How I Became the #1 Affiliate for Traffic Secrets (Affiliate Marketing EXACT Strategy Revealed)

How I became the number one affiliate for this book ,( encourage) Traffic Secret, during its launch. Today in this video, I’m gonna be showing you the exact strategy, theprocess, the failure, to how I did about $300,000 in sales and about $120,000 plusin affiliate commissions and how I became thenumber one in that launch, in that contest, even thoughthere were a lot of people in there with perhaps a much bigger list, a much bigger following, better attraction with different groups, but how I managed to doit all and strategize, exploiting these various procedures. And if you watch to the end of this video, you will really visualize whatreally differentiates the top affiliates from everybody else, especially when youhave the right strategy, when you understand the numbers, and when you have a processin order to make this happen.You ready? Let’s begin. Peng Joon. Peng Joon. Peng Joon is here.( spectacular music) I want you to set your beliefs high because I will massively outstrip them. So a speedy backstory to this.( carefree music) Today you’re gonna see behind the scenes to how I’m gonna be planning and orchestrating the entirething to support him again. Hopefully are now in at number 1. All of our sales , noneof “thats been” tracked. I was most upset.Oh my god. In order to win this contest, to come in at number one, I knew that first of all, some data and some lists. About three years ago, RussellBrunson propelled this volume, Expert Secrets, and same thing now. When he launched thisbook, he had a contest, and I came in number one as the affiliate for this contest as well. When I came in number one at that time, I sold 6,000 two copies of this record so I had a rough idea, a roughgauge because I had data, and I knew that if I wanted tocome in at number one again, there’s a good chance that I need to sell at least 6,000 records again.I’m gonna be showing youthese different gradations, but I’m likewise gonna show youthat this entire thing happened in three different phases. If you’re gonna make the most of this, I hope you’re taking notestogether with me today,’ campaign this is gonna be oneof the most profitable videos you’ll probably watch when itcomes to affiliate marketing. Three different phases. There is the prelaunch, so before the launching actually happens, what the hell happened behind thescenes, the policy behind it, how I prepped for it. There is the launchitself, the launch period, which is a three week age, and then there is the postlaunch. Now in order for thisentire thing to happen, phase number 1, the prelaunch, I is needed in order to, number one, begin with the end in imagination. I needed to begin by thinking about how many works do I need to sell in order to come in at number one. So based on this previous open, I knew that I had to sell6, 000 copies on the front end. Now what does 6,000 copieson the front end mean? So to give an example, I’m gonnamake this tactical as well, this video here today.The affiliate commission, implying in order to promote the book, and if beings bought it, you would get a commission, on the front end, youwould only get a dollar,’ cause there’s hardly any boundaries on this. After printing and shipping, Russell probably losesmoney on the front end. But utter or take, the affiliatecommission is about 40% on the back end. If a person makes up on the upgrade, if they take up the upsell, you get paid a commissionover there as well. So I knew that an average cart value, signifying whenever an averageperson goes to this thing, on average, the payout forfree plus carrying pour, which is a typicalsales process like this, is about 50 bucks. So I knew that if I sold 6,000 follows, just like what I did with Expert Secrets, 6,000 parties multiplied bya $50 median go-cart value is approximately $300,000 in marketings, okay? So notice what I’m doing right now. In the prelaunch stage, I’mbeginning with the end in intellect, by understanding my quantities first.I know I’ve got to sell 6,000 bibles. That outcomes in $300,000 in auctions. That gets me approximately4 0% fees. It would be about $120,000. So I knew that the worstcase scenario, the maximum, my breakeven point if Iwere to use Facebook ads or paid ads, I can spend up to $ 120,000 before I start losing money. And by the way if you arepromoting somebody else’s product, it’s not just about apply this. It’s about implementing the strategies that I used in this launch implemented in whateverbusiness you’re in. The next thing I done so in the prelaunch is I had to build up a warm audience. So I knew that this launchwould happen on March the 17 th was the prelaunch, andif I