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hello there I am now and I’m back with another brand new strategy and today video we will share with you a surprising and interesting approach actually that I will show you the free software that results you to say$ 160 and today a subsidiary commerce with two payloads method that is the click bank dd place 24 this means that if you promote on digi accumulation 24 or you use the clickbank to restart the concoction so it’s up to you or you prefer any other network like digi place 24 or different lesser jvzoo Health Market or any other network even surprised that “youre using” so basically you can use completely free with this software and you can bring auctions and money actually with the strategy so today video is really great what I demand you to watch the video must seem whole intent you is not face all the regions of the programme because it is a is a bit difficult technique and a bit need you need to be focused on the strategy because we are maximize and compile a website and then maximize the result from it so what do I want to sign up for first with your pinball network formerly you sign in with it, you can log in to your history as soon as you log in to your detail note actually we’ll remove it in today’s video with digi supermarket 24 structure so if you use digi store 24 other i I do not have to work like I “ve told you” before so that you can use it with this strategy and this software which is actually unique software and it’s absolutely free in order to be allowed to impel sales to payload with the method so got my eye on me today and to show you the exact methods step by step and you are eligible to learn and then you can give the money at the back of it so before you dive into the method or to the policy I want to remind you that we do have other tips subterfuges and strategies to make money online territory get passive income and operate from home in our canal you can easily see our direct and our playlist and looking after for the best programme and strategies for absolute free utter more fund online when you are there country or anywhere actually so you can simply start making money online to those used free techniques so if you are not subscribed to the canal satisfy press the subscribe button now and enable the build notification when we upload new video you will be notified if you like the video, like and give an inch to the video or if you have any questions remark below, I will time reply and I will respond as soon as possible let’s start the firstly approach and important thing is that but we’m just going to the dj accumulate 24 and then once at gd accumulation 24 so the next step on the left you will see the main categories that it is available on dtgstore2 4 so dj Save a little more interesting than click bank because it is available all over nature but clickbank is often not available of “the two countries ” so as soon as we have the main categories right here we are able to simply click on fitness and health list so we only use this application this one category health and fitness you can use any other category you demand, so it’s not really a is not a number of problems as soon as you unroll, you are able to 46 meet ensues means that there will be 46 makes available now for weight loss products, so the first time i was ever keto afterwards 50 high keto offers which we like three dollars and 40 cents for sale which is 50 board, so it’s a bit fragment less coin so you can roll and you can choose the one that liquidate us a little more money and we can get more auctions and more fund at this time with this software so it one is smart blood sugar, so it’s actually provide them with weight loss in respect of the carbohydrate or blood sugar actually so here is the sell sheet and here is the subsidiary page and their thing is 31. 66 per advertisement actually if we promote this one hence the cancellation rate for this commodity is 15 percent, which is a bit a little wonderful pace or a good calculate actually most people are not interested nullify mean they like it product and sales rank is free and the fitness and health category means and it health and category state and fitness category grading on the third number or third product symbolizes numerous people or promote numerous affiliates and they pay the commission from that the coolest persona here is that that is dispensation 80 percent commission is there they actually pay as a uh 80 percentage commission so the following entry step is that we can go to the sales page an affiliate sheet “were having” there we go first to the affiliate page, just let me go so this is the affiliate page that they provide us now they have the links the government has intelligence as ha are descriptions um they have images, for example we have email swap so all this material that we provide to us promote with this best strategy, so the next step is that we can also go to the sales sheet establishing the sales page seems so simple, you are eligible to on the click sell sheet and you will be redirected to the sales sheet like this and this is the first one is the video that parties will just watch it so video auctions page is more convertible than calls so it’s a different one coolest portion that we have a sales sheet from the video so here you can see that this guy for for example when watching the video full video they can click freedom below lesson, I crave smart blood sugar to buy or they have another alternative for example like to look further or commencing from starts well so this is the video means they can watch the video again to fully understand and they can only click on the call to action button on the right now to see to get or buy from them so the next step is that we have the sales page now and we have