How to Make $30,000/Month Affiliate Marketing with No Experience!

– In this video I’ll prove you how to scale from zero to over 30,000 a month profit with affiliate marketing evenif you have no experience. As you guys can see here my PayPal, that’s 30,000 in precisely a one week period earlier this month in 2017. So this video, what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna testify you guys seven steps, seven actual stairs which you can take to scale you from zero to the level that I’m at today whichis over a thousand dollars profit per date with affiliate commerce. Stay carolled! Hey, what is up guys? If you’re brand new to my channel, my figure is Odi, I go by ODi Production. Really a brief intro about me. I’m a 24 time age-old industrialist and full-time affiliatemarketer and basically my tale, two years agoI ceased out of UCLA with a 3.5 GPA in my elderly time in order to pursue entrepreneurshipand online business and only two short years later, mostly living the dream life-time honestly.I’ve been spawning wellover a full-time income with affiliate marketingfor well over a year and it’s just basically let me to get the freedom to exactly live the life that I once only “ve been dreaming about”, you are well aware, getting to wake up everysingle day to this view. You guys can see right here. Pretty sick view right there, I imply waking up tothis is pretty inspiring every single day, Ican’t believe it’s been almost one entire time thatI’ve been living here now and you know I used to live on the floor in my suite in LAthat I shared with three of my roommates so it’sjust kinda crazy to be able to have a place like this to call my own so that’s pretty awesome. Other than that, gettingto wake up and drive this little car right here whichis a Porsche 911 Turbo for those who have never seenmy channel, any of my videos.Maybe we’ll check out last-minute this video. Who knows? But basically that’s mystory and what I try to do in my videos in my YouTube channel is provide cost for you guys and the real actual value from someonewho actually does, you are well aware, affiliate market full-timeand mostly give you guys actual advice that you can take away today and you are well aware, improve youraffiliate sell struggles or online business or whateveryou know you’re going after, I’m hoping to providevalue so in this video, you know the intro Ihope you guys enjoyed it. A little crazy, you know3 0,000 a month profit with affiliate marketingif you have no experience. So I’ve take videosbefore on how I personally you know generate over athousand dollars a day, I’ve done over a 45,000 in aweek with 96% profit margin.That video I’ll link to yousomewhere in this screen right here but mostly thisvideo’s a little different. This is, if you were to start from zero, so if I were to start from zero mostly, these are the sevensteps that I would take in order to scale to that grade. Now that’s an insane level and I have to give you guys a disclaimer, like that various kinds of earnings is insane because we’re talking a profit here and we’re talking with affiliate commerce which is generally, generally a larger, a much, much larger profit margin than something like dropshipping or Amazon FBA.Just to give you guyssome comparison crowds so for me I generally havea 95, 96% advantage boundary. 90 to 95% advantage marginwith affiliate market because the only thing Ispend for is advertising costs. With affiliate marketingif you’re unfamiliar, watch my other videos butyou know a brief overview is you merely denote products andservices to other beings so if I were to refer something like this which is a book on Amazon by the way which is by one of my sons, Casey Adams, he’s a 17 time aged inventor, he’s making moves, he has a book people. This is crazy, 17 year olds, check him out on Instagram. I think it’s @caseyadams1. I’ll connection somewhere now but basically this book’s on personal branding which I’ve been experiencing so much better. That guy’s a realinspiration but if you pertain someone to this book on Amazon, you give them an Amazon link from your Amazon Associates account which is the largest you know, affiliate program in the world. You would receive about I envision for bibles, I believed to be receive likea seven, 8% commission, something like that sothat’s basically you know, the basic rundown butthis video is if I were to start today so let’ssay I has no such sciences, I had no talents, I had no experience, I don’t know anything that I know today other that these steps.So basically it’s like let’sremove all my sales skills, my web proliferation sciences, all that. These are the steps that I would make if I were a day onebeginner like a good deal of you who contact me everydaythrough my Instagram. By the practice it’s @odi_productions if you guys, you knowyou want to message me, follow me, envision more pictures of the car but you guys can see rightthere, odi_productions, affection gondolas but mostly you guys, a great deal of parties “re asking me” questions like you know, I’m just getting started, what is the best way to get started so this video is to answer your question on what is the best way to get started and how I would do itif I were to start today and you know I want tojump right into things. There’s seven stairs, sevensteps that I would make if I were to start today to scale me from zero to 30,000 a month profit as quickly and as soon as possible. Now the one renunciation I wanna say is these figures, 30,000 amonth with affiliate market profit is equivalent toabout 150,000 a few months with Amazon FBA or dropshipping, why? Because those two methodsor online business sits have an average of a 20% profit margin.Now plainly you know that’s not, there’s