How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Funnel In 12 Minutes To Make Money!

what’s going on guys in today’s videoI’m going to show you step-by-step how to create your own affiliate marketingfunnel so you can make money on boundary now I’m going to assume you know whataffiliate marketing is but just a little recap and same procedure where you go makemoney online by promoting someone else’s product and I’m going to show you how tocreate an effective funnel that you can use to do this and you’re going to getthis funnel for free you are going to get the funnel that we create in thisvideo and everything that comes with it and you can download it and use thisyourself on anything you like so we’re going to jump in guys we want to showyou how to do this but before we do that I want to kind of explain what a funnelis how it wreaks because a lot of people don’t really understand they seem tothink that a funnel is just 2 3 4 5 pages or something like thata funnel is where you take someone or something traffic and you take itthrough a string of affairs and then at the end of that sequence of occasions orand all around inside that string of occurrences you make money so this can meanpages emails and material like that so in this video I’m going to show you how tocollect an email and I’m going to show you how to have an offer so you can makesome money and I’m also going to show you how to do 2 emails so you can makemoney with the emails as well now this is a nice general affiliate marketingfunnel setup that I’m going to show you how to do right now step-by-step this isthe only video you’re ever going to need to watch on how to set up an affiliatemarketing funnel so smash that like button people if you want to learn moreabout moves don’t forget to subscribe tap that notification bell and we’lljump in and I’ll show you exactly how to create an effective funnel to make moneyonline with affiliate sell now guys before we jump into this we are going tobe using two programs to do this you will need a funnel building planned Iuse click wrap and you can get all my share pours I leave them all below soyou can go and get them with this program the next program I use guys iscalled do response which is an email marketing platform or leave a free trialfor that below the reason I use two separate programs Geysers because clickpanels is for moves and get response is for email marketing so I’m going toshow you how to set all of this up right now okay so those are the two platformswe employment but how do we go and get this started so this is click pours in thebackend chaps and what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to beusing a concoction from our website announced Clickbank okay and I’m going to show youhow to set it all up and everything out there now this is the particular productand they have everything we need to get started they have all the emails theyhave the links and trash like that but best of all the reason why I like thisproduct guys is it has a book that we can give away to parties for free so thisis the book right here called the unspoken truth of affiliate marketingyou can download this journal and hand it apart to your expectations for free whichwas really really good so what we’re going to do now chaps is go through andshow you step by step on how to actually do this I’m going to give you all theemails free of charge and substance like that so the first step is to sign up toClickbank and go and get your histories and just go and let’s get that startedand well we’re gonna be doing chaps is promoting a concoction called the CBpassive income so let’s go back to click funnels hopefully you’re indicated in oryou can use another planned if you like but sound funnels is what I use I’mgonna go and click Add I’m gonna go to click pours up now and go to build afunnel and I’m actually going to sorry go to here included new or same route I’m gonnago create a new funnel now what I’m gonna do guys is you you would havealready had my funnel that you can import so it’ll all be done for you butI’m gonna go to create a custom funnel and I’m gonna name this YouTube CB demookay this is a demo funnel that you can download and improve the move the firstthing it is essential to do people is create what we call an opt-in page or a head magnetwhere we go and click someone’s email so we can go and promote more makes tothem so formerly you have created a step this is called a step you’ll come to apage like this now I already have this set up and you will have this setup aswell but the reason you want to start from scratch chaps I entail click funnelshas heaps of various types of sheets you can use and stuff like that but I’ve been doingthis for such a very long time I know what works and what doesn’t work so I’m goingto go and accumulate a select the template that you’re going to get access to andyou can use and and we’ll see what it looks like in a few seconds chaps but thistemplate is giving me a 75 around about a sixty to seventy-fivepercent conversion rate so that means for every 100 parties I sent to this pageI’m getting around about sixty to seventy people give me their email whichwas really good the standard in this industry is about thirty to fifty atbest okay so this is the page here it’s really simple delightful and clean-living notation and itis cleaning like that and it wields extremely well so let’s go and revise thispage and then we’ll go and do some connecting and material like that andconnect everything up so to do that people you simply sounds Edit Page okay and whatI’m going to do is we’re going to be giving away a free bible for example okayso I’m going to revise this and go free free Oh we’ll depart we’ll go free marketingreport now I’m just doing this on the fly guys free marketing report and justgo down and see if you get some information on now the unspoken truthof internet market so I’m going to throw that in here get strange I’ll simply typethis out and come back alright chaps so I’ve immediately only introduced that in downloadthe unspoken truth of internet marketing in 2019 and then 100 percent freedownload simulate and adhesive volume or something right so I don’t know what youwant to put in there and then download now now setting up the page is quitesimple you just simply go and edit these sections here and you’ve got desktop andmobile so make sure you change it on portable as well and then we have the thedesktop and you are eligible to lent factors by going to add element okay and you justdragon simply only drag things in so that it’s really easy guys it’s not thathard at all but more importantly you have to connect the get response autoresponder to this page so how do you go ahead and do that well it’s actuallyquite simple first of all you just wanted to mostly go and create