Earn Passive Income By Sharing Your Favorite Products Through Affiliate Marketing!

Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcometo my homebased tale where we always share newvideos seeing creation from dwelling. So if you’re new to our path, satisfy consider agreeing. Okay, so today’s topic is passive income. So you’re earning even without doing anything or while sleeping, right? If you believe it or not, it’s truethat passive income exists. One of them is YouTube, okay? But that is not what I will bediscussing to you today. I will discuss another strategythat you can do online. No event or age is required here. So if you’re interested, please staytuned until the end of our video so that you get to know howto earn passive income. Now, we all know that the current pandemic hasfrozen a lot of business and jobs all over the world. It has canceled a lot of jobsopportunities for most of us. But there is always hope. Meet Goodwall. 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Click on the link below to download theGoodwall app on your phone for free today. Don’t forget to join and tag meon your challenge affix, as the berth with the most likes will win.Discover more and get inspired with Goodwall. Okay, back to our topic earlier, passive income. So one of the ways you can earn passiveincome is through affiliate marketing. You’ve probably are aware of it. If you’re wondering what it is, then this is the right video for you. So affiliate market is basically a commodity or a service referral system. So, for example, you have a friend thatis offering her coaching services.In your line of work, you know a lotof people looking to upgrade their skills to look for someone who can train them. So even if they don’t know each other, you can bring those two together and you’ll be the affiliate. So you’ll be referring your instruct friend to thosewho are looking for someone to train them or will coach them. Your best friend coach-and-four will giveyou an integrated part of their earnings as an affiliate or as development partners, which is like a referral. I don’t want to use referral becausethere’s a negative connotation about that, where there’s pyramiding, it’s not. Affiliate marketing is so different from that.This is more on promotingbusinesses and helping them get the word out about theirproduct and services. In a room, you’re too helpingyour other acquaintances to find a recommended work for them. So in this video, I will share with you howmuch you can earn with affiliate sell, what are the requirements, where you can become a partner or affiliate, where you can join, what are the pros and cons, and too tip-off onbecoming a successful affiliate marketer.Obviously, I know you’re herebecause you want to earn. I’m actually doing affiliate marketing. So if you’ve seen my videos, below itI promote Shopee concoctions associates or Lazada, right? If you click on it, you will still consider the same product, same rate , no addeds. But Lazada or Shopee or whatever store it is, they will give me a part of their earningsfor directing business to them. So that’s how affiliate marketing employs. The first website I tried is Involve Asia. This is my dashboard now. As you can see I have a balance. I still haven’t withdrawn from them because I still haven’t made acarrier out of affiliate marketing. I’m just checking if it will work or not, which are the links below. So I’m not really activelypromoting it on our videos. But if some of you likes for example the thingsthat you see here and the links are down below, if you click on it and you buy that commodity, then a small part of theproceeds will also going to see me.Another affiliate commerce , not justfor products, are for services or for areas. So a while back I associate myself with you some of the proofreading jobsthat you can apply online. I likewise afforded a free forum whereyou don’t need to pay for proofreading where you can train as a proofreader. In return, in referring to them, people who want to be apart of their business, okay? Not undoubtedly who will paythem since the seminar is free. They gave me such amounts, okay? I’ve already withdrawn it on my PayPal. That is the proof of payment. What I’ve done is I directed some peopleto them or some spectators to them who can be part of their business. So these people who I denoted didn’t payanything because this is a free summit. But this website here is an asset to them. They have people for example, they have an extrabusiness, they can hire as part of their employees or as part of their business, who will help to provide proofreading assistances. So that’s kind of like how affiliate exertions. So what are the requirements to join an affiliate? Technically, there is a lack of prepared requirements.Actually, there aren’t age requirements too , no suffer is required. Because it’s up to you on how to promoteor market their make or service. But