no hard and fast rule. Some people, maybe theyhave a 30% benefit margin, maybe some people onlyhave a 10% earning boundary. Maybe some people have ashigh as a 40% revenue margin which would be amazing but if you subtract the cost of the actual goods, the expenses and then there’s shippingand then there’s fees and then there’s pushing penalties. At the end of the day you’re usually left with about a 20% profitmargin so any amount that you realize online for youknow, Shopify dropshipping or Amazon FBA, partition that figure by five and that’s generally your benefit and that’s just what I’vepersonally knowledge talking to seven representation Amazon sellers.Those are the numbers that they gave me so obviously you know, this isjust a general rule of thumb, it’s not hard and fast but mostly, 30,000 a few months with affiliatemarketing with you are well aware a 96% profit margin issomewhere around 150 k a month with Amazon FBA or dropshipping so I just wanna move that out there, this level that we’retalking about is high, it’s insane, most people, most affiliate purveyors are never gonna read these kind of numbers in their part souls. That’s just the fact, that’s just the truth. I imply 90, 95% are not evengonna consider a single dime. Why do you think they’re gonna be seeing a thousand dollars per dayprofit, you know what I want but that’s besides the point. So basically let’s getback into this video, let’s get into the seven steps. Before we are starting I want to give one notice and disclaimer, you knowaside from the numbers, I want to say that thisvideo may pique some of you, some of you are not gonnalike some of these steps that I’m gonna take becauseyou’re gonna made in accordance with my thinking but my doctrine is just be willing toinvest, be willing to invest in yourself whether that’s financially, whether that’s time, whether that’s dedication, whether that’s taking relinquishes but if you’re not willing to do that, if you’re not willingto invest in yourself, then you might want toclick off this video because you know these are the steps to go from zero to 30,000 a month, okay and not many parties are gonna have sort of you know the knowledgeto help you get there.I mean there’s a lot of videos out there, there’s a lot of gurus on YouTube that you have to becareful for and you know I’ll get to that more in this video but basically this is from my perspective as someone who actually does this and I’ve done these numbersfor well over a year, you know this is theactual plan and method that I would take if I were starting today so you are well aware with that said, it may offend some of you and some of you may disagree with it. If you do, then that’s fine. You know keep watching the other videos, click off my videos and don’t watch another one of my videos, I don’t really care.You know it doesn’t reallymatter to me, you know. I’ll be making moneyregardless so you know, the person or persons, the 10% ofpeople who will listen to me are the ones who are gonna succeeded and that right there is just you know, it’s just the nature of the game so without further ado, let’sjump into step number one right now, let’s go. So my first step if I were to start today and I don’t know anythingand I want to get into affiliate marketing, my first step is to find and investin a successful mentor who has the lifestyle that you want. Alright so I told youguys, I told you guys, you’re not gonna like some of these steps. There’s a great deal of people whothey’re gonna hear this, they’re gonna be like aw, you know mentor, you know having to youknow invest and nonsense like you know buy trends and read books and material like that.I don’t want to do that nonsense. You know I want to havea step by step plan on how I can just do this in 15 instants. Okay, that video doesn’t exist guys. There’s no such thing as a video that step by step by pace, educates you, you know howto scale up to that statu, there’s way too many variables involved, there’s way too much, it’sway more intricate than that. Alright and anyone whotries to make it seem easier than that, you know I’m afraid that they are able guidingyou down the wrong path because I’m telling you it’s freaking hard-bitten because I’ve been thereand I’ve done it, alright and it’s not easy but ifI were to start today, the one thing that wouldactually help me get to my goals sooner you know, as soon as possible would be to invest in a mentor so what I would do isI would find someone, you know it’d be on YouTube or whatever who does affiliate marketingand who does it full-time and who has the lifestyle, okay.Because there’s a lot of beings online, there’s a lot of guruswho have these figures and you know, they showyou the numbers on their computer screen, theyshow you the revenue, never show you the expenses now, you are well aware. I wonder why butbasically they ever evidence you the revenue, never showyou any of the expenses, they never talk about profitmargin for a good reason even though I’ve actuallyshown that in videos where my video where I made4 5,000 with a 96% profit margin, I testified all my publicize expenditures, I testified all of therevenue, I did the math and you know , not many parties do that and in fact I’ve never evenseen another affiliate purveyor do that and likelihoods are it’sbecause their advantage perimeter is often, typically crap ormaybe the revenue isn’t real but another way to tell isjust look at their lifestyle. So you know if you’re looking to you know, live in apartments like thisand not have to have roommates you know and basicallyhave the freedom to live wherever you want in the world countries in whatever apartment you want.If you want to drive you know whatever car you crave right here, you know I’m