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check out this place here website here you can use to make money online with this awfully simple letters I’m going to show where you can get these photos and these videos are absolutely free then i will show you how you can establish this within minutes and you can get started to drive traffic to an give in order to be allowed to earn money online and these gives can come from places like clickbank.comwarriorplus.com digistore2 4 and any other platform that you require anywhere in the world and by doing so, you can start starting tens of thousands of dollars every day so make sure you watch this step-by-step guidebook it’s super simple and we start at the moment hey everyone it’s alan here again from the smart money tactics direct where I announce relied material every day to assist you make money online if it is the first time you come to my path go under press the subscribe button and turn everyone on the notifications so that you are notified every time i’m posting a brand new video guys and if you remain adjusted until the end of this video you are going to find out who the 50 are PayPal giveaway winner was one of the previous video and what to do in me to enter next proceed for PayPal, make sure you watch this video to the end and if you too demand a fanciful insight course to make money and learn online how to do online market click on the first attach in my show here guys and you can start making serious money so today guys i want to walk you through this brand new website here called imgur this is not a brand new website around for a while but it’s brand new to me and it is something i’m going to use “ve been looking for” different ways of managing free traffic to connections because it can work in any way single niche guys it’s super simple and i move show you how to set it up and as soon as you get really good at it chaps, you will be able to do accurately that these beings do and drive free traffic and the ability to clear implementation a lot of good fund online affiliate commerce or you can do product revaluations, that is absolutely to you, just let me show you you this site here guys when we come to this website mentioned here similar network this area shows us how much traffic a website goes every month and the reason why i would like to show it to you is to provide evidence you its full potential of these websites blew up like one of your posts you can make a lot of good coin online and as we scroll down here, take a look at this total visits for this site 252 million people visited this website look at these people in october they had 252 million 500 in September they have 241 million and 270 million in August, it’s a great deal of traffic guys and if you can use it, you are eligible to start paying a lot of good money, so how to create these simple positions and how do you drive traffic so if you’re on this place, guys who what is necessary do is make sure you have a must create to be taken into consideration yourself it’s super simple you can go create through your Gmail account or you can create one with your own name as you can see my one was created now I require with a smart money tactic see you how to create a message how it all cultivates so what you do is you come here, click on a new send and what happens from there is that it is will take you to a page that now looks like you can see here You can plunge a image in here the best thing about this is that you can plunge a photo or you can drop a video here too and where I require to get these free epitomes royalty free likeness is going to this site here guys pixels.com okay now pixels.com is a free website you can come photos here, you can get videos now it’s fantastic and if you look at it a specific niche such as weight loss or affiliate sell or to make money online or relationships all you have to do is type it in there and then from there you will be able to get these paints so let me show you accurately what i’m talking about the purpose of this video today people what we are going to do is we will focus on fitness weight loss etc. and what you want to do when you are on the go pixels, for example, let’s just category fitness good, so if we type fitness what it’s going to do is it’s going give us all these different types of fitness you know images and videos so we want to do is to get now whatever it is you crave to click on videos formerly we click on videos we will be able to to download one of these videos and I have applied exactly the same videos people a good deal of the time, so let’s come over here let’s give this video here for example, so what we are going to do is we are going click on it and we’ll time download it come here, left open in the original length and really click on free download so that as soon as you click on it this is now downloading this video about now on my computer what we want to do now is that we can come straight-shooting across to this side now where we are going to make this post I’m going to show you how to do this step-by-step leader in order to be allowed to know exactly what you are doing what you want to do is give you just want to drag it and drop it directly into this going to do is going to download this image and once the pictures are downloaded, “were coming” back and continue with the video ok so it is now downloaded and if we look at these people as you can see it is exactly the same likenes what we got from a pixel exactly the same video now from here what you have to do are guys enter job descriptions now and you need to add some descriptions and because we are looking at weight loss today and fitness you do is you come here you can use to lose weight, you can come here and you can enter weight loss, you can come here and sounds fitness good and any other hashtags that you can think of it