Hello, friends, I am Sahil Khanna and you are watching academic indies. Today, I will tell you about the way to earn more than 1000$ through affiliate commerce But first, try to understand what affiliate marketing is why would any firm apply us money? See I have my own nutrition brand Now, in order to sell the product, I will deplete my fund on marketing like Google ads, social media or traditional marketing like hoardings, etc. Now, let’s expect, I sell my produce at 500 which includes 100 rupees for all the marketing cost So why don’t give that 100 rupees to an affiliate marriage Now, I don’t have to work on selling and all because the affliate partner will do all the things.I can even give him 80 rupees instead of 100 So this is affiliate business So in affiliate programmer firms don’t spend on marketing and that’s why they hold coin to the affiliate marriages because they do the marketing part on behalf of them Now try to understand how business calculate board duty Now, let’s guess I is gonna have to waste 100 rs on marketing to sell the product but an affiliate spouse sold that product So ideally we should afford 100 rupees to him But sometimes we become greedy after doing the overall figurings so we try to cut down his commissioning So now I pass him 50 rupees.Usually, we get lower than the marketing budget I am only handing an example of 50 -1 00 rupees but ordinarily you will get paid a good amount of money Now let’s talk about Amazon or Flipkart because it also races their affiliate programmer If you research on Google for “Amazon or Flipkart affiliate partner” so you will get the link to join their affiliate planned Now you can promote their commodities through your blogs or social media sheets Now if Amazon is receiving a 5% as the regional commissions on the sale of a product so he will give you some share of that board Flipkart and other E-commerce also works in the same way But how we will make a big amount of money by working in this way Most of the people will tell you to join Amazon or Flipkart affiliate program But I will tell you a big thing I was telling those people who are writing on “lets blogging” to write on a particular niche or category then I will tell you about the way to earn Now what’s the way to earn money Let’s supposed you have published some blogs and now you have gained some customer base.Approx 600 -7 00 people read your blog whenever you publish a brand-new blog Now you need to check from where this traffic is coming. Let’s suppose you are getting traffic from the USA The content that we are publishing is attracting more tourists from the USA Now there’s a website which is called “CLICK BANK” According to me, this is the best website for Affiliate marketing Now you go that website and you check out some commodities distributed according to your niche and list and you got to now that you will get 20 -5 0$ for each sale Let’s say you teach meditation so will get 30 -5 0$ for each marketing or each alteration Amazon will give you 1% or hardly 2% because they have also some expenses which they need to cover Click bank decide itself what amount they will give Suppose, I want to register my nutrition label with sound bank I “re saying” our commerce penalty is 100 rupees so I am ready to pay you 60 rupees Now they will answer, that other fellowships are giving us 80 or 90 so we can’t admit your produce In guild to cross-file myself with them, I have to pay them a competitive cost Because of this reason on this area, you will always get a competitive pricing So from now onwards you need to decide on which niche you are able to write blogs or you can also write blogs related to some specific areas For example, I write blogs for the Indian market so our gathering is Indians.So I will sell produces or affiliate products exclusively for the indian gathering to increase the conversion rate So now I will start serials from the next week which will include 3-4 videos on blogging persona It will include everything like how to decide niche and topics for blogging, how to get traffic, how to viral our blog How to identify what our competitors are publishing and how can we overtake them. It will include everything If any of you wants to join our nutrition brand affiliate programmer so you can send us the email We are also thinking of charge a nominal price so that exclusively sincere parties will apply for this. Fees will be around 50 -1 00 rupees simply Whenever someone will use your coupon to buy our make so you will get a commission Along with this, we will also include a few more things Let’s say I am committing 20% board so whenever someone will buy through your coupon so you will get 20% of the sale quantity Next coupon will be like you will get a 20% discount.If your friends or family member wants to use it so they will get a 20% a discount We didn’t decide the percentage yet. Formerly we recieve emails then we will think about it In the last option, you will get 10% and the purchasers will too get 10% Basically, we want the buyer to fill the ticket If the buyer doesn’t use that voucher so you won’t be able to road his deal the first option is you can keep the entire 20% to yourself I will recommend you to divide For example, you said to a person that if you buy something from this website then you will get a 10% off rebate So 10% will go to a buyer and remain of the 10% you can keep with yourself.Doing things in this way will increase the rate of conversion But it’s all up to you how you just wanted to do things Goodnight and good morning whenever you are watching this video.

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