How to Make $4k-$5k per month CONSISTENTLY with the Amazon Affiliate program in 2021

hey guys and welcome to blog tip tuesday wherei share helpful blog tips every single tuesday in today’s video we are going to talk about howto make money with the amazon affiliate program like four to five thousand dollars per monthstay adjusted so i can tell you guys all about it and everything not to do so you don’t getkicked out of their curriculum which is pretty easy to do and just so you guys know i induce themost coin on my blog with affiliate marketing and it is my absolute favorite space to make moneyonline amazon identifies was the very first program where i formed coin with my blog and i madea whopping 59 pennies and frankly that was all the motivation i needed to say okay this blog thingcan really work only to know that someone trusted what i said sounded on my referral link and madea buy was everything after that i was hooked and a year later i obligated six representations withaffiliate marketing now for those of you who are not familiar with affiliate marketing it is whenyou refer a product or service to someone using a unique referral association if they make a purchaseusing your connection you give a commission let me give you an example to seeing how the amazon affiliate programworks so say for example someone reads one of my commodities they click on a make i recommend fromamazon now it’s going to be my referral relation which i’m going to show you how to make love in a second butit takes them to the amazon website if they make a purchase within 24 hours i get a commissionbecause i justification that book to see amazon’s website and they made a purchase and do you knowwhat i love most about amazon’s affiliate program so say that book said oh yeah let me buy somepots for sally’s open room come through here or whatever i will too get a commission on those flowerpots andanything else she buys and if that book doesn’t even purchase the product i recommends the following but stillbuy something else during their visit when they click on my link within 24 hours i still earn acommission and as many of you know you can buy almost anything on amazon so the higher theprice or the more things they buy the more coin i pay this is amazon’s method of saying thank youpartner here’s a little kickback for bringing people to my website and encouraging them to makea purchase but they are not that generous because they offer one of the lowest commission frequencies outthere when the pandemic collision they lashed their committee proportions to almost nothing here is a chartof their current commission proportions now they threw concoctions in categories so “ve been thinking about” some of thethings that you recommend to get a general opinion about what your commission rate will be now iknow the chart is pretty small so i will make a fake in the specific characteristics below so you can checkit out after this video now when amazon reduced their commissioning proportions numerous bloggers gaveup on them but i can’t and i won’t because each month more than 197 million people visitamazon and of those 112 million people are amazon prime readers which means that they can getmost products in a day or two with free ship and it also signifies if they need to purchasesomething they are most likely going to try and purchase it from amazon because they can getit so quickly i know because that’s what i do and even if you don’t use amazon it doesn’tmatter to make money you need to think about what platform most people are going to buy from becauseyou’re not writing for yourself you’re writing for other parties so even though they have crazy lowcommission rates you still can make a living off of this affiliate program alone because my goodfriend debbie gardner she makes a consistent four to five thousand dollars per month with amazoncommission now i’m going to discuss how to do that shortly but let’s first talk about how to actuallyapply for the amazon affiliate program and a gratuity that most people don’t know so to first applyto amazon’s affiliate program go to this link and i’ll settled it in the specific characteristics below so you canjust easily click on it now you want to go through the process of signing up the one requirementthat you need to have in order to apply to the amazon affiliates program is that you need tohave a functional website now if you don’t have a website i’ll link my step-by-step guide in thedescription below so you can check it out follow it create your website and it is pretty easy to doi really do have to tell you guys now when you are putting in your info you want to make surethat you relate both your website and all the social media reports you’re going to use when you’repromoting your amazon relations this is very important once you’re signed up you are in the program fora trial period until you have three certified marketings so qualified auctions mean that you need tohave at least three parties purchase from one of your affiliate links within the first 180 dates soonce you apply the clock starts clicking the race is on to get parties to purchase from your linksnow if you don’t get enough marketings by 180 daytimes you will get rebuffed but you can always applyagain and try again but let me tell you something trying to get your friends and family toclick on your joins and purchase from amazon it doesn’t work trust me “ive tried” it i have noidea how they know who your friends and family are but they know so don’t even debris your time tryingto go that route and trying to get those three prepared sales from people you actually know theyhave to be from strangers so formerly you officially get in the program amazon’s going to ask you foryour social security number for tax purposes but i don’t like yield my social security number out toanyone and you shouldn’t either so to avoid this if you live in the united states you can apply foran ein number which is an employee identification number with the irs completely free very easyto do all you have to do is go to the and click on i’m going to show you guys right hereit’s going to say apply for an employee id list time click on that and go through the processand they will auto populate you your own unique employee identification number now onceyou have that count you want to use that for any and all affiliate planneds that you startto apply to okay so once you get in the program