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hi there manuel here from empowerment and today we’re going to look at done for you affiliate selling organisations yes so i’m going to take you through one of the actual done few organizations i promote and i’m going to show you some of the things that any plan that you promote extremely if it’s a done-for-you one has that should have it inside of there you know before you even think about doing it if you are kind of brand-new if you’re kind of brand-new to affiliate commerce then i think you should go with a done-for-you system because it time constructs your life very easy so so that it gives you only one thing to do and we’re going to go through everything in in this video and that we’re going to go and do in a minute so in order to do that we’re going to go up to shoot up to the computer so i can show you precisely the system that i’m applying and the things that every done-for-you system should have so are you ready and let’s shoot over to the computer so let’s go okay then hi there so here we are on my computer and this is the system i’m going to talk to you about it’s called 12 -minute affiliate but it doesn’t really matter about the system all i’m trying to show you is that any done-for-you system should have these things included these are the main things that any done-for-you affiliate commerce method should have it should have what we call an opt-in sheet a sit where people can come and introduced their email address in and truly i think a good one should have a choice of opt-in sheets because what will happen if there’s only one sheet to choose from and everybody starts promoting this commodity say this 12 -minute affiliate then you are well aware parties will start to see this opt-in page and think i’ve seen it before do you know what’s the possibilities of say say it was this one you know beings start to think like i’ve seen this before i know exactly what this is about so a good organization has a choice and this one has a choice i think it’s got about eight or nine different opt-in pages that you can choose from so it is necessary to an opt-in page i think as well it should have something what we call a bridge page yeah i’ll talk to you a little about more about bridge page but mostly it’s just that when people opt in after they opt in rather than send them directly to an proposal you want to send them to various kinds of a middle page which tells them a little bit more about the present maybe even a connect video would be even better something that you do yourself but at least the connect sheet then after that there should be a way that once you so let’s just look at the opt-in page this is one of the opt-in sheets that i use people will come here they’ll be able to leave their email addresses here now their email address then goes into something that we call an autoresponder so don’t get too confused about all these words it’s just a residence it’s a piece of software really that musters beings when a person places their email address in here it obtains their email address in a plan so the one i use is called aweber there’s loadings of them out there get responses loads of them out there and what it does it gets that that email address and it helps you to build a list of beings that have come to this page and positioned their email address in and now to that directory of beings you can continue to send them emails so what you’re done for your helper should also have is either the emails written for you that you’re going to send to these people or they should give you some emails so email we call them email swipes this system does do that for you gives you email swipes and it actually uploads them already to your autoresponder to your aweber so that the minute somebody opts in they start to receive these emails so they can receive them every day every other day you decide for yourself first you should be sending them something every day because people aren’t going to only buy straight away they’re going to need to know a little bit more about you a little bit more about the system and all that sort of stuff but once they’ve opted in and they’ve gone into this into the aweber to build your index then they start to receive these emails i intend look at this email this is one of the ones they give you the very first one says congratulations open immediately hello just a second ago you opted into one of my websites looking for more information on how to earn a living from home you know these are these are emails that are already been written for you by beings that you know are good are good at writing emails they’re copywriters so they know what they’re doing sort of things you know so that a good done scene organization “shouldve been” that as well do you know because that the emails is what assistances coax people we say people need seven sometimes seven to twenty impress so seven to twenty different emails telling them more about the system encouraging them to go and have a look at the sales page so formerly they’ve opted in here now a exceedingly very good downfield system i think should transmit parties to what we call a bridge page something like this which just says congratulations and click on here to go to the next step you know or when you get more advanced or you know if you follow any of the things that i do i tell people rather than really positioned a straight bridge page in because it’s a little bit dated better to put your own bridge video in here you are well aware but if not have a bridge page yeah a good done attitude organization will have that as well and then finally now you want them to send them to the sales symbol which is this bit now yeah this is their auctions letter for this 12 hour affiliate so you know look at this it’s just all done for you you don’t have to worry about putting up a sheet like this it could make you could cost you thousands you know and it’s all done they’ve looked at the sales technology they’ve seen that this sheet proselytizes and you know and all this sort of they use the language that beings that are interested in sort of stuff uh will buy from you know look then they have income proof it’s a it’s a powerful auctions page you know let’s just listen to it a little bit i think it’s the owner actually talking let’s have a quick listen if it will come up yeah so this is all this is all done now so this is this is done and we and they they know it alters because they’ve already experimented it and that really is what a good done vistum structure does you are well aware so you think to yourself then okay well most of it’s done for me i’ve got the opt-in page i’ve got the bridge page i’ve got the the aweber which this aweber is the bit that you’re going to have to get yourself but the then the messages you put in to the aweber for your index they should be done for you as well i’ve got the sales video when people when people pay here i get a commission so i get paid as well yes so all of that’s done so what’s the fleck that you really need to do the prime chip you need to do is now what we call drive traffic all the rest should be done for you your main job as an affiliate purveyor should be to drive traffic to this page here the sheet where people leave their email address where you can develop the index where you can continue to contact that person via email tell them a little bit more about you tell them a little bit more about the present use these copy written um email swipes or write whatever you miss yourself you are well aware simply to tell them that listen there’s a there’s a advertising going on or whatever but your main job as an affiliate marketer is to learn to drive traffic to this page here you know all the rest a good done-for-you system should have all the residue seemed after all the rest the follow-ups the emails maybe even sometimes they do some practise all that sort of stuff should be examined after your job is drive congestion to this page and learn about traffic generations you are well aware so you know i hope that helps i hope that helps break down what a good done-for-you system will do and especially in an affiliate busines if you’re if whatever you’re going to promote tickings these chests then it’s worth dedicate it a drive you know so then your main after you have the system do all the work you need then to learn how to get traffic and there’s consignments of ways we can get traffic some of them i imply this even this system here allows you to buy their leads which is solo at least but you know like if you watch any of my videos i don’t think solo ad pass are the best leadings in the world but there’s other there’s other leadings you could get facebook ad um pass you could get youtube you could get um instagram so that’s your fragment that’s your bit about learning hear how to drive traffic you are well aware and that’s what i gonna try and help you with i put together a four-part affiliate marketing course that will teach you some of that that they are able to teach you about traffic school you more about what all this affiliate marketing thing is about teach you about traffic contemporary best arranges to go to get traffic the right place to get traffic and people that convert you know when i mean convert they go to this auctions page and they’re more likely to buy you know so you so you really drill down on the type of people that wishes to coming to this page you know so if that’s something you’re interested in and you want to have a look at my track i have a free four-part affiliate marketing course then i’ll leave a link below this video do you are well aware but either way i do hope this helped i hope you got some value from it if you have any questions anything to told him please just leave it in the comments box below and if you did like if you do like my stuff and you want to subscribe to the channel there’ll be a subscribe button below precisely click on that remember to tick on the bell icon as well so that anytime i do put out any more content you’ll be the first to know and i’m constantly doing that anything i think is going to help you and assist you with your commerce all right once again thanks for listening till next time you take care and i’ll speak to you soon all the best make[ Music] foreign

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