Free Affiliate Marketing Training – Passive Income Affiliate Training – Day 1/7

oh right Carey buck now welcome tostep one of the passive income affiliate train so step one is this is what’sgonna happen when you sounds that orange button that says please click here to get your1 4-day free trouble of clickfunnels ok so I’m gonna walking you through exactlywhat’s going to happen so first thing we’re doing when I put your best emailaddress in here okay oops so I’m just gonna call that so use yourbest email address and then you’re gonna create a password and then you’re gonnaclick start my free 14 -day trial and then once you do that it’s gonna bringyou to this page ok so on this sheet what it’s asking you to do is you want topick which account of clickfunnels that you want okay so there’s the clickfollows explanation we just get clickfunnels you get a 14 -day free experiment and thenit’s $97 a few months or you can get the one that I have which is Edison sweet whichgets you clickfunnels plus act etics which is click funnelsbuilt in email autoresponder you can email text all kinds of good stuff andalso backpack that’s how to set up your own affiliate program if you have yourown improves that you sell ok I most most recommend that you click this forat least your 14 daylight free tribulation so that acces you can see how everything toils andby the way I do have and further down in the steps in the 7 stair process I dohave done for you email cycles that will only be available for folks thatare in the Edison suite because it goes with action etics right so I haven’trecommend you you picked this Edison Suite just for the 14 -day trial just sayand see how everything toils and how readily everything goes togetherum and it’s it’s basically everything is under one roof like everything you needit’s like right here you know it’s 14 daytimes free and then it’s 297 a month andkeep in mind this too seven a month the goal is for you tomake fairly affiliate income you know enough income from affiliate offerswhere you’re never coming out of pocket for that 279 a month anyway right that’sthe goal but what you can do is I most recommend you at least pick this foryour 14 -day trial at the end of 14 daylights if you want to downgrade to the $ 97 youtotally can do that okay so pick which one you want to start off with thenenter your credit card info until the month the year your system and your zipcode by the way there they’re not gonna charge your card right now your carddoes not get billed right bill right now it is a free 14 -day trial nothing isgonna get billed on your card until after the 14 daylights okay and of courseeverything we’re doing in this training necessitates one of these forms right umexcuse me if you preserve Edison sweet it’s just gonna conclude your life much simplerbecause everything the email our owneds benefactor everything is already in thereso I can time I just done for you material I only you kind of give to you sharethat with you huh versus you going out get an active safarus or Aweberconvertkit or something else right you just have all this right here but againat the conclusion of its 14 daytimes if you want to downgrade the $97 a month you totallycan alright so after the 14 daylights is whenthey charge a card they will not charge anything right now so don’t worry aboutthat guy you just have to decide if you want to add this one-time offered toyour tier order which is the nine mysteries nine confidential store was teaching itlooks like they have a rejected it’s normally 197 but they’re offering it toyou for 40 seven dollars right now if you want that time click that if youdon’t want that you unclick it it’s completely up to you it has absolutelynothing to do with the passive income affiliate education so this is all on youif you crave this or not you either concoct it at it or you don’t at it but thenwhen you’re done you sounds activate my chronicle now okay you are familiar with once you dothat you’re gonna want to move on to step two because that is how you’regonna be able to actually get the entire funnel this entire funnel that I havebuilt framed that into your new clickfunnels account thatyou can start using and get it up and going so you can start using that funnelto create affiliate income for yourself so that it’s paying for whatever edisonsuite or whatever click moves account that you choose all right I will see youin the next step

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