were to exactly feed ads on March 17 th, just likewhat everybody else is doing, I would have the same resultas what everyone is gonna get.Right? So before March 17, oneof any issues that I did is I purposely developed a video, and I leant this out about three weeks before this launch happened. So in about the first week of March, I actually drooped this rap video, okay? You may or may not have experienced it. Undoubtedly if you’vebeen watching my trash, you probably have, butthis was a rap video that I secreted threeweeks before the launching. As you can see, it was about a month ago, and it went 1.6 million views. Now this video that gota ton of actions, tons of shares, where I gota lot of different parties in this video, including Russell Brunson.I seasoned this video strategically so that it becomes outjust before this launch. And the whole purpose of that is to build up a warm audience. Now, what is a warm audience? A warm audience is peoplethat know who you are, that know you exist, and they’re not watchingyou for the first time. I knew that if you runads to a warm audience, your cost to acquire customersis always less, 100%. So before this launchhappened on March the 17 th, I articulated this video out onthe first week of March, and I ranged it for video views.So in other words, I paid Facebook, rolled it as a video vistum expedition to show it to targeted beings. Who did I evidence this to? I depicted this to peoplethat is into Facebook, Facebook page admins, parties that’s in theclick pours parish, beings that like Grant Cardone, people that like Digital Marketer, parties that like Gary Vaynerchuk, so I’m targeting all these parties, people whom I feel wouldbe interested in traffic, beings that would beinterested in paid ads, and my rap video was based upon that. It was on an abusive affair of an advertising platform, right? So what is the purpose of doing that? The reason why you wantto do something like that is so that you can retarget them, which is the key word here. So out of the 1.6 millionpeople that watched, I’m now going back to Facebook, and I’m creating a custom audience. Now we’re going a bit technological now. If you don’t know what that is, watch my other videoson Facebook tutorials, right after this video , not right now.I appointed a custom public of parties that have watchedthis video by at least 50%’ stimulate I is a well-known fact that ifthey watched at least 50%, they probably got someentertainment value. They tittered a little bit. They now know I exist, and I’ve established some sort of value and relationship with them. And I know that in the future, whenever you develop and devote first, whenever you ask forsomething in the future, it’s always easier. So this is still laying in the groundwork. That’s its second phase. What are you able do consistentlyto build up warm audiences? Then the next thing that I didwas I started composing videos on my YouTube channelthat is all about traffic, and again, because this is on YouTube, you probably noticedthese videos that used to go before the launch actually happened. And notice how it is actually designation. All this entire playlist that I propelled with a whole giveaway back then, every single episode was about traffic. It was about how to gethighpaying clients. It was about how to build your roll. It was about content marketing. It was about paid traffic. It was about the Dream 100, about Instagram marketing, all these different things.I leaved 10 policies and in total, and they were all optimized with the keyword commerce confidentials, traffic secrets, traffic secrets. And the reason for that is because I is a well-known fact that at the time of me releasing it, there used to be no SEO value, but when Russell releases this notebook, there would be parties on YouTubetyping in Traffic Secret, and this in fact wouldbe an evergreen entitle because as this diary gets out, and if it becomes a numberone New York Times bestseller, there would be a lot of beings in future that is gonna be searching for that keyword, traffic mysteries. So now it’s also a longterm plan, but I am now rivalling for a keyword that is not yet competitive, knowing is a good one that infuture, when this journal launches, it is going to be examined for. So there’s still a prelaunch. I’m to lay the groundwork. Then at the same time, prelaunch too symbolizes thinking about why should somebody buy through you and not some other affiliate.That’s an important question. This is especially applicableif you are competing in a room where there aretons of affiliates, so for me, what I did was I originated apage that has talked about this diary and how you would get allthese different bonuses, these five bonuses, if youwere