FOUR $25,000 Affiliate Marketing Examples [Easy to Duplicate]

hey guys Spencer from Buildapreneurhere and this video is one I’m just so excited for because it’s something thatI really wished I could see when I firstly started affiliate sell. And it’s fouraffiliate marketing lessons okay and not only is it for affiliate marketingexamples but it’s examples that each made twenty five thousand dollarsor more in commissions okay so it’s samples that worked sometimes you justgot to see it all right we are back thanks so much better forwatching a duet things that we want to talk about before we actually startshowing you the examples of such campaigns the first one is if you wantto be an affiliate marketer and replaced clink Subscribe I promise you I put upthe best videos I can possibly obligate on how you can be a beginning affiliatemarketer and end up an advanced affiliate marketer.Ok the next thing Iwant to talk about is actually two of these safaruss precisely the firstand the last one ok so the first expedition is one that I’m gonna demo youwhere I actually had an audience once okay so I previously had an audience ofthousands of people an email inventory you know I had a YouTube channel that wassuccessful and things like that but the above reasons I’m showing you that is Iwant you to see what you can get to it what you can aspire to okay the fourthone is something that only took me two and a half hours total to do okaytwenty-five thousand dollars with two and a half hours total of use so thatone’s really cool you’re certainly gonna want to stay to watch that one nowthe other ones something you need to understand is it didn’t take me I didn’thave an gathering for that for these ones to work okay those middle two and thenthe last one that only took two and a half hoursnone of these took an public to work.They happened here I ever had anaudience that I have now and so it means that you can do this right now this issomething you can do right now to successfully potentially induce twentyfive thousand dollars in affiliate committees. Alright the first campaignwe’re gonna look at is with a girl identified Katherine Jones, and strangelyenough she actually turns out to live like she was like 30 hours from me sowe live very close – but that’s not why she was chosen for me to do thiscampaign on – it’s because it was a really successful campaign for a lot ofdifferent reasons.You can see here merely to show you the resultsshe has three different payment plans so you can see as an affiliate I made abouteleven thousand off of the single payment plan and then those exclusively add upto about two thousand right now and that’s because we had about half of thepeople you know thirty people pick payment plans meaning that fund isstill coming in right now right we’re bring back I think most people chosethe seven payment plan so I’ll be bringing in money for the next like fewmonths from this particular campaign anyway so it’s gonna scrape by here’sone just scrape by the twenty five thousand dollar mark but it didn’t itdid make it even with rebates so we’re gonna look at how he fromalready here the first thing we did is I have a Facebook group and a lot of youguys are in my Facebook group if you’re not you should be it’s automation nationand I I’m very active in my Facebook group okay quite active not selling so Ihadn’t sold for months before this I time announcing valuable substance doing livesdoing all kinds of things where I’m not trying to sell anything to this groupokay I’m just put different groups locked I’m construct rapport with them andthings like that so that when I have an event like Katherine Jones it goes welland we actually find success right and parties are sure that I’m not just trying tomake money off them regardless so he did a upright in the group where we invitedpeople to a live happening okay so we had a live incident we we are beginning promoting atabout a few weeks before and we said hey we’re gonna have Katherine Jones onshe’s gonna coach us a little about pour design which is her specialty andI’m having you know make him glance good and how to make money off him you cansee I actually only got 98 explains on that which you could get with a muchsmaller group than mine I didn’t do a very good post and that wasn’t the thingthat really drove people into this campaign was that but I did do a berth soI’m gonna be you know disclosure that I did that probably where I did the mostsuccess was through my email inventory I had an email list of about 15,000 to 20,000 people at this time and this should help you hopefully envision why it’s just soimportant to house your email schedule okay because almost every this successcame from this email schedule and so I said the firstly email just telling about theevent okay say hey I linked my public hey are you an entrepreneurlooking exactly thing online thunder I’ve got an affair that I think you’d like toattend and then emails it’s really really important to structure your callto actions okay whether you do a big button or you do something where theireyes go to it it’s very easy for them to see what it is and what they need to doto follow through with that call to action so you can see I various kinds of did itlike a little request searching thing saying hey here’s the years here’s whereit’s