driving mydream car at 24 year olds. If you wanna eat where you want, you know the other night, simply went to RPM Steak which is one of my favoritesteakhouses in Chicago. You know I’m not like a menu highbrow. I adore some Taco Belljust as much as I cherish a 42 daytime dehydrate aged ribeye steak but you are well aware, if youwant to have the freedom to do any of those, tochoose any of those, to travel wherever you want. I was able to eat at the Eiffel Tower. I was able to eat dinner atthe Eiffel Tower in Paris. Like if you want to beable to do these things, you know, this is my life, this is just my actuality. You know what I imply, like nothing now , good-for-nothing here is fabricatedlike this is just my lifestyle and if you, you know, you like what I’m saying then you want to pay attention to me, you want to learn from me, alright so you are well aware, listen to peoplewho have what you want, it’s mostly my first ruleand genuinely you need to invest because I have people who message me and they want me to hold their hands and they’re like hey, can you help me? I have no money, you know Idon’t want to pay for anything.Can you facilitate me becomesuccessful and it’s just like, alright first of all, like first of all, I have a life alright andI already have beings, I already have students who I instructor, who pay for me to mentorand to help them alright. What starts you think thatI’m going to help you out when I have people wholiterally pay me for my day which you know is worth quitea lot based on my earnings, what determines you think thatI’m gonna view your hand and then merely navigate you through all this when online business is thehardest thing out there, you know what I convey, I’m not gonna do that, I don’t have age for thatand if you don’t furnish cost for me, how am I supposed to help you? So you are well aware, that rightthere, that’s the first tip.Now a good deal of people you are eligible to, you are well aware, you may disagree with having to invest. A mint of parties would say you know, there’s so much free info, freeinfo on YouTube, free info. Alright well you are well aware I didthat more, I obligated zero dollars in my first time in online business so if you got a year to lose, then sure, that works as well but I’m saying, I’m trying to get thereas soon as possible. I get a mentor, I follow a project. I follow a schedule and I don’t, you are well aware, I don’t waste any time on trying to learn all this idiocy myself when someone else have now been made all the mistakes and I can learn from theirmistakes rather than my own. Alright people so that’s thefirst step, invest in a mentor.I’m gonna simply give youguys a quick-witted resemblance real quick to cap offthis level right here. So I was at a diner announced Bavette’s, earlier last week andBavette’s, has this dessert, this dessert is a chocolate cream pie, I saved a depict righthere if you guys can see, hopefully this can get in focus but this is a chocolate cream pie. It is the best dessert thatI have ever perceived in my life and I’m usually not reallya big fan of dessert but this thing was absolutely divine. I intend I would get thisevery single week if I could. If you know, if it wasn’t that harmful but mostly this chocolate cream tart is the best tasting thing I’ve ever had. Now my resemblance is, if you were to give me all the ingredients to createthis chocolate cream pie, you gave me all the ingredients, all the right ingredientsand then you shed me here in the kitchen andyou know, I’m not a cook, I’m not a professional chef, I’m not even an amateur cook, honestly I suck at cooking. I don’t really know too much about it, you know I know how to stimulate some chicken, some broccoli, somepotatoes but I surely wouldn’t know how tobake something like that so if you were to giveme all the ingredients, you know, give me all the ingredients and then I was to only move it together in a go or somethingand then I was just gonna pop it in the oven and youknow I don’t know anything about cooking so let’s say I do 200 degrees for 35 times right andthen I get the cake out and it’s just a pile of gunk, alright.So right there is basicallywhat a lot of people try to do is they try to get theingredients together by watching a cluster ofyou know, free videos but if you don’t have the recipe, if you’re missing theaward winning recipe, then you’re not gonna get the result that you’re searching forand it’s as simple as that. You can “ve got all the” rightingredients in the world countries, you can have the most wonderful parts nonetheless if you don’t know how to keep it together, if you don’t know how to toactually make it all work, you’re not gonna get the results and that’s mostly whatI’m trying to show you guys in this first quality ininvesting in a mentor is you don’t have to fuss around with you are well aware, trial anderror and procreating misunderstandings but instead if you justfollow this chap right here who’s already been where you’re at and he can take you to where you wanna go, then you save so muchtime, coin and struggle by you know trimming thatlearning arc by half or more.So that’s the first tipright there frankly. It’s the largest part one. If we’re talking about how to get results as quickly as possible and save occasion, coin, stress, annoyance and headaches, then you’ve got to follow number 1. Now the people who don’t believe in this, who are gonna see this andthey’re gonna ignore it, you already lost, youalready lost the game because there are people out there who are going to be willing to invest and the thing is, it’s 2017, affiliate commerce isstarting to get hot right now, it’s been around for ages but it’s just starting to get super popular. The race is gettingincreasingly