to get it from me. And the mode I always think about offers and the practice I structure proposals is to think about these three components. First one is DIY, do it yourself, which is always the one thathas got least perceived appreciate. Number two is does so with you. And number three is done for you.If you’re gonna startincreasing your seen evaluate for a produce, curricula, and business, ever “ve been thinking about” how canyou include’ does so with you’ and’ done for you’ itemsas one of the purposes of your proposal. You insure, what most affiliatesdo is as part of their proposals, they have this thing that I calldiarrhea bonuses, okay? You has been possible to determine it before. They have this long list of bonuses like some private name, low quality stuff, but the reason whythey’re diarrhea bonuses is because they’re all turd. There’s a lot of crap.You don’t want to be a marketer that’s offering diarrhea bonuses, okay? Notice I exclusively “ve got five” bonuses, but these five bonuses arestructured around something that complements thepurchase of this bible. This bible is do it yourself. Ask yourself what makes a great volunteer. And how can I have’ done withyou’ and’ done for you’ parts that complements that main theme rather than having 100 random things? What I did was, and thisis absolutely insane, I offered an phenomenon ticketfor parties to come, learn, and train with me sothat I could help them settled the strategies in place. Now what is a live affair? A live incident is more of a’ does so with you’ type of thing, right? If they can’t come, they getthe live occurrence tapes, which is’ do it yourself ‘, but notice that as one of the purposes of the furnish, I’m likewise affording out thechecklist on what to implement.I’m too dedicating out thedifferent systems and processes to automate and streamline traffic better, and I’m also causing out myfree plus shipping move, a sales funnel, an actual one that has done over amillion dollars for me that are able exercised, and these are thekeywords you want to use. Plug and play, emulate andpaste, fill in the blanks. The terms that I justused are words that imply that you have done theheavy lifting for them. You don’t have to lift a finger. That’s what one wants. People want the process. They require appropriate tools. They miss the checklist. They miss your script. And if you can give them these things, hand it to them on a silver-tongued patter, that is when it suggests it’s done for you. These are the five things. Now, if I were to go a littlebit deeper into my volunteer, there are also a few troubles to this. I know that if 6,000 parties bought from me, and if I were to do thisevent, I need a rough estimate because not everyone will come, especially if they’vegot this ticket for free.We all know this. Whenever parties get free stuff, people don’t really appreciate it. But a bigger problem for meis if I’ve got 6,000 beings, and I’m doing one in theUS and one occasion in Asia, if I’ve got a grand ballroom of 3,000, 3,000 beings, which I don’t mind doing if people actually is an indication, but I know that in reality, that’s not is going to happen, and their own problems is, I can’tgauge if it’s gonna be 10%, which is 300 parties, or 80%, which is like, 2,600 people, 2,400 beings, right? So what do I it is necessary do? In order to see who’s actuallycoming, here’s what I did, and if you’ve been to my events, my occurrences are always about $2,000. I said we’re waiving offthe tuition fee of $2,000, and you only need to come to the event by comprising a small information fee of $97, which is a nobrainer’ make I ever do myevents in five wizard inns, and $97 is a price point that will enable me to seeif they’re actually serious. If mortal monies $97 to come, possibilities are, they’re emphatically gonna come, right? Unless there’s a lastminuteemergency that happens, and if they can’t make it, still good. They’ll still get thelive occasion preserves to get all the bonuses justby buying the $ 10 diary. So this is what’s called anirresistible furnish, right? Just by going this $10 book, they get all these bonuses and processes and videos aswell to complement it, okay? So this is still the groundwork, laying the groundwork.I’m beginning with the endin brain, preparing for war, which is what you want to be doing. Most beings just go into something blind. Now because of that as well, because I threw this up early with meaning and scheduling, at the time of me doing this, if you were to type intraffic mysteries bonus, my sheet here, okay, this is an ad. So this doesn’t count, but organically, my sheet Traffic SecretsBonus ranks number one for the keyword if parties are looking fortraffic secrets bonus, okay? So