How To Make $1 Million Dollars In 1 Month (My Plan)

Hi everyone, welcomeback to another video. In today’s video, I’mgoing to be broken off my rather simple plan to spawn$ 1 million in one month by age 26. Now I’ve noticed from looking through my channel here on YouTube, there are a ton of videos, butthey’re all tutorial videos in order to help you guys get to the point where I currently am in my business. With that said, I’ve nevershared my future schemes. So today is going to be a special video. And I considered that draws a lot of value to the table because you don’t commonly find parties in onlinebusiness to this degree sharing what their futureplans are over the next year. So whether you’re brand-new to online business, or you have some experiencewith online business, I think this video will be helpful in locate your long term points. To all of you who are new to the channel. Welcome to the channel. My name is Greg and I like to talk about online entrepreneurship. And since I’ve been in thisspace for so many years, I’m trying to give backand share helpful resources to help you guys get to thepoint where I currently am.Now before we get into this video, I need to take a few seconds really to thank all of you guys who are returning to this channel and to all of you guys who have been showingsupport on these videos. The likes, the comments, the sharing these videos, I really do appreciate itand it prevents me motivated to give you guys more helpful content. So without further ado, let’s start this video and start unraveling myplan to induce$ 1 million in one month by senility 26. Now where we need to begin on this is to go back one gradation and just explain how I got to get where I am. So I can show you how I’m goingto do where my goal is set. When I started out on onlinebusiness over five years ago, I tried all of the differentonline occupations out there. This is everything fromAmazon FBA to Dropshipping to Fiverr services.If your experience getting started in online business isanything same to mine, you will see that thereare a ton of advertisements drive you and selling you on different online business models. Now probably just like you I had to try all of these business representations to see what they were really about. Now over the course of the next few years from trying all these business sits, I was able to find out which ones were actually making money, which ones were realisticbusiness opportunities. And which ones most importantly were passive income business models.Some of the business frameworks that I tried, they did make money, but they were so entrusts on that it wasn’t worth the money that “youre gonna” determining. Now all in all, from the years of trying all of these business models, it actually boiled down tothe two business sits that I currently do today. These two business modelsare print-on-demand and affiliate marketing. With that said to any of you who are new to online business, orif you haven’t gotten into these business representations, more. This is where all of the other videos on my canal will come in handy for you. They’re all free lessons. There are no paid coursesand all the information that you need to grow your transactions as big as mine is all on myYouTube channel for free.So hopefully now we’reall on the same page. But now the issues to becomes, how do I plan to turn myprint-on-demand business and my affiliate sell business into$ 1 million in one month by age 26. This is the part of the video that I’m energized to share with you. So let’s get right into it. Over on print-on-demand, you’re able to create numerou accounts. What I symbolize by that is you can create an account on Teespring, you can create an account on Redbubble, you can create an account on Merch by Amazon. These are in my opinion the top three print-on-demand websites, although there are a handful of other ones out there that you couldupload motifs on as well.The cool thing about this is that you can upload these same pattern to each one of these firms, but all three of those websites, they get their own traffic, so you’re going to get sales separately on all three of them. Now, the important takeaway from that, is that you have three separate firms on print-on-demand. Now coming over to the otherside on affiliate market. This is where I’ve been creating niche specific affiliate marketing websites. The charm of this is thatthey are very low cost to is starting. Yes, they do take a lot of hard work and quite a bit of era for you to start ranking on Googleand shaping substantial money.However, you can make as manyof these websites as you want. There’s literally no restraint, you can have one, five, 10, 50 different websites all making money separately every month. Now although it’s definitely possible to become$ 1 million in one month merely from the earnings of allthese customs mixed. It might not be realistic, and it’s going to take various more years to build these firms up to that point. Now my plan to make a million dollars in one month is style most realistic and is going to happen a lot faster. Something that’s not very common knowledge in online business, especially for parties gettingstarted in online business is once you change your online business, you can actually sellthat online business. Now this is where it gets good. Remember how I was explainingon print-on-demand, you have three separate chronicles. And over on affiliate market, you can have as many differentwebsites as you want. Well, the appeal of thisis that you can sell any of those individually. If you have selected precisely tosell one of your accounts on print-on-demand, youcan absolutely do that.And you prevent all of the other ones. Vice versa on affiliate marketing, if you have selected time to sell one of your affiliate commerce websites, you continue all of the others. You don’t have to sell them all as a good deal. So with that being said in a nutshell, my plan to oblige$ 1 million in one month by senility 26 is to sell offone of my ventures. This being going tobe one of my websites or one of my print-on-demand reports and I’ll be able to keep all of the rest and continue thriving them. Nonetheless, the questionbecomes how big-hearted do you have to build up a business in order to sell it for$ 1 million. This accompanies us to the best part about selling an online business. And that is that online organizations frequently sell for 25 to 35 days their monthly net profit.Now what that makes in layman’s terms is if you’re going off the modest number of this metric of exclusively 25 eras the monthly net profit of a business. That means that if one of your business is making a net profitof $ 40,000 in one month, you can expect to sell that business for a minimum of$ 1 million. Now since I’ve been an online business for over five years now. I’ve been able to putin a great deal of hard work and a lot of time forthese businesses to grow. So I have several different reports either already earning over $40,000 benefit per month. Now if you guys have watchedany of the other videos on this path, you know that I commonly is not talk about whatmy business’s advantage, but the reason I chose totell you that is simply to stimulate you or motivate you and depict you that this business model of print-on-demand and affiliate market is a viable and veryprofitable business model.And the cherry-red on top of that is that if you choose tosell any of your notes down the road, you can oblige 25 to 35 hours your monthly net profit on anyof those individual histories. So the last part in thisvideo I think is going to be helpful and confine all this together. You may be asking how do you find someone who’s willing to pay a milliondollars for your business. And this is something that I’m going to be experiencing firsthandin the coming year. And as you can bet, I’m going to share this process with you guys on the channel. Nonetheless, my programme here isto use marketplace websites to sell online businesses.And the above reasons I plan on usingthese mart websites is because I’ve been recommended them from people who have had success selling their online transactions in the past. Now simply to give you an ideaof one of these websites, so you can go look throughand envision other professions that are for sale andwhat they have sold for. I’ve never personally exercised them before but one of the large-hearted websites in this space is called and I know there’s acouple other ones out there that are very similar.Something that I personally like about Empire Flippers, gift that I haven’t put-upon them before is that it shows their total amount of businesses sold. At the time that I’m recording this video, they’ve sold just about $150 million value of businesses. Exclusively in the last 30 epoches, they’ve sold about $3.6 millionworth of online professions. This proves to me thatpeople are selling the enterprises and beings are buying businesses for big amounts of fund on this pulpit. So all in all, I hope thisvideo has be useful, it has attained you think aboutsomething differently, and I hope it’s providedvalue at the end of the day.This is the first time I’ve shared something about my future plans for my personal online businesses. So I hope you were able to get some helpful takeaways from this and it preserves you motivated to keep growing and “workin on” your print-on-demand and affiliate marketing occupations. As always, if you hitthe thumbs up button, if you observation or share this video, I truly do applauded the fact, so thank you. If you have any questions, let me know down in the specific characteristics. And I’m going to go aheadand link up a full tutorial for print-on-demand and a full tutorial for affiliate marketing.So if you are new to the space, you can get started the proper way. All liberty chaps, I hopeyou enjoyed this one and I will see you all in the next video ..

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