difficult every single day and themore competition you have the less likelihood of success you have’ cause these same people whoare getting into the game today are referring the sameproducts and services that you’ll be selling and if they have a six, seven representation instructor by their side, you’re not gonna stand an opportunity and that’s just the highway it proceeds, so number 1, invest in a mentor.Let’s move onto the next tip right here. So list is two going to get, you want to create anaffiliate marketing business, and not awareness-raising campaigns. So I’m just gonna showyou guys right here, excuse the handwriting. You want to create anaffiliate marketing business over a campaign so I get a lot of people who you know they’re newto affiliate marketing and they think that mostly the only way to do affiliate sell is you know you createyour ClickFunnels account, you know you get someoffers off of Clickbank and then you drive traffic from Facebook to your disembark page on ClickFunnels and you hope and pray that people will purchase your 40,50, hundred dollar produce on Clickbank and you get the commission. Now frankly that’s theway that traditional affiliate marketing has worked for countless, numerous, many years however it’s 2017, things are a little different. People are so skeptical tobuy trash online these days. The statistic is that ittakes parties an average of seven hours of encountering your firebrand or your concoction before theymake a purchase with real money.So merely based on such a alone, if you’re sending transaction toyou know, this bring page and they’ve never heard of your make and you know they’ve never seen it before, they’ve never heard ofyour website, your symbol, opportunities of themactually buying something is close to nil, zero, alright. Basically you want to create an affiliate marketing business instead. Now what is an affiliatemarketing business? It’s a website. It’s a website, it’s a YouTube channel, it’s a scaffold where you can build trust and you can build an audience much easier than merely sending them to somerandom, strange bring sheet that they’ve never seenbefore so let me give you guys a real life example, oneof my favorite samples for an affiliate marketing business and this one is one that I actually, personally is I look up to.It’s I’m gonna move in the computer right here, the smartpassiveincome.comso I’ll show you guys right here what an affiliatemarketing business, a successful one looks like. So check it out, this is Pat Flynn with This is a guy who earnssix digits per month from affiliate marketingand not only that, he shares his incomereports with the world countries so these income reports, they literally register you where he’s paying hisaffiliate earnings from. Wholly spread out andhe gives you the count for every one of these companies so if I scroll down, scroll down, you guys can see here.Income outage, grossincome, affiliate earnings. He made over $50,000 in a single month merely from affiliateearnings so that’s just from these connects chaps. That’s just from havinga blog that was talking about affiliate commerce and then he has links to all of these products and services around like, all over hispage and if you sounds it as you guys can see, there’s moving on each of these linksand he deserves commission, all these web services and products online so that’s mostly in theaffiliate commerce business is he has a blog that getsmillion of hits a month, people who are looking tolearn how to make money with affiliate marketing andlearn how to make money online and passively, that’s thewhole of and he happens to share his income reports and shows you all theproducts and services that he earns the money from.Alright guys so my second precedent for another affiliate marketing business is my firstly busines so youguys can see right here, this is my firstly business, it’s, let me simply prove you guys the website so you guys can see what I’m talking about but mostly this is anotheraffiliate marketing business, it’s actually my first one and you know , not many people online in fact , no person or persons I knowactually discovers their business in affiliate market which you know, you gotta grow some questions at but regardless here is my first affiliate marketingbusiness, You guys can see it right there. Basically what I do isI review headphones, if you guys have seensome of my YouTube videos, so I discuss headphones andbasically promote these and earn income through Amazon Identify which you guys can see thelink, you know right here so mostly it is a review website for dwelling recording equipmentsand headphones especially so that right there, those are two examples of affiliate marketing businessesas opposed to campaigns.Now there’s nothing wrong with expeditions and in fact you’re gonnasee later in this video that I’m actually ahuge supporter of paid traffic however that shouldn’t beyour primary business pose because if you’re just trying to you know, generate these safaruss, that’skinda like get rich quick type stuff and honestlyyou know aside from that, it’s also just like you’re working. It’s not passive income anymore if you’re working all the time in order to you know, getsales, come commissionings, I’d rather have something that you are well aware, is a website, that is up online, that doesn’t have to spend for advertising in order to make money. That’s personally how Ido affiliate marketing and that’s how I’ve been so successful but other people, they’rechasing expeditions, they’re chasing the quick cash and safaruss die all the time.You have to constantlyredo and re-optimize and experiment campaigns overand over and over again whereas if you had a real business that does organic trafficyou know