EARN $17,707 With NO Skills On Digistore24 | Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

In this video you will learn how to earn $ 17 and $707 without sciences in digistore 24 I will work digistore demonstrate you 24 affiliate market lessons where i will introduce you to the move Then I’ll show you how to set it up like that with merely one click, so here’s what you’ll get All you have to do is click on that pin you composed, and it will do its racket To take you to the intermediate page, then sounds I want to watch this video automatically You will be taken to the signup page that the potential customer will lay in their email address and what happens They will be directed to the Digistore 24 Affiliate Sales page It’s all just happened One sound. What I’ve seen you can do on any social media programme not only on Pinterest And that’s why it’s so valuable, so make sure you understand everything I’m going to say Because it will be very important for you to create all you have to do is just leave it Simply get it done formerly and the rest is easy, I’ll show you how to do it all in Only five easy stairs you can do very quickly but before we get there what I want you to do is Subscribe and stumbled that notification bell because I will be constituting more videos about Done for you Online Marketing and How to Make Money Online So believe me, you don’t want to miss out on this digistore 24 Steps of the number one affiliate marketing tutorial How to choose the best product from digistore 24 Affiliate marketing to promote on any social media programme# 2 How to promote digistore 24 Commodities by creating a valuable announce multitude three How to publish your concoction digistore 24 On Social Media Number Four How to Link Digistore 24 Your Affiliate Marketing Product Auto Funnel Number Five How to Create a Free Affiliate Marketing Funnel digistore 24 on autopilot.Digistore 24 automated pour for affiliate market I’ll give you a spring How’s it going because I wanted to make it easy for you not to Be baffled first we will go to digistore 24 to choose the best number two product We will go to Pinterest This is just an example you can use Another social media scaffold, then what we can do to create a Pin post on Pinterest and then We’ll going to see an intermediate page, then the signup sheet, to the affiliate sales page, and here The paces we will go through around the digistore 24 Affiliate Marketing Funnel Link steps number 1, we’ll take it easy now and been through One step at a time Number one to create a Pinterest account to use with digistore 24 To create a course board on Pinterest don’t call it digistore 24 Play Number Three Create a Pin On Pinterest connect digistore 24 to the affiliate sell make are available on digistore 24 Network number three Fill in the figure five password report, relation Pinterest in Convertkit Intermediate page later you will find out more about it and numeral six, berth a concoction digistore 24 Pin another make it public to keep track of everything we’ll do something to organize A little bit because we’re going to go through some stairs that we do digistore 24 pours Connect the steps which is very important and a great deal of parties asked him it, so we will make Step by stair, we will move to the first step which is to create an account to use it With digistore 24 I won’t establish you how to do it because I believed to be Smart enough to make love on your own, it’s pretty simple so we’ll go ahead and flood that Now the second thing is to create a board don’t call it digistore 24 Let’s go ahead and appoint Panel Now To create a panel That’s all you want to do We generated or you caused Account on Pinterest We will now create a board All you have to do is click on the plus sign Click on what creates a board and not Pin a board and then you can name it what it is you crave I want to call it a test and then press this button; Create says This board is created for you in order to be allowed to articulated the produce tie-up digistore 24 inside Which I’m going to show you here a little more, let’s go ahead and accelerate this up a little Click Done here, this is your forum Call it Test Now what we’re going to do is We “il be going” now under construction and then create a pen Click on Create pen You will encounter this, so the first thing you want to do is add a claim and then now what you want to do is set something is attributable to Much like your keywords, you are just like in case someone is searching for something “youve added” Those are there, what are we going to do now we will add this pin as you remember in the aged Funnel you procreated, you too organized a importance bolt correctly we talked about, what are we going to do To do that, we will made it here to add this, you are eligible to click on this and then you can choose from Whatever file you have, satisfy be a little inventive because if everyone puts Same, this is a problem, I just gave you an example and I crave “youre going to” exactly use it as Just an example let’s go ahead and settled it on the desktop so I grabbed it here It is very important now so delight given attention when you go to promote your produce which is digistore 24 The produce we chose what to do next, look right here, it says add destination connection We will go to Convertkit which you are able to already have the conversion course I gave you because You downloaded it with one click of a button now you have this concoction on digistore 24 Affiliate Marketing Network, So What Are We Going To Do Now How Are We Going To Communicate This Now remember that this is not a due sheet you will go to now where it says sound share Then you go down here where it says this tie-in, here click on that and replica it Then what are you going to do, come back here and then click and glue it that’s it then you Post it now before we go any further in case you’re wondering why some things are blurred On that sheet is simple because after so many years of doing it, I “ve learned that” parties would Precisely what you participated, and if everybody did the same, it would be spam and Not everyone will benefit from what I give you now, well, here’s the right relate Now you click on it certainly it goes to show more things now don’t worry about it Because you caused this Pin but if you click on it just like everyone else then what will it do Take you to the same automatically, make you to this here, this is an intermediate sheet for this It’s not a signup page, there’s a reason it’s an intermediate page in case you have questions Go back to my other videos and catch out why this is important and settled it as follows These are tests too, so you want to promote digistore 24 produces You don’t want to have the same thing so be sure to change it or else everyone will appear Same thing and as you guess what is spam you would email me or observe and say Hey they fastened my accounting so you need to make changes until you sounds transmit me video Then enter the email address is ok only to make sure we are tracking here What we’re going to do is