Easiest $700 Day Affiliate Marketing with ONE Email Marketing Secret (Email Marketing Tutorial)

In this video, I’m going to show you theeasiest $700 a epoch affiliate market with one email market secret and we’re going todiscover it all in this email marketing tutorial but before we get started make sure to punch thesubscription button and smacked that notification as well, because I’m going to be realizing morevideos about how to make money and believe me you don’t want to miss it, hello I’m Mark Daniellswe’re going gonna do this in really a few steps so let’s move some money okay let’s go ahead and getgoing here we’re talking about email commerce seminar for beginners important email marketingquestions I get these questions all the time because they’re so important and a good deal of peopleare losing a lot of money because they just don’t know the answers to them so I’m gonna go over thatnumber one question that I get especially from email marketing for affiliate marketers is why myemail marketing autoresponder provider closing my note that happens a whole lot there are somereasons why they are closing your account if you are promoting affiliate makes I’m talkingabout email marketing for affiliate sell so let’s go over them the other one is how tocreate a bulletproof email a marketing system that works with any email commerce providernumber three how to make money affiliate marketing with one email market confidential prank and I’mgonna give you and reveal that trick to you.Email marketing secrets email selling tutorial forbeginner why your email marketing autoresponder provider closing your autoresponder account oremail autoresponder account let’s go ahead and go and tell you why there are two reasons why thenumber one which is I’m gonna go ahead and just go through the regular advertisement and I’m gonnado it like uh through let’s say you are doing it through maybe some social media you doing it maybefree of charge I did do a spoof as far as where you don’t need a salesfunnel you’re just gonna haveto watch one of my videos to get that you can get it but you have to watch one of the videos don’tdo it right now because if you do it you’re gonna be wasting your time because you have to listen tothis first what the hell happened is uh parties go to bridge page opt-in page and then they going to see affiliatesales page now remember the affiliate auctions page right here which is the one on the right issomething you don’t own so it leads out to somebody that induced that auctions page it’s very important tounderstand that level because a great deal of spammers are doing what are sending parties to that sheet andwhen you do that a lot of parties don’t like you because there are a lot of spammers doing thesame thing your email commerce autoresponder don’t like that so what are they gonna doclose your account why your email marketing autoresponder provider closing your accountreason number two so we already talked about this you have some uh announce on maybe some social mediaI’m talking about some free positions and if you are using the connect page or not working the bridgepage it’s the same thing even if you’re using a sales funnel it’s the same thing you’re gonna endup having their own problems because after they opt-in they’re gonna go to your email marketingautoresponder and after that, you’re gonna be sending emails right and guess what’s inthe emails you are eligible to have some connects that they are able to link to what to the affiliate sales sheet again theaffiliate marketings page that you have here you don’t own somebody else owns it and then when you sendsomebody to that affiliate marketings page more than likely you’re going to have your report shut downand now they are cracking a lot more than they did before because there’s a lot more spammingnow than before and I spur you not to do any email sell spamming because it’s going tohurt everybody not just you everybody and now it’s necessary to do things a little bit more differentunless you want to have your account closed so when you have an email you transport itto your prospect to buy your make you’re going to have a link in there to send themto the sales page because this is how you get paid when they buy you would get paid so let’s go-aheadand go to number two which is what? how to create a bulletproof email commerce organisation that works withany email marketing provider nowadays there is a requirement to do things a little bit different if you want topromote any affiliate market product through email commerce you have to do it a little bitdifferent and in this email marketing tutorial this is exactly what I’m teaching you how tocreate an email marketing system that works with any email marketing provider we’re gonna go aheadand just go back to this right here okay let’s assume this is what it is the best acces to do it isnot to send parties to the affiliate sales sheet but that sales page has a lot of good stuff in itbecause typically, it has a video and some other things that are convincing to such person or persons so whatare we going to do you want to protect yourself okay the best way to protect yourself on all theproducts is to have your own WordPress website page and I have created a prank