hey there it’s ken and in this affiliate marketingtutorial for fledglings i’m going to show you how to create a bridge page you’ll learn whata bridge page is and why it’s important for your affiliate market success i’ll establish you areal life example of a connection page then we’ll brain over to my page developer and create a bridgepage so if you’re ready let’s dive freedom in so what is a bridge page it’s a simple yet highlyeffective sheet that sits between your commerce beginning and the sales page of the affiliate productnow a connect page gives people an additional stroke point and allows you to talk about the benefits of theproduct spotlit any bonuses you’re offering and even compile an email address prior to passing thevisitor along to the sales page the end goal of a connect sheet is to help increase your conversionsin other words stimulate more sales so let’s take a look at a real life example of a aqueduct page sohere’s my bridge sheet right here and i exercise youtube to drive transaction to my aqueduct pageyoutube to me is one of the best ways to drive targeted organic freight to your bridge pageand if you’re interested in learning how to do this then click on the link below to check out mynumber one recommendation for utilizing youtube to generate traffic leads and sales nowwhen they’re on my bridge sheet right here they’re going to fill out their information andthey’re going to click on this buy now and get bonuses button and that will make them from thebridge page over to the sales page when they land on this marketings page because they’ve been on mymy connection page they have already been pre-sold they know the benefits of the product theyknow the bonuses that i’m offering and they are basically ready to buy so all that’s left forthem to do is click on this buy button right here and purchase the product so we are now goingto go ahead and ability into my page developer and cause our connection page now you mayhave a different page make i use thrive architect and that’s totally penalty time followalong so that you understand the basic components of putting together a connect sheet so the firstthing we want to do is go to sheets and supplement a brand-new page and we’re going to give our sheet aname so we’re going to just call this sample bridge page and then i’m going to launch thrivearchitect now as i mentioned earlier everyone has their preferred page make i just want to showyou the format that you can follow to ensure that you have a high converting bridge page so nowwe’re going to choose the pre-built templates and thrive as i’m sure all page makes havea lot of different templates i’m just going to go with a space template because i want tostart from scratch and i want to show you as i as i build it the basic elements thatyou need and i’m going to strip out all the fancy formatting and things like that so we’regoing to go with really this space vogue page and we’re going to realise some adjustmentsso this would be our headline i want to add some text above the headline anddrop this here and i’m going to move this down a little bit now because it’s a little too tightup top all right i’m going to add this in now and then we’re going to let’s move this as welli’m going to drop this down only a little bit like that and then the headline the prime headlinei’m not going to come up with anything imagination it’s just going to be the identify of such products so we’regoing to precisely call it the simple freight plan and the reason why i i don’t have anything fancyis because they already know what this is they’ve gone to my video they’ve sounded on the link nowthey’re here on my bridge page they know what the concoction is so there’s no need to beat around thebush so to speak we just get straight-out to it and make sure that they keep watching the video and they giveus their information and they buy the product so this is my intro this intro statement this is myheadline here i’m going to make this a little bit bigger it’s good and then i need some opening formy video and my opt-in form and the reason why is this area right here from top to bottom is calledabove the fold we want to have our most important elements above the crease we do not want them tohave to scroll or do anything right when they land on this page bam there’s a video and the opt-inform and we’re going to tell them what to do so it’s very important to to guide them throughthis process so let’s go ahead and change this all right center that we’re going to lower thisdown precisely a little bit too it’s a little bit close right here and we want to increase the size ofthis just a little bit more that make this bigger and hold that now we want to add inour video so we’re going to go ahead we’re going to search for video take that we’re going to add it right underneath and this is where we’re going to insert ourvideo so it says youtube i’m going to grab the share associate from this video print thatand i want to add it in this box right here as you can see it really is large so it takesup a lot of real estate and we still need enough space for our opt-in form because again wedon’t want anybody having to scroll down as soon as they land on this sheet theyget what they need we tell them what to do and we move them along so i’m going to shrink downthis video a little bit so we have enough room for our sheet for our opt-in boxi’m going to move this up now now that i look at it let’s goahead and move this up a little bit and then i want to movethis down precisely a little time a tad okay so that inspections good so nowwhen they land on this page they’re going to see this simple freight blueprint we’re going totell them what to do which is to watch the video and the reason why i’m utilize this exact same videois