even for your trial period you’re going to need toknow how to get amazon links to use on your poles so let me go ahead and prove you right now from mycomputer okay so when you first join the amazon accompanies affiliate platform you want to go totools and then go to download place stripe once you have it on your computer and each time that yougo to amazon you will now see something that looks like this and this is what site stripe is now thisis one of the products that i want to recommend on my website so i’m simply to go now if i want tojust get the text where someone would just click on the text i’m going to show you if i clickon text reproduce this connect put in my blog commodity here’s an example right here where i did that ijust click on it and then it will automatically take me to amazon now cookies are going to starttracking this so if that user makes a purchase or applies anything else in their browse go-cart i’mgoing to get a commission for that because they are using my unique referral connection same thing ifthey i want to get an image i can go right here to portrait again a small version medium or largei can simulate that intelligence right here and situated it in my blog clause and it will be presented theresame thing if i want to get a text and persona i could do that as well so these are your optionsand this is how you can easily implement this into your blog clauses okay now that you know how toapply and put relates into your clauses you need to make sure you don’t form these mistakes so youwon’t get kicked out of the program now the first thing you need to do is make sure that you’reusing proper disclosures so whenever you use your amazon affiliate ties-in you need to properlydisclose that these are amazon affiliate joins so i have a very helpful article i’ll put in thedescription below so you can easily only copy and glue the verbage and gave it in your blog announce soyou will be remaining in compliance with amazon you can also get knocked out of the program if youuse amazon associations in places other than your blog or social media reports so like your emails ebookscourses closed facebook radicals you have to have your connections in a arrange that amazon can actuallycrawl those connections and they can’t get it on in those sits that i just mentioned now you also can’tshare rates in your blog post about the amazon prize that you’re recommending so the style thati get around this is by saying and this make is so great it’s under 20 or something like thati’m not saying what the price is i’m just saying you know the range and that is acceptable okayso now that you know how to apply get your joins and what not to do now here’s the part where youcan learn how to make money with amazon and it’s all about having a strategy so like i mentionedbefore how my friend debbie gardner is making a consistent four to five thousand dollars per monthin amazon commissions and it’s all because of the types of articles she writes the style she writesher articles using her amazon relates and exactly her overall programme to going traffic to thosearticles now for those of you who don’t know who debbie gardner is she is the one who taught me allabout seo through her ebooks and that is how i now get over 200 000 pages per month and was able tomake six anatomies the second year i started my blog so now whenever she comes out with a new producti obtain it she initiated this ebook on revamping your aged essays and how to revive them ipurchased that and do you know what happened my sections that were losing higher-rankings in the searchresults they went back up so when she came out with another concoction about how she makes four tofive thousand dollars per month with amazon “ive got” that and that is why i’m doing this video youknow how you learn something new and you just want to share with somebody who upkeeps well for methat’s you guys and this new e-course she merely procreated is gonna be another game changer for meand i know it could be the same thing for you guys so in the e-book she envelops the types of articlesthat you should write if you want to drive marketings to amazon better ways to get that sound which iseverything they need to click on to get to amazon buyer intent user intent has to use relation in emailand pdf legally which for me is gonna be a game changer because i’m focusing on email a lot morethis year tips-off on holiday uprights how to to be all right conversions how to use and analyze tracking idsfor more growing now i had no idea how to do any of this trash but now i do and that is why i’msharing this with you guys she applies a ton of her top gratuities in this book and i know if you implementher policies you can have the same success that she is and it’s only 67 that’s one of the thingsthat i love about her is that she doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for material like this becauseshe knows that most people can’t afford it and my totality mindset has changed just about purchasingproducts and tracks when someone told me how are you going to expect someone to invest in a productthat you’re recommending if you can’t even invest in yourself so by continuing to invest in myselfi’m going to make more money and if you guys have been following me for a while you know that idon’t recommend a lot of courses or anything like that because you can find a lot of informationon the internet for free and i’m only going to recommend things to you guys that is worth themoney and also remember this is a tax write-off so remember to keep all your receipts for anythingyou spend money on in matters relating to your blog so i’m gonna leant her e-course in the description belowso you guys can check it out and i am looking forward to this video gave you something to think about and if you usethe amazon affiliate program today i’d love to know how it’s working for you are you doing prettywell or is this something that you want to constitute more coin in and if you don’t are you interestedin using the amazon affiliate program let me know in specific comments part below if you likethis video i’d affection it if you utter it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe for more blog tips-off forthis blog tip-off tuesday streak and reached that bell for notifications so you don’t miss out on the videoalright thanks for watching guys have a great day

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