for example a ph page and we find out the produce right here, so the next step is that we can easily go to Google and simply we are able to form for example weight loss plus and 10 days or something like that, so any keyword you is you want to use so you can use for lesson about weight loss how to lose weight how to lose belly fatty how to go fast for weight loss or something similar so you can use different keywords as soon as you write the keywords there and you are looking for what you will find the best website above for lesson such as satisfy this is one of the best website and they are promote uh actually the government has good clauses on their website uh okay so this is the best website if you exactly miss one or you are is a desire to it, so you can easily open so i can check this one out and this one what it looks like so it’s actually how to lose 10 pounds in precisely one week so here is the commodity the ended section is here and these are pop-up ads that you can only do close it and let me go to this other locate what it looks like no thanks uh, this is another site that the government has the articles so this also seems good and fairly actually so what we need to do we can simply choose one of these places for us purpose or for our advantage of just walking around policy and to act further and we use it content for ultimate free as soon as we select this one for lesson this is the website or we just use helpline on which slope actually for example this one is we really abuse as soon as we select the weak side next time pace is that you can we can only return to the area for sample sorry google and really type associate i i row okay, as soon as you dial ask i call iro you will see the first website tie-in and will be here the link actually that you can what connection basically io, it makes it possible to shorten move and optimize your been linked to catchy calls to action links with trademarks of pixels and strong analysis actually so basic it is used for call-to-action button on the places and we can have it for free once we get it come here, you are eligible to simply click on it the first tie-up as soon as you click on the first associate, you sounds the central website will be visited as they say increase your shift pace include a call to action to call you for example, it is the first to which area and unique which side to work properly and have the great shift charge actually so they have many benefits that we can do it, but we is not “re going to have to” invest most of the time on this actually I is impossible to swiftly explain to you that they have the pricing schemes for example the free one basic one pro and busines so we do not have to pay the money for it basic pro and enterprise actually we can simply use the free one for the first time you have more regret then we can go further and expand for more, so associate io is the best attract website if you only want to test actually we can do what we have to do outline easily for who really by simply sounding the free button luggage start it now, as soon as you right click here is the next step that you will be called this locate so they are unable you are eligible to registry with it as soon as you register for example, they need your given name email address and password and then they will sign once with that they send you to verify you email address but Please check your email for verification then you just have to go to you inbox and then you can see here for speciman to activate your note, confirm email address exactly click on it as soon as you sounds that your history will be activated and this is your dashboard now so as soon as you finish this site you really sign that “youre ever” will be possible to expend two thousand clicks to use on you scheme means you have free monies and you are allowed to use 2,000 click like this if you get two thousand clicks you will of course get more auctions so if you get more sales then after that you can endow to go refurbish for the more plans actually so now on the left you read the menu now, such as combining smart relations analysis call to action domains pixels customized scripture so mostly you can just click summon to act just click on it as soon as you click here on the call to action button and you log in to the website then you will be redirected to another sheet like this and now “youre seeing” for example create cta really click on it as soon as you click establishing cta actually, then you can add your label to action button now so here is for example my splendid cti you can add the reputation as whatever your product is related to it you can use for example like blood sugar like blood sugar you can simply use and you can use a hog-tie, for example now gives people the three different types of ads for precedent like ringlet block is that it comes here now uh “youre seeing” and here’s another one like pop up what you are in the midriff and it’s pop up and then people only close it and then you have the banner like the third one to come at the lower end of the sheet as you pate proceeds now like this one but basically we can drawing up the move box or pop-up so if you really opt this one uh u choose this one the first one it is therefore will appear here, so I think it is the large-hearted and if people precisely take note as soon as you espoused it then you can customize the word is there what you can add here, for example you can a lend pate, this is this one here you can customize so for this reason you should do you are eligible to simply go to uh now for example uh your affiliate tie-ups for example and you can scroll and you can see here for example uh before you go there you can easily choice the uh the locate that what we said you are promote for example uh if you exclusively promote with