How SMALL INFLUENCERS Can Make BIG MONEY // Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

hey everybody this is roberto blake helping you create something awesome today welcome back to the channel today i want to talk about affiliate market affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and start constructing legit passive income no making money in your sleep is not something that happens overnight but i can talk to you about how you can start affiliate marketing even if you’re a small influencer in youtube instagram or any of the other social media scaffolds the things i want to focus on in this video is how to get those first few people to buy with you from your affiliate connections because i’ve been listening to the comments and looking at a lot of your questions over in gab and over on instagram about affiliate sell so a good deal of you have reached out and i want to tell you how you can get those first few affiliate marketings for amazon but too ways for you to look at affiliate marketing as a small influencer that doesn’t have a big audience and how you can still make money with this now i’ve already done a video to help you get started with amazon affiliate marketing specifically i’m going to link to that in the specific characteristics and in the info card i’ve also made a video explaining how you can make even 100 a daytime with affiliate sell so i’m going to link to that as well in the specific characteristics and the info poster if you want to watch those videos after you’ve gone through this one and you’ve got a better understanding of where to start as a rookie now what a good deal of you have asked is how soon can you start affiliate marketing how many admirers or readers or observers do you really need to make affiliate marketing work the thing is you can actually start pretty early whether you have a youtube channel an instagram or even a blog it’s really about material that is going to convert into those auctions now for a good deal of you because you’re just getting started you don’t have a big audience which is perfectly fine because what we’re talking about here is traffic and deals once you start thinking about social media differently you will start to not look at view and subscriber fractions and adherent accountings or any of that rigmarole and you will realize that content is about bringing trafficking in human for a specific type of viewer to get ethic that they crave and that that could lead to a transaction that is valuable for you either with affiliate sell or direct sales or something else you want them to do like subscribing or following you or patronizing an affiliate connection or a sponsor that you’re promoting because that’s how you’re going to earn money for small influencers a lot of periods you haven’t constructed a lot of trust with your public hitherto so one of the best things that you can do as a small influencer is use the free test reward programs in amazon here’s a good example of this i’m gonna recommend two notebooks for you i’m gonna recommend the power of wont and best time ever okay these are two of the books that are in my 2020 interpret index uh which is something i think i’ll go ahead and link to in the description but i’m going to recommend you sign up for audible with a free contest you get to keep both of these audio works for free even if you cancel audible and don’t decides to do a paid membership now hear why am i recommending that well one these are awesome books but two with the audible affiliate through amazon it’s a five dollar committee for anybody who clues up for audible for free so if you are doing affiliate marketing you’re trying to get started with amazon affiliate the best thing you can do is take advantage of all the free bounty programs and use that in your social media to get those first amazon sales so you can stay in the amazon affiliate program because a good deal of you have told me roberto it’s so hard for me to do amazon affiliate i’ve gotten knocked out of the program before i didn’t get the sales that i needed in the first like 90 daytimes or whatever i am aware of and the problem is that maybe there are parties in your audience who again you haven’t constructed the credibility with for them to spend money or two you have an audience of people who only can’t afford to buy anything right now and so the best option for you is to offer something for free like audible or kindle or any number of things let them try out amazon prime for a got a couple of days go ahead and get them signed up to a free visitation that’s in the reward curriculum you get a very small commission in a number of cases it’s going to be better than if you had sold the commodity with amazon itself with amazon affiliate commerce you get usually anywhere between 2 percent and eight percent depending on the product that you sold but with these reward programs you get a flat frequency commission so it’s a better guarantee that you’re going to offset some acceptable amount of money and again merely a quick reminder if you do use my audible associate you get to keep these two notebooks or any two bibles of your selection for free with audible and that’s just a really cool treat for you so sign on it cost you zero dollars recollect with affiliate commerce the whole point is to give value to your public at no additional cost and so when you’re trying to do affiliate marketing as a small influencer you have to keep in mind well “whats being” my gathering open and do they understand the benefits and the value of this product so what a great deal of you do is you will placed joins in the description of your videos but you won’t mention the thing or if you do you verbally mention it but then you don’t explain to anyone why it would be beneficial to them or who it’s for and in a lot of cases it doesn’t relate to your video at all so for me we do a lot of business and how to make money online content so i’m constantly recommending books that are about the garbs of millionaires or journals that allows you to with constructing an online business either directly or diaries which are relevant to a social media stage like youtube or instagram so i focus a lot of the book recommendations that i see based on the audience that we’ve prepared here when i was making a lot of money off of tech review videos well it was pretty obvious i was doing these top 10 list and top five list and aspect directory around commodities and i was recommending concoctions but also cheaper versions of them for anybody’s budget and i would make a lot of videos like how to find a fund video editing laptop or a plan laptop