it’s optimized becauseI scheduled just the way it is and because of that, retain, I talked about YouTube as well and creating videos.My video is also featured at the time of me doing this video on the first page of Google, so both as a Google search result and as a YouTube search result. In other statements, beginningwith the end in head , now that I understand the numbers , now that I’ve laid out the footing, then that allows me to prepare myself to go into phase numbertwo, which is the launch. Now during period number one, one of the things that Idid was I was coming beings into a waitlist first. So I had the sheet set up. I was going all thesedifferent beings in there. I started promoting it because I want to get touched this thing hard-boiled the moment the cart opens. Now during the prelaunch, so during this timeframe, we got about 15,000 people into the waitlist, and then with all those things, this is like building a building, right? This is the groundwork. Then we move on to phase number two. Now phase number two is the launch. Now if you’re following mybehindthescenes series, you’ll know that it’s crazy, but the day we opened the cart, we actually sent out the flawed link.Our first email thatwent out 2 1/2 hours ago , nothing of the sales from thatfirst email is attributable to us, and over 7,000 parties have clicked on it, and over 250 parties havebought from that tie-up, and it’s 4:30 right now, so. Oh my deity. And that tie-up, theweird thing was, laboured. People could still check out, but we weren’t gettingcredited for the sale. So we were really baffled at first.It was like, Oh, why issales moving so gradually? We realized that thelink structure was wrong, and we actually had a huge disadvantage for like the first two daysbefore they managed to fix it and ascribe us back the sale later on, but during the launch itself, that is when because we havelaid out the footing, what did we do? This was really now runningthe ads to my very warm gatherings. Remember the warm audiencesfrom the rap video and on top of all of the other videos that I still have been consistent? So we turned on the ads.Our YouTube videos are still feeing. Our Instagram swipeups. I’m still sending peopleinto the waitlist. So I’m now getting traffic fromall these different sources into the launch page, okay? But here’s the thing. This is the thing thatmost people don’t see. Most affiliates are short term. They visualize, Oh, this volume on average, I are able to obtain X extent of dollarsfor promoting this book. Therefore they only look at the front end. Now I want you to noticewhat I’ve done so far. I understand what is my endgame. I know that my endgame isI’m gonna get 6,000 buyers, so 6,000 reputations in emailsthat is high quality’ cause they actuallyutilized a credit cards, and I know that from experience, I will have gotten maybeabout 30,000 emails of makes that may or may not be qualified in order to get 6,000 customers. So I’m asking myself, Whatam I gonna do with this list during the postlaunch? What happens after? You view, the reason why I can still pay $125,000 on ads and still break even from the sales, it will still be a huge win.Here’s why.’ Cause I’m still buildinga list of 30,000 free of charge. That’s number one. I’m getting a register of 6,000 parties free of charge, number two. And what do I do with it? So what I’m gonna do withit or at least initial program, was to do that live eventin two parts of the world, in the US and in Asia, andthe whole structuring of this all happened before thevirus and the crisis, right? Before authority was on lockdown, before countries were shut down. So I realized that there’s aproblem now because opportunities are when I do the episode, whenthis thing blows over, when it’s safe to do so, there will still be that fear, and surely attendancerate will be affected.So I is needed in order to rotated. I knew that the best highway Ican serve people and add value is when people come to my live occasions because that’s when it’s experiential, and I know that from my past knowledge when people come to my live affairs, whenever I make an offer at the end, a good percentage of peoplewill take me up on that offer because they’ve alreadygotten great value, and I’ve established goodwill. I’ve given them great material, and whenever you give people value, they’ll be more inclinedto take up an present, right? So because of that, I is a well-known fact that I needed todo something different.So on top of the events, one of the things that I did was I went Russell Brunsonto do a webinar with me, and in fact, that’s actuallyhappening in about, mortal, it’s happening 14 hours from now So 14 hours from now, I’mgonna be doing a live webinar