by position on Google and get linked to from all sorts of other websites and substance like that, then you don’t really have to worry about creating the next brand-new expedition you know every single week. So number two, create abusiness , not only a campaign.So digit three, let’s move on. Alright chaps so quantity three, my digit three tipwould be create content. Create content that sells alright. So this kind of ties inwith the business idea of mostly when you’re selling nonsense with affiliate marketingyou need to create content that sells and if i were to start today I would expend all of myefforts, 100% into video, I would invest it intocreating video content so that includes YouTube for example. So wrapping up site quantity three, create video contentbecause it proselytizes better than every single other formof media or medium out there and I’ve researched virtuallyevery single sort of you know media and videoby far converts the most wonderful so frankly if you could create videos, if you could start a YouTube channel and merely construct videos as much as possible, then that right there is a key tip because it’s gonna mounted you apart from you know I showedyou smart passive income which is a blog right andhe’s doing incredibly well however if you want tosort of leapfrog in 2017 then you need to go to video and move over to a pulpit like YouTubeso that you can get more organic views andit’s just easier to accept, it’s easier to sell.Videos frankly only, the room of the future, if not already the waythat’s happening right so count three is video. Number four, let’s move on. Number four is going to be paid traffic. So this right here isthe answer to so many of your chaps’ questions. One of the number onequestions I get almost every single day is what is thebest way to get traffic, how do I get traffic, do it is necessary to a following to do affiliate marketingso my reply to all of that is paid traffic and youdon’t need a following to do affiliate sell. That right there is a factthat you really don’t need to have thousands upon thousandsof YouTube customers, you don’t need a millionInstagram followers to do affiliate marketing.Obviously having a following assistances, it helps a lot especiallyif your following is extremely targeted in your niche which you’ve created anaffiliate commerce business in nonetheles if you don’t haveany of that, don’t worry because paid traffic is a thing, it exists and is the answer to all of your prayers so paid traffic is basically investing in anything like Facebookadvertising and Google AdWords and you know Bing ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, any sort of advertising that you pay for, that’s you know, known as paid traffic. Basically you gotta pay to play and if you don’t have a following , no one is gonna be watching your videos, they’re not going to be you know, predict your blog essays, they’re not going to be visiting your websiteunless you pay for it and you know, it sucksbecause that’s just, you know the way that itgoes when you’re starting out and you don’t have a following.Once you get a following, you could just start creating content and publishing material on a weekly or dailybasis and you’re gonna be getting panoramas, it’s gonnakeep flourishing organically nonetheless when you’re just starting out, you have to pay for it and even , not just when you’re starting out but when things are rolling, you want to reinvest in the pay congestion so you can get more and more and more customers to you know, add on to your register ofsales, your email inventories etc. So paid traffic is candidly the life blood for your corporation. Obviously you know sales in the foundation but if you invest in paid traffic, then that’s one acces tocontinue to get brand-new purchasers every day, newlooks, you are well aware new panoramas, new visits every single daywhen you don’t have a following so paid traffic youhave to invest in that. It’s the only way to you know, get thoughts when you don’t have a following and also scale up furtherand ever further when you stop reinvesting your earnings into paid traffic so youcan gain more patrons so paid traffic is something that you know everyone needs to investin and candidly like, it’s the way to go so you need to learn how to use that correctly whatever, you know model you choosewhether it’s Facebook ads, AdWords or whatever, youneed to learn how to use that effectively because alsowith paid traffic is, if you don’t know how to create a campaign that’s going to you know, be successful, then you’re gonna be wastinga lot of your money as well but regardless, youknow it’s a numbers game and if you’re getting more quantities, if you’re getting more eyeballs, that should result in more sounds and hopefully more marketings atthe end of the day, alright.So number four, paid traffic, done. Let’s move onto number five. Now this is extremely important. It proceeds hand in hand with the business is you want to rank. Number five is you wantto rank your content on Google and/ or YouTubeas much as possible so this is a very important tip. It’s something that you knowthere are some videos online but me, I’m actually someonewho does know how to rank, I’m actually an expert inranking on YouTube and Google so let me just demonstrate youguys a speedy example of what I’m talking about. Let’s hop back into my computer right here and you know I registered youguys my website right here so let’s just take another schmuck at that. This recall is anAudio-Technica ATH-M5 0x refresh, it’s one of the most popularheadphones being sold online. I actually have my duet righthere as you guys can see, it’s got some skiz on it, it’s look a little different from when I got it but basically, these are