, your content that youcreate search engine marketing is analyzing the search engine, how it works, how Google worksand Market accordingly.All right, nowtalking about content, marketing content, marketing, beads with creatingvaluable content, and creating a Blogand guest blogging and all of it comeunder content marketing. Now, the next one isemail, Email marketing. So if you want to bea professional in the field of digital marketing, you should knowhow email marketing work. Email is one of the oldestand the most used form of communication inthe business aspect. So email marketingis another type of digital marketing. So, I wouldn’t say types. These are also consideredas channels, okay? So, these are some mediums or channels through whichyou can promote your product. Now, the next issocial media marketing, when I say social media, you Think ofcertain applications, that would be usedon a day-to-day life basis. Right? So, the namelyFacebook Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn,YouTube and so on. So social media marketing plays, an important role in enhancingaccompanies a marketing efforts. So, do how to promote yourproduct on the social media. And the next ise-commerce marketing, you can put up your producton the e-commerce website and you can get traffic from it. Okay. So these are the different typesof digital marketing available.Now the Next question is, how can you categorizedigital marketing? So, this digital marketingis mainly classified into two fields. That is inbound marketingand outbound marketing inbound. Marketing is also calledas a magnetic marketing as it allows, the organizations to attracttheir best Prospect. And those who are activelylooking for something or some solutions online. So, inbound marketinghelps pulling the interest of the customer and it is writtenaccording to the customer, And natural habitats or some examples to this wouldbe the blocks social media post, search influencer marketing,opt-in emails, and so on.Now talking aboutoutbound marketing, outbound marketing is alsoreferred as the interruption or the push marketing, which uses tactics that gets a message to a lotof people in an effort to make a sale, okay? So this is like you’repushing your content so that peoplewould know about it and people would get to knowabout your organization as well. And this pushes regardlessof the users interest, you might have comeacross these ads when you’re watchinga video online, right? So these just popup out of nowhere when you don’t want to watch it.So, these are calledas push, marketing, or outbound marketing,it is written. According to the products need and not as per the customersand add some natural habitat or examples to, this would be display ads. Steady marketers,script magazines, TV ads and so on sothis is about the categories. Now, talking about the nextquestion, according to you, what are the most effective waysto increase traffic on your website? So here are a few mediumsor ways you can say that will help you increasingthe traffic on your website. So the first onewould be paid search. So you’re going to be payingto your content so that it rankson the first page. You might have seenthese advertisements or posts which rank on the first pageof Google like the first link, which has a d under it. So these These arenothing but the paid ads or the paid search. Now the next would be displayadvertising and email marketing. Display advertising is something that like Imentioned push marketing and email marketing isalso very important guys. This will also eventually helpyou in getting a lot of traffic on your website send respectiveemails to your customers or the viewers who are lookingfor a solution online.Okay? Now and it contentmarketing and content optimization content marketing. Like I mentioned, it is To help you in creatingorganic traffic on your website. So your content marketing isa must and you should know how to optimize your content. You should know how SEO,plays a major role, in optimizing your content. The content that youcreate must be up-to-date. It should have interesting factsabout any of the topics that you would be discussing. And guest blogging, guest blogging isalso important, guys. If you want your organizationto grow in large scale, you need people who are actually willingto write some interesting blogs regarding your topic, or your product now,see Seeking referral traffic.This is because if you write a blog on anyof the ranking keywords, you can either link these blocks to another blockthat you’ll be writing, or you can just promotethe same Block in that content. You can either leave a linkto your existing block, so that you can getmore traffic via that channel and Target long, tail keywords. You should always Targetlong tail keywords guys because these helpand ranking the most, and it will eventuallyget more views also, Okay. Now the next questionis what is SEO? Explain it in simple termsSEO is actually a process of optimizing your content, technical setup and reachof your website. So that your pagesappear on the top of the search engine resultPages for a specific keyword. So this is a processof increasing the quality of your website traffic isand major search engines. Like Yahoo Google binge all have a primarysearch results right here. Web pages are displayed and ranked based on what search engine select asthe most relevant in accordance with the context andSEO helps website, achieve a better ranking onthe search engine result pages when prospects search for a particular keyword relatedto your product or service.Eventually this will increasethe quality and the quantity of traffic on your websitethrough