for graphic design individual computer parts and factors those are the types of content that cultivate a buying audience it’s literally people who are looking for recommendations on something they’re already supermarket for and a lot of you your content isn’t consequently outlook that space so if you want to do more affiliate sales even if you are a small influencer you have to target a buying audience with material that serves the need of a buyer how does this video or such articles or this berth that you’re doing help the average consumer and view since a lot of “youre not” definitely doing things like makeup produce critiques or tech product evaluations or camera paraphernalium if you’re not doing that type of content natively if that’s not what your audience has come to you for or to believe you for it’s gonna be a lot harder for you to move those affiliate connections it’s also gonna be really hard if you’re not mentioning and indicating the concoction in the video i know a lot of smaller tech influencers who really do pretty well with affiliate market but again tech is really more suited to that but i likewise friends in the appeal parish who do the same thing and it works out really well for them because it is the specific niche that they’re in friends of mine who have started you know camera channels on youtube that have 2 000 readers are realizing marketings from their affiliate associations but it’s when they shape content “thats really not” being heavily rivalled with and by that i mean they are choosing to review products that they are aware companionships are investing money in but that not everyone’s already talking about not the flagship makes but maybe something else primary instance would be content about gaming observers is not nearly as competitive as material around say cameras or streaming equipment or specific labels of microphones if you are a gamer and you’re doing gaming tech there’s a much better chance that you could find something non-competitive instead of reviewing all the flagship high-end products that other people are talking about some of your best friend utter dedicated youtube paths just to considering earbuds and headphones and you know whether or not you should do wired or wireless headphones it is a exceedingly niche category and they’re targeting audio data people who are very in to their audio gear exclusively okay i know people who perform dedicated directs to podcast gear and microphone evaluates so when you’re starting on your small influencer niching down very narrowly can be helpful if your goal is to start making money from affiliate income now i know a lot of you that’s not what you’re trying to do you don’t want a niche down you are really really adamant about that but from a business standpoint in terms of making money it is the faster overall method to get traffic and specially traffic that’s going to turn into a transaction now when we talk about small influencers we’re really talking about pretty much anybody that’s under 10 000 and for a couple of reasons for one thing in instagram you don’t have the swipe up feature in your telephone until “youve had” 10 000 admirers but everybody can take advantage of igtv and this could actually be really good for you for affiliate commerce because you can link out in every igtv pole instead of the regular instagram positions and time doing it in your bio and again if you don’t have the swipe up feature on instagram because you don’t have 10 000 partisans now if you’re trying to get your first 10 000 partisans on instagram i do have a video that i’ve saw that can actually help you with that in terms of a material strategy i’m gonna link to it down below i’m also anticipated to do uh some updated videos on growing on instagram i’ve had success with some new tricks this year so i really want to share some of that so if you’re interested you can ask me questions in the comment section about instagram swelling and you can talk to me about what your questions are seeing that scaffold because i cover more than youtube stuff i talk a lot about social media and just trying to get traffic for your website now on the canal a lot of beings have baffled this with me being a youtube help channel it’s just my biggest pulpit now speaking of youtube the space that i approach affiliate commerce in youtube is again i talk about things that are you know related to this channel and one of the things i focus a lot on is software as a service and so i do seminars and useful videos i recommend software all the time if you’re a youtube content creator you’ve probably heard me talk about tubebuddy it’s what i use for youtube seo the things that lets me rank on the first page in investigation and search is probably the biggest source of my transaction on youtube right now i know a lot of parties are targeting suggested but you actually if you’re not a notorious youtuber or a household name you can’t really target intimated without targeting pursuing so that’s why i operation tubebuddy and why i recommend it if you guys want to check it out i’ve got an affiliate link down below you can get the free explanation and you don’t spend anything you can take advantage of it or if you crave upgrade to the paid version 20 off help dismis code roberto’s crony it’s associated down below now i want you to pay attention to what i just did i just organically told you a good reason and display a legitimate reason to buy a software as a service that i recommend this is really important because a great deal of you again as small influencers you don’t really have practice at is speaking to your audience let alone cultivating a buying audience and this is part of why you’re struggling is you don’t know how to talk to parties and to demonstrate and communicate the cost to them without feeling too salesy it feels embarrassing i’m not uncomfortable to talk about tubebuddy because it has induced outcomes for me and i can show people the kind of results that’s produced with me by demonstrating my sheet standings and my probe traffic and how that’s helped me and where i’ve ranked competitively for these very hard expended keywords i too can show them productivity implements i can show instead of just tell that draws it so much easier for any of you to sell i need to do a video that’s really just about how to sell to anyone because a great deal of you you’re just awkward with the language of selling but what you have to understand is it’s not about selling a concoction it’s about selling a mixture and it’s about owning an answer and it’s about being able to demonstrate or communicate makes to beings or tolerable