How to be Successful with Affiliate Marketing? Here’s How I made Six Figures with this Formula!

Hey there, glad that you are here, and welcome to this video. If you are someone looking to learn affiliate marketing, or you are trying to decide if you should be spending money on an affiliate commerce program, then this video is going to be very helpful to you. Because not only you’ll be able to understand what affiliate marketing is and how it drives, youll also know the success formula of affiliate market that most gurus out there are charging hundreds or thousands of dollars coaching this. I am sharing this with you because I know it is going to be very beneficial to you, especially if you are new to this. Hey, this is Jack from Income Stream Builders, and since 2017 I’ve retire my full-time job, and I’ve been able to generate a full-time income from home through affiliate marketing.Since then, I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning from different gurus about affiliate marketing, and implemented their strategies. And I realize that everyone of those guru are mostly teaching the same thing, but merely an synopsi or a more focused version of what I am about to share with you. What you are going to learn in this video is an overview of a success formula in affiliate sell, and because there are so many topics within this overview itself, there will be more helpful videos coming your room in this channel. So, if this is your first time now on this direct, do click the subscribe button and check that bell so that you’ll receive notifications whenever brand-new videos are published. So, this video is a little lengthy, but its necessary. I won’t waste any of your time. I know how valuable your time is. So, if it is convenient for you right now, satisfy block out everything else and focus on this, or if its not convenient for you right now, then I recommend that you save this video join and is coming to it when you have the time.So this video will be broken down into several parts. First, we’ll be talking about what affiliate sell is, then well to speak for the success formula for affiliate market, then I likewise be sharing with you a notion called the stages of consumer awareness which is a crucial concept to understand if you want to be successful in selling anything online. It bind awfully neatly into the success formula, then we will dive into each of the elements of the success formula, and then we will wrap everything up with some suggestions to you on how are progressing. There are really a lot of things to cover, so let’s get started. Now, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is simply a strategy for companies to promote their concoctions without having to pay for advertising. Instead, the companies will offer a defined is tantamount to people, like you and me, whenever we can bring contributes or auctions to their business. So, for example, companionship A now wants to promote its produce through affiliate commerce, they create an affiliate program and says that they will pay its affiliates 30% committee whenever a sale is made.So, parties looks just like you and I can join the company as an affiliate. Once we are approved as an affiliate, they will provide us with a unique affiliate relation. We need to use this affiliate link to promote the products of the company so that any sales or heads generated through this connection are likely to be labelled to us, and that’s how they compensate us accordingly. So, we will go out there and share this link to the world, and how we do that is through media like blogs, social media canals like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever. All these are announced traffic programmes. But, if you are just going on these paths to share your link, hardly anyone will buy, like if you are promoting a weight loss product, and you join a weight loss Facebook group to share your link, hardly anyone will buy, and there is a chance that you’ll get censored. And that’s why for each and every of these traffic programmes, there is a requirement to proven strategies to promote affiliate products.Well talk more about this in awhile. So, there are people who are using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or whatever, and if someone happens to click on your affiliate connection, which moves him or her to the company’s website. Then, he or she purchases a produce which maybe cost $100. The busines will pay you $30, because you are the one who determined that sale happen. So, this is how affiliate marketing tasks. I hope this simple illustration is helpful to you. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.Now let’s move forward. The success formula for affiliate sell is this. First, you need traffic, we’ve talked about this just now. You need people to look at your offering and buy something, and if you don’t have commerce, you won’t make money. It is as simple as that. So, you need traffic, but not any kind of traffic. You need people who may be interested in the products that you are promoting. There are paths that you can identify interested expectations; we’ll talk about this when we go in detail about this section later. Then next, there is a requirement to an affiliate bridge. This affiliate bridge is a process for you, as an affiliate purveyor, to show that you understand the problems, the demands, the needs of the people, as well as demonstrating that the products that you recommend can potentially solve their problems. Then, you gotta get people to either rely you or trust that the products will work for them in the process. If you can hit all these indications, by the time those people accompany the final product, they will more likely buy from it.Again, we will come back to this section later. Now the final element in the formula is a profitable product or an affiliate program. There are a few things to look at to identify a profitable product. First is the commission rate. So, for example, if your goal as an affiliate purveyor is to earn $ 3,000 per month from your business. I believe this amount will get you out of any full-time job. If you are selling a product for $100, but you are only getting$ 2 of each marketing, then you need to sell 1,500 items per month to get a $3,000. Now, in comparison, if you sell a $100 usefulnes of produce and you get $50 out of it, you only need to sell 60 components per month to get the $ 3,000. The higher the commission rate, the quicker youll reach your goal. This is the first thing that we look at when