it still depends on what you’ll join. For speciman, Lazada is now requiring BRI form. So you need to have businesspermits and stuff. But frequently, what you need is active partisans, and be provided them where you’llpromote their products or services. Okay, so here in the Philippines wherecan you become an affiliate? Where can I meet as an affiliate? So# 1 is Involve Asia Involve Asia doesn’t require anyminimum followers or anything like that. As long as you can provide the vlog or your YouTubechannel, or Facebook page or Instagram, where you have active parties to promoteyour affiliate ties-in, then that is already good.So that is# 1, Involve Asia. Then# 2 Lazada Affiliate. Lazada’s affiliate programs aren’t always open. I’ve tried in the past and I ever miss their deadline. Then, the last time I checked because they are open this August they’re already want theBRI form or BRI certificate along with a couple of other IDs. So if you are a registered business proprietor orprofessional or if you have that kind of form, because nowadays it’s hard to takecare of articles in government offices.But if you already have those, then you can apply as a Lazada affiliate. So your favorite produces on Lazada, all you have to do is just create a link on their affiliate planned. Then, paste the link on different platformslike Facebook page or Instagram page. If individual clicks that connection, then you will earn a small commision. Next is Shopee. So Shopee has a Shopee Ambassador Programme. Actually, I exactly connected their webinar yesterday. But the thing is, this is for an exclusive invite. Not everyone can join theShopee Ambassador Programme It’s a recently propelled programwhere you need to have active admirers. to which you can promoteyour favorite produces from Shopee.Next, we have this is probablynot only for the Philippines but in all regions of the world, it’s Amazon. We all know that Amazon has a lot of produces. So if you’re an Amazon affiliate, same as Lazada and Shopee, choose a concoction you want to promote. Then, create a link and leant it online, anywhere, like in your YouTube description, pinned observe, Facebook page, or promote it in different Facebook radicals, so thatsomeone clicks on the link, that’s how it labor. Apart from Amazon, you alsohave eBay Partner Program. I still haven’t checked this but I’ve heard of eBay Partner Program. Same way that Amazon andLazada affiliates creations. Then the last one is Productlink. So Productlink is under Involve Asiabut it presents a bigger commission. The difficulty with Productlink is the linkyou’ll be giving will be valid for only 30 periods. They require to have a minimum 10,000 activefollowers on your social media programme. 10,000 on YouTube or 10,000 on Facebook or 10,000 on Instagram. Those are the six different portals whereyou can apply as an affiliate collaborator. Of route, there are moredifferent types of affiliation. But these six are the I would say themost popular here in the Philippines because promoting commodity ties iseasier compared to service relations because you already have a promotion to do. Like me, I establish videos and it’s easier to promotebecause our videos already have admirers, right? What are the pros and consof affiliate market? What are the good thingsabout affiliate market? Of direction,# 1 is passive income. Once you set the link out here, youdon’t need to do anything else. You’ll only need to wait toreach the minimum payout or withdrawal amount.Then, that’s it. As long as the link is still validand someone’s clicking on it so even if you’re sleeping and someoneclicks on your connect and buys applying that connect, then you will continue to earn commisions.# 2 Free schedule. So you can work as muchor as little as you miss. For lesson, you attained these daysa product link on how to promote it either through a Facebook post, or aYouTube video or an Instagram post and then you’ve apply the link. Then, if you want to create more productsor if you want to create more connects, then that is up to you. Of direction, the more ties, and the moreproducts, the more publicities, the better. But you’re not tight on schedule.It’s not like 9 to 5 activities. It’s up to you on how much go you can spend to market relates.# 3 It’s simples and easy. That is all you have to do. Look for a commodity or serviceyou want to promote make a link of it on the partner program. Then promote it anywhereonline and then that’s it. You’d precisely need to wait for your payout. Now, what are the cons? Or what are the bad things? Maybe not bad but notreally our favorite, right?