Earn 138$ in 1 Week – Affiliate Marketing Case Study For Beginners

Last month I got around$ 644 And this week, about$ 138 In this video I want to share with you precisely Step-by-step what I did to get these numerals I’ll share everything with you, the commodity you promoted Where did you promote it, how did you get inspects, everything So you can clone this strategy and start making money online today but before that Please do not forget if you like to begin watching More videos like this are about internet business Make money online, digital marketing and a lot more Much more satisfy do not forget to press the wine button Subscribe now to my direct And turn on alerts for every new update Almost every day stand aria Hi everyone, I am Hassan from H-educate And I’m so happy today to affix this new video which I meditate were gonna help a good deal Of you to change their lives and start going On money online I know these numbers are not very large Please none rushes into comments and tells me this The crowds are too small or something you must know is something important Very in my path here I have two major footings number one Honesty, which I believe is the first key to being successful Life and labour, number two here at My channel will never find possibilities, I share with you exactly what Doing it, the case study I tested and when it works, I’ll share with you Develops so if you acquire$ 1 I’ll tell you You triumphed$ 1 if “youd lost” $ 100 I’ll tell you You lose $ 100 if you earn like this 600 Dollars I’ll tell you I earned$ 600 so I suspect This is something that prepares my YouTube channel somewhat unique I exclusively share with you the things that I knowledge in my work online So let’s stop talking and go straight to our errand, so what have I be done in order to do this The figures are simply about affiliate sell You know I promised you to publish more and more case studies on affiliate sell To give you a lot of strategies Various situations will help you start your internet business with affiliate sell What is Affiliate Marketing in 20 Seconds Only for beginners here, simply affiliate market The promotion of a product or service to someone And when someone buys the services offered through your tie-in You’ll earn a commission that’s just as simple as that, so in this video you’ve promoted a commodity Last-place month it realized 19 auctions and the commission was$ 644 As simple as that, this is the easiest and fastest method to gather Online money and affiliate commerce, you don’t have to worry about Concoctions, about carry, or anything You only get the link, you promote it, and when a person buys something You will earn money as a very simple strategy So let’s see what my concoction is and how I promoted it Everything is in this case study, so I also “ve told you” Affiliate Marketing It is about getting a make and promoting it what is my product Let’s see, now I am at CJ’s committee network CJ is one of the best and highest rated networks Affiliates all regions of the world it’s like Clickbank Like soldier plus, like jpzoo all these networks They are the best networks, the best affiliate systems various regions of the world Cj is also one of the best networks so simply you have to log into cj I didn’t go now and cross-file and time consume your time Go create an account, or whatever , now that’s an important question for everyone Questioning about payment, how do i get paid when i earn money, what neat in cj If “theres going” here to the account situates, you will see it in the locateds slouse Can I include a bank account someone might tell me now I don’t have it Bank account what can I do, simply you can add the payoneer history Do you know a payoneer, a payoneer is a company that allows you to create a virtual report Online in different countries so please don’t She tells me that I live in a country that does not accept my paypal You don’t need Paypal, you can create Payoneer and it is available Everywhere in the world and use it within cj Now go to payoneer.com create an account and you can link it to me cj I want to determine things quick somehow so I don’t want to cover this part, I think it’s fairly simple A simple google pursuing can do the job, however So that’s cj and if you go now to Advertisers are here to select an ad to select a commodity And you get the links that “you know youre going” read I am promoting his busines Let’s see what the service is, so here we are If you go down here, in the categories section You will see a lot of services, you can promote whatever you want Supplement, prowes, visualizes, music, glamour, journals Business, we have a lot of produces now in my subject In this case study, I am promoting my web hosting work If you go to online services and switch to web hosting business Then sounds “Search” and you will now filter all Web hosting assistances in my event I am promoting contabo for network hosting business if we go to contabo.com You will see that it is the German web hosting service It gives people great deals if you go to vps servers here is an example You has been noted that you can start with 4 per month With awesome four giga and dual core vps server It is one of the best cheap and powerful VPS business So I am promoting this assistance, by the way you can check the links at