How I Do Affiliate Marketing? My Strategies & Tips [2021]

today i want to show you how i doaffiliate marketing how i make money online affiliate marketing iwill show you my earnings my dashboards how i promote affiliate products what ifeed makes i promote everything detailed information tips pluginstools i use everything i do to promote and work withaffiliate marketing in this short video stay tunedeveryone i’m hassan from h-educate and today i’m so happy to publishthis new video without consume any secondlet’s start instantly number one let’s seemy earnings from affiliate commerce of coursei’m not showing you this to brag and say hey i make money fromaffiliate sell of course no i’m showing you this mainly for two reasonsnumber one is to tell you that this works this isa proof to cause you to tell you go and start working number two because alot of people i don’t know why but they love to seeearnings and quantities and so on so here is myfirst dashboard on commission junctionif you witness last-place month i reached 2 500 dollarsand this month i made around 900 till today and you can see i have inmy balance around 4 700 dollars let’s go to the secondnetwork wallop radius you can see ihave upcoming earnings 467 dollars these are my main structures that i promote a free commodities withi have a lot of other structures if you go here to notionto my affiliate sell sheet you see i haveall these affiliate products and servicesthat i promote around 85 services you can see i manage all this ilist the service name the category what type of service the network i am usingthe status if i requested i approved or notwhere i am promoting the priority is it a high priority to promote or low-pitched ormedium and the difficulty to join this networkso all these services am been participating in and i promote and i willshow you how in a little bit of course i have some services that iearn like couple of dollars like this service i have 44 dollars like tubebuddy i have 15 dollars in the balance likebluehost i have 130 dollars i have a lot of service i ampromoting as you can see some represents me couple ofdollars hundreds of dollars and some thousands of dollars it depends anywayso this part one this is my earnings and my dashboardslet’s go now the second step and tell you exactlyhow i work how i promote affiliate productsand everything i use and i do in affiliatemarketing let’s wear my eyeglasses and starttogether time to sum up things what is affiliate marketing chiefly it’s aboutpicking a make and then promoting thisproduct and paying a commission so the first step in affiliate marketingis picking a concoction and usually you have to pick a make related tothe niche that you are interested in that you wantto promote and so on now if you are following me you know mywebsite is mainly about digital commerce and online businessso what i did is i simply proceeded and started searchingfor products for affiliate commodities relatedto my niche to my business and i created this list i depicted you nowall these services and i start putting themon to apply status so i need to apply to those serviceswhat i did as an example we have network called cj board junctioni get here to cj and went to advertisersand i started searching for product advertisersrelated to my niche so here we can search by categoryso i selected online services like email commerce like web hostingweb implements domains all these are related to my nicheand investigation and i filtered those products you can see all these and theni start applying one by one the products that iam willing to promote so here you can seein my my advertisers division let’s remove thisto filter my advertisers and click on search you can see now i promote enterserver web hosting grammarly i promote googleproducts i promote hostinger affiliate programovh mas contabu i have a lot of concoctions here incj you can see all these are approved and i canpromote then i went to impact network if you go here again to brand the sameoperation to firebrands to my brands you will see herei am enrolled in like 20 programs inside impactnetwork all these makes that are somehow too related to mybusiness and then i start searching for other commodities like as an example a bluehost if “theres going” here and search for bluehostand send them blue-blooded “youre seeing” those productsthose are in-house affiliate products what i mean isthey have their own affiliate dashboard like bluehost you can see here they havetheir own affiliate system i’m enrolled in if yougo now to send in blue to the dashboard affiliate dashboard youcan see also i have 100 euros committees also in sendinblueit has also its own affiliate dashboard so ijoined all these networks and filtered them by networkby status by list so i can organize all my worki know what are the servers i’m promoting and everythingin detail so this is the first step i joinedall the affiliate programs that i want or i am planning to promote and they arerelated to my business so now i have the affiliateprograms like 85 platforms i joined then the next step isto promote them what i did also is i make prioritypriority for promotion like for contabu it’s one of its priorities forname inexpensive it’s high-pitched for ovh it’s medium some are low likethose related to bibles and so on like this mojo marketplace it’s gradual soi prioritize my market plan according to thispriority so some assistances i push a lot of contentabout i push a lot of ads about kept some more effort and more occasion andmore fund maybe to promote and some no i start perhaps iadd only banner ads as you will see now in this video so in this way i canorganize all my affiliate market work inside notion here in this table and ican know everything and track everything let’s now move on to the mostimportant part which is how i promote those productshow i promote 85 produces and how to get