Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing 2021!

if you’re just getting started with affiliatemarketing you’re probably wondering how do i get free traffic how do i get parties to myaffiliate connections well in today’s video i want to show you some free commerce procedures that youcan start using with your affiliate sell proposals if you don’t have the money to put intofacebook ads or google ads or solo ads then this video is going to be for you i’m likewise going to berevealing a very big opportunity for free traffic right now that is getting beings a ton of resultsif that sounds good to you then is moving forward and punched that like button and let’s get right into it swayis with youtube and this is by far my favorite room to get free traffic for your affiliate offersand this might take you a little bit of experience makes you a little bit of rehearse if you don’twant to show your face on camera like this you don’t have to you can do screen recordingsjust like i’m doing right now your videos going to be able be screen logs it doesn’t have to be withyou proving your face you are going to need to optimize your videos for examine and you are goingto have to be consistent on youtube it may take you a few months to need to go but really keep ongoing and are compatible so one of the most wonderful things that you can do is get to buddy positioned on yourbrowser it helps you out with your keywords and search so you really get to optimize your videosthat practice people can find your videos easier okay i used do have a link down below for tubebuddyand you can get started with this for free use the free edition even if you’re just gettingstarted on youtube because even the free explanation is very helpful it’s better than having absolutelynothing no way to optimize your videos whatsoever now another thing that you can use is awebsite like this this is and on this website you can actually search forwhat people are actually asking for what people are talking about and you can get some videocontent this lane some video ideas if you are doing affiliate marketing and you’re looking for contentto create around a software or implement so for example i do promote a software called builderall and ican go ahead and hunting on now and it’ll show me what parties are actually searching for andthis will give you some good video themes alright so i’m just going to put in builder allby the way allows you three research per daylight free of charge besides that they dohave a pro account that you can get but this is just fine because it gives you a whole lot as longas you know what keyword you’re searching for and you restraint to three examines per daytime or youcan come back the next day and lay in some more keywords so let’s go ahead and give youan example with builderall and go to search so right here is our keyword they will give youeverything that people are type in so how much to promote builderall business what is builderallaffiliate what is builderall business how to use builderall how much does it expense so these are allcontent impressions right there these are all videos you can scroll down for even more is it free is itgood and if you preserve scrolling it’ll continue giving you ideas for example right here it’s comparingtools so it’s saying builderall versus group funnels versus cartridge versus click funnels butthese are all things that people are searching for and you can create content around all rightdepending on what it is that you’re promoting and what it is that you’re searching for so answerthe public is another one that you can use and my favorite free traffic procedure is going to beyoutube there’s a huge opportunity that you may be missing this opportunity can get you some leadsvery very quickly the one that i’m talking about right now is click tock click tock is huge right nowyou don’t have to only rely on tick tock for this method there’s also instagram reels and youtubeshorts so youtube is getting in on the short video action right now and it is a huge opportunity forpeople who are just getting started in my opinion this can work a great deal faster than getting startedwith regular youtube videos so if you do have a small youtube channel where you’re trying topromote your affiliate relations and your affiliate concoctions you should definitely be using click tockinstagram spools or youtube shorts or all three to get more traffic to your affiliate presents sotick tock is going crazy right now and it’s a huge opportunity in order for you to get eyeballsto your affiliate presents there are beings on tick tock get a ton of traffic of free traffic iactually started announcing on this account back in april i had zero followers and now in january of2 021 we are at 71 000 followers which is crazy to me how quickly it thrived now i haven’t been post onthere a lot lately but i actually plan to create more content for tik tok the cool thing about thistype of content for example tik tok or instagram reels or youtube shorts isn’t that you don’t haveto put too much work into it too much revising but you do want to concentrate on actuallycreating more of the content okay if you can start putting out two tick tocks or two spools perday and start proliferating your account just like that this is actually what i was doing i was doingabout one video per epoch and the cool thing with ticking tock is you can actually construct duets justlike this i’m just do marriage which symbolizes i’m just reacting to his video so if you can clear twotick tocks on your topic and then you can make one more tick tock like this like here’s me andvictor i just reacted to one of his ticking tocks okay so i really didn’t do anything for this butreact okay and that is super simple and what you want to do is you want to actually follow peoplewho are in your same niche so yes you want to be niche specific when it comes to tick tock orinstagram reels youtube you just wanted to do all of that you want to stay within your niche you want tocheck out those hashtags check out the people who are putting out that type of content and get someideas on the type of content you actually want to create all right so the next one is going to bepinterest this is a really good source of free traffic as well it also depends on what you’reactually promoting most of pinterest consumers are women it depends on what kind of topic whatkind of niche you are in for example anything with cooking state wealth fashion anythinglike that anything like “whos going to” do is a good one on pinterest you can easily headover to and make some pins for free you can even use some of the video pins becausethose are really doing well here on pinterest depending on the affiliate offer you can link toyour website if you don’t have a website that’s totally penalize you can do something like this forexample i’m gonna click on this one right here they’ve created a google site and i actually havea full tutorial on how to create one of these i’ll throw a poster right above now but you can takethem over to your google locate if you create a google site if you don’t want to actually createa website or you can take them over to a arrive sheet all right so i sounded on that google siteand as you can see this is a short article about an affiliate marketing plan okay if you comedown to the bottom here i guarantee you this is their affiliate link and this is taking you overto a different commodity okay so that’s one channel to do it if you don’t have your own website theydo accept raw affiliate connects on here you just have to read all of their expressions so your next freetraffic source is and on now you can create articles you can write review articles youcan also use answer the public what we did before to find topics on things that you can write aboutand you can include affiliate links with medium nonetheless you do have to read their terms and makesure you’re doing it precisely because they can ban you and they can kick you out if you put toomany affiliate attaches in one article for example and things like that you just have to read all oftheir rules first but you can create articles like this but your article is gonna have to be a lotlonger than this of course now starting out with medium instead of your own blog is really goodbecause you can be seen a lot faster than with your own blog exactly because this websitealready has a lot of permission on the internet so articles do show up on google on the first pageeven from depending on what people are searching for so clearly a great wayto get started writing articles if you don’t have your own blog or you don’t want to start yourown blog if you encountered the information requirements valuable then is moving forward and observation down below and letme know was helpful too go ahead and check out the video that’s coming up next it is all aboutthe best way to make money online as a apprentice thank you so much for watching and i’m gonna seeyou in the next one this video is for educational purposes merely the results are not typical thereis no guarantee that you will earn any coin exploiting these techniques and ideas mentionedin this video i am not a financial advisor and anything that “i m saying” on this youtube channelshould not be seen as monetary advice your elevation of success in attaining the results claimed inthis video will require hard work experience and knowledge i was sharing my biased opinionbased on speculation and my personal experience you should understand that with expending there isalways increased risk always do your own research before making any investment we have taken reasonablesteps to ensure that the information in this video is accurate but we cannot represent thatthe websites mentioned in this video are free from errors no earnings estimates promises orrepresentation any earnings or income testimonies or any earnings or income samples are onlyestimates of what we think you could earn there is no assurance you will do as well as stated in anyexamples if you rely upon any figures plied you must accept the entire risk of not doing as wellas the information provided this applies whether the earnings or income instances are cash innature or pertain to advertising ascribes who are able to deserved whether such credits are convertibleto money or not this video and show may contain affiliate connects which means that if youclick on any of the product attaches i’ll receive a small commission i won’t introduced anything here thati haven’t checked and or personally consumed myself

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