an extremely, extremely popular pair of headphones.Now why do I indicate people to create an affiliate marketing business? Now this is the reason why. So you probe up M50x, those are the headphones I really indicated you. You search it up on Google right and you scroll down andoh what do we have here, we have a video and this video is by none other than ODi Make so check it out people, Icreated this review video and I started thisreview in January of 2016 and exactly look at thewebsites that my video is ranked next to., it’s rankedhigher than You know you’re graded withwebsites like Guitar Center and Amazon alright and thisright here is all organic. I don’t spend a single dimefor ads for that anymore because I’m already rankedon Google and on YouTube so if we go back, let’s justshow you guys one last-place example.Look on YouTube, same thing chaps, M50x. Those are the headphones as you can see. As you can see, number two, my video is over 300,000 notions. The only video rankedhigher than mine is MKV HD, he has you know, I think he has 10 million customers on YouTube. My channel, I simply interrupt I reflect 37,000 and I’m happy with my 37,000 but as you guys can see, I are aware of to rank videosand when you know how to rank your content whether it’s a video, it’s a blog section on Google, on YouTube, you continue to get massiveamounts of organic traffic, traffic that you don’t have to pay for.It’s completely organicbecause Google slash YouTube, is reinforcing your video or your content by showing it on that first page if not, you know the numberone or number two result on that first page so thatright there is a key tip, is you have to rank yourcontent so that you can get that organic traffic in addition to getting the give transaction. Those two together iswhat results in mostly big impetu and justhigher numerals for your website, for your content which willresult in more sales ultimately so let’s move onto numbersix, let’s keep it departing. Alright guys so step six is email market. Now if you guys have beenwatching videos on YouTube, if you guys have been you know, watching any sort of videosrelating to marketing, internet market online, you know that email marketing is something that’s hypedup by a good deal of populations and you know I agree withthem that email sell is really, it’s a really crucial tool that you can use for youraffiliate marketing business specifically because one of the drawbacks with affiliate market isthat you actually, you know, you direct beings to products and services however you aren’t sellingyour own products and services.Now the problem with thisis that you make consumers to business however youdon’t have the customers yourself unless you capturethem through email commerce or through you know creating a business. Now email marketing again, it’s all a part of having anaffiliate marketing business rather than precisely acampaign’ compel a campaign, you know you send parties to a disembark sheet and mostly you tryand sell them something. You’d be smart to incorporatesome email marketing so include an email oftento capture that email because if someone’sinterested in your produce, they’re in your niche, they’re in that industry and they’re interested inother commodities, assistances etc.So with email marketing what you can do is you can capture yourcustomers number one but then number is you canre-market to them in the future. You can send them emails mostly promoting other products and services. You can you know promote deductions, marketings for let’s say somethinglike a Black Friday sale. You can create an order responder lines where you know you can show people, basically give them likea free guide or something but then you know put youraffiliate associates in that so let me precisely demo you guysmy website one more time so RecordingNow as you guys can see here, the first thing you have on the homepage, is I actually have an email option.So this email right here is to capture, capture my public so that whether irrespective of if they buy something from me or not today, perhaps in the future I will get a chance to re-market to them and then eventually sellthem something down the line, eventually’ effect again, it makes someone an average of seven timesof encountering your symbol or your product or your website before they actually makea purchase and trust you so you have to build thatrapport and one cool way to do it is through email marketing which is tried and true and it’s something which you can take withyou whatever happens to your business, whateverhappens to let’s say your website, your YouTube channel. If you have your email list, you can still contact those same people who are interested in your business, your produce or service and in your niche. So multitude six is email market. Now we got one more step to go. Alright chaps so our seventh and final step in this process is let mejust show you guys right here, apologize for thehandwriting but mostly, as with any sort ofinvestments and business, count seven is diversify.So if anyone has studiedyou know investments and you know portfolios and material, diversification is a great way to not only minimize your risk but you are well aware hopefully, really mostly maximize, maximize advantages while mitigatingor minimizing the health risks as much as possibleand the same holds true for affiliate marketingand let me tell you why this is really important aside from provide additional income informants from offering multipleproducts and services but there’s one drawbackto affiliate market that is you know, it’s reallybad if you think about it and it’s something thatyou want to avoid as much as possible and that is basically putting all your eggs in one basket because here’s