organic results. Okay, so this was about SEO. Now, moving onto the next question, what are the different typesof You that are frequently used in the market. So we have mainlythree types of SEO that are used widely. So let’s learnabout them in detail. Yeah, so first on the listis a white hat, SEO. This is the mostpopular SEO technique that utilizes methodsand techniques to improve. Search engine, rankings of your sitewhich do not run awful off search engine guidelines. So this follows the searchengine guidelines guys, so it actually followsthe Google guidelines as well. So white hat,SEO uses techniques, like high-quality content,link acquisition website, HTML optimization, and restructuring your contentwith white hat. SEO, you can expecta long lasting growth in your ranking. So like I mentionedthese white hat, SEO techniques are usedfor high quality content. So you will be ableto create high-quality content, using white hat, SEO, and it strictly follows, or it is strictly abideby the guidelines.Lines off Googleand search engine. I’m talking about blackhat SEO, it exploits. The various weakness in the search engine algorithmsto get high rankings. The black hat isnot in accordance with the SEO guidelines set, by the Google search engineor the search engines itself. Some of the black hat, SEO techniques are keywordstuffing link spamming hidden, text hidden link and so on. So using these techniques youcan expect unpredictable quick, but short lasting growth.And rankings. So this is like white moneyand black men. You guys whitemoney is something which has abided by the rulesof the nation or the country, and black money,something which is illegal, but here it is not illegal. It is just stuffingor adding more things so that your page will rankon the first page. Right now talkingabout gray hat. SEO gray hat. SEO is neither black nor white it rathercombines both of them. It is a transformationfrom black hat. SEO to why? Had a CO and vice versa, okay? So this was aboutthe sixth question.Moving on. The next questionis explain keywords and digital marketing. And how is it important for SEO? A keyword is the most significant and fundamentalelement of the search. Engine optimization keywordsare considered as the core of all your SEO efforts, they are crucial for better rankingsin the search engine. Result pages are a CRP. It is really importantto make your website. SEO optimized for keywords that are relevantto your business. This would help your website’spage to rank higher. In the searchengine result Pages, which will eventually makea customers or viewers to find your website very easily. Now moving onto the next question we have what are the differentareas or key areas where you can usekeywords to optimize your site ranking, okay? This is an important question.You can use keywords to optimize your site rankingby mentioning them or linking them in your Website, URL website, title meta,tags webpage, context body, text and headlines. If these contain, your keywords used is for surethat your keyword is ranking and the entire page ispertain to one keyword. If you want to optimizeyour content SEO is must. So by mentioningin all of these, I think you don’t haveto stuff your keyword in between anywhere. Okay? So the next question is, what are on page and offpage optimization On page basically refers to the factors that you can optimize on your own websiteto grow traffic. The main components involved in on-page optimizationare title of the page, metatag description, optimized image with alt tags, URL structure,high quality content, optimize internal links. And so on, whereas off page, SEO is allabout your online reputation, it includes acquiringbacklinks for your pH from P sites in your Niche, the main componentsinvolved in the off page. Optimization are acquiringpacked links leveraging, social interactionwith your site, promoting your contentvia social media platforms, adding social bookmarking, and guest blogging.So, these are some majordifferences between on-page and off-page optimization. Now, moving onto the next question, what are some useful toolsfor digital marketing? We have some interesting toolsfor digital marketing, guys. So I’ve noted on a few of them. We have so many toolsin the market right now, which helps indigital marketing. So we have somethingcalled keyword research or keyword Discovery, this helps in rankingyour keyword or analyzing how to make your keyword ranked on the searchengine result Pages. We have rank watch, which helps in ranking Moore’s,which is also another platform that helps in analyzing the SEO. Alexa ranking, Google Analytics.Heat Maps, sem Rush. Eh refs and expressounbounce and so on. So these aresome interesting tools that help in analyzingyour content and help you in promoting a product. Now, moving on, to the next questionwe have explained PPC or pay-per-click. Advertising pay-per-click is also one of the mostpredominantly used forms of marketing PPC is abbreviatedas pay per click, which is a modelof Internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee. Each time, oneof their ads are clicked. Essentially, if I say it is a way of buyingvisits to your site, rather than attemptingit to earn it, from the Wizards organically, it is also referredto as sponsored result on the search engine. Result Pages, PPC,ads are visible, flexible, and effective for manydifferent types of organizations with paid search. You can only paywhen your ad is clicked. These are the ads that are In on top whenever yousearch for a particular keyword.Essentially, this is also a wayof buying visits to your site. Now, search engine advertising is one of the