as recognizable on the niche in which you do this okay so you will add so many descriptions as you like in this okay so restrain you go down and you add just as much as by then you have to get out of here you want to add a description now the description what you want to do is that you want to be give people a call to action to the commodity you are promoting I’m picking something up and I’ll register you exactly what i’m talking about ok so pick it up swiftly guys and I just said something a lot simply want to lose weight fast, be checked this amazing product now and this is where we the exit contribute attach and i’ll show you how to make love now here you must give your post a name and you are unable contribute it a entitlement like how to lose weight and get fit fast okay something in line and this is where you would go where you would reached society now from here chaps we have to think this tie and I want to show you precisely how to get it on so that your links are not removed there are a number of ways to do this but i want to show you how you can do it without any problems, “youre coming” over to click bank for example if you wanted get a clickbank produce that you can do this from clickbank like i said guys you can use fighter plus if clickbank can not be can also digistore2 4 employment now, as soon as you sign on at clickbank.com guys what’s going to happen is that you going to their office appears precisely like that and from here you have all these things different categories and niches about now what you can go to, if we browse douhierheen we continue with health and fitness when we click on health and fitness it’s going to take us straight to this sheet where it will give us all these different produces now from now what you want to do is that you want elect gravity it’s going to show us the products that proselytize and absolutely humiliating beings with at the moment as “youre seeing”, you are increasingly being investigated now I have talked about it many times you proved if we roll down here, you also have the revised keto diet and I want to show it you how you can do it do a very simple overview of the use keto diet and how you will promote it pendulum so you come here you open the concoction so we can look at it and you also open their field page here now if you open it first, it’s their affiliate sheet now and here is the actual product as well guys so you need it because what we are going to do is we going to type very fast this is what we’re actually going to see do use a good deal of the stuff now so you have no problems with had not been able to this is now what you want to do from here the most wonderful way to do this is to actually compose a very simple message on a website announced reddit.com and the reason for it this is when you switch back to reddit your content and associates will not get remove from this locate here i am another way to get it on I will show you get a bonus at the end of this video strategy if you is not have a do not want to write very simple affix now on reddit, but there is a step you need to complete so that it now works for you whatever it is you want to do is to to come to reddit.com and you miss a appoint sketch once you have a lot start simple profile for yourself what you want to do is you want to come now you have a small option now where it stands create a post now, I want to give you a testify sample of a send I appointed previously to which I connected so I can make money online so when I come here to my sketch here on reddit and I will come here to my upright as soon as I click on it you can see that I initiated this affix here in two months ago on a concoction called experiment that was one of the products available on clickbank, “its probably” one of the products with the highest gravity at the moment when I click here you are going to see this content here now i have all these things information from the affiliate page and i’m done all these people out there some idols now and as “youre seeing”, you can overcome here and you are eligible to click on it and it’s going to take you straight for the concoction it is now very easy to organize and I want to show you how to create it now on this video so what you want to do if you want create a brand-new post it is required to do “ve been coming” and click to post as soon as you click on the send this will take “youre going to” a sheet what looks like this now is a lot important now you want to click on this drop-down listing box now and you just want to post to your profile not on any other subreddits or something like that so that it is not removed, so you come here you click on it as soon as you click on those people, “youre coming” now and you title this announce okay something quite simple as how to lose force fast okay is easy and then from there people this is where you go supplement you by SMS and your photos we are currently do so these are very simple chaps what i would do is come over to this personal keto diet affiliate page okay and then from there you come over and you simply click on product info as soon as you click on this concoction message chaps this is going to give you all this information very simple all you have to do is copy a lot this trash because it’s all okay here this is one of the easiest natures chaps to make money with affiliate marketing if you have just followed it here all you have to do is snap guys down here and sort in something like click here to access this commodity now well and then what you do from there you come back to click bank okay and then you come here click to promote as soon as you sounds click promote, you want to get this affiliate id you click to generate hop links you imitation it, you close it is coming to now where you foreground this you come here, click on this associate option now guys and then you