food and tv okay so thats ok too but if you like this one so this site is also ideal for speciman health wrinkle so what is necessary do you can simply give the heading for example as most recommended um principal right ok brain techniques okay most recommended manager programme you can see it signifies it is recommended from the website actually what we’re just talking about manager approach good a chief my person if you are what to add line-up, it’s great if you is not included not a problem okay so it’s not really a problem then you will can leave a letter here the sense you can easily go to here the connected domain actually and you then you are eligible to for example, exactly adopt here description and you are eligible to simply copy the description as your doctor does not tell you approximately diet uh top physician reveals what the remedy is certainly capable of for example that it will be something like call to action meaning that parties will get attention so simple can you paste it precisely here and it will look like something like this one okay now and then you can scroll down and envision here click me for example now here is the button actually it is the button now right you are eligible to adapt so that you, for example, the can change text such as as as now okay or if here okay you are eligible to simply use the url button on the right here for example so but the button url “wouldve been” you affiliate tie-ups you can give sample, you can go there and exactly click on the promotional button here as soon as you click on the advertising button then this is your link and you can simply facsimile the link from now sorry, you can easily copy that you are eligible to simply duplicate it and you can go back here and you can paste it right here there are still you are eligible to roll and watch compute a preview persona so that it will be the idol, so mostly you can just go to diabetes sphere or affiliate connects for instance like i told you, um, let me go to the go update field now and that’s all epitomes an portrait you require in order to be allowed to simply can download it and upload it for free now you can see here is the picture you can easily upload it uh once uploaded okay then you can change the background shade for example this is the background dis lily-white, you can change to any one you can also converts text complexion, for example if you want to change it in this verse coloring you can change button big around it is for example the one you can also change by sample to anything you want, for example right here okay “youre seeing” if you want to add the yellow one so that you can add for example you can simply add to it if you use the light-green one so you can use anyone “youre using” so you can easily espouse that button text colouring, for example this text hue if you want to change, you can do it change now it is white so I like something will leave behind this one such importance for example where is it you people want left or right example below left top right transcend reces for example where is it you people want okay now you can use, but I think it is punishment on the right is the bottom claim penalize emerge term three seconds for example you verify uh can only add up to five so once you’ve done with that, you’ll can simply click on the sell call to action as soon as you click on the sale button so you already did it and you just initiated your tie-in whether you are here together the next step that you can go back to the dashboard right here, formerly you get to the disappear it’s now time to( dashboard) understand what the process is like actually manipulates mostly you are eligible to simply thought to depart website president to the website and imitation the whole url or full url, you can easily copy it and then you can go back to association i drive and clink the link right here and then click on the link associates now, about once now you click on the add call then they will forward you to another sheet that is real significant and what is certainly understandable here okay so is truly important here, so here is url for pattern the leader way and it’s something like you do not need to use only use the domain or something like that this okay fix if you have numerous, for example you compound various restrictions there so you can choose anyone you miss but since we only generated the blood sugar one so as soon as you go to call to action now right you can easily click on the carbohydrate one so you can just stay this uh province like this and then you can click on save the smart relation as soon as you’m done with smart auctions call and here they give you the link iro gives you a short term relation that you can only promote everywhere crave so here is the site actually that you can anyone recommend for weight loss and here is your call to war button will be here up here if someone just sounds on it scold, for example, just let me click on it this is gonna be redirected to another page or an affiliate page that we are just promotion now on digi collect 24 so they just come here and it’s us own discipline actually simply announce when anyone just buy us the committee at the back so now we build our link to act button now and it’s really smart this route actually what we created so now is a time to promote and where to to promote and what will be the free transaction informant we can promote and this tie-in will not bend from it website so basically this connect will work with any website in fact there is no possibility to apply aim affiliate request or from digital 24 or clink bank on others social media but these were allowed to use, so that the first step is that we just have to go to the so read it as one of the very best places for example to promote your product for that you see