mostpopular forms of PPC. Now you must have hadthis thought when I say adds, what kind of adds am Igoing to see these are nothing but Google ads which are formallycalled as Google AdWords. So pay-per-click is, commonly associatedwith first Tire search engine like Google AdWordsand binge ads. Okay, So this wasabout PPC or pay-per-click. Now, moving ahead. We’ll see whatour Google AdWords and what you know, about them.So, Google AdWords isan online advertising service. By Google to help marketers reach their customersinstantly businesses, use this serviceto display ads on Google and it is advertising Network. It is the most famouspay-per-click advertising system in the entire world AdWords, allow businesses to set budgetfor ads and the Men’s happened when people click on the ads so Google AdWords servicefocuses on the keywords that you select. So this is aboutGoogle AdWords now. Moving on, explainGoogle AdWords remarketing. So Google AdWords remarketing is referred to astargeting marketing strategy, that assists the marketers to help Reach Out people whovisited their site previously, but did notcomplete the purchase. The marketing helpsin targeting the right people at the The right timewith the right ad, it helps increaseconversion rates as a past site, visitors may alreadybe familiar with your brand and turn into prospectivecustomers very easily. This is our Google AdWordsremarketing is used, or this is exactly how it plays an important rolein digital marketing. Now, moving on,to the next question, we have name some of the GoogleAdWords ad extensions.Okay. Some of the Google AdWordsad extensions would be called Extensions call-out extensions. Promote extension structured snippet extension sitelink affiliate location and app extension. So what are these ad extensions? Add extensions are extra. Snippets of relevant informationabout your business that can be addedto your AdWords text ads. So these can includeyour business is location. Phone number business ratings. And so on in these areour two categories, namely ADD extensionThat is automatic and manual add extensions. Now, moving on,to the next question we have. What can be the idealapproach for Effective? PPC, campaign. So how do you approachor how can you make good? Use of PPC campaigns. So follow these instructions to have an idealapproach for Effective. PPC campaigns, add more PPC, keywords to expand your reach,split ads into smaller segments, to have betterclick-through rate. Eight, that is CTR. So you can just put some adsinto smaller segments. I think people would have watchserials or some Series where you’ll just get add in between when you’re watchingthe series, right? So these are nothingbut the smaller segments, you can divide it into segmentsand place it in a way that they canclick your content.Now, add also reviewnon-performing PPC. Keywords reviewing is important because you wouldn’t knowwhat might rank. What might click I Definelanding pages to align with the search queries editing. Your landing pages are times to make it alignedwith search queries, is a must. So, if somebody searchingfor a particular keyword and it is not therein your landing page, they would definitelynot look for it on or they would not go furtherwith the search, right? So refining, a lining pages, is at mostand improve marketing, relevancy by addingnegative keywords. So, why exactly do weneed negative keywords? So these negative keywords, prevent advertisementsfrom displaying for particular phases.So this type of keyword preventsyour ad from being triggered by a certain wordor a phrase, right? Your ads aren’t shown to anyonewho searching for that phrase and this is also knownas negative match. Okay, this is also requiredfor an ideal PPC campaign. Okay? Now moving on to the nextquestion we have explained responsive web designwith an example. Okay? Responsive web design is a nap. Roots that suggests the designand the development that it should respondto the users behavior and environment based on the screen sizeplatform orientation. And so on, it makes web pages perform wellon different devices like desktop mobile tabletand so on and it ensures that the user hasgreat viewing experience. No matter what device they areusing to access your website. The practice of responsivedesign consists of a mix of flexible layouts. Images grids and little useof CSS media queries.So this is how you can makea simple web design out of it. Now talking about the example,you can consider our website, that is a unique up. You get a different experience when you’re viewing itfrom your phone or tablet and you’ll be gettinga different experience if you’re going to be usingdesktop or laptop, right? So this is somethingwhich is required, which is called, as responsive web designthat it changes accordingly and the user experience. This is good, even if the using different devicesor different forms to reach out to your website. Now, moving onto the next question.What is the difference betweendirect marketing and branding? Now, when I say branding, The Advertiser has to exposehis brand to websites and applications that havea higher audience reach. This is something which is called aspleasing your own brand or keeping up your Brand’sname high right now, in case of direct marketing, the other Advisoris interested mostly in establishing communicationwith this target, audience, through different mediums. And even here, there is a littlebit of branding which happens but still, it is called as direct marketing because you are goingto be focusing only on the communicationwith the prospect. So the basic differencebetween them is that branding is done to buildawareness