How To Make $1,000 a Month Through INSTAGRAM AFFILIATE MARKETING (No Posting Required)

How to make an extra $ 1,000 a month through Instagram affiliate marketing. In this video, I’m gonnabe depicting you my tour to seeing how I became one of the top affiliates, very popular software outthere, and how you can generate an extra $ 1000 a month by use some of these key concepts. Because when you understandsome of these key concepts, you are able to literally avoidthe most common mistakes that most people do and you’ll be able tosee how we can do this even if you have no event, even if you’re an ultimate apprentice. “re ready”? Let’s begin.( techno music) If the goals and targets here is togenerate a thousand dollars and when I say a thousand dollars, I am talking about passive and I know that for some peoplethat might seem absurd, but we’re gonna walkthrough the numbers first and depict you not just how it’s possible, but we’re going to be tacticalhere as well on this video, to show you exactly how that’s done. I’m gonna be showing you a very popular online marketing tool and you’ve been followingme for a while now “youre supposed to” suspected it.This is called ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a software, that enables people to buildup marketings process online, which is basically very tactical pages to produce beings through, from the time you don’t know who you are to the time they actually buy. And this is utilizing a sales process, could be an application sales process, it could be a webinar, itcould be a Lead Funnel. And to them, we’ll walk youthrough how you can actually promote this product, generate an income even without making a singlepost through Instagram. Okay, so let me just quicklywalk you through my detail and my pilgrimage of being ona top affiliates out there. I’m gonna be showing you a few different, important stats that you must know. So this is how it pieces. This software over herepays you every single month, as long as this customer, that you refer tocontinues being a member. Now how it labor is that this software, the authorities have two expenditure objects, 97 and 297. Now most people will go for a 97. Now, either contrive that they go for, as long as they continue being a member of this paid application, you hinder 40% of this amount. Click funnels everysingle month right now, currently they’re payingme about $56,000 a few months. And that’s repetition. MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue. And your goal here is to get beings to try out this software for free. So there’s a 14 date trialand then after 14 daytimes, they get blamed $97 a month.So the question here now thenis how do you cite people and what was my strategyto referring people on this software? And what if I told you thatyou can do this on Instagram to look for makes, clients andthe way you do that is this. So 40 of $97 is give ortake about the bucks. So let’s say for simplicitypurposes, let’s say it’s $ 40. So you must pay $ 40 percustomer that is active. So that conveys in order togenerate thousand dollars, you need to have have 25 beings. What this represents is, I’m not talking about 25 brand-new marketings every month. I’m talking about the generatea thousand dollars a month, cumulatively, you need to have 25 people that pays $97 a few months, so that you get paid $ 40 committee and from this $40 fee, you will get paid a thousanddollars if you have 25 beings. So the question is, how can we have 25 beings active apply this software? In my travel of doing this and stimulating the mistakes andpretty much flunking my behavior to success, I realized that affiliate marketing.In whatever market, whetherit’s coding, ClickFunnels or a physical commodity onAmazon or a digital produce, it’s all about understandingwho are the people that an easy sell. Now, if you watched my previous videos, this is something I say all the time. Who are the people that’s out there, that’s already saying yes to this, they’re gonna buy it anyway and they might as well buy it through you. So on Instagram, the good newsis there’s a lot of parties out there that is really, truly targeted, that they are able to genuinely benefitfrom exercising the software. Now let’s talk about whothese groups of parties are. Now, there’s a lot of them, but we’ll utilize a few samples. Okay. So who are parties that would generate big benefits from having a sales process? Number one would be network marketers. Think about that for a second. How do most system purveyors make money? Because they don’t havethe right civilizing. Would try to make money byharassing friends and family, because they’ve been told by their upline, to say, Hey, do you have five friends? If you have five friends, you can be a millionaire.So run call up five friends and family. And then frequently what happens? The friends and family discontinues upnot being friends and family. Perhaps you might haveexperienced this before. Have you ever knowledge like this friend whom you haven’t spoke to in like, I don’t know, five, tenyears announces you up saying, Hey man, let’s meet upfor chocolate some time. And you’re like a little