How To Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing On YouTube (The RIGHT WAY)

so you want to know how to do amazon affiliate marketingon youtube and actually make money well pay close attention because we about to jump right into itall right so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take a look at the results thatway you know that what i’m about to teach you actually can work and then after that i’m going toteach you the exact strategy so you can go out and implement this for yourself alright so let’s takea look at these results so if i scroll down here you can see for this month total components shippedthree total earnings 7.41 which is not bad peculiarly since i literally exactly started thisamazon affiliates account it just really comes down to really understanding what to do and i’mgoing to go over that here in this video and then you can see i’ve engendered 64 clinks and we havea conversion of 4.69 now we’re going to dive a little bit deeper into the full report so you cansee the amount of revenue i actually generated for amazon all right so give it a second okay so if wescroll down we can see i’ve actually rendered uh amazon and thirty 219.30 but then when you lookat what i get in my commissioning “youre seeing” seven dollars and forty one cents so now let’s look atwhat i sold i used sold a logitech c920 two uh x pro brook webcam i too sold a nexigo 660 p i alsosold a 4k webcam i don’t know exactly which one that is but i was actually able to sell three andi want to say um i actually sold this i want to say the 4k webcam i sold on my birthday which ispretty cool right which was yesterday at the time that i’m recording this video alright so now i’mabout to coach you exactly what to do to be able to generate these type of results all right sothe first thing you got to identify is what type of makes you’re already utilizing that you boughton amazon that associate with the type of content that you’re putting out right now so for example ihave this camera this webcam right here which is a logitech c9 20 right which is the same exact webcamthat you see here on the screen so what did i do when it came to actually trying to make money withthis one of the first things i did is i ran up to the name of the actual webcam once i got the nameof the webcam i imitated it like that i accompanied it over to a tool called vid iq i pasted it in vid iqbecause i want to see how many examinations on average this particular keyword gets so we can see righthere logitech c920 it says that it gets 260 000 investigations every single month whichis crazy so that means that you could literally sell one tonne of these webcams or otherwebcams because if you’re familiar with how amazon tasks let’s say for instance somebodyclicks on your relation the moment that they click on your affiliate attach even if they don’t actuallyget the product that they clicked on like the one that you were recommending anything that theybuy within the next 24 hours well within the same 24 hours you’re gonna get a commission forit which is pretty cool when it comes to you know make affiliate marketing right the nextstep is i want to do that same keyword and i want to go over to an incognito browserso i’m going to open up youtube over here i’m then going to paste the same keyword just likethat so now if you look what i found surface three ranked videos the first thing i want to identify is howlong are the top three ranked videos so we can see the first video is 9 hours and 46 secondsthe second one which is mine which is 9 times and 57 seconds and then if we look right here thisone right here is 7 hours and 52 seconds so now what we want to do is we want to average the threeof those to figure out how long we want our video to be once we get that multitude let’s just say thatthat figure is around eight minutes or something like that boom we got that now the next thing wewant to take a look at is the thumbnail pattern so when we look at the thumbnail patterns we can seeright here he’s doing this right he got his hand up for the first ranking and he got the webcamin his hand and he’s looking crazy to get your attention and then if you look at excavations all i didright i didn’t even lean my face in this i thought about doing that but i didn’t set my face in itbecause i understand the most important thing is the webcam itself so boom i kept best webcam undera hundred dollars and since i’m trying to captivate a certain type of person i settled the youtube logoin there to attract like somebody who’s already creating material on youtube then i gave the actualwebcam in there so out of all all the three that you discover at the top you can see that all of themhave the webcam that’s something to keep in mind so like if you were selling somethinglike this or trying to rank for something you want to introduced the main thing in thethumbnail now the next thing you want to look at is the title patterns so the deed patterns youcan look at his title logitech c920 before you buy and then you can look at ours logitech c920 bestbudget webcam for youtube videos and then you can look at this one i has logitech c920 hd webcamreview so then what you want to do is you want to create a super title that’s going to stand outand allow you to break through now this next thing that i’m about to tell you is extremely importantand this is what youtube really cares about the most and that is watts experience how long are peoplewatching their video so one of the easiest spaces for you to figure this out is to watch their first3 0 seconds of their video when you do this what this is what this is um distinguish for you is arethey consuming people’s time in the first 30 seconds now some people what they tend to do is they’llthey’ll talk about what the video is about like for example if it’s about a lot of c920 they maysay something like so you want to learn more about the logitech c920 and then some people what theydo is they’ d be like uh go ahead and subscribe to my canal do this oh i was doing this anddoing all of that but what you want to do is you want to beat them to the perforate because if they’rewasting people’s time in the first 30 seconds or they’re taking a minute or two three four minuteintros which i’ve seen a lot here on youtube you can break through as a small youtuber allright so now let’s move on to the next step we want to go ahead and close out of the incognitoand then we want to go over to a tool called morningfame now when i set when i paste this samekeyword in the morningfame keyword search tool i reached probe and then it gives me these gradesright so from here “what i m trying to” do is i want to thumped prefer for gradation numeral four now keep inmind for sake of duration i get onward and “ive created” a designation a description and a tag because as youcan already see i was actually ranking number two by showing you i’m about to show you exactly whati did you can see logitech c9 20 best plan webcam for youtube videos and then we visualize we got mydescription right here let me show it to you with the uh keyword density implement there’s my keywordonce there’s my keyword twice and then this is a variation of my keyword and then you can seei got my affiliate ties-in because i talked about more than only one commodity in that video rightthat’s why i have multiple affiliate relates here and then we got my keyword in there for a thirdtime so now you can see at the bottom i have my uh my uh hashtags which is another way to getdiscovered on youtube as well and then down here i got all of my tags taken care of so if you goto my video right now if you’re using a implement like vid iq or tubebuddy or something like that you’llbe able to see um that i’m abusing exactly what i’m showing you here now if you want to learn exactlyhow you can get your videos graded up at the top of the search engine exactly how pits was iput together a free teaching it’s going to be the first attach down below in the descriptionthat’s going to take you through my operations on exactly what i do and if you want to you knowmove forward after that if you feel like you need a more additional help then just go through therewill be a button on the sheet and then we can kind of schedule something so you can actually geta deeper understanding of what you need to do all right so with that being said hopefully yougot some value from this video and if you did definitely go ahead and gives people a thumbs up alsodrop me specific comments down below letting me know if this video was helpful and with that being said ilook forward to seeing you in the next video quietnes

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