which allows you havethat marketings page so you don’t have to recreate it you don’t have to do anything that marketings pagewill appear inside your WordPress now as you know WordPress website is free but of course thehosting is not so I’m going to leave something in there as far as hosting but this is what mostaffiliate marketers do including myself, Pat Flynn and so forth we use the same service and leavethat in there for you so you’ll are benefiting from it so how we do that how are we going to havethe same precise page inside your own WordPress so here’s the thing when you are sending somebodyto your own website email autoresponder company they’re not gonna look at you as your spammerbecause you are sending beings to your own website so not a whole lot of beings communicating beings toyour website no spammers are doing that so make sure you don’t spam and this is good becauseit is not where spammers are sending parties to so this is your WordPress this is your ownbusiness and you can do whatever you want to but the good thing about it, you’re going to have thesame sales sheet the same affiliate sales sheet that it is available to everybody else but it’s goingto be on your own platform not everybody else’s email marketing seminar for beginnersnow we already covered all that let’s talk about the last one how to make money affiliatemarketing with one email marketing mystery ruse now we talked about this and the ideais you know to have your own web page obviously, when you have WordPress you can createas countless web pages as you demand in one web page what do we want we want to bring that affiliatesales page inside without “are you doin ” any coding or anything at all with time a few clicksit’s a ploy it’s a really good deception that you can actually use with any product and theninsert your concoction whatever produce commodity that you are promoting as an affiliate andthe reason for that is very simple because you can do all the stuff you can you know do anytraffic beginnings and send them to your own page you are not sending them to an affiliate salespage it’s your own arena mostly and then you probably wondered wow this is complicated how amI gonna get that done I’ve already done it for you so let’s go to the next one here is how to accessthe email marketing secret trick go in the comment below and say how to access the email marketingsecret lesson and then I know exactly what to do and then I will cast it to you.The reason for thatis because I don’t want people to compete with you if I leave a link inside the description guesswhat there are some robots right now that they go to all descriptions on youtube and they see ifthere’s anything of value they grab it and they take advantage of it and then what happens theycompete with you and that’s the last thing that you want and it’s the last thing that I crave sowhat what the hell is you learn in there? instructions of how to move any affiliate auctions opening to your ownWordPress for email marketing and others so you’re going to learn that it’s going to be a video andit’s going to have all the links that you need and then how to make love in just a few clicksthere is no complication now there’s no coding you don’t have to imitate codes and things like thatnumber three free email access email sell autoresponder if you’re not already a subscriberand you don’t have access to that if you watch my other videos you’ll be able to have accessto a free email autoresponder and you also have access up to 1,000 customers and this is no timelimit or not this is not good for just one month two months or three months how to drive targetedtraffic to your email sell landing pages it doesn’t matter how good of an email marketingtutorial I give you it doesn’t matter if you don’t have eyeballs and parties seeing your product thatyou are trying to promote a lot of parties go with the option of free transaction sources like socialmedia and then they refer beings like I said I’m assuming that you’re gonna follow the instructionsand become successful recollect 98 percent of all affiliate purveyors don’t do this but it’s a hackthat you can do that I’ve done and you can have it the other thing is free traffic is not enoughI just want to be honest with you you have to have some targeted traffic what I’m talking aboutis parties that are looking for whatever you are promoting most affiliate marketers don’t do thatand I’m going to provide you with that as well all you got to do is click on a 24 -hourtargeted traffic in the description you’ll have access to that and you can take advantage ofit because if you simply get it on with the free freight you’re gonna obligate some money it’s gonna make sometime with this you’re gonna make money much much faster and you’re gonna build an email list thatis laser targeted for whatever niche that you have if you just wanted to represent five hundred dollarsa epoch with a free email market move sound up here if you want to knoweverything about Instagram and how to get it on and construct your conglomerate with Instagram all youhave to do is click right here because this is free training that you can take advantageof and as usual, i will see you at the top

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