the thing. With affiliate commerce, you don’t own the products or services so you don’t actually, you know you don’t ownthe products or services, you don’t really own “the consumers ” which is why I say as much as possible to you know, captivate theiremails and to create a business’ cause the thing is at the end of the day, you actually are not in control in terms of the, who reductions the paychecks and the commissions becauseat the end of the day, the company whose productsand assistances you promote, they’re the ones who arepaying your paychecks and you know this hashappened sometimes in the past where somebody, they justgo all in with a company but overnight the companyjust shuts it doors or it, you are well aware, mostly decides hey, you know what, we’regonna pay you half so much better for your commissions aswe did before in the past and they are unable to literally do this overnight and you don’t have any verify over it because you don’t ownthe products or services, they do so they get to make the rules for the affiliateprogram, for the products, for human rights committee so numberseven, you know diversify.Not only should you diversifyin terms of you know, the companies that you promote, the products or services that you promote but atthe same time you know, you want to minimize thatrisk as much as possible so you know, as an affiliate marketer, you are basically asalesman until you become a real company, until youbecome a real business because if you’re justreferring all these products and services, you’regetting these commissions, you know you want to make sure that you’re building resources in the process. Now people who really build safaruss, they don’t build assets. They are just professional salesclerk and there’s nothing wrong with that, you can make a lot of moneyhowever you can’t really sell, you can’t really sell a campaign.You can sell a business, you can sell a website, you know you can sell resources like that but you can’t really really sell a campaign because that’s temporary, it’s short-term, you know you haven’t built any assets, you haven’t improved any assetsso numeral seven, diversify. One acces that I actually wantto drive this point home and also give you guys the flip side of it is not only are you minimizing your risk but you can maximize your earning. Now this is where the amusing begins people. So basically if you promote one commodity and it’s doing well, let’s say it’s performing 3,000, $5,000 a month.Don’t just stop there. You want to keepincreasing and if you can, I would either proposal moreproducts and services that are you know similarto the product or service that you promote or I would also do this. I would render wraps or you know tertiary or secondary produces which add-on or can be as accessoriesto that first product. Now let’s go down to thegarage and let’s visit the 911 Turbo so I can give you guys a real life example of what I represent by offering multiple products and services and diversification withaffiliate marketing.Alright so let’s go rightnow, check this out. Alright chaps, one morelook of the view before we honcho down because it isjust absolutely gorgeous today. Look at that, check thatout, look at those glooms, sun is reflecting, what a beautiful day. What a time to be alive. Alright let’s head down. Alright chaps so here weare in the parking garage. That right there, ooh, look at that. I did not plan that. Here’s the 911 Turbo as you guys can see. Sitting pretty niceright now but mostly, I’m here to give you guys an resemblance for gradation amount sevenwhich is diversification so with this gondola asyou can see right here, my advice for you, alrightguys so most people exactly sell the car itself. Now if you want to diversify, what you should be doing is in addition to time selling the car, you need to sell the additionalproducts and services that would go along withjust selling the main product so for example the mods on this auto include a full vehicle fold, you know, including this gray-headed vehicle package with the pitch-black accents asyou guys can see on the car including HRU rotations right here.Michelin Pilot Super Sportor Pilot Sport for S tires along with a brand new exhaust, aftermarket exhaust in the back right here so my sample for youguys is to not just sell the main product itselfbut sell everything that someone would want with that produce so as to maximize your gains. You know through all thesemodifications, you are well aware, if you were to just sellthe car itself you know, that would be okay but if you include all of the supplements, all of the you are well aware, the products or servicesthat go along with it, then you can really, genuinely maximize that profit instead of really you are well aware, selling one concoction, you should diversify and sell everything that should come alongwith it or everything that someone would likeif they were to purchase your main product as well.And we’re back. Alright guys so I hope you guys enjoyed that little precedent, little analogy for you. Let’s take one last-place look atour list of steps right here. We’ve got the seven stepsas you guys can see now. After looking at all of this game plan, I hope you guys can see thatthe importance in number one is that it changes the foundationfor the rest of these simply because you’re gonna have questions about every single step along the way. You’re gonna havequestions about you know, originating your website, about grading, about what’s the way toyou know do paid traffic, some approaches, alsoyou know, video material, tips-off for YouTube, youknow email marketing, how to actually you knowcreate winning email copy that sells and converts so you’re gonna have questions along the way. You know these