about your product or your company whereas direct marketinghelps companies to reach out to their customers directly. Now moving onto the next question. What is the limitationsof online marketing? So internet hasits own limitations, right? And also every good thingshould have some limitations so that it could catch holdof it and get back on track.So what are the limitations ofonline marketing since online? Marketing is a platformwhere everybody is using, and it was also so easy to use, we have intense competitionin the market as it is easily accessibleand cost-effective. It has becomea preferred method for me. Most of the Brand’stherefore it has an uphill task to get noticedamongst the intense competition. It is all sooverwhelming at times, there is so muchinformation and data and an onslaught of tools that it’s easy to getoverwhelmed and get confused. It takes a lotof patience and practice and experience to get your headaround it all the time, to get your head around,all of it. And also analytics isonly as good as its user. I mean to say that analytics dependscompletely on the user, there is an analyticsfor everything, but you can’t do anythingwith plain data, unless, you know, how to read itand make use of it. It is becoming misleading, sometimes, and you can get stuckand chasing, vein, metrics and burning cashat the wrong places.So, these are some notablelimitations of online marketing. Now, the next question is list. Some of the mostpopular PPC tools. S, we have sem Rushoptimizely unbounce, Keyword Planner, AdWords,editor, and AdWords wrapper. So these are some notable toolsfor PPC marketing. Now, the next question is, how can you use socialmedia for marketing? Any idea, guys? How can you use socialmedia social media, marketing involves creatingand sharing content on the social media channelsto achieve your marketing and branding goals? It includes Different activitieslike posting images videos and other content that drives audience engagementand social media marketing, can also help youby increasing website, traffic, building conversations,increasing brand, awareness, and improving, communication and tractionwith the target audience.So, this is exactly how you can use socialmedia for marketing. Now, moving on to the nextpart of the session that is executed levelinto the questions. So here, the first question is,what do you know about? Out email marketing. Email marketing is a highly effective digitalmarketing strategy of sending emails to Target leads and customerseffective marketing. Emails, convertsleads into customers and turn one time buyersinto loyal fans to your website email marketingis one of the oldest and the most professional way to communicate withtheir clients and Prospects. It is also the mostdirect and effective way of connecting with your lead, nurturing them and turningthem into Summers, consistently winning out over all the othermarketing channels. So the next question is, what is the differencebetween SEO and sem SEO enables? Your website to appear inthe search engine result Pages, while the sem issearch engine marketing, which helps inpurchasing a space in search engine result pages.So this is some importantdifference between SEO and sem search engineresult Pages helps in enabling your websiteto appear on the All pages, whereas ICM isa search engine marketing, it helps you in purchasing a search engineresult page, okay? So you can buythe entire page using sem. All right, now, moving on to the next questionwe have will talk about content marketing.So what is content,marketing content? Marketing is a strategicapproach focused on creating and distributing relevantand consistent content in order to attract and retain a Defineaudience and drive profitable customer action. The key reasonsfor Enterprises to use content, marketing are increasednumber of sales, the cost you have savedthroughout and better customers who have more loyalty. So, these are some major reasons why content marketing is stillbooming in the recent days. Now, moving onto the next question. Why is onlinemarketing preferred? Moreover offline, marketing? We have some major reasonsover here guys. People. Do not useoffline marketing much. These days. Everything is online. You need something, you need to buy food eventhat you can order online. If you want to buy something, you have clothes accessoriesand so many things which you get online, right? Because you can tap a larger audience and expandgeographically very easily. Information is immediatelyavailable online, so you don’t have to,just wait for it.Wait for another personto come and inform you about the product interaction. With the customeris also made very easy and you Get in touch very fast and also another added advantage of online marketingis better tracking. You can trackwhere your product is when it is arriving. What is the? Cause all of it,you can get it online. So, these are some major reasons why online marketingis preferred over offline. Marketing. Now, moving onto the next question. What are the five daysof digital marketing? The 5ts in digitalmarketing, defined, the opportunities for customers or consumers to Act with brand and forbusiness to reach out to their audiencein different ways. So the first Dis digital devices, your audience experiences,your brand, as they interactwith the web sites, through digital devices, including mobile, phones,desktop, tablet, gaming devices. And so on the next Dis a digital platform.Most interaction ondigital devices is through browser or applicationsfrom the major platforms like Google Facebook. Instagram, Twitter,Youtube, LinkedIn, and so on. The next D is the digital