with Russell, and we’regonna be making an offer, and the route we’re doing itis we wanted to overdeliver, and we’re giving everyone thatbought through me in my list to come attend this webinar, okay? So it’s not about the front end sales.Imagine this, okay? So this webinar, we arecounting 10,000 registrants, and as of right now, we have 8,930 beings cross-file. This is gonna be a crazy webinar. I want to stumbled over 10,000, so we still have about halfa day to make it happen. I’m pretty sure we’ll outperformed that quantity, but I know that out of the1 0,000 parties that registry, approximately 30% of beings will be displayed. Now, this is like precrisis. Postcrisis, I actually feel that turnup rates are actually higher now because everyone’s stuckat home in quarantine, and they’re bored. So who knows? I know that if 30% is an indication, oh 3,000 beings in a webinar, and vary what the give is, again, I know that based on past experience, if I have a $ 2,000 offeron a semiwarm gathering, it’s possible to get a 10% close rate on a $2,000 proposal. So 10% of 3,000 people would be 300 buyers proliferated by $2,000 toll point.That “wouldve been” $600,000. I want you to notice now. Plainly, the result’s not conventional. You know, there’s just somany different factors. It depends on your experience, if you’re good at closing, all of that, right? But what I’m trying to show you here is that the numbers isalways in the back end while most people focus on the front end, which is the $ 20 marketing. So it’s not about going $100,000 to get about $ 120,000 in marketings. It comes from the fact that I’m house a schedule, a schedule of leads-in, a listof purchasers, and longterm, if you give your schedule well, if you consider your buyers well, they will follow you for life, and the lifetime value ofthat is gonna be way more than merely the front end, okay? One other thing youhopefully are taking away right now is this.In affiliate marketing, ifyou’re not house a index, you’re not construct your own business. Whenever I promotesomebody else’s produce, which I don’t do often, by the way, I want to support them becauseI believe in that product. Yes, but at the sametime, I always make sure that I’m building my schedule. You need to be building your list. I determine the error that manyaffiliate marketers do, time promoting somebody else’s commodity without procreating thisbridge, this connection page, where they capture their items first,’ make this launch is three weeks long, and I knew that a lot ofpeople have constructed this list.They would waste it, and the majority of members of their saleswould be on the first day, and that’s why I was theunderdog for a really long time for this launch, butthe way I looked at it was as a marathon, and on thelast five days, the last week, that was when we really endedthe marathon with a sprint. That is when we scaled ourads, propagandized everything up, and when it comes to phase number two, so this is where I talkabout the sequencing of propelling anything. This could be your own offer. This could be somebody else’s offer. But in the streak of emailsand in the communication, there’s always threedifferent phases as well. In your communication, beings make decisions based on these three things. Number one is based upon spirit, which is the most powerful thing ever. Why did you buy thatfancy watch, that gondola? Lucks are it’s not becauseof the functionality. Most things that you owntoday is emotionaldriven, which is basically whatyou need to communicate to your gathering ifyou’re gonna sell better. So in my emails, when Iwas promoting this book, first stage is always emotionbased.What is the emotionaround traffic right now? So I’m thinking rightnow, people are fearful. People are fixed at home. The lockdown just happened, and now more than ever, it’s so crucial to understandhow to drive traffic, how to swivel online, how to understand thesedifferent platforms, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, right? What is that core send located upon? It’s based upon excitement. There’s a ton of fear right now. There’s a ton of panic, and ifyou want to stay in the game and originate from this time of crisis, you’ve got to understand howto get traffic online, right? So notice that first angle. That’s sentiment. Then at the same time, time number two, the second angle that you want to utilize in your messaging is logic. Now this is the left brain parties. Now most of the time, people would say this. They say, Oh, I don’t makedecisions based on emotion. I’m a awfully logical person. That’s also absolutely no truth to the rumors. Most beings make theirdecisions based on emotion and back it up with logic.You need to understand in your