High Ticket Affiliate Programs That Pay BIG (Best 2 In 2020)

just imagine if you could wake up to high-pitched ticket affiliate programs $500 in new money that are entered into your bank accounts automatically while youwere sleeping or what about if you could have a complete stranger merrily sendyou four thousand two hundred and fifty dollars virus certified check in themail overnight in this video I’m gonna reveal what are in my opinion the toptwo high ticket affiliate curricula right now but I’m not gonna just stop thereand here’s what I necessitate most videos out there on YouTube about this topic arecreated by people who are aiming to get you to join them in their high-pitched ticketaffiliate programs and they know to be completely transparent my video is nodifferent in that references at the end of the video I’m gonna give you anopportunity to check out my programs in the description box below but here iswhere this video is different I’m gonna reveal the same five-step process I useto conclude hundreds of thousands of dollars per year with high ticket programs sothat you can follow along with me and have some success because at the end ofthe day no matter if you affiliate me or somebody else in one of these highticket affiliate programs without knowing these five gradations you will failand I want to see you superseded even though they are you decides that affiliating my platform isn’tfor you when you use this information to crush it out in another program and thereason I’m prepared to give this information away is because by doing soyou’ll always be borne in mind that I gave you the real no BS version of how the bigmoney is moved on the internet so with that being said the first thing that youneed to understand about attaining with a high ticket program is what’s up my friend ben martin now AKAthe king of email and welcome to my youtube direct revenues and paradise onthis channel I meet videos about how you can make a real income from home theright lane and how you can build an email list for free abusing YouTube now be sureto subscribe and reach the notification buzzer so you get updates about brand newvideos to this channel you’re probably watching this video for one of tworeasons either you’re already in a high ticket affiliate program and you’restruggling to succeed maybe looking for some gratuities on how you can actually startmaking some serious money or you’re thinking about doing an a high-ticketprogram but you just require some promotion deciding which one is best for you wellin this video I’m gonna reveal my top two high ticket affiliate programs andI’m likewise gonna give you my five-step process which if you follow it willallow you to succeed in whatever high-ticket business you decide tochoose but before we get into those five gradations you need to understand somethingvery very important and that is the following when it comes to high-pitched ticketaffiliate platforms there are three types of affiliates the bad news only one ofthese affiliates makes all the morning while the other two will fail miserablynow the good news is this if you take action on what I say then by the end ofthis video you can easily become the one kind of affiliate who are successful so let’stalk about the first type of affiliate who disappoints I refer to this affiliate asthe amateur affiliates please don’t be offended if in any way this describesyou right now because the reason you’re disappointing isn’t because you’re foolish orbecause you’re incapable of work it’s because nobody ever took the timeto show you the information I’m sharing with you in this video but what happenswith the amateur affiliate is this they join a high-ticket programwhatever it may be and they’re you know they’re agitated they just wanted to build somemoney so what they do is they send traffic to the sales page and very oftenthis traffic is not even targeted traffic you know it’s like traffic thatcomes from pitching family and friends or people who really have no interest inthere and a business opportunity or high ticket program so because they don’tknow any better they basically join this program andthey send the traffic immediately to the sales page which is the totally worseway of promoting a high ticket affiliate program you see it takes an average of 7to 15 eras of someone seen your proposal before they make a decision on whetheror not to join it so by transmit traffic instantly to the sales page you’re gonnamiss out on the vast majority of marketings which can only be made by continuouslyfollowing up with beings quite simply you were wasting your time andadvertising endeavours when you operate as an amateur affiliates so the second typeof affiliate that fails in a high-ticket program is what I can be attributed to as thetypical affiliates now the normal affiliates knows a little bit more thanthe amateur affiliate that they’re doing something extra that is better thanbeing an amateur affiliate so what they do is they assemble a high-ticket programyou know they’re evoked to join the program but nonetheless in stand-ups insteadof casting traffic directly to the sales page they send the traffic to somethingcalled a capture page now a captivate sheet is basically where someone gives youtheir email address in exchange for learning more about your high ticketopportunity and when you get somebody’s email address it allows you to dosomething called an email follow-up campaign which iswhere you can continuously busines to beings via email and this is done onautopilot and you can send them back to the sales page because remember mostpeople especially when it is necessary to our high tickets are not going to buy on thefirst time they see it they’re gonna make seven to fifteen meters to make adecision on whether it’s for them or not so by beguile the email the typicalaffiliate is doing something really smart they’re giving