Free Affiliate Marketing Training – Passive Income Affiliate Training – Day 2/7

all right well welcome back to stepnumber two of the passive income affiliate educate so here in step twowhat we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually download the funnel that I’msharing with you so the pre-built affiliate funnel let’sjust push and play you can totally customize that we’ll goover that actually in the next step but I want to show you what happens when youclick on that big-hearted orange button that says click here to download this funnelinto your clink funnels account what happens is you’re gonna come to thisscreen I needed to stop that so it’s gonna say Kerry Buck has shared thisfunnel with you open the passive income affiliate pour so what the hell are you wantto do is you want to come over here you’ve got two alternatives so if you did notsign up for your 14 -day free ordeal to click pours and step number one youcan actually do that right here okay so if you didn’t do that do it right hereunder your best email address choose a password and then BOOM click appoint youraccount now and then I’m gonna contribute this this entire funnel into your clickfunnels account if you did compose your free visitation and step number one thenyou’re already it click funnels representative so all you got to do is click include thisfunnel and what it’ll do is add this funnel this passive income affiliatefunnel to your sound funnels account so you click that you know you have tologin to click moves and then boom you’ll see that it’s sharing this funnelwith you okay so what I wanna do real quick is show you how you are eligible to I startopen a brand-new tab no I don’t want it to be in incognitoI want to show you how you can actually share this funnel with tribes becausewhat you’re gonna be doing is you’re gonna be sharing this funnel with folksas well later on in this training because what happens is when you sharethe move it automatically embeds the pour with your affiliate ID and thentherefore you are realise 40% goals okay so what you want to do iswhen you log in you go to the Browse funnels alright it is therefore leads the Browsefunnel so we’re gonna go to the passive income’ affiliate prepare so once we’rein now so once you’re in this passive income’ affiliate grooming pour againthis is the funnel you’re gonna share with folks so you can start makingcommissions from clink pours right and you get 40 percentage fees so whatyou wanted to share this funnel is you go to settings then you scroll down towhere it says share this funnel URL and then you really imitate it and then paste itwherever you want to paste it so folks can click on it and then do exactly whatyou’re doing right now okay so that’s how you share an actual pour I alsowant to show you how to share a action funnel and this is the email sequence soremember I “ve told you” if you stick with the 297 training and few free experiment the2 97 grooming the Edison suite which says clink funnels act and X backpack thenyou’ll actually be able to have the entire funnel that I’m getting ready toshow you how to share right this is what you’re gonna share with other tribes aswell so it’s just it’s kind of important that you have the Edison suite so youcan share this so we go to the passive income affiliate onboarding string iswhat I call it and then so you’re in now you discover the 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 so it’s 8d ay cycle it’s actually seven period sequence and in order to share thispromotes this entire thing so all of these emails okay you’re gonna share allthese emails are already written to do that you only click that arrow rightthere and again upturn another share associate pas up you duplicate it and glue it andthat’s how when they click on that all of these will instantly be added totheir well not instant like it takes time but it doesn’t take long it’salmost occasion will be added to their click funnels account ok so that’s howyou share action moves and then you also know how to share the actual funnelitself so folks other that you’re referring children you knowstart so you can start spawning you know passive income from these folksaffiliate committees because concoct finals offer your forty percentage okayalright that is it for step two I will see you in the video for step threeshortly

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