we’re going to go here and we’ve done this here we created that Pin so go ahead and tag it Now we will create a Pin on Pinterest digistore linked produce 24 and that’s what we’re doing now so we firstly took in intermediate page and then took us to this page which is the signup now page “that weve got” I created a committee called Assessment Now this is the pin I composed so here’s what you get All you have to do is click on that pin you established and it will do its task To take you to the intermediate page, then sounds I want to watch this video, then automatically Go to the opt-in sheet the potential customer will lay in their email address and what happens You are directed to the digistore affiliate marketings sheet This is the sales page you guys are ok This happened with exactly one click, before we are still, let’s go ahead and evaluate List here got to make sure we considered it all, did we create a pin yes we did and let’s move on And we just ticked that and we replenished in the info Yes we filled out the card Which is the confined and we got the information and we connected it to the intermediate page on Convertkit. In case you are new and not a partisan of my channel, do not worry that you are going to Get everything there is here if you are a supporter of the path I make it available to people who Really serious about their success and to prove that you are, I “re going to tell” if you Subscribed to the channel is not a subscriber, do you volunteer both do you share videos and If you are, I would be very happy to share it with you, so if you haven’t yet, do so. Now before you forget let’s take a look at number six which is Post digistore 24 Pin product We already did that we affixed it live and it can be used now before I go even further I want to give you something simple now that you need to understand and I noticed that some people They use the same thing I give you Don’t use the same pen Don’t use the same pen What I gave you procreated a appreciate rod, and the value rod is something I explained to you people more You can probably click on it but you don’t have to be, I demand you to work and if you don’t I’ll return To go ahead and make you away, I won’t let you into this platform because You will destroy it for everyone because when you do the same and everyone Doing the same nobody makes any money at all, I know there are some people They do, this is my friendly warning, the above reasons for this is that I do everything It’s free, I don’t ask you to buy a course, I don’t ask you to pay money, but Hey, these are hand-pickeds I can make and start figuring out how to get paid for those things or you Time follow the rules if you don’t follow the rules then I will do whatever I “re going to have to” do Do to protect people who want to succeed and who want to do it right, so make sure you get it on for Do it right and be supportive so I can help you Digistore 24 Automated Affiliate Marketing To see how we spoke streaming which is digistore 24, I connected In a hour I’ll show you where the produce We went to Pinterest We generated a Pin Sign up sheet We did it all automatically and completed in a digistore 24. Affiliate Sales page regarding the make is more than 30 hormone solutions, there is a reason to choose us There is a reason for that, be sure to watch my other video because I remembered how to Choose something like this when digistore promotes 24 affiliate products ok digistore 24 affiliate move pour decision ok we did it so what is the result As far as we know now, it is important that we to understand what I am going to say, you can use this Make the changeover with any social media stage, make sure you don’t spam and make sure you are unique Your Unique Items Do not reproduce my trash or simulate someone else’s nonsense because your account will be closed Well, what I give you is an inspiration for you to work through and I be attributed to What to do accurately if you are new to this channel and assistance this canal Don’t worry if you corroborate this direct and have any questions, tell me I’ll extend To give you all the information you need but let’s go ahead and talk about the outcome okay I was a lot of traffic, so what we got in the middle page and then we got to the sign up page all Which happened automatically, you didn’t have to do anything at all now when they chose what Happened that email they penetrated and they went to the Convertkit autoresponder It’s already there I’m not going to cover the emails here, you have to watch the other videos I undoubtedly can’t do It’s all in just one video I know you get it because you’re so smart so it’s all about it We will get two things, one will go to affiliate auctions sheet automatically all together One clink no one will do it for you Youtube I do it as helping other beings I increase the help that supports this channel because if you don’t support it, it “ve been told” you’re not Interested, I’m going to stop compose videos so if you patronize and share why I’m saying this because This is very useful if you want to go and take a course that the minimum will cost you About a thousand dollars Well if we follow all this, our changeover charge will be 40% 40% this It’s the bottom line, we’re getting over 40 percentage now, we’ve done that in Convertkit basically what I did is a breakthrough.I spoofed a approach that you can take advantage of at the same time you get a free accounting, there There is no time limit for that and with this free account you get unlimited property sheets and shapes and if you Stay carolled for the other videos you learn a little bit more about, and that’s something I’m comprising Because of necessity, this is called 24 -hour targeted traffic which means you are being targeted 24 hour freight Traffic comes from Pinterest 24 hour transaction was a matter You have to do if you want to be different from other purveyors who do the same And they demand everything free of charge, you can do it for free, you are welcome to do it and you don’t have to To do that if you don’t want to, others will be ahead of you who do, I’m obligated to do Say that because it’s a choice “youve had” then, it leads straight-shooting to the intermediate page Then it goes to the signup page and the sales page I’m talking about digistore 24 affiliate marketings The sheet you are selling will likewise work with Clickbank, if you use Clickbank too Free Traffic Code is slow, I have nothing to do with this because it is one thing Also, I forgot to tell you that someone is asking me why you didn’t tell us there was a discount In your description province, I’m sorry if I didn’t mention it simply because I don’t like Do plugins and things like that but anyway you can take advantage of it because this will save You come some money if you want to learn all about affiliate marketing with Clickbank and How to make money, click here if you want to know everything about affiliate marketing how To is starting and earn money ASAP, click here and as always, I’ll see you at the top

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