themselves anopportunity to confer more of their traffic into sales through an emailfollow-up campaign nonetheless like I said this is much better because it allowsyou to continue to market to the majority of people who say no to youroffer the first time and it proselytizes more of them into high-pitched ticket sales onthe back end but it’s still not the most efficient way of doing things so now I want totalk to you about the absolute best nature of doing things that myself and allbasically top affiliates on the internet the worldwide over used to induce the mostmoney from high ticket affiliate programs and that is by becomingaffiliate number three the professional affiliates now the professionalaffiliates joins a high ticket program and you know they’re energized they wantto make money but instead of driving traffic from you know wherever they’resourcing it from to the sales page they firstly cast traffic to a capture pagebecause like the conventional affiliates they understand that parties don’t buy thefirst time they realize these presents for the most part and that they need to followup with an email campaign and constantly grocery to these email readers andsend them to this marketings page until those subscribers turn into more and moreon the backend so the professional Philip participates the programme they buildtheir email inventory by transmit traffic to a capture page and this is targetedtraffic they actually mark it to people who are interested in joining highticket platforms because they’ve either elevated their hand in some way and saidhey I’m interested or they’ve been in high-pitched ticket programs in the past butfrom the capture page this is the one thing that the professional affiliatedoes that attains them stand out from the other two types of affiliates they slipin something called a bridge page in between this capture page in the salespage now the connect page is basically designed to bridge the gap between theperson hearing about your program through an ad and reachingthe sales page and what I want by that is this imagine this somebody views yourad online about your high ticket platform and they come to a captivate page and thenyou start to send them email follow-ups and they thumped your sales page but whenthey get that your email follow-ups they’re like who the heck are you youknow they don’t know who you are they have no clue so when you use a bridgepage this is basically a page whatever it is you mostly say to beings hey you considered myonline ads you recruited your email in a captivate sheet you’re now gonna come emailsfrom me about the give you’re gonna read on the next page also here’s a littlebit about my story here’s some of outcomes I’ve got with the program you’regonna accompany on the next sheet or here’s some of outcomes other people havegot with the program you’re gonna realise on the next sheet so what this connect pageswhether it be for a video or an idol it’s gonna show your face in some wayand it’s gonna share your story share any results you’ve got and it’s going tohelp you to build the know like and trust factor with the traffic thatyour capture sheet and becomes an lead on your email directory you’re too going to beable to pre enclose people and give them a heads up on what they’re gonna insure onthe next page and you know pray paint a positive picture of the results thatit’s helping people to get now by doing this you are going to increase theamount of money you obligate with a high ticket affiliate program because peoplebuy from those they are aware like and trust and if you want to make consistently bigincome with a high ticket affiliate program then you have to market it inthe same way that every professional affiliate does because by doing so as Isaid you’re gonna convert more of your traffic into high-pitched ticket marketings so nowyou understand about the three all kinds of affiliates and which oneactually attains with a high ticket affiliate program let’s dive a littledeeper because I just wanted to uncover the same five-step process I use to quash it withhigh ticket affiliate planneds so that you two can not get out of the ballpark andactually start winning in these programs so let’s start with step one you need ahigh ticket program to promote now I know that may sound self-evident but you’d beamazed at how many years I’ve watched some people be participating in the sidelines andtalk about connect a high ticket program yet they never do and so they never makeany coin remember you don’t have to be great to get started but you do have toget started to become great so let me show you the two high-pitched ticket affiliateprograms I’m focused on right now which you can check out at the links in thedescription carton below at the end of this video so the first high-priced ticket platform Ipromote is called the fearless mama you may or may not have heard of it doesn’tmatter if you have or haven’t I’ve been in it for quite a while and I’ve madethousands and thousands and thousands of dollars from both the front end on theback end and the feel this more is what is knownthey peer-to-peer network meaning that the company does not hold your moneywhen mortal assembled you in this high ticket affiliate program they pay theirmoney immediately to you and you can choose how you want to get paid the money youcould opt Bitcoin you could choose PayPal you could choose stripe banktransfer cheque or cash in the mail you you gave the standard rules however you want toget paid that’s how you get paid and it’s paid to you instant and the felismama is a matter of this front-end 250 dollar planned so $250 one-time to joinand when somebody meets you you get paid a 250 dollar hundred percentage instantCommission and then on the back ends the the high ticket on the back is somethingcalled six-figure Empire which ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 and