clicksand induce shifts for those products let’s now closethose dashboards and croak primarily to my central websiteso if you are following me you know i have this website my prime in this website i have mainly two things that i can useto promote my blog and members of the forum if you open theblog now i will show you now how things reallywork so this is my blog let’s go as two examples and find likethis one the premium url shortener saas business this article if you open it nowyou will see i have a lot of relations you can see all these are relations in thearticle you can see all these godaddycontabo hostinger contabo contabo all these are linksand all of them are affiliate links so these are some guidesi write some steers step by step guides testifying people how to do somethingand inside these guides i promote some afraid concoctions like web hostingservices like dialogues from code canyon i have alot of concoctions to promote related to my topicsand to my essays now i want to give you one tiny secretor small-time gratuity that are actually helps a good deal when you createarticles like this if you go to my dashboard here you willsee i am exercising a plugin announced quite linksyou can see fairly relates let’s go now open moderately linksto show you this in practice it’s a very important tip by the waylet’s say this one like like canva i’m promoting canva if youclick on edit this tie-up and become now topro boast you will see i can target this link by keywordswhat this intends now whenever whenever i have thiskeyword this message in my blog canva it will be automatically transformed intoan affiliate link if you go back here youcan see as an example now those off-color connects this contable contableyou can see it’s automatically was transformed into an affiliate attach and thisway i can increase the percentage of clicksbecause all these are joins and in bold blueso people may click and follow up and make a purchasethrough this join so this is really very importantis to automate affiliate attaches now somewhat joins is not freebut to help you i goes to show you a free alternative if “theres going” now to pluginsadd a new and wordpress you will see we havea plugin announced i think auto affiliate link i thinkyes this one all the affiliate attaches you can install this plugin it’s freeand it will do the same for you it will turnany keyword into an affiliate relation that you setup in your dashboard this is very importantthis is very important so this is number one i promotethrough commodities through blog posts through tutorials this is one of thebest methods to promote affiliate connects whyas an example anyone is following this articleand wants to build this system he will go step by stepfollowing me he will buy the write then buy a domainthen buy a vps server by a hosting and all this through my affiliate linksthis is very important is creating tutorials on your blog okayso this is number one creating blog postsautomating affiliate tie-ups inside your articlesthis number 1 on how i promote affiliate tie-ups and affiliate productsnumber two is a through placard ad you can see herei have this banner ad for bluehost if you refreshnow you will notice that you will get other adyou can see here from envato if you freshen again we are going to getanother ad how i do this how i contributed this ad rotation simply i am usinga plugin called advanced ads this one it allows you to create groupsand rotation and lent numerou ads and willautomatically appearance you the ads in a group and rotate them automaticallyand then you can go to stats here and read each ad howmany intuitions how many sounds it got and so on the alteration charge and so onthe ctr the click-through pace sorry so this is number one which is promotingin the blog through flag ads and through internal linksnumber two is the forums again i created a forumin my website the forum helped me mainly in two thingsincrease my traffic a lot truly a lot from the first monthi got like 30 000 deems merely for from my gathering andin the forum again you can see i have the banner ads i can promote anythingpeople here are talking to each other i am also in this forum you can ask anyquestion in this forum i will be almost every day to answer your question by theway in this way i use the forum to attract parties to mywebsite to interact and engage in my websiteat the same time i is encouraging through banner adsand at the same time if anyone writes the keywordsthat i am promoting automatically they will be linkedusing the nice links plugin so this is number one my central websitethrough the blog the forum internal linksand banners number two i have just been my second main website which iseight super tools if you are following me you know i have eight super toolsthe free digital commerce implements stage i developed from scratchand if “theres going” now to any implement like youtube keyword toolyou will see also here i have banner ads this constable i’m promoting contable asa flag ad also i have some google adsense ads orisaiah i make money from ads and from affiliatemarketing in this website this is my secondwebsite number three i have this tool seoanalyzer tool i explained in detail how to create suchwebsites step by step if “theres going” now to any ofthese connects you will see also i am promotingaffiliate produces with banner ads grammarly ifyou go now slide you can see this canva adif you go here down you can see the hostinger and so on i’m promotingalso affiliate concoctions through this websiteif you like to learn how to create such websites in detailstep by step you can check the video description below or somewhere here onthe screen regardles this is the third website numberfour i have just been diaries and this is a website icreated like a couple of months ago the idea behindthis website is to create book epitomes so anyonecan read a book in like 