# 1 as I said previously, there’s a negativeconnotation of referral joins. I visualize a lot of: Are you earningjust because of referrals? So, I don’t know, for me, it’s a little bit poisonous tocall it or to refer it that way.Because referrals are for those who’llclick, if they want to click or not. It is never action upon anyone, right? So all these content creatorsare just giving you alternatives. Whether or not you want to earn now. Do you think this is a fit for you? If not, it’s fine. Of direction, organizations, a lot of them, perhaps they know how to createthe product or the services offered but they are not sure on how to marketplace it. That is the specialty of affiliate partners or content founders. It’s how to grocery and promotedifferent relations and concoctions. That is what content pioneers or YouTubers do.They display you your alternatives online, right? That is sometimes the problem: That’s a referral, I don’t want it or something to that impression. There’s a negative connotation. But again, that is up to you. Then# 2 your marketing strategymay not always click. So, of course, even with me although our direct is kind of large-hearted , not all of my videos sounds. Not every video reaches myexpected numbers of views. So sometimes we havestrategies that don’t work. For sample, sometimes I exerted a wrong wordingor my nature of promoting was wrong, or the timing or perhaps the direction I packagedthe information wasn’t nice.So it’s still a trial and error kind of thing. Not all commerces work out. So that’s one of the consof affiliate market.# 3 is finding the freedom productsor services to refer. So looking for one is a little hard-handed, especiallyif you’re just starting with affiliate sell. It’s a little hard to find productsor services that you’ll refer. For sample, you’re intense about gardening. That is veering nowadays. You want to promote a certain shop or a certainproduct about gardening implements or dwelling implements. But you posted it on a makeup vlog. So not everyone who is interested in makeupwill be interested in the gardening material. You ever have to thinkof where to arrange your ad. So that is what I make, sometimes it’s hard tofind a concoction or service that you’ll be citing because not everyone likeswhat most people like.So what are my gratuities for a moresuccessful affiliate commerce? So before telling it, I’m notan affiliate marketing expert, but it is one of the things that youcan earn from as a surface income. You met earlier my dashboard from Involve Asia, so it’s not that large-scale. So I wouldn’t prepared your apprehensions unless you have a lot of adherents and you’resuper active in posting affiliate ties-in. But based on my researchyou can earn up to $10,000 This is probably in other countries, right? Now in the Philippines, I would sayaround 10,000 1 5,000 a month for an average affiliate marketer. Back to the gratuities, we extended a bit far. First, should be considered a handy material. When you’re selling you can’t time flaunt it because you’re not the broker. You are the marketer. You have to think: Why will this be successful? So it has to be something ofvalue to your intended audience. So they need to learn something time apartfrom the produce or service you’re promoting.# 2 Proper placing of relates. You need to gave it in the right niche.Here we go again with the niche. You have to think about your intended recipient. Where do they often stay or belief the contents? Is it on Facebook? Is it on YouTube? What type of Facebook page or YouTubepage will you be putting in your associates? So those are some of the things youneed to consider in placement. Of course, my last gratuity for youis to just get it on continuously. Of direction , not everyone who first startedwith affiliate marketing earned right off. Even me, as I said I’m not that active, I still haven’t withdrawn fromInvolve Asia up to now. That’s why this content aboutaffiliate marketing took a while. One other affiliate sell service thatworked for me was the proofreading one. If you’re just starting with affiliate marketing, try it, do not stop. So that your earnings are bigger and so that you get the hang of what will workand what is not the most effective strategy. Then you merely keep on forming thoseaffiliate connections and affixing them online. Again, here is one of our proof of earningsfrom one of our affiliate partners.The ones I pertained here didn’t settle anything. Actually, they gained informationon how to be a proofreader. Or how to get a proofreader business, right? On our videos, the reasonwhy we’re sharing so much I’m hoping that you will find the liberty fit for you. Affiliate marketing is honestly not for everyone. So among all the online gigs, you need to find theone fit or suitable for you, the one just right for you. Hopefully for this video, you’ve learned hopefully something andare willing to try affiliate marketing. If it’s gonna work for you. If you have any questions or ifI missed anything on our video, satisfy free to mention it down below sothat we can check the information. I will see again on our next video. Thank you for watching, bye !.

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