atsome points there will be a seven thousand dollar statu and mostly thethese different levels of six-figure Empire give people access to not onlyhigher Commission stages but also different training concoctions anddifferent sell commodities to help them ripen their business no matter whatbusiness they’re in or if they clearly want to promote six-figure Empire andfelis momma they can use that trained for that too so typically you know whathappens is oh and by the way in the six-figure Empire and fearless mummy I’vereceived countless amounts of 250 commissions and $1,000 the examinations and $3,000 the examinations and $5,000 checks and a few last few months I’ve had at least two $5,000 checks there is also a really cool thing with six-figure Empire whatever it is you you canearn Commission’s on your unit representatives auctions so you will actually get paid 20% on any of your unit members sales so for an examplesomebody assembles at level one it’s one thousand two hundred and fifty thedirect patron makes a thousand you as a second tier sponsor get to fifty levelto direct sponsor gets three thousand second rank sponsor gets seven fiftylevel three if you’re the direct patronize you get five thousand if somebody onyour direct squad brings soul and you would receive one thousand two hundredand fifty and it’s really really nice when you get those but what’s very cooland I’ll get to the training and the front end of The Fearless mama first butwhat’s really cool is about this system is when somebody joins you in fearlessmama at the bottom of every single page there is this image and when peopleclick it it takes them over to the six-figure Empire captivate sheet and whenthey enter their email and when they click one of these buttons and theyenter their email they’re may be necessary to an automated webinar for the six-figureEmpire so everybody who joined you in fearlessmama will be automatically depicted the six-figure Empire back end meaning thatall you do is transport traffic through the felis mama and these back-endCommission’s take care of themselves now what happens is if you decide to jointhe fearless mama but you don’t attach the six-figure Empire and somebody assembles youin the felis mummy and meets a six-figure Empire those committees would pass upto your sponsors so you would lose out which is the reason why I joinedfearless mummy that I got stood at the highest level and I can’t remember howmany eras but it was something like in my first eleven daylights I’d make doubled mymoney back and it’s not you know it’s no additional effort you just got to positionyourself now when it comes to the training and the fearless mummy as I saysix-figure Empire I’m not gonna log in there because this video would get waytoo long but you get some really great marketing training in the backendtoo but when it comes to fearless mama there’s a heck of a lot of training youget training on how to get a hundred heads from one skill how to get hundredleads from one hour part two how to profit from 1.3 billion peopleclassified ad secrets how to acquire by becoming fearless this Aweber trainingso that’s training on using an autoresponder basically all the all thetraining you could want to succeed is contained within the fearless mama andthen you get all these different bonuses too so let me just click on one becausethere’s a lot of enormous trained in here so here one of my favorites is where ohhere is the perfect big-hearted ticket pour so the owner of the fearless momssix-figure Empire actually comes in and he get gives you a train in fact it’snot that video it’s this four-page move he actually gives you a train inon let me just pause yes he gives you civilizing on how he was able to use thisfor page setup to attain five hundred and thirty one thousand two hundred andfifty dollars in instant fees this little bonus alone is worth the $200 entry to the fearless mama it’s it’s absolutely incredible so you cansee that the feel of mummy “ve got a lot” of bash for your record it’s only 250 onetime to get going and then if you decide to position yourself on the back enddepending on what rank you slot yourself that will depend on how muchyou can earn at the back end because you can only earn it whatever statu you’repositioned at which again is why I went to the top level I’m not saying that youhave to start there or do that you can start wherever you’re pleasant andscale up I’m just letting you know it fortunately what I did now this next one I’mgonna see you is called the prosperity income network and this has been aroundnow for about four or five months and I was introduced to this by a friend ofmine called Mack as a Dan who is a bit of a legend in the home-based businessworld a guy you are familiar with crushes it and every curriculum crazy thing is I’ve beenso busy over the last three four months since Mac shared this with me but Ididn’t even start promoting this yet however I’m kind of kicking myself nowbecause in the last four or five months while I’ve been sitting around on thefence my figure Mac has cleared $319,900 from this program it’s like whoa threehundred and nineteen thousand nine hundred dollars from this program nowI’ll show you the training with this in a minute but I want to kind of show youthe different levels first so with the succes income network it really is ahands-free wealth on-demand system where you can earn up to 70 80 percentCommission’s on all sales that a success instruct closes for you yes this programhas tally telephone auctions closes that close all your pass for you which is one ofthe major reasons I want to start pushing this programme heavily in 2020 andbeyond so you know you get the chance to earn big Commission’s there are nopass up boards in this program they close all the sales for you they havesome done for you advertising you get a complete turnkey business in a chest andbasically