Geld verdienen im Internet mit Affiliate Marketing: « Seriöses Einkommen mit Youtube » TEIL 4

Paying fund on the Internet with affiliate commerce Serious income with Youtube and the second pillar is invented bymarketing already thought about it or asked why all theseamazon links are all so lessened and where they listen, why it says about theseproducts and so on and hereMost of the youtubers also have the stunt, be it fad blog, technet blog or anything else, all of these products on mittring the parallelling amazonia, ofcourse, “its good” if a certain product is advertised that customersalso like the concoction link to a planet that is yes not a thing butmost of them just do differently and they have known that on amazon, although amazon offers that you can stir links toevery product that is offered on amazon, that is, acquired video toa brand-new camera the russians come there departs faster and faster on amazonthis camera 1 recruits the name of this camera again and needles itby generating a clou there if no one clicks on thislink retrieves the product you get a certain commission thechamber but self-determined these commissions are of course in atable, these were typically not be I could alwayslook at such a partner program myself but the clou Is that not through theadvertising income but through the second, the money is tobe removed and other pulpits are advertised in the products via partnerprograms and these products are also bought publicly by the target audience of course there are other methods you generate income through your videosbut these two should suffice if you have any questions write usin specific comments are easy for this video but never this channel andif you have only just switched to this video and watched this video then click the links to get to the first divisionor now right to look at the second one Earning money on the internet with affiliate sell Serious income with Youtube

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