identifying profitable makes. Now, the second thing to look at is if there is a value ladder of makes, which normally looks like this. You’ll begins with a low ticket or a free produce at the bottom, and you specify appreciate to users even if the produce is free. Then, if consumer interests notes price in what you offer, you have another level of produce that responds to a higher value. If you are going to promote a commodity that costs a few thousand dollars upfront, it will not be as effective. So, the highest the appraise that you can offer, the more expensive it is. For example, if you get a free voucher to a dentist to cleanse your teeth, the next thing you know, after the Dentist worked on your teeth for a few minutes, she will ask if you are a smoker because she sees that your teeth are yellow.No one likes yellow-bellied teeth, so the Dentist says no problem, I will get this fixed for you if you just wanted to. Then you consented, and she starts with teeth blanching, and then the Dentist doesn’t stop there. After a while, the Dentist suggests that you need a fee because your teeth is shifting. So and before that, you’ve exhaust $50 on teeth blanching and then a few hundred dollars on the fee. This is what we called the value ladder. The Dentist addresses your needs and then advocates a higher valued make to you. And in such cases, the teeth whitening and the fee. Another example is the apple products. First, “youve had” the iPad, then you have another add on of the apple confine, then the apple keypad, and then the sleeves, and so many other things. It depends on the needs of the user. And the better the company can identify its appraise ladder of concoctions, the better for its affiliates.Because you can promote a low-grade ticket concoction upfront for a company, and then you continue to get paid whenever the customer buys a higher ticket product, that’s how you make a great deal of money. Of route, the products you promote must meet the needs of the people; otherwise, everything will not make sense. Now, I want to share with you another significant concept called the 5 theatres of shopper awareness. This concept is very useful to you if you ever want to be successful in affiliate marketing, ecommerce, or basically selling anything online. Everyone who are already considered buying anything online will go through these theatres. Our job as an affiliate purveyor is to influence consumers to go from one stagecoach to another to eventually to buy a product. So, the first stage is where a person who doesn’t know that they have a problem.Like for example, a teenager who has an oily scalp that might lead to hair loss in the future, but right now, he has his fuzz unscathed. Or when a person is young and healthy, they don’t feel the need to buy insurance. This theatre is where the problem of that person is not apparent yet. And this is the hardest group of beings to convince and produce them to the next stage because they need to have a self-realization before they can shift to the next stage.No one can tell this group of parties they have a problem, merely they will know it themselves when the problem is more apparent. So, often for affiliate marketers, we don’t want to target this group of people, because it is a waste of time, exertion, and money. What we should be more focused on is the next group of people who already acknowledges that they have a problem. At the current stage, it is much easier for us to communicate because the prospects are more aware that they have a problem. Now it is up to an individual or the prospect to decide if they want to progress to the next stage to solve their problem, or they just wanna leave the problem hanging. And as affiliate purveyors, our job is to try and influence our promises into the next stage, which is the solution stage.Remember, just now where we talked about the affiliate connect, this is the bridge for consumers to go from “now I have a problem” to “I found the solution , now I am trying it, ” and in between is how you communicate with your consumers. Showing that you understand their problems and issues, demonstrating that the products will work for them, and getting them to trust your recommendation. I hope this is making sense to you. Stage 3 is where people have buying purposes. They won’t definitely expend a couple of thousands on produces upfront, but they are willing to spend some fund trying commodities. And if you can get people in stage 2 to this stage then you’ll be able to earn money. And in stage 3 if the consumers found that the produce is just what they need. Then they will commit to it which means they will go all-in with the concoction spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the product.Remember what we just said about the importance ladder of makes just now. This ties very closely with the success formula. So, in theatre 3 it is about promoting a make that is low ticket but adds good value to shoppers. And, in place 4, the consumer really likes the product that youre promoting, and they are willing to spend more money. For example, it could be a $ 30 spa treatment in stagecoach 3, but because the consumer likes the therapy so much better, that they purchased a year-long package that payment a couple of thousands. Stage 4 is where purchasers are seeking to waste a lot a lot of money on a specific product to solve their problem. And eventually, the final stage is transformation.When a person feels that the product or service that he or she bought has completely changed their life, like if he or she was a fat person who now turns muscular, or if he was a bald guy who now has baby hair. What would such person or persons do next? Will they go out there and share their experience with others? You bet so, right. They will go out there and tell others who have the same problem as the government has. This is the stage where people become advocates of a company’s product or solution. So these are the 5 places of consumer awareness, just take a minute and think about it. When was the last time you bought something meaningful, did you go through these stages unknowingly? Leave a comment below if you have an epiphany.Now, we, as affiliate marketers, need to focus on creating content that serve these 2 an organization of beings. Beings in the problem awareness stage and parties in the Solution awareness stage. If the person you are talking to is in the problem awareness stage, you want to lead them to the solution stage, and if they find themselves in the mixture stage, you