here are the commissions there’s the starter level which is $ 500 plus a $97 admin reward you know when you make a sale of this well when they closea sale for you you must pay three hundred and fifty dollar commissions andthis is all certified checks in the mail for those living in the USA Incfelis momma is a six-figure Empire is a global program available anywhere youare prosperity income networkers USA and Canadathe deluxe level two thousand dollars plus a one nine seven admin free to getstarted and you can make up to fourteen hundred dollars on every single sale thepremium level and all these different levels you get different training andyou know anything you can think of you would need to succeed in your businessis provided but at this position it’s mostly three seven nine seven to getstarted and you can make up to two thousand four hundred fifty dollarcommissions they got the master level which is six thousand four hundredninety seven dollars to get started make up to four thousand two hundredCommission’s the Dimond elite level twelve thousand six hundred and ninetyseven dollars to get started make up to eight documents and four hundredCommission’s and then you’ve got the executive privileged statu which is twentyfive thousand nine hundred and ninety seven dollars to is starting and you canmake up to twenty thousand dollar Commission’s very highly very big veryvery very sexy and agitating commissions and you know you are gonna discover me startto promote this and market this and I would love to have you connect me an evilof these programs you can check them out at the links below and in a little bitI’ll explain you know what you’ll get when you attach me because certainly Iwant to make sure that you succeed in these programs but anyways withprosperity income network if I just go to the dashboard and I look at theproducts you can see depending on what height you join that starter deluxepremium master diamond executive you get different two-hour training packets soat the starter level you’re gonna get a business budget planning and developingrelentlessness makes and if we click on that and weburner up you’ve got your business budget planning PDF there and you’vealso got developing relentlessness here and this three videos in an audio seriesand mostly the higher up these levels you go them the more the more productsyou’re getting access to and this is this is good training encounter the executiveelite level which is the level I’m at there’s a heck of a lot of differenttraining training on build a index course on paid traffic sourcestraining on social bookmarking exercise on social traffic and solo ads and allkinds of things you can use to see more money with these programs so those aretwo high ticket affiliate curricula I’m be concentrated on the feel it’s momma prosperityincome network at the end of this video check and both out or check outwhichever one petitions to you most and if you have any questions make sure you getback to me okay so we plastered step one which is you’ve got to have a productand program to promote that was pretty obvious right and I pictured you the twothat I’m focused on right now and two that you could potentially check outmore about and get involved with so now let’s move to stair two you need acapture page and a aqueduct page remember this diagram I demonstrated you of affiliatenumber three the professional affiliate and remember how I said that theprofessional affiliate does not send traffic instantly to the sales page butrather they route traffic to a captivate sheet so that they can do email follow-upand so they can also get that traffic to a connect sheet where they introducethemselves they set their own face name voice and narration into the equation whichwarms beings mint before sending them to the sales page well you have to use thisthat this is not optional if you wanna makethe most amount of money from a high ticket affiliate program you have tobuild your roll applying a capture sheet and there is a requirement to a connection page and if you’rethinking well that announces involved then I’m a newbie or how do I do thatthen don’t worry because if you decide to join my unit you’re gonna be able tohave the option of copying with a couple of clicks the exact setup that I use youwill actually be able to use the same capture page and connection sheet and emailfollow-ups I do to make money with the felis mama and prosperity income networkso here’s a speedy pattern of a capture page and bridge page I use for anotheroffer that I promote so you can see exactly what I mean okay so here’s theexact setup I use to promote another high ticket volunteer and you will get asetup if you choose to when you attach me in either fearless mama or prosperityincome network that looks like this there is a small additional fee I buildeverything and clink pours comes from a 14 -day free trial but yeah you’ll beable to duplicate my accurate funnel I used to mash it if you get on board with Felizmama and prosperity income system and confidence me the money you’ll move by havingthis setup far outweighs any cost or investment involved with click funnelsso you’ll get a capture page up looks a little bit like this obviously the copywill be different because we’ll be marketing the fearless mama or sorryexcuse me prosperity income network one of those to my mentality led a little bitdead then so imagine this is your page for that someone comes they enter theirname they open their email so you’ve now got their details and you can sendout email senses to them on autopilot which again if you attach me in any ofthose two opportunities I’m gonna give you the emails to use two that aremaking me coin so once they open their email retain I talked about sendingthe traffic to a bridge Paige I’m gonna give you a bridge pagethat looks like this you can make a short little video doesn’t have to be