media, many different owned paid andearned communication channels, try to reach and engagewith your audience through the digital media. The next D is a Digital Data, the insights that the businessis collect about Their audience and their interactionwith the business is called or turned as Digital Data.The next D is the digitaltechnology businesses use. To create interactiveexperiences from websites and applications to in-storeemail campaigns and so on. Okay, so these are the five D’sof digital marketing. Now, the next is, what is the roleof digital marketing for your business? Why do you thinkyou need digital marketing, having a digital marketingstrategy for your business? Let’s you be a dynamic partof the unavoidable, and lucrative onlinemarketing strategy. So, in order to understand what is the roleof Digital marketing, you need to have great exposure, digital marketing, gives you a fair chanceto all businesses that prefer onlinebranding and advertising.And also it will help youin generating traffic. Digital marketing allowsyou to see the exact number of people who viewedyour website page in real time, by using digital analytics,software content, performance and lead generation. Also plays an important rolewith digital marketing. You can measure how many peopleexactly Viewed your page where it’s hosted and you can also collect somecontact details of the person who downloaded it using forms. Now, attribute modelingand tribute modeling or attribution modelingis an effective strategy for digital marketing that allows you to. Trace all your sales backto your customers. First digital touch pointwith your business. It helps you identify the trends in which peopleresearch and buy your products, which help you make informeddecisions about It, what? Part of your digitalmarketing strategy? Deserves attention? Okay. So this is exactly whydigital marketing is required and moving onto the next question. What are the different typesor ways to approach a CEO to generate trafficto your website? Okay. So these are some techniques which are used to generatemore traffic to your website. So these are sometimesalso referred to as types of SEO so it is not types.It is a differentapproach or techniques. Is to generate more traffic, we have something called on-pageoptimization or on-page SEO. So it focuses onlyon creating content that exists on the pageof the website by researching keywords fortheir search volume and intend. You can answer questions for readers and rank higher onthe search engine result pages to those questions produced. No, talking about offpage SEO this focuses on all the activities that takes place off the page when looking toOptimize your website.What do these activitiesthat are not on page, but affect your ranking,the answer is the backlinks. The number of Publishersthat link to you, and the relative authorityof the Publishers affect how you rankfor specific keywords. You can earn the backlinks bynetworking with other Publishers writing guest postson their websites and generatingexternal attention. Now, the next one is technical SEO this focuseson the back end of your website. Site, we have something calledthe image compression CSS. File optimizationstructured data. These are some different formsof technical SEO, that can increaseyour website’s loading speed. That is an important rankingfactor for the search engines. Now, moving onto the next question. What is a MP MP isa web component framework? Which helps in creating a user, first websitesemails at stories. And so on, it is also shortfor It Mobile Pages. It is a project from Twitter and Google to makefast mobile Pages.EMP is an open source library that helps create a lightweightand fast loading web page. It also enables marketers and Publishers to createmobile friendly web pages, which can be supportedour different platforms and is compatible with allthe types of browsers. The next question is, what are the four C’sof digital marketing? We have four C’s like we have for D’sof digital marketing. We have something calledfour C’s of digital marketing, that does nothingbut customer content context. And conversion, customer issomeone who sees the message or views the messagecontent is the message that the customer sees, whereas context is somethingwhy the customer needs to see the message and conversion, is the communication between youand the customer moving. On, to the nextquestion we have, what are the three Ingredientsof digital marketing. Okay? So the three main factors, whydigital marketing is required, is to generate trafficon your website. And also know the insightsabout your website, how the analysis is, how many people are viewingto your web page, and so on.So these come under the insidesand finally the sales, how can you sellyour product to a customer? So these are somethree major ingredients of digital marketing. Now, moving onto the next first question, how can you drive a digitaltraffic to your website? Immediately leveragingsocial media with post that link back to your siteis one key way to funnel, traffic to your website, within shorter. Timeframe also post that include promotions,giveaways, contests, and other engaging. And time sensitive materialcan be more effective. In addition to this generatingleads through engagement and online public relationssuch as answering queries. Where to Action asthe subject export or writing a press releasefor online distribution.These are some strongtactics for quickly amassing traffic, okay? Now, the next iswhat is conversion. Optimization conversion optimization is apractice of determining how a website can increasethe ratio of visitors to the actual customers. A