How to Earn Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing — 7 Practical Tips

– I haven’t met anybody that is anywhere near our results in affiliate market. If you look at our process of doing it, you gotta simply press record. – And I got a question about the different stylesof using affiliate ties-in. So one vogue was very simple like, you know, by theCanon M5 0, Amazon link. And there’s a wording that like Vanessa Lau calls where it says, “Here’s my favorite camera, “and there’s an Amazon link. but she doesn’t tellyou which camera it is, you have to click the link to find out.And then there’s a form that you use, which is like and then the site that you just mentioned with all the tools. So I’m wondering whichof these various forms would you recommend? What are the pros and cons of goo … Like, like Vanessa’s method? I imagine that the advantage of that is that you get the cookie on, you get the Amazon cookie just for finding out which camera it is. So I would appreciate a little bit of anticipates as I’m just getting started with affiliate marketing inthe next couple of months. – I don’t think any of thosemethods is wrong for one. I think it’d be interestingin experimenting. I is suggested that, I recollect media, we havedefinitely kind of tapped into make affiliate commerce at a quite world-class level. I want, time to be addressed, and I haven’t looked at, I, and I haven’t looked at( indistinct) beginning of our meeting. We are at merely this month at something like 117,000 clicks and “ve earned” 14,000 in benefit time this month, fairly decent.So let’s say last month wedid something like $ 34,189. And we can also encounter, of course a lot of that “re going to have to” dowith camera and photography, musical instruments, and youcan see how it breaks down and this is the backend. You know, friends we don’t not only just have the clinks here, but the amount of prescribed items. The conversion pace 5.61. That I think is a big keyin answer to your question because the conversionrate is not necessarily … It “re going to have to” do maybe withhow valuable the video is and thinking through theentire purchaser pilgrimage in affiliate commerce if that procreates impression because I think what’shappened at foresee media a duet summarized principles is, I see part of it’s trust. Again, affiliate sell for us is not just like a currency grab.It’s understanding how to monetize absolutely valuable information to say, “Hey, here’s a likenes of two things “and this is really why wethink this is the better option, “choice is yours.” But parties have constructed trustwith us over the years and I’ve said, “Man, when it’sexactly, that’s the goal.” It’s exactly as Seandescribed or Omar agreed or Nolan described. And I feel like I’ve devoted my coin in something that’s good, and of course affiliate marketing doesn’tmake the commodity costs anymore. So it’s such a great wayto earn money as a developer. But to maybe answer yourquestion more specifically we’ve bolted on, I thinkthe believe media tools page that we just afford two examples, that’s something eventuallyeverybody should do because eventually asan online industrialist, you should have what toolsyou use on your website. Like think about it, right? Eventually you’re gonnaprobably pick a plaza where you’re gonna bebuilding your email index. Eventually you’re gonna select … I represent, for us, it’s crazyhow many different … I intend, we have at this stage in business slack and and we use Epidemicmusic and we use Musicbed and we use Kajabi andwe too use Thinkific and we also use a textbook message service, I forget what it’s called. And we also use vidIQ. And so eventually there’sjust so many different implements. By summarizing where those everyone is, you can share it quickly like I just did and if people want an examplego to fig media tools.It’s an example of exactlywhat you said in regards. These of course are our affiliatelinks and it’s taken … I wanna urge you, it’s taken times, right? To construct everything there is up and so start simple. In regards to Vanessa’s method, yes, perhaps you get the click, but my guess is a couple of things. I don’t think she takes likeAmazon affiliate marketing anywhere near as serious as we do because she’s built sucha profitable coaching and even coarse businesshelping people with Instagram and construct their businesses. And most … I haven’t metanybody that is anywhere near our results in affiliate marketing.So I do think if I was to lean , not just because it’s kind of our process. If you look at our process of doing it, it’s sort of a linear flow of super-valuable search basedvideo, in response to a question and committing what we believe to be the most ethical solid, supportive ask. And then clearly lettingpeople find that answer in the specific characteristics, so things like oral call toactions to let people know.And so there are links in thedescription to these concoctions maybe even knowing ahead oftime before you press record. And right now webcams are kind of sold out and kind of hard to find. And so I’ve actually linkeda duo different resources in the description down below. So you can check B& Hphoto, Amazon and eBay which may be the only place that you can get this webcam right now. That is just very clearinstructions to the viewer to be able to now go searchthat out, sound those ties and if they were to clickAmazon B& H and eBay, that cookie would be on allthree locates in matters