Description if you want to check and experiment this Service anyway so this is contabo where we are this is contabo network For services now I will go now to the links division To get the links like I “ve told you”, you have to promote For affiliate joins for this product, so click get wise Links now to get your commission link, in my subject This is my commission link and here we are These are contabo associates for web services , commissioning relates You can choose one of them what is beautiful in cj will give you a list Assets like Link Type, Banner, Flash Link, Smart Link, Link Text Promotion form, tickets, whatever, so an example if you have a website And you need to create a banner for this display, you are eligible to simply emulate this system The placard will give you the complete picture with Commission link , now in our case I merely miss Affiliate link for advertising in a special place I will talk about In a little while, so as an example, I want to choose This page here is about the vps servers that I want to promote I want to promote vps services so click this button Get the code then simply proceed here and duplicate The relation learnt, you can see here the link in the href call here is my link I will simulate it very nice and open notepad And here is my commission link, as “youre seeing”, so here is the link Which I’m going to promote, well here’s the link Who “youve been” strengthening the concoction with, and when a person Buying through this join will make the regional commissions So I finished the first part , now we have the link.We have human rights committee connection Wow, I’ll change the immensity here, so let’s just scale up to clear things up Very nice now what I generally do is I is now going Shorten this tie, I use my connect work to abbreviate and Follow this association, what i do is copy this relation I go to my tie assistance here and I disappear now What I’m doing is simply paste and let’s say here contabo computed a link whatever you miss Click shorten, why do I simply to move the link So I is aware of the fact from any country, at any time Where can I add to my pixels and so much better However, this service is not required to be used But I opt applying it to track my attaches so I’m going to fake this Now I will get my short fee connection, and this is the link that I’m going to be promoting in my campaign, and I’m going to be promoting this affiliate link, really pretty so now We have the link and we’ll make you to the hard part And it is the main part, which is the promotion of the product How do we promote this affiliate link How do we get association freight Commission this, that’s the main big question Before I go ahead and tell you exactly what I did to promote this tie And how did I get those clinks from Cj and how did I get on with These auctions delight go to my YouTube channel now to the video section Now go to the bottom.You will see these two videos This is the number one how to get visits to your affiliate connections These are my own techniques I use to get Visits This is the second video on how to get free tours I’ve offered seven quick and free resources to get traffic to any relate You demand, so this video and this video here, two of Great Videos That Will Help You Get Free Traffic To Your board join, exactly to clear things up for you if I’m back in cj here and I’m going to my sketch to my home screen, you can see here Last month, she made about$ 644 and this week I went$ 138, to be honest with you that count this past month I got it using free congestion I abused the sources mentioned in these videos to get pilgrims Free to my connection and got these sales But the coming week, this list, I wanted to make things a little different so I experimented the paid ads and wanted to get direct visits to my associates so I tested Paid ads , now you know I’m promoting A network service is a service so what do you think the best way to get Visits or to get people to buy the service, let’s take action Shortcut, the most efficient way is seminars, you can create YouTube videos or you can create ebooks, free courses, or Blog post , now person “re going to tell me” I don’t know how to create Videos in youtube I don’t know how to create ebooks I don’t know how to create Free courses etc.Because of that I’ll vanish the most effective way and it is Create a tutorial, for a blog affix, What I Did On This case study, I went to my blog here and you can see I have announced this article on how to install wordpress on contabo vps server I’m going to open this blog announce, so I simply wrote this tutorial, it’s an commodity It demonstrates anyone how to install WordPress how to create a website On the contabo so let’s see this article let’s go down Why and what is a contabo and you can see here if I check this open It’s a short link, look at the link, it’s a short link if you open it You will go to my fee associate in contabo This is my commission link you can see, so here it is The section explained in detail step by step How to create a wordpress website on contabo So when you want to promote assistances like entanglement hosting Such as digital commerce services and email marketing works All these things all these things all these kinds of services The best behavior to promote it is to use