are just, these are just the steps that I would make but there’s so much more that goes into it thatI candidly could not capture that in even an hour long video.It would make literally a daytime to you know, actually go in depthinto each of these steps but basically this is thegame plan that I would make if I were to start todaybut having number one helps with everythingelse because if you have any questions at all about any of these, then you know yourmentor or your game plan can easily help guideyou on that right path rather than you having to you know, figure out every single, interesting thing on your own so hope you guys experienced that, hope you guys enjoyed thisvideo and get value from it. If you did, delight thumbs upand leave a comment below, saying that you know you enjoyed the video or letting me know to makemore videos just like this. You know I take time out ofmy day to oblige these videos and they take me a long time to film and to edit because I do everything myself so if you guys experienced it, delight it would represent so much better to me if you simply thumbs up and leave a comment.Also if you are intoaffiliate marketing videos and business and online entrepreneurship, then clearly is committed to my channel, thumped that red button and toturn on post notifications. That right there is thebest way to get my material and I do not release a videounless it is absolute fire and that it will actually help you today so with that said, not least, you guys can leave a comment below if you have any questions, issues and questions at all about affiliate sell, I answereach and every single one of my comments so leave a comment below or smash me up on Instagram @odi_productions and you know the last thing I wanna say is for this video is if youare looking for a mentor, and you know that’s step number 1, if you’re looking for a mentor, you’re looking for a stepby step proven game plan for affiliate marketing and let’s “re saying you” like my video, you like my content and you know you would liketo learn from me personally, then you definitely haveto check out my track which I’ll prove you guys right here.The course has been out fora little over a month now and I’ve actually really included in about over an hour of new instructions and I’m going to beadding in a few more hours of exercises with emailmarketing and all sorts of other stuff in the very near future so if you guys want tocheck out my direction, it’s at Alright guys, so here’s mycourse if you’re interested, this is, this is my video courseand mentorship program for affiliate sell, it’s everything you need to get started and succeedwith affiliate commerce which includes mentorshipfrom me personally and this is 24/7, directmessaging assistance so if you have any questionsabout affiliate marketing, I answer them you know, Ianswer them pretty quickly, I’m very accept. As you guys can see, some ofthe lessons that you’ll learn, I mostly share, the bigone is my step by step plan on how to start a successfulaffiliate marketing business so basically whatever it is you read right now was you know, it was a basicoverview and it was my plan if I were to start today however in this, I actually go in depth in detail on how to perform each plan to the fullest and then I share themost profitable niches in affiliate marketing, I teach how to rank on the first sheet of YouTube and Google so that stair where I said ranking would lead to massive amplification in traffic, I actually school howI’ve been able to time that and outrank YouTubers with1 0 million customers with my relatively small channel.I teach that in thecourse, I can’t give that to you guys for free, it’s way too much of a money-making skilland it’s reserved only for my students who are willing to pay for it and invest in themselves and I also learn paid traffic of course becauseif you have no following, paid traffic is the way to go, it’s the way to scaleyour business you are well aware, from zero to over that thousanddollar a day profit mark. I coach how to createaffiliate marketing websites. Again we talked about tocreate an affiliate business so you need to make awebsite if you’re serious about affiliate marketing. I school how to create anaffiliate marketing website just like recordingnow.comis less than an hour. You don’t need any codingexperience necessary, I learn Facebook ads, I school ClickFunnels and last but not least Iteach my top five misstep with affiliate commerce thatwould have saved me months if not years of frustration.So you guys can actuallyscroll down to the page and you guys can actuallyread and check out a lot of the testimonialsand reviews of my track if you guys are interestedso exactly a immediate modernize, I’m actually releasing acouple hours of brand-new exercises within the next week or so and right now, the course is 50% off for a limited period of time but I’m going to be increasing that price, I’ve already increased theprice of the course formerly but I’m going to beincreasing it one more time once those new assignments are up in order to sort of cap the course and keep the course nice and small-time so that I can you know have enough time to cater to my students peculiarly and give them that number one priority and direct messaging assistance so that covers up this video guys.I hope you enjoyed it. If there’s anythingelse you guys would like to see more of, makesure you comment below, give me some suggestions but yeah, last but not least, you are well aware affected me up if you have any questionsabout affiliate marketing, just leave it below and thumbs up and statement if you can’t but anyways, onto the next video, seeyou guys on the flip side. Peace !.

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