happening who it is and you can register right here okay and theyregister via messenger bot and the reason I did that is I wanted to be ableto send them well what I wanted them to subscribe my bot but I want to send themvia facebook messenger bot right when the thing right when are a live you knowgoes live I wanted to be able to send them a notification and have it show upin Facebook to simply sounds a connection and have it show up right there and sothat’s why we did that so now I’ve got you know I’ve got a lot of my email listalso I’m a messenger bot schedule which is always a make the more the more ways youcan reach an audience the better so we did that first email and then we’ll goback to here we did two other emails okay so I did asecond email where I actually did a testimonial of someone who had taken thelive exercise who’d had experienced captain’s life training courses and had pictured some reallygood results okay so I said hey I don’t you examined a last-place email we’re having thisevent but check this out this person was able to attend Catherine’s training andhe bought her course and here’s what happened okay so now I’m kind of hypingup like oh wow look at the results that I can as well see here’s another personthat did so well with it and then email number three I always do like a shortand the final email before the happening is just like a short um like hey I don’tknow if you saw this but tomorrow this event is happening you need to attendhere’s you know here’s the quick deterioration of it so merely three emails I’mnot nothing crazy right simply three emails getting people and then once Iwent live I mail an email and I cast a messenger bot explode to beings so you cansee I transported an email saying we’re now liveeverybody should you know hop on right now real quick and I typically route that1 0 to 15 times before because you know emails aren’t fairly the same asmessenger BOTS they show up and a good deal of eras beings take time to open them andthey open them at different times so I frequently stand about 10 to 15 minutesbefore so that was all we did to get people to the event okay we had threeemails and then one live email and we had the Facebook right here we had aFacebook post okay and then plainly I’d done a good deal building up this audiencebeforehand then we actually had the live occasion and you can see we did that insideof my Facebook group it came 410 people noting or 410 comments it had youclose like really close to a thousand I conceive parties actually watching the liethat watched it live or attended last-minute a good deal of good engagement and thenobviously at the end of the live develop Katherine made an offer okaynow we’ll look at what we what we kind of did to make it such a good salesoffer cuz we did less than half of these marketings during or after this live okay theday of the live so the next thing we did is after Katherine feed her courseand if she was able to show all the cool things in the course and render sometestimonials then I came in and this is so important as an affiliate and Ioffered bonuses and one of the things I speculate really made this campaign dobetter than some of my other expeditions is the particular bonuses that I’veoffered a lot of affiliates volunteer all kinds of different bonuses and to be -Frank do you some of the bonuses suck okay they don’t spend time in theirbonuses they just try to whip out as numerous as they can so they can have alist of bonuses right hey if you buy through me I’m gonna give you this thisthis this and this and when you actually lead look at those you’re like that isdoesn’t are available to me that doesn’t apply to me right that has no intrinsic valueand that has very little intrinsic quality I’ll probably never actually use thatbut for this one I use I like what I call the trifecta of bonuses what Ithink is the perfect bonus package if you’re really wanted to go all-in onsomething and that is training that is software and that is time sorry you sawmany gazes flick over to my mentions now I froze upso civilizing we give them access to some really good training in my case I made atraffic so I return them be made available to a trend that I’ve been selling for 997 title that they knew they could only get for 997 it’s called affiliate secretsand it had a ton of traffic training where I say hey this relates to youyou’re going to build these pours but Katherine’s not going to teach you howto drive freight to these moves I’m gonna teach you how to drive move tothese pours and it’s gonna be for free when you buy a Katherine’s course okayso that was kind of the slant I made so that was training next I told them thatI was in the middle of building a software which by the way I’m stillbuilding it’s almost done these things take so much longer than you thinkanyway I told him I was improving a software and I was going to give themall free access to the software and this would be the only way beings could getfree access I was gonna sell it for you are well aware a pair hundred dollars orsomething like that once it actually launched I said you’re gonna get freeaccess to my software and the cool thing like this is I actually use the moneyfrom this to hire the person that built my software okay so I use the money fromthis this campaign all these