sequels for the problems they want to solve and so that’s why i’m able to recommend the things that i do i can recommend to you any and all of the camera gear in my setup because there are a lot of you who would like to have a similar setup or results i have parties asking me about this poster now that i have this over in my instagram i have just been beings dming me requiring asking me hey can i get a link to that sign if you do something that’s dope and cool and you reveal it whether it’s just the clothes that you’re wearing the report contains people who want to buy this hat you know what i’m going to do i’m going to tell you what you demand this same leather hat that i wear in all these videos i’m going to link to that in the specific characteristics down below and i’m really puzzled about how many of you will actually buy this same leather hat on amazon it’s not as inexpensive as you might think it’s actually a pretty nice quality hat but like i was saying regardless of how large-hearted or how tiny you are it is really about the interest for the produce and likewise what is the reason someone wants to buy do they want to buy a cool glancing posting or t-shirt same thing with stock like time they want to buy something that inspects cool and feels good or is it that they want to buy something handy like a hoop sun or a good microphone or laptop or any number of things you have to start attracting parties that have a desire and need for this thing and then you have to communicate value and demonstrate why it’s cool or why it’s useful it either has to pretty much be cool or it has to be useful and that’s what beings expend their fund on things that are cool and things that are useful i spend all my coin on camera paraphernalium because camera paraphernalium is both cool and useful and i become the money back so yeah that’s just me it is about how you communicate to the audience even if you merely have 100 200 spectators so many of you are like well when can i start affiliate marketing when you have traffic when you have at least 100 to 200 parties in your audience that are viewing or employing with your material whether that’s ideas on youtube or likes on instagram once you get to that stage there are people who are engaged with you when people are noting those are people who might buy from you give them the option to buy but give them a good reason to buy and a good reason to buy is not just to support you you have to explain what cost people get out of this i tell people that hey if you buy an audio diary or get an audible participation the appliance is if you are like me and you’re running around all the time and you’re a little busybody guess what you can still get the knowledge out of these audio diaries and that is something that i think is valuable to parties because it saves them time if you’re a youtube content creator “i m telling you” come tubebuddy because you can improve the seo but too because it has other features that save you occasion with affiliate marketing you can use one of the pro is available in the pro membership and you can actually do a experience replace on an affiliate tie-in that you want to change i did this recently and i changed the affiliate tie on 300 videos in under five minutes that saves me season so it’s worth the money to have the make because it saves epoch and see that is really something important from a beneficial position if you find things that will save people term and you explain how it saves meter they are more likely to buy it for people who are not that deep into anything it only has to be something that gazes or feels cool like a cool posting a cool t-shirt or sweater or cool hat so those are the kind of things that typically work and it’s all about how you present them how you communicate and again your own enthusiasm excitement for it more demo than tell like show off the products show off the laptop it’s easier to get you guys to buy a work if i show you the book on screen so those kind of things problem so if you’re a small influencer you absolutely can make money with affiliate commerce it’s really down to your personality how pleasant you are selling your tricks and the barrier to entry for your audience and like i said the lower hid entry for your gathering is going to be things with you starting with free experiments that people can use so it’s free up front whether it’s a inquiry or a free to use thing that you might get a bounty on because it’s precede contemporary for the company so another thing for material developers that i recommend that is you know free to try you guys like the audio chime upshots background music that i use free 30 -day trial of epidemic resonate cost you good-for-nothing up front to try it see if you like it for your content it’s a relate down below cost you zero dollars to check it out and see if you just wanted to do more background music and more sound intend i have a sound design tutorial coming out i have a tutorial about how to desegregate your background music so it doesn’t overpower your tone and encounter by make lessons that’s what’s going to do the most affiliate marketings for me rather than time a quick mention in a video performing dedicated videos either to a produce or making a top 10 roster of produces that you recommend for a specific reason that is the content strategy that is going to help you the most with affiliate commerce whether you’re a small influencer a medium size influencer or even a macro influencer because if you’re watching this and you say oh i’m a small youtuber i’m a small instagram note whatever i know people who are huge that suction at affiliate sell and i know beings that are small that crush it and draw six illustrations so this is something you perfectly can do you just have to hone your skill like anything else question of the day what do you want me to make a tutorial about is there a software a service or is there even hardware like video production or audio substance that you want me to make a tutorial about to help you in your business or as a content architect let me know in the comment section because i really want to get back into making a lot more tutorial videos for you guys i know i’ve gotten some askings about video editing nonsense so that’ll be coming soon now on the path regardles chaps like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome stuff here on the canal links to everything i mentioned are down below as ever you guys thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget go out there and start something awful today take care

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