that when they are on my youtube a youtube channel and they’re watching this video mostpeople will not get to through to the end they’re going to immediately click on this they’re goingto miss out on a good deal of important information and that is the reason why iwant to have the same video here and that direction they can go through it they can seethe bonuses the the features and the benefits and i specially want them to stay on this pagei do not want them to go anywhere else i want them to stay on this page so i’m gonna i’m gonnaprovide them with as much information as possible so that they don’t have to leave because the goalof this sheet is to pre-sell them is to provide them with so much information and give them givethem everything they need in order to sounds that button and go to the sales page so this is a pagethat is going to pre-sell them when we’re done with this if you make love the right way they’re goingto be pre-sold before they even get to the sales page so by the time they get now they’re alreadyready to buy they’re not even going to bother scrolling down and decipher through the sales pagethey will immediately buy because you have given them enough information to convince them that theyneed to buy so now that we have this video in now let’s go ahead and let’s supplement in an opt-in formso we’re going to add in a precede generation constitute right below the video and typicallyyou know people want to merely make it as easy as possible so they are only crave anemail address but in this case i’m going to ask for a little bit more i’m goingto ask for a call and an email address because eventually i want to personalizefuture emails to this to this person so i i would want their first name so i’m goingto go ahead i’m going to choose the identify and email address and sign up form right here as you can seewhen they click on this page and atlanta is they click on the link right here and they land on thepage boom everything is on the same page so super super convenient now we can do some formattingi’m just going to do certain basic things now so i’m going to go and i’m going to i’ll leave thatcolor as off-color but i’m what i want to do is connect my autoresponder now so i’m going to go and adda communication i’m going to select activecampaign i’m going to merely use a regular index here i’mgoing to apply and utter that api contact i clearly want to save and ensure that everythingi’ve done is is going to be saved and then now right here we want to we want to choose the theurl or the redirect url so this your redirect url after they fill out their information andclick this button is where they’re going to go so where are they going to go where they’re goingto go to your sales sheet and this is where you are going to add in your affiliate tie-up so inthis case i’m going to add in my affiliate connect so now when they fill out this form and they clickthis button right here they’re going to end up on the sales page and they’re going to be cookiedto me so if they buy this produce i will get a commission now there’s one thing here that ismissing that is super important that you have to have and that is a gdpr checkbox so we’re going togo in now we’re going to add in a gdpr checkbox and why you need to add this in is becausethis is european regulation so you have to have this in here if you if you violate that you aresubject to penalizes and we’re talking sizable fine so make sure you have this gdpr checkbox in hereand that route when the person or persons crowds out the form they give their consent to you that theyare okay receiving emails from you so let’s go ahead and do just some furtherjust minor editing here i just want to show you a few cases things now when it comes tothis button down now sign up does not work okay you want to have something that is going to bedefinitely more activity familiarized this on the side here something more action oriented sign up doesnot cut it so emphatically we want something like buy now and get bonuses something like thatbecause in this instance i am giving away bonuses and i want them to bind out so definitelywe want to do something like that this is really really small so we want to increasethe size a little bit here so we’ll go like that and that glances good and whenwe’re done we’ll click on done and you can see that pretty much when they landon this sheet they get all the information they need as we had talked about earlier i may movethis up a little bit because what i want to do is i want this to be visible so we’re going to movethis up just a tad fleck so we can see more of that button excellent so as you can see these arethe main elements we have our headline we’re telling them what to do which is the video andthe video is going to pre-sell them even further before they land on that page we are collectingemail addresses which is super important because number one you want to build an email you wantto build an email list and by building up an email list you’re going to be able to promoterelated affiliate concoctions to that person so it’s important to build always be constructing youremail roster and again because i’m offering usage bonuses i do want their email address because iwant to be able to send them a link to get those tradition bonuses so those are the main elements nowyou can add in other things onto your connection page it’s totally up to you but the basic elementsare are this and another thing that is required are your footer your footer ties-in and that isyour privacy policy your terms and conditions your affiliate disclosure your earnings disclosureftc conformity all of these links are required you need to have them and by regulation so you need to makesure that you have this information in here and too the