beings that bought to then turn around and getsomeone to go to software for me so it wreaked really well and that’s kind ofthe way you can build software without actually paid under it up front right asyou say I’m pretty selling this software I’m going to build it and then the thirdthing was I offered era okay and I don’t do this very often but if you’regoing all-in on something I predict you people desire term you give peopletraining and they know they’re gonna have to dig through it when they’regonna have to watch a lot of nonsense that they are only don’t want to watch that theyalready know about right and – they’re gonna have questions that exactly aren’tanswered in that civilize that are kind of unique to them so epoch can help themeliminate you know watching and learning all the stuff they already know aboutand it can help them you’ll get precisely stuff that worksfor them so I offered those three things after a coaching request I offered a freetraining that had real value and I offered a software that plainly hadreal value and um I evidenced you the results theykind of spoke to themselves right let’s look at the berth expedition though so wedid the live and then I sent out an email the next day and I might even dobit date two days later and I said hey here’s the replay okay here’s a replayof this live you want to catch it by the way Catherine made an offer at the endif you’re interested in going with this further like you’re truly interested infunnel design check out this offer she made and by the way I’m offering youknow XY and Z bonuses okay and then I should have been better at this thisfollow-up stuff but I didn’t but you can see it’s still work and that’s that’swhat I want you to see here’s like I didn’t do this perfectly this campaignwas not you are well aware months in advance meant and done perfectly it was kindof me just going with the flow and missing thingsso I mailed one finally no so simply two total emails post campaign and the finalemail said hey last chance to get you know this for free this for freedystrophy all my bonuses plus Catherine Jones course which has the potential tochange your life if you’re any and all interested in this you want to go thisand and then I transmitted a messenger Bob last right because everybody registered witha messenger boss and now I’ve got everybody that it was planning onattending this in my messenger bot roster and that is the whole campaign okay so Ishowed you the results here it’ll it’ll come out to about we made about 55 salesso it’ll come out to somewhere between 25 and 30 thousand dollars after all therefunds come through but this campaign yes this hopes you hopefully helps youto see why an email list is so important in an gathering is so important is inaffiliate okay if you’re doing affiliate marketing and you’re not house anaudience that you can remarket to down the road you’re killing yourself becausea lot you know I constructed this group and stuff when I construct my email index a lotof occasions not making money as I improved it okay like I wasn’t making a ton of moneyas I constructed the roster and making a ton of money as I you are well aware on this group as I’mbuilding it but I know that once I have this audience there’s a you know you canmake a lot of money by connecting this audience to products that can help themand so that’s where true affiliate market comes in is once you’ve builtup that listing alright the second campaign used my youtube direct now I know myyoutube channel currently has eleven thousand something readers it didnot when this started this is 2017 this is two years ago my canal had I’mpretty sure it had less than thousands and thousands of subscribers but it may have had athousand customers at this pitch okay let’s talk about my strategy here sothis is for a company announced click pours which like I saidalmost everyone my gathering known about because I promote clickfunnels prettyhard but this company has a really unique affiliate program where theyactually give repetition fees every time someone liquidates them they paidyou they also give a drink forearm so you acquire your free dream gondola if you get up toa hundred active customers that you referred to the company so it’s an awesomecompany I knew I wanted to go all-in on this one and I needed a good strategyright and I knew I knew that I was pretty good at youtube I was great atYouTube at this time but I was okay YouTube and I decided that was me mystrategy and the above reasons I like this is because YouTube is full of really hotbuyers okay you can target parties that are almost ready to buy on YouTube andthe way you do this is you use labelled keywords okay so for example parties thatare looking into clickfunnels will often go to youtube to look for a review orthey’ll try to understand the pricing formation a little better understandwhich design they need to choose right they might go to youtube to do that andso you can target those people with YouTube videos and they’re this close tobuying right they just need a little more information so you give them alittle bit more information and then you can make an offer to them like we talkedabout earlier with some bonuses and say hey you know if you’re sold you’re readyto roll go ahead and clink my association which is down below and