educational software is to educate people Something about how to use these services, then while they watch you And they want to implement it, they’ll go and buy this busines This is the best way in my opinion to promote assistances like this Especially network hosting like contabo so I originated such articles, okay But how do I get calls, you are unable see I get 486 vistums in this article and I got this digit Which I think is very good, I think is very good from these 500 views With$ 600 is so good, because a lot of you communicate with me Okay, he says, I have 50 clinks on my commission is connected with no marketings please friend Only some persistence when you want to get an affiliate Make sure to get at least 500 to 1000 notions, then “youre seeing” Conversion frequency and analyze your results if you have to Like 50 or 100 sounds, you can’t measure your campaign with me Exclusively 100 clinks, so you can see close to 500 considers in a This article from 500 I got around 600 Returns, very good, but as I told you “were having” Part of which is a paid traffic programme, so what I did was post the section Then I started attracting visitors to this article exerting my free methods With this video and this video, depart watch it To realize my free transaction sources that anyone can apply and start coming Trips, from the first day, is one example quora I use quora to answer questions and you can see it now My stats if you go here 26000 considers in the last 30 dates, like today merely Or yesterday I have 2,600 vistums I have 300 here Watch it and so on, and so on in this video I demand To talk about the$ 138 and a method Paid inspects, which I conducted in this case study So you create a blog, and lent your own affiliate relations, you can get Free tours with my free approaches but what I did In this case study, “youre running” a give ad blitz Where did you run this campaign, and which announce service? You know we have ads on facebook, we have google ads, we have youtube ads Our native ads Our push ads all these ad networks I’m talking about almost all of them here on my canal, in case studies Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Lessons You can go and check if you miss, nonetheless, let’s think together, on this category Where is from readings and this type of articles The best plaza to promote is in native ads, native ads It often fits into categories like health and fitness Like something I think is diffuse or something I don’t think parties will be promoting the contabo vps server on a native ad I don’t think it’s a fairly good option so the alternative is google or facebook Or whatever but I wanted to go with a cheaper option The cheapest option was simply ads on quora so I went to quora and composed This campaign, contabo essay and paid off$ 40 I invested$ 40 to get visits to my blog, I get 74 judgments And I went$ 138, so this 138 is , not my total earnings, it’s gross Receipt if you want to get my benefit on you Subtract$ 40, which is approximately$ 80 -9 0 My full profit for this week from education campaigns I think is not bad, root Fast for visits to my section with 100 or 90 dollars Win, it’s fairly good , now you can ask me how I made this Campaign I’ll open it and indicate you everything I’ll open this campaign Let’s open this blog positions and click Edit And let’s see the essay, it’s just a text ad that “youre seeing” This is the claim and description I supplemented My blog link is here and that’s it, as simple as that But what’s important about quora here is why I choice quora If you come back here to the campaign, those are the assets and start Here in Primary Targeting you’ll recognize me Target by topics so that anyone invites questions about WordPress hosting for network hosting about contabo vps All of these topics.This ad will show to these beings Who are interested in this topic so I think it is the best way To target specific, specific parties With quora ads who are trying to find answers About these services and these topics so I led this campaign You expended$ 40 and came$ 138 in receipt So my profit is about 90 dollars from these Campaign, I think the idea is fairly simple to summarize You get the commission link from cj, shorten it and track it working link.me You can try it out if you crave for free but it’s not mandatory, it’s up to you I use it to keep track of everything, so this is my commission link I came this connection and formed a blog announce on My blog demonstrates how to use contabo to install wordpress a terminated tutorial Because I think it’s the best way to promote your web hosting Using the lessons, I mentioned the links now In this article then I promoted it free of charge for the first month of the utilization of My free modes, with these videos you can check them out Then I tried the paid ad with the quora that spent$ 40 with this one She deserved income of$ 138 So that’s it, I hope you experienced it With this video satisfy if you have any questions Anything you want to share, go to the comments section below or h-educate.com/ meetings I will be with you nearly every day to answer me Don’t forget your questions satisfy subscribe to come Each new modernize, every new case study, every new video, told you last-minute

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