relating to or on that computer for all three websites, in regards to whatever buys they make for whatever the cookie timeframe is. So I’m not sure if Ianswered your question good, but what are your thoughts on that end? – The idea of buildingyour, that site of your own, I think that is probably a good thought likewise to show your viewers that you are serious, that you do evaluate allthese different concoctions and I suspect is that wouldgive a good impression to somebody that, oh, he doesn’tonly push this one concoction, but he actually has intelligent beliefs about all these different things.So I’m inspired to developed in partnership that register and I think it doesn’thave to be complicated. I speculate I can really putit on my WordPress site. It could just be a page. Here are the tools that I use when the enter opens, right? – 100% and then it becomes both. You can have, even thatlink in your description all the time to only peoplecould maybe stumble on it. You could have this specific video with a specific call to action like you’re doing here talking about maybe M50 versus Canon or the Camcorders, so you have the M50 linkor a Zoom Affiliate Link. Does Zoom have an affiliate program? – Used to have it but I think they quit it during the current situation. – Yeah, that realise feel. That that’s something thatwe haven’t really promoted. So, you are familiar with, whatever it is, whether it could be StreamYard or something else you talk about, but then the ability ofhaving those clear URLs or something clear youcould share on a live brook is precisely too gives you thechance to perhaps go live, ask Q& A, or even share on social. Like you could send a tweet out that, that website stands alone. So at the end of theday, I loved the question because you brought up acouple of different programmes and that is what we shouldall kind of be developing. At some item we mightfind our confidential root, the best strategy for us, but my kind of summaryanswer is do all of them. I entail, it … Or do thebest one for different contexts of the contents you’recreating, you know what I mean? You never, as this is a great tip extremely, you generally in any one video, you merely miss one call to action though and that’s kind of agood online marketing. Like if you tell people to go four sits, they’re going to go nowhere because like, I can’t, howcan I go in four guidances? Is it North, South, East, or West? So when thinking about whatstrategy you’re going to use in regards to a call to action, to an affiliate tie or whatever, I would encourage alwaysresearch before you press record and programme your videobefore you press record, to think through the whole process.As we get better and creating our videos, it’s actually thinkingthrough the whole thing of how does this all align? How has this all congruent? So that the spectator … It’sone of those things where formerly you’re done transcription, you’re editing or the video is coming out and you’re like, “Shoot! I should have said, “I’ve done that a million times. “Wait a time, like, Icould have been a lot … “I didn’t conclude that veryeasy for the witnes? ” And I’m sure that everybodywatching this can maybe relate whatever it is you look back and you’re like, “Shoot! What if I would’vegiven a call to action? ” One of the things thatI find so fascinating is I remember I be applicable to, Iwas like flipping watches and I searched it like, these Nixon Watches, like a watch like this. And I would picture a watchlike this video right here, where such person or persons justshows off this watch and okay, it looks like theymight have an affiliate link.Nope, they don’t, it’s notan affiliate link to eBay and it doesn’t link to anything. And so this particular video by exactly kind of reviewinga watch as 86,000 their opinions and potentially no affiliatelink in the description. So one, there’s the idea ofthe occasion that you always could set it in affiliatelink in the specific characteristics and that could be at leastan opportunity for some. But the second level is, if you don’t give anactual call to action, then risks are no one’sgonna find that link, like a very low percentage. And once the video is outand once it has 81,656 ends, you might look back onan old video and is just like, “Dang! I could be having somepassive income right now.” But hopefully that becomes a lesson and even watching this chocolate with candle we think through to be like, “Man, on that next one, “I would just want to makesure that my messaging, “my call to actions, thethings I include in the video, “the verbal call to actionsI return, the description.”I wanna conclude that, “I wanna remove frictionas best as possible “and only make sure I’m clear and helpful “and I act the spectator “and I give them know abouta summary of appearance documents “and attaches in thedescription or whatever.” because if you don’t givethat verbal call to action, then risks are you’renot gonna ever make any affiliate sales oryou gonna utter very few.So that’s just kind of apractical gratuity for everyone. – Are you curious aboutthe programs and services here at Think? Wanna chat with a real person to help you on your next steps? Well, we’ve got you handled. Jump on the phone for a quick1 5 time finding see with a Think Media certified manager to assist you with your next steps. Just go to talkwiththink.comto schedule your free announce.( upbeat hiphop music ).

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