we’ll get you startedand I’ll give you some you know time and some other coaches instructing and thingslike that that enables you to along it away it is therefore makes really really well I’min closing battle riders these are like beings that are like on the cusp ofalready signing up you’re not having to make person brand new and totallyintroduce them to clickfunnels and get them you know totally interested in itand kind of work them down this this stuff funnel of its own to try to getthem understanding and wanting to use click pours you just take them andanswer the one little question they have and then send them on their wayso we can go here we can kind of look at some of the videos that I utilized here Idid a review video and “youre seeing” I got about thirty thousand judgments I don’t knowif you can see that will various kinds of move me move my screen over or something I’msure my face is gonna be in the way there but thirty thousand views and thenI made a Philly atour view their affiliate program that got about sixthousand attitudes my give I just made a video about bonuses for beings that arelooking for click pours bonuses okay and that got about three thousand viewswhich is a lot less but these are really really hot audiences okay like this issomeone that says hey I’m ready to sign up for clink phones I’m literally readyto go right now and other than that they’re just saying heywho’s got the best bonuses until they hop onto YouTube to see right so yeahthat’s the only 2600 deems but these are like these are spicy hot and thenanother review their affiliate planned about 4,000 and then I helped you somekind of how to’s like hey does clickfunnels furnish this it’s goodfunnels off for this that got about 11,000 a body province video got about3, 000 affiliate civilize 40,000 okay and that was a great one undoubtedly 40,000 examines I did some verses videos click moves versus another concoction likeclick moves that got 16,000 goals okay I’m helping people pick the liberty planonly a thousand scenes but still it’s pretty red-hot traffic other sound funnelsproducts because they offer different click funnels products right how to useclick funnels to do certain things like real estate causes got 10,000 scenes whichis pretty good how to create a membership site 20,000 video so you cansee will go out at the top now understanding click funnels what isclick funnels how to get started with click funnels so I put out all thesevideos right targeting these quick pours sizzling audience now the path I didthat I squandered a pair different tools for keyword research just go over my youtubechannel like one of the last few videos that I put out talks about how I come upwith my thoughts for YouTube videos you can go ahead and watch that but but theseare the videos that I used to to absolutely one create a lot more those 25,000 dollars in income it actually initiated a $5,000 a month passive income creek aswell as a thousand dollars at this target five hundred dollars a month directlypaid for towards my dream gondola so you can see here this is the car that I wonusing these these videos right here and this is my post when I lastly get thiskind of like deja I do like well it’s been so long back in 2017 when I postedand said hey I obligated it you know I got my hundred active clink pours useds and Iwas really exciting for me the time and so the key to this the key to the waythis one use is one I did keyword research k so I did a lot of keywordresearch to figure out what people were looking for so that I could not waste mytime establishing videos that no one cared about and another thing was everytime I made a video I kept two things down below one I situated a direct affiliatelink saying hey there’s my tie-up and I mentioned it multiple times in the videoyou know and then I also made a bonus offering and the bonus render typicallyincluded epoch and it pours I wasn’t as adept at bonusesback then so I didn’t have like my perfect trifecta but I did have somegood bonuses that I be provided to people and a lot of parties don’t even aware ofbonuses at all right so for those people like anything will worth like oh hey I’mgonna sign up anyway but gaze you’re offering anything it attains it a littlebit of a better lot and so that was this campaign okay like as you can tellit was able it was massively successful I’ve done a lot since then withclickfunnels with a assortment of interesting thing and these videos the cool thingwith these videos is about half of them are still ranking in YouTube okay so Ibring in I get new rapid form of customers and move new money everysingle day from these readers because YouTube is awesome and itcontinues to display my videos when people are searching so that’s why I’lltalk a little later on about how YouTube is my favorite commerce informant because ittruly is awesome so revelation the third way actuallyuses YouTube as well but it’s actually highly very different the strategies thatwe’re working and the approaching we’re making everything so I consider atotally different way of doing it but I do love YouTube so this is actually adifferent YouTube channel it’s called capital spoofs and strangely enough it’s aYouTube channel that I have with only eight videos and it’s got moresubscribers than this structure the preneur