aslong as mine it is feasible literally be two minutes or if you don’t want to get onvideo we can replace that with your epitome and a narrative and then beings aregonna listen to the video which warms them up to you pre frames and for theoffer on the next sheet which when they go to the next sheet they’ll eventually landon the sales sheet for felis mama or affluence income system where if it’sprosperity income system they can request a callback and the tally phonesales unit will handle it from there so that’s based the basic look at thecapture page the bridge pager and the exact flow that your traffic is gonna gothrough when you attach me and fearless mommy or boom income system I hopeyou’re getting a lot of value so far if you are don’t forget to like this videosubscribe to the channel and thumped that notification valve and don’t forget todrop me specific comments below of issues and questions regardless I want to keep this moving sowith that being said let’s go to gradation numeral three you need an email follow-upseries now I want to show you the following diagram again and you can probably seethat this diagram is very very important which is why I preserve showing it to youbut other professional affiliates you assemble a high-ticket program you gettraffic to the capture page and then what happens is in the background youhave this email follow-up series where you’ll be sending out fifteen to thirtyemails on autopilot to your brand-new customers that continues to market tothem and drive them back to the sales page where more and more and more ofthem will convert into brand-new purchasers in your high-pitched ticket affiliate platform nownormally when you were setting something like that up you would have to do ityourself or you’d have to hire a copywriter which is expensive butfortunately for you I’m unusually exceedingly terribly expiryit’s futile when it comes to email follow-up you know email follow-up iswhere the real magic happens in high ticket marketings and I’m giving you theexact 15 to 30 emails I’m use when you assemble me in one of the programs in thedescription box below okay so we plastered step 1 there is a requirement to a concoction to promote wecovered step 2 you need the right capture page Umbridge page to draw highticket affiliate planned task we look back step 3 which is you need emailfollow-ups and I’m making that easy for you by giving you the same ones I usedso now let’s take a look at step 4 you need an expert to do all the selling andtelling for you because the reality is that most people suck at salhan and it’sa skill which takes years and times to surmount where most people go wrong withhigh ticket marketings and high ticket affiliate platforms is that they try totalk to people on the phone and close auctions themselves or they try and maketheir own crappy sales videos and webinars that’s not what I or any othertop affiliate entrances but rara instead we use prepared experts to do the sellingand talam army let me show you exactly what I signify on the screen ok so justimagine that this is the funnel you have the option of cloning from me once youbecome gutsy mama member and you know if you don’t want to clone my funnelfearless mama does have an out-of-the-box funnel you can usewithout any added investment it get to work I did use it primarily and itmade some money but it didn’t build me as much money as when I kept this setup intoplay so let’s just suppose this is your capture page that you’re gonna drivethat special transaction informant I’ll expose formerly you become a member – and then whatwould happen is they land on the connection page which again you’re gonna have theoption of going from me and they can watch a video or read a read a littlebit about you and your legend but the idea this video is not too heavily sellat all it’s just to build a connection of the person this is where a lot ofpeople stuff up they try and go to a pitching on a aqueduct page and theytalk too much and they bolt things up all you’re trying to do is build enoughof a bond of such persons with the person so they know who you are andthey’re motivated to click the button below which in the case of Feliz mamawould bring you over to this sales appearance now which was put togetherby my friend Marc remember the person I asked about who mashes it in thehome based business industry well he’s positioned a arrangement together and whenyou become a fearless mama member is not simply can you get my pour but you canhave an option of using his plan which allows you to be able to use his faceand his mention and his results and his sales presentation to get you auctions andfeel it’s mama because when people come from your capture sheet then to yourbridge page where they may meet you and eventually come to this page mack sellsthem on the idea of joining fearless mama and when they click this buttonhere they will be taken to a fearless instant line-up page with your epithet andface on it again this is my wife’s call and our visualize right here now if youwere to join me in rich income network it’s practically the same flowcapture page to a connection sheet but the difference is this time they land on avideo that Mac put together about affluence income structure your referralID will be attached to this page if you decide you want to leverage this pageand when they call the number they will give the telephone closer your ID whowill close them into your business for you and this is something that I convey byleveraging experts Mac is an absolute expert when it comes to putting togethervideo sales appearances that proselytize traffic into high ticket commissionswhich is why I use his videos and I recommend you said leverage the videosto when you get on board while I hope that making money with high-pitched ticketaffiliate programs is about to stir more sense to you now and you can seethe machinists