Severely guys if youre not implementing thismethod in your affiliate commerce business model, than youre doing something wrong. Hey there you tryna stand up on your own twofeet. What’s going on YouTube Matt Johnston comingat you guys with a speedy video on how I was instrumental in make an extra $8,875 in a single weekon ClickBank and this was just with one make chaps again before we get into this video pleasemake sure you guys like, And subscribe and punched the notification bell below because imgoing to providing so much value on each one of my videos So you guys let’s get right intoit the reason why I’m making this video it’s pretty much exactly want to show you guys myprogress with promoting ClickBank products and pretty much are you guys my wander onhow I’m able to generate income with my business sit this was a private I started promoting1 week ago and I’m going to show you guys the results here so as you can see this myClickBank ID and we’re just going to refresh this to last week as “youre seeing” so scrollfrom here and this is my total earnings and sales from one ClickBank product alone Soare you guys can see if it comes out to be $ 8,875.45 and I did this all through usingan affiliate website that was already gaining it so much traffic pretty much at the righttime so the website I used to do this was actually similarweb you guys aren’t familiarwith someone that’s pretty much an internet site that pretty much shows the exact traffic sourcesthat are going to the affiliate offer they’re going to the affiliate site and then the showsall the analytics on how well each websites performing and it gives you good insight onwhat website To look out for what website that you can use to promote your feeling andoffer so imma give you guys a immediate precedent on how this actually work so we’re just goingto go to the ClickBank Marketplace or just going to go find a speedy commodity gravity andthen something quick Tom’s going to do mine.I break through only because I once promotedthis offer once so what is let’s see In order to do this what you’re going to wantto do is just copy this domain name right here and then similarweb so right there Andimma show you guys how exactly this works step by step so this just throws a brief noin-depth introduction on the ranks of the website but we’re not going to be focusingon that today we’re just going to look at the referrals so this is the most importantpart of the website and this is what you’re going to want to look out for when you’rechoosing an affiliate locate to promote your philly furnish okay so you guys can see thetop recruiting places were strong and fit come fit younger young and healthy are strong andso the site that you want to pick Is the one patently that is performing the best outof the 5 but now this is what so powerful.This website is it shows your kind of whatwebsites to avoid what websites have a great potential to help your philly make convertand you guys can see here that the young and healthy is obviously playing very wellit’s increased a great deal in percentage and the good thing about this is if you cash it whenthere’s a lot of traffic going to that website you can potentially earn a lot of sales foryour clickbank product So we’re just going to go to this website for an example and youguys can see that this a specific website based on health and weight-loss so I’m notgoing to give you a brief overview so you guys can see if he has a bunch of Articlesshe probably has a bunch of you know different kinds of tags that are on now so nothingthat I did to actually get my affiliate associate on the website was I use what is called Banneras you guys can use native as well the reason why I asked was because Nail clipping alreadyprovides you with a bear at 4 you’re feeling concoction so you guys can see it here so youcan see affiliate links banners and all you want to do is post affiliate link right hereMy dog is Liam Johnston as he saw earlier and merely personalize your affiliate code andthen scroll down a little further and you’re going to see that my billing ID is alreadyattached to each of these banners so all you all you really “re going to have to” do is just copy thatI have a few one like this one so all you have to do is I like all that and mimic itand then what you’re going to want to do is email or can you contact the person that runsthis website so she has her contact information right here by you know you can either sendher email you can call her and she simply rendered him a brief intro on their website give himan email and usually you know they can respond or they might not respond at all I think youcan do is keep asking a cluster of different beings what their frequencies are too you know possiblyput a flag ad on their website and you are eligible to really send them the link and you don’t seeif they can fit your ass somewhere on their website if not just you know funny differentoffer to promote until you find a prevail website to use Pretty simple guy apparently it’snot going to work for every single site you know where the Philly backs it’s pretty mucha numbers game when it is necessary to your earning capacity but you’re really not limited gasso similarweb is unquestionably a powerful tool to you know find out which site to promote your affiliate offering you don’t necessarily have to always constructed your own website if you wantto start a business from the ground up Another way is this is just one policy you can utilizefor yourself certainly you know there’s a lot of traffic that goes to these websitesso I hope you guys learned a good deal from this video delight make sure you like observation subscribefor more future videos and yeah guys take care

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