path which kind of drives me nutsI’ll be honest but what did for this one was I made this YouTube channel it wasin the finance niche okay and so I’m looking for topics and things like thatone methods I look for topics is I go to a lieu announced Google Trends whichbasically shows you what’s trending on Google right now okay and basically itshows you how it’s trending today compared to a certain time frame so youcan beg how’s it turning today compared to like 6 months ago right and you canstart to see what’s kind of on the uptick and you just wanted to shape videos aboutthings that are trending now and will be trending in the future so when I wouldtyped in things I was having things like finance and it’ll show you just for thatword you can see and then it gives you related topics down now and relatedthings that people are typing in I was typing in finance and money and likestock market and things like that and I started to see Bitcoin coming up overand over and over and over again and this is in 2017 so bitcoins not it’slike insanely well-known as it is right nowso I start to look and I don’t know any Bitcoin don’t know a ton about Bitcoinbut I start to look into it and I say okay this is like this is hard trendingok we can even look at it will type in BitcoinI was like type in Bitcoin and at the time it was at a hundred which meansit’s the most trending right now that it’s ever been and it was a exceedingly steadyupward diagram and so I was like okay this is definitely a good time to get in ifyou look now it was right before this huge spike in Bitcoin so I was able tosee that spike coming because I could see I was like right around heresomewhere I could see it tending up okay and Google Trends is saying heythis is this is being probed for right now more that’s ever been searched it’ssomething I’m gonna do some nonsense about Bitcoin well now I it is necessary figure outwhat I’m gonna obligate my videos on about Bitcoin okay so is again in time keywordresearch and this time I’m not I’m not taking an affiliate program and runninglike doing like you know these sizzling inquiries where I’m not trying to runvideos about that to be a particular product instead I’m going after what’scalled that announced warm traffic instead of hot traffic it’s warm traffic whatthat wants is I’m going for beings that are that are scouring YouTube withproblems okay so they have a problem and they want it to be solved and so they’reheading to YouTube to see how to solve it and I’m gonna help them solve it byreferring them to an affiliate make that can solve the problem for them okayand so once again I do a knot of keyword research and I found out peopleare looking for how to buy a Bitcoin they’re looking for now we can look atmy videos I merely did six or seven members of them how to buy like copper or a theoryand these are other cryptocurrencies how to get a Bitcoin wallet cables but howdo you store Bitcoin and then beings looking forward to how do you make money withbitcoin like what did I are aware that do I make money with it right we’ve lost orsomething like that how to keep your Bitcoin safe things like that and so Igo and I I now need an affiliate platform that can tie into these right and so Ido a assortment of research and I figure out how to buy Bitcoin like I’m no professional onBitcoin guys and this I’m no professional on a lot of things but I doesn’t take thatlong to become enough of an expert that you can make a five or ten hour videookay takes a couple hours where you can learn and become an expert enough tomake a five time video so the first video was just how to buy Bitcoin thatwas the most commonly scoured thing like how do I freaking buy this stuffthat I was talking about Bitcoin and I find a produce or a programme designed that it’sreally easy be utilized for apprentices and has an affiliate program I learned to use itand then I make a video and the produce is called coinbaseprobably a good deal of you have coinbase trafford coinbase i say hey you’re gonnabuy bitcoin you got a coin base and I show them live on the screen simply talkthem through it you click this you know you sounds this you click buy you gothrough here these steps this is what’s going on and that’s all the video wasokay that video went 330 thousand views and socoinbase only gives me $ 10 for a person that signalings up but you can see I’ve gotthis traffic that’s pretty warm claim they’ve got a probably looking to buy aBitcoin I’m gonna show them how to get it on and and I’m gonna do it easy okay andnaturally there’s gonna be an affiliate join in there when I say okay to do thisyou’re gonna need you know software a coin base click down below you guys canget access to silvers I’m not offering bonuses or anything because I only maketen dollars off of it right but but it’s still natural for that software to comein there and so the people that watch my video you know the way to follow myvideo is to click that link open up coinbaseand then to buy it’s that easy so I’ll hop into my coin locate and see how itresulted in okay how these these 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 videos what they resulted in Icannot seem to get back in the silver basi is okay so this is January so this issix months after the video departed live it’s already starting to