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Whoo! We’re gonna be talking aboutgetting paid big bucks for app downloads. This is one of my favorite spaces. Thisisn’t called portable cpa marketing. And it’s a huge niche. Their affiliatesmaking $100,000 -plus per daylight. Okay? And that’s the barometer of abig niche in affiliate market now I’m gonna go over an affiliate structure youcan participate to get mobile app volunteers. I’m also gonna be going over exactly how youcan advertise these offers to meet big money. Maybe not a hundred thousand a day.I have never done that. But maybe you are eligible to. Let’s go into it. Okay, so this is abig-money niche right here and I’m energized to show it to you. This is prettyexciting. And that’s affiliate fund by the wayfor you.So, the first thing you’ll want to do is sign up with a CPA network thathas portable app offerings. Now, there are a lot of CPA networks out there. Therequite a number that have mobile app furnishes. But we’re going to be talking aboutabove all gives for the time being. Because above all offers is one of myfavorite cpa structures have performed hundreds of thousands of dollars with them. Andwe’re going to be talking about that. We’re gonna be looking at some furnishes here. Now, keep in mind the route affiliate marketing toils is you busines a concoction and youget paid a commission when somebody takes an action. Now, the commission isyou know, it depends on the action. Sometimes it’s somebody signing up forpurchasing a product. Sometimes the action is having them. Sign up for a freetrial of such products. Sometimes it’s having the person submit a induce you know forlike a solar company or an insurance company so their marketings people can followup with it.But in such cases, we’re going to be talking about portable app, installing amobile app so you can get paid real coin just for having someone invest aapp on their phone. It’s that easy. You don’t even have to shape them offer anymoney. That it’s why this niche is so huge. And someof the most difficult companionships in the world, Facebook, pokemons croak have gotten verybig because they’ve paid affiliates fund to get them to install apps ontheir telephone. And use them, okay? So, let’s look at some of these apps real quick.So, we are here in an affiliate Network and we’re looking at all of the presents. So, what we can see here is this is the commission you will get paid if peopleinstall any one of these apps, okay? This is the money you get paid. And the mode youcan get paid this money from these affiliate systems is they will pay youthrough PayPal, they will pay you through wire transferor they will pay you through Western Union or even Bitcoin if you need. Butthe thing is, to get into these affiliate systems, you need to be skilled and youneed to have somebody refer you often period because the opportunity forfraudulent activity from affiliates that are not denoted is huge.Now, what I canguarantee you this is that if you go through my training course, you will geta referral into these programs, into these cpa networks. If you don’t you cango to a seminar and you can meet with these companies at a powwow at anaffiliate powwow and what are you. That’s the way to go far. But once you’rein this is what the dashboard will look like and these are the sortings of offersyou can get access to.So, you’ll determine just for downloading this app,, they will pay you one $1.50. Now, here’s a really good one.Facebook enrollment, okay? Facebook will pay you $0.55 every timesomebody lays their app on their phone in any of these countries. Pakistan, Romania, Egypt, India. I don’t know the rest of the countries. But those are thecountries I do know and those are the countries that Facebook is trying to getbig at. The reason why Facebook is paying $0.55 to install those apps on their phones is because they want tobreak into those countries and they have a lot of money to pay affiliatemarketers to get parties installing their Facebook app on their telephones in thosecountries. And you are eligible to induce that fund by curing Facebook market themselvesand get them installed on people’s phones around the world. So, Ilove I cherish swimming coin. Okay. So let’s go on to more gives. So, here are someoffers that’ll pay a little bit more money. So as you visualize, you can get peopleto download … These are recreation apps or that here’s an anti-virus app in Italy.Sothat’s what IT stands for. So, if you get people to download this antivirus app inItaly, you will get paid $5.60, okay? So, there’s a lot ofmoney in getting parties to install apps. But how do you do it? How do you reachpeople in these countries to download these apps? Now, first off, it’s very easy.Everybody’s on their phone and everybody generally has some ads on their phone. So, let’s go into the easiest ways. So, my favorite acces to actually locate ads onmobile designs is actually through voluum. So you can go to voluum. This is acompany run by a friend of mine. He’s one of the wealthiest chaps in Poland, I guess.Robert Gryn and he moves a tracking stage and likewise a traffic root. Soyou that you could buy traffic and advertise on countless portable machines. So, thisis used by some of the biggest affiliates in the world. Now, what you’llsee here is when you log in to voluum you will be able to buy traffic.Now, tosign up for voluum, it is $ 69 a month. So, you’ll need to pay that to get access tothis ad network but it’s worth the cost. Now, you can buy traffic right here, okay? And you click buy traffic then go to setup DSP campaign. What that implies isdisplay area provider. It’s kind of advanced communication. But don’t worry aboutfor now. Let’s scamper placard ads. So what let me demonstrate you what I did again. I choose…Chose my campaign type and I opted placard, okay? Now, what we’ll do is we will then advertise our affiliate connection in thesecampaigns.So, let’s say … We say “Antivirus USA.” And you would enter in youraffiliate link. You would enter in all that information now. I would suggestone per per daylight. Frequency capping. And there’s a lot more advanced substance thatgoes into advertising on portable designs. But you would provided your targeting who youwanted to show to you select the places you demand your ads to show the budget andthe inventives. Frankly it’s very inexpensive. You can show your ads to thousands ofpeople for pennies and it’s really exciting. So, to create your ad then Iwould suggest to you something like canva. Canva is free, okay? Canva is … Youcan google it. You can find canva right here. That’s what it was like. And it isa free blueprint tool.What you want to do is you want to design a flag or amobile flag. And it’s mostly you are familiar with, write an app or duplicate an ad if youfound some ads that are high altering generally speaking antivirus ads you’regonna say something like your phone may have a virus install download this appright now to check. Now, I don’t have enough time to go into all of thespecifics of push as an affiliate and separate testing and optimizing data.But if you want to learn more, I support you hurl that subscribe button.Subscribe to this direct. Make sure you check out more of my videos on affiliatemarketing and remark below. If you are interested in app marketing, character in, “Iwant more app marketing.” Because I want to find out if you miss more app market, Iwill show you more app commerce in future videos. And if you want to learnmore today about how to get that affiliate fund. How to make money as anaffiliate marketer. I have no employees, people. I have notechnical skills, I have no product, I have none of that stuff.But I’m able tomake a lot of coin manipulating from the internet because I’ve tapped in a veryvaluable sell or business simulation that allows me to project my paws, myads all regions of the world and make money working from my home computer. You wantto learn more about that, make sure to check out the description below. I have asix-week training course which I put up for beings if they want to learn a little bitmore about how to get started in this ability of sell business model.Now, again, “I want more at marketing.” Subscribe, like and let me know in the commentswhat you’d like to see in future videos. Talk soon. Peace ..

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