conversion isa site visitor, who has taken a desired action, rather than simplyviewing content. Tent and leaving it one. Way to optimize conversionis to conduct a be testing. This runs to web pages with altered designsor content to see which is more conversions. Now, the next question is, why should you use YouTube fordigital marketing with YouTube? You can present a better picture of the brand by creatinginteresting and long videos which can help boost. SEO traffic, expandyour social reach, create brand awareness and also The auto whyyou’d be paid more, if you’re gettingmore views on YouTube. So, yeah, I think peoplealready know that. So YouTube is alsoanother major factor or the major Revenuegeneration for people.Now, the next question is,how do I measure the ROI? When I say YouTube givesyou a lot of or better Roi? What do you mean orhow can you measure this ROI? ROI is nothingbut written off investment. So to calculate the ROI of a marketing campaignintegrated into the overall, Overall business linecalculation take the sales growth from the productline and subtracted, marketing cost and dividethe marketing cost, and there you’ll have your Roi. So you’ll be havinggood better Roi if you’re goingto be using YouTube as your marketing platform. Now, the next question is,what are the webmaster tools? Google webmaster tool is basically a collectionof web utilities that help website owners ensure that their siteis Google friendly. These tools have Anyapplications like getting data about incoming search traffic. You can also view crawling and viewing reports usingthese webmaster tools. Now, moving onto the next question, we have differentiate AdWords and AdSense ad words enablesbusinesses to advertise on Google’s Network and axons enablesPublishers to reserve space for AdWords placement, on your website, both these AdWords and AdSensework together to complete.Google’s advertising Network, That is website owners to putup a space for Googles ads and businesses setbudget to display ads on Advertising networks, that is AdWords. So this is some majordifference between AdWords and the AdSense. Now, the next question is Defineyour journey as an online shop. Have you ever shopped online? The answer would be. Yes, of course. People would eventually tryto shop something online, right? How should thisuser experience be? How should a user? Need be winner shopping onlineawareness, the first, consider it partof your point would be awareness when consumersdiscover your brand, so you’re that aware of your brand and the next onewould be consideration. So the potential customerssearch to check, if you offer the product that they need and the nextwould be the preference online, Shoppers establish a preference in terms of which websitethey want to purchase it from. And based on the research, they’re going to be lookingfor that particular store. Or or shop.Now the next onewould be the purchase. Customer makes a decisionof purchasing the product. So this is how the user journeyof an online Shopper is. Now the next question is, do you think digitalmarketing will replace traditional marketing practicesin the near future? This question would reveal the level of yourProfessional Knowledge guys. So hence, build your answerwith personal experiences. Do not just go withwhat you’ve heard. One thing that canbe safely said, is this that It is unlikely that digital marketingwill completely replace traditional marketingin the near future.Rather marketers are integratingboth the platforms to optimize their plans for Optimum Roiinstead of replacing each other. But traditional and digital marketing are becomingcomplementary to each other. So this is one save answer, which you cangive, all right. And the next questionis explain the process of Facebook marketing for Facebooksharing valuable content that Connects withpotential customers is your most importantly, you can create a Facebookmarketing plan by defining your audience setting goals,creating a business page, on Facebook posting, interesting contentand incorporating, Facebook ads, Facebook ads also playan important role guys. Now, the next questionthat I have on the list for executed, levelinterview questions would be, how do you set uptrack and analyze whether a marketing campaign? You conducted was a success Youcan discuss about the campaign’s driving goals which can varyfrom enhancing brand awareness, lead generation or boostingup social media followers. You need to knowabout tracking the campaigns via Google analytics and other monitoring tools for staying updatedwith a campaign progress. It is also essential that you mention your Visionsupon which you can act on.So with this,we come to the end of this executiveLevin interview questions. Now, moving ahead. We’ll see. What are the manageriallevel interview questions, that we Have. So, what is your approach to structuring themarketing budget? So this is the first question that I have on thelist for marketing. Level interview questions, there are critical keys to planand Implement marketing budget.So, the first thing youshould do is calculate the marketing budget, and align your marketing goals with your company’sstrategic goals, and then identify the marketing budget to developdetailed marketing plan that supports your strategy. After you’ve identified,your marketing budget, allocate your marketing budget, $8.00 and implementthe marketing budget plan. So, this is how youcan approach your structuring of marketing budget. Now, the next one iswhat’s the strategy that you’re followingto rank a keyword? How do you makea keyword rank ranking for a? Keyword is a repeatable processand you won’t get