10 instants you can see all these are booksummaries and you can see here i have also banner adspromoting a free produce if you open any of these let’s say thisbook summary because he is patronized this is an adthis is an ad also all these are affiliate ads i am promoting onthis website by the way i really also urge you to go to journals anotherblog and start reading a diary once a day likein 10 instants like this one in seven hours you can finish a bookunderstand what’s the topic how it’s how it duties and everything inlike got a couple of minutes you can boost your lore so this ismainly my four websites my prime website ith-supertools seo analyzer and books and more theseare four websites i use to promote affiliateproducts then i have just been my youtube channel if you go to my youtubechannel to my videos you will see like let’s open any videolike this one the email market free coursevideo if you go to the description below you will see i ampromoting a lot of affiliate joins and by the way all ourshort links to track clinks and know exactly what’s happeningall these are affiliate tie-ups i promote too from youtubeyoutube is also one of the very best plazas to promoteaffiliate produces specially if your channel is stillsomehow small-time you can make a lot of fund with affiliate marketingthrough your videos on your direct so this is also one of my mainimportant sources of traffic to my affiliate productsalso i have a small trick here i want to show it to youif you go to my work website the website where i provideservices to parties as two examples if you go hereto my website you is i supporting all these servicesif you click here on this busines set up a php scriptso let’s say someone wants to order the serviceif you go now the description you’ll experience the requirementswe need access to a vps machine and you can getone from these companies and all these are also affiliate linksyou can use also this small tip this small trickif you are providing services as a freelanceralso to integrate with affiliate commerce so you can make money from affiliateand from your fiancing assistances not only this i likewise promoteaffiliate commodities with two additional policies number one if you go hereback to my website if “theres going” now to more sectionand click on these and click on web hosting as an examplei have a page for deals and special couponsso you can see here contabu bluehost like any bluehostif you click on my connect and assemble through my relation you’ll get a 50 special discount for vaulter you can get 300 certificate digital ocean you’ll get free credits hostinger you geta special discount also i use this page to promote my affiliate makes you cansee here administers i have email marketing servicesor recommendations too page i have a lot of services i’m promoting like heyconvertkit send them blue-blooded do response here i haveall recommendations all these almost all these are affiliatelinks i am promoting so this is one of my extra tips-off topromote affiliate commodities also another strategy i showed beforeif you go to h-super implements to affiliate programs you can seehere i created this table that helps affiliate marketerslike you select a service to promote at the same time all these are affiliatelinks so anyone clicking on these connections hewill be recorded that i referred him and you can see herewe have the cookie span so as an example if someone clicks onthis aweber link and cross-file after 200 daysafter one year i will get the commission this is the power of cookies inaffiliate marketing also i excused this strategy in detailhow to create this table and so on in a full video here on mychannel you can check in the description below i think thiseverything i do to promote a free producti hope i didn’t miss anything now you may be asking hassanyou don’t use email sell or social media and so onof course i do if you go here to alter equipment to mydashboard as two examples to broadcast you see i send always emails iget high-pitched open rates high click frequencies buti don’t promote affiliate products directly through email noi implement email sell i use my social mediaprofiles to promote my material to promoteh-supertools to promote my blog my websitethose diaries those implements and the in this websites in the contents inthe blog i promote affiliate produces so i useemail marketing and other strategies to get the traffic as i explained indetail in my free freight direction please go tomy youtube channel now and watch my free commerce route thisone how to get traffic to your website full free course 34 times explainingall my strategies to get traffic today look i reachedaround 278 000 trips permonth and i reached this number genuinely in accordance with the same policies iexplained in this free course really follow it thereis no affiliate associations in this video there is no productsto promote there is no concoctions to buy there is nopremium courses to buy just go and learn these strategiesthis is a free course totally free really learn itand apply it to your website and you’ll start gettingtraffic and promoting affiliate commodities “i m hoping you” experienced this videoi tried my best to share every detail everything i doto promote affiliate marketing commodities satisfy if you have any questionsif you need anything you need any aid satisfy go now to my gatherings refer your questions there and i willtry my best to be every single day to answer your questions you can see herei was active 58 minutes ago 23 hours ago i am almost active every single day onthe forum please go to the forum submit yourquestions they will be there to help you please don’t forget if youlike this video press the like button support and expressed support for my canal toget every new update almost every couple of dayssee you later[ Music] you

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