really goodbecause bitcoin is starting to trend more right bigger and bigger and biggeryou can see this is coinbase giving me $ 10 increments of commissions as youknow person watches the video clinks my relation in the description to sign up forcoinbase signeds up and then makes a bitcoin purchase and you can see hereJanuary 24 th I did like 50 horses gender 25 th I did probably 10 to 15 perhaps 15 so150 dollars I’m getting 26 may be back to a hundred may be back 250 twenty-seventh not so good and you can see that that time I’m making you know1 00 to 150 dollars a day off of this single affiliate expedition and the coolthing is the video just stays there right the video that I reached that’s 15 times time hangs out there and continues to bring in money for let’ssee we’re in February now parcels and bunches and lots of money in February she’sstill in February now we’re in March she’s bringing in all these or $10 increments view $10 $ 10 $ 10 $ 10 August and or $10 $ 10 $ 10 and this is last yearso we can go keep scrolling scrolling moving scrolling scrolling all theway up to August 14 th which is a two days ago that we got our last you knowBitcoin from these videos and you can see August 13 th August 12 th August 10 thlike it’s night so it’s obviously slowed down as I’ve lost rank and nonsense likethat but but these videos have brought in well over 25 thousand dollars I don’t really know exactly how much been sufficiently honestbecause this particular campaign is being paid for in Bitcoin and Bitcoinchanges value so much you have no idea that you’re making at any given pointright I get ten dollars in Bitcoin each time it you know someone makes apurchase so but you can see here unquestionably over twenty five thousanddollars there and all I did was I cured beings okay I ascertained what beings aresearching for um that related to an affiliate commodity and then I went outand I concluded videos that help them and ask their question and and naturallyuse the affiliate product that I was trying to promote okaythat’s all I did and you can see the results here are just crazy like thisone is obviously one of most blown away things I’ve ever done where I stirred justa marry videos and they are only exploded and good things happen when you when youput yourself out there okay the last way the direction we’re allexcited about is called launch jacking but before you go away cuz I know you’reawful at marketers and you like wait what I know what launch jacking isn’tand that’s not easy to do what propel jacking is is when a company is comingout the new make or a “companies ” is launching typically there’s a lot oftalk that goes on around that liberty when they’re launching a concoction parties aretalking on social media about it to go try it in person about it there’s a lotof like hubba but going on online about this make and what that necessitates is thatthere’s a lot of people going to search engines and trying to figure out whatthis concoction is is it a good product importance buying you know things like thatand so launch jacking is capitalizing on that that abrupt spike in search enginevolume from from beings as a new make opens or a “companies ” propels andgetting people to click your affiliate associate that are kind of trying to figureout what this commodity is okay now you can do that via like Google organic youknow that YouTube organic I’m the road I’m going to show you right now on theway that you know the reason it only took a couple hours was actually withAdwords okay so if you’re familiar with Google AdWords Google AdWords is whereyou actually run an ad at the priorities in a Google search so you tell Google heywhen someone huntings this statement I crave this ad to show up okay so for examplewe’ll employment Apple as an example because everyone uses iPhone and Apple forexample for everything these days when some categories an Apple this ad shows upright Apple is running an ad that inspects just like this and they’ve told Googlewhen when this keyword is typed in we want that ad to show up okay so you cando that with these brand new commodities that are just launchedand and when someone inquiries that concoction right they’re like hey what isyou know what is this or nor they just type in the word or they type in reviewor there’s a lot of things they are unable to type in then you can have an ad thatpops up and they go and they click and it takes them to the home page your adjust takes them to the home page so it’s an affiliate link to the home page ofthat concoction and then they you know they scout around a little bit and a lot ofpeople sign up because they’re clearly interested that’s why they scoured itokay so that’s all we’re doing is we’re doing an ad just like this but we’d beusing our affiliate association now it’s really important to note a lot of corporations arenot fond of this in fact a lot of well a great deal of corporations simply don’t allow thisokay as an affiliate and you don’t want to break the rules or you’ll be shutdown and kicked out but a good deal of corporations do allow this in particularthere’s kind of this scope of like smaller companies that simply aren’t bigenough to have someone that runs their own Adwords and so there’s no onerunning their own ads to do this right so you’re not emulating with them