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This is a new method i am going to show forthe first time and this is how much coin I have stimulated with this method to show you someliveproof this is my live bank account and as you can see that I have received almost8 000 Indian rupees that is almost 110 US dollars within only a few hours of doing this methodif I merely show you my PayPal as well as you can see this all my live PayPal Account Iam moving my cursor over here you can see my call over here that is Singhania and Ihave made almost 110 US dollars within merely a few hours of doing this method for absolutelyfree so just watch the full video if you likewise want to start earning like me and don’t skipbecause if you do then I am not responsible if you don’t get results because I am goingto show you each and every step and we are starting right now if you want to be an onlineentrepreneur and want to start your online excursion consider touching that like buttonsmashing the agree button so that you don’t miss out on any money meeting opportunityas a showed that this is the amount of money that I’ve procreated with this method this is mylive bank account as “youre seeing” I am moving my cursor over here and I have received almost1 10 US dollars into my bank account and over here as well this is my live PayPal accountmy name is Singhania and you can see that I have earned approximately eight thousand Indianrupees that is almost 110 US dollars just by putting in a few hours of work in thisfree copy and paste programme that you can do too and you can also start making a lot ofmoney for free along with this from the money that has formed i have reinvested almost $50 and I have prepared back almost $300 in pure gains so if you are looking for free methods andif you are looking to scale that when you are pay some money with paid programme as well thismethod is why you now in this method I am going to talk about CPA marketing and contentlocking if you don’t know what CPA marketing is CPA marketing is basically where you arepromoting some gives where the person has to complete a particular action like completingsurveys or deferring emails or referring zip codes and you can compile$ 2$ 5 $10 per actioncompleted and content locking is just a step further that you can do in CPA marketing incontent locking what you are doing this rather than immediately transporting the traffic to somecontent you are firstly telling the traffic to complete some actions and only then theywill be allowed to view the content and this is what content locking symbolizes so this contentCan Be Anything it can be a movie download or a music download or an essay about datingor making money online or it can be different ebooks or it can be different PDF’s you cando content locking for literally any method and in order to be allowed to for your traffic to view thatcontent to access that content they will first have to complete some action it can be completinga survey or submitting an email and you are able to meet$ 2$ 3$ 5 per action ended so thisis the best way to make money online because people don’t have to spend any money and Iam going to show you each and every step there are three components to content fastening thefirst is the traffic the second is the content Locker and the third is the actual contentso don’t worry I will talk about each and every component one by one first let’s talkabout how and where you will get the content from see you can get the content on any topicit can be making money online or dating or movie download or anything in the world Ihave just taken an example of making money online with no skill and the simplest methodto get the content will be use any one of these articles now there will be no problembecause we are not stealing their content or duplicating their content we are actually helpingthem the people will come on their website itself formerly they end the proposal so theywill too get the benefit so you can really use any website from over here this is thesimplest method of doing content locking but let’s say you want to make even more moneyand you don’t want to squander congestion so rather than sending the traffic to someone else’swebsite you can create your own website where you can may be promote some affiliate offersor perhaps you can run some Google ads and you can start making money with that traffic aswell now don’t worry if you don’t know how to create a website it is very simple youcan come to a brand-new and a terribly exceedingly stunning website called this is a websitethat is just launching today that is the 1st of June and i was personally invited to tryout their platforms as an invitation and I literally loved it so you can check out argan.runin order to find different freelancers that can do your job exceedingly very easily but don’tworry even if you don’t have your own website we can still make a lot of money precisely by doingcontent locking formerly your material is all done now we need to find a content cupboard thatwill passed the CPA offers before the content so that we can make money for that you cancome to a website announced cpagrip cpagrip specialises in material fastening so you can time click overhere on publisher and you can create your free accounting it is super simple after thatyou can just fill out all these items the only problem is that they are asking for awebsite and don’t worry I have numerous answers for this the first solution is that time searchanything over here dating making money online what ever and really scroll down below and justgo to the twentieth or the thirtieth Google page just go over here on the 14 th then againscroll down below and then go on the 18 th this behavior just go on twentieth or the thirtiethpage you can just click on any one of these websites and precisely need this domain name fromover here cpagrip likewise doesn’t check that much it is just a formality so you can justtake any domain any URL name from over here and you can paste it over there or the secondoption is that you can come on a website called now you can find domainsthat you can get for free and paste it on cpagrip as I said it is just a formality orthe third and the last option is that you can simply paste the link of your social mediaprofile it can be Facebook or Instagram or if you have a YouTube channel or Pinterestor LinkedIn or whatever social media account you have you can’t precisely paste the link ofthat accounting and you will get accepted without any problems now I am going to create a newlive report over here to show you that you can get approvals particularly very quickly and veryvery easily as you can see over here this is a brand-new report that I’ve created withinjust a few minutes now what you need to do is come over here on the monetization andtools sounds over here on the URL file cupboards after that click over here on create a newlocker simply agree to this just continue and this is where you can just create your lockingsystem now the following steps are very very simple over here exactly devote