messaging. How can you have logical things in there? So this is basicallythe numbers, the steps. So logically, here’swhat’s gonna happen, right? So logically if you think about businesses and Facebook right now, what is happening? So why you want to double down on traffic in Facebook right now. It is because as retailers get closed down, when F& B gets closed down, when most brick and mortar businesses can’t continue their daily operations, the first thing they cutis Facebook ads devoted. Number two, as parties are fixed at home, and their seeings are on theirscreens, what are they doing? They are just watching andhaving their seeings glued on social media. So if you think about thesetwo personnels, sell troops, number one, what has happenedto the demand for ads? The is asking for ads was really decreased because business ownersare stopping their ads because they can’t fulfill their orders because they can’t open supermarket. At the same time, what’shappening to supply? Supply, which is the amount of beings that is watching stuff onFacebook has actually increased.So logically , notice my choice of words. So logically, what doyou think is gonna happen to the price of ads? Logically, what willhappen to the price of ads when necessitate falls andwhen quantity advances? Economics 101, costs will be increased, which is exactly what’shappening right now. So all the more, logically speaking, you should be doubling down on Facebook and understanding how toget more traffic, right? So that’s from a logical perspective. Now the issues to again, Iwant you to ask yourself, is in your commerce, in your messaging, are you utilizing these different things in your sequencing of your emails, in your Facebook ads, in yourmessaging, in your webinars? The third tilt is to always close it out with some sort of urgency.If not now, then when? Why would it be distressing ifthey don’t taking any decision now? So for me, I did different honour shows, but that’s all gonna go awayafter this launch stage, okay? So I’m taking it apart, so that’s need, so that’s why you need to act now. So the best way to close off anything is by making it distressing ifthey don’t taking any decision now. I’m not talking aboutfake need or dearth. I’m talking about, like, a real compelling reason why it’s going to be painfulif they don’t take action now. How are you able close it offwith urgency and dearth? It “couldve been”, well, I’mdoing this live webinar. It’s happening next Thursday, but if you miss out, then it’s gone.It could be I’m doing this event. There’s a physical capability to this event. I’ve already booked this residence. We can only fit 70 parties, and when it’s gone, it’s gone, right? So what is that urgencyand scarcity for you? So that was how we strategizedthe part its second phase to bring us to phase three. Phase three is postlaunch, and right now, it’s postlaunch, like I mentioned. So for example, in front of me right now, this is the traffic workshop. So we are beginning in 14 hours, okay? Close to 10,000 parties registered, and the whole thing hereis you just got slapped, Google slapped, Facebookslapped, corona slammed, and you’re about to lose everything. What are three secretsyou have to do right now within the next 72 hours ifyou’re gonna save your business and grow exponentially, okay? So this is again, postlaunch.What do you do after? The money’s not on the front end. The money’s always in the back end, okay? So you want to be ableto serve the buyers more, and that’s when we’re getting beings to come to this workshop. Now depending on whenI release this video, this workshop will probably be over. If we do this locate to make itevergreen or have the replay, the link will be belowthis description box. You might want to checkthat out to show you and to deconstruct what we did so that you can see for yourselfand funnel hacker and exercise and simulate that for yourself, okay? So all in all, that’sbasically what I did. That’s what I did to becomethe number one affiliate for Expert Mystery aswell as Traffic Secret, these two starts, with contriving, with understanding amounts, with having the confidenceto go in genuinely vigorous because I knew what I wasgonna do in my back end to generate $ 300,000 in sales with about $130,000 in commissions and make all of that happen.I hope you enjoyed behindthescenes. As always, let me knowin specific comments below what your biggest takeaway is, and if you enjoyed this video, please go ahead and like and subscribe. It does help the channel out a little, and it tells YouTube that I’m actually puttingsome sort of value up there. Appreciate you guys, and Iwill see you in the next video ..


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