if “youre ever” not aware of what is read it is a social media push programme actually with a large amount free commerce so if you look at the monthly see according to the similar gesticulate 1.6 billion people come each month to this area it is therefore the largest website and the world-wide actually and social media that most people collected from the united states united kingdom government Canada Australia and German and this are the best and richest countries and we want to promote our concoction and press they are so the first and main thing that you can log in to the once you log in to, the next tip is that you just after can actually going to see your chronicle and then it will look like this and you can add the for example, for example, you can make a call at contributed lent your username or something similar so once you’ve done with that, you’ll can only go to the search prohibit for example you are unable nature weight loss or weight loss or something like that you can just type it and then you can request it as soon as you are you looking for it actually you will see a lot now groups actually that it will be available for you and then you can simply sign up for that for example body followings with 44 000 members and this is 26 million representatives actually and things like so you can join everyone else radicals actually and you are unable add your photo or your portraits or you text or your attaches inside of the okay, uh, you can just use another keyword like losing force okay let me try to lose weight keyword for it therefore you can see the very best make here farm and parish and users, so if you really click on communities in the user that will simply establish you the groups to its implementation of weight loss for example as this is with 336 000 representatives 8 million amounts fit okay so what you need to do you are eligible to simply join these groups different groups you can simply join them okay, once you join forces you can time click on it and open the groups as soon as you form them uh actually open the group then you can simply announced here and different groups like eight million people are in this group and 5 500 spectators online now okay, they are currently online okay and the group is initiated from 2008 actually so you what you need to do, you can simply click on the click arrange right here as soon as you go to the united states post office you can go back to the links here you can go to the links actually and then you can give your link to the freedom here it is for example your link you can simply post it now and then you can add for example a short deed and then you can click on the berth so many parties will be interested in the light actually that they place similar you are not just promoting something for precedent such as you are not just promoting your direct relation or something you help people to precisely the to show or sites actually articles about the weight loss and they will read it at the side of it they are able to only loom or show your ads before them and then they can act on the method so hell is there what we use now for example to the sidebar and we use a catchy name for example most recommended website honcho procedure so people picture that this is directly from this heading website of us or anybody else, so they can click on your button right here, so read this is the first one the second free topic reserve is the the is the best website around the world likewise for the tropics actually “youve got to” get it on simple, you can also type weight loss or lose weight or something and then, formerly you examine, you can go to the group areas and you can find out hundreds and thousands groups actually but you can figure it out and you are eligible to open all these groups you can mostly just join the groups first and then you can go there and time evaluation your tie-up for example the inside of it, so once you’ve over the link here to the right so it will show something like this and you are eligible to, for example, announcement action button or something in the deed now and you can also included the picture, for example if you want so you can easily add the picture extremely so this will be a great space to promote with this social media pulpit more and here you can add a short title so so this is the second route the third largest one is is that you simply go to the can go now google and precisely form force for example loss forum Formerly you have your weight loss written trouble and you are able to rummage determine countless locates and meetings actually that you can easily perfectly connect free and you can promote your associations in this you be understood that they are here there are a lot forums you can do just join and you can promote your ties and propagandize it so that it’s all different free traffic beginnings that you allows us to your advantage and you can use this free software for completely free strengthening the produce here in this action that was the whole video and that I was is about to share your video with you today and you will perfectly act on the method and you will benefit from that so hopefully it’s interesting to you and taking any decision on the methodology used so it’s a free software and a two payload technique you can use and at the back you can generate some cash out of it so thank you for watching the video as you like the video, delight photograph it button remark if you have any questions or concern can I respond to it as soon as possible if you is not have still subscribed to the channel press the subscribe button and turn on the bolt notification when we upload the video you will be inform him of it. 10 following label videos see you wonderful with pleasant times you.

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