it some list thatyou want then for the button verse that is begin download as you can see it is beingdisplayed over here so this depends on what you are offering as the content if it is somedownloadable content or if it is a PDF or it is some article so you can just right overyour begin download or go to content or get the ebook or whatever is your content thenthis verse over here will be the leader that will appear over here so if you want to changeit if you just wanted to tweak it you can I really use the default settings over your the defaulttext that is fine then over here you can either show them more proposals or less offers I haveseen that demo more offerings infuriates the person so 3 is a very good number now allof these things can be the same don’t touch it then for the main parts that is the lockedURL that makes the website the content that you want to lock so just go over here on thearticle that you chose to really copy this URL over here come back to cpagrip and justpaste it over here on the fastened URL click over here on create and that is all you needto do your locked material will be created over your only sound over here on come linkand now this has become your fastened material connection that you need to promote if someone willclick on this associate First they will go to the fastened content screen when they need to completean offer and formerly they have completed an offers then they will go to your essay that youare placed in the content locked and now you need to drive traffic to that association so in orderto get traffic I am going to show you a approach that you can use for free and once you makesome fund you can re-invest that money in order to move 2 meters 3 times more fund andyou can do this over and over again another simple and quick approach will be that you canjust send that link to your friends but merely make sure that the country of your friendsmatters a lot because if your friends are in third tier countries than a lot of offersmight not be shown to them but if your best friend are from top-tier countries than a great deal ofoffers will be shown to them and retaining that in memory even if you don’t have friends don’tworry I am going to show you a traffic beginning that is getting almost 93% of its trafficfrom United Kingdom that is a top-tier country and the traffic is also unusually terribly massiveso you can make a lot of fund with this platform for free and also with paid procedures but justwatch the full video don’t be in a hurry because I am going to show you two quirks that willallow you to place your link without get blocked so the identify of this website is 93% of the people are from the United Kingdom first of all just click over here on registerand simply cross-file for a free account once your cross-file sound over here on target andadd now the first thing that you will have to do is you will have to choose a categoryfor your commodity or for your download or for whatever you are promoting for example weare promoting a making money online essay so i just clink over here on Jobs if you arepromoting a dating section you can just click on adult or you can just see that which categorysuits your commodity sound over here on the sub list and only select any categoryfrom over here I am just going to click over here on general activities formerly all of that is doneit will automatically take you on to the next sheet you are able to time fill out all of thesethings it is just a formality over here you can just click on freelance then after thatthe job title can be your essays name like our commodities designation is that 7 simple ways tomake money online we can merely simulate this just click over here and only lieu it over herethen for the description you can just copy one clause like this paragraph from overhere and merely emulate this over here in the description now in order to arrange your tie there are2 ruses the first is that you can just right over here to learn how to make money onlinethen you can place your tie over here and what you need to do is you need to give spacesbetween your relates for example I have just taken my minuscule URL link over here place onespace over here than other opening than other opening than another seat this will make thiswhole textbook as a grassland simple textbook and it won’t be a link then after that in brackets youcan just right remove the space this is the first trick because formerly you upload your addit will go for approval so if there are associates they will straight away block it now letssee you don’t want to use this manoeuvre the other trick is that you don’t place any relations rightnow both be cancelled all of this just delete all of this just let it be as a grassland simple textonce you get approved then edit your ad and residence the links with the same space that Ijust demo if I merely give you an example click over here on next after fill outall the details then over here on the point you can just write a UK based postal codeso just rummage on Google for UK postal codes and you can just copy these zip codes andpaste over here or you can also instantly mention the reputation of any municipal and it will show up andyou can select a city like over here merely select Manchester or any City after that theimage is optional you can just upload an portrait and merely sound over here on next here theywill ask you that which type of an ad you demand do you want a free ad and if you wantto devote some money to locate the ad higher this is something that I did first I simply use the freeplan believe me I’ve got this $ 110 with the free intention then formerly I came that money thenI consumed $15 for one ad and then $ 35 for one ad and I have those ads passing and thoseads originated me nearly $300 within a few hours only by expend $50 so if you are wantingthe free techniques it works go with it if you are wanting the compensate method it wields go withit then what you can do is just select any one of them and just wait you can just previewyour ad and then click on submit as you can see that this is the new accounting that I justcreated and this is the ad that is under review as I said the two tricks are either replacethe link first with cavities or once you get approved then edit the ad and then place thelink with gaps and this is how you can make a lot of coin for free along with this ifyou want to learn how I fix big affiliate fees on a daily basis i provide one-on-onevideo call training to my students and my students are humbling it and they are gettingresults within the first week as well applying my special free methods you can contact meon my Instagram a link to that can be found in the description box below if you like thismethod of making money online and want to learn how you are eligible to realize $100 per day for freeclick on the video that is flashing on your screen right now I have shown all the proofall the steps each and every thing is shown that will help you to conclude $100 per era forfree

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