a get responseaccount or some sort of other into our marketplace email commerce programme and youwant to simply sign up and then you’ll be in the backend that looks like thisyou want to go to rosters and you want to create an email list so just go createan email list I’ve already initiated one but when you organize one chaps you justput in your register appoint and that’s it so this is going tobe the listing where we send parties from our opt-in page okay so create a listonce you’ve created a directory guys you want to go into clickfunnels let me just savethis and go back and substantiate you something you want to go back and sounds funnelsand go to now and going to see integrations and then integrate utter response withthe click moves there are instructions on how to do that once you’ve done thatcome back to this page guys and go to edit page okayand we’re going to now connect our listing to this so I’m going to go to settingsintegrations and go to autoresponder integration and then click integrationand get response remember I’ve already done this you just go to theintegrations on sound funnels and they’re practice on how to make love it’seasy I don’t need to show you that and then go to action people and go to add tocampaign and then down here contributed it to one of your indices okay sweet so we’veadded so when someone sign out gives us the email now guys they’re going to beadded to our register and then click Save okay now what you want to do now isthere’s a pop up so go to popup edit aims and there’s a pop up now makesure you change this pop up as well because when people click on the buttondownload now this pop-up is going to come up and they are going to put intheir items and it looks like this let me go to preview so if someone goes todownload the book they click on download now a pop-up is going to come up likethis and you are eligible to edit the pop-up as well by just going to show pop-up or editsettings and I’m just going to click Save on this now what we want to do nowguys is we want to create this part of the funnel so I’ve just testified you howto create a form where you can clicked an email but now we want to create sorryadd the render so when people I got to get get people’s email you send them to theoffer where you can potentially originate some fund so formerly you have yourClickbank account set up you want to go into the Clickbank marketplace and finda make called the CB passive income for 2019 only click on a business and amarketing and you’ll find it in there and then go to promote and then what you aredo then geysers run – you can either send them to a free webinar so there can bean Aleve magnet as well instead of going out and sacrificing them a free work you cansay hey come to this free webinar and get some grooming on how to start abusiness online or something like that we’re just going to do the default butthat’s a great idea chaps so you can earn up to $ 200 Commission by giving away afree seminar it’s literally the most efficient way to get people and hey come and getthis free training so I’m just going to go generate hot ties and I’m going tocopy this particular link here okay I’m now going to go back to clickfunnels andI’m going to get rid of this on the same page where the will you sounds the emailyou’re going to go to settings and in general and you’re going to go on submitgo to and glue in your affiliate tie-up and then click Savenow watch what happens guys when I lay in my email I go to download now I putin my email I go to get instant access and what it does is it now automaticallytakes me to that particular render where you might utter some money okay so thatmy friends is the first two steps in this and this will all be live guidesyou can download it below so we’ve now created a simple page you can click theemail and we have also redirected them to the offer product where we can makesome money now we need to go down and start the emails it’s really the guysthis is so easy to do and then I’m too going to talk about traffic at the endof this training so you can go and figure out how to get traffic and makemoney with the specific track traffic so how do we obligate the emails guys supersimple so we’ve created this we’ve created this gradation let’s go back so we’vecreated this pace I will include it so they get transferred to the other pagenow in get response we have all these people coming in to our directory what youwant to do now guys is go to menu and go to automation and before you do anythingyou want to upload your automation emails so these guys actually haveemails that you can use I have done the of taking them and editing them a littlebit so you can go and use these if you like okay so in get response guys wefirst want to go to automation sends and we want to create two emails I’mgoing to do that and come back but I’ll show you how to do the first one okaythis is important we need to create these emails so I’m going to go tocreate draft and I’m going to precisely referred these anything okaymake money today you can do your own subject Geisel they have their ownsubjects I’m sorry that’s not the subject that’s the subject I’m going toname this YouTube demo one and I’m going to go to next you need to create themessages first before we organize the automation on this sheet guys I’m goingto sound compose from scratch I’m going to go down to a space templateand then we have this email template I’m gonna go back to here I’m going to copythe first email guys okay and I’m simply going to drag in a verse block I’m goingto be disposed of this I’m going to paste that and now I’m going to change thefont because I like this one I’m going to bring the sizing down and this is theemail guys and I just kept my tie-up at the end here where it says connect here youwould put your clickfunnels your clickbank affiliate associate so go anduse something like bit neat bitly or a attach shortener and adhesive your tie-in inhere I’m just going to throw a random website chaps for now if he isEUCOM elites comm this is my website once you have the link in there chaps youwant to highlight it and you want to click on the order and introduced the URL inhere so now when people click on that link which is your affiliate link you’llmake some coin then guys I simply want to go to next step and I’ve now createdthis one email so now I’m going to go and create the second email and resurgence and picture you what to do with them so you can go and send these emails outautomatically to your make right guys so what I’ve done now is I’ve created twoemails applying these emails here that I get from this particular affiliatemarketing program and the products on Clickbank will have anaffiliate page we can go and get emails flags and things like that if you likeokay so that’s what I’ve done I’ve gone