wanna bring them to the product stage. I hope this builds smell to you. Anyway, before I move forward going into detail on the traffic and the affiliate aqueduct, I hope you’re liking the information I am sharing. And if you do, I hope that you can demolish that thumbs up button below this video. Alright, let’s get moving.The traffic. As I’ve mentioned, there are a lot behaviors for you to get traffic. Blogging, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or whatever. But, you can’t expend every single method because it will blow your brain. The amount of labor that is needed to be done to be successful in any one of those traffic methods is big. I haven’t seen anyone becoming successful because they focused on all the traffic techniques. Nonetheless, many beings became successful, focusing on one or two of the traffic methods.You simply have to figure out which traffic technique you are most comfortable with. And, if you want my suggestion, I would say Blogging and YouTube for free traffic procedures. But if you are an introvert who doesn’t like to talk to parties or appear on videos, then blogging might be suitable for you, but if “youre ever” pleasant in front of the camera, then apparently, YouTube is ideal for you. Then, I would recommend Facebook Advertising if it wishes to invest some fund on get traffic. If you crave my recommendation on a good route that learns these traffic programmes, do check out the links in the description box below.But anyway, we will be deep-diving into each of the traffic techniques in future videos. Once they are available, I will announce a attach in the description as well, or if you just wanted to get notified on brand-new videos on this direct, then affected the subscribe button and check that bell notification. But now I just wanted to make some separations on this big topic, traffic. And I want to give you some revelations into the mindset and the psychology of parties squandering the internet. Traffic is broken down into 3 radicals. We have cold traffic, heated commerce, and Hot traffic. You have to understand that whoever comes in contact with your material has different intentions. Most of the time, people destroy material when there is a need; they will more likely go to search engines to look for information instead of searching for information on social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, and all. And whatever that they are searching for in the search engines, you can determine their intent. For example, if somebody was to look for a spaghetti recipe, what does it want? It means that they just want to get recipes, it is that simple, they don’t have any intention to buy anything.So if you are someone creating content on a Spaghetti recipe, make sure that you don’t sell jackpots and washes to them. Most of the time, if you ever search for any food recipes, these websites, they won’t sell anything to you right up front. Because they know it won’t work, but they will try all means to get your contact information because they know, you may be interested in buying stuff in the future, but not right now. That’s the intention and a psychology behind someone searching for food recipes. Now, if somebody were to search, for example, the keyword “All-Clad Metalcrafters Review, ” which is a brand. What does it intend? It means that the person is interested in buying a product from All-Clad Metalcrafters, because perhaps he or she got some recommendations from friends or household, or perhaps he or she saw an advertisement somewhere, but the key is, that person is interested in commodities of that brand.So, if you write a review that rebuts all the questions that the person has, you may be able to get that person to buy the product through your affiliate join. So, technically, people who are searching for product re-examine or best firebrands for metal flowerpots, for example, have buying intentions. So, they are in Stage 3 of awareness, which is the solution stage, and hence they are warm traffic. And hot traffic is basically people who are supporters of commodities or at least they don’t mind spending a lot of coin on the concoction or solution, and they won’t hesitate to share their product ordeals with others. Now that we know there are 3 each type of traffic make us talk about free traffic and paid traffic in general.Let’s talk about paid traffic first, you will pay money to buy ads, it doesn’t make much effort to create an ad or to run an ad campaign, but you need a lot of knowledge and skill, like copywriting, motivating, and persuasion. You need to understand what makes people want to click on your ad, what makes people want to pursue further through your ad, and how you get parties to buy something at the end. If you are a beginner, it is tough for you to acquire this kind of skill, it requires a lot of practise. If you go out there, money a few cases hundred dollars or thousands of dollars to buy a route that claims you can make money fast, it is through paid ads. But the thing is, they can teach all they want, but if you can’t comprehend the ideology behind a successful ad, you won’t be successful.And more likely, you’ll be losing money on buying the ads. Every guru will tell you that you shouldn’t magnitude an ad if it is not a acquire ad. A win ad makes a dollar in ad devote that converts into more than a dollar in revenue. But what you don’t know is that for amateurs, as you are acquiring that skill, you’d probably take 20 tries or 50 tries or even more, before you were identified successful ad.This means that you are probably going to spend another $200, $500, $1,000, or even more to buy traffic to find one winning ad that’s on top of the money that you’ve spend on a direction. Many people go into paid advertising expecting to earn quick money. They go in there, create one ad, they run it, and expect things to happen. But when they are tried 2 durations, 3 times, and devoted quite a sum of money, they discovered themselves not earning money at all, and in fact, they are losing money.And as they progress without results, they didn’t think that knowing a successful ad is possible, and they quit. Why do I know this? Because I’ve tried it myself, and “its not easy”. You can earn money really quickly if you found one successful ad, but for you to find one, it requires a lot of knowledge and skill from you, as well as a lot of coin to spend on ads.In general, if you intend to go into paid push, I would recommend that you assemble a develop curriculum that comes with personal