From $0 To $10,000 🤑with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (Step by Step)

What’s going on everyone? I’m Marissa andin today’s video we’re gonna go over a idea on how you can go from zero toten thousand dollars per month with affiliate market for beginners andthis really is a stepbystep so don’t take any of this softly. This is my bestadvice of how you could be earning these types of checks like I did and I am likethis and this and this and this and this and receiving text sends like thisand it’s really incredible previously you get this affiliate marketing business goingbecause it becomes super passive income. We’re rolling with it and so make sureyou stay to the end of this video because the end is kind of the mostimportant part to your success with affiliate sell and it’s step that most people get wrong, trust me you don’t wantto get this wrong, so stay aria for this video.The first step in this zero to 10 kblueprint that you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to believe in theproduct. So what does this necessitate? So you don’t want to go to clickbank or Amazonand just select any old product merely to promote it because there’s a goodcommission, you actually want to try out the commodity and understand the productfor yourself. I signify I actually made this mistake a couple of eras, promoting aproduct as I that I wasn’t too very well known and I didn’t do that much moneyand the commission’s I did compile, I necessitate it was okay, but people were complainingabout the product and I felt super bad.I’m like Oh my gosh I’m never gonna dothat again. And so you got to remember that affiliate marketing is great, it’san amazing business pose, you can make a lot of money with it, but you got toprotect your brand most importantly because if you’re promoting a productthat doesn’t help people, that doesn’t solve a problem, that doesn’t servepeople, that isn’t really good and top excellence in their specific niche in themarketplace, don’t do it. You don’t want to go down that itinerary, cartel me. And so Itell people affiliate marketing is kind of like the gateway business.I mean, everyone has talked about marijuanas being the gateway medicine to like all these otherdrugs, this is that’s what I call affiliate marketing to online marketingbecause once you get really good at affiliatemarketing you’re gonna want to develop your own commodities and that’s why youonly want to promote the best produces that you’re familiar with because, although I got my own digital concoctions now and my own assistances, affiliatemarketing is still a huge chunk of my income because I prepare it up right and Idid it the right way, which I’m talking about in this blueprint. So the next stepin this blueprint from 0 to 10k is to focus, and delight is not make thislightly and flatten your eyes, trust me you need to focus on one make and takingand scaling that one product because this is how you’re gonna spawn the mostamount of commissions, originate your firebrand, this is actually how you’re even goingto grow and improve your email listing. The extent is when you focus on one thing inone product one busines it will grow and you will establish the most amount ofcommissions and sales because you’re able to, the most, understand the productand how it converts and what you need to do to tweak it becauseyou’ll gather more and more data and you’ll understand what you need to do tocontinue to sell it and to scale that affiliate market commission.Peoplefall into this trap of the glistening object condition because one they getfrustrated that the produce doesn’t sell or doesn’t work for themand so they’re like Oh this commodity sucks so I’m gonna prance to the next one, or they get the shiny object syndrome because they start promoting one productproduct and then they ascertain another produce open like Oh my idol Ineed to promote that brand-new commodity, when they haven’t even given the firstproduct a try, and so I want to highlight and emphasize that you need to focus onone at a time. So what that looks a lot like maybe is promoting one produce for sixto nine months, get it fruitful, if you’re confident that it will continueto scale on its own then maybe you can add another product to what you’re doingbut definitely give it some time and must focus. The third thing you need tofocus on with affiliate sell for amateurs and reaching that 10 k crisscros isthe commission structure.So there’s a lot of different terms when itcomes to this, but when we talk about affiliatemarketing committees there’s low-pitched ticket, there’s high ticket, there’s returning commissionings, and I specific focus on promoting productsthat are either high ticket, which means you make a commission of a thousanddollars or more, or that is recurring commission. So if you promote a businesstool or a website tool or some type of online tool, it is a really good thingbecause when those are monthly memberships that people have to payevery single month, so guess what, what does that means for you? You get thatcommission check every single month in your bank account, and so the other thingis you want to do your research on the commission structure and what that lookslike, anywhere from 30% to 70% is a really, really sweet spot, anything moreis just incredible, I is undoubtedly do some research into how the productperforms and what their numbers are like, what is the conversion rate of theproduct, so maybe the product sells beings with a webinar, for example, whatis that conversion rate of the webinar? If it is above 2 %, that is amazingbecause industry standard is between 1 and 2% you can also look at theaffiliate page of an offering and see if there’s any other big names orwellknown names in the industry that are promoting that affiliate product and, if so, if there’s good commendations from other affiliates.If there’s good datathen that is a great sign that you should continue or that you canpromote that product so certainly keep the commission structure and theconversion quantities in brain when thinking about promoting an affiliate offer.Alright, so the fourth step in all of this is to find the concoction. So I’m goingto go over a couple of places where you can find an affiliate make, it’sreally that easy and even my best advice is if there’s a produce or services tool, whatever it is that goes with your symbol and that is that has to do with theniche of your online business, I is undoubtedly start promoting that first.Ifyou category in virtually any company in the world, they have a referral program or anaffiliate platform, but I most believe there is a digitalproduct or digital course that anyone could promote and in that mastermindI’ve seen the most incredible online directions about so many different things.There’s a person learn other upandcoming veterinarians how to havean amazing vet career, there’s a woman who learns about anxiety, and anotherwoman who educates actors how to be great performers, another woman who has a Pinterestcourse, another woman who has a course on manifestation, and another guy who sellsa course on how to turn mansions. The list is endless and my recommendation to youis to find an influencer, you don’t even really have to contact them, simply do some experiment on their Instagram, their YouTube, their website, and morethan likely if that influencer or solopreneur, entrepreneur, whatever youwant to call it, if they have an audience, 