and taken these emails and edited thembecause they are a little bit spammy now I’m gonna go back to now guys and I’mgoing to click on manage workflows I’m going to create what we call a workflownow you’re going to go to create workflow and you’re going to just gobuild from scratch okay so this is kind of a move guys like it’s so it’sreally easy I’m going to epithet this YouTube demo one and I’m going to clicksubscribers and on this first block guys I’m going to go to skinny and I’m goingto sorry specific and I’m going to choose the email inventory that I connectedmy model to so that one there so if we go back to now guys and we edit this pageyou’ll be understood that that and now I go to incorporations I’ve connected this form tomy Sam funnel contact email list claim if I is going in now what’s going tohappen is when anyone subscribes they’re going to come into this workflow thenext pace chaps is to go send message and then I’m going to link these togetherand click that and I’m gonna go up to here guys and I’m going to click ondraft on the top right then I’m going to find the letter that I made which isdown here YouTube demo one okay and I’m gonna click apply now what I’m going todo people is go back to add element and I’m going to go down to wait wait hereand I’m going to set this to one day it’s automatically set to one day butit’s click on it and make sure going to see I click on the box and make sure it’s ittwo days the working day then I’m going to go and send another theme guys to thosepeople and I’m gonna click on this and I’m going to go to draft and I’m goingto go to youtube demo 2 which is the second email that I created and I’mgoing to add that in now I’m going to sound Save and publishokay so now this is live chaps when a person leads and let me just go back tohere and go to automation when person goes and positions their email in we shouldget some leads into our workflow and we are able to automatically send them emails solet me just test that and we’ll be seen to what extent it drives so I’m gonna preview this pageguys and I’m gonna go to download now I’m gonna put in my email I’ll put in arandom one because I do have this email already in there I’m gonna go to getinstant access and it routes me to that upsell or that offering straightaway rightnow I’m gonna wait a few minutes and then come back because it takes a whileto get into the get response account alright guys so now you’ll see that onthe down here where it says in progress we have three beings I had to employed it andsome more emails that it does take a while to come through it takes fromabout five to ten minutes for beings to get added to your workflow but what I’vedone is I’ve gone and procreated literally a business right in front of you so whatwe did is we girls composed a funnel and all you need to do is copy thisparticular link and you can send beings to this and to go out and get induces andmake money once again we put in the email it goes to that page and then weget the email the person’s email now and now we can go and send out two emailswhether it be a week’s worth of emails 1020 emails whatever you like to promoteproducts to give away the free record to go and put your affiliate link in to getan affiliate Commission so the commission for this particular productguys you get an average of one hundred and sixty-seven dollars on averagethroughout your you know when you’re making money with this particularproduct so that guy’s is is the product that I recommend you promote for thisfunnel nonetheless you can go and promote all sorts of different pours ourproducts sorry gives and things like that but I exactly want to kind of show youthis because it’s so simple to actually set up so below in the description guysI’ll give you a link to this share funnel and you’ll get sent the funneland you can download it and use it yourself but how do you actually go outand get traffic to this where do you where do you sit will you go and putthis connect so you can get parties to sign up and give you the email and material likethat well my number one recommendation people is a website announced andyou can go and get you mostly by traffic and I’ve been doing thatmyself here’s some solo ads here this is a brand-new history you pretty much buytraffic and parties you give them your attach so let me show you how to kind ofdo it this for example say we want to base them off Scott we go to thisparticular page and we go and settled our link in now and you go Add to Cart andyour purchase and they will send you traffic and you can get commissionings thatway now it genuinely depends on the price so you’re typically paying you can get 50 tourists for $28 now if we get a hundred guests chaps from fifty three dollarsthen and you’re using my sheet that gets a conversion rate of say 60 percentwithin out of that 100 guests who is required to get 60 percent are 60 peoplegiving you their email and so you should be able to get some sort of commissionor at least conclude back your coin and more coin obviously by purchasing thesewith this particular offer the software here actually converts very well withsolo ads which is something that these are these are announced solo ads another way to gettraffic leads for free is to go and start a YouTube channel and a lot of theseguys employed their ties in the description to get Commission’s that way and proliferation an email list case the top of this all is to build up an email list andmake all of your auctions you know become some fund here you are able to make one ortwo marketings now but spawn the majority of members of your coin in the email back-end and build upa huge email list so six months time a year’s time you’ve got 10,000 people onyour email roster or 20,000 or whatever and you can go and send out an emailmake money I could send an email right now to my track and I could probablymake six figures what I’d have to do like a week’s worth of emails launchedbut I can go out and determine six figures from my email register chaps so that’s why wego out and do this and build out these funnels once again the gradation is supersimple go and create a page like this where you collect an email and thendirect people to an offer to enter this guy’s it’s extremely easy time click onit and start editing things you can just you know whatever you like it’s so easyto do people got to go and do this and I’ll leave a link to this below chaps youcan download this for free and if you dowant to go and learn how to impel more money online or parasite some videos andplay this up on the screen you can click don’t forget to subscribe tap thatnotification bow sag a like and I’ll see you guys on the next video you cangrab your free pour below it’s all set up for you plus the emails

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