coaching. Because through personal coaching, you can learn from someone who is more experienced than you, and you can learn, you can acquire the ability much more quickly. If you demand my recommendation for a paid promote course program that comes with personal coaching then check out the link on the description box below. Now, let’s talk about free traffic. If you are someone who wants to earn money online without spending a lot of coin then, Blogging and Youtube will be good for you. But, here’s the reality. Nothing is easy, even for free traffic, free commerce doesn’t planned its free. There is always a trade-off. With Free traffic, you gotta spend a lot of time and effort to acquire it. You have to create content and nonsense routinely. But, exiting deeper into free traffic, there are mainly 2 beginnings, one is from Social media, and the other is from search engines.You gotta understand the differences among these 2 to come up with a strategy. Social media traffic is immediate, but it wouldn’t last-place. For example, you post an clause tie on Facebook, you can get quick traffic to your content, but if there is little to no booking on your announce, it will get put. You will never get consistent freight from Social media, unless you frequently affix interesting content. And people from social media, they are more likely to be in stage 1 and 2 in the stages of awareness, unless they already know about you beforehand, and hence then there cold traffic.They has no plans of buying anything upfront. You gotta understand this. Plus, people from social media, they expect to consume interesting material, they are not interested in a make examine or a best of kind of content, or any salesy content, and all. So if you are going to get beings to read your content on social media, make sure that it is interesting to them. And, you gotta make sure that as well that you are capturing your books’ email addresses or contact information so that you can lead them into a buying procedure later on. If you don’t do that, then you can’t expect any auctions from social media. Does this make sense? Now, the traffic from search engines is diverse. You can identify the search intent through the keywords beings type in Google or youtube, and how they land onto your website.They can either be in stages 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on the content that they are consuming. And the best thing about this is that once your material is graded highly on search engines, particularly for keywords that are targeting parties in stage 3, you will get consistent targeted traffic that generates marketings. That’s why once you are familiar with these 2 sources of traffic, you can come up with a traffic strategy, like creating content on your website that goes search engine traffic, and then you post your essay connect on social media channels. I hope this constitutes sense.Now lastly, we are going to talk about the affiliate bridge. There are many ways to do this. Once you got the traffic, you gotta send them to this affiliate bridge, it could be a way for you to get a contact information as I’ve have just mentioned, or you could send your traffic straight-shooting to a video or blog pole that will help you convey a message to your gathering. And the sense you need to show that you understand the needs, requires, troubles, and hopes of your target audience. Then you need to Build rapport and trust, either to you as an affiliate marketer or towards the product that you are promoting. And ultimately, youre gonna demonstrate that your make that you are promoting can solve the problem of your target audience. If you can hit all these indications, you will have a very profitable affiliate bridge. Let me give you an example if someone were to land on an article that you have written, maybe it is an article about the best guitar to buy for beginners.In that article, you deliver the information that he or she is looking for, but you can go further to figure out the guitar jaunt of that individual. Maybe that person is really a beginner who wants to start playing guitar. Then in that article, you can pique the interest of that person by offering a simple chord progression training that will help that person play like health professionals in minutes, that will probably get the attention. Then before he or she can get that teach, you ask for an email address. Then, once he or she put in the contact information, you can send that person to a video whatever it is you learn the chord advancement, you introduce yourself, share with him your excursion to playing professional guitar. You deliver what you promise to that person. Then after that, you recommend that person to check out a guitar training course. If such person or persons assembles the training course, great, you made a sale, but if that person doesn’t check out that training course right at that moment, that is fine because you have the contact information.Then, a daylight last-minute, you send a handy email to that person and coach him a second set of chord progression, then a few days later, another email that specifies more value. If that person destroys your content, more likely, he or she would have already established some trust in you or whatever that you promote. Then again, you ask that person to check out the training course again. So it is the lead capture page, a video, or an section that fulfills the promise stirred on the induce capture, then email sequencing. This is a highly effective way to promote any affiliate concoctions. I hope this constructs sense to you. So, this is an overview of how you can be really successful with affiliate sell. I want to thank you for your time now with me, and I hope that this information can help you decide whether you should or should not join a civilize program.If you demand my recommendation, do check out the links below this video I’ve gone through countless training programs and these are the ones that are genuine in schooling you how to succeed. I’ve left some bonuses in the links as well. Anyway, I hope you have learned a lot from here, and do knock that thumbs up to let me know that I have done a good job excusing. And if you have any questions at all, feel free to leave them below in the comments area. This is Jack from Income Stream Builders, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and check that bell for more helpful videos like this. All the best to you, and I look forward to seeing you succeed.

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