Earning $250,000 in PASSIVE INCOME (From 1 Affiliate Marketing Product)

– I procreated over a quartermillion dollars in four years, selling one affiliate make. So here are the numbersand this is the breakdown. you can see on the screen the dashboard for the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program. This is the software andservice that I recommended over the last four yearsto other material developers. And a lot of beings frankly affection it because they can sign up for free or they can upgrade to cheap proposals. And what happened is bysigning thousands of parties up for this software over the years, I was able to generate aquarter million dollars through this one affiliatemarketing relationship. So countless beings in onlinebusiness or in social media, influencers, material, creatorsignore affiliate marketing, because they are afraidto sell to their audience and they don’t wanna be judged and they don’t wanna be called a sellout. And so just trying to constitute three or$ 5 because 1000 parties gave you scrutiny, seems the easier or safer road than given the opportunity to makeliterally thousands of dollars because several hundreds of beings decide to threw their moneywhere their cavity is and support you with their pocketbooks instead of simply their eyeballs.And because you’ve built a relationship where people trust youand respects you enough to take that risk. And I know that that chimes certainly stern and that hubbubs aggressive and maybe it hurts yourfeelings a little bit but I want you to really think about this. Even if you were selling your own product if you were selling your own t-shirts, if you’re selling your own t-shirts and I have 1000 beings, 10 beings bought them, others 10 beings, youwould make about 50 to $70. And if you’re waitingfor YouTube or TikTok, you’re going to have toget 10 seasons as many people paid to you. And that is the gapbetween making ad receipt as an influencer and makingcommissions as an affiliate. With TubeBuddy, I have agreat relationship with them because I was paying for TubeBuddy before I ever recommended it to anyone, and I was using it myself. And I’ve always recommended topeople the things that I use in order to help me get results. Whether it’s my camera gear, whether it’s my illuminate set up whether it’s the softwarethat I use for my business or whether it’s just a productivity hack, I want people like me, other innovative parties, other nerds to succeed. I want to see more beings like me prevailing and I wanna be able to talk to them about what they’re doing. And so for me, beingtransparent with parties, registering people how Ido and I operate things is very easy to do because I’m not vying with them, I’m only playing with myself.I have a goal that nobodyelse has for myself and so there’s really nobody in my road. I exclusively want to know thatthere are other parties that are on a journeythat’s similar to mine that have the ability to get there because somebody cared enough to help them and there have been peoplethat helped enough to help me along the way. It’s very hard to time any of this alone. It is debilitating and is soul crushing to do anything in isolation by yourself. If you’ve ever felt that, if you’ve ever sense entirely alone and wish that you hadother people to talk to about the things you be concerned about, let me know in the comments section. And too guys, ifthere’s anyone like that, try to reach out to themand try to offer them a little bit of support. And by assist, I don’t mean sub for sub and I don’t mean trying togive each other traffic. I represent, actually talk toother people who are like you about what they’re going through. Building affairs concerns. We have to build relationshipswith our audience and we have to create value for them, or there’s no reason for them to trust us enough with a transaction.Whether that’s buyinga t-shirt or a hoodie, buying an affiliate link program or buying anything else fromyou, going to see your concert, buying your music, whatever it is that you’re doing as anentertainer or as an schoolteacher, you have to build thattrust and relationship with your audience. And the room I do that isI show you my procedures, I demo you my lessons, I answer your questions and I obligate content for you, whether it gets me considers or not as stymie as that is sometimes. To be honest some of this material I’m out here slinginggold in these streets, and nobody’s picking it up.Now, how did I get this to work over the course of four years? How much content that I have to offset? Well, to be honest with you, I don’t plug contentfor my affiliate substance as often as people visualize. The actuality is I’d probablybe making a lot more money if I did. On average, I probably do overfour or $5,000 on a bad month in terms of recurring affiliate revenue from TubeBuddy alone. And I have other affiliateprograms out there. And this is why I’ve beenable over countless, many years, over four years in this relationship to