99% of the time they have their ownoffer, their own digital course and I guarantee they have an affiliate program.And so if they’re selling their offer for $800, $1,000 that is really greatnews because, more than likely, they’re gonna devote 40 to 50% committees totheir affiliate, so don’t really promote biz possibility affiliateoffers and business tools , not everyone has to do that because if youpromote a digital direction that you believe in , not only is that really goodfor your firebrand down the line, but also that’s great because that is consideredthe high-pitched ticket height, you’re going to procreating 400 to 500 dollars per board and that is really good for you.And so here’s acouple of places where you can find affiliate offers, if you go to you could search through the inventory of commodities on that website, there’stons and tons of different options for tools and other renders on there, ofcourse there’s Clickbank as I mentioned, and I know I was like Oh don’t just goto clickbank and give a tie-in, but there are some really great offers onClickbank and I obviously recommend checking it out and likewise Amazon, ofcourse, Walmart, Target, I know you’re thinking like What the inferno? I didn’treally even realize that Walmart and Target… And you can also consider JVZooif you are in the online commerce cavity Hot Mart, Share Sale, and CJ Affiliate. CJAffiliate is kind of cool because that is a platform or a website where you cango and not only promote different offers but you were able to promote things like eventsand conceives which is really cool and I made this video quite a long time agobut it is still highly relevant, I think it’s I moved it eightor nine months ago, but it’s about affiliate volunteers within the travelingniche where you can get paid for really sharing your knowledge about a vacationyou really took, so obviously check out that video after this video.Alright, sonow we are on step five, and this is arguably the most important part thatwill take you to 10 k so given attention, and this is called the bridge. You’relike What is the bridge? When you figure this out, when you start implementing it, I’m gonna tell you right now, start to implement it right away on youraffiliate commerce presents, your alterations are going to go through theroof. So what does this necessitate? This means that you have to bridge, you are thebridge, you have to bridge delicately the offer to the person that is going to buyit because if you’re just out spamming the internet, putting your affiliatelinks wherever, on my YouTube videos, stop it now. Stop putting your linkson my videos! It happens all the time, I’m like Oh, why do beings do that? Butthis is the legitimate way to make love, this is how you build a real online affiliatemarketing business, you have to have a landing page to captivate interest and tocapture the word and email of a person so that you can follow up with themlater, but the next sheet they go to is called the Thank You page, but we’regonna call it the connect sheet because it is going to be a video that you create.Normally it’ll be you talking in the camera, some people do animation videos, but the highest converting bridge pages are you in itlike I am in this video talking to the camera and inserting what the proposal is, so I have my computer now and this is an example of a connect sheet videothat I made as an example of a product on Clickbank, as a matter of fact, and sothe idea is I would actually change this video to a video I form where you seemy face and I would say something like Hey guys! Congratulations forbeing on this video! Introduce what the produce is, initiate how it modified yourlife, the benefits of it, what they could expect, you’re more than likelygoing to drive them to another video auctions symbol or VSL or a checkout pagedepending on the price of the product, but you have to introduce the present thatyou are promoting because you’re going from your brand to somebody else’s brandso it has to be clear that you’re handing them off to another person’soffer.And so let me give you a prime example, the other day on this YouTubechannel I did a collaboration with a girl referred Louise Henry and I was anaffiliate for one of her concoctions, right? In that video I didn’t make a bridgepage because you verified her in my youtube video, so that was kind of the aqueduct, butwhen I continued to promote her furnish throughout the rest of this year I willcreate a bridge sheet that has a video of me explaining how, because I actuallybought that track that she has, it’s on Asana, and how to get organized, it’s anamazing direction, check it out by the way, but I is certainly make a bridge pagewith maybe her and I in it. If you know the person and you can do a connect videowith them in it, that is even better. You don’t have to have that, but if you canthat’s like icing on the cake.And so I would say what I learned, howher company trend on Asana saved me ten hours a week, how I was able toactually affected the large-scale aims in my business, and so you really have a lot ofroom for ability on that connection sheet because you can say your true thoughtsabout the concoction and then at the end of the video give a call to action going tothe offer and in her example she has a webinar for the produce, and so I have abridge page and I’m sending my beings, when I say click the buttonbelow, I’m sending the person or persons that land on the page to her webinar andwhen I shape the sale, she fulfills the product and we’re all happy.Alright, sothe sixth step in this blueprint is the follow up. Now, this is a whole entirevideo in itself, I’m not going to get into it in depth, but mostly you wantonce you captivate their email when you have your landing page, the whole pointis to follow up with them. So you’re gonna create an email string, Ipersonally use Kartra for my online business, sales move commerce, andemail sell, but if you use click pours you could use get responses, alot of different email marketing stages that you could use, but thepoint is you want to set up followup emails and so the reason you want tofollow up for seven days is because, more than likely, parties are not going to buyon the first glance of investigating the furnish or the sales page or the webinar orwhatever and so those seven emails is the industry standard for you to followup with them and continually was an indication the offer after seven days ofintroducing the product of when they land on your bridge page. The seventhstep in the blueprint is to give it time.As I mentioned in the first couple ofsteps, you need to focus if you get your aqueduct page and your funnel up andrunning and you’re promoting it and driving traffic for a few months and you getno sales, who charges? That’s very, unusually, quite normal. You may not investigate marketings for sixmonths, throw it nine months to a year to really get your funnel going andto start performing commissionings on that affiliate proposal. Alright people, so I knowif you’re getting massive cost and if you’re beloved this video, I know for afact you’re gonna cherish the video coming up next and that video is the 10 mostprofitable business sentiments you could start this year in 2020 so definitelycheck that out it’s starting right now. Today we’re talking about the 10 mostprofitable business doctrines that you could be starting up in 2020..

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