paste it in order and all you have to do is get on click position here as you can see now this is the link inside that you can change it if you require but a person who has clicks on this it is going to take them straight there from now on you can add idols now also simply you come back to the affiliate page now you come to banners here and whatever it is you do are you going to imitation one of the following options likeness so you can add them to the post very quite simple people tell us just browse below i like this one now so you got to go right click mouse and then what you do is you time follow this image as soon as you copy the picture you will come back to this berth chaps and all you mostly have to do is press ctrl v okay, and it’s going to add it likenes to this message okay so all you have to do is come across here and you can add more information on this concoction you then do would you come back to the produce information on this going to be home to product message here and there you are eligible to rotation and you can copy it here.OK go to copy get back to your reddit wallpaper that there are again what you can do from here now you just have to come here and imitate it okay so you emulate it now of course you are eligible to make it examines much better okay i just do this to show you exactly how it wields so now you have some connects in here okay, and you have some information about it you have a title and you have a picture here whatever it is you do from there simple people are you able scroll fully to the bottom and you click to neighbourhood as soon as you click to post now, so you affected mail it’s going to pole it now section inspect whatever you want to call this on this commodity anyone who sounds on it they going to see that concoction like that if we click on this, it’s going to take him straight here with me affiliate id anyone you buy coin online with affiliate market so from here what you want to do do you want to come here chaps and you want to reproduce it URL here if you imitate this URL here you want to come back to this page now where we are add this send and simply you only want to mimic that there are from there you want to do a lot we only have our hashtags we have our sense has our video you come here and you really sounds to the community as soon as you click today it will give you this alternative here and it’s going to ask you do you only require the link or want to post public wants to place our public because the more beings see it click on it go to this announce read the review purchase a concoction we make money with a affiliate sell so you can come here and you click on the public so you as soon as you click on it now this berth is going to be completed and anyone will be able to see it as “youre seeing” it’s all supposed to do now see here how anyone can overcome now and click on this content, so let me know substantiate you what it looks like when they click on it it’s going to take them straight to here and as “youre seeing” they are unable read about this produce and they can now buy a concoction if you is not just wanted to do the options to do it through reddit and you want to relation direct you can there is an option let me show you how to do it very fast or how i tried to do it if we come here and I going to see me affixes I want to attain in this post here let me see if that was it firstly here is a affiliate market of a if I click on this, what happened when we went down now, are you travel see that I abused a call a little here okay so there is that little join it is an affiliate marketing offer but what this place do this imgur imgor website note that it is a affiliate association and what it does is it separates it call here where you have it part here, so what you need do in this description now( u) must tell people to simulate the link and close openings in the browser, so what then means is parties will have to come here they will have to copy a attach now so they have to copy it in a browser here paste the things they need to remove these spaces here okay and then i’ll have to smash open as soon as i do that it will make them over to the offer you are offering so you can make money online but if you do as I proved you by reddit and creating a simple raise and traffic conduct you have no problems, plus it cultivates like a disembark sheet and people can come above and read about the commodity which is likely to increase your alterations and this is to allow you to make even more money online and it that’s why it’s a super simple style and I precisely started with this and looks just like you can see i’m starting to get transaction to these little posts I have has five six seven eight contemplates and I literally did it just like an hour ago and I know it is to alter because someone told me that they is doing it and they are doing it and they are absolutely crushing and you are eligible to get it on in any niche and it’s worldwide to make money online just wanted to interrupt very quickly this video in various regions of the 50 to announce PayPal gift, we know if you can see your epithet below congratulations expressed appreciation for very much for sharing mention now on all my videos if you will get into the evoke to earn my next 50 tell on, all you have to do is lead underside now and note: I like new ways of compiling coin online and leave me PayPal for my email address so I can compensate you and refer it to you and make sure you smash so button in acknowledgment chaps expressed appreciation for very much to be addressed another one of me I will always have videos phenomenal video now you can watch at the moment of another great lane you can clear coin until tomorrow online I already come from smart money tactics guys take care of yourself and goodbye

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