of what happens behind the scenes in order to bring in those highand large-hearted paydays with that being said we do have one final step which is step 5you need targeted by a traffic when it comes to making money with high ticketaffiliate platforms there is one traffic source which is king of them all andthat is buyer traffic bio commerce is 100% made up of people who have alreadyinvested coin in a high ticket program and are looking for an additionalopportunity now there’s a special advertising method to easily reach thesekind of beings but I cannot reveal in this video as it would not be fair to myteam and I nonetheless you can do your own research on how to make do a traffic orof course if you join one of the programs below you’ll get access to thisspecial traffic through me whatever you decide to do really be borne in mind that biotraffic is the way you want to go when it comes to spawning high ticketcommissions well those are my five steps to crushing it with a high ticketaffiliate program I hope you’ve got massive amount of value and if you areinterested remember you can check out my curricula – fela smaller and prosperityincome network at the links in the description box below but perhaps you’rewatching this video and you’re thinking then this all reverberates astonishing but I justcan’t render to being a high ticket program right now do you have anythingelse that’s lower ticket that I can connect you in and sell the same way as you doso I can crush out such committees and build up to join in a high ticket program wellthe answer is yes I can it’s called my top and number-one income stream you’llfind that at the link below and you can check it out if you want toyou know I know exactly what it’s like when you’re in that situate of brokeand fighting and just trying to get some coin together because not so manyyears ago that was actually me see this is kind of embarrassing to admit now butthere’s a experience of “peoples lives” where I was completely broke and I don’t merely meanfinancially but I was like mentally and spiritually down in the dumps very somuch so that I ceased up having to move into the back bedroom of my friend’shouse who lived on a bumpy slope of the town where I come fromin fact the town was so rough and the street I lives on was so bad that mybedroom forgot a crack cavern and every hour of the night and day drug dealerswould be dropping off packets to their customers and this room you know withthe snot green walls where I didn’t even have a closet to settled my invests in waswhere I announced residence for quite a long time however even if they are my life was badat that time I had decided to make a altered in my life and what the hell happened iseventually how I was able to prepare that changewas I came across this beautiful lady here who started off as my mentor thenshe became my girlfriend and then she became my spouse and there are really onlytwo things you need to massively deepen your life and be financially better offand be more happy and prosperous and all the things we all want to be in life andthe first thing you need is a mentor you need somebody to show you how to makemoney on the internet from dwelling just like I’ve been sharing with you in thisvideo and you need to know how to leverage online systems that do all theselling and the talent for you because let’s face it none of us are really verycomfortable with Sal and we don’t feel pushy we don’t really want to haveto speak to parties and so what Angie who started off as my instructor and now is mywife did if she showed me how to get the right people on the internet in front ofthe right product and how to automate the process so that I could make moneyevery hour of the night and day and we went on together to build a businessthat offer us up to half a million dollars per year and because of that wegot to live in two different countries in the Caribbean for four and a halfyears you know we’ve swam with stingrays this was the idea from the backyard ofone of the places we lived that for a long time you know we’ve done cool stufflike give how they trim two expeditions and and exactly all kinds of things that I nevercould have imagined in my wildest dreams but what happened is after four and ahalf times are living below the Caribbean we got sick of dodging hurricanes you knowwe roughly got hit by three or four different category 5 typhoons and mywife went so sizzling that she broke out an eczema so we decided to move back to herhome commonwealth of Ohio in the USA and we obtained this accurate for $30,000 incash and you know yeah it’s not a Ferrari or anything flamboyant like that buthey we were able to buy in cash and we don’t have any of those vehicle paymentsevery month was the additional interest we were also able to close on our dreamhome which is close to half a million dollars in significance sits on roughly sixacres and we framed a six-figure deposit down on this home and you are familiar with Icouldn’t have imagined a few years ago we would be able to do this now thisisn’t to brag or boast or anything like that I precisely want you to understandwhat’s possible when you have somebody who shows you what absolutely runs and youhave a system that does all the hard work for you so if you’re ready for achange in your life and you want to start earningserious money I spur “youre going to” sound the first association in my description boxbelow I call it my top and my number oneincome stream do that now but only do it if you like to stir serious moneyand you’re truly ready for a change in your life well that’s it for today’svideo on my friend I hope you got a big sum of value and you’re readyto finally crush it with a high ticket affiliate program don’t forget tosubscribe and push the notification buzzer and recollect your simply attend numerous emailaway

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