generate a quarter milliondollars in affiliate income. It’s because I shaped maybeabout 20 or 30 videos over that period of time that ultimately drive affiliate sales. But I too use the find andreplace implement in TubeBuddy to add TubeBuddy affiliatelinks to all of the 1000 plus videos that are on this channel.So there are more than enoughroads to success for me in terms of someone maybeclicking on that connection at some degree, because Ijust have so much content even if it doesn’t directlyrelate to YouTube or TubeBuddy. There are only about 300 videos on this path that are YouTube tips videos. I’ve stimulate 1500 videos and maybe less than aquarter of my record is about YouTube tips-off specific. Nonetheless, I have other social media as well and sometimes I’ll promoteaffiliate connects there. Especially Twitter, whereI have 40,000 adherents. But really remember I didn’t get4 0,000 partisans overnight. I’ve never even had a trulyviral video , not once. So this isn’t luck and it’snot easy, but it is worth it. The reason that beings don’tsucceed in a lot of things come to not having the self-restraint to do something difficult even when it doesn’tget immediate results.They’re not consistent, even though they are it gets results and they’re not patientabout how long it takes to get to their actual point. And if you can start tomaster these three things you will be successful at life, whether it’s as an influencer, an master, an athlete or a person in business. The affiliate organize for TubeBuddy is a subscription model. So since parties pay forTubeBuddy every month, TubeBuddy affiliates get a commission. And so when you’re starting out, I believe you start out with a, I think it’s a 20% committee. And then if you work your wayup by making fairly sales, you work your path up to a 50% commission. So I’m a super affiliatethat has a 50% fee every month across all the accounts that continue to pay for TubeBuddy that use my affiliate connection and all the free accountsthat ultimately convert into being, payingcustomers of the service.And so if you’re gonna getinto affiliate marketing for any product, I would tell you that looking at recurring monthlyaffiliate commissionings is actually a strong long-term strategy if you want it to make a living or replace one of your incomesoff of this, all right. So if you want to makethousands of dollars or wishes to form six fleshes or you want to be able to pay your rent off of affiliate income, knowing that it’s reliableevery single month and that you’re gonnaget paid more than once from your effort which iswhy I call passive income is when you get paid morethan ones for your effort.I like announcing it automated income’ crusade I like tying it to a system whereby I can take myselfout of the equation. And if you think about it, the videos that I’ve stimulated overthe years, formerly I draw them, I retain making money off the ads and I restrain making money offof any affiliate the committees and I maintain making money offof any stock marketings or any make auctions that is just coming up that. So when I make a YouTube video, I’m rectify myself up to bepaid more than once from that in a lot of differentways for a long time’ crusade I don’t clear contentthat’s dead in a few weeks. And so if there’s any realsecret to any of my success, it’s that I do unsexy things that proportion really well longterm.Tortoise versus hare. It took me a long to beable to accomplish this. A heap of parties try to do like, fourth million dollarproduct launchings in 30 eras’ compel that’s a really seductive legend to have. But I really toy the long competition, and I precisely do things thatwork out over a reporting period and that restrains stackingon top of each other. And so I know that eventually I’m gonna have somethingreally solid and actually stable that works out for the long competition because I didn’t take any shortcuts. Long-term success never comesfrom short-term thinking. And so there you go. That is exactly how I madea part billion dollars from recommending oneaffiliate planned, only one.And the thing is, this is something that you can do too. My friend Andrew Kan, theface of TubeBuddy says, “If I can, then you can too.” That is his catchphrase. And the thing is, it applies here. If I could do this and I is a well-known fact that I might have skills that some of you don’t have, but I wasn’t born to those used abilities, I wasn’t born knowing how to confine my shoes or drive a car either. It’s not easy, it’s worth it. And if I can do it, you can too. Question of the working day. What is your current monthly income goal? How much fund do youwanna spawn every month realistically before next year? If you require more makingmoney online videos, click the playlists here in the info card or the next video come through here. As always you guys, thanksso much for watching and don’t forget, go out there and createsomething astonishing today. Take care ..


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