results that you want hundredpercent of the time, especially if your keyword that you’re tryingto rank as a popular one. But content marketingand SEO practices, like keyword research, checking out Forcomputation conceptualizing, the content optimizing, your keyword can help youwith rankings, okay, so this is a strategythat we follow. Now, the next questionis what are the ways to measure sem effortsthat are successful. So if your aim is to spreadawareness then tracking clicks and Impressions on paid and organic searchlisting are possible.But if the objective is toquantify the brand performance, then measuring itthrough conversion, rate is a must. So in order togenerate qualified leads, Need it is better to trackemails and queries or online registrations. So this is how you can measurethe sem efforts are successful. Now, moving onto the next question we have how you’re goingto drag the attention of more potential buyersfor the product or services that are offered by businessesvia social media channels. Okay? So basically how can youattract viewers using social media attentionequals Innovative content if you produce Add contentand display it correctly, to the right placeat the right time, it will definitely giveyou the proper output. A few ways to engage yourcustomers through social media are crafting catchy headlines, posting quality visualmedia hosting contest. Ensuring that your posthas good content, focusing on the social presence responding to commentsin the timely manner. Okay. So doing these, you can attain or you can dragmore attention to your product or your website. Now, the next question is Is, can you reduce paidmedia campaign cost without losing traffic? When you answer this questionthey will get to know that you can makea big difference in the field of digital marketing.They don’t expect you to answerthis question in detail guys, but you must be very crisp. Just research the organization’scurrent objective activity and just think deeperabout the three to four changes that you can bring tothe company for instant success. Always outline the pointsthat you get and mentioned them, but more ideas. In order to eatbetter Roi or conversion. The next question is, what are some common socialmedia mistakes that business? Make? One of the worst mistakes that you could makeis the inconsistency only postings sporadicallyand not responding when customers or consumersreach out to you to engage. Another biggie is usingsocial media as a place to announce your own content and nothing more without everengaging in discussions, or adding comments to your post, that makes her out. Don’t want to clickor like or share, so be indulged and be more openin terms of social media because it is a platform that you can gain more traffic and more attentionfrom the users.So the next one is, how do you stay updated withthe latest marketing Trends? Since digital marketingis a dynamic field, it is important to stay updatedwith the blog’s books podcasts webinars and so on. And many more for the go. Some of the most popularresources to stay updated on. On the marketing platforms are websites like Mashableword stream block, social media examiner and so on. Okay? So the abusing these, you can actuallykeep updated with the digital marketing Trends. Now, moving onto the next question, how to decrease the loadingtime of a website? So to decrease the loading timeof your website, you can useexternal style sheets. You can also considerusing fewer images and optimize images to reduce the file size without affectingthe quality of the image. And also, you can considerusing CSS Sprites to reduce the HTTP request. So this is how youcan decrease the loading time of your website. Now, moving on,to the next question. How much time shouldsocial media marketing? Take timing is everythingand social media marketing. So, the good news is usingsocial media are you will have the opportunity to reacha specific audience in time.But even though thereare many tools that you can use to schedulean automated post to see if sometime I’m you’ll also wantto keep a track of the activity on your social media accountsthroughout the day so that you can provide timely responses toyour audience questions and comments betweenstrategizing creating and posting content and images respondingto your audience and checking analytics. Social media is done, right? And it can be a full-time job. And the last question would be, where do you see yourself,five years down the line in the fieldof digital marketing? So you should bevery thoughtful in this case. Should know what your futureis going to be and you should know how you’re going to be analyzingyourself in the field of digital marketing and you should know how you can actually expertiseor you can prove it to them that you will not be someonewho’s looking only for money. You will also want to show them that you can see yourself asa successful digital marketer and make them believe that you’re totallyinto this job.So with this, we cometo the end of this video. I hope you guys have enjoyedlistening to this video and this This might have helped youin some way in your quest. If you have any queries that is being discussedin this session, please feel freeto reach out to us and we’ll get backto you at the earliest. Thank you forwatching this video. Happy learning. I hope you have enjoyedlistening to this video. Please be kind enough to like it and you can comment anyof your doubts and queries and we will reply themat the earliest. Do look out for more videosin our playlist And subscribe to Edureka channel. To learn more, happy learning,.

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