andand those are kind of the companies that we go for because they typically don’thave regulates with affiliates being able to run that because they’re not doing itthemselves so you’re not like playing with them in any way no like I said thebig Kony’s all have their own average parties but the medium-sized and kind ofsmall and medium-sized corporations who having a suite there for a minute thesmall and medium size business don’t have these rules because they’re notrunning their own AdWords and you’re actually you’re actually helping themout and I say that’s because if you look at this search Apple right if Applewasn’t move an ad now a challenger could be running an ad here k so Samsungor Google they could say hey when someone research Apple made this ad infront of them and they could have an ad that’s Google right so with Google phoneor something like that and certainly Apple does not want someone searchingfor an Apple iPhone to get an ad for a Google phone right there because they’regonna lose patrons that lane and so these smaller companies that don’t runtheir own AdWords it is important to have AdWords racing or your competitorscan come in and own these top spots when people search for your company which isa bad thing so that’s all we’re doing you can see right here the company I didthis for was announced make all they launched approximately one year and a half ago andyou can see between requested and paid on this developer detail this is theaccount I exactly did that with it’s done about 28 almost exactly $ 25,000 onceagain we’re kowtow by by the hair of our whisker of our chinny chin kuki-chin herebut so we’ve realise $25,000 at this and and that’s literally with this with thiscampaign that’s all we did okay that’s all we did is welooked me said hey bill Darrell is propelling right now there’s gonna be alot of people trying to figure out what it is we’ve launched an ad that lookjust like this so it did said you know build our alland instead of Apple and when people were searching for bill draw but IB hadone for build relevant for Bill drawl pricing we had one for what is build araw a duet other keywords that were like that rightbill drawl versus some things like that and we introduced these ads in front of peopleand and we’re able to gain with about ten to fifteen thousand dollars in adspend we were able to gain twenty five thousand dollars plus there’s recurringcommissions with builder all okay so when people stay like I’m still makingmoney each month with developer all as different parties as beings stay andcontinue to pay builder all better monthly subscription make all salaries mea portion of that so you can see this the ads you can see an ad like that inAdWords takes little to no time to set up okay like it’s totally got to typeout about to three hundred utterances right you do need to know AdWords a little bitand you know I school AdWords and some of the trainings that I do and material likethat but it’s really really not crazy complicated to construct that ad right so thehardest area about this strategy is finding the liberty produce and doing itat the right time okay because when a company it’s big and the make it’sbig they’re gonna ranged their own AdWords but if the company is still small-minded enoughand the product is still new fairly then there’s often this little gap where noone’s running Adwords and you can you can fill that divergence okay and and so you’vejust it takes a lot of research on a lot of different locates and I have othervideos that reveal you how to find like areas that are propelling and things likethat or concoctions they’re launching and things like that it is therefore does make sometime in that area but then you can see formerly you go to launch it’s very veryvery easy and I was luckily on this produce that I heard about I didn’t haveto hours and hours of studies like I have on other concoctions I heard aboutthis product as it was launching and was able to jump on and make it all happenreally quick so that’s why I was only taken three hours cuz I didn’t spend tenhours or 20 hours doing research okay so there are the specimen those are forflip marketing lessons if you started it to the end that’s awesome I want to knowwhich one you like the most okay which one like a peeled you “the worlds largest” and a lotof you’re like oh the fourth one did but trust me the fourth one does make sometime to find the claim produce okay there’s only one and it’s got to be aproduct that not everyone in the world is already trying to do that withbecause you know like with apple or somethinglike that because only one person is gonna sit there in that top spot okaythey can’t be a hundred affiliates all sitting there like there’s only one adthat that’s allowed to be shown by Google so it’s not quite as easy as itsounds but once you find the liberty make it’s awesome and it is as easyas it sounds so yeah let me know what you like the most remember coming rightup there’s gonna be a free develop that we can look inside my affiliatemarketing business and kind of get a good hypothesi of what a full-time affiliatemarketing income can look like and how its how its made and thank you so muchfor watching click subscribe now go take your life by the trumpets


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