reason why is that if you’re running anypaid push to this page to your aqueduct page you are also required by the likes of facebookby google and youtube you need to have these footer attaches in here otherwisethey will not approve your ad now if you want to add any other aspects tothis let’s say you want to highlight the benefits you can go ahead and you can add that in now sofor instance i want to add in this block here and i want to just computed in some let’s say i want to addin some benefits so you would add in your advantages they could be also testimonies if you havetestimonials from customers that that can help in terms of supporting additionalinformation to the visitor to show them that hey this product is worth it you should go and getit you can add another section and you can add in let’s say you want to add in your bonuses so let’sfind something that was like bonuses so maybe something like this we’ll only add this in hereand this could be your bonuses so you could put in we’ll time put in custom bonuses and we’ll simply core this so you can see that you can make this as valuableand as long as possible but the main thing is that you have this information up now to begin withand when as they scroll down they’re going to get pre-sold even more so you’re going to see somebenefits maybe some evidences custom bonuses perhaps you’re going to talk aboutyour fund back guarantee down now so maybe you’re going to add in somethinghaving to do with a money-back guarantee so let’s say this is your money-backguarantee right here let’s just do this one right here so let’s say this is yourmoney back guarantee so you can add that in here as well so we would remove this andyou would add in your fund back guarantee so that action they can see that and what you’regoing to notice is the farther you get away from the top the more work it is believe it or not toget to the top and fill out this form so one thing you want to do is after you set up your initialopt-in form is that you’re going to want to make a duplicate of it and then you’re going to want tojust move it you’re going to want to move it down move it down slowly now as you can tell any sheet builderthings can be kind of fiddly so i’m just going to go ahead and move this downuntil we get to the bottom and we’re going to just add it right here okay so now you have youropt-in form we’ll move this down a little bit so now when they scroll down and they’re reading moreabout the commodity when they get to the bottom we make it as accessible as possible for them to optin which is the whole goal we want to eliminate any roadblocks any fear for them and that’s howyou’re going to do that so let’s make sure we save this always save and then once we’re saved wealso want to check your mobile and tablet look so so far everything inspects good you definitelywant to check these precisely because you want to make sure that it’s formatted properlybecause typically where reference is extends from the desktop to the the mobile view a lot ofthings alter so we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to exactly do some minor editinghere just so because again i want this to be above the fold as much as possible so inthis case like this this works because now they check the deed they receive the video to see partof this opt-in form and they know what to do this is the information so you want to go in hereobviously more and you want to change this button here because this is definitely a little too tightso you just wanted to exactly realise that little bit smaller okay so you wanna you wanna do something like thatbut it’s totally up to you how you wanna do this formatting but precisely the main thing is that thisinformation is vital information is above the bend so again we’re gonna go ahead and save andwe’ll go ahead and well let’s take a look at our main page everything still searches good so nowwe want to do is go ahead and preview this and test it so when they watch the video theyclick on the link they end up on our page they’re free to watch the video and learn moreabout it they can scroll down they can spoke more about benefits and maybe some testaments readabout the practice bonuses check out the money back guarantee and they can fill out the form if theywant to let’s go ahead and fill in that form we’re going to consent and then now we’re goingto click that button and when this happens we’re going to capture the email address and beforwarded to the simple traffic blueprint sales sheet so by now after having gone through thatvideo and and the connect page they’re already pre-sold they don’t have to do anything elsethey’re already sold on it if you if you did a really good job and followed my guidance you’llbe ready they’ll be ready to buy they’re just gonna click on this button there there’s no needfor them to scroll down and read anything else so that is how you put together abridge page but oh one other thing one other thing let’s go ahead and take a look at our active campaign history let’s go ahead andrefresh and you can see right here that i have my due has arrived in my inbox so that is howyou put together a aqueduct sheet so there you have it how to create a bridge page “i m hoping you” foundthis affiliate marketing tutorial for rookies to be helpful if you did hold it a thumbs upand subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos like this don’t forget in order to makeaffiliate marketings you’ll need to drive commerce to your connection sheet click on the link below tolearn how you can drive targeted organic traffic following a simple step-by-step strategy it’sthe exact same one i used to get you now all right this is ken furukawa and i’ll see you in my next video

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