bitsuspicious and you made the decision to, okay, let’s meet up andsomehow this friend of yours deaths up presenting on sheet of paper, choosing a assortment of curves. So what if you couldhelp network purveyors do it the right way.Which is build a list, getmore produces, more reach, more visibility, and havea sales process online, so if people apply and understand what the network marketing business model’s about, what is this auctions process? A auctions process in anetwork market world, it could be three sheets. So page number one wouldbe a page that says, I’m looking for seriousmarketers who are looking to build a side income from home. And you need to click ona button that gets them to put in the details if they wanna apply and find out whatopportunity does is about. Now after they apply on the third page, this is when you discover or rather this is when thenetwork marketer reveals what this opportunity is and if they want to moveforward and started, they click another button that takes them to thenetwork marketing company or opening that mansions them up. So this could be an example of a very simple three page marketings process that is easily built in ClickFunnels.Who are other beings out therethat would be an easy sell? Number two would be property workers. Now this could be insuranceagents, owned operators, anyone wants to get more precedes. If you could share withthem a sales process that they can use tosell their dimensions. Now in a second, I’m gonna be showing you how ClickFunnels has got areally, really powerful feature that you can share thissales process with them, where all they need to dothen is to literally only swap out the graphics, modify some words and then they’re placed. What if you could DM these system marketers and property agents and find them to specifichashtag and guess what they already know that whatit is that they’re doing is not working. And what if you could actuallyfind them and show them that you have actually builtthe sales process for them. In fact, I’ve printed for you. Page number one, well, is costs of asset in areaname, going to rise or fall in 2020? Enter your specify and email todownload this free report.So beings now enter thename and email for something and then they go to thenext page that says, This is Peng Joon here and I wanna thank you fordownloading this report that’s gonna reveal to you my prediction of dimensions in[ Area Name] and whether it is agood buy and literally, how do you spot assets and get them at 10, 20, 30% below market value? Now, in this report on thispage, I have literally listed all of the differences between properties and what I do is Ispecialize in[ Area Name ]. And if he wishes to getgreat deals at[ place Name ], fill in the form, enter your items and the moment a great dealin[ Location Name] appears, we’ll give you a call. We’ll include “youre going to” our list, we’ll send you an email. So now this property agentis now actually building a schedule of following of peoplethat would be interested in properties in locality specify. And do you think this property agent, would appreciate the fact thatnow they have a sales process to help them get more produces, rather than knocking ondoors or giving up flyers or cold calling and whathave you could be that person that helps them do that.So what if I has been said that I have prepared this different templatesand sales processes for you? So this is a very simple sales process that you were able to give the property workers and the cool thing aboutClickFunnels is that I literally can share thisentire move with you and you’ll see it in theYouTube description box below, you’re gonna verify thesedifferent share moves, by when you notice how to use them. So what if you could literallygive them the sales process and they can easily edit this page to help them get moreleads, that’s targeted so that now they’re building a index. Let’s talk about whothese targeted beings are. One last segment who are thepeople that’s targeted. Number three, it could be coaches. What type of coaches? Well could be a wealth coachcould be a fitness coach. Let’s take a fitness coach. Now most fitnesscultures, what do they do? They’re selling the time for money, which is fine, starting out, but they don’t have asales process either. They don’t know how to getlongterm purchasers online.So what if you could helpthem get more clients online, by helping them builda sales process well? What if you couldutilize this Share Funnel that I have created for you, for fitness influencers. So you can see the salesprocess, they get the email. Step number one is the free civilize, the free opt in the free plan, the free cheater expanse. It could be something along the lines of how to get six packabs and gaze good naked without do a single sit up. Enter your refer and email to be informed about how or my personal groceryshopping list that I use to get six multitude abs, becauseabs is realise in the kitchen , not in the gym. Enter your refer and email toreceive this free checklist. And then after that, theymight sell something. So this is the sales page, right? The sales sheet, thiscould be their coaching, this could be their online thing, this could be one on one. So the question now then ishow do you actually look for these clients so that you can reach out, send them DM, by not being annoying, but literally simply reachout by adding value.Now I can tell you this is done right. Nobody if targeted with theright sense to busines join ever says no to a free marketings process, because remember theygot 14 dates free trouble to try it out as well. And your goal here is to get trials and then cause ClickFunnels do the related to the follow-up and the selling If you wanted to get 25 active people reaching out to these differentpeople, what do you do? A couple of thing. So I am gonna go on Instagram right now and there are differenthashtags that you can utilize to look for these parties. So, right now what I’mgonna do is I’m gonna put in hashtag fitness coach andon hashtag fitness coach, I can see like literally these are the different fitnessinfluencers that is ranked.So these are different fitnessinfluencers that’s graded. I’m just gonna take a lookat a few random parties. So I can see like thisfirst person over here, she’s a fitness manager, she’s got a link, just over here you can seethat she’s got like a tie-in tree and it looks at first glance that she doesn’t have a sales process. Now I don’t know her. She just happens to be like ranking on what’s on my feed right now. So the issues to is, what if Icould send Jess a DM saying, Hey Jess, I was taking alook at what it that you do and I has recognized that I could help you build a sales process. Would you be interested if Ibuilt you this auctions process for free, so you cantest it out to see if it helps you get more leads And you don’t send them anything just yet. Now you’re coming from theangle of establishing dialogue by being helpful by adding value.Now, the majority of cases, acouple of things happen. Number one, they completelyignore you, which is fine or number two, they’ll say like, Oh, so what is this about? Like, what am I gonna get? Now that is when you can send them the Share Funnel link. So how does “whos working”? On ClickFunnels there is a setting that allows you to sharethe funnel by clicking on it and in one click whenyou send them that associate, implementing this feature and if such person or persons runs for our ordeal, they will be like under you, you will be their referral. And if this record proselytizes to a sale and if this is plus and continueusing it month after month, they will get lockedin every single month.And that is how you builtthis affiliate income. Fitness coach what ifyou could start tiny and maybe perhaps juststart with one sell, whichever world markets thatyou resonate most with and perhaps on your Instagram profile, you were able to even specialize and go deep and you were able to say, I help fitness influencers get more contact and more visibility online. So now when people start seeing your DM, they can see, Wow, this person, really is specialized in my industry. Now this, you could dothis for property operators, you could do this for network marketers. Now these are just threesamples by the way. So the question is, how doyou look for these parties? Through the hashtags.It could be hashtag propertyagent hashtag network marketer. So notice that right now, Iam just gonna go into this fitness coach hashtag andthis is just one hashtag and now I’m just gonna start check and checking out allthese different people, specially the ones who don’teven have a link to anything. So like this person hasgot 1,300 partisans. He doesn’t have a link. So if he’s serious about turning that what he does into a vocation, obviously they wouldrequire a sales process. So like all these differentpeople, I’m looking at them, this person has 10,000 adherents. He doesn’t have his callto action is his email.So what if you could actually reach out to this person over here and say, Hey man, I’ve beenchecking out your substance, I can see you are traning tough, You are selling supplements, but you don’t have a sales process. I actually constructed you a sales process, would you like to have a look and discover how this auctions process look like? Free of charge. Again, you’re initiating those discussions with delivering appraise. You’re not make it, how most people, right So you wanna come from an direction about them and how you’re adding appreciate to them and you’re willing to do it for free. Would they like to check it out? And that’s how it’s done.And that is literally howyou can utilize Instagram to build passive income and build up an affiliate marketingincome that be passive by starting out with thisand eventually scaling it. Hey, I hope you enjoyedthis escapade here today, let me know in the chatbox below and criticism, what is your biggesttakeaway, what you learned, how you feel from this, as well as the action stepsthat you’re committed to taking and if you like this video, be